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Co ve r art by Geo ff Taylor
I3lack & ,,'hill' a rt by Jo hn Blanche . Wayne Eng la nd a nd Ma rk G ibbons


G:1I11t. .... \'\'ork ... hop Jnd the Came .... "'Cork ... hop logo. Cltadd. Healm of hao:--. ~l olLaha~. \\ 'arh:I1TImCr and \\ 'hut..' D\\ arl an: all regl'.. rereu rr.l<.k:mark ...
or G amc:'\ \\ ork,hop Ltd. BI(>(xlkucr. Uloodt hir... r..:r. Chao... ~P,I\\ n. J)at::monellL' . J)ra~on OgrL' , ' I::::..I\} ~kl~d. Fle ... h I found. GrL'~1I l ' ndL'~1n nt:'.
KCL'rx=rof "iCt.TL'h. Khorne.
(JI Change. \'ur~le . \'lIrgling. Old \\ 'odd. P lagUt.:h(.'~lrL'r. '-Ika\cn . SI:J~lne... h. TLeL'nll h . Jre Iradelll, lrk ...
()fG ;L mt..... \'\'ork ... hnp lid .




~lrL' l ' ~

rc.:gi"'h:"rcd dL"ign no. 201-

1M I

All .1I1\\ ork ;n ~III GaIllL ... \X'ork ... !Jop product:-. and lilt.:.' ima~e ... nmtaillL'u tilL'reln ha\ l' Ix:t.n proc.!lI<. L'U t.'ithl.'r in holl~l' or a ... \\ ork ror hin.:.
The l..").clu ... j\l: cor:ri~,dlt on thL' an\\ork and lht.: 111la~1.' ''' it depicl'" i... thL' rropl...'11Y orG~lml.'''' \\ 'ork ... hop LtJ .


op)right C;al11e,' \\ '()rhhop I.tll, 1991. All right, re'ene(1.

~I)I.,.'l.i. d

thank ...

[0 ~1U~ln

"filii ... anc.l .1ona ...


Canll' dt.: ... ign con..,uluni H r:~111 An ...dl.

GNo IES \\'O R K~ H O I' LTD ,



G ~I E~ \\ 'O RKS I-l P I:\C.

.3 1.3 I -C IW i\:i N A VE\, UE
BA LTI 1\ IORE, ;\ IARY L \ '\ D


_ 1227 - 1072

PRo o ucr CODE: 0 136



c o

INTRODUCTION ..... .......... ... ...... ... .............. 4

THE CHAOS GODS .... .... ...... .............. ..... .... 6

KHORNE .. . .....................

... 39


................... j9

.... .39
....... .39

DAEMO N ANI MOSI1Y . . . ........ .. .




DAEi'vIO I l'vLAG IC .

N RGLE ... . ...... .... ....... .. . . .

RAISED DAEMOI S ............. .... .. .. ... .... .. .... .

SLAA:"JESH .... . ... ..... ...

. .... ..... .... ... ...... 7


........................ 8

.4 0
. ... 40


.. 8


.. H


THE CHILDREN OF CHAOS .. ......... ............. 10



........ .. 11


.. .. ...... 1 I
.. 12


... .. 12

......... .. ........ 41


.. . 41


..... ....... ... .. ........... 42

CHAO. SO RCERERS ... ....... ..... .

.. 43

I3E ASTMEN ... .

.... 45

MINOTA URS ........ ... ..

CHAOS GIFTS ..................... .... .. .. ...... .. ......... 13

.. 13


OF COD l E T . . ......... .. ......... .



..... 13

....... 1-1




... ...... ... .... 46


.... 46


.... 47

..... 14




... ... ..... .... .. .... ... .. ... .. .... . 47

....... 48

..... 48


CHAOS MAGIC ITEMS .. ........................... .... 15

........... .... .... .. I:>
CHAOS REWARDS .......... .. ..... ..
.. J:>
CHAOS SPELLS .. .... .

........ .................. .

CHAOS ARMO R ... ... . . .. . .... .. .......... ..


.. 1'5
... I ')

ERS .......... ... .. .. .. .... ................. .... .......... 16

'EAVY METAL PAGES ......... .. ............... .... ... 17


TROLLS .. ..
J3LOODTIIII{STE R....... . . .

GG ER NAUTS .. ......... .... ... ... ......... ..... .. ...... .. .... .


..... ....... . ... 51



..... 36
.. . ... 3

MODELLI NG CHAOS SPAWN ..... .. .................. . . 37



... - 3


..... 54


.... 54


.... 'i5

N RG LI GS .. ....... . .



SPAWN IN COM B A T . . ..........


- -7
. . . .. )

STEE DS .... ....... ... . .


. ... ')0

.... 51


FIENDS......... .

CHAOS SPAWN .. ... .. .............. .... .. ........ .. ... .... 36

. .. ')0

LO RD OF CHANG E ............ ...... .. ... .. .. .

DISCS .. .

.... . '56

FLAME R .. .




THE ARMy.. .................. .......... .... ... .... ............... ... 59



BLOO DTH IHSTER ........ .... ....

. 59

REGIMEI TS .............. .

.... 60

CH AO S DA E ION S . .... . ........


.. ... 60

... ....... .. ...... ..... .......... .... .. .. .......... . 60

ALLI ES ....... ... ...... ... .. .. .... .. ..



PRE ENTATION OF PROFILES ... ....... .. . . .... ... ..... 61

BEASTS ...... ..... ..

..... 61


.. 6 1

A]{MO R ...... .... .



. 62


.... 63


CHAO ' HEROES ....... . . . . .......... ... . ................. .. .. 6-1
... 64
[jATTLE STANDA RD OF CH OS ........ .. ...... .


.. ....... ............. .... ...... ... .... 72


... .... . .

PIK K HORRORS ....... ..... .... ..

... 65



. 65

IlNOTA R LORD ............ .



............... ....... .. ... . .... 65


.... 65


. .... 73
. ..... 73


. 74

KEEPE R OF SEC RETS ....... .. ... ....

..... 74


. ... 74


. ............. ....... ...... .. .... 75


.... 65






....... 76

................ ... ....... ...... 76

.... . ..............


... 79

... . 66


.. .. 66

..... 66



.. 66
.. .. ... 66

........... .

CENTA UR HEROES ...... ........ .. ..

CH AOS SO RCE!{ERS . .....

.... 66
. .. ...

. ...







.... 72

........... .. ....................... .. .. .. 72

.. . ................ 61

............ 71




.. 7 ]

FL ESH HO NOS ........ ..

. . . . .... .. 60


. ..... 7J

... .. . .. 6

CHAOS KI IGHTS ............ ............. ... ........... ..... -68

CHAOS WARRIORS . . . . .. ..

..... ......

.. 68

13 EAST IVlE I ........... .. ......... .. .... .... . . . .. ...... ... .. 68



' OS

.... 69


.... 69

HARPIES .. ...... .. ....... .. ...... .

.... 69


. ... 70

THOLLS ........ .. ... ..

.. .. . ... ....... .

.... 70



2 S

hroughout the Old World people huddle behind the high walls of their
cities for protection. Outside these fortified settlements, ravening
warbands hold sway over a grim land of forests, mountains, and
untamed wilderness. Within is safe, comfortable and ordered. Without
is elemental danger, ancient darkness, and the inescapable rule of
In the north th e r o \\'er of Ch a o~ i., strongest and the rule o f
m:lI1 is at i l~ mo~ t fragile. l3eY'ond th e last morta l rea lm o f
I"i,';!e v li es t he Tro ll Co u nt ry. a g rim and sha d o w y Lind
(WeI' wh ich no man cl aims kingsh ir. I !e re the minions of
C11~ I OS figh t o pcnly fo r su premac\', I luge mo nstel's \'ie with
th eir ri\ 'ab to es ta hli sh thei r terri tory, Ch aos \\' arb ~ln cis
stri\'(o fo r ascendancy O\'er th se Il'ho w o uld dare to usurp
th e m . I\.li n ou urs. Ogres . Tro l ls . C him e r as ~ I ncl o th e r
nameless ahomination s reign over th e broken bll1d . Fro m
amongst the Illu tanls. the Illonst rosities and the renegades
the Ch ~ l o~ Gods choose their Ch:1I11 p ions :lI1d muster their
:I rm ies .

It i, Iyith good re~ l son th at m en IO:lth e :In d fe ar th e

gl't) wing powe r o r Cha o ." The l 'o n stant tlH e:lt of
marauders rl 'm in cis the III o i' ~I ti.me long ago \\h en Ch:lo.s
:lrIl1i e~ m;II'ched .sou th\\:l rc.b, r lunLle rin g and destrov ing
L'I erything in their path . ,\ Io rc than o nce the Ch;l os hord es
h;I\'e ro lled across K iskv . sGlll ering th e arm ies or men ,
IIntilthcy stood r oised to de.stroy th e Linds of the Empire,
t th e h :lck of the Chaos :Irm ies . I'icling t he wi nd s o r
dest ruc tio n . came da L'morb to rick m 'er the sroil.~ Bllt
:r! w;I\'S the lorce.' o r Ch ;l o~ han.' hCL'n \;I nquished. ;r!\\ '~ I \ 'S
the ir ch:lmpi o n s h;1\ e heen defe:ll ecl ~ ll1d the cl; lemo ns
dri ven northwards once mo re.
Terri ble as the:se \\'ar."; Werc . each r as t incursion Iu s been
hut :1 sh am . a p repa rati on for a g rcate r \l'a r tint is to C (J mt:' ,
El c n ' h;lllle: h ~ l s hL'en :1 l':1 reru I testing of hunun defences
th:lt ;l1 ust Oll e d: I\' he hrt:'; lched . It is' fo reto ld th:1I a gre:lt
Cbrnrio n or e ha'os \\'ill r ise to unite th e Chao ...; hord~s , to
co mman d th em upon the: fie: ILi of h;rlll e, ;Ind hn:::l k rhe
h:lck o f t he mo rt: " w orld fore l 'e r, Th e m ome nt of dark
glory List ;lpp ro:l cl1 es, when the v,orl el will he co nsum ed
h\ Ch:los . ;IIld II hen its c h:llllri ons \"i ll h:I\'l' t h eir just
T his hook d es crih es the fol lo w ers o r Ch aos in all th ei r
hLrck el 'il. It c""scrib e .~ t he: Champi o ns of Ch:los , Cha os

\'(f;1l'ri ors. l3easrmen , daem o ns . and the fo ulest sen 'ants o f

th e D ark Gods, Hu ll'S are p ro 'idcd fo r th ese creatures as
pa rt of you r \ ar hamm er arm y , This bo x also co ntain s a
numher o f cards rep resenting mag ic sr ells. magic it em s.
:1l1c1 Chaos G iFts, These last rer rese nt the ci ivin e favours o f
th e Chaos Gods. ph ys ica l lllu t:ll io ns th at hot h di sfigure
a nd hl ess t h e followe rs o f Chao s. g il' ing the m many
IX)\\'erful ach'antage:s.
Th ere is much thar is new in this boo k , As w ell as rhe new
rul es fo r Gifts o f Chaos th ere are nc \\' spe ll s ;1I1c1 m ag ic
ite:rn:; . and more backgrou nd info rrm llio n ;Ihou t th e b iza rre
Chaos ,ods. [3eas tlll e n . [vlinotaurs and o t h e r C ha o ~
crea tures :Ire descr ih ed in deuil. In :Idd iti o n to thi s new
material \Ie have included i nfo rm~lt i o n from '( :Irh alll mer
and \'(':Irhamm er Magic fo r ease or refe rence, All the Ch:los
creallires from th e Bestia ry vo lu m e o f \Varh am m er have
h ec n rep eated , a l t h o ugh to save Sp:1CC w e h ave nl'l t
i llustr;ltccJ th em a ll . The 12 Cha os lVl ag ic cards frOIll
\X'arh :l m me r Ba llk I\ l ag ic ha l 'e bee n repJ:rce d b y an
ex p anded sc t of 30 Girds. alth o ugh so nll' :ire lls rem ain
csse nt iall y the sa m e, as you \I il l see .
Exreriencecl Cha o s Ge nera ls w ill not ict:' a few ch:rn ges
and n e w rule s. C heck o ut th e n CIY ru les fo r Chao s
Beas tm en in fi g h tin g and r<~ I ' i se c1 po in ts I ',rlu es fo r som e
cre ~lt u res :1 nd cLiem ons . In panicuLlr. nolL' th e extra po in ts
raid 1'0 1' G reate r D;I(.'11l0n S to L ik e into ac co unt th ei r
Illag ical powe rs, On the \\'ho le. th ese re\'i:ied va lu es have
been m~l de to refl ect the m agic rl an ei other s pec i ~rI p o w ers
of d~lell1ons , In a reI\' e Lses th e nc l\' I'alu es rerreselll th e
ne\\ abi lit ies descrihed in the gamt ' rul es .
s a Chaos General yo u lead o ne o r the most po tent fo rces
al 'ai/abl e to arl\' com m a nd er , an d ce rt a i nl y t h e m os t
co lo urfu l and d il'erse. I f vo u sene Chao:; w ell then yo ur
u lt im ate re wa rd \\' i ll b e I ' ic tory ( and p e r h ~lr s th e o d c!
tenta cl e o r t\\,o) . If yo u d i. sa ppo int vo ur ma sters th en you r
Euc w ill he not h ing m ore ig no minious th:1l1 defea t. Wi n or
lose . the forces orCh:los are nCI 'er cl ull ' Good fo rtun e. and
ma y your dice fo reve r ro ll 6s.

espair! The age of mortals is ending, Time drains

away and the stars fade: from the: sky. The bitte:r
spawn of night crawls from the darkness to possess the
world. Fools take refuge in faith or madness for no
other hiding place remains. The &alm of Chaos is






c s


here are four great Chaos Gods - four brothers in darkness - who rule
the infernal region known as the Realm of Chaos. This is not a
material realm but a place without physical or temporal boundaries, a
vast formless limbo that exists beyond the light of sun or star. From
their vantage point beyond space and time the Chaos Gods ponder the
feeble antics of mortals much as a man might study a nest of ants.
Th e fat e o f th e O ld W o rl d is o f m o re tha n u su al
significance in the stru gg le betwee n gods and m o rtals. In
th e far no rth of th e O ld Wo rld lies a zone of darkness, a
gateway of so rts, a n lst hla ck ho le linkin g th e Rea lm o f
Chaos and rhe m o rtal uni ve rse . He re th e ahod e o f man
a nd th e d o ma in o f th e go ds ar e o ne. M ag ic p o urs in
thro ug h thi s dark ga tew ay, brin g ing w ith it man y o th er
ev il s in cl uding ci ae m o ns anel malevo le nt spirits. In this
\~\'ay th e O lel \X' o rld stanci s at th e fro nti e r hetwee n th e
m o rt al uni \'erse and th e Realm o f Chaos. Wh en Chaos
g ro\\'s in inf1uence the gateway expands an d the no rth ern
bo unda ries o f rhe wo rlel are sucked into it. co nsumed h y
th e Rea lm o f Ch ao s. [f th e p owe r o f Ch aos beco m es
do minan t, then the w ho le w orld w ill he swa llowed and its
peopl e \\'ill become d amned souls in eternal s!a \'e ry to lhe
Chaos Gods.


Th ey " 'atch fo r ;1 \\'hile th e p rog ress of o ne tin y crea ture
until the .'itrugg les o f a mo re int erestin g ind il'id u;i1 ca pture
th e ir att e nti o n. Occa si o nall y t he ir gaze is dr;lwn
elsewh ere, to an oth er \" o rl el perh ,lps o r sO llle other ,t;ocll y
conce rn. For ;1 w hil e Illo rtals are left t() pursuc their own
ends in th eir o wn fa shio n. Such is th e n;llUre o f gods. fo r
th ey are as w himsica l in th eir favour :IS in their :lIlgeL anel
th ei r pl ans arc beyond the w it o f an y Illan to com prehend .
The fo ur great h:los Gods are named as fo lk)\\ s. Th e first
and grea test o f all is K ho rn e th e I1iood God. w ho is also
kn ow n as t he Lo rd of Skul!.'i . Th e seco nd in powe r is
T zee n tc h th e Change r o f th e Ways . ca ll ed by so m e th e
G reat Sorce rer. 1 ex t is i\'urg le th e Lo rd o f Decay, \\'ho is
al so th e iVla ster of Pla g uc and Pes til ence. Nurg le is th e
m os t resplendently fo ul of all th e haas Gods. Lastl y th ere
is the youthful Si:Ja nesh, th e handsome Pri nce o f Chaos .
sedu c ti \'\~ and perverse in his supernatural favours.
Th e Dark Gods o f Chaos each have their own particular
e nthu sias m s. t heir ow n d ae m o ns. and t heir own subdimensio nal tl'rrito ri es w irhin th e He ilm o f Chaos. Each
stri \'es fo r d o minan ce O\'er th e ot hers, and th o ug h o ne
ma y ga in asce ndan cy fo r a whil e n o god h as e \'e r
succee d ed in \'anq ui shin g ano th e r . As o ne god g ain s
ma.'itery the others all y aga inst him , and as th e allies gro\\ '
in powe r th ey d ivide am o ngst the m se l ves fo rmin ,t; new
alli ances un t il ;In o th er co nque ro r e m erges to be
vanquished in hi s turn . T heir hattlefield is not th e Realm o f
Ch:lOS but rhe mo rt al wo rl ds o f \\h ich the O lel World is but
o ne am o ngst ma n y. So it is that men fight their w ars fo r th e
cas ual amuse m ent and m ome nt ary g rati f icati o n o f th e

I w.llked across the plain of bone beneath the bnzen sky, All
about wert: the skulls of the sbin and amons them srew black
flowers. each twisted bloom a soul in thralL Crimson-flttked
flies sucked at the red nectu in that field and the air usted
bloody in my mouth, The black flowers nodded their heads as
I passed and whispered in the bitter-scented breeze, A distant
daemon's shriek reached my ears ilIId the sound of tormented
laughter drifted past and was swallowed by silence,
And then I came to the T rte of Damned Shades,
Living souls had huns upon its branches and living souls had
fed its roots in ases past, Twisted with the pain of their
missuided loyalty the shades had made their pact and now had
their reward, Those same shades mOillled their rtgret and agony.
pbding for pity from every branch and twig. save one whose:
deviant eye I met. I paused in the sbre of that eye, The Tree of
Damned Shades spoke in a splintering voice. crying out as if a
thousand axes were tearins at its hartwood.
-By broken faith and bitter promise a man walks in the sardens
of blood, Once my roots taste of his momI body he is mine
and I am he, A man .., a man ... I will be free in the flesh and
bone, I will sby for you my master, Blood beyond measure I
will spill upon the battldidds of the world, Dh... free:dom
from this wooden frame that I could once asain march to the
beat of my heart:
The tree: writhed ilIId shook its dark branches and I fled. for my
fate lay not with those: trapped and hideous souls...

liber Malefic, Manus Hollesher




Khorn e is the Blood God. th e god o f battl e. th e

an g ry gael wh ose b e ll ows o f in sati ab le rage
ec ho thro ug ho ut time and space . H e sits upo n a
m ig ht y thro nc of b rass at o p a vas t m o und of
skulls. A sea of splintered ho nem o unc! ex tends infinitely in
all d irecti o ns . the remains of those slain b y his conq uering
champi o ns. K ho rn e is a god of wa rriors , and his gaze is
dra w n to,va rds halli es. He shmvs favour to th ose who fight
for w hat rhey des ire. to great warrio rs. an d to mighry wa r
lea ders. K ho rn e res p ects strength. h o n o ur, and martial

Nurgle is the Great Lo rd o f Decay w ho pres ides

O\'e r phySica l co rrupti o n and m o rbidit y .
Disease and putrefac ti o n atTract him liJ{e flies to
a rOlled co rpse. It is the li\'es of lepers and th e
so rro ws of the sic k th at fascinate him m os t. For his
amusement he devises foul co ntagio n s whi ch he inflictS
upon th e wo rld . Ma ny o f th e 1l1 0~ t horri b le diseases are the
crea tions o f Nurg le. inclu d ing th e nauseati ng Reel Pox ilnd
lhe most disgusting of all: urg le's Rot.


Kh o rn e we ars o rn ate armo ur o f bla ck c haos m et:i1 and

brass . H e lean s u p o n a mi g ht y douhl e- h anded swo rd
made fro m the sam e black substance. His body is broad
and muscular and his head has the fea lUres of a fi erce dog
superi mpose d over human fo rm. U p o n hi s fing e rs he
wea rs m an y hrass rin gs. some embossed \'\'ilh his o wn
skull run e. T h u s he a pp ea rs in v isio nar y fo rm to hi s
worshippers, but \\'ho ca n say w hat shape th gods may
assume for their O\'\'n fell purpose::;?
Kh o rn e is th e m os t powe rf ul o f all th e Chaos God s. His
chief ri va l is Tzeentch. the Great Sorce rer Tzeentch is the
patron o f w iz<lI'ds just as K ho rn e is the patro n o f warri o rs.
Of co urse , this ri va lry d oes nOl prevent Khorne makin g
co millo n ca use with Tzeenlch wh en it is conH 'n ienl to do
so . Combin ed. the t\VO god s are always m o re po w erful
th~1I1 th e o lh ers . O f all his h ro t he r god s K ho rn e m os t
d es pi ses Slaa nesh . wh ose prancin g fo pp er ies are a n
a ~lronl to Khorn e's sense of h o n o ur and m arti al [)rid e .
Even so . Kh o rne makes use of the Prin ce o f Chaos \"hen
necessa ry. as mu ch as it ma y ga ll hilll lO do so.

T zeenlch is th e G reat Sorce rer. th e god of mag iC
and m as ter o f the mut abl e tim e-strea m. H e is
kn own as th e Changer of the Ways . th e one \'\'ho
direct., th e fatc o f th e uni,erse. Tzeentc h g uid es
unwitling mon als along paths destined to in crease hi s own
[) o w e r, th o ug h th ey m ay ne\' er rea lise th e ir p art in his
plan. He shows fm'our to thos e wh o use int ellige nce to
co ntro l th e wo rld , es p ec i ~tll y to w i za rd s an d magi ca l
crea tures . He ta kes delight in the pl otting and po liticking
of m e n. and favo urs th e c unning ove r th e stro ng. th e
manipulati ve over the violenlo
Tzeenl ch is th e m o.'t \\'eirdly form ed of all his hrot hers. His
skin craw ls Wilh co nstantly ch ang ing faces w hich leer and
mock those wh o look upo n him. As Tzeelllch speaks thes
faces repea t his words, o ft en w it h subll e but impo rtant
diffe rences o f meaning. The gael's pucke red face is fo rm ed
upon his up per to rs , so h is head and body are o ne. Fro m
above his eyes spring two swee ping ho rn s o f great length .
H e appears suspended ahove a sea of swirlin g multi colo ured mist. Tn this fo rm he speaks w ith his fo ll owe rs
and in such shape he is depicted in his temples .
Tzeenlc h is almost as pOII'erful as Khorn e but his po\'\'er
takes a very different fo rm. Tzeenlch is th e mas ter o f magic
and subtlety. It is Tzeentch \" ho holds the R e~ dm o f Chaos
beyond time and space and it is he who watch es over lhe
destin y of the material universe. His p lOls are complex and
inre rw oven . and he is th e [)rin c i p~tI arc hitect of secre t
alliances amo ng~ l the Dark God::; .

The god 's giga nric bod y is b loa ted with co rrupti o n and
ex ud es a sic kly. d ise asedten c h . His skin is gree ni sh ,
l eath ery and nec roti c . its surface p oc k-m ark ed with
running so res . sw e lling boils and num erou s sign s of
infestalion. His inner o rga ns. rank with excremental decay,
sp ill throug h th e ruptured sk in to hang lik e bunches o f
g rap es around his girth. FroIll th ese o rg ans burst tin y
daemo ns, hich chew and suck upo n th e niluseous juices
w ithin. Thi s is the appearance o f the Chaos God Nurgle.
th oug h m e re wo rd s can hare l y do ju sti ce to his trul y
impressive fo ulnes "
A lth o ugh Nurgle is ranked hehind Kh o rne and Tzeentch
Lhe trulh is that his pO\\'er is nOl necessaril y wea ker. but
that it is I ~ss stable th an that of the other goels. His pa ss io n
is to unl eash ghastly pestilences upo n th e \\'orld , and at
su ch tiIll es his po w er ri ses to a p eale Lik e it plagu e hi s
power grows and Illay reach ep idemic levels. teIllpo raril y
overs had ow ing that o f all th e o th er gods put toge th er.
befo re wa ning :Iga in.

Slaa nesh is th e yo ungest of the Cha os Gods and
is k nO \\'n as th e Prince of Chaos. Alo ne o f all th e
Da rk God s he is di vinel y bea utiful. Sla anes h is
seductive as o nl y an iIllmorta l ca n be. disa rming
in his inn cence . utterl y beg uiling in hi ~ manne r. He is
dra wn to mort als p ossessed of physical bea uty and charm.
A ll se nsual pl eas ures o f art. music and cO Ill pa nio n ship
fasc inate. laanesh. He is ma ster of luxury and inelulgence.
of crue l pa ssio ns and hid de n v ices . and o r th e te rrihle
templatio ns that onl y a god can offer.
In ho dil y fo rm Slaanes h is perfect io n: lo ng- limbed and
elegant, \ ith a haunting androg yno us bea ut v. It is sa id
th at it is im possib le for a morta l to look upo n that di\'ine
face wit ho ut los in g h is sou l , fo r all who see Slaan es h
beco m e sl aves l O hi s slight est whim. So me say th al
Slaanesh ca n assume male, female or hermaphrod ite fo rm
at w ill. b ut to his fo llo we rs he manifes ts himself as a young
man. cl ea n limbed and fresh with th e vi gour of youth.
Thou gh Slaanesh is the lea::;t of th e Dark Gods of Cha os. he
is an imp rta nt pl ayer in the di\'ine game. His support is an
essential part of an y alliance between the Chaos Gods. The
fa vo ur of Slaa nesh ca n eas il y sw ing th e balan ce of power
be twee n th e go d s. g iving
Sla anes h
influ e nce
disp ro p o rti o nat e
p ow e r.
o n e-th e- Iess . lhe
power of Slaanesh is g rowing
all th e time. oo n th e Prince
of Chaos w ill com e to rival the
o th er god s and ma yb e, w ho
kn ows. he may rise ov e r
th em.



he gods don 't fight their battles in the Reahn of Chaos: their armed
forces confront each other in the mortal universe. On countless
worlds throughout time and space the Chaos Gods struggle for
supremacy, every god determined to make each world his own. The
Old World is one of th e most fiercely contested battlefields of all.
Here the Chaos Gods vie with each other to win the loyalty of Chaos
cre atur es and the souls of men.
E\'e ry god direc ts h i ~ own fo ll owers , som eti mes m ak ing
co mm o n ca use t;\' it h th e fo ll m\'(~ r s of other gods ,
som e tim es o ppo sin g th em, As t he w o rld sin ks int o
ana rch y th e fo rces of Chaos sw ell and t he doom o f the
wo rld draws closer.

