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MAAGTM LGDlateral gear drive

for horizontal mills

Our Quality Policy

FLSmidth MAAG Gear is committed

to creating strong lasting relationships that establish us as a trustworthy, reliable and professional partner
for customers, suppliers and employees. This commitment includes providing high-quality and high-value
solutions, products and services that
result in satisfied and loyal customers.
Certified to ISO 9001 standards
With a clear focus on process management, we endeavour not only to
meet but exceed international quality
standards while providing appropriate
resources to support and develop our
purpose-designed quality system. Our
quality policies reflect the importance
of meeting our customers requirements.

Our management regularly defines

and reviews quality goals. Our employees are committed to the companys management system and to
continuously improving not only
the system but our entire organization. Also each employee is aware
of the company vision and strategy
and works to maintain a culture of
With our suppliers and external partners, we cultivate open communication and focus on performance-based

A pioneer of modern
gear technology
FLSmidth MAAG Gear was founded
in 1913 and quickly expanded into an
international group that now has almost 100 years of experience in manufacturing gear units. Since introducing the technology of mill gear units
to the cement industry with great success in 1966, we have sold over 6000
MAAG gear units and 1000 girth
About FLSmidth MAAG Gear
At our headquarters in Winterthur,
Switzerland, more than 100 employees work in development, design, finance, project management, sales,
customer service and marketing. Production takes place in two modern
plants equipped with high-performance machines. In Elblag, Poland
and Milano, Italy, more than 200 employees manufacture gear units, drive
systems and components that satisfy
the strictest quality standards. The
company belongs to the successful
FLSmidth Group, a listed Danish firm.
Our strength
The winning combination of unique
precision, accuracy and compact
modular solutions produces high-efficiency products that result in low
maintenance costs for customers. Experience, new technical solutions and
the latest manufacturing techniques
are regularly incorporated in the production process.
Our engineers attend special intensive
training courses and know not only
how to operate but how to extend
the lifecycle of gears and reducers.
Constant willingness to innovate, and
close collaboration with our customers help ensure that FLSmidth MAAG
Gear gear units continue to operate
reliably worldwide under the toughest

Product range
Today, the FLSmidth MAAG Gear
product range includes various gear
units for mills, complete drive systems,
gear solutions for bucket wheel excavators and belt conveyors as well as
maintenance systems for all types of
plant. We also manufacture components such as bevel sets, girth gears
and a wide range of spare parts.
All our gear units are available as
standard solutions or are customised
to suit customer needs.
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Integrated side drive system

Innovative technology
The LGD integrated side drive system is
based on FLSmidth MAAG Gears
high-quality gear manufacturing
expertise acquired during the last 100
years and its experience in operating
existing integrated side drives.
FLSmidth MAAG Gear is able to deliver
the complete drive system out of one
source. This ensures optimized
adjustment between gear unit and
girth gear and allows specific customer
requests to be carried out more
The success of the LGD is based on its
design using state-of-the-art technology, i.e. torque split pinions and
self-aligning pinions. It is positioned
40 under the mill, allowing a compact
type of construction and involving less
building and foundation costs. A lot of
space and costs are saved as only a

very low and simple foundation is

needed for the LGD gear unit, auxiliary
drive and motor.
The MAAGTM LGD unit is a three-stage
spur gear with torque split. It drives the
ball mill directly via the pinions of the
two output shafts and reduces the
speed of the mill drive motor to the
pre-determined speed of the mill. The
casing is of cast iron and horizontally
divided into three sections.
In contrast to other lateral drive
equipment suppliers, no separate oil
tank is needed. For the lubrication of all
the teeth and bearings, the LGD has an
integrated lube oil system in the lower
casing part. The pinions of the upper
and lower output shaft as well as the
girth gear of the ball mill are direct
lubricated. With the LGD gear unit

positioned partly below the mill, it is

possible to return the lubrication oil
directly from the girth gear guard to the
gear unit.
The torque split between the two
pinions ensures that the total torque to
the mill is always equally distributed
between both pinions. Any torque
imbalances between the two pinions
will automatically be equalized by the
axial adjustment of the intermediate
shaft caused by the deviations in the
axial forces.
Self-alignment of the pinions is achieved
by a crowned toothing between the
pinion and the pinion shaft. This
ensures full tooth contact even subject
to a small run-out failure at the girth

