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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

172 / Wednesday, September 7, 2005 / Rules and Regulations 53079

Room CY–B402, Washington, DC 20054, Eloise.Gore@fcc.gov of the Media ADDRESSES: Petitions for reconsideration
telephone 1–800–378–3160 or http:// Bureau, Policy Division, (202) 418– should refer to the docket number above
www.BCPIWEB.com. The Commission 2120. and be submitted to: Administrator,
will send a copy of this Report and SUPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In FR Doc. Room 5220, National Highway Traffic
Order in a report to be sent to Congress 05–17324 published on August 31, 2005 Safety Administration, 400 Seventh
and the Government Accountability (70 FR 51658), make the following Street, SW., Washington, DC 20590.
Office pursuant to the Congressional correction. See the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION
Review Act, see 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A). 1. On page 51668, in the third portion of this document (Section VI;
Channel 224A at Leesville is currently column, the last sentence of paragraph Rulemaking Analyses and Notices) for
listed in the FM Table of Allotments, (c)(6) is corrected to read as follows: DOT’s Privacy Act Statement regarding
however, that channel was substituted documents submitted to the agency’s
A noncommercial television broadcast
for Channel 228C3 at Leesville in MM station located in a local market in Alaska or dockets.
Docket No. 98–191, and the license of Hawaii must request carriage by October 1,
2005, for carriage of its signal that originates
accordingly. See Leesville, Louisiana, 64 non-legal issues, you may call Mr.
as an analog signal for carriage commencing
FR 31140, published June 10, 1999. on December 8, 2005, and by April 1, 2007, George Soodoo or Mr. Samuel Daniel,
for its signal that originates as a digital signal Office of Crash Avoidance Standards
List of Subjects in 47 CFR Part 73 for carriage commencing on June 8, 2007 and (Telephone: 202–366–2720) (Fax: 202–
Radio, Radio broadcasting. ending on December 31, 2008. 366–4329).
Federal Communications Commission. For legal issues, you may call Mr. Eric
PART 73—RADIO BROADCAST Marlene Dortch, Stas, Office of Chief Counsel
SERVICES Secretary. (Telephone: 202–366–2992) (Fax: 202–
[FR Doc. 05–17794 Filed 9–6–05; 8:45 am]
■ 1. The authority citation for part 73 You may send mail to these officials
continues to read as follows: at National Highway Traffic Safety
Authority: 47 U.S.C. 154, 303, 334 and 336. Administration, 400 Seventh Street,
SW., Washington, DC 20590.
■ 2. Section 73.202(b), the Table of FM National Highway Traffic Safety
Allotments under Louisiana, is Table of Contents
amended by removing Channel 252A at I. Summary of Decision
Leesville and by adding New Llano, II. Background
49 CFR Parts 571 and 585 A. The TREAD Act
Channel 252C3.
[Docket No. NHTSA 2005–22251] B. Rulemaking History Prior to the April
Federal Communications Commission. 2005 Final Rule
John A. Karousos, RIN 2127–AJ70 C. The April 8, 2005 Final Rule
Assistant Chief, Audio Division, Media III. Petitions for Reconsideration
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety IV. Discussion and Analysis
Standards; Tire Pressure Monitoring A. Low Tire Pressure Warning Lamp
[FR Doc. 05–17520 Filed 9–6–05; 8:45 am] Systems Activation Requirements
BILLING CODE 6712–01–P B. TPMS Malfunction Indicator Lamp
AGENCY: National Highway Traffic (MIL) Activation Requirements
Safety Administration, DOT. 1. What Constitutes a TPMS Malfunction?
FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS ACTION: Final rule; response to petitions 2. MIL Disablement
COMMISSION for reconsideration. C. Telltale Requirements
D. Tire-Related Issues
47 CFR Part 76 SUMMARY: This document responds to 1. Spare Tires
petitions for reconsideration requesting 2. Tire Reserve Load
[MB Docket No. 05–181; FCC 05–159] 3. Minimum Activation Pressure
changes in our April 8, 2005 final rule
establishing a new Federal motor E. Owner’s Manual Requirements
Implementation of Section 210 of the 1. Lead Time
Satellite Home Viewer Extension and vehicle safety standard (FMVSS)
2. Content of Required Statement
Reauthorization Act of 2004 To Amend requiring installation in new light
3. Other Owner’s Manual Issues
Section 338 of the Communications vehicles of a tire pressure monitoring F. Test Procedures
Act system (TPMS) capable of detecting 1. Test Conditions
when one or more of a vehicle’s tires is 2. Vehicle Cool-Down Period
AGENCY: Federal Communications significantly under-inflated. The 3. 2-psi Adjustment (Temperature
Commission. petitions for reconsideration are granted Correction)
ACTION: Final rule; correction. in part and denied in part, and through 4. Calibration Time
this document, we are amending the G. TPMS Reprogrammability
SUMMARY: The Federal Communications standard and related provisions H. Sharing of TPMS Servicing Information
Commission is correcting a Final Rule I. Phase-In Calculations
summary that was published in the V. Benefits and Costs
DATES: Effective Date: The amendments VI. Rulemaking Analyses and Notices
Federal Register on August 31, 2005 (70
made in this final rule are effective
FR 51658). In this document, the I. Summary of Decision
October 7, 2005. Voluntary compliance
Commission corrects paragraph (c)(6) of
is permitted immediately. This document responds to 15
the 47 CFR 76.66. Petitions for Reconsideration: If you petitions for reconsideration related to
DATES: Effective September 30, 2005. wish to submit a petition for our April 8, 2005 final rule 1
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For reconsideration for this rule, your
additional information on this petition must be received by October 24, 1 70 FR 18136 (April 8, 2005) (Docket No.

proceeding, contact Eloise Gore, 2005. NHTSA–2005–20586–1).

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