Eve r y Chaos Wa rri o r p r:l )' s t hat hi s god '1v ill o ne cla y
choose hi m to be one of his champio ns, As a champion he
rece ives fu rth e r rewa rds , p e rh ars eve n t he ulti mate
rewa rd of illl mona lit y o r daemonhood , fo r there is no thing
a god Gl nn ot do and no favour that he ca nnot grant.


T he Chaos Go el s have ma ny fo ll owe rs and ab o many

un w ittin g ~lili es , So m e are de fo rmed by the r O \\'(;~ r o f
Chaos, mo nstrosities wi t h foul tw isted hod ies ancl
e1 angero us mut ant p O'l\ 'e rs Th ese c reat ure are th e
crea ti o ns o f Chaos and th eir alleg ian ce is beyond douhl.
They are also th e least amongst th e fo llowers of Chaos fo r
th eir souls are already in eternal bo ndage , More v;t1u ahle
are th ose w ho w illing ly give their sou b and free ly embrace
dam nati o n, Fo r eve ry human sou l d ed icated to Ch ao s
st;\'ells the pmver o f th e gocb and hastens the destructi o n
of the t;\'orld ,

A man migh t tu rn t \ arcl s Chaos fo r many reaso ns, but

m os t d o so be ca use they see k th e su p reme r owe r tha t
o nly Chaos ca n g ive them , To acqui re such power a morta l
must attr :1ct th e att ent ion of a Chaos Gael. Not o nl y mu st
th e Illona l d ecl ica te hi m se lf utte rl y to th e Chaos God ,
swea rin g b inding oa th s of un ho l y 10 :IIt y , b UL he Illu st
excel in the service o f Chaos i f he is to ea rn the attention of
hi s ma ster. A Cha os G od has m an y wo rl d s and ma n y
servants to wa tc h o ver. hi s co nce rn s may li e elsewh ere,
Even iflile, .)houlel happen to glance upo n the O ld World
th e gods are wh imsical in th eir fa vours and unpredictahl e
in how Lhey dispense th em ,
Khorne is Illost li kely to fin d his champ io ns in th e midst of
balt le, marking o ut the hra\'es t and the st ro ngest Chaos
Wa rrio rs for fu rt her re\\ 'a rcl, [n the case of Tzeentch it is the
mu lti-co loured win cl s of mag ica l conju ratio n that dra w his
int eres t. N urg le see ks a li t th e sic k anel di sfigu red, th ose
ma rr ed with d efo rm it y and di sea,' e, Sla anes h is th e
w eakest o f the gods and eager to acq uire cham p io ns of
an y mettl e, O ne of his favourite tricks is to ~ t ea l cha m pio ns
fro m o th er gael s, c harm ing m o rt als w ith h is irres istibl e
beauty ,

Chaos \Xiarri o rs are men wh o reject and aba ndon human
society, To win the favour o f their chosen god they joi n a
Chaos wa rband, As Chaos Wa rriors th ey acc p t a li fe of
b loodshed and brigand age in ret urn fo r th e chance to win
th eir ma ster's b vo ur. Such favou rs, once granted , are not
al ways welcome , fo r th e C haos God s ar e fi c kl e and
inh um a n a nd th e ir g ifts ofte n ta k e th e fo rm f g r oss
ph ys ica l d eform iti es ,
M:1ny fo llowers of Cha os spr ut tenta cles , horn s, sca les
upo n th eir ski n , o r suffer disfigu ring mutati ons of o ther
k incis, Often, their minds are affected as well , leav ing them
li able to f its o f ra ge, fee bl e min cl ed ness , unco ntrollable
hysterics, and o th er aberra tion s o f th e sp irit. [3u t not all th e
re wards o f Chaos are disach'antage o us, So m e tim e~ th e
gods change th e ir fo ll o ,\'ers in wa ys tha t en hance th ei r
physica l an d m ental p owe rs, co nferri ng gifts of m ag ic,
i mm unit y f ro m harm, in cred ibl e beaut y , anc! imm en se


A Chaos God c h ooses h is c h amp io n s w ith care , I f
champ io ns exce l in hi s se rv ice t he god ',,, power in th e
mort al wo rl d increases and his influence in th e Rea lm of
Cha os is that much greater. [f his champio n is c1efeated o r,
wors e of all, slain b y anoth er goel's champ io n, th en his

The: Path to Damnation begins at our door and we: have:

only to tum our back on he:art and home: to take: the: first
footste:p upon it.
Volkmar Grand Theogonist of Sigmar
Address to the Acolytes
of the Magical Order of Light

power is '\\'ea kened and his standing amo ngst his brother
go d s is dim inis h ed . Thu s a goel \\' ill c hoose as hi s
representati ves o nly those \\ 'ho show grea t determinatio n
and prom b e.
W hen a Chao ' God chooses a menta l cham p io n he .)lamps
him as his own. Th is sig n is known as th e Mark of Chaos.
and takes the fo rm o f a mark on the bod y sha pecl like the
god's own run e, denoti ng that the ch:lmpi o n belo ngs to
h im alo ne. T his rune does no t necessa ril y d isfigure the
champio n, fo r o nl y rarely does it appear prominentl on
their fa ce o r hands.
[n add iti o n to thi s p h ys ica l run e, t h e god gives hi s
c h ampion a specia l g ifl. whi ch is al so ;! w ay o f
demo nstratin g th at the champ i n belo ngs to him alo ne.
T his fi n gift is different fo r eac h o f the gods. Cha mpions
of Kh o rn e find th em selves enca sed in a suit of Ch aos
armo ur. Such armo ur ca nnot be remO\'ed , fo r it is made of
li v in g m etal lh :ll fus es wi th th e champi o n's fl es h and
becomes pa rt o f his bod y.
Ch ampi o n ,' of f\i urg le h :l\'e th e ir d iseases ha lted o r
bani shed altoge th er. fo r it i" th e p ri ce o f th eir sou l th:n
th eir infirmitieS are put as id e whil t they figh t fo r h im.
Champi o ns of Tzee ntch are i Il\'estecl w it h t h e g i f t o f
mag ical p ro tec ti o n in pa ym ent fo r th eir so uls. Man o f
T zeemch's chosen become great o rcerers o f Chaos . The
hl\'ours o f Slaanesh are subtle. The gift o f his cha mpions is
th at they ha ve no fea r of dea th o r pain , rc\'elling in the joy
of bailie, laughing at terrors that \\'ou ld dri\'e (l ther mortals


Wh ere the re\Y:lrcb o f o th er fo llQ\yers come irregularl y and
occas io na ll y . c hampio ns are rew ard ed o ften . If th ey ri se
hig h in th e estee m of th eir master t hen fan) u rs \\'ill he
g rant d eve n faster. Th e champion fi nds himself upo n a
fast road th at lea d s to power o r da mnatio n . Th ere is no
wa y o f telling \,: here h is fate lies until it is too late.
The rewards of the Chaos Goeb take man y bi zarre fo rm.
Physica l m utati o ns are th e mos t co mm o n . Ho rns g row
fro m the champ ion's /) 1'0 " ', his hands spro ut long talo ns.
his teeth enlarge into vicio us fa ngs, and his sk in hecomes
ro ug h anc! scal y . These are but a fe\\' of th e mo re common
Gifts o f Chaos , as th ese deform ities are o ften o iled. O th ers
include lo ng spines th:lt grow from the champio n's body,
skin thm bu rsts in tlam es . limbs th at L'lo ngate and J evelop
extra jo ints, bodies that sw ell into mo nstro us shapes , and
extra heads and limbs that gro w b es ide h is own. T hese
ph ysical mu tations are not necessaril y disach'anrageous th ey o ften co nfe r use ful :lbili ti es, es p ec iall y i n co mbat
w here h rns :ll1d ta lo ns may be used against an o pponent.
Other reward s affec t t he champion 's mind. He ma y be
turn ed int o a hurbling imhecil e. o r rob hed o f speech or
some o th er se nse. H e ma y acquire ex trao rdinarily acute
hea ring, keen sig ht , o r become immune to pain. He may
be g i\'en m ag iC pO" 'e rs, es pec i3ll y if Tzee ntch fav o u rs
him, o r he might become res ista nt to th e effects of magic.
[f he is a fo ll owe r o f K ho rn e he ma y be g i ft ed \\' ith
astounding ph ys ica l strength . martial skUIs bL'yond human
compreh nsio n , o r he might become completely fearless.
Th ere is no change tha t a Cha os Go d canno t make. no r
an y po w er he is unable to grant. [-[o\\'e \'er, the gods are
inhuman and \v himsicaL and they m ak e no di sti ncti o n
bet\ een an ac!\'antageous o r disadva ntageous gift.

Some re\\':l rds take th e fo rm of items o r fo ll o \\'er.~ . such ;l ~

a ma g ic hl ade o r a Ch:1 0 S familiar. Th e mo st potent
w eapo ns o f all are daemo n sworeI-;, hlades that co ntain
trapped da emo ns whi ch talk to the ir O\\'ner on hehal f o r
the haos God. Fa miliars are more li kely to he granted to
C ha o~ Sorcerers. bu t warriors may so metim es be g i\'en a
daemo nic bea ... t to fight at lheir side.
T he u ltimate reward that a clumpion can recei\ 'e is to be
made immo rtaL to become a daemo ni c crea ture able to
liv fo reve r in th e Rea lm of Chaos. Thus the gods tum their
m os t favo u re d cha m pi o ns int o da em o n ..;. and th ese
daelllons scour the mortal rea lills in th eir turn lookin g for
\\'o rth y champ io n.... for their nnster to recruit or re\\arcl. A
c hamp io n on o nl y hecome a daemo n il' he survi ves th e
gifts giwn him.
I\'[os t champi o ns e nd ure so ma n y cl isfi g uring and
d e bilitati ng gi ft s that th ey a re n o t wo rth to h eco m e
immorta l daemo ns. Th e vast majo ri ty of haos champio n '
d ie hef re they can hecome immona l, and ma ny endure a
far w o rse fate. A Champio n w ho rece ives gifts of a severely
disf ig u ri ng anc! me ntall y destruC l i\'e na tu re beco m es a
shapeless, minclless creature ca lled a Chaos Spawn . A god
may turn his champ io ns int o Spawn if they d isplease him,
hut he is ju st as li k ely to turn a champion into Spa \v n
simply as a rc.) llit of ina dvert entl y heaping o ne disfiguring
gift upon an ther.
Spaw n are li tt le m ore th an heas ts d ri ven b y a \'es ti g ial
intellige nce. , om e are L1llerly mindless w hilst o thers are
to rmen ted by fl eeting memo ri es of th eir fo rmer glo ry. Fe,,'
Spawn appear even fain tly human. resembling instead any
number o f creatures melded into a beast of fo ul sha pe and
uncertain po w ers. Some Spa n are very po w erfu l indeed .
A champion who becomes Chaos Spawn m ay hide aw ay
in th e d eep fo rests. o r. m o re likely . rem ain w ith his o ld
w arhancl. fed and led into batt le to se r ve his fo rm e r





he Old World is saturated with the mutating power of magic. It leaks

through the dimensional gate in the far north and permeates the
e ntire world. This power is strongest in the immediate area around
the gateway. Further away the mutating m agic weakens as the distance
from the gate increases.

roa m the w astelands. hrutal bri ga nds th at pillage wagons

and undefended settlements. II these cre:!lures . and m o re
h e s id e~ . are ca lled the Children o f Chaos. T hey are marked
w ith m utatio n and their e\'il souis belo ng to indisputahl v
to the Chaos Gods.

In rh e cl ark fo rests of the O ld \ o rkl d \\'e ll th e fa\'o ured
Ch ilclr<:n o f Chaos : fo ul and un ho ly t hings tha t hate th e
w o rld and hide from the honest light o f day . T hey serve no
1l1o rt:1I master. bUl helon g hea rt anc! SOullO th e Dark Gods
o f Cha os . Men ca ll th ese creatures l3eas tm en fo r th ey are
p art-hullLln and pa r t-h e:l s!. th eir t w ist ed h o di es a
h lasphcll1\' o f nature. They have ho rns u po n th eir best ial
head s. c1 a\ys and clo ven hOO\'e5 ado rn th eir limb~ . T hey
are c r ue l an d bru t:i1 c r atures w h o h raw l a nd fi g h t
am o ngst th em selves w hen not venting th eir hal red agai nst
mankind .
Th e~ e

rude and un co uth heas ts are 1l0t al o ne in th e ir

k i ng d o m o f c1 :1 rk ness. All m ann c r o f cra",,' ling an d
sli t he rin g cre at u res k ce p th e i r e \' il co mpa n v. Hum a n
Illut an t h r iga n d s f in d refuge he re too . hitt er - heart ed
renegade:; \\h ose ." p irits ha\'e h ee n b lacke ned by th e
l(lu( h o f Chaos.

T he fa r no rth o r th e Old Wo rl d is ho me to many s tr~ln ge

crea tu res d isto rted by the po\yer of Chaos . All mannL' r or
shapeless heasts and u nrecogn is:lbk m o nstrosities can be
fo und in th o~ e regions: heino us things \"\'ith bloa ted and
h o rri b le bodi es \\'hi c h \\Tit he \y ith tent ac les , c rc :ltu res
w hose ma\\'s d rihhle and g:lpe in their unend ing hunger
fo r hl ood. an d o th er heasts o f e\'er)' conce iva hl e fo rm and
d isp os itio n. T ll(:se m o nsters depend upo n th e strength of
the loca l magica l field to sU I"\"i\e. Fortu nately th ey cannot
\,",m de r far so uth . fo r the p owe r of Chaos becomes too
wea k to sust:lin them and th ey \\'i ll perish.
M any lesser Chaos mo n sters thrive in th e O ld W o rl cl .
beings th at do not need as m uc h in vigo rating powe r to
sust:l in them as th e mo re hea\'ily mu ta ted thi ngs o f the fa r
north . The most co mm o n are Beastmen and th eir co usins,
crea tu res possess ing some t hi ng of the in tell ige nce and
for m o f m en . O t her cr eatu res of this k in d include the
fea rsome l\ l ino laurs. \'ast bull-headed mo nsters th at o rten
make commo n ca use w ith Beastmen . Chaos Ce ntaurs also


To the I'earl'ul eyes o f men all l3eastm en seem o f a kind unru ly and ca llo us brut e~ th:lt desp ise mankind and all he
stri \'(.:s to build . Y et there is a cr ude h iera rc hy am o ngst
th em. T he mos t num er u. ca ll thc mselves ,o rs. anc! can
be re ad il y d istin g u is heci fro lll the Iew,l )' hreed s b y lhe ir
keen ho rns. Gor" wke great p ride in their h o rn ~ . po lishing
an c! sharr ening th em in readin ess fo r battl e. Th e less el'
breeds are ca lled Ilray and these are rarel y see n in battle.
T hey ha \'e o nl y tin y horn s. o r no h o rn s at a ll . and
so metim es e\'en ha\ e human hea d s. l3ea stm n are often
joined by Illu ta nt hu mans of similar appe:lr;IIlCe. and it is
f ro m t hese ran k s of o ut casts th al m an y Bra y :Ire
desce nded . A human w ho becomes a Be:lstmen as a res ult
of m ut ati o n b k n o wn as a Turn sk in . th e 10 \ est rank
amo ngst their k ind ,lIld ak in to slave.
Th anks to the m utat ing pow ers o f Chaos a Beastman may
h e b o rn to hu ma n p are nts . Such reatu res ar e o f te n
alx lI1doned by their parents at birt h. Lcf"t to e1 ie at the fo rest
ed ge suc h fo undli ngs Illay be ci isco \'e red and raised b y
13eas tm en \"\"ho call th em Gave:; . Gaves arc regard ed as
g ifts fro m the Chaos Go els th emselves .
13eastm en hid e o ut d ee p in th e fo res ts in ro ug h ca mps,
rock she lter. . and o ther w ild secl uded p laces . Th ey li ve in
sa vage w arba nc.ls co nsisting o f an yw here fro m :I dOl n to
many hundrecl s of indi v ic.luals. Eac h arba ncl is led b y th e
strongest amo ngst th em. a l3eastm an fa voured with many


g ifts of th e Chaos God s. Thi s migh ty Beast Lo rd is t he
master of his pack. and to maintain his pos itio n he has to
continua lly fight o ff cha llenges from yo ung power-h ungI')
Gars. He makes his banner fro m the pelts o f th ose he ha ~
defeated . so thar his sta ndard becomes a gor. record o f hi ~
conques ts.
13eastmen fi ght am o ngst th emselves co ntinu o usl y . eac h
I3eas t Lo rd vy ing w ith its ril'als fo r the [a l 'o ur of the C h ao~
Gods. Wh e n th e armies o f Chaos gath er, th e wa rhan ds
stop fighting and ass emhl e fo r ~'.. ar. T hey are d r a\\, n
togeth er at the grea t meeting places ma rk ed by huge SlOne::
slah s ca ll ed herdsto nes, Th ere are man y such m ee tin g
places am o ngst the clark g l:tdes o f the fores!. It is here that
th e fo rces of Chaos gather: Beas tmen. linotaurs. and their
ilk , in rea diness f~) r hartle. Th e herdst nes pube \\' ith dark
magic and are cOI 'ered Il'ith e\ 'il runes procl aiming the end
of the IV riel and the triumph o f th e Chaos Gods.

M ino tauIS are mass ive bu ll-hea ded m ons ters. Som e are
tw ice the height of a man and the;' :.Ire fa r g n::;l ter in hulk .
Th eir g iga ntic heads are b road and ugh'. and the ir ho rns
are sharp and d angero us, lvfan y h;I\'e thc c1o l 'en- hoo fed
hindq uarters of a beast and other deformities of the hody
that the t uch o f Chaos brin gs . Th ey arc less il1lc lligent
th an m en o r el 'en Beas tll1 en . hut unca nn il y stro ng anel
Mino taurs li ve in Ivarband s of th eir O\I 'n kind. anel make
th eir territ o ri es in th e ve ry d eepest and m ost da ngerous
parts of th e fo rest th at e\ 'e n I-leastm e n avo id. No rm all y
po ndero us and "l o lI'-witted, hattie turns them into raging
b ull s and th e scen t of hl ood d ri ves th e m to v io le nt
excesses. In the m idst of co m bat they tea r their enemiC';
ap art anel swa ll o\v d mvn g reat c hunk s of bl oo d y Oes h.
q uenching their th irst upo n the h lood of the cl\'ing "" hibt
battle rages around them.

Ce ntaurs are crea tu res f th e , 'o rth e rn Was tes and th e
spa rse grass lands that lie bc tw ee n th e fo rests of th e O ld
Wo rl d and th e h itt er Troll Coun try. T hey :Ire wa n derers
and briga nds who acqu ire el'elj ,thing th ey nccd hy p ilLtge
and robhery. preying upo n th e wagon tr;lin.'i of tra de rs anel
th e fe l\' .'ict tkrs that tr y to sc rat c h a lil' in g fro m th o se
IXlrren lan el s.
Centau rs are hem y limhed and clumsy crea tu res. They are
immensely stro ng but their arms and h;lnds are indextro us.
Whi lst a entau r ca n gr~ISp a weapo n o r cru sh a foe lI'it h
irs vice-li ke grip. it ca nnot pick up or ma nipulak delicate
o b jects. T hey m ak e no t hing or t hei r o\\'n. hut steal
everythi ng they need fro m o ther race~. sometimes taking
sla ves to bea t iro n o r stitch lea ther.

The h erd sto nes o f th e d ee p fo res ts arc e nca sed wi th in

crude stone-built shrines erected b y th e M in otaurs to the
glo lY o f the Cha os Gods. W ithin th e shrines the y hoa rd the
w eap o ns, arm o ur and sku ll s o f their defeated focs . It is
supposed th at th ese trea,'ure ho uses arc guarded h y the
watc hful eye of the Chaos Gods - certainl y o nl y the most
foo li sh c rcalUre wo ul d da re to desec rate such pla ces.
M ino taur wa rrio rs bring their trophies to the shrines. and
o ften these tin y build ings are al most huriedunder a mass
o f ru sting w eapo my and mo ulderi ng bo nes. It is sa id that
th e Chaos Gods co mmun e with fal'() ured Iin ota Li r
wa rri o rs \ ithin th e shrines. ;m s\\'erin g th eir pra yers and
granting such gi fts as they see fit .

T he ra ce has a bru ta lity of m in III'h ich matches th e clumsy

rower o r th eir b dies. T hey are vu lga r snarling crea tu res.
littk m o re than beasts, \I'ith a bru te cunning uthe r than
co nsid ered int elligence. Th eir thi ck to ngues ca n ba rel y
articulate speech, their voices are simI ' and g rOlvling. anel
th eir ~\ 'o rds o ften degenerate into how ls of rage.
Centaurs I\'i ll fight fo r anything th ey need o r desire. Th ey
have a great crav ing fo r :t1 e and wi ne. Fo r wh ich th ey w ill
b rea k into a we ll defended stockade o r attack th e m ost
heav ily escort ed w agon train. W hen th ey get their hands
a ll alcohol th el' g ulp d OI\'n ga ll o n. at a tim e. becomi ng
drun k e n and v io len t an d often f igh ting am o n gst
th emseil'es . Before ba ttl e they d rink bucketfuls of strong
al e and b eco m e exc it ed and aggressi ve, so th at th e ir
t e mp e rs ca n on l y b e qu e ll ed b y d ee d s of t he m os t
bl oodthirsty kincl.




When fork s o f lig htning sunde r rh e night sk y and th e roa r
o f thund er hellows over th e land , th e peopl e o f th e north
say th at th e Dragon Ogres are fighting each other o n th e
peak s of th e Wo rld s Edge Mounta ins, T ra v lIers, having
tak e n she lt er in some cave or sh e lte r. m ight see th e
IX lltling Shaggot hs, as D r<lgo n Og re s are :lI so ca ll ed,
silho uetted aga inst the rag ing night by lig htning Ibshes .

Th e Drago n Ogres l ook fo n ~Irc.l to a t im e wh en th eir

etern al ho ndage \\'ill end wi th th e destru ctio n of th e wo rl d
by Cha os . A mi d th e li g htning :Ind thun de r o f th e
apoca l ypse they believe their cntire race w ill a ake. Even
dea d Drago n Ogres w ill rise from their graves. and th e Sire
o f all D ragon O gres , K ra kanro k the Blac k. \\'ill emerge
fro m his te n tho usancl- , ea r slumber to lead his peop le to
thei r fin al res t.

Chaos is great and malyello u$ in its \':Iriety, and the natural
\vorld ca nno t competc w ith th e b izarre diversity of form
Lhat the to uch o f Chaos hrings, Reastme n, M inotaurs, ~1t1d
th e crea tu r es d esc r i bed h e re ar e but so m e o f th e
misshapen mo nstrositi es that Chaos has c re~ll ed. T here are
o ther crea tures which ~ how cle ar evidence o f the muta tio n
tilat Chaos b rings , such as Skaven , Mantico res , Chimera.
and Griffons. E\'e n hUlmm s are not free o f th e taint. and
there are many mu ta nt:; lurking undi ~co\'e red in th e lands
of the Emp ire.
Scholars of the Empire ha\'e w rirten th ~lt Drago n Ogres are
th e most ancient of all th e wo rl d's living creatures. Th ey
are sa id to he th e kin o f d r agon s, be~lsts o f imm e nse
ant iq uit y ,\' ilo inhabi ted th e w o rld h e fo r e t he Chaos
gateways bro ug ht th e powe r of th e D:lrk Gods int o th e
world . Aeo ns ago their ra ce made ~I sinister pact with th e
fo rces o f Chaos , e mhr:lc ing d am nati o n rath e r than
acce pting a slow decl ine into extin ction. At least su ch are
th e lege n ds, c ull ed fro m th e rec ords of the anc ients o f
Lu stri a and repo ned h y ho ld expl o rers amongs t th e fa llen
ruins of that land and ib str:lI1ge co ld -hlood ed peop le .
D ragon Og res li ve p ractica ll y fo re\ er, un less th ey d ie in
ba tt le in ho no ur o f th e Chaos Goel s. They spe nd most of
th eir li ves asleep, and th e o leler anel higger a Drago n Ogre
th e lo nger he sleeps, Reneath the mo un ta in pea ks o f th e
n()rth th ere mal' he c re:llures th at ha\'e n o t a\\'aken fo r
hundreds o r e\'en tho usa nds o f years ,
O n co ld w inter nights terrih le storms assa il th e mo un ta ins
o f th e no rth ern O ld \Xfo rld. T he sleep ing D rago n Og res stir
as th eir d reaming minds hear ec hoed in th e thu nder th e
roa r of t he Ch,lOS God s ca lli ng th em to ta sk. For th e
D ra go n Og res mad e a pa ct and pla c ed th emse l ves in
eternal ho ndage to the Ch:los Gods in return for th eir lo ng
yea rs of life. T he lo ude r rh e thund e r th e mo re Dragon
Ogres awake, but on ly a sto rm o f titanic pro po rt io ns ca n
waken th e o ldes t and mos t powerful Dragon Ogres .
As lig htning h o lts po ur fro m the ski e th e Drago n Ogres
answer the ca ll to banle. The make fo r th e highcst peak s
w here th ey bathe in the lightni ng and ,Ire rene\\'ed to full
porenc , abso rhin g th e power of thc light ning ho lts and
p repa ring fo r \vaL If many crea tures awak e th ey h:mle to
asce nd th e highes t peaks and rece ive th e lightning bl asts
th at in vigorate th em and exte nd th eir li\'cS fo r ano ther
century o r so . Such is the g ift of Cha os that th e Dragon
Ogres traded for th e soul of th eir race.

By Slwtak and Sh.sgoth, the great and the small.

For Sharunrock, Darkoth and Gathor,
The lightning's children and the thunder's fall,
Krakanrok and his kin will live for ever more.