Selection chart for a lateral gear drive system


Formula: n2p = n2 x (Z2 : Z2p)

Example: 127,62 rpm =
14,13 rpm x (280:31)
Pinion speed
Mill speed
Teeth girth gear
Teeth pinion


Mill Power (kW)

n2p =
n2 =
Z2 =
Z2p =











Pinion Speed (rpm)



Integrated oil system

The low LGD foundation minimizes the risk of critical vibrations in the
foundation. With the LGD gear unit
positioned partly below the mill, it is
possible to return the lubrication oil
directly from the girth gear guard to
the gear unit. This is done so that the
LGD drive can be built with the oil
sump in the bottom of the gear unit,
thus avoiding the need for a separate
external lubrication unit with its foundation.
Since the oil pump, filter, and cooler
etc. are installed directly on the LGD
gear unit, external piping between
the gear unit and lubrication unit is
also avoided. The lubrication oil for
the bearings and tooth meshes circulates inside the gear unit only.

Cooling water
in- and outlet

Girth gear
The girth gear is a fabricated design
made up of two or four segments.
The ring where the toothing is located consists of high-quality alloy
steel and is rolled and bent. The rib
is made out of ordinary carbon steel
and is welded to the ring. Internal
stresses are eliminated by heat treatment. With these processes a homogenous crystal structure in the
base material of the toothing is ensured, thereby achieving significantly
higher fatigue and wear resistance
compared to cast girth gears.
The connection to the mill is adaptable to customer needs. The T-section
of the girth gear gives the system an
additional flexibility to absorb misalignment between the mill and the
LGD gear unit.

Lube oil to roller bearing

Lube oil to teeth cooling
Girth gear guard

Oil cooler
Oil filter

Suction pipe
Oil pump

Dirt separator for

splash oil from girth gear

Auxiliary drive
The auxiliary drive is specially designed
for the LGD gear unites. Its components
are compactly arranged on a common
frame. Therefore the auxiliary drive needs
only a small and simple foundation. Also
installation and alignment is simple due
to the compact design. The auxiliary drive
is engaged and disengaged via an
overrunning claw-type clutch. A fluid
coupling between the auxiliary drive
motor and the auxiliary drive gear unit
provides a smooth start-up.

Overrunning clutch
Planetary gear unit
Terminal box
Disc brake
Hydraulic unit
Hand lever
Electric motor
Hydraulic clutch
Base frame

Installation and service

The low foundation level and the easy
access to the measuring points through
the inspection covers ensures a high level
of serviceability for the entire installation.
Furthermore, access is not only improved
in relation to the gear but also in relation
to the other components such as the
auxiliary drive or motor. No special heavy
installation equipment is required to
install the LGD.
The LGD gear unit is installed by sliding or lifting it from a truck on to the
foundation, where chain blocks are used

to adjust it horizontally to the correct

mesh with the girth gear on the mill. No
(mobile) crane is needed.
The installation of the girth gear is
simplified by its design and from the
precision and tight tolerances obtained
during the manufacturing process. Axial
and radial run-out are kept close to zero
in order to guarantee a long life of the
drive unit and to reduce the level of
vibration to a minimum. The junction
plate is connected with calibrated screw
pins and special bolts in order to reduce
the time of assembly.

The gear unit is quickly and easily accessible for maintenance. When replacing
the rotating parts, no crane is needed to
remove the gear unit from the foundation since it can be pulled out using
chain blocks.

Customer benefits

The position of the side drive is

combined with many advantages:

Further benefits are:

Simple foundation for gear unit,

motor and auxiliary drive

Low foundation design, i.e. compact mill arrangement

Girth gear with optimum physical

properties in all directions

Low risk of vibration in the gear

unit foundation

Integrated oil system

No macro or micro defects in the

girth gear base material

Easy installation
Easy access for service and

Direct lube oil return from the girth

gear to the integrated lube oil tank
prevents contamination of oil
Minimum oil flow in the girth gear

Easy replacement of rotating parts

Minimized overall maintenance

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