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FILLED with the


How to Live in
G o d s S u p e r n a t u r a l P o w e r



uke 10:19 says, Behold! I have given you

authority and powerand [physical and
mental strength and ability] over all the power
that the enemy [possesses].
I lived many years as a Christian not knowing
that Gods power was available to me. I loved
the Lord, and I went to church on a regular basis.
However, my life was still a mess!
Although I received the Holy Spirit when I
was born again, I wasnt living in the fullness
of His power. Yes, I knew God was powerful,
but I didnt know I could have His power in
my daily life.
Have you ever felt there must be more
available from God than what youre experiencing? Maybe you are like I was. You are
getting through life the best you can, not
realizing there is something more.
If so, you need to know that God never meant
for you to strive or struggle. His will is for you to
walk through every situation and detail of your
life in His supernatural strength and ability.
In fact, the Bible tells us the same power that
raised Jesus from the deadHis resurrection
Filled with the Holy Spirit 3

poweris available to us on a regular basis

(see Philippians 3:10).
So, the question is: How do we receive it?


fter His resurrection, Jesus told His disciples

that something else was comingsomething that would infuse strength into every
area of their lives and enable them to be
powerful witnesses for Him. That something
was the Holy Spirit.

The Bible says that days later, as the disciples

were gathered in an upper room praying,
...suddenly there came a sound from heaven like
a rushing of a violent tempest blast, and it filled
the whole house in which they were sittingand
they were all filled (diffused throughout their
souls) with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:2,4).
The Holy Spirit gave them new boldness and
ability. In fact, Peterthe one who was so
frightened and denied Jesus before His
crucifixionbegan preaching to the crowds
in the streetsand more than 3,000 people
gave their lives to Christ!

The disciples went on to perform many

miracles, healings, and other supernatural
signs and wonders in Jesus name. They
began boldly spreading the message of the
Gospel, laying the foundation for the early
Church. In short, their upper room
experience had changed everything.

For John baptized with water, but not many days

from now you shall be baptized with (placed in,
introduced into) the Holy Spirit. ACT S 1 :5
The good news is this encounter wasnt
just for First Century Christiansit is also
available for us today. You, too, can be filled
with Gods power.



hen you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior,

the Bible says you are born again (see
John 3:3). At that time, you receive the Holy Spirit
into your human spirit. God literally comes and
makes your spirit alive.

Filled with the Holy Spirit 5

However, when you are baptized in the Spirit,

you are completely filled with the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit fills you, and you are placed into
Him. Your entire being is infused with His power.
Lets look at Acts 1:8. It says, You shall receive
power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the
Holy Spirit has come upon you.
Now, the word power in the verse above is taken
from the Greek word dunamis. This word can be
more completely translated to mean miraculous
power, ability, might, and strength.1
God never meant for us to live weak, powerless
livesalways running on fumes and barely
getting by. His will is for us to be more than
conquerors (see Romans 8:37). He wants to
provide us with the strength and ability we
need to succeed in life and be powerful
witnesses for Him.
I love Luke 10:19. This verse says that God gives
us authority to overcome all the power of the
enemy. Wow! The Lord is ready and willing to give
us everything we needthe choice is up to us!

Could you use more power, ability, might

and strength?



he Bible tells us there are gifts of the Spirit

that we should desire to have. These are
supernatural endowments or tools to help us live
our daily lives and accomplish Gods will here on
earth. What are they?

First Corinthians Chapter 12 lists nine different gifts, including: words of knowledge, words
of wisdom, the gift of faith, the gift of healing,
miracles, prophecy (interpreting the divine
will and purpose of God), the ability to discern
between good and evil spirits, the gift of speaking
in tongues, and the ability to interpret tongues.
Although a person may operate in one gift
more than another, the gifts of the Spirit are
for everyone.
For instance, the Bible tells us about the word
of knowledgewhen God supernaturally reveals
things to us that we wouldnt know on our
own. There have been times when the Lord
has shown me where to find something I lost
or given me specific insight into a situation
concerning my children when they were young.

Filled with the Holy Spirit 7

Similarly, a gift of discernment helps us

know the difference between good and evil.
It allows us to know the true nature of something and understand the real motivation
behind a person or situation. Discernment
helps us to follow the leading of the Holy
Spirit and make good decisions for our lives.
Speaking in tongues is a gift from God that can
also greatly benefit your life. When we speak
in tongues, it is a spiritual languageit is the
Holy Spirit speaking directly to God through us.
Although we are speaking in a language that
doesnt make sense to our minds, it is
extremely powerful.

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and

began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit
enabled them. A C TS 2:4 NIV
There is also the gift of faith. Now, the Bible
says we have all been given a measure of faith
(see Romans 12:3), but there is also a specific
gift of faith that I believe God gives to people
for extremely challenging situations. When
someone is operating in this gift, they are able
to comfortably believe God for something that
others would see as impossible.

These are just a few examples of the spiritual

gifts available to us. I encourage you to take
some time and study what the Bible has to
say. Ask the Lord to show you what you need
to know. I have included some additional
scriptures at the end of this book to help you
get started.
Amazing things happen when we step out in
faith and take God at His Word. I decided years
ago that I wanted everything the Bible said I
could haveand I encourage you to do the same.


was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1976.