T he d ark fo res ts and subt e rranean d e pth s hid e ma n y

t hi ngs o f fo ul fo rm an d e \'il cli sp o siti o n T hese are n t
creatu res o f an y recog ni sa hl e srec ies o r ty pe , th e i r
anc es try is subme rged ben eatil gener<lli o ns of ph ys ica l
co rrupti o n. They ha ve no name, th ese Chilclren of Chaos ,
bu t th ey :Ire th ere - wa it ing Wh en th ' power o f Cha os
grows str o ng and th e clark gate p o urs fOl1h its e\'il energy
th en the Child ren of Cha os will rise from th e shadO\Ys bra ying , screaming and howling in anticilXlrio n o f the final
victory o f the Dark Gods.



special feature of the Chaos army is the Chaos Gifts cards, a deck
representing mutations, special powers, and uniquely chaotic
occurrences. Most of these take the form of simple bonuses to a
model's characteristics. However, there are some quite unusual powers
as you w ill realise w hen you read through the cards.

The ca rd deck is used to determ ine rand o m bo nuses fo r

your arm y d uring th e ga me . fowe \'e r. th e gods are no t
co mplete ly o n yo ur side as YO LI \yill disC() \er. Th ere are
also rand om occu rre n ces in th e G ift d eck Wlli c h w or k
agains t you. Suc h is the nature of th e \yhim siGi I Gods o f
Chaos - the re is an up sicle and a dO\\'n side.

The Ch a s p b ye r can pla y an y ca rd o r ca rd s at an y

appro priate time. M st Girds defin e exa ctl y when they can
be used . although t his is fairl y o b vio us in most cases. Fo r
exa mpl e. a g ift th at co n fers an ext ra Attack is pla y ed
duri ng the hand-to -hand comh:)( phase. a gi ft rha t confers
an ex tr a sav in g thro \-v is pla ye d wh e n a wo und is
sustained . etc.


Once a card h:Js been p layed it is pla ced o n a d iscard pile

and cannOt be used again.

The Ch aos G i ft s are u sed duri n g th e ga m e to gi v e the

Ch aos pla ye r r and o m ho nu ses and to ini tia te some
ra ndo m chaotic e\ents. The bonuses re pre~e nt mutations
th at i nd i vi dual crea tures may h ave . and which . at tha t
pa rt ic ular m o me n t. co n fe r a tempora r y but c ruc i:ti
ad v'lJ1tage. Fo r exa mple. h y playing the Il uge Fangs ca rd
yo u revea l that o ne of yo ur m o dels has huge rang~ \yith
\\'hi c h it att emp ts to bit e a c hunk o ut of it s op p o n e nt
(ga ining + 1 llack).

A card can he played on beha l f of any m odel in th e Cha os

arm y \\'ith th e excep ti o n of daemo ns and Chaos Sp:l\\'n.

Th e g ifts are used as fo ll ows. A t th e start f th e game

shuffle the G ift deck and p lace it bce down at the side o f
th e table or som e o th er co n ve nient pos itio n. The cleck is
p r inted o n thick qua l ity ca rd ( the s:lIne as th e spe lls an d
magiC item s) so yo u ma y find it co nve nient to d ivid e the
deck up into se \'c ral smaller pi les . Thi s makes it eas ier to
sh ufn e and may sa \'e yo u fro m aCCidentally knocking on'r
th e pil e during the ga me.
t the stalt of his first turn the Ch aos pl;ryer takes tv-'o ca rds
fro m the to p of th e deck . T he pla ye r k ee ps his hand secret
from his o pponent .
At th e start o f each of his r 1l0\\'ing tUI'll S. the C h ~IOS p layer
takes a fUl1her two cards fro lll th e lOp of th e dcck and adds
th em to his hane!. T here is no limit to the nUll1ber o r ca rd s
th e pl ayer ca n ho ld at o nce.


As stated abo\ 'e you ca n pl:t y a Chaos G ift o n any m odel
\\'ith the exceptio n of a haos Spa\\'n or daemo n. Yo u can
playa gift o n an o rd ina ry ra nk-and -file tTO p er such as a
13easrm an o r Chaos Warrior. for exampl e. or you ca n pl ay
i t upon a c ha rJc ter m od el o r m o nster. T he Chaos Gifts
rep resen t mu ta ti o n s that are comm o n am o n gst th e
fo ll o we rs of Cha os a nd "" h ich d ist in g ui sh th e m fro m
norm:1 1 crea tures. Of co urse. your models will n t lit e r~tll y
have the physic tl allrihutes descri bed o n th e ca rd. but for
th e sake of argum en t it is ass um ed th a t :11l1 0ngs t th e
gahbllng thro ng there is ;] creatu re that bea rs th e releva nt
mutatio n to some (pOSSibly co ncea led) degree.
I n th e c as e of a h ao s Cha mpi o n or ha s So rce rer
(i ncluding Chaos Il eroes. Lord s. Maste r Sorce rers. etc )
th ere is a ri sk in vo k ed in using a ha os G ift. \X/ hen you
use a gi ft o n one of these Ch'l r:lcters it represent a hoon or
fa vo ur fro lll hi s Go c!. It do s n Ot li te rall y m ca n th e
character has spro u ted a tel1lacle o r claw. hut he is hlessed
",,;ith mOlllel1la ry vigour wh ich gives him rh e cx tra attack .
s3\'ing th ro w . or \y hatever. The mo re Chaos G ifts )'ou pl ay
o n a Cha os Champion o r Sorce rer th e lllo re interested his
god beco mes in his \\'elfa rc and fu ture. <l ndthc m re likely
th e god is to visit funher fa vours upon him. As the god s are
no toriou sly w himsica l in their favo urs it is qu ite p oss ibl e
for a Chaos Champio n to eit her gr w in p o w er o r decline
into spaw nd o m eve ry ti me a Chao,; ift is playe d upo n
him .
Wh en yo u pl ay a Ch aos Gift on :J Ch aos Ch ampion o r
Chaos Sorcerer yo u must ma k e an Eye o f God tes t. T his
rep re se nt s the eye of th e Ch ao. God turning upo n his
sla \'e and poss ibl y granting h im so m e additi o nal fa\ ou r.
T he Eye of God test is h a~ica ll y rh e same as the Eye of God
card in the Gift d eck. Th e test is made o nce a Gi ft ca rd has
heen pl ayed and th e action it describes has heen resolved.
For exam pl e, if a ca rd gi\'es you + 1 alla ck then test after
making yo ur attack s. if the ca rd gi ves yo u a spec ia l sa e.
test after tak ing th e sm 'e, and so o n.




( Ro ll a 0 6)


The Eye of God has pa ssc'd you o \'er this time,

No fll 11 her etfecl.

'fhe Chaos God's attention has been caug ht by

the h;l!npion and he d ec icle ~ to grant a special
rcward , Roll a further D6.

+ I Attack. The Champion adds + I to his

!tack characteristi c for the remainder of
the hanle. This represent the character
acqu iring ho rns. tusks, additiona l limhs, or
some other mutation . Make a note I' thi s
o r use o ne of the counters provided to
nu rk the hampio n model.
+ I Strength . The Champion adds + j to his
Stre ngth characteristic for the remainder of
the hattie. Make a note of this or use one
of the co unt er~ provided to mark the
Champion m del.

+ I Wound . The Champio n adds + I to his

Wound characteri stic for the remainder of
the batt le. Make a note of th is or use one
of the counters provicled to mark the
Champion model.

1-3 Th Cha mpion is \'isited with so mcmy

phys ical mutations that he is turned to
Spawn. See the Chaos Sp'1\"\'n rules for
more details.

O nce a Champi o n/ So rcerer has hcen gi fted \\'ith ;tn Eye o f

God b o nu s his hance o f be ing n ticecl hy h is master is
increased . Sho ul d you pla y a furth c r Chao:; G i ft o n thi s
c h;lra cter hi s c h:lnce of hc ing noticL'd i:; in crease d b y + I
per ho nus. Ie. If a IUl11pio n has a + I Wo une! ho nus and a
funher Chaos Gi ft is p laycd o n him then his Cha os Gael
will notice him on th e D6 ro ll o f a ) + rath er [han :1 6. Th is
m ea ns th at a c har:lcte r wi t h b onuses is l ikel y to attra ct
further honu ses o r to tu rn to Spa\vn if" yo u p la y Chaos Gifts
o n him . It is p oss ib le fo r a Champio n to be ex tre mel y
lu ck y and acquire a fi st ful of b nllses , ;;e\'eral po ints o f
Stre n g th in crease. ma n y w o u nd s. anc! ex tra a!la c k s.
Possible ... hut do n't count o n it'
Rcmember. bonuses acquired during a game last o nly until
the end of the ga m e. Th is is hecau se it wo uld no rma lly be
unf"air to ca rry a h o nu ~ o ver f ro m game to ga me as th is
w o uld allow p Li ye rs to exp lo it thei r good fo rtun e Illuch to
the d isadva ntage o f their o ppo nents. I [o we ver. if pla yers
want to use th e Eye o f God b o nuses as an in ce ntive to
co m 'e rt t he ir mo d e ls th c n there is no rcaso n \\'Iw they
sho ul d n ' t do so . Wh et he r yo u regard such Jllod e ls as
purely decorati ve o r w hL'ther yo u upgr;lde their character
le ve l o r gi ve t h e m Cha os Re\\'arc! s tha t re fl ec t th e ir
appea ran ce. is up to you.

Th ere are se eral special cards in the d eck . Th e rul es fo r
these ca rds are included o n the ca rds th em sek es . hut they
are wo rth disc ussi ng at thi s po int.


Eye of God. This ca rd must be pla yed as soon as it

is draw n : yo u have n o c ho ice in this m att er - th e gods
have spo ken ' This ca rd is so mething of a mi xed blessing as
yo u might expect wh ere th e Chaos Gods are con ce rned.
Th e Eye o f God gi ves further bo nuses to a chara cter. This
is po tentially very good. On th e other hane! the gocl.s can
get a b it ca rri ed away. unintentio nally turning their serva nt
into Chaos Spawn. T he rul es fo r haos Spaw n are g iven
elsewherc in thi s voluille.
Chaos Spawn. This ca rd mu st abo he pla yed as
soon as it i ' drawn. The ntles fo r Chaos Spa\\'n arc: given in
detail in a separate secti o n in thi s boo k .
Draw 2/3 Gifts. If yo u d raw a card instru cting you
to draw e ith e r t wO o r thr ee m o re ca rd s t hen elo so
immediatel y an d dbcard th e orig inal carel to th e el iscard
pil e. Th e power ' o f Chaos are neve r predictabl e, and
ha ve. fo r a m o mc nt. hlessed yo u with fresh vigo ur.
Lose Gifts . [f yo u dra, thi s card s til e go ds have
takc n aga inst yo u and have d cc id ed to w it hdraw th e ir
favours' D isca rd yo ur entire hand o f Chaos G ifts inclucling
an v card s picked up this turn.
Cosmic Duel. A Chaos God has decided tb at o ne of
yo ur Cha mpio ns is just the ind i\'idu :tl he needs to take part
in a cos mi c c1u e l betwee n se lect ed Champi o n s o f the
Chaos Gods. When you draw thb card you must rando mly
determ ine o ne of yo ur haos Champions/ Chaos So rce rers
ane! remO\'e thi s m ocl el f ro m th e ban Ie. T he mo d el w ill
return to the bartlet"ield after fig hting the cosmic d ue!. bu t
becau se o f th e va garies in the no n-tempo ral nature o f the
Realm of Chaos thi s ca n be at th e heginning of any o f your
fo llo w ing turn s. T he model <;\'ill return o n Lil e ro ll o f a 4.5
o r 6 made at the sta rt of any of your fo llowing turns. The
m odel is returned to an y positio n on your own ba se line
anc! ca n move no rm ally th at turn.
Eternal Labour. A Chaos God ha . chosen o ne o f
your Champio ns to und ertak e an ardu ou s ancl p oss ibJ ,
eternall ahour o n his behalf. Se lect anyone o f your Chaos
Champions/ Chaos So rcerers :lnd rem ove th e m odel fro m
th e battlef ield . T he chara cter has bee n whisk ed awa y to
underta ke his labo ur and does no t return .


Chao s Gifts ca nn ot h e use d o n d ae m o n s but only o n
m o rtal crea tures. This mea ns that daem o ns cannot benefit
fro m th e u sual h o nu .-; es re prese nted by Chaos G ift s.
H oweve r, yo u ca n use Chaos G ift ca rd s to give daemons a
diffe rent ane!unique kind o f bo nu s.
If a c1acmon fail s its c!aemon sa\'ing throw , then yo u ma y
su rrender an y Chaos G ift fro m yo ur hand and rc-ro ll the
save immediately. Yo u ca n re-ro ll a sa ve o nly o nce . hut
orherwbe there is no li mit o n the number o f Chaos G ift s
yo u ca n usc in hi s way. It is e ntire l y up to yo u w hi ch
Chaos G ifts you exch:lI1ge for re-roll s.
Note that there are two exceptio ns to this rule. The first is
I3100dthirsters of Kho rn e. Bloodthirsters of Kho rne have
n o daem o n sa\'e becau se th ey wea r Chaos armour. You
ma y not u ~ e Chaos G ifts to re-ro ll saves fo r a 13looclthirster.
The second ex 'c pti n is Pink and I3lue H o rro rs. [either
type o f Ho rro r h as a daem o n sa v ing thro w - instea d the
Pi nk Horror splits illlo two Blue Horrors w hen it is slain .
Yo u ma y n ot use Chaos Gifts o n [-[orro rs either.





The Warhammer Armies Chaos box includes a numher o f

n e ~\' mag ic item card s. These imroduce a new cat egory o f
ma g ic ite ms ca ll ed Cha os Re\\ard s. Th e ma g ic items
in c lu d e d w ith Wa r h amme r A rrni es Ch aos are m o stl y
:1\'a ilable o n ly to Ch aos ch arac ters. Som e arc specific to
Sorce rers or Beastmen Shamans. s indicated o n the ca rds,
th c three b asic Fa mi li ars are n ot restr icted to Ch aos
Wi za rds - they are :Iva ilable to any wi zards in the no rma l
m anner. W e have also desig ned three ne\\ spell deck s to
re p lace th e 's h o rr ' Cha os d ec k s in , ' arham m er Batt le
Magic (see belo w).

Cha os Re \\'a rds arc litera ll y th e rewa rd s g rant ed to th e
fo llo wers o f Chaos in the fo rm o f mUl:ltions and o ther g iflS.
So, there is a Chaos Reward fo r Massive Ho rns , another for
I urg le' s Ro l. :t nd so o n . O lher C h a()~ Reward s la ke lhe
sh ape o f ex tra swo rds, armo ur, and such like. Some Chaos
Rewards are specific to a Chans God whilst o th ers ca n be
~I\\'a rded to fo ll o \\'ers o f any god .
Cha o s Rewards :Ire sp ec ial ma g ic item s w hi c h are
<I\'a ilabl e o nly to Cha os. This m eans thal Ch:los He\\'ards
count to wards the number of magic items a chaucter m:l y
take , Chaos Rewards arc affected b y magic items o r spells
th at negat e. destroy, o r o th em 'ise affeCl o ther magic items.
Th e difference bet\\'een Chaos Re\\,:lrds and o th er m agic
items is th at Chaos Hcwarcl s can o nl y he bo ught fo r Chaos
hampi o ns and Chaos Sorce rers: they ca nno t he bo ug ht
fo r o th e r Ch:lOS c harac te rs. H o \\'c \'e r , a Cha m pi on o r
So rce rer ca n mi x Chaos Rew ards and other mag ic items
ju st so lo ng as he docs n ot ex ceed hi ~ usu al m ax imum
to tal.
Th ere are three He\\':lrds whi ch arc \'l'rsions o f itc ms usecl
b y dae mo ns : 'urglc's Cloud o f Fli es, the A.xe o f Kh o rn e
and th c Co ll ar o f Kh o rn e, T hese i te ms ma y he g iven to
hampi o ns and or So rce rers ( in th e case or i':u rgle's Clo ud
o f Flies ) and th e rul es descrihing lhem arc :IS g i~!en o n th e
ca rd. Th e ruks o n th e cards may \'ary fro lll th e e ffec ts
descrihed for d:lem o ns in th e /3estial,\, - this is intentio nal '


Wa rh:ll11 me r A rm ies C h ao~ co nt ai n ~ 30 haos ~pe ll s: 10
each fo r til e three gods Sla:lI1es h, T zee l1lch and t u ,gle . As
:I warrior goel \\'ho despises magic anu the w ea klings w ho
use it. K ho rn e has no So rce rer.". T hese spe ll s repla ce the
L in th e \Xfarh alll me r Ba tt le J\ lag ic c1eck . Th e o ri g i nal
sp c ll s are presc rved. alth ough som e ha ve h ec n slig htl y
modified o r updated to b ri ng them int o line \\'ith th e rules
in th is book.
s Chaos S rcercrs no \\' ha \'c access to a much b ro ader
range of haos spells they are no lo nger pemlitled access
to the Coll ege lagic dec ks. [n \X'arhaillm er Baltic 1\ lagic
p layers \\'erc all owed to use th ese e xtra d ec k s heca usc
there \\'ere relat i\'el y fe w Ch aos spel/-;'
Chaos S Jrce rers arc still a ll o ~ 'ed to use th e Dark Mag ic
d ec k hut n o t lec ro m anti c spells . , Ol e lh :1l th e
\'(fa rha mmer Armies ndea cl boo k adds furth er ..,pells to
the Dark lagic dec k bringing th e to ral up to 10.
l3eastmen Sorc<:: rers arc perm itted to use spells fro m an y o f
the haos Gods and Gin combi ne spells o f differcn t gods
in their band if yo u w ish. Yo u C IIl also dra\\' fro m thc Dark
1\ lagic deck , but no t fro m i':ecromanti c spells.
T he chart beIO\\' summarises the dec ks available to Chaos
Sorcere rs and Beastnnn Shamans.

Trpe oj Wi:ord

5iJe lls

Sorcere r

May d mll'FOI II

Own God' s Spells/Dark Magic

Ch aos
Sorcerer Champion

Own God' s Spells/Dark Magic

Ma, ter Sorce rer

Own God's Spell sfDark Magic

Chaos Sorcerer Lord

Own God 's SpellslDark Magic

Beaslman Shaman

Any Goels' Spel ls/Dark Magic

Shaman Champion

Any God, ' Spells/Dark Magic

Bcas tm an
Ma,ter Shaman

An y God, ' Spclb/Dark Magic

Shaman Lord

Any God, Spells/Dark Magic

W~rhammer U~nl e Ylagic contain, ;1 d e,cripli o n o f hcm to

resolve p ote ntiall y con t radicto ry inst r uC[ion s tha I

somelimes arise in the magiC s),stem. Su ch n >ntradi cl io n.s
are ine\ ilable \, hen there are so man y 'pe ll.s and l1l:Jgic
itl'ms th.!t inleract in CI fairl y complex w ay. fo r l'XCImple ,
)'ou might han : a nu gic item rhell aUl o lll.Hlc.!1I ' negal e, a
hi! wh ile your opponenl ', w eapon :Iulum:ltic'all y hil'i - so
\\ hiL'h takes p recedence'
\XIe ha ve fo und th aI the h es t w ay o f reso ll in g suc h
situation" is to PUI it LO a dice roll. The ""'gil" i, obI i()u,l y uf
equa l pOWer.so it is likely Ihat somet'llIe, one ilem \\ ill take
pren:dence and sometimes it, o n'l. floth .sides roll ;1 dice
and Ihe highe' t score win, out o n th;,t occa,ion. Kl'-roll any
equa l score, until you get :I result. \XIh:ltever the re~ ult. n(1
furth er precedent is estahli'ihed: If the ~a l11e siluation occu rs
again a further roll-off is required . The lOU-{)lr is an () bvi (J LI ~
and even - hand ed way of reso l\'i ng any con Il ict am! it
\\forb Vl'ry well.

\'\fa rhammer rmi es Chaos incl udes ne \' m agi c ilem cards
repn:se nlin g Wi zard s' Famili ar s. No te th a t th ese ar c
:Ivaila bl<::' to all armies. w ith th e exce pti o n of th e Ch aos
Fam ili a r, As \\'itll Sc ro ll ca rds. ,In :t rill )' 1ll :I Y in c lu de
dupliC:ll es of Fami liars: lh e number o f C':1I'cl s in th e deck
does not lim it th ir number.

A Chao~ A rm o ur m agic it em ca rd is i n c lu d ed in
W ar hamm er Ha tt ie M agi c, As w ith Scro lls and Fam il iars.
yo ur :lrlll Y Illay inc ludes dupliC:lles o f hans arm ou r, so
seve ral haas c h a raCle r~ Illay \\'car Chaos arm ou r i f yo u
\\'ish . Note lhal Chaos arm o u r is also avai lable to so m e
troop ty pes.



The se black an d white bann er designs have been provided for you to
ph otocopy then paint. Use the co lour photographs shown elsewhere in this
book as a guide for colour schemes.







~ C==:J ~

Co pyri g ht Ga me Worksho p Ltd. 1994 A ll ri ght s rese rved.

Pe rmi ssio n to pho tocopy for pe rso nal use.





KEEPER OF SECRETS - Greater Daemon of Slaanesh





BLOODTHIRSTER - Greater Daemon of Khome







GREAT L NCLEAN O:\E - Greater Dal!mon of urglc




T/I :E



:\IT 01 D\\I \RFS













The God of Chao' conduct their

end Ie" \\(Ir in 111 morta l UnI \'er,e.
rCl:fuiting eoun tle" \\ a rhanlb to
fol lO\\ their dar k h anner, . T he
mort.1I foll o\\er\ of hao, co me
from all \\ all.., of life many are
ha nd it s . re negade , or n illl in a l....
tho ug h some arc Ji spo,s e sse d
nob I 'me n. ,\11 havc o ne thi ng in
commo n - they arc \\ illing tn
e\change their mortal so uis for the power and n:ward, that
on ly the da rk Po wer, of han, ca n he ,tow. E \'e ry C hao
Warrior and Kn ight ,trives h) ac t-. of \ alnur and '<I\. agery tu
att ract the attention of hi, god . for if hi, talents are r cog nised
he \\ ill be ele vat d to the rank of C hao C hampIOn.





Drag o n Og res are the mos t ancient of all the

world's living creatures. Aeons ago their race made
a sinister pact with the forces of Chaos. embracing
damnation rather than accepting a slow decline into
extinction. Unless they die in battle Dragon Ogres
live practically forever. spending most of their time
asleep. Only mighty thunder storms stir Dragon
Ogres from their sleep. When the lightning cracks
across the darkened skies they battle for supremacy
on the highest mountain peaks.



Collecting a Chaos army for Warhammer presents many opportunities for all manner of
conversion and modelling work. Individualised Chaos Champions, mutants and Spawn
can be created using a few well-established techniques. This short section demonstrates
a few of the limitless possibilities modelling provides and includes an extract from the
Citadel Miniatures Modelling Guide detailing an ambitious project - a splendid
Sorcerer of Slaanesh mounted on a Chaos Dragon.

Chaos Spall'lI

Chaos Spaw/l ofNllrgle


T he scope for conve rting mini at ure. into he lli shly mu ta ted C haos Spawn is
in fini te. T he model show n above left ill ustrate the pote ntial that C itadel' s
plas tic min iatures have for th is type of project. The addi tion of a barbarian' s uppe r torso to a wol f body create.
a con vincing centaur effect. A litt le re modell ing of the face using epo xy putty : horns and spi kes from plastic
sprue odd ment s and a pai r of metal ca. ti ngs for the te ntac le arms complete the gruesome picture. The Spawn of
Nurgle, by contrast, is an entire ly metal and modell ing putty piece. The techniques used to create this montrosity
are ex pl ai ned in deta il in the Modelli ng Guide .




This model illustate'i how to get the most out of your

modelling hobby. The raised ~word arm is in fact the original
arm of the barbarian used to create the Spawn model above.
The extra arm is taken from a Citadel plastic Skaven. Because
both s\\on..l arms and the Beastman arc all plastic components
this ~ort of complex effect is achieved easily. Once the various
components ha\e cut and
fillet! to fit. the polystyrene
glue used to stick them
togeather not only forms a
permanent and very strong
bond but it actually "welds"
the piece .. together. This
results in a really smooth fit
\\hich requires little or no
filling .


Thi conve rsion is
of a
Sorcerer wi th th e
addit ion of a pa ir o f
wings from the
G rea ter Dae mo n o f
Tzeentc h and c1aw~
from a F ien d o f

The la rge metal

compone nt ' suc h as
t he wi n g~ requi re
p inning in p lace .
Sleeve. have beeen
a dd ed to t he c law
arms us ing epoxy
modelling putty .

Chaos Sorcerer ofT=:.eenlch

One of the simplest and yet most effective cOll\'ersions that you can
app ly to a Chao, Champion is to add a tail. The champion of Nurgle
\hown here has been tran,formed by the addition of a scorpion tail
taken from a Chaos Hound.
The tail \\.as carefully
removed with a razor saw to
ensure that the cut \\as flat
and would lit neatly onto the
back of the Champion.
Remcmber to put the rest of
the Chaos Hound into your
bits box. so it can be used on a

future modelling project. Attaching the tail

\\ as very straightforward. the back of
Champion was filed down flat and the tail was
pinned into placc and glued.


Dragons are the most powerful monsters in Warh ammer and some of the most
spectacular miniatures. Their huge size and ferocious appearance m akes them
tower above even the largest units or war machines. They also make
impressive mounts for a character or an army general. In this section I'll be
looking at a conversion of a Ch aos General mounted on a dragon. This is a
large, complex conve rsion, and the most ambitious of those covered in this

Most of the conversio ns covered so far have been
q uite small, w hich makes the m easy to work with.
Prog ress ing fro m co nve rting s ma ll fi g ures to a
dragon may seem like a huge leap, but there is really
ve ry little d iffere nce. Th e tec hniqu es app lied a re
exactly the same, just o n a larger sca le. In fac t the
ride r is , if an yt hing, a s lig htl y mo re co mpl ex
conversio n than the dragon itself.
This modelling project differs fro m the other special
conversio ns in the guide in that it is no t based o n
anything specific, such as a piece of artwork. so I had
total freedom to do what I wanted.
The initial inspiratio n came fro m the model itself - it
is witho ut doubt the most spectacular mo nster in the
entire ra nge and just cries o ut fo r a b it of spec ial
atte ntion. The obvio us thing to do was to mount a
ride r on it a nd turn it into the centre-p iece fo r a n
army. You couldn't wa nt a more spectac ula r a rmy

Choosing the com ponents

The first step was to decide which parts I was going
to use fo r the diffe rent ele ments of the conversio n.
This was no problem for the dragon itself. as I didn't
wa nt to ma ke any majo r compo nent changes , just
some alteratio ns in the pose. I used a couple of extra
pieces: an additio nal tail section and a left am1.
The rider uses parts from two basic miniatu res, with
detail added from others. The legs were the first part
I chose. They were take n fro m the High Elf Griffo n
ride r a nd came complete w ith a saddle back. The
upper body was cut from a Cha mpio n of Slaanesh,
which has a snake tail instead of legs. The whip is
from another Chaos Champio n and I also used the
back banner from an Eldar Dark Rea per Exa rch.
The photograph at the to p of the page shows all of
the ma in compone nts used in this conversion. There
were also some othe r mino r pieces and materials that
I found in my bits box. 111e only othe r things I used
were modelling putty, plasticard and scenic material
for the base.


