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(Bukidnon to Go MapApp)

Castrodes, Roel J. Jr.
Mobile: 09162950011

email: roelcastrodes@gmail.com

Lagapa, Jessa B.
Mobile: 09364950025

email: jessalagapall@gmail.com

Litao, Jeremiah B.
Mobile: 09066481304

email: jirimilyn@gmail.com

Navidad, Czarissa Louise A.

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email: czar.louise@gmail.com

Tagadiad, Jan Francis C.

Mobile: 09752544996

email: janfrancistagadiad@gmail.com

Bukidnon is a place of adventure and relaxation. Natural and amazing attractions are
being discovered. According to Its More fun in the Philippines website, Bukidnon comprises
more than half of Northern Mindanao, and is also the fourth largest province in the Philippines.
Bukidnon is a refuge for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Although it may not have sands and
waves to attract beach lovers and surfers, Bukidnons tourist attractions are for those who seek
eco-adventure activities such as trail hiking, rappelling, mountain climbing, and etc. Adventure
parks attract tourist to enjoy eco-adventure activities, the cool weather, and the natural and
relaxing scenery.
Tourism is an essential sector of a certain locality because it promotes its landmarks,
tourist attractions and the things that make a certain place known. It is also a global industry that
continuously blooms with the passing of years. It has become a major force in global trades and
economies around the world.
Tourist Guides uses historical or basic information about the famous spots and landmarks
of their locality to guide visitors who are new to the place. Maps are used to give directions on
where a certain area is located. We are now in an age where people would rather take pictures of
places rather than to sit back, relax, and just take in the amazing scenery nature has to offer.
Todays generation is more focused on technologies like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and
others. Technology is developing rapidly. In the Philippines, technology are increasingly
relevant especially in todays digital age, where technological advancements have been steadily
making waves in society and permeating everyday lives.(Gomez, A. P.; Palacios, N. C.).
Smartphones is now dominating and it is handy to bring as well as tablets and laptops. According
to Dara Kerrs report in CNET81 percent of which run Google's operating system. A study by

Strategy Analytics last month revealed nearly the same numbers, showing that Android gobbled
81.3 percent of the global smartphone market. So, android phones are more famous in the
smartphone market.
Navigation services calculate routes and present instructions to follow such routes for the
user in a geometric format. A typical example might look like; Take Sayre Highway then turn
right to Moreno Street.... Wayfinding information in that way is no longer known in users now a
Google Maps is a product by Google and it is one of the famous maps online which
provides directions, straight from your phone, to travelers around the world. Travelers will just
connect their mobile devices to the internet via mobile data and start using the online map system
of Google. But in the Philippines, it is clear that not all places have internet connection. How can
you access directions when the popular tourist spots in our country doesnt even have cellular
signal? So how about an offline map system?
According to our research and applications available on Google Playstore, the official application
downloader of android devices, offline maps are only available in certain countries excluding
Philippines. Offline map applications for popular countries are available in the playstore.
However, an offline map application in the Philippines are only limited to certain places,
Bukidnon not one of them. In order to be familiar with a place, users must have an e-map on
their devices where they can view details of a certain establishment/place and gives the location.
The proponents want to help travelers by developing an offline map application for the province
of Bukidnon. Developing an offline map android application can help promote the (LGU) Local
Government Unit of the province which is the Department of Tourism. It will also help tourists

locate hotels, restaurants, parks, tourist spots, and other exciting sceneries to have knowledge of
what Bukidnon has to offer.

Statement of Objective
This study aims to develop an Android Bukidnon Tourist Guide to help tourist along the areas of
the Province of Bukidnon. This are the following:

To create an offline information board for the tourists of Bukidnon.

To provide easy access for users with android smartphones that does not require internet

To develop an offline mapping system highlighting the tourist attractions and landmarks
of Bukidnon.

Conceptual Framework

Tap Category
Search Specific Place


information board of
the results.

Figure 1.1. BukToGo Conceptual Framework

Fig 1.1 shows the input of the android application by tapping on a categories like hotel,
restaurant, park, night life, and others that is being displayed on the screen of their mobile

devices and the user will be redirected to another page where they can select on a dropdown
menu and tap the location that they are in, or they can type a specific nearest location or place
and tap search button. BukToGo algorithm is the one who will evaluate, search, and generate the
possible nearest result of the given input of the users. After generating the possible nearest result
by the algorithm, a list of user-defined information board will be displayed on their mobile
screens where user can get information or a map of the places that they wanted to go.
Significance of the study
The following are the beneficiaries of the Buk2go MapApp:

Students future reference for mobile developers in Bukidnon State University

Tourists The time it takes for tourists to stop and ask locals for directions to get
somewhere will be diminished. They will have the convenience of having an

automated map which they can simply use and search where they want to go.
People of Bukidnon and the Department of Tourism The tourism in Bukidnon
may increase since the map will provide easy access to tourists. It will also
improve the roads of the places near tourist spots since (kung daghan char sa lugar
ayuhon na ang dalan)

The study will be a significant to the tourist who are coming in our province, to the Local
Government Unit of Bukidnon, the Department of Tourism that will help improve and develop
the tourism of the Province. Moreover, this study will be also serve as a future reference and
study on the subject of developing mobile application and for aspiring mobile developers in the
Province of Bukidnon.

Scope, Limitation, and Delimitation

This study focuses on the development of the Province of Bukidnon especially on the
Tourism. This android application is meant for the tourist who are coming to the Province and
also helps the Local Government Unit which is The Department of Tourism. This study aims to
help every tourist who is visiting the Province and aims to develop a project to maximize the
usability of android smartphones with useful android application.
The proponents wanted to help the Province of Bukidnon by developing an android
application entitled BukToGo, it is an offline android application map for the Province of
Bukidnon where it gives user-defined category tabs where user taps his choice and will be
redirected to another page where they can choose from a dropdown menu of locations. BukToGo
Algorithm is the one who will generate the nearest possible results based on the location they are
in, and the algorithm will generate a list and display it on the device screen and the user will tap
their best choice on a user-defined information board.
This application is only applicable on smartphones with an android operating system.
IOS, Windows, and other mobile operating system is not applicable. Android version
compatibility is not yet defined until the project making and testing will be process and done.

Definition of terms
1. Smartphone a mobile device that is been modified and enhanced its usability.
2. Operating System a software that operates a computer or any devices.
3. Android-an open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablet

4. Application a program or software that a user can access and use in a device or
5. Enduser is the one who is using.