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fs June is bustin’ out all over oy (Wait for end of dialagwe) This years jest like evry other bay Moderatg Nettie: cternty) whip-pin’ up tho wa-ter in the bay. Ap- fil cried And SS a- side And a - long come pret- ty lit- tle full of | prom-is- es Bat sho did-nt keep ‘em quick ©-nough fer And a crowd of Doubt- in? © Thom-as - es Men: Nu But its com- in, by gum! you (un > dict- int that the sum-merd never come! ba fect it comel Y’ ken feel it All hhear it in the trees,¥” ken smell it in the breez® Look a-round, look a-round, look \ 8 ft a Refrain (brightly) Nettie: June is bust in’ out all o ven Alo - ver the Chorus: June is sbust- in’ out all 0 - Soloman: The sap - links are ‘The 0 - cean_is Garrie: June is sbust- ir? out all 0 eS trifii r r ‘mead-ow and tho hill Buds ‘re bust- isd out- a bushes And the ‘bust- it out with sap! Girl: Love nas found my broth-er Jun- ior Mar-And my full of Jacksand Jilisi__ With her lit = tle tail a-swish-in Every Lys =, Frei # oF romp- int riv-er push- es Ev'ry lit - tle wheel that wheels be-side "a sis- ters ev-en Iu-nier!Girl:And my Ma is get - tin’ kit - ten-ish with dy fish is wish- in) ‘That a male would come and grab her by the a i : out all out all in? out all Nettie: The fect - int is git 00 in- tensg = That 4/12 To la - dics tho mon are pay~ in’ court, Lotsa The sheep aro ~ at sleop- int ‘an-y more All the r r r Fe = SSS SSS SS ers Hov been hug- gin’ the be- Jeep-ers Out- canso the Cap ~ tains hank-er Fert tor- mined therell be new sheep And the oe > ret Pete young Vir- gin - ia Oreep- ‘hips are kept at ramé that chase the (PEA eee on eee owl t: all the morn-in’ glor-ies on the fencel_____ Be - cause its ik com-fort they ken on-1y get in port! 2Ghoris: Be - cause it's i ewe-shoepare-n't ev-en Keep-in’ score! 3.Chorus:On acount-a it's i x, 10 Slowly Nettie: Fresh and a- live and gay and young, June is a love - song ii June makes the bay Jook bright and “new, Sails gleam~ ix! while on { = = P pti vit sweet - ly sung. sun Lit blue.