As I me ntio ned ea rlie r, the d rago n itse lf has no t
actually been converted that much, o nly the positio n
and so me of the deta ils have been changed. Altering
the pose of such a large mode l ca n be tricky a nd
req ui res th e use of a little fo rce. The photograph
below shows how the neck was bent. The end of the
neck was w rapped in paper and clamped in the jaws
o f a bench vice, ma king it far eas ie r and sa fe r to
manipulate. You need to be velY ca reful not to snap
[he metal, so apply the fo rce smoothly. Any sudden
movements will stress the metal.

The tail
To give the dragon more of an unusual look
consistent with Chaos, I decided to give the tail two
tips. This was quite easy: I simply cut off the tips of
two tails about two inches from the end and glued
them both back onto the stump of one of the lower
body sections. I had to taper the inner edges of the
ends of the tails to get them to fit neatl y togetller. I
cut the sides down with a hea vy craft knife , and
smoothed the joining surfaces with an emery boa rd. I
glued the two tail sections together first and then
smoothed down the combined end of the join and
attached them to the body with a strengthening pin.
nJe arms lI. 'ere pillned ;11/0 place so ,balthere was a gap be/ween tbe
sholiider and fh e body. They were thell bellt i1ll0 fb e desired position
and the gap hetween tbell1 !/las filled ,/'ith modelling pully .

Positioning the arms

When fh e two fa ils bad beell joined I smootbed down their combined
end and allaciJed fhem to the body.

The anns o n the original model are positioned quite

high, ma king it difficult to add a rider. To make it
easier to place the rider, I altered the position of the
arms . A ho le was drilled in the end of each of the
anns and in the centre of tile sockets. The arms were
then pinned into place, but with a length of wire that
was s lightl y too lo ng , so the re was a small gap
between the components. This allowed the arms to
be bent into tile right positions. Then all I had to do
was fill tile gaps with modelling putty and model on
some scales.

One of the interesting features of this conversion
are tlle reins. These are different from the paper
reins covered earlier in the guide. requiring a
slightly higher level of modelling skill to create.
Fine chain is available from modelling shops or
jewellers. It isn't particularly cheap, but I only
use it occasionally, in short lengths, so it lasts for
quite some tin1e. The best sort of wire to use is
either fine fuse wire or florists ' wire. The best
quality of this sort of wire is tllat it is easy [0 bend
and fonn into different shapes.
On the Chaos Dragon I attached the lengths of
chain to the hands and the horns using loops of
wire . This was made by wrapping the wire
round a narrow length of tube as shown in tile
photographs. The easiest way to attach the chain
to tile wire is to thread the end link of chain onto
tile wire and then glue this closed into a loop .
Alternatively, you can split one of the links in tile
chain, hook it over an already fornled wire loop
and re-glue it. I keep a pa ir of tweezers and a
needle handy for opening and closing links.

The ,/'ire is u'rapped rOl/lld a

circular former, ;11 this case a
length oJhrass ltlhe. YOu can val)'
the diameter oj tbe loops b)' using
different sized Jormers.

The next step is to slide tbe coiled

wire offtheJonner, so make sure
that ),011 don't u'rap it round too
fight!)' . }ou sholiid end liP /.I'ith a
,prillg shape.

hldil'idualloops ca>l he cut off

this 'spring ' "'ifh a pair oJsharp
clippers. Keep tbe rest oJlbe coil in
a saJe place so that )'ou can lISe it

nJe chain is careJully threaded

onto tbe loop alld tbe loop is
glued together, I lise a pair oj
101lg-1I0sed pliers to squeeze tbe
u'ire into a closed loop,


The legs

Adding detail to the body

The origina l dragon is positioned standing on both

hind legs, giving it a stable base, I wanted to create as
much movement as possible in the miniature , so I
decided to alter the positio n of the right leg. This was
not d iffic ult, I juSt pinned it on in a ra i. ed position
and filled the gap around the join using putty. The
o rigina l foot has a fl atte ned underside to make a
stable join with the base. To get rid of this I removed
the foot at the ankle and replaced it with a casting
of one of the hands. I also removed the lhu mb and
re-attac hed it to the ins ide of the leg just be low
the knee.

The two main fea tur s [ added to the body were th e

w hip and the ha ndl e for th e re ins. The whip wa s
easy to add : the sword was removed Wit1l a pa ir of
clippers a nd the w hip was pin ned on in its place.
Before it was glued on to the hand I bent it into a
shape to suit the shape of the miniature .
The ha nd le for the re ins was a more delicate
ope ration, req ui ring lhe removal of the scro ll from
the right hand . This was mostly sni pped awa with a
pa ir of lippe rs a nd the n cleaned up wit h a craft
knife . Th handle itself was made from the hilts of
Chaos swords that [ fo und in my bits box. J drilled a
hole right throug h dle hand and pinn d one hilt to
each side. The wire loops for the reins were glued on
under dle tongue on each side.

The standard pole

The han d has beell pllllll'd il1lo place jllSI beloll' Ihe allkle mid Ihe
Ihlll1lb is heillg tll/clched I" Ihe 11I.,ide of/he leg .


The back o f the sad d le is top ped ,V ilh a standard

pole bea ring me Slaanesh Chaos rune. This replaces
the High Elf design that was Originally on the top of
the sadd le , and wh ich was removed directly below
the hea rt ready [ 0 take d1e new piece. The pole is d1e
back ba nne r from an Eldar Dark Rea pe r Phoenix
Lord, with the rLine on the top altered. This did not
e ntail a great dea l o f wo rk. The o rig inal fLine was
sni pped off the pole and the triang ular se lion was
removed . The circu lar piece was made from a short
length of plastic LUbing which was pinned o nto the
upper part of the rune. The whole t1ling was attached
to the to p of the pole.

Removing components
The first ta sk was to re move the separate
components from thei r origina l miniatures. The most
difficult part to re move wa s the up per bod y. This
req uired ~o me carefu l cutting widl a fret saw. I had to
cut up behind the lowest right hand and the n across
the body, keeping d1e cut as flat a~ possible. The cut
needed to cross dle body just below the ri bbon at the
waist and come out at the back of the left gauntlet.
Cutting with a fret saw is not v ry neat. so d1e surface
needed to be filed flat a fter~varcL.,.


lieU' nil/' IS PIIII/eel

il/lo place Oil/be lOp oflhe pole.

Attaching the model to the base






a l'ice by the /at! sec/ioll and /he IIpper hodl' is

careflllll' n;:mol'ed l<'ilh afrd ,(Ill',


When [he whole conversio n was finished it had to be

se lIrely anached to the base, This \Vas quite tricky as
th e d ragon is a la rge a nd hea y mode l, on ly
suppo rted by one leg. [ pinned the dragon o nto th
base lI s ing a fa r heavie r gau ge of w ire than I
nonna ll use. approximately 2mm in diameter rather
than Imm. I used this ga uge of wire to pin the left leg
to the body, as this join also ta kes a grea t dea l of
strain . When the model was pinned and glued to the
base, I dri lled another hole between the claws. down
into the base and glued in a pin at a different angle to
the fi r t. 'J11is made the join even stronger.


The phOlographs helm\ ~h(l\\ the finished and painted Chao~ dragon. The hase. rider and dragon were all
full) painted and \'arnished betore the~ \\ en: put together. This made it far easier to work on each one. [
made a separate large base. glued it to the top of a large paint pot <lI1d attached the dragon to th is to make it
easier to hold \\ hill' [ painted it. The Iider \\ as lighth glued to the hack of a plastic h()r~e \\ hill' he was being
One or the inset photographs slim\ the rider close up. This sh()\\ s cleari! hm\ \\Tli ..ill of tlw compon<:nLs
\\ork together in the tinj~heu com'ersion, \otice hO\\ [he right ann. head. whip anu sword are all m()\ing in
the ~amt.' direction. This make.., the miniature look e\ en more dynamic. [ rainlcd the dragon's \\ings in hlack
and deep red to comrlell1ent the lighter tones of the Chaos hampion. and bent the wings int\) a curvecl
... hape to au a:-. a \ isual frame, It 1:-. important to check ho\\ the 'iepar.ne e1ement:-. of a large comersion like
tlw. look together at e\er) :-.tage of the proce..,s. not onl) \\hen they an:
being modelled , hut also during their painting, If the colour., cla.,h
then the com ersion \\- ill be ruined. Thi~ ..ilso applies to the hase, it
doesn't \\'ant to he so he:1\ il} c()\"l'red in detail that it takes) our
attention ~I\\ a) from the modd. Decorate it ju:-.t enough to aud interest
and realism,








ver the ages the Old World has known many wars and endured
innumerable perils. The fragile kingdoms of humanity have met
and defeated each threat, yet every new danger emerges greater
than the last, and every battle is won at an ever increasing cost.
Of all these w ars o ne alone is known as the Great War - the Great
War Against Chaos.
Throughout th e sum mer o f th e [mperi:ti yea r 230 I
dire pOrt eIllS of d is:lster we re o bserved througho ut
the lands of th e EI1l [) ire, We lls that had [)revio usly
~ef\ 'e dt owns fo r gencI<ltio ns fill ed \y ith nox io us
slime. Canle succu lllhedto a virulent pox and died.
Cro [)s sh ri vc lled in the lo ng he:lt or w ere ea ten by
plag ues o f insecrs. Few dou hted tllJt th e Emp ire lay
under a cu rse, fo r \"ho el se b ut the Lord o f Plag ues.
the fo ul cst of Chaos Gods i'lurglc himsclf. co uld he
res po nsible for suc h woe.
[t seemed as if th e fo ur gre;ll ,ods o f Chaos had . fo r
o nce. pu t aside thei r ti meless ri, ':tirv :lI1d uni ted in
commo n purpose. The power of Chaos had grm... n
o, 'er th e last fell ' yea rs. th:1I much w as certain . [n the
no nh 13eastmen had m ul ti plied and lx :come holde r.
emerging fro m th e fo res ts to repossess th e lands that
men called Ostl and and Osterm ;lrk . Th ere was no
ce ntrali sed authorit y to opp ose them , fo r th e line o f
the Empero rs h:ldl o ng since ended . an d th e lands of
th e Empire \Ve n.:: divided hetween the rulin g Elector
Counts. Chaos '\ arri o r IXll1ds roamed :IS b r :IS the
H cm 'ling H ills to th e no rth of Itdo rf. Fierce ho rdes of
O rcs d ri\'en fro m th eir refu ge., hI' the growing pO\\'er
of Chao., plundered at ~"ill th ro ugho ut th e I:tnd.
In th e fa r no rth the gate\l'al's th;1I di vide th e wo rld s
slyelled w ith pml 'er. ThL' dark shadOl\' of Chaos
sp illed southw ard s, engulfing the wastela nds an d
ahsorbing them into the Re<dm o f Chaos . Befo re th is
irresisti hle tid e the m in io ns of ha o~ adva nced , anci
as th e shadoll' mOl'cd south so the forces of Chaos
gre'. j\ Io nst<:rs fro m the l\o nhern Wa" tes ~" e re
joined hy hands of Chaos \'(/a rrio rs fro m the borders
of th e T ro ll Cou ntry. In the deep fo resls of the Empire
Beastmc n assemhl ed and I' 'adied thc lllseh'es fo r I\ar.
Bet','een the Iligh Pass to the nOJ1h of I' raag, and the
M iddle Mountains, th ere emerged an unho ly ho rde
rea dy ( 0 do th e hidd ing o f the Chaos .ods.
As autumn C lll1e th e land s o f th e Empire fell into
anarchy. [an \, th o us:tnds died of hunger. Tho usa nds
more sought refu ge in th e cro \l'ded cit ies, Farm s,
villages and sm:dl IO\l'ns we re :lbandonecll o
marau d ing hands o f Bcastm en. ha os '\' arrio rs an d
commo n bandits. Even in the prospe l'o us Reikla nd
r<:gio n aro und l\ uln and Itdm f. thi ngs ~ 'ere not
we ll. Be:lstm <:n ro:lll1 dthe Reib,'ald fo rest ,1Ilei
m:lI1)' shi ps we re attacked and burned as th e),
travelled alo ng th e ri ver Reik. [n th e stree ts oi' th e
cities fa n:lt ics and p ro phets of doom p reac hed th eir
strange hrand of red m[Jtio n. I\ bn y desperate citizens

listened ancl. heliel 'ing th e wo rld to he at an end.

jo inedlhe hands o f fla gellants and w o rld-\l'ea ry
a[)ocal ypt.,. W it chcraft and th e fo ul Gods o f Chaos
we re blamed fo r the SOllY sta te of affairs. As a result
man y inn ocents w ere burned at the stake o r
drowned, hut douhtless m:lI1y secret w o rshippers
an d other agents o f Chaos we re rooted o ut and slain
by th e ze;tl ots.
The Chaos ho rd e co ntinu ed to g;lther from the lands
aro und the Tro ll Country. [t \I'as sa id to he the largest
arm y to ha ve eve r marched to \I'ar in th e O ld Worl d .
Some numbered it a hundred tho usa nd stro ng w hilst
o the rs put the figure two o r three tim es higher. [n
K isiel' , th e most northerl y of the human realms, the
T za r sent sout h\" arc!s fo r help, fo reseeing the
mo ment when the ho rde woulclmove upo n him . Th e
message reached '\ ' o lfenbu rg ~v h e re the Count of
Ostl and still held o ut , th o ugh the lands aro unci had
long since been ravaged h 13eastmen . The Count
co unted the Gods of Chaos amo ngst his m ost bitter
foes an d he responciL'ci immediat ely. Inside :1 w ee k
passed before he led his arlll )' no rth w ard s to jo in th at
o f th e TZ:lr.
Me~ll1I\'hil e [h e Empire co ntinued to del 'o lve into
an'lrchy . Chaos Sorce rers emerged from hiding and
led hands o f deluded fo llo \\'ers in an attempt to tak e
ove r loca I gove rnment. Some men . those dri ven to
th e edge of madness by sta rvati o n an d hloodshed ,
o penl y recognised th e might o f Chaos and swore
allegiance to the Dark Gods . W itch hunters :lI1d
p reachers rallied the peopl e aga inst the fo llowers o f
Chaos and th ere was open ,., arfare in the streets. In
I u ln the p reacher Magnu s d rew a g reat fo llOWing.
and w ith his mixture o f zea l and co mmo n sense th e
cit , ~"a s finally purged o f the 1I'0rship[)ers
Dark Gods.


s \I'inter settl ed in th e no rthlands the arm y of Chaos

began its lo ng march south . The Count o f Ostland
anel the entire Kisiel' arm y mO\ 'eel no rth wa rd s to
meet them . The two giga ntiC fo rces clashed
somel\'here betwee n the Kislevit e towns o f
l'vIurmagrad and Chazask . Fel\' sUlvived the hattie to
make repolt to th e o unts of Os tl:tncl and Kisiel'. The
Chaos ho rde laid \yaste to the no rth ern part o f rhe
Tza r's territory hefo re m ovi ng southwards alo ng the
foo thills of th e Wo rl ds Edge Mountains. T he massive
army crossed the frozen Lynsk in th e s[)ring. Th e very
last of th e Kislc\' ite regular troo ps lVere caug ht fro m
fro nt and rea r and de~ troyed as they defended rh e



bri dges . Beyond the Ly nsk lay th e hea rtlands of

Kislev and th e g rea t cit y o f Pr3ag.
In Praag the peo pl e prepareci fo r attack. T ho usand s
fl ooded into th e cit y fro m th e surro unding
counllys ide bringing with them w hat livestoc k they
could sa h-age. It was nOt eno ugh. fo r soo n the brave
ci ti ze ns w ere stan 'ing and in th eir w eakened
co ndition Il1~lI1 y succ umhed to the heino us I 'hitati o ns
o f N urgle th e Plague Lo rd . T he brave Ki slevites
planted Ivhat cro ps they co uld Ivithin the city \"alb
O utside th e cit i s defe nces th e Chaos horde made
ca m p . From here the atta cke rs lau nched occas io nal
fo rays but made no anem p t to seize the city until the
pestil ence had done its w o rk. T he peopl e of Pra ag
survived attack after att:lck , hoping beyond hope that
a relieving fo rce w oul d he sen!. Rumour of a heroic
new leader from the so uth reached the defe nders. a
man ca lled Magnus w ho w as b ringin g an arm y no rth
to th eiralvatio n.

I ndeed the flock of J\llagnus of ul n grew cve r

st ro nger. I-I e gat hered an arm y of all kinds of men: of
loya l devotees o f Sigmar. 'veirdmad-eyed zea lo ts ,
o rdin arv citi zens \\'ho hated Chaos . and professio nal
sold iers fro m th e :1fI11ie.' or th e provinces .
Recognising in ['vlagnus a leader they co ul d all fo llow .
th e Elector Counts o f th e Emrire pledged th eir
support and led th eir troops to jo in him. Soon a vast
arm y ma rched no rth. I3l1! th eir progress I"as slow .
and w ith cvery passlng day th e peo pl e of Praag grew
weake r and ho pe faded in their healts. Eventu all y.
after a bitter ba ltl e \y ithin the stree ts of the cit)'. P r~l ag
fell in th e w inter of 2302 . The r ower o f C ha o~ swept
over th e lanel . IVlagnus \\' ~I.' too Lit e. An ad vance fu rce
o f GII'alty lay but a da y's march from rhl' city hut it
was all to no <I\ail. Chaos had triumphed .
W ith the fall o r Praag a g rea t blac k " 'ind hlew fro m
th e Realm o f Chaos . O ut of the Chaos gate\\a y it
roared over the Troll COuntry and into no rth em
Ki slev . T hroug h the streets of Pr~lag it howl ed and
screa med . Whe re the w ind hlew th e Rea lm o f Chaos
fo llowed , absorhing th e lands of men. The :;(f'ee ts of
Praag bowed hefo re it s blast. IVlen and stone twi sted
and became as o ne. Li ving things melteel and
refo rmed within th e I'ery fabri c o f th e city. Souls in
imprisoneci torm ent cri ed o ut from the tw isted sto nes
of the city. Disroiled faces peered fro m I alb.
Ago nised limhs writhed fro m th e pa vements. Pillar.,
gro aned w ith voices that o nce helo nged to lil'ing
tl esh. Praag had become a nightmare inca rnate, a
taste o f w hat la), ahead fo r the O ld World under the
rule of the Chaos Gods.
A few managed to escape the ruin o f Praag. slipping
thro ugh the siege lin s as th e Chaos armi es mounted


th eir final assa ult. Th ey brought th e new s of Pra ag's

fall to Kislev w here th e Tza r was has til y training his
new arm y. When Magnus of luln hea rd o f the defea t
it wa s sa id he wept tears of b lood and swore before
Sigmar to avenge th e horrors done th at day.
Afte r the fall of Praag the Chaos horde moved
southwarel s. passing Magnus' advance fo rce w itho ut
realiSing th ey had elone so. These cavalry soon
re:lched th e strick en city of Praag where the warri ors,
many of them Ki slevites th emselves. \v itnessed th e
ho rro r that had uvertak en its peopl e. T hey did no t
stay but III ved quickly south in p ursu it of the Chaos
ho rde. They soo n encou ntered and destroyed the
rea r-guard of th e Chaos arm y, stragglers and slackers
fo r th e m ost part. 13eastlll en w ho had squabbl ed w ith
their ril':ds and had been left behind. Th e hUll1:ln
wa rrio rs fe ll upo n the evil force w ith ferocity
spawned o f o utrage. It was a mino r vict o ry . b ut a
\'ictory no ne-th e- Iess. Mea nw hile th e main hody o f
th e Chaos horde continued its acil-ance towa rd s
Kisi el', knowing no thing of th e hUlllan arm y th at was
now behind it.
At the sa me tim e as Magnus' cava In' hea ded for Praag
th e main Empire arm y and I" b gnus himself made fo r
K islev. Though thi s fo rce sti ll ho ped to reach Praag it
sorely needed p rovisions in o rd er to co ntinu e.
Magnus ho ped to acquire th ese and fresh troops
before moving no rthwa rds. As it happened he arrived
at K isiel' just in tim e to sec the Cha os ho rde surro und
th e City. T he arm y <IITa yed :Iro und th e w alls of K islev,
its black b:lnners tlun ering fro m th e hills aro und . Th e
standards o f all fo ur Chaos Gaels co uld be seen
w here their Cha m pi o ns \'\,e re enca mped. Chaos
Warri o rs anel Knights stood in serried ranks wa iting
to :Ici vance. Sorce rers stood behind th em or roele
amo ngst the u'oops upo n beasts o f indescribahl y fo ul
appearan ce . Beastlll n m:lSsed no isil aro und the
han ners of their ow n lo rds. braying and bellowing in
th eir excite ment. Ahove the reeki ng crowd to \\'ered
Illassi\'e thi ngs w ith broad ug ly head s. but \\h ether
these we re mo rtal cre llures o r daemo ns o f Chaos it
was impossible to say.
T he barri e w as ever afterwards ca lled the Ga tes o f
Kisl ev. W ithin th e city the T za r o rd ereel th e defences
and took co mmand o f his new army . Hastily trained
anel ill -eq ui pped . yet with a co urage bo rn o f
desperati o n. th e Kisl evites prepared to repel the
Chaos assa ult. With th em w ere many Dwa rfs fro m th e
grea t sea t o r Everpea k. the Dwarf city of Karaz-aKarak. Desp ite con tinu ous unrest in th e Dlv arfs' o w n
m ounta in rea lm . a co ntingent of Dwarfs had co me to
the Tzar's aiel . Th ese do ught y wa rrio rs were to bea r
the brunt of the fig hting during the initial assault. and
without doubt it was th eir stolid ci eterminati o n w hich
saved th e City from ruin.
In the fi rs t Chaos attack the Dark Gods commiued the
13eastm en. Follo wing a furi o us assa ult the fo ul
creatures druve th e Ki slev ites frol11 th eir hastil y
cons tru cted o uter defences . T he Kisl evites withdrew
hehind the City \\'alls. T he last to reach the sa fety of
the city w ere th e Dwarfs. wh ose valiant rea r-guard
act io n had held the Beastmen at bay.


As the Ch aos Lords prepared to lead th e second

assa ult upon the city Magnus' army reached the
outskirts of the Chaos enGlmpment. The Em pire
troops immediately set about the fe\y Chaos
fo llowers there, and the main Chaos fo rce quickl
learned of this n e ~v threat to its rear. With great ha ste
the Chaos arm )' divicled int o tw o. one part o f th e
ho rcle continuing to assault th e city \yhilst the o th er
turn ed to attack Magnus.

Magnus and his main army had drawn LIp o nto a low
hill where it end ured th e co nstant attack o f Beastm en
and Chaos Warriors. Fro m his pos itio n he saw the
sudden co nfusion in th e rea r r;.lnks of the Chaos
horde, and realised that his own cava lry had relllrned
fro m th e no rth. Th e Chaos troops heard the
confusion hehind them and hegan to \vaver.
Summo ning the last of his strength Magnus spurred
his tmops to th e att ack.

Magnus' bl ow fe ll like ~ I rig hteous hammer. Befo re

the Chaos arm y co uld pro perl y regroup he attacked.
ro uting a large co ntingent o f I\e:lstmen w ho had o nly
JUSl retired fro m the fro m . The creatures despaired
when th ey sa w th e human army, and put up littl e
res istance before th ey turn ed and fl ed. Magnus'
advan ce look him deep int o the haas army.
T ho usands o f Chaos tTOOpS were slaughtereel and the
Chaos fo rce co uld do nothing to h ~ t1t th e pace o f
Magnus' furiOU S advance .

Mea nwhile in the city the defenders witnessed th e

cavahy attack upon the asscmbling ho rdes o f Cha os ,
~ll1d saw the dark fo rces begin to turn . Th e city gates
\\'ere flung open and th e Kbl e\'ites ru shed o ut and
attacked th eir besiegers. Th e Dwarfs swore a great
oa th of vengeance and launched th emselves u pon
the Chaos army. hC\\'ing with their great axes as they
yelled Khazalid battle-cries.

But th e forces o f Chaos w ere still grea t. Though

i'vl:tgnus may have driven o ff many th o usa nds of
troop s, man y more tho us:lIlds remained. Caug ht off
guard by the sudden altack fro m its rea r. the Chaos
arm y too k time to redeploy. but e\'ellluall y its greater
numbers began to tell . Th e ack ance of the Empire
arlllY \\'as h::t1ted and Magnus soon fo und himself
surro unded. The Empire arm y fell back into a
defensive circle.
A ll [his was o bser\' ed from the cit y wa lls. At fiN the
Kblevites set up a g rea t cheer as th ey saw th e Chaos
troops fl eeing in all direc ti o ns . Lat er th l: cheerin g
turn ed to ~ i1 e n ce as th l: Empire arm y seemed to
stumhle . Fea ring th eir sa\'io urs would be d stroyed
before th eir eyes, the Dwarfs atrempted 1O brea k o ut
and help Mag nus. Three hundred Dwarfs ~p ed fro m
th e south gate and hurl ed th emseh-es upo n th eir
torm entOl's. But th e Chaos troops surrounding Kisl ev
~\' e re too many and too \\'e11 led . and the D~\'arfs
were beaten back \yith h<:':I\')1 losses. O f the ga llant
three hundred w ho left Kisle\' bard y half returned.
With the threa t fro m Magnus co ntained the Chaos
fo rces turn ed th eir attenti o n towa rds Kisl e\' o nce
mo re. As the Chaos fo rces massed it beca me
apparent to the defenders that the nex t assa ult was
intended to carry the City . The hest Chaos troops
were arra yed again st Ihem : daem o ns , Chaos
Warriors , Sorcerers upo n huge mo nsters. and Drago n
Ogres - huge and powerful creatures wo ken hy the
storm of Chaos. Th e Ki slevites and D\varfs rrepared
fo r th e final assault with little hope but great co urage.
It w as as the Chaos army prepared to attac k that the
fo rtunes o r th e allies too k a sudclt.'n and dramatic
turn. Magnus' advance force o f cavalry, the same
force \\'hi ch hac! reachec!Pra:lg too late to S3\'e the
city . arri\'edupo n th e no rthern flank o r the Chaos
arm y. Th e cavalty included troo ps from th e Empire
but also many Kisl evites. and the memo rv of what
they had seen in Praag w as still fres h in their minds.
With tremendous ferocity th e cava lty plunged into
the Chaos army, whi ch hega n to crumhle befo re their
implacable anger.