At that time, I was born again, but I was
still struggling and desperate for a change.
Ill never forget driving down the road, when
I cried out to God, Theres got to be more
there has to be something more! I desperately
needed Gods power.
Then, right there in my car, God filled me with
His Spirit. I often say it felt like God poured
liquid love throughout my entire body.

Filled with the Holy Spirit 9

For about three weeks, nothing seemed to

bother menot circumstances, not difficult
peoplenothing. Day after day, people would
approach me and say, What happened to you?
Youre so different!
Although those initial feelings calmed down,
I knew I would never be the same. How did I
know? Because I began to change. I loved God
more than ever; I felt close to Him and had a
deep desire to study His Word. I had wanted to
change before, but I couldnt do it on my own.
Now, I had the power of the Holy Spirit transforming me from the inside outhelping me to
change my thoughts, attitudes, behavior and
every area of my life.
Acts 1:8 says, you will receive power when the
Holy Spirit comes on you;and you will be my
witnesses... (NIV).
I often say that prior to this experience, I was
a Christian, but not a witness. Sure, I would tell
people about Christ, but there was really nothing
about my life that made others want what I had.


However, the Holy Spirit changes us and makes

us powerful representatives for God. Our lives
reflect His goodness and we become bright
lights in our families, neighborhoods, workplaces and everywhere we go.
That day in 1976 was a turning point in my
life. I honestly cant imagine what I would be
like today if it wasnt for His constant help,
strength, and guidance.
And this amazing gift isnt just for me or for
someone else. This life in the Spirit is available
for every single believer. Your experience of
being filled with the Spirit may be different
from mine, but one things for certainGod
wants you to be filled with His power.

The Holy Spirit changes us and makes us powerful representatives for God. Our lives become
bright lights everywhere we go.

Filled with the Holy Spirit 11



uke 11:13 says, If you thenknow how to

give good gifts to your children, how much
more will your Father in heaven give the Holy
Spirit to those who ask Him! (NIV)
There are various ways we can receive the Holy
Spirit. Some people experience a spontaneous
move of God like I did. Others are baptized in the
Spirit when people pray for them. Regardless,
the Lord tells us that all we need to do is ask.
Would you like to be baptized in the Holy
Spirit? If so, you can pray this prayer and
ask the Lord right now:
Father, I am hungry for more of You, and I desire
to have everything You want to give me. The
Bible says You give Your Spirit to anyone who
asks, so today I ask You to baptize me in the
Holy Spirit. Fill every part of my being so I am
flooded with Your power and presence. Take
all of me. I surrender all that I am right now in
Jesus Name.
If you just prayed this prayer, I encourage you to
take some time and wait quietly before the Lord.
Simply relax and be at ease in Gods presence.
You may not feel any different, but God is doing

something supernatural. Regardless of your

feelings, choose to believe that you have received.
Receiving Your Spiritual Language
Acts 2:4 says they began to speak with other
tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance
(NKJV). You may sense this new language rising
within you. If so, open your mouth and begin to
speak out these new syllables and sounds. Dont
try and figure it outjust release it. This language is coming out of your spirit, and it wont
make sense to your mind.
If you do not immediately begin to speak in
tongues, dont be discouraged! If you asked in
faith, then you received the Holy Spirit and His
power is flowing through you right now. Trust
God for all the wonderful gifts of His Holy Spirit.
Desire them and study them and you will see
them function in your life more and more.

Filled with the Holy Spirit 15


phesians 5:18 says, Do not get drunk

with winebut ever be filled and stimulated with the [Holy] Spirit.
I believe being filled with the Holy Spirit is
an ongoing processnot just a one-time
event. So how do we stay ever filled? By
staying hungry for Godby continuing to
seek the Lord through prayer, worship and
time in His Word.

The Holy Spirit is ready, willing and able to

help us with every single aspect of our lives.
John 16:7 says the Holy Spirit is our Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor,
Strengthener and Standby. Wow! The Holy
Spirit is ready, willing and able to help us with
every single aspect of our lives.
As we stay filled with the Spirit, we will live
above our circumstances and have His joy,
peace, hope and resurrection life. We will
live our daily lives with a new energy and
become powerful witnesses for Jesus Christ.


Friends, there is truly no greater way to live. I pray this

book has blessed your lifeand has helped you step into
a new level of Gods power and provision. Remember, the
Holy Spirit of God Himself lives on the inside of youand
Hes getting ready to take you on the greatest journey of
your life.
May God bless you as you enjoy your new life in the Spirit!

James Strong, Greek Dictionary of the New Testament, The Exhaustive Concordance of
the Bible (McLean, Va.: MacDonald Publishing, 1978), 24.

Filled with the Holy Spirit 17

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Maybe you are like I was. You are getting through life the
best you can, not realizing there is something more.
I have good news: God wants to fill you with His Spirit
and provide you with the strength and ability you need
to succeed in life and be a powerful witness for Him.
Are you ready to step into a new level of Gods power
and provision? If so, the Lord is ready and willing to
give you everything you needand take you on the
greatest journey of your life.

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