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FRIT 7233-Fall 2015

Dr. Jensen
Jason Stark
Instructional Screencast Task Analysis/Content Outline and Script for beginning photo restoration.
Task Analysis:
1. Download sample photograph
2. Launch Photoshop
3. Introduce workspaces
a. Select Essentials
4. Open photograph
5. Change Name of backgroung Layer to Original
6. Duplicate layer and name to Layer 1
a. Explain how this allows us to see the changes being made
7. Introduce Levels
a. Select Levels
b. Adjust black and white in histogram
8. Zoom in on photograph
a. Introduce spacebar shortcut to navigate
9. Select Clone Stamp tool
a. Select a 60pt size brush
10. Introduce Clone Stamp tool
a. Demontrate how the tool works
11. Remove example by using cntr Z
12. Begin fixing scratches
13. Remove shadow
14. Recap and Goodbye.

Acton on Screen
Photoshop main screen

Move mouse cursor around to the

various tool palettes and menu bars

Select upper right hand corner

painting and then select

(music) Text introducing Video.
Hello evyerone, my name is Jason Stark
and welcome to my tutorial on beginning
photo restoration tools. Before we start
be sure to download the sample
Before we begin its important that we all
have a similar work space. The work space
in Photoshop describes all the tools,
palletes and menu bars that one might
work with and these are highly
Select the workspace tab located in the
upper right hand corner and then selct
Essentials. Now we should all have the


Select File and openand then

selct the photograph ninathe
Double click on background Layer
(circle RED in post production)
Right-click on Original layer and
select duplicate. Name the layer
Layer 1

Use mouse cursor to point out lack

of blacks and whites

Select Image/Adjustments/Levels


Select handles and move them in to

the edge of where the blacks and
whites begin on the histogram. Click
Select the eye of Layer 1 to cause
it to become invisible. Click again.




Select Zoom tool. Draw a box arounf

the uppoer half of the picture to
zoom in.
Demontrate how the spacebar can
be used to navigate the photgrpah
Show where the Clone stamp tool is
located and select it


Change Brush size to 65


Move the tool to the womans nose.

Hold alt and left click. Move to
another area and hold left key and
begin painting until her entire head
has been copied to that area

same basic tools needed to complete the

project before us
Now lets go ahead and open up our
Before move forward we are going to
rename or background layer to Original
We are also going to duplicate the original
layer and name it Layer 1. This will allow
us to see the changes weve made as we
Before using the clone stamp tool we can
accomplish a lot of transformation by
using the levels adjustment. Looking at
this picture you should notice there are
not a lot of true blacks and white. The
Level tool will allow us to adjust these
Select Image, adjustments, and levels.
This will bring up a histrogram showing
the range of colors from black to white
and you can see we are missing a lot of
true blacks and whites.
By selecting the handles on eather side
we can now adjust the black and white to
fix the photograph.
Now by selecting the visibility icon on
Layer one we are able to see how much
progress has been made already in
restoring the photograph.
Now before we selct the Clone stamp
tool, lets zoom in so we can see what we
are working tih.
Use the spacebar as a short cut to move
around the photograph while zoomed in
Now we are ready to use the clone stamp
tool. On the left hand side count down 9
tools and you will see it. Select it.
In order for us to see better lets increase
our brush size to 65 by selecting brushes
and then 65
Let me show exactly how this tool works.
When you hold down your alt key, notive
how the cursonr becomes a target. LeftClick and then move to another area, left
click-hold and begin painting the face all


Begin fixing eaxh scratch

deomtrating how the tool is used,



Fade to black cue closing music

over again. This tool remember where

you clicked and copies the information in
the new area. Prety cool right!
Watch now how I can fix these scratches
using this tool.
Thanks for watching my tutorial and I
hope this has helped introduce you to
some new tools to begin restoring old