Caught fr0 111 three sid es the C11~IOS horde fell into
co nfusio n. l3eastmen milled abo ut. running hither
and thither and were imposs ible to draw into o rd er.
Chaos Warriors fo ught on reg,lI'dless, but their
numbers v ere too fe\ t fight o n all fro nts. Slowl y
th e Chaos army disintcg rated. \Va rban cb fl ed before
rh e fury o r the human arm y, and man y were caught
and de:'troyed ~I S Lhey d id so. By th e da y's end the
Chaos horde was bro ken :tnd scattcred . Many
tho usands lay dead.
Fo llowing the hanle of Kisl ev's gates the po \ver o f
Chaos ebhed away . The daemo n ' melted hack into
the Realm of Chaos. Darkness w ithdre\\' from the
land o nce mo re. The cit y o f Praag was levelled and
rehuilt. thoug h evcr aftef\\':lrds it remained a haullled
city \vhere the dead slept un e a .~i1 y .
Magnus the Pious. as he w as aft erw ards kn own.
bec:tme Empemr and united th e Empire again. Th e
forests ~ e re cleared o f Beastlllcn and th e last o r
OsLland and Ostermark was freed from their grip.
The fo rces o f Cha s were co nfined to th e Tro ll
Country and hevond. Th e G re lt War o f Chaos w as at
an end.
Th e alliancc or rh e Cha os Gods ended too. Their
ri va lrics drove rhem apart o nce mo re. Perhaps the
Dark Gods were co ntent to rest the defences of
mankind for their tru e plans are hard LO fathom . For
two hundred demo n years the fo rces o f Chaos
gathered strength in thc wastelands. Within the
Empire the fo llowe rs of Chaos began again their
secret \\'ork of infiltratio n and destruction.
Everywhere Chaos prepared fo r th e next attempt to
wrest control of the Old World from its mo rtal lords.




haos Gods are generous but irresponsible with their favours. Gods
cannot distinguish the differe nce in value of their gifts, or they simply
have no interest in investigating the matter. When blessing one of his
fo llowers a Chaos God might inadvertently m ake him stronger,
tougher, faster, astonishingly attractive, intellige nt, or o the rwise
improve his lot. But the gift might equally well disadvantage the
follower, making him weak, feeble-minded, or turning his body into a
sluggish mound of flesh . The Gods of Chaos are also the gods of chance, and
courting their favour is nothing if not ris ky.
Most G ifLS o f Chaos t:.lke th e fo rm of phys ica l mutati o n. For
exa mp le. Iro n H ard Skin mig ht we ll m ake the rec ipient
res ista nt to damage but it also coye rs h im \\'ith a cru st of
scal y i ro n. Th e m o re g i fts a c rea t u re h as th e m o re
p ore nri :ill y di s:.I st I'O US th e ir c UIllul ati ve e ffec t ca n be.
Extreme mutati o ns tend to affect the rec ip ient in all kind s
o f un fo rtunat e way.s. 1f :1 fo ll o \\'<.: r acquires too many
m utatio ns he pa sses th e po int o f no retu rn and beco mes a
Chaos Spa wn.
An y fo llO\ycr o f Chaos can f ind himse lf hea ding to\\'ards
spawnd o m . Eve n a Chao s Champi o n \\'ho e n joys t he
fa\'o ur of h is goci is li ke ly to su ffer thi s fa te. A champ ion
\\ 'ho does not ea rn himself th e ultim ate re wa rd of
ciaemo nic immorta lity ,viII ce rtainl y hecome Spaw n un less
he dies first. Such is the lot of th e Chaos Champion : he is
d estin ed fo r everl asting diabo lic glo ry or an igno m inio us
end as a mindl ess clrihh ling mo nster.

The o ut wa rd app earance o f a Cha os Spawn is utt e rly

un p redi ctab le. Th ey lIl ay have seve ral se ts o f limb s.
I iza rre attribut es like crab claw s, a chitino us carapace,
tattered but useless w ings, eye sta lks, a lo ng fI x ible neck ,
o r a g aping m aw full o f nee d l e-l ik e tee th . A ltho ug h
immensel y po w erful. Sp,m'n are mindless crea tures , their
fo rmer inteJligence hav ing lo ng since been sacrifi cecl to
their unho ly ambition . IVlany a champio n of great p ro mise
has end ed up as a see thin g m o und o f ho ne and fl es h,
monstro usly d isto rted anel screa ming w ith insane rage.


Spa wn are not covered by the Chaos arm y list and so are
no t n o rmall y incl uded in yo ur initial fo rces . However. o ne
infam o us Chaos Spa w n is inclu ded in th e Sp ec ial
Characters secti o n o f the arm y Jist. It is ab o p ossible fo r
models to turn into Spawn du ring a ga me if a Chao s God
turn s his attentio n towa rd s th e battlefi eld. Thi s can happen
when yo u rece ive either the Chaos Spawn o r Eye of the
Gael s ca rel as a Ch ao s G i ft . It c an also happe n if y o ur
ch ampio n is v i sit ed \\-ith to o lll a n y Cha os G i ft s, as
explained in the Chaos G ifts sectio n
If yo u dra w a Chao s Spawn ca rd a mode l in yo ur arm y
turns to SI a\\n. As yo u are allow ed to choose the affected
lll o cl e l , yo u can m os t pro b abl y u se thi s gift to yo ur
I f yo u receive the Eye o f the Gods card then it is possible
t h at o ne o f yo ur Cha os Ch ampi o ns w ill b e turn ed to
Spawn . Th.is is not necessa ril y ad vantageous, but yo u ca n
certa inly endeavour to make the 1110st o ut o f it. Remember,
Spawn are powe rfu l and d angerous m o nsters'
E\'ery tim e yo u pl ay a Chaos G ift on a Chaos Champio n
there is a chance he w ill turn into a Chaos Spawn. T his is
explained in the Chaos G ifts sectio n.

Though the gates that stand between the mortal world

and the immortal realm of Chaos are now closed to me,
still I would rather die having glimpsed eternity than ever
to have stirred from the cold furrow of mortallk I
embrace death without regret as I embraced life without


When a III de l t urn s to Ch ;lO - Spa\\'n , plac e a Sp aw n

coullt er beside it. Th e fo llow ing rul es arply,

Any armour o r \\' ea r o n s th e creat ure ha s are lost.

except for Chaos armo ur o r magiC we;lpons wh ich are
retain ed and ma y co nrinue to he usee!. Other Ill:tgic items
al so co ntinu e [0 ' b e d f ectil 'e, If th e crea ture has a magiC
leve l (eg , is a Ch aos Sorce re r ) th e n it loses its m ag ica l
powers, spells, and any magic it ems that G ill o nl y be used
bv \Xi i za rd s, A ma g ic i te m th at enables a n o rdin ary
c1~a racter to cast spells ca n still be used and spells m:l y be
directed as th e pla yer wi shes,

Draw 06 Chaos G irts fro m th e deck and place th em

w ith th e Sp a'\\'n. Th es e g i fts :Ire reta in ed fo r the
rem ainder o f the game :lIld each g irt can h e used o nce per
turn , These gifts are 1/0 1 disca rd ed unless the Chaos Spa\yn
is kill ed - th ey are retained w ith the m odel. If yo u d raw
Chaos Spawn , Ey o f God. Lose Gi fts, Etern al Laho ur o r
Cosmic Du el. ignore th e ca rd and disGlrd it w itho ut taking
a replacem ent.

A ft e r th e crea t ure tu rn s to Spa wn ib first Illo \'e i s

al ways d irectl y fo rwa rds 206", A n\' unit th e Spawn
to u c hes (:I pa n f rom th e unit it eme rges fro m if it i s a
member o f :1 unit ) sustains '[ aut o matic hit fo r each :Ittac k
the Sp;m'n has , Work o ut the res ult of an)' hits in th e same
wa v as shom ing dam age . Use th e S pal~Il 's Strength and
bea r in mind an y bonuses from its gi~'ts. The Sp:l\"\" n is so
enraged that it may nor he stru c k as it mo ves, so en em v
m ay not fi g ht h:l ck, Essentially this is com pa r;lbl c to the
\\'ay :1 Gob lin Fanati c m o \'es and fi g ht s (s ee th e
Wa rhamrn er rul ebook) , Note that :1 -pa\\'n's I' ictim s can
att empt an arm o ur sav in g thro w as no rm al , unlik e
casu:lities intlicted by a Goh lin Fanatic.

In subseque nt moves th e S pa\~ ' n co ntinu es to m ve

206" hut in a rando m directi o n determin ed using J
Scarler dice, Th e Spa\\'n may th erefo re move over fri ends
o r foes , and '\\'ill attack :In\' units it to uc h es apart fro m
cb emons (see ), be low), As hefo re, th e Sp;I\\"n in~li c t s 1 hit
fo r e\'e l)' atta ck it has, and it C lIlno t b e atu cked back , If
the Spawn has miss il e-sty le atta cks o r gi rts th ese nul' be
direc teci as the player '\\'ishes ,

If th e Spawn 's rand om m Ol 'eme nt tak es it i nto a

dae m o n o r unit of daemons it \\'ill not anac k them ,
beca use it recognises them as kindred crealLIres,

Enem y models Ill:! y no t deliherat ely IllO\'e o l 'er Chaos

Spa'\\'n in th e ir own turn. Mod e ls that m Ol 'e o \ 'e r
Ch aos Spawn as a res ult o f co mpulso r y o r rand o m
m ove m ent susta in hits in the sa m e \\':1)' as troops m o \ 'eel
ove r b y th e Spawn.

A Chao s Spawn suffers wound s i f it ro ll s a d o ub le

'\\' h e n d e te rmining its r ancioIll mo \ eme nt. The
num ber o f wounds it suffers is equal to the douhle ro lledeg , if yo u ro ll do u h le 1 tak e 1 \\'OUIKI. d o uble -1 tak e -1
wounds, double 6 LI ke 6 w o unds etc. This represe nts th e
cre,lture's to rtured heart co llapsing under th e stra in of its
raging mutant h od y. W o unds can h e saved if th e Spawn
has Chaos arm o ur o r g ifts tllat confer a SaI'e , No te th at it is
perfectly p ossihle fo r a Spa'\\'n to dro p dead on its first turn
- perishing in a rapi dh' mutati ng mess o f tl esh.

A Cha os Spa\\n ca n also h e wound ed hI' shoo tin g ,

mag ic an d so o n , En enw mocie ls Illa y no t atta c k a
Spawn i n hand-t o- hand fighting, hu t damage can be
inflicted ,,'h ere no form al att;lc k is i nvo ll'ed , eg Gob lin
Fa n,ltics , r~lnd o ml y alloc ated missil e fire int o a co mhat.
Skalen Plague Censers, etc.

Cha os Spawn co nti n u e to m o v e r and o mly in th e

m anne r d escribed until they are kill ed or leave th e
tab le. O nce a cre,lture ha s h ecom e Sp:m'n yo u m ay not
g il'e it any further g ifts.

I f a m o d el is engaged in h and-to- han d co mbat w hen it
turn s int o S palvl~ the n :111\' c isu aities it ca u ses upo n th e
engaged enem y un it d o co un t to \\',l rds co mhat resul ts at
th e e n d o f th e ha n d - to -h,lnd fightin g . H owever , :In )'
furt he r cas u :Iiti es cau sed h y th e Sp :l\\n, e ith er duri ng
random m o velllentthat tu rn o r suhsequently , do /l ol co unt
to\Ya rds co m ha t resu lts.
A character model th at turns to Spa,,'n does not b eco me a
casualty un til it p erishes o r lea ve.s the tah letop - \'ictory
point s are on l y cou nt ed o n ce th e Spawn b eco m es a
casua lt v. H o \\"(~; \ ' e r, Spa\\'n that co me fro m un it s :Ir no t
considered part o f the unit. and ,I unit is co nsidered to be
destroyed if all its troo ps are slain o r rurn edto Sp:lwn.


Chaos Sp:m'n are infinitely I':-tried in appearan ce . They can
ha\'e multipl e l imbs, dhtorted lim h s, o r th e hid eo u sh'
be sti al limbs of c reatures as b i za rre :IS c rabs. bird s o r
reptil es, Th eir bod ies m ight b e I'ast and bl oa ted, o r tiny
anc! sh runk e n, or ta k e on th e anim:Ii forms of g igantic
tleas , slime-drenched slugs , o r furry GlIni\'o res, T hey ca n
sp ro ut ex tra heads, e xtra teIll:tcl es, lo ng sw aying necb,
snapping tee th -fill ed ja\\'s, m o uths in th eir sto machs, eyes
that stick o ut o n stalk s o r danc o n tl esh y pro tuheran ces
above their shrive lled heads. A Spawn might ha ve a tai l o r
SCle ral Lishing appendages. The"i;e might be repti lian and
tip ped with spiked cluhs , in sect io ns '\\'ith po iso n srings , or
th e so ft-skinned gr,lsping tail o f a prehensile mammal. Any
co mbinatio n of m LIla ti o n is possibl e,



rom out of the ranks of the Chaos army the creature toppled
forward like a pile of warm offal. It was impossible to describe
what manner of beast it might have once been. If it ever had legs
then they were smothered beneath the undulating layers
of glistening fat which propelled the thing forward like a gigantic
Muscular ventricl es ope neel and closed in its sides as
th e c reature m ove d. hl ow ing ac rid clouds fr o m its
innards ',,"ith an unh ea lth y ~\ ' h eez in g noi se. A
multitude o f lo ng and gangling arms sprou ted from it.
These o bsce ne limbs were ncased in arm o ur of pillk
::lI1d purple sh e ll. In its c law ed appendage s th e
creature b o re an assortment o r w ea p o ns snatched at
random from th e bartl e fi e lcl: discareled c luh s an d
maces. broken sword s. lo ng bo nes :md other elebris .
The adva nce of the Reiksguar I faltered fo r a mo ment.
The proudest Kn ig hts o f the Empire stood aghJst at th e
unbridled hOITo r th at bo re el o \\'n upo n th em. Ho rses
~dli nni e cl anel shuffleel nervo usly, uncena in \\'hether
their riders would press the m fo rwa rd o r retreat hefore
the monstrOs ity.

"Ch aos Spawn ... [-[o ld yo ur ranks Reiksguard ," shouted

Captain H e lho rg . Wi th a f la sh of hright stee l th e
Reiksmarsh al brought his cO lllmand to o rel er. See ing
th e loo k f g rim d ete rmi nati o n in hi s fa ce th e
Reiksguarel Knights ti g hte ned the ir grip upo n the ir
lo ng lances.
As th e Chaos Sp a\yn dro \'e relentl ess l y fo n\'a rel th e
horses caught its nox io us stench . Such was th eir terro r
th at the y kick ed hlindl y in th e air and at th e ir
neighbours. Th eir riders fo ug ht hard to keep th e wi ldeye d m o unts fro m runnin g. Now th e m o n ster wa s
close eno ugh to see its head. broa d and po\\erful. ye t
obsce nely tiny compared to th e mass o f its sprawl ing
lower bod y.
Th er e wa s so m e se mblan ce o f humanit y abo ut i t ,
e nough to be tra y a vestig e o f intelli ge n ce, a mind
co rrupt ed and brok e n b y th e b o d y' s man y v il e
mutations. From its face th ere spro uted long twisting
stalk s hear i ng irid esce nt in sec til e eye s. It s m Ollth
gaped in a bestial screa m o f agon y re\'e::ding a mo uth
full of lo ng pointed tee th. I3lood g urgled from its lips
and spatted its head in sca rl et raindrops.
With a pierC ing screech o f rage the thing threw itself
upo n the Knights. O ne ho rsemen fell at o nce under the
Sp a \\' n 's forml ess bu l k. I-li s h o rse . h o rn e o ve r
bad~\yard s b y the thing' s sudden turn o f sp eed. lay
thrashing and kicking upo n th e tl oor. its bac k b ro ken


by the impact. The Knights we re thrown into disa rray.

and it ~\'as all th ey co uld do to keep th eir m o unts from
flee ing in terror. Th e crea ture's gangling arms thrashed
w ildI , str ik ing rand o ml y abo ut but findin g man.
target amongst the milling mass.
"Do n't tr. to fight ir. " cri ed the Reiksmarshal. "Open
your ranks and let it through." His blade w hirl ed
through th e air faster th an a mo rtal eye co uld foll o w .
Al rea dy he had severed several o f th crea ture's limbs.
but th e th ing see med impen 'io us to pain and near
impossibl e to harm.
W ithou t warning the crea ture \Va s through the Knights'
fo rmati o n. blunde ring into th e o pen sp ace be yo nd.
The Reiksgu ard had taken a se vere bealing and se veral
Knight s lay d ea d o r dying. Brok e n lan ces and
discarded shields littered the ground. Few of the men
h ad esca p ed a ltoget he r \\' itho ut injury. Ca ptain
H el b o rg w as b l eding from a lo ng g ash ac ross his
forehead anel h is arm o ur was disco lo ured \\' ith th e
bubblin g gree n ooze t hat se r ved th e c rea ture fo r
"Refo rm ... Sound th e order, " barked the Reiksm arshal ,
and the Knights drew back into batt le fo rm ation o nce
more . Th e re w e re fewer n o \\' to m ee t th e Cha os
hordes. but th eir determin atio n wa s nOt lessened.
T he Chaos Spa\vn fund itse l f and its arms thrash ed
un ce rt a inl y . its sta l k ed ey es twis ting and turning
d es pe rate l y. G ree n slim e oozed fro m a dozen deep
\\'ounels in it s sid e an d nox io us gasses bubbled and
g urg led fro m rents in its b o dy. Da rk bl oo d spewed
from th e Spa\\' n" gap ing mouth and d O\\ 'n it s
glistening to rso.
Then a eros 'bow bo lt stru ck it cl eanly be low its ja w .
The Spa\vn screa med and rea red up. its arm s beating
the air franti ca ll y. A dozen bo lts thudd d into its white
underbell y and more fo ll owed. so me sinkin g so far
into th e so ft fl es h th at th e ir b lack fli ghts va nish ed
altogether. A nother regiment mO\'ed into range and its
sol diers p o ured fire into the Slxl\vn as fast as they w ere
Th e c reature m ade n o <l llempt to move hut \"Tith eci
and screa m ed in it s d ea th throes. With a fina l cry it
collapse d into a spread ing pile o f blubbery fl es h . A
g reen vapour fo rm ed aro und it as its intern al orga ns
expe ll ed n ox io ll s last r mnants fro m th e thin g 's
inn ard s. As all movement ceased a great cheer went up
fro m rh e Empire's rank s.
Reiksmarshal Ca ptain Kurt H elborg turn ed fro m th e
Sight anel gave th e Signal to ach'a nce upon the Chaos



aemons inhabit the shadowy Realm of Chao s w here they draw

succour from its endless sea of life-giving magical energy. They can
only exist in the real world if m agically sustained, an d even then their
existence is vulnerable. When the power of Chaos grows strong
magical power builds up in the Warhammer World allowing daemons
to manifest themselves. Close to the Chaos gateway in the far north
this power is strongest, and daemons are able to take on material
form and walk the earth. Only when Chaos is at its most potent are daemons able
to accompany Chaos armies as they march south to war.
Daem o ns are rep resented by special rul es, So me o f the:>e
are printed in the Wa rhammer rul eboo k and o thers in the
'\ arhamm er R ittl e i\ lagic rule book , \X'e h ~I\ ' e coll ated ~tli
th e rul es toge th er so th ai yo u ca n refer to tlt em here , So m e
o f th e,e rul es are c hanged to tak e into acco unt the n ew
Chaos I\ la gic spells,

D6 Rolf


Da em o ns ha \'e a spec ial ,a l 'ing t hrO\l' w hic h represents
their daem o nic nature, T his fu ncti o ns in the same \\'a)' as
an arm o ur sa \'ing th row and it is reduced i f ~I n atta c k is
es p ec iall y stro n g as w i t h n o rm al ar m o ur. Ge n e ra ll y
speak ing , this d ae m o n sa v ing thro w is </+ on a D6. h ut
some daemo ns I'ary as no ted in th e Cll ~I OS 13esti alY,

Because da emo ns are Ltshi ned from r~I\\ ' m ~l g i en ergl '
t h e y ar e n tl n e rah le to m ag ic 1\'eap On s, T h e d ae m o n
s<) I'in g thro w ca nn o t h e u sed to sal 'e aga in " t wo u nd s
su sta ined fro m a magic Il'eapon in hand-to-hand co m ba t.
~o t e th at lh is d isadvantage o nl y appli es to m agic I l'eapOIlS
(be they s ~ ' rd s. axes , o r whatel 'er) and it o nl y ~ I p pli e s in
hand-to-hand co m ba t. It is possihle to use a daemo n 5:II'e
aga inst w o uncb intlicted h y spells o r magic items th at cast
spells, o r by shoo ting w ith a mag ic arrow o r w hatel 'cr. Th e
I3100dthirster o f Kho rne is an exce ptio n to this ru k in th at
his saving th ro~' does appl v aga inst mag iC \\'eapo ns. thi s is
b ecau se h e w ea rs C h aos arm o u r. w h ic h is pro tec ted
aga inst m agic by po \\'erful enchantmenr5,

A ltho ugh the Chaos Gods are allies th ey are also ril ',t! s anc!
their daemo ns \\'ill no t n ece~sa ril y fig ht harm o nio usly o n
th e sam e sid e, Th is is re p rese nt ed b y t he Dae m o n
A ni m os ity rul e. I f y u have daem o n s of different Chaos
G ods \\'irhin 12" o f each other at the sta rt o f 'o ur rurn . and
rh ey are not alread y engaged in co mbat. yo u m ust make a
D ae m o n A ni m os it y tes t. [{ o il a D 6 fo r eJc h G reater
D ae m o n o r eac h unit o f d ae m o ns to de termin e h o w ir
reacrs [Q the prox im iry o f its ril'a ls,



T he daemons recognise th eir rh'als and are

Ol'trcome w ith rage, Immediately Illo \'e th e
unil 'daemu n 100vard;; its ri vab so that it cha rges
~Ind engages them in hand-to-hand combat.
Move the affec ted unit/ daemon regardless o f
whether il would utherw b e he able [Q cover rhe
distance to its ril'als,
The ri\'al daemo ns fight each o ther in hand-lO1i:lI1d com bat that tum and continue to fight
each other in followi ng turns, Fighting \.... ill o nly
~top if th e Chaos player succeecl.'; in rolling a 5+
at the ~ran o f one o f his subsequent rums,
Daemons will no t flee from a combat against
ri val. , so no Break test is ever taken, Once they
cease fighting the rival s are mo\'ed apan but
m:!y not move funher th at turn and so ma y not
cha rge an enemy thal rum either. If ri val
daemons are charged by an enemy w hibt
fighting each other they will ignore their
attackers altogether unless the enemy are also
daemons. in \\'hich case the animosity c(:a ~es
andlhey may fi ght a~ normal.


The daemons are unsettl ed hy the proximity of

their ri\ 'als, shouting and screaming in an
outr:lgeous manner. The daemo ns will no t mo ve
or do an ything else thi s turn, but orherwise they
arc unaffected :1Ilc! \\'ill fight hack if attacked in
hand -Io-hand combat.


The daemon" tolerate th e presence of thei r

riva ls, Continue norm:tlly \v ith no funher effect.

Dae m o n ni m os it ~ test is tak en if d aem o n units o r

Great er Da em o ns are w irh in 12" o f daem o ns o f a d ifferent
Cha os G o d, D ae m o n Stee ds. Fa miliars ~ Ind such li k e d o
no t co unt.
- D aemo ns alread y engaged in hand-to -h and fighting w ith
an en e my d n ot h ave to tes t fo r Da em o n A ni m os ity,
altho ugh they m ay still be attacked hy ri\'als.
- D aemo n s fi g hti ng eac h o th e r as a re sult of Dae m o n
A nim os ity d o no t h ave to tes t b ecause th ey are alreadl'



Exce pt fo r the Blood thirste r of Kh OI'ne. Greate r Daemo ns
can cast spells as if they we re level 4 wi za rds a nd they are
co ns ide re d to be w iza rds fo r purposes o f ca lc ul a tin g the
w inds o f mag iC a nd so o n. The Grea te r Dae mo n o f Kho rne
ca nno t cas t spe lls a nd des pises pun y wea klings w ho re ly
upo n s uch tric ke lY. Dae mo ns ca n o nl y cast spe lls o f the ir
Chaos God , no t Dark lag ic as ca n Chaos Sorce re rs. The
tab le b e lo w s hows the numb e r a n d ty p e o f s p e ll s
pe rmitted.

May draw ji'O l17


Type o./Daemon


Kee pe r o f Secre ts
Gre at Unclea n O ne
Lo rd o f Cha nge

Slaa nes h Chaos Spe lls

Nurgl e Cha os Spe lls
Tzee ntc h Cha os Spe lls

So m e o th e r d ae m o n s ca n a lso cas t spe lls , n a m e ly

Da e mo ne ttes o f Slaa nes h . Pl ag ue i1ea re rs o f ' urg le and
Pink Ho rro rs of Tzee ntch . These dae mo ns cast spe lls as a
unit ra th e r th a n as indi v id u a ls, so th e w ho le unit is
co ns ide re d to be a sing le w izard w ith its own magic le ve l
and s p e ll s . Th e unit 's m ag ic leve l. a n d th e re fo re th e
numbe r o f spe lls it has . is de te lll1ined b y its s ize. T he mo re
mod e ls the re are in the unit th e greate r its magic leve l and
the mo re spe lls it h::Is . This is indica te ci by th e tahl e be lmv .


No. o/Models
/v/agic leeI'I

'\'0. o/spells

11 - 15


illllll i l

6-1 0

Type qj Daelllol1
Dae monelre o f


Pl agllebearer of N urgle

Pink Horror of Tzeemch

.Hal'drall j iolll

:\lIrgle spells
Tzee nl cil spells
. Iaanesh

[f a Dae mo n unit sustains casua lties d uring the ga me the n

its size w ill diminish a nd its mag ic leve l may dro p . W hen
this ha p pens it ma y be necessary to disca rd spe lls so that
the tara I number is not grea te r tha n th e uni t's ma g ic level.
Disca rde d spe lls are dra w n rand o ml y fro m th e unit's hand .
Note th a t in a unit o f Ho rro rs o nl y Pink Ho rro rs co unt
towa rd s the unil's size for purposes o f ca lc ulating its mag ic
level. Blue Ho rro rs d o no t co unt a nd ca nnot cast sp e lls.
Some s pe lls co nfe r a s pecia l a bilit y. saving throw. o r so me
o the r magic " e ffect upon the ir caste r. [n th e case of a un it
of dae mo ns this spec ial ability a pplies o nly to o ne me mbe r
o f the unit . not to the e ntire unit. For exa mple , th e J\ urg le
s pe ll Pillar o f Putre b ctio n wo uld ra ise u p o nl y a s ing le
d ae mo n a nd wo uld the re fo re he a fairl y useless spe ll for a
da e m o n unit. Simila rl y th e Tzee ntc h spe ll Shi e ld o f Fire
would pro tect o nl y a s ingle mo d e l and no t th e e ntire unit.
[n ge ne ra l, s uc h s p e ll s are no t pa rti c ul a rl y use ful fo r
d ae mo n un its and s ho uld be exc ha nged in the initia l draw
if possible.

Fo r exam p le, a unit o f 12 Daemo nettes has a mag iC level of
3 a nd ca n have up to three s pe lls , a unit of fo ur Plag ue beare rs has a magic level o f 1 a nd o ne s pe ll . a nd so o n.
Dae mo n units draw mag ic s pe lls at the sta rt of the ga me in
th e sa me way as no rm a l. [e. s pe lls a re ra ndo ml y drawn
fro m th e appro priate ma g iC s p e ll d ec k a nd a n y s p e lls
initia ll y dra w n m::Iy be discarded in exc ha nge fo r a furth e r
ra ndo m draw.


The s pe lls Plagll e Willd an d Tzee l1lch ~' Fires/orm allow a

Ch aos So rce re r to ra ise Pink H o rro rs o r Pl ag u e h ea re rs
fro m th e as hes o f s la in foes. A unit o f da e mo ns ra ise d in
this w ay w ill have a ma giC level a nd num be r o f s pe lls like
a n y o th e r unit of it s kind. New s p e ll s a re dr a wn
immed iate ly fro m th o se ava ila ble - if no ne a re avail ab le
no ne ca n be ta ke n.
A unit o f dae mo ns ra ised in this w a y is wo rth 1 v icto ry
po int to th e e ne my rega rdl ess o f size.





Chaos \Xfarriors are me n \\'ho ha\'e ahandon ed th e I\'o rld

and thrown in th eir lot \Iit h C h" o ~ : mc n ",'ho hal'e chosen
a li fe of hloodshed and ad\'elllure in return fo r a fleet ing
chance to gain the b\'om o f a Ch:los God. Many are litt le
m o re l h an b ri ga nd s. o utc asts f ro m so c iel y . crimina l s
fleeing from juslice . m admen. and m alco ntents see kin g
refuge from persecut io n. I-Iowe\er. not all co me from l he
dregs o f SOCiel \' : l hei r ra nks also include deposed nobles.
you ng fo rtun e hunters. and I'efugees d ril 'en o ut of th eir
homes by pOI'ert)' and wa r.
C ha os Warr io rs fi g hl in th e \\'arhand s o f Ch :l o s
Ch ampi o ns. EI 'ery Cha os W arri o r ho p es lhal one day he
wi ll be recognised by h is Ch:los God an d cho se n to be o ne
of his Ch:IIllpio ns. Chaos Warriors :IIT pmve rfu l fighters
and ma ny h ear c ha o li c mut::tt i o ns lhal e n h:l n ce l h e ir
po \\'er still further.

Chaos Championss
I f a IY:IITior excels in th e sen 'ice of haos th en he ma y be
c h ose n as :1 Cha os Champion. The Cha os Gods se lect
cham p ions to represenl thcm in lheir elern al str ugg le for
su prem:lcy, and o nl y ",-arrio rs of eXlrao rd inary p rowess or
remarkable abilily sta nd am' chance o f hei ng singled o ur
in lhis \ya y. Champ io ns enjoy the spe ia l attelllion o f l hei r
god . an d rece i\'e the :' lark of Ch:los w h ich hrands lhem as
h is. They also ea rn further gi frs . acq uiring Illulalio ns and
g ro \\'ing in po \yer uncler the ,,-alchful eve o f lhei r pa tro n .


Troop Type



\\ 'AR R10 R






















\X; e ha \'e stu ck t ) the usua l lhree l erm s lhat d e f ine
c h arac ters by lel -el ( Ch ampi o n s, I l e roe~ , an d Lo rd s) l O
diSl inguis h hel""een the lhree l ype~ o f Chaos Champ io n .
Bea r in m ind thal any reFerences and rul es lh al re fer ro
Ch aos Champions ""i ll ap ply 10 Cha m p io n .. H eroes and
Lo rds alike.
Chaos Champio n s are cha rac te rs an d ma t here f re be
b o ught haos Reward s as m agic ilems wh en yo u se lecl
yo ur arm y . A Champ io n ma y he ho ug ht one magic ilem, :1
H ero l"" O, :ll1d a Lo rd l hree.




A Chaos Champion must be pledged to a pa rticular Chaos God: Khorne , Tzeentch , urgle or Sbanesh,
Each has his own special rules to represent the effect of the god's Mark of Chaos,



Cha mpi ons of K h o rn e a re f ie r ce armo ured

fighters \\'hose C h~t oS arm ou r grOll'S to he pan
of th eir h od ies ~o lhal Ihey can ne\'er remo\'e it.
If th eir armour is da maged it \ ill grow back in
tim e but it ca n neve r be taken o ff. Th e Chaos
arm ou r o f K ho rne is always either b lack, red o r
hr~t ss - th e Blooel Goel's three b \'oured co lo urs,

A Champio n of I\urgle is ma rk ed w ith sig ns o f

d isease o r putre fact ion, Hi s skin ma y he
leathery and resilient , o r to rn and peeling, s a
resull of his diseases he tends not to feel much
pa in :lI1d C'1I1 \\'ith sta nd blows lhat w o uld send
ano ther \\'arri o r reeling in ago n

Chaos Armour
sh ie ld

armo u r gi \'es the Cham p io n an arm o ur

ro ll o f 4 + :lI1d ca n he comb ined w ith a
and th e sav ing thro w b o nu ses fo r a
in the no rmal manner.

Chaos rmour of Kho rn e is mag ical arm o ur in

the S:lIlle ",,'av as th e Chaos armou r th ~tl 'a n be
bo ught fo r Chaos ch:1racrers, It does not co unt
as a magic item fo r th e purpose o f ca lculaling
th e n umbe r of m ag ic ite m s a ch arac te r m ay
ha\'e, l Tnlike some o rd ina ry :lImour rhere is no
mO\'e m e nt p e nall )' as soc ial ed I\' ilh Cha os
arm o ur, For exampl e, Chao s arm o ur + shield
gives a sa ve of 3+; a m o unled c hampio n wit h
Chaos arm our + shield has a sa\'e of 2+ ( j + if
the steed had ba rding>,

hampi o n of N u rg le ;]dd ~ +1 to hi s
Toug hness co mpared to tb e 'tanda rd \' alues
g i \'en " h o \'e , Thi s mea n s ~t Champi o n has a
Toughness o f 5 and Heroes an d Lord s ha\'e a
To ughness o f 6,

Slaan es h 's Cham p io n s re \'e l in th e joy and
un ce rt ainl y o f life and ballle, Death ho lds n o
fea r fo r l hem , and th e m o re in tense tb e terro r
thal a norm al man w o uld surfer the grea ter is
th eir exalta tio n ,



Chao, Champions o f Kh o rn e are affectecl bv the

ru les fo rji'enz:), as descrihed in the Warhal11mer
rul ehook ,

Cham pions of Slaanesh are nOl affected b y any

of t he psych o logy ru les, E\'e n th e prospect o f
pain , w o unds, d:mger anc! ci ea lh ho lds no fear
fo r them,


Tzeemch is th e m~t s t e r of :lrC tne magic and his
Champi o ns often find th c m,s<;, k es g ifted with
strang e po",,'e rs, Beca use of t he ir sp ec ial
ha mp ions o f
re lati o n sh ip w ith ma g ic ,
Tzee l11ch are more difficult to harm ""'ith spells,

Magic Dispel
l f a Champion of TzeeTll c h is a!lac ked \\'ith a
mag ic sp c ll he ma y succ essfull y dispel it b y
rolling a 4+ o n a D6 , If he i, su ccess fu l the spell
is not cast and C'tuses no harm ,


Cham pions o f Slaanesh \\'ill fight o n i.n handto-hand co mbat regardless o f casualties o r
circumstances, Champio ns of Slaa nesh need
ne\'er lake a Break le"t in h:lI1d-lo-hanci
co mba t. If fighling as pa rt o f a unil th ey do nOl
nee if the unit nees, contrary lO the no rmal
rul e. b Ul are immediately sepa rared fro m th e
unil so lhey ca n co ntinu e to fight.







A w iza rd w ho p ledges his so ul to Chaos may become a

Ch:lOS Sorce rer. O nl y [he mOSl p ro mising of incl i\'icl ua ls
are so chosen fo r Chaos So rce rers are also cha mpio ns of
their goel. They receive rewarcls from th eir Chaos Goel , ~lIlcl
ma y one ela y ac hie\ 'e th e ulti ma te re ~\"arcl o f immo rta lit y,
Chaos Sorce rers receive the Ma rk of Cll~I ()S that is uniq ue
to their goel , These are mostl y elifferent from th e iI'lark s of
Chaos Champio n s anel are d esc rih ecl be l \y, 1\ote th:.tt
Kh o rn e has n o Cha os So rce rers - as a patro n f ~\"ar ri o rs
he has no tru ck with th e magical tri ckery o f x\'izards,
Troop Type








CllM II'IO:\









Chaos Sorce rers have the appropriate number o f spells for
th eir magiC level:
Sorce rer

.. .. 1 spell

Sorce rer Cham pio n , ..






Chaos Rewards
Cha os Sorcerers are chara cters and may be bought Chaos
Re\\ard s as magic item s when y o u se lect y o u r army, A
So rce re r ma y b e bo u g ht one rn :lg ic it e m, ~I So rc ere r
Cha mpi o n t\VO , a M aste r So rce rer three, and :1 So rce rer
Lord four.

.... 2 spells

Master Sorcerer

"' .. 3 spells

Sorce r r Lo rd , '

spel ls

A Chaos Sorce rer must have at least on e spell chosen fro m

the cleck o f his patro n Cluos Goel , and he can tak e all o f
his spells from thi s deck if , ou wi sh. As an alternative, a
Chaos Sorcerer may ha\'e add itio nal spells from th e D ark
iI !ag ic cleck , All sr e ll s are ra nd om l y d ea lt as n o rmal.
Befo re ca rd s are dealt th e playe r m ust decla re how man y
ca rd s he is takin g and fro m which decks. See the Chaos
il lagic sectio n in this \'o lu me,

Magic Dispel: I f a Sorce rer of Tzeentch is attacked w ith a
magic spell he mal' s u cce~ sfulh ' dispel it by ro lling a 4+ o n
~I D6. If hE:' is successful the spell is no t cas t and causes no
ha I'm .


Magic Effusion: A So rce rer o f 1\urg le emits a cloud of

co rrupt and spo iling mag ic. a miasma o f p o \\'e r that is
im'isihle exce pt to an other wi za rd. No \Yi zard o f a I w eI'
ma gic level (apa rt from Nurgle Sorce rers) XI'ithin 6" of a
Nurgle Sorcerer Ill,'), cast spells. This does no t affect spell s
Gist from magic items. In addition, ~ il th e start o f th e magiC
pha se. an y spell s that remain in play within the 6" radius
around th e ! urg le Sorce rer ma y be dispelled o n th e D6
ro ll o f a 4+ .

Radiance of Charm: A Sorce rer o f Slaa nesh radiates an
aura o f charm and eIl1rathy so strong that no foes \\'ill Gist
spells :It him or shoot at him w ith missile w eapons if they
are w ithin 12" . Thi s does affe ct spe ll s ca st from magic
items, and cloes prevent spells being used against a unit if
cl o ing so wo uld strik e or otherwi se affect the Sorce rer It
does not prevent an enem y 'hoo tin g at a unit the Sorce rer
is with using boXl's o r other missile weapo ns.



I3easlmen are w ild and h ru tish crea tures \,ho care little tor
ot her crea tu res and de~r i :;e h umans above all else. They
h:I ,e bo dies that are ha lf- man and half-beast. usuall y wit il
th e horned head o f:1 go al. In battl e th ey co mbine fe roc ity
with a sava ge la c k o f c!i sc iplin e . fi g htin g an c! battlin g
amongst th cmsek es in tht:i r t:agerness to get at the enem y .




13 EASH IA\'



CI-li\J\I PIO\,





















SI IAJ\ IA:--;




51I.>\JVI A:"




SI-IA,\I . :.;









Magic Items
Beas tm:ln ch<l racters m ay b e b o ught magiC item s in th e
no rm al w ay ie, Ch~lmpi o n s ma y t:lke o n e magic it em. a
H ero m:I\' take t\\'o . and a Lo rd th ree. A l:leastman Shama n
may tak ~ o ne Ill:lg ic item . a Shaman Cha mpion m o magic
items, a Master Shaman three, and a Shaman Lord fo ur
1'\ote Lh at Beastma n Cham p io ns anc! Shamans ma y n OI
take Chaos Rewards - o nJ )' Chaos Champio ns and Chaos
Sorcerers m ay ha,e them .

Beastmen are ill-disci plined and pro ne to infighting e,en
in the midst o f battl e. A I3eastma n unit that \\' ishes to either
1110 \' e o r m ake a ma rch mO\e mu st first tak e and pa ss a
Leadership test o n 206 LI S :1 psyc ho log y test in the same
w av as :l res t for fea r. etc). If thi s i. fa ileclthe unit m ay no t
mon : th ar turn. The unit is no t o th ef\\ ise affected but must
stand o n the sp o t whil.~r its lea d ers resto re discipline. T his
does n ot affecr charge mo ' es . fl eeing. pur~uil. magica ll y
induced mO\ement o r :111)" other mO\e menl. all of whi ch
ha p pe n :IS no rmal :lI1d no tes t i:; required . Note t hat thi s
rule d oes nOt af fect l:leastm en ch:lracters unless th ey are
p os iti o n ed w ith units, in whi c h cas e th ey are affec ted
alo ng \\ith rh e rest o f th e unit.

Sha m ans ha,e th e :Irp ro priate numher of spells fo r rh eir
magic level:
Shaman ...... ..... .. .. .. .... ... .. .... .. ... . I spell
Shaman Champio n . ... . .. .. .. 2 spells

Shaman ............ .. ... ... . .. 3 sp ells

Shaman Lord . .. ...... ... ....

. ..j spells

A I3eastrnan Shaman ma, take spells from any o f the three

Chaos spell c1eck s and th e Dark IVlagic cleek. A I3eastlllan
Sham~ln does n o t ha ve to res tri c t his Chaos sre ll s to a
single Chao;; Goel. like a Chaos So rce rer. I3efore raking any
s pe ll~ ' O ll mu st ann o unce whi ch d ec ks yo u are c1ra"ing
cards fro m and ho \\ many ca rels you are tal ing from each
cleck. See th e Chaos Magic section for d etail s.
















'\ I!;\OTAU{









Wh en M ino t:lurs !:iste b lood they get wildl y ex cit ecl and
10, C cOillro l o f themseh-es as they te;Il' their enemy apa rt
and feed, If J\-l ino t:lurs hreak th eir h:lI1cl-to-h:lncl co mlx l[
o pponents they never pursue. bu t sto p and hegin [ 0 feed
upo n th e remai ns instead . The 1\1inota urs \\'ill cOllt in u to
feed unt il th ey make a su ccessfu l Lead ership tes t at th e
st:lrl of one of their fo llo\\'ing turns. s M illotaurs have a
high Le:ldc rship \';tiu e it is \'el, ra re fo r th em to sp end long
in a bloodgreed. bu t wh il e they are feeding th e\' Ca n do
nothing else,
H o'\\'e\'er. shou ld the enem y be foolish en ugh to charge
M i n o tau r., whi le th e l :He feed i ng th e M i n o taurs sto p
feeding an d b eco m e ji'el/z;ec!, T h e rul es fo r f re n zy as
descrih ed In th e Wa l'il amlller rul ehook \\'i ll th en appl y, So
long :.is th ey re ma in frenzied th e t-. Iino [aurs are not affected
by hloodgreed.

I\ Iinota urs are huge hrutish m o n sters th at c:lu se .leal' in
o ther cr"':ltmes . T he psyc ho logic ti ru les for fear there fo re
app ly

'Iinotaurs are large creatures man y arc [';\'ice the height o f

:1 Illan and fa r g re~lt e r in hu lk. T heir gigantiC bull -he lds are
broad and ugly, and the ir h o rn ~ sha q, an d dangerous, In
add iti o n to th e ir hu ll h eac!, lll : lI1 V t- lil1 o t:lll rs have t h e
hi n clq u arte r~ of a heast as ,,'e ll.
W hen J\-l inouurs ta ste hl ood th ey hecome insanel)' \'io lenl.
rain ing blo,,' after b lo \\ upon their helpless enemy Once
thelr foe is defeatecl they tear at the carcass " 'ith their lo ng
c law s. anc! g ul p cl o \'\'n hun ks of ra w m e:l!. It is thi s
hloodgreec! th:l t makes ~[jno t:lu rs especial ly dangerou s [ 0
fi ghr.

M inotau r c h ~l racters ma y h e h o ug ht magi c item s in th e

n o r I11 ~d way: ie . Cham p io ns Ill :l)' ta ke o ne ma gic item , a
Hero may ta ke t\\'O, and a Lo rd th ree , Note th at M ino taur
Ch:llllpion s may n o t tak e Cha os Rew ard s - o nl y Ch aos
Ch amp io ns and Chaos Sorcerers mal' ha\'e th em.


A Cha o s Steed i s a hu ge bla c k h o rse , r eel eye d "i t h

steaming hrea th. hro :tcl anc! muscu l:lr in bu ild . \' icio us in
temperam ent , anc! often muta ted in som e fashion , A Chaos
Steed is big and strong eno ugh to GIITV even a Ch:10S Lord
into hattie.

Magic Items












Cha os Dragon s are th e m os t might y of drago ns. All

dragons ar po\ye rful creatu res. and th e largest are th e
mos t d ead ly o f all m o nste rs in th e O ld W o rld. ye t the
Chaos Dragon is g rea ter st ill. Its bod y is w ra ck ed w ith
mutatio n . [t has twin heads and m 'in tails. and each head is
able to brea the a different kind of des tructio n . From o ne
head it brea thes th e D ark Fire of Chaos wh ich burns mo re
feroc io u sl y t h an an y o rd i na r y fl am e, Th e o th e r hea d
brea th es co rruptin g Fum es o f Contagio n \yh ich sprea d
bod il y ruin amongst its victims,







Th e Cha os Drago n ha " t wo hea d s and eac h head is
capable o f brea thing a uniq ue kind o f h reath \\'elpon,

DARK FIRE OF CHAOS. O ne head ca n b reat he th e Dark

Fire of Chaos, Use th e tc ardro p-sh ap d flam e temp late.
p laCing Ihe hroad end OI'er youl' larget ancl thc IlaITO'" end
next to the d rago n 's hea cl, A n y mo d e l l ying uncl er t he
template area is hit o n the D6 score o f a o r mo re in the
same \\'a, :IS models lying under war engine temp lates and
so o n, A mode l hi t b y th e Da rk Fire of C11~IOS suffers a
Strength ' I hit. Damage and sa\'ing throws are work ed o ut
no rm:dly, Bui ld ings may be set o n fire as described in rh e
\Va rh all1mer ru lehook. and crea tures th at are v ul n e r~l h l e to
tl:lmi ng artack~ take cxt ra damage as desc rih ed in th e
Battle BestialY,

The Chaos [ ragon has large leathery wings ancl ca njlp is
described in the Wa rhammer ru lehoo k,

Scaly Skin
Th e Cha os Dragon is cOl'e reei w ith iro n-ha rd scales th at
p rotec t it fro m harm , Th e crea ture therefo re has an armour
sJ \ 'ing thro w of 5+. as if it " 'ere \,\ 'eari ng arm o ur.

Th e Chaos Dragon is a huge and frightening mo nste r that
ca uses lel'l'ol' as de "crihed in th e Psych logy secti o n o f th e
Warhamm er ruleb ok.

FUMES OF CONTAGION. O ne hea d brea th es Fumes of

Contagion, Use the tea rdrop-shaped template to ,,'o rk out
hits as described above, Models under th e template are hit
on a 4+ as hefore, Any models hit su ffer a Strength '! hit but
no S:I\'ing [hro,,' is allowed fo r armour :I S the corruptin g
fu mes \\'ork their \\'ay thro ugh all such defences,


H <lrp ies are l oa th some Childre n of Cha os, Th ey are

scavenger. and o ppo rtun ists \\ 'ho pre, upo n the sick. the
wa ry. th e hallie-worn and (I\' ing, Th ey are bes t ial and
savage cre. tures th at f loc k in large num ber s ove r th e
Ko rth e rn Wa stes, Ha rpi es can b e se e n circ li ng o \'e r
IXlttl efields. waiti ng fo r th e chance to dive ci o,,'n upo n
those too \yea k to defend th emselves, The re is no o rd er
amongst them . no mo re th an amongst th e most savage of
beas ts, T heir sc reec h ing cries clea vc th e air and C lst a
shadow o f dread o n those helo " ',


H arpi es hav e w ing s and ca n
Warh ammer rul ebook ,


as d escr i bed in [ile

Note th at altho ugh H arpies fi gh t as units o f troo ps th ey
have neither champio ns. sta nd ard s o r m usicians, [n [his
res p ec t th ey are com parabl e to da e m o ns and units o f
Chaos Hounds,







Harpies are s<l\'age and unco - perati ve crea tures - they

ca nn o t be led by c h arac te r s, n o t eve n b y a c h araCl'e r
ca pable o f fl ight.



Centaur warbands roam tbe ~\'aste l " nd s of th e O lel , ' o ri el.

ra iding o r hunting fo r their simpl e needs . T he y have
heavy, brutish bodies. ~ ' ith stro ng hut clu ms . Iimhs. T hey
are ill-te m pe red glunonous creatu res ""it h an insat ia b le
appet ite fo r ale and \'io lence . Before a Ixm le th ey drin k
huck e tful s o f stron g bee r , bec o min g exc ited and
murd ero us. so that thei r tempers Gin o nl y be q uell ed by
the mos t bloodthirsty deeds.




CE,,- r Al' R















Magic Items
Centaur cha racters m ar be b o ug ht ma g ic item s in th e
norm al ,yay: ie, Champi o ns may ra k e o ne m agiC item. a
Her ma. tak e two. and a Lo rd three, Note that Centaur
Champi o ns ma y no t take Chaos f{ e ~ ' a r ds - o nl y Chao s
Champ ions and Chaos Sorce rers ma y hal'<:' th e~e .


Th e Chaos Go rgo n is an hid eo usl y mi steel m o nster of

b i za rr e ap peara nce and th e m os t \' io lent d isp os iti o n.
Gorgons inhabit the g rim reg ions o f the North ern \Xfastes
~Ind th e Tro ll Co unrry . p l aces whe re the di stort ing
influ e nce of Ch aos is g rea t. It s bod y is pO\\'erful an d
hun ched and its sk in is stony and pa rli~t!l y sca led w ith
flint-lik e nod ul es. It has long c la~ s hut most potent of :111 is
it s ex trao rdinary ability to turn it ~ foes to SLO ne . If th e
Gorgo n'S head ho lds some semblance to human fo rm then
any do ubt as to its tru e nature is d ispelled by the sigh t of its
, rithing m ane . co mposed u f Illa ny serpe ntin e s tr~lnds
bea rin g rep tilian heads tha t co nstantly ilis5 and spit.

Venomous Bite
T he Gorgon 's snak e hea ds ha\'e fangs th at d rip ,,ith
venom . Any wo und inflicted by a Gorgon th erefore inllicts
not 1 hut 0 3 wo unds o n its victim.

Th e Ch aos Go rgo n ca use s l ea l' as d esc ri bed in th e
Psychology sectio n of th e \'(fa rh :1III Iller ru leboo k.

Stony Skin
T he Go rgon ha s ston y sca les . T hese act li ke arm o ur and
gi\ e the Gorgon an arm our .s<] \ing thro \-,.: of 4. 5 o r 6 o n a

Th e Go rgon is able to ca st a special Petrijl' spell du rin g th e
magi c phase. Th is is cast exac tl y lik e a no rmal spell but
costs no r ower po ints If th e magiC phase is ended befo re
the Petri fy spell is Gist (eg. by a Dra in Magic power ca rd)
th en the spell ma y not he cast that phase .
The PetriFy spe ll m~ l y he cast upo n ~lI1 y v isible e ne my
m od I \\ith in 8" . The ta rget model mu st ro ll less th an its
rni tiative chara cteri stic va lue a ll a 06 in o rder to a\'o iel th e
effects o f the spell . A ro ll of a (i is always a failure. even if
the \'ictim has an Initiative \'alu e of 6 o r more, If th e v ictim
is affected the n it is immed iately turned to stone and slain.
A Petrif spell may be countered hy a Dispe l rO\ve r ca rd .
Dispe l scro ll s. and o ther magic items that protect against
spells. In thi s respect it is treated just like any regul ar spell.




Dr:lgon Og re.~ :m: incred ihly ancien t rept iles. T heir hod ies
are drago n- like, scaly and hulk y . w ith a long horn y ta il.
l ' nli ke cira go ns they hal'<.: ~ix limb ~ . :l nd t hei r t or~os sit
upo n th ir f rame a ft er th e ma n ner 0 1' Centa urs. T h e
fo rel imhs o r:1 D r:lgon Ogre have han d s which ca n grasp
\\'capo ns anc! bshion armou r. Thcir he;lds are hrutish and
Ogre-li k e. \\'ith m:l.,>si l 'e pws and I:t rge spi ny teeth.





















Magic Items
D rago n Ogre characters m:ly he bought magic items in th e
normal ,;',a l ': ie . Champio ns m ay tak e o ne m ag iC ite m. a
H ero mal' tak e t w o. and a Lo rd three . j o t tha t Drago n
Ogre Ch;l m pio n s may n o t ta k e Ch ao s Rew ard s - on l y
Chaos Ch:lmpions an d Chaos So rcerers are allowed to do

Dra go n Ogres ar e large m o nst e rs that ca lis e f eCi r a:;
descrihed in the Wa rlumm er ru lc hook.

Scaly skin
Dragon gre~ ha\'e I 'ery sed y sk in th:lt confers a sa l 'ing
throll' of -) I' 6 o n a 0 6,

Dragon Og res can n o t h e ha r m ed by l ig htn in g stri k es,
inclu ling m agical lig htning b o lts and the hre:llh-holt of a
13iue Dragon,
If a Dragon Ogre or a unit o f Dragon Ogres is struck b y a
l ig ht ning h o l t it beco m es fre n Zied if ah le to c h arge its
enem y in tile fo llo \I'ing tUI'll.
A l1layer m ~ly no t delib erately 1I.' e lightni ng :illa ck s upon
hi., o\\n Dr;lgOn Ogres - ~ u c h strikes hal'c no effecl.


H ou nds or haos are \\'o lf-li k e c re;llure~ \\' h o~e anc ~ t or:
m ay O I1 CL' hal 'e been ord ina lV cani nes \\'ho I\'ere caught in
th e haos \'(' astcs and dra \\'n into th e Hea lm o f Chaos,
They are m:lrked with hideous l11u ta ti ons such as two or
el 'e n three heads , horn s, long tusks. sco rpi o n tai ls, an d
co ulll iess other :Iherra tions of nature.









Chaos Hou nds fig ht in units ",'hich in thi s cas are ca lled
p acks. A pa ck must consist o f at least fi ve models in rh e
saille \l'a\' as other uni ts. Chaos H o und packs ma y nor
h ave r eg im enra l c h amp io n s, sta n da rd b eare rs o r
m usic ians. h ut orhenvise figh t exactly like an y o ther unit.
A character model may jo in a p ack and lead it as he might
an)' o ther un it ( alth o ugh it m ay b e m ore app ro priat e ro
t hink of th e p ac k jo ini ng th e c haract er m o del to fi g h t
:dongside him)



Tr lis are large and hideo us crea tures, bes tial an I fo ul

with l o ng g3ng ling lim b ~ and co lel damp hid e. T heir
warty, slim y anc! sometimes scaly sk in~ ca n be almost any
co lo ur d epending o n lh e sarI of Tro ll. T here are many
c!ifferent shapes anc! sizcs o f Troll - sp in es are n ot
unco mill o n. whi le t\yo -h eaded Trolls have so m etim cs
been sighted tra\'elling wilh Chaos \yarhand s.
Tro lls are no t ve ry intelli gent. bUl lhey are ex trem ely
slrong, and can easil y rip a man aparl w i th lh ei r bare
hJnds. Tro ll s J re g reJ tl y fea red b eca u se of their
unthinking ferocity and indiscriminale appetile. The\' can
and w ill ea t anylhing - fl esh and bone, w ood. rocks, bits of
metal. Th e stomach o f a Tro ll co ntains some o f th e mOSl
powerful acids kno w n in l he O ld World , and its digestive
juices are highly \'alued by ;t1chem isls and \yizards.
The olh r u nusual and perhaps best kno\\'n characteristi
o f Tro lls is lhat th eir fl esh is abl e to regrow al most as
quickl y as il is damaged. I f a Tro ll's clawed hand is se\'ered
a fresh o ne will grm\' fro m lhe SlUmp. You have 10 Gluse a
grea t dea l of damage 10 a Troll to 'top il regenera ting. The
o nly thin g tha I Tro ll s ca nnot surv i\'c is fire. I f the y are
burnt lhey ca nnOl regenerate, so fire i ' the grea te t ally of
th e Troll fighter.
T ro lls are wild crea tures lh:1t li\'e either alone or in small
groups with others of their kind . They ca n sometimes be
persuaded to join Chaos \YJ rbancb, alihough it is doubtful
\\'hetlx' r th ey re:t1l y u nderstand \yha l is go ing on. Left to
thei r wn devices, the cha nces are the Tro ll w ill go \\'ild
o r beco m e so p o rifi c. bu t if led b y a m ore i nte lligen l
cre:lture they ca n prove d:ll1gerous foes.








The re 'ults o f combat are worked out after the Trolls have
regenera ted, and the number of w o unds intlicted on th em
does not include an y that are regenerated .
For exa mple, lhree Trolls are fighting fi ve Empire KnighlS.
The Knighr - strike first and inflict - \\'ounds, enough (" 0 kill
one Troll and ca use 2 further w o unds. The rema ining two
Trolls inflict 3 \\'ounds on the Knights. The Trol ls no \\" test
to regen erate and success full)' regenerate 3 wounds. The 3
w ounds are rein tated. rhe sbin Tro ll is replaced. and the 2
wound s suffered are nOl ed d own. T he Kni g ht s ha ve
'co red o nl y 2 w o unds in th e end \yhil e th e Trolls ha ve
inflicled 3. ssuming no o ther comba t bonuses appl y th e
Trolb h3\'e \\'on tha nks to their regenerative abilities.

Troll fl esh ca nnot regenerate when it has been burnt. I f a
Tro ll sustains l or mo re w ounds from fl ames then it cannot
regene ral e al1\' w o unds . n o t eve n th ose inflicte d by
ordinary wea pons.

A Troll h3S a particubrly unpleasa nl altern3ti ve method of
attack w hich is to vomil lhe contents of its sto mach over its
enemy. s a Troll's digesri\ 'e juices are extremely corros ive
thi s is a ho rrihl e thin g to happen. SI10uld a Troll elec t to
vom it it may mak e n o other alla cks in hanel-t o- hand
combal that rum . The heaving Troll automaticall y inl'l icts 1
Strength - hit on his enemv. The Troll"s vomit is stick y and
semi - liquid, so it p en eu"ates armour easi ly and 'eve n
di s~o l ve s p art o f il a\\'a)'. l\'o arm o ur saving lhr w is
th refore allowed aga inst a vomit attack.

~ Ione

Troll, lin: in the rocky region , of Ihe Old


orld . :lnlOng,1 Ihe

Jll () lIntain~ ~lOd craAAY h.ilb. Like ~dl Troll.., they \\ ill e ll anythi ng. and
through fo rce of cirCUnh[ ~IIKc.::' tcnulO eat a lot of rock.... Troir:-. d iet

Tro ll s are la rge anel ex tremely rep ul si\'e monste r ' that
cau se fear. as described in the Psychology sec ti o n of the
Warhammer rul ebook.

Trolls are extremely stupid creatures and get co nfused
very easil y. Trol ls are affec led by lhe ru les for stllpidity see lh e rul es g i\'e n in the Psycho l ogy secli o n f th e
Warhamm er ruleboo k.

Tro lls can reg enerate damage if the y are no t too b adl v
burt. Wo rk this o ul as follo\\s. When Tro ll ~ are attacked
calculate the number o f wou nds lhe unit suffers as no rm al.
Once b Olh ~ieles invo lved in lhe combat have made all
thei r altacb the Trolls ma v lry 10 regenerale. Roll a 0 6 for
each \\'ound suffered duri~g the cO~lba t. If you roll a 4 or
m o re th at w o und ha s reg enerat ed . Any rege nerated
wou nds are rei nstated. and mod els rem oved as casualties
are replaced if enough wounds are regenerated.



direct dTecl on his phy, ica l :lIlrihules . and SlOne Trolh h:" ',,

hard, craAAY fl L'--;h th at look s like weathered :,tune, R uck ~ ;Jnd "'(()nc.;;

ah'orl1 ,Iuggi,h Lighl '\l:1gic and hec"u,e Slonc' Troll s eal a lot of
rOl:ks tlidr hudiL''' nat urally ahsorb quant it ies or Illagicd ro\\'('r. Th is
makt.",,:; ""l onL' Troll ... t.'xlraordin~lrily rc.::'~bl;.Jnt to m~l~ic ~1I1~ICkb .


'pell is dircCled aga inst" unil 0 1' SlOne T rolh il w ill he

di'pelled on Ihe D(l roll of " ~ , i or 6. I lo wc\cr. [hi,
applie, 10 all 'P<'lls from I1mh ,ide,. nOI ill,1 enl'my 'pell . Ordinal)'
di ... pd .. . n:.'bound.., ::l nd oth er magic card ... m~ly he lI~cd :J!'I nonn:t1 to
''''p "pdl, direrled JI Ihe Troll> ,hould Iheir n"llIl':lI di'fld fail 10


work. ThL'ir m:l)!iCli fe . . bJa nce doe:'! no t alTect magic welpnn:-> or

other ih':Il1~. c.:'xcc(1t for tho-'L' thal ca"t ~relb 111 the lIsual \\'a ) .

HI\'LT Troll:-. h\'L' in mar~hb.nd . . and bogs. and heside lIntam<..xi river"
\\ here the h:mk:-. afe b road and m udd\' , Th e\' an.: ... li m y and ~ca l v.

\\ ilh "ik green-coloured skin and i;Jnk,- h~li r-likL' gro\\

th~. The ~I in~e

they exude h 0 noxio u::, :Jntl ~lippL'rr. ~lI1d ::'nh.:'l b likL: rOlling fi~h .

The mal(1dorous ~ l ime ha, Ihe dual elTect' of chokin~ anrone 100
IlL'ar the T roll. ~lOd aho 1ll;lking it cXln:mely h:lrd fUf:l 11 allacker 10
land a hlow.
II enemy nlU"t :-.uhtracl - I from any ro ll ., 10 hit R i \"t~T T roll,:, in ha nd-

to- hand ,oml1al. down 10 a minimum of (, to hil. If [h ~ Troll wou ld

nomlally n:quire 6 10 hit. if i[ i, lX'h ind J lo\\" \\"all. for exampl<,. Ihl'n
the :,lime makL ... no dilferent ..., - it i:-. hard eno ugh [0 hit :drc~d y. The
Troll". , lim" I"" no "ffect on hilS from ,h(x)ling.




A Bloodthir, ter carrie" t\\'o weap ns, an xe f Kh o rn e and a

I<> ng, barhed la sh, The axe is an enchanred dae mon w e'tpon, ;t
l i\'i n g rh i ng that th i rsts for bloo d and sbug hter. A l t houg h
I3lood lhirsrers ha ve no mctg ical po,,'ers they are excepti onally
srrong and sa \'age fi ghters , and a si ngle daemon o f this k ind is ,t
ma tch for an enti re Illorta l arm y,






13loodthirsler:; are huge lerri fying m onslers. Ihe gre:llest and mO~ 1
de:adlv of all Kho rne's daelllo ns. Their ma,ter is Ihe Chaos God of
13,tllle. and Rlood lhirsters are: Ihe greal esl fi ghlers o f all daemonkind, The)' are sa\'age , hello wi ng crealures, with the heads of
fe roc i o u ~ dog< and snarl ing teelh, Thei r blood-stained fur is eil her
rcd or blac k, and rheir armour j" rudd)' hron ze and bla ck iron ,





The Blood thirster is amo ngsl the mO$1 terrifying of all m onsters,
and t h e p sych o logy rules for le rror app l y , Reme mber th at
monslers \\'hi ch ca use terror auto matica ll y ca use! eCi ras \\'ell.

Chaos Armour
The Bl ood th irster' s arm ou r is fash ioned from li ving metal and is
actua ll y pet rl o f the dae mon . susta ined hI' its own unqu enchahle
inner energies, The d aemo n 's armou r g ives it an armou r sav ing
roll of 3+, Beca use this " t\'e is du e 10 the Bloodthirsler's armo ur.
rather than irs daemonic aura. magiC w eapo ns don 't ca ncel Out
rhe Bloodrhirsre r's :;a ve, as the\' do w ith orhe r daemons, See the
Daemo n ru les for a full des Tiption,

Axe of Khorne
The Bloodthirster ca rries a m igh ty Axe of Khorne, suffu sed \\'ith
magiC power and lad en w ith dearh , hit from 'tn Axe o f Kho rne
ca uses not 1 wound o n its \'ictim. as most hits do, bu t 0 3 wounds
(roll a D6: 1-2 = I. 3-,t = 2. 5-6 = 3),


Greater Daemons
A ll the: spec ial rules for daetnons apply as described in the Chaos
i)a(;,lllo ns sect io n o f this I'olume. and Ihe \Varhammer ru lebook .


Juggernauts or Jugger< are huge ci:t ell1on beasts \\'hose fle sh is

made of br't ss and \\'hose hl ood is pure fire, The)' are hrutal and
fierc e crealures, but lack inlelli gence and d isc riminat io n, heing
pure k illing ma ch ines,
.luggers J. re r idde n int o bank hy Kh o rn e 's mos t favo u re d
fo ll o \\'er," , ~ I unr ed ho rde," of Blood lett er, thu nde r :.Icross Ihe
haltlefie ld , the brass hoo\'es o f th e .lu ggers pound ing the g round
and crushing Khorne's ~ es int o u nrecognhable pulp, Favoured
h,tll1 p io ns or Kh o rne Gtn als ride rhe,';" frightening m o nsrer ,









All th e spec ial rules for d ae m ons app l y as d e~cri h ed in the
\X'arhammer rulebook, In p,t rlicu lar. note thar Ihe Juggernaut has
a sav ing th ro\\' of 1+ hectu" l: o f i t ~ daemoni c illlangi h il iry o r
daemonic au ra,

Juggern auls are horrendous and po,,'e rfu l crearu res, A Juggem au t
rider th erefo re cau ses fear as de,cr ih ed in the \X 'arham m e r
ru lebook ,


T h e Blood thi rs l er ha s " 'in gs and can.fly as d escr ibed in th e

W'arhamtller rulebook ,

Juggernauts ha\'e t\\' atta c k s: o ne co n\'e n t io na l ~t t tack to
rep rese lll hutting and gOt'ing. and o ne cru sh arrack to represe nt
their tram pling hoo"e" A hi t from a crush arrack automat ica ll y
ca uses l \\'o und - th e ta rger's T() ughness and arm o ur give it no
protecti o n,


Th e daemon hord e s o f Khorn e are m ad e ur of co untl ess
fe roc iou ~ Bloodlerrers: deadl\' \\ 'a rrior~ w hose sl:I\'eri ng ja \\'s are
swdded with sharp need le-like teeth,
Blo odleuc rs ha\'e scaly red h ide and shim' hla ck claws. T he\' are
fu riOllS fighte r~ wit h ~iro ng arms and murdero u, ta lons. b ut thei r
m ost fearso m e \\'ea r o ns are th e i r H e llblad es. T h ese \\'ea rons
g lo\\' \\'ith d ea d ly encha ntment. :md C':luse terrible w o unds th at
Gill slay e\'e n the hard iest hero .










All the s[Jeci;! 1rul es for daemo ns " r [Jly a, de.:" cribed . In [JarricuJar.
n o te t ha t th e [ll oo dl ell er h as a sa \'in g thro w o f o.j+ du e to its
d ael110 nic illlangibilitv o r dae mo nic aur;J ,

As mo nstrous and horrifying creatures lll Clodle[ters Glll.Se f eCII', as
descrihed in the \'(/a rh" mmer rulebook.

T he llt'llbb de d rips co nt illu ou,l y w ith bl oo d and is enriched \\'ith
enchdn tmenl. A h it from a H ellblade causes no t [ wound o n it,
\'iCl im, " , mo, t hits do , but D 3 \\'O l lO e" (roll a [) [ -2 = l. 3-1 = 2,




Kh orne 's Fles h I IOllnc" are hu ge da em o ni c ho und" with he"\T j;J w ed head,; that :lJ'<~ both reptilLIIl and sa \'age l \' can ine . 'r hey
b o und into ball Ie, , bt\'e ri ng and h iti ng. h ung~' for the ra , te of
li\'ing fl es h, Their h id e is lOugh and ru ddy, :Ind their claws d ark
and b lood y. Eac h Fl es h H o u nd \\'ea rs a b ra o.' co ll ar aro und ito
neck to p ro teCt it from m agic.







Fles h Hound's Collar of Khorne

The brass coll ar ,vo rn by a Flesh Hou nd is forged from the heat o f
Kho rne's rage at the Ve~' foot of the Blood od's b razen th rone ,
Th e Co llar absorhs and nullifie, o rh e r e ncha nrnwnl. Because of
this protection mag iC weapo ns ca nn o t harm a Fl esh Ho und al all.
,md ' pelb CI,;I against them are auto m ati cally dispell ed and \\'ill
no r w ork.


All the .' [Jec i," rul e,; fo r claCIl1(1I1 S a pplv :" de, crihed in t h e
\'\;arhamme r rukboo k. In pani cu lar nOle that the.: Fles h I fo u nd has
a ~ a\' i ng th r(l w of o.j + h ecau ,e of its da e m o ni c int angihilit o r
cb emo nic aura .

Fl es h H o u nd s Cause fe a r '" de,crih ed i n th e' W'ar h,"n m er
ruleb o k .




'rh e form of Ihe Keeper o f Secrets combi nes se nsuous p leabure

wilh raw p<"" er ;1l1c1 Ixu l e force. It is a huge, hull-h ea ded m o nster
,\'ith t\\'O pairs of arm; , o ne pai r end ing in a'c,esome cr:rb-ciaw,
It" hea d and po " 'e rfu lh mu scled bod\' are d eck ed wilh go rgeous
jewels and deli cale ., ilb, and ib rctzor , h;l rp cla\\," are decor;lled
\\'itl1 brig htl y co lo ured la cquer., .
Keepers of Sec r e t" ;Ire p oss ihh' the mosl e n lr;l n c in g of a ll
imJ11ortals, Th e)' are highl y in lell ige nt crealures , \\'hose 5ih-ered
w ord., ;I nd hln gu id geslu res be l ie: the ir true rowe r A mu rl ;"
crea l ure \\'i ll gaze in <I\'\'e ;Itlhe Keeper of Secre l 's u n canny
heaUI\', \'\'hile Ihe d ;lelllon's terrib le cLI\\" lear his emranced body

Aura of Slaanesh
[n ha nd-to-lu nd comhat agai nsl Ihe Ke'epe r o f Secre ts enemi es in
b ase-to -hase co nl;ICI "'ill beco m e en lran ced hy th e d ae m o n' s
bea ul Y an d will he unable 10 arrac k unl es" Ihe\' l ake and pa ss a
Le'lclership l esl (2[)6 'lga in,1 Ld in Ihe same " " Iy ;1, a psycho log\'
tesl). Te.'1 fu r each model hghling Ihe daemo n, Thi " lest musl be
taken at Ih e start ,li' e;lch round of comh'lt.

Greater Daemons
II the ,pedal rules fo r (Liemo ns apply as d escri bed ea rlie r. [ n
p,mi cui:t r. no te th aI Ih e Kee pe r o f Secrets has J saving thro w of 4+
heClllse of i t~ ciaemonic intang ihility o r daemo ni e aLlra.

Th e Keepe r of Secre ts is ;1 nlOn gs t I h e m os l te rr i fyi ng o t' all
mo nsters, The ps\'Ch ol ogy ru les for terror '11'1'1)" Rem ember Ihal
Jl1o n"ters wh ich G1 USe terro r ;I ut()matica ll y cause/eo r as \Veil.






The Kee rer of Secrets i, a po tent Sorce rer with a mag iC le\'el o f ~ .
:Jl1dma y dra\\' fou r 'rell ..; fro m Ihe Sla'tne ..; h d eck, :;ee the Chaos
Daemons "ecl ion for deu ils.


The Da emo n e t tes are the mOS I numer o u s of a ll Sl aane,h's

dae I110 n ..;, T he)' have a per\'er, e be;luty , un na[Ur,lI and disturbing,
hUI a[ Ihe same time <Ire uncieni;J!l ly po tent.
1);lcmo ilellc, ;lre fa st, agile fighlc r." " ho,e cb\, hands ca n slice
th rough flesh and pie rce almOll r, The\' h'I\'e \\'hite ., kin and hair.
hu t o ft en d ye the ir hodies o r d cco ral e tlt emseh'es "it h t1 0" in g
deSigns in paslel hlLle o r rin k , Thei r large. ween L' ~'e, 1'10 '" ",il'h a
m;lI e\'oie nl in ne r lig ht.

All Ihe speei,t! rLlles for daemo ns :Ipply, In pani cubr note th at the
Da emoneLle has a s:t \'ing th row o f '1+ Ix'caLlse o f il:' da emonic
intangihilil Y o r d ;lemoni c au r;!.

A:;:. n1Qn stro ll~ a n clu nc<ln ny c re:Hures Ihe Dae n10 nelle .... ca Lise/ear.

as descrihed in the 1'S\'ciw log), rule.,.

A L1 nit o f D at'moneLle.' has;1 mag iC le\'lel and ca n c: !.,1 spell s like a
w i7.ard. The size o f Ihe unit define" il s magic le\'el and tile nu mher
o t' spells il In': 1-') modeb ~ nugic lewl I (>ne sre lL 6-10 m odeb
~ magic le ve l 2/ 1wo spell s: II - I ') m od e ls ~ magi c le\'el 3/ th ree
spe ll s: 16+ mode l s = m ag i C Icvel -It fuu r .' pe ll s. :;r<;,lIs m USI Ix
d ra\\'n fro m the 51'1'l n<;"h deck. See the Chaos Daem o ns secl io n
for deta il s.




Troop Type











T he Fiend o f S I ~I ~lI1 es h is a bi zarre daem o n . a mi xt ure o f sco q1io n,

re plil e and human. The Fie nd ca n las h its lo ng harhed ta il from
sid e to side, o r use it t() strike di rectly ()\'e r it s head and stab irs
oppo nents. Their bodi es exude a stro ng s\Veet so porifi c lllusk Iha t
o ve rw h e lm s th e i r c l ose co m ba t o p po n e n ts ,y i th intense
c1rmvsiness ,
Fiend s vary greatly in col o ur. but their upper l or"os ,lre usua ll y a
lig ht pastel colour, w h il e their segmem ed hodie;; are a da rker hu e
o f the sa me co lo ur. and the ir sp ind h' legs are a d ark er shad e srill.
T heir eyes are b rge, g ree n and IU ITlino us, ell1d thei r l(lng IOngues
are red o r o ra nge.





Be ing mo nstrous and horri fying creatures the Fiend " cause lila/,.
as described in the W arhamme r rul ebook .

Scorpion Tail
The Fiend has three attacb. o ne o f " 'hich is fro m ils lo ng barbed
tail. Wo rk o ut the tail arrack sepa ra teI\' If the tail hits the n take ' 111)'
'lrm()Ur sa "ing th ro,,' for the ,'ictim immedia tel\' . If the sa ,'e fa ils.
the ta rget takes I w ou nd :llIlOll1a tic dl)' - the Fi en d '~ poison i., so
stro ng that no furt her ro ll is necessa ry .

All the spec ied rule.s for da emon;; ap pl y. [n p articu la r. note that the
Fiend has a sa l'i ng Ih ro \\' of 4+ o \Ying lO its daell10 ni c intangibili t\,
or dae mo n ic aura,


Th e Steeds of Slaa nesh are \\'eirel hi p eda l heasts [hat are rid den
into ba ttl e e i the r h y Champi o ns of Sla anes h o r Daemo ne tt es .
Their hides ;I re v i\'idl y co lo ureel in ye ll ow , reel, and blue , " 'ith a
ri d ge of g ree n ha ir that run s down their b:lck s, Steecl s of Sb anesh
hOlve long ruhubr to ngues, b rig ht e lect ri c blu e in colo u r. ,,'hi ch
[hey use like whips to ensnare their c nemic's.


Soporific Musk
T h e Fiend e x ud es 01 st run g s\\'e e t odo ur t hat make.< m o rt a l
creatu res s\\'oon and lose conscio u,ness . To represent this enem y
mo dels in IXlse-to -hase conta c t wi th a Fien d d educt - I from ;111
their dice rolls [0 hi t.






All the special rules for da emo ns app"', [n pa rticul ar. no te that the
Steed h as a sa\'in g [ hI' '" o f 4+ h ec au se of i ts da e m o ni c
intangi b ility o r d aemo nic au ra.

Steeds o f Sla anes h are \ye ird ,md dis turhing m o nsters. A Steed
r icl er th e re fore CllI,es fen /' a,; cl e,c rih e d in th e W ;lrh a m ll1e r

Tongue Attack
The Steeel ha s 01 .s in gle attack, ,,'hi ch is macie "ith its to ng ue, T he
to ngu e la shes o ut and e nsnare s an en emy , cl r;lgging the v ictim
fOI'\\';lrcis so h e can he :nt ackecl I)\' [h e Stee d '., ricl er \X'o rk th is
attack ou t as 1'0 11 0 " '5. 1(0 11 to hi t as
no rmal - if you hit th en the urget is
e nsna red and dr;l gged h efo re th e
ricle r. Comp lete the attack using the
ricler's \\'eapon ~m d , rrength \'alu e,
as if it w ere the ri der that hOici stru ck
the hl o,,', [I' the enemy is not sbi n ,
th en he has st ruggled free :111(1 COIn
contin ue to fight as no rmal.
The G rea t L' ncleOin O ne re,em hl es
i'\urg l e hims e l f : h uge , gree n -




,k inned and hlo;lI ed <;\'il h di,ease. From sores and hoil s, pus ,II1U
slime drihble o\'l'r Ihe daelllo n 's bod l . gliotening o n !c'prous sk in .
DeclI'ing inner o rgan, protrud e from renh in it, r:tncid Ilc sh .
Allh o ug h th eir :tppea ra nce is h o rrifi c :tnd sick ening , th e Great
[ 'n c lean O n e has a g reg<II'i o us and e l 'c'n se nlim e nl al natu re,
lak ing real pride in hi, fo ll o \\'er, ' di,e:tses anc! achic'l l'n1l'nts. I i i,
hoch- s\\'arms w ith lim' da emon \i urgli ngs, \\'hich pick al his k in.
licking sores :mel sq uabhling for their ma,te r's alle nti o ns Th ese
tin y crea lures ha[ch fronl puslul es in Ih e G reat L' nckan O ne 's
fl esh, so the )' are co nstant" be ing renewe d a" they gc' [ shaken
'I.sid e. squas hed ;md el 'en e;lIen bl ' the' ir Illa,ter The daemo n ca n
I'omit a stl'e JIl1 o f hl ood, magg o t,. ,l i m e , an d o lh e r p u tri d
roulness, Iyh ich cho k e, ;md d rowm; it, I ictims in di,e:t,cd filt h.

U'CLEA:-.J Oi\'E







The mo nstro us Great L'ndean One is Iast. horrible Jnd rank . The
p:;)'c holog)' ru les ro r len'orapp ly. Ikmembe r that mon.,ters w hi ch
cause terro r JUWIl1:ttica ll y cau,e/ear as Iyell.

Stream o f Corruption
Th e G re:lt L' ncl ea n On e on I'om il o l 'e r i ts ene m i es - I h i s is
\\'o rke d ou t in th e , hoot i ng ph ase , T h e ex te lll o r th e I 'o mit is
indi cated using the extl.' nded teardrop -,haped template, the same
o ne that is used for d ragon, flame and fire ;m acks , Positio n the
tempbte in front o f thl.' daemon, ~o that the broad end lies away
from the c!:l emo n and the tempbte C()I'ers yo u r target.
Eve ry mo d e l und er the l em p late mu st atte mpr to di l 'e aside in
o rde r to avoid th e I omi t. To d il'e aside mo cle ls IllU't ro ll equal to
or less than the ir Initiatin' o n it D 6 leg. humans mu st roll 3 o r
le;s). I f it faib , the targe t :lulOm:ni call y take, I Iyo u nd , with no
sa l 'ing throlY for armour. roll o f 6 :1 1" '<1\'5 fail s. en ,n if [he target
h as a n Ini t i atil'e of (i o r Ill o re . T h e re i s n o n ee d t o d i srupt
fonn:nio m by 3Clua lly Illoving models aside w hen they jum p o ut
of the \\',"', it is enough to imagine th:.1l the\' d so .



Greater Daemons
All the sp ecia l rule, ror da em o n, ap p'" ;to d esc ribed ea rl ier In
p<lrlicu lar. note that the Great l 'nd ean One ha, a ,al 'ing thro \\' o f
1+ heGlu'l" o r ih da emon ic int angihi lity and . in pan, 10 the bct
th 'lI it is I 'e rr fat indeed .

T he G rea t l'ndean One is a potcnt Sorcerer " 'ith a Ill:lg ic lel 'd of
and may ClSt fou r spells from the \u rg le spell d ec k. See the
Chaos Da emo ns section for cletai b.

T he 13easts of :"\ urg le are giga nri c and ., Iug-like. T heir head s are
top ped by a fringe o f fat tentacles from w h ich oozes a p ar, tl ysing
, lime. \ 'icl ims o r the 13cast :I re not necessa rill ' dead , Ih eir .still and
ap pa rentl), li feless bodie, are merely p ar;tl ysed sO Ihe Beast Gin
return to them once the balile is over. They abo leal'e a slillll ' tra il
hehind the m as Ihey mon', like th:l t o f a , Iu g o r a sna il.

OF :"\ L'HG LE








13easts o f '\u rgle are h uge and m o nstrou s. and the refore ca use

fear as de, cri hed in the Wa rhamll1er rulebook.

All the spl.'c i:ti rules for daemons appl y In p art icub r, note that Ihe
Beast of . urgle h,,, a s:II'ing throw o f 1+ beGlu.,e o f iLS cbe mo ni c
int:tng ihilill' or daem o nic aura.

T he Beast o f i'\urgle has D6 attacb from its tentacles, d etermi ned
du r in g eac h h a n d- to- h :tn d comba l r o un d . T he , l ime will
autO ln ~ltic dl y penetr:llc th e vi ct il1l '~ a rm o ur, so no an11CJUf sa \'(~ is
perrnilled fo r mo de " ,rruck by the 13e:tsl.

Slime Trail
T he Beast leaves a slime trail hl'hin d it as it m o ves. T his means ir is
i mpos si bl e 10 all ack [ h e Beas t fro l11 th e side o r rea r witho u t
tou chi ng the , li me. A n)' mod e l all em pt ing to ,mack the l3east in
Ihis " '3)' I" ill sust:ti n :t , ingle 3utoll1:.tti c hit as if' it h:.td been , truck
bl ' th e Bea,t itsel f. T h i.' is ,,'o rked OUl befo re th e attacker' s o w n
blo"'s Cl re struck.




Pl agu ei1earers are crea ted fr III all the poor morta l cre at u re~ \\'ho
have d ied of the dread ed di se ase :\fu rg le 's Ko t. a l e rrib l e and
i n c u rah l e contag i o n an d o ne o f :\urg le 's f in es t co n cocti o n s,
Plag uebearers are also ca lled l\urgle 's Tallyme n, bee-au,.;e it is th eir
jo b to k eep co unl o f al l rhe m an )' d i ~e a s es and corrupti o ns rhat
rhe ir master vis ir s upo n rhe world, T hey are su rrounded by the
co nsranr d rone of co unr ing, and rhe: end k ,s bu zzi ng o f rhe n ies
th:il ho ver like a b bck clo ud Over thl'ir heael s,
1'I:tgu ebea rers have g ree:n, pUlrid skin , split and rancicl li k e l hal of
:\urgle himse lf. Th e\' ha\'e a sing le eye and one ho rn that sricks
srraight out o f rheir fo rehea ds - in rh e late srages of ;\urgle's Rot
th is h o rn sp rour, from th e suffere r' S bro\\' , I'bg uebe:lI'<: rs are
armed \\'ir h a gnarled l'i:t g uew,,'ord \\'hose [Qu ch b ring' di sease
and dealh,








A ll rh e , peda l ru les fo r d aem o ns ap p ly :IS d esc rihed earlier. [n
particubr, no re rh at rhe Piag uebeare r has a s,I\'ing thr \\' of _IT
hecause of its da emonic intangibilit)' or daemon ic <lUI'3 ,



T he Pb gu esw o rd d rips wilh \'en onwu s sl im e , [I' rhe t:lrge l ha s

m o re rh an 1 wou nd, Ihen a woun d from this \\'eap o n \\'i ll kill
Illo rt,d crearu re, o n rhe D6 ro ll of iI I o r more, regardl es, o f how
many " 'llund s th e leu'gel ca n no rma lly susl:.t in , Note rh'lI rhis only
appl ies to mortal crea tures - nOI d ae mo n, o r Gndea cl,

Be i ng da e m o n i c mon ~ t e rs rhe Pl ag u cb earers ca u se fear, as

d escribed in rhe Psycho logy rules,

Cloud of Flies
Plaguebearers are surrou nded by a hl ac k cloud o f nies, \'('hen the
Pbguebearers are fighring Ihese fo u l h u zzing crea tures fly into the
e ye s a nd mou t hs of Ihe ir en e m i es, c lo g g in g t h e ir e:lrs , "nd
cra wling up rheir nostril s, This rerrible d istract ion ll1e"ns tha t 'lily
enem y fig ht ing a I'lag uehearer mu sl dedu ct - 1 from all his to hil
dice ro ll s,

A unit o f Plaguehea rers has a magic level and ca n cast ,pells like a
\\' iz:lrd, The size o f rhe unit d efin es irs m ag ic leve l ,md rh e numher
of spells ir m ay cast: 1-5 m od els; m ag iC leH:1 l one sp II: 6- 10
models ; magi C level 2 / r\\' 0 spe ll s: I J - 1-) 11lo dels ; m ag ic leve l
3 th,ree spe ll s: 16+ mo d els; m"gic level " fo ur spells, pells musr
be dra,,'n fro m Ihe '\u rgle spe ll deck - See Ihe Chaos D aem o n,
section for derail s,

:\u rg li ngs are tiny, mal e\'( )le nt d aem o ns rha r feed upon the pu s
an d sl im e that d rib h le fr()111 rh e so res o f a G rear l 'n cl ea n One,
T hey are m inute images o f ;\urg le hi mse lf. ro tu nd and bl o ar ed,
their g reen , kin co vered \\'i rh bo ils and ,ores, A lth ug h they are
tin y there are ma rl\' o f them and rhey m ()\'e to gerhe r in a h uge,
writ h ing ma ss, like a sea o f gree n co rruplion , T hev 11;,,'e sharp
teeth and ca n o\'em'he lm "n enemy b y sheer numhers , che" 'ing
at rh eir fe e t and a nkl e" le a\' i ng th e l o\\' e r p an of the ir l egs
co \'ered \\'irh festering little bires,
Beca u se rh ey are SO nu me r o us
:\urg l ings are re pr se n red by a
l a rge b as e cramm e d wi th the
creatures, I nd ividu al mo dels d n 't
fight but the \\'ho le IXl se is treated
a, a sin g le m o n srer wilh ,eve ral
art ac b a nd i s able ro \Y i lh ~ t:rnd
s", \'e ral \\'o uncl s,

;\ 'RG LI ;\GS







Daemo n s
All the special ru les for daemons app!\', [n p:rrricul ar. no te rhat a
~ t a nd of :\u r g l ings has a ,;"'ing rhrQ\\' of -1 + hec"u~e o f its

d<remonic intangi bility or d<remonic au ra,

'u rgl in gs are daemo ns and so cause feal', O nl' base o f I -u rg lings
counlS as one mod el fo r pu rposes o f fear.




The Lord of Ch'lIlge is the \\'isest and mos t subtle o f all the Greater
Daell1ons. a mo nster wh ose ga ze penetrates int o the very depth s
o f the ~o ul exposing ito vi ctim's innermC>.st hopes anc! fears.
The eiaem on is huge and myesome in appearance . w ith " plu med
bo d\' and \',I st Illulti-col o ured \\in gs. I ts head is th'l t o f it
mo nstro us preda tory hird. anc! its sctl edlegs bear w lo ns 'IS sharp
'Inei de adl \' as th ose o f any e' lg le. The daem o n ', fe'lth ers c ln
cha nge co lo ur. hut ;lI'e alway:; ex trem e l y br igh t 'In el raci i'lnt.
reflec ting bright ye ll o ws. hrilliant reels. and ri ch blues.


T he Lord o f Cha nge has w ings and ca n ./7)' as desc ri bed in th e
Warh"mll1er rulebook.

The Lord o f Change is amongst the most terrifying o f all monsters
The psycholog)" rules for /errora ppl y. l3ea r in mind th ~lt m onsters
\Yh ich ca use terror <l ut o m,lIi ca ll y cause / ear a;; w ell.










The Lord of" Change is a poten[ Sorce rer " 'it h a magic !e\'el o f -I.
and is emitl ed to cast four spells drawn from the Tzeentch deck.
See the Chaos [)'Iemon;; sectio n for detail s.

Greater Daemons
A ll the special rul es for da emons app l y ;I S descri hed e'ldiet". :\ole
th'll th e Lord or Chan ge has a sa I'ing th ro\"\' of 4 + b ec luse of it .s
daemonic :lura.

T he D iscs are things of th e w arp. shark-li ke crea tures th at hu nt in
the seas o f magic " 'he re e'e n daemons are vu lnerab le to their
'llta ck;;. They take [h e shape of llattened. pLtte- lik e crearures. wit h
vicious teeth and sharp spines. They have no limhs. andll10ve by
hOI'ering o r fl ying through the air. A Champion o f T zeenrch ca n
ride a Disc into batt le. soaring ahove his foes and d iving down to
deliver his ,ma cks .







A l l t h e sp ec ial rul es fo r da e m o n s app l y as d e;;crih ed in til e
\V:l rhamiller rul ehoo k. T ile Di sc has a s:lvi ng til ro or "1+ beca u;;e
of its cb em onic inr'lIlgihilitl' or cLlemonic aura.

D iscs can F)' as desc rihed in th e \'V:Hlull1ll1 er ruleb oo k (eve n
thoug h they have no ,,ings').

Di scs are w eird daem o ns. A Di sc rid er therefo re causes feCi r as
described in the \Va rh ,lIll1ner rulebook.



FLi mers are :lIllOngst th e strangest o f all da emo ns in ;Ippearan ce.
The ir lo,,'er portio ns resemble inn:rted mushroo ms w hose stalks
have heco m e mu scular hodies from wh ich .s prou t t\VO /lex ibl e
arms each spitting mag ical /l ames. A Flame r ha s no head :IS such.
b ut its e\'es and uapin o ma \\' lie ber" 'c t:n its ,waving arms . The
Fbm~r i~ s~lrpris~~dy ~i1e. Its fungoid hody ca n 'tk~ "ith great
strength , allow ing it to m ove bv ju m p ing and hound ing.








Flame Attacks.
Flamers abo use their flames to engulf and d estroy en em ies in
cl ose co mbat. Anv mo del th at suffer~ a wou nd takes D3 \\'ound s
instead of I. Ro ll ~ D6 1-2 = I 3- I = 2. 5-6 = 3. T h is only m atrers if
the enemy ha s more than I wou nd. o f course.

All the specia l rul es for (b emons apph' as described. In particubr.
n ot e t h at a Fl am e r ha s a s,I\'ing thrOlY of ' 1+ b eca use o f i ts
lb emo nic inra ngibil ity or daemon ic au r:!.

Fb mers o f T zee nr ch are bi zarre and frig hte n ing elae m o ns anel
cau se /ear as descri bed in th e W'arh:unmer rul ebook.

Sh oot Flame
Flamers ca n shoo t m ag ical /l"llle in the shoo ting ph ase. Magica l
flamc ha.s a r:mge of 6". no dedu ction i, made fo r lo ng range. and
any target Slru ck sust:l in.s D6 St rength 3 h its.

Flamers IllOl e b) ho unding - Lhey ca n mOI'e o l 'er :In)' o bstacles
w ithout pe n:lity. See th e l\lovelll ent .sect iOn in th e Warhallliller
ru lebook.

H o rro rs of Tzeen tch are Iyild crea tu res ma de from raIl' mag ic.
T hey :Ire full o f ho undless energ" and spin lik e to ps as the\' hop
and Iv hid acro ss the h"ttl d icld . madl y cack lin g and b ray i ng .
H orrors a re ma de fro m pu re m ag i C :ln d g lo w ,IS they mO Ie .
creati ng a d:!zzling ca rpet of I'ilid co lou r.
T here are t\\'O types and co lo urs of Horrors . They all begin as Pink
H or ro rs. Wh e n a Pink Il o n'o r is wound ed il e mit s a p ie rCi ng
sq ueal and immedi ate ly sp lils illl o two Blue H orro rs. Bot h so ns
continue to hg hl IOgether in :! blur o f h lu e and p ink I';lcklllce.













All th e spec i:d ru les fo r daemo ns ap pl v. hut nore th aI' H orrors do
not rece ive the usual s:!"ing thro,,' for d ae mo ns fo r the reaso ns
gi ve n be la",.

H o rrors are d ae m o ns and so cau se fear. as d escribed in th e
W:! rharnmer rulebook.

\Xl h e n a Pi nk 1I 0 n'o r su st ain s a Iyound i t is n o t sla i n bu t
aU lo m ali ca ll y di v ide, into twO fl lu e Horro rs. Remove the m ode l
and repl ace i t with tlYO Blue H o rror mo d els. These co ntinue to
fi ght o n in pla ce of the o ri g ina l Pink Ho rror. unril the y rece ive a
\yo und :lnd :I re rem o l eel. :'\ote that. u n like most o ther daemons.
neither ,,:!ri ery o f H o rror rece ives;1 da emo n saving thro w.

A un it of H o rror ha s a magi c l el 'el anel Can c as t spe ll s li ke a
,,izard. T he numbe r of Pink Horrors in the u nit d efi nes its magiC
lel 'e l and the numhe r o f spell s il Gin cast: 1-5 m ode ls = ll1:1gi c
leve l L o ne spell: 6- 10 m ode ls = m agiC leve l 2/lIYO spell s: 11-1 5
m od e ls = leve l ,)/three spe lls: 16+ mode ls = m ag ic leve l 4Jfo u r
spe lls. "Ole rh'lt Blu e Horrors do not cou nt. Spe ll s Illust he dr3wn
fro m the Tzee lllch ~ p e ll s deck. See Ih e Chaos D aem o ns sectio n
for cleta i Is.



he Orc army drew into a dense mass on top of the ridge. Below
the green horde a sea of morning mist layover the rolling
landscape. Here and there the tops of hills broke through the
w hiteness, round and green and glistening with dew. Old Klaw
Crookfang w atched the islands grow larger as the mist
gradually evaporated in the heat of the eady sun.
Klaw coughed and wh eezed as he fo ug ht to bring up
som recalc itrant debri s fro m th e ho tt o l11 o f his o ld
lungs. He lea ned O\'er in his saddle and spa l nOisil y
o nto G iml ug his lo ng-sufferi ng Gohlin 51:I\e.
"r ahh ' Gork I 'ates mo rnins. 5\\'Ore KI a\\' to no hody
in pa nicular. His \yar bO;lr mo unt snu ffled uneasil \',
lifted its sLuhby tail and let rip \\'ith :I no ise like a tentflap in :I gal e.
"Phe\\ww Boss. " \\'hinecl Gil11lug, "'as sUl11fink died, ..
Wor a niff.""
Kla\\' ga \'e Gimlug his besl 'Don'tlll ess \\'ith me rm in
a bad 11100C.1" glare and said. "'COLlrse not g it-fearures,
I al ways smell s lik e Ihi s .. .. Th e Go hlin g rin n ed
repentanLl y.
Kl a\\' w as not feeling good. L suall y there w as no thing
li ke a scrap to chee r his s<\ \' age heart but toclay \\'as
di fferent. T he tri be seemed ill at ease. ?\orm ally th e
Boyz \yoltld he sho uting and yelling by nO\\', working
Lh e m selves up fo r a reall y goocl Wa aagh l Thi s
morning the green horde was quiet. Even th e Goblins
sto od so le mnly in rank \\'it ho ut so mu ch as a
squabhle o r jest io pass the time. T his \\'as go ing [(J be
a dirty haltle. 'Chaos . he mu ttered . T he \\'o rcl left a
bad taste in h is mo uth. He spa t in disgust.
"j\Iissed l11e .. , ooops!" squea led G imlu g as he c1 eft ly
ste pped o ut o f rh e p ath o f th e v il e g ree n go hbet.
in ad ve rt e ntl y pl anting hi s left foo t in a .';reamin g
mo und of hoa r dung.
Klaw Crook fang turned to hi ~ Boa r \1 0\'Z. Their ugly
sca rred face~ \\'ere as famiLlr to hi m as the huge w art
at th e end o f his nose. O f all the trihe these \,\'ere his
Boyz, rook fang 's K ill ers as he li ked to ca ll th em .
H e' e1 leel th ese fer o c io u s wa rri o rs thr o ug h m o re
halll es than he could count. fvlan y, many mo re than
he co u lcl co unt as ir ha p pened , as numbers g rearer
tha n t h ree re m ain ed a -:Ic r ed Ill )' te rv to th e
straighrfo r\y arcl o ld Ore.
He loo ked at his troops no w ancl se nsed disquiel in
th eir evt's . H e o bse r ve d th e slo p e o f Ih e ir bo \v ed
s h o u l d ~ rs ancl th e humo url ess ser o f th e ir sla b- like
jaws. T hey had shared so me g rea t d ap l oge th e r
' hedding th e rhi n red bl ood o f men an d stunt ies
ben\'een BLIck Fire Pa ss and Red Eye j\ lo untain. He
could rut a n3me to every battered face. Th ere \\'as..
errr Wh atsisname with th e big ea rs, and over th ere
wa s O () jalll ~lnip from do wn the l3adlands, Next to him
was Thin g imajig \\'ho losl Ihree cl aw ::; ar Dea drock
Ga p .. . no\\' th ere wa s a real scrap,
The o ld Orc cl ea red his rhroa t and spo ke. "Lad z." he
sa id, "La Iz, [ kn o w s w hat yo u ' re think ing ." He
p311 sed fo r a mo ment to let this sink in ," haos. " He


pau sed again . "'{o u 're Ihinking why do w e 'as ro fight

th em 'o rr i h le dirt di sgu stin' rhin gs (' Th e Orcs
murmured un c mfo rtab l "W ell I'll te ll ya, " K law
continu ed. ''1'11 tell ya \\hy . Ya all kn ows as how the
lackey - of da Da rk Gods 'as been gelling ready fo r da
big push. W ell thi s is it. They's in fro nt of us. They's
heh ind us . T hey's ca plUred th e brid ge o ve r da big
ri ver and rhey's go t the runries ho led up in the big cily
rhe call Praag. Th ere ain 't nowhere fo r LI S to hide,
la dz. Th ere ain 't no way O ll!. W e's gor to fi g ht and
happen as no t \\'e're gonna clie."
"Go rk kn o \\'s w e ain 't afra id a d yin ' Bas ', " cried th e
O rc with th e b ig ea rs, "bur th em thing s.... rhe O re
made a face whi ch expressed his Uller disgust. "Giv'
us a scra p agin' th em slllnrie D\\'arfs o r sk inny Elves.
o r againsr H urk's mo b an' \\ 'C 'S w i\' yer. . but. .. them's
nor naru ral... not pr per fresh and bloodthem 's no t."
"La d z, \ad z." sighe d Kla\Y ,'ye r ri g ht . an ' no -o ne
know s it m ore rhan me. If I 'ad m y w ay w e'd be li vin'
it up in Black Crag o r lordin' it o ver them gobbos ar
il/lo unt Grilllfang, but we :Iin 't. \X1e's here and no \" , an'
Ihe filthy Dark Gods is Ill:lrchin' down o n us."
Even as rhe old O rc spoke rh e rrurh behincl his w o rd s
w as revealed a ' o ut o f the mists th ere emerged a huge
Jrm y. Rank upo n r<lnk o r i ro n-clad Chaos Warriors
tramp ed fo rw ard. Beh ind t he Chaos Wa rri o rs, th eir
ho rrifi c 'hapes still co ncea led in the mist, marched
da emo ns and m o nstro us spawn of the Dark Gods.
"Cum mon ladz." squealed a rin y \'oice. II w as Gimlug.
"Da B Ss is right. .. if w e'~ gonna die \\'e 's gonna cl ie .. .
an' if we's gonna cli e then we's gain' o ut wi\' a bang!"
Th e t in y Go hlin g rinnecl manically and snatched a
spear many ri mes irs O\\'n height fro m o ne o f rhe Bo ar
I3oyz. Wa ving rhe -pea r frantically the Go h lin d ashed
fo rwa rd \"h ooping ancl screami ng, "C haa aaarge ' " ar
rh e top o f h is sq uea k y vo ice . The so und trail ed o ff
into th e mist and \'anishec.l.
Si ll y lillI e bu gge r - th o ug hr KI<I\\' tea r full y as h e
\yarcheel rhe tiny figure di sa ppear o ut o f Sight. H e'cI
o wn ed that chee k y gobbo since it w as a pup . He'd
miss littl e Thin g)' . Th e so un d of a rh o usand sw o rds
clrawn as o ne bro ug ht him bac k to th e present. He
looked aga in at his Bovz and this time he saw a new
purpose in rhei r eyes , no t hope b ut d etcrminario n .
not the cheerful lusl for vio lence he \yas accusto med
to , but a g rim anel unsh ak eab le re so h'e. The war
boars sno rtecl and sr<l mpedtheir hooves eagerl y, their
evil red eyes sparkling in th e Iighr of the new day.
"We' s rea d y Boss." anno un ce d rh e bi g ea red O re.
"Let's sort 'e m a li t. "
"R ight then, " sa id Kla\\. " Iet's SO rt 'em o ut ladz."



n cO l11mo n with aU the other Warhammer

A rmies ~e ri es th e Ch:l os arm y li st is
designed so that you can choose an army
to a ro illls I ',du e agreed by you and your
o pp n nr. Alth ug h you ca n choose an
arm y o f an y po ints I'alu e yo u wi sh. th e
sm all es t practi ca l size is aho ut 1000
points. T he usua l size fo r banle that will
la st an eve nin g is 2000 p o in t~ , w hil st a
3000 po int halTl e Iyi lllake the best pa n of a clay to fighl.
Most p laye rs prefer to coll ect th ei r armies in co nven ient
b loc ks o r cbunks. A good sta rt is a 1000 pO int co re army
w hich yo u ca n paint :lI1d fie lcl \Ihi lst deciding w ha t to add
nex t. O nce you have ga ined a fee l fo r your army you ca n
add funher sm aller ch unks as you go alo ng. This is a good
Iya y of devel p ing an arm y as it enables you to judge its
strengths and sholtcomi ngs then add new troops either to
make it el 'en bener o r to cover a gar.
When arrang ing a harrle it is usual for hoth sides to hal 'e
armies of the same points va lue - sa y 2000 pOi nts a side.
Each pla yer ch 0 'es his army fro m his O\l'n army list up to
the agreed po ints va lue. The total I'a lue of your army may
o ft en b e a few pOinls sho rt of t he ag reed tol al simp ly
hecause th ere is nothing left to spend th e last odd point
As well as fix ing the tot:t1 po int I 'alue w ith your o ppo nent
yo u can ab o arrange any o ther d etail s as vou wish . Fo r
examrle. you mig ht agree to play Iy ith a se lf-imposed limit
of one w i zard, o r you might agree to use o r no t use any o f
th e special characters al 'ail ah le to yo u. and so o n. Such
se lf- imposed r es tri c tions ar e a matt e r of p (:' rso n al
preference. and it i ent irely u p to you I,'hether yo u do thi s
o r no t.

The ann y li st d e fin es how yo u ca n spend th e point s
aV~lil ab l e 1.0 yo u to form you r arm y . A Cha os army can
in c lud e f i ve h roa d categories of tro o p s: CharaCle rs,
Reg im e nts. Cha os Daem o ns. lVl o nsters and A lli es . Th e
propo rti o n o f po ints you are penniltecl to spend in e<l h
ca tego r), is defined in th e b ox e nti tled Ar m y Selectio n
\I' hic h p recedes th e list prope r . Fo r example . yo u ca n
spend a maxim um o f 50% o f your points on Characters but
o nl y up to 25% o n lonsters, II ;Irmies are subject to these
hroa d restrictio ns to som e (:'xtenl. and th ey are th ere to
ensure the anni s are reaso nabl y \yell halanced and do n't
consist entirely of monsters. characters. o r p O\l'erful wa r

The different types of characters vou Ca n include in your
arm y are defined by th e Characters sectio n of the arm y list.
T he po ints cost of a charact er is his basic points I'alue as
g i\'en in th e list plus the COst o f his :lrmo ur. wea po ns and
other optional items you choose to add. Th e pints cost of
\I'eapo nlY and armo ur is the stand,lrd va lue as g iven in th e
\Xfa r ha mme r rul eboo k . This is su mmarise d in th e
Eq ui p ment list that appears ju st hefo re the sta n o f the arm y
list itself,

If the chara cter ri des a monster then it is chosen Fr m th e

Mo nsters r an of t he l ist but it s co st is add ed t o t he
chara cter's o wn pint, I 'alu e in th e sa me Iyay as \I'ea pons,
arm o ur. etc. Thi s m ea ns t hai c harac ters ca n rid e hu ge
fea rsome mo nste rs if yo u \I'ish. b ut th e res ult will be to
red uce the ro ints you hal'e to spend on fu rt her chara cters.
The Monsters points section o f th e Arm y Selection (up t
25%) is fo r monster ' without riders 1/ 0 / for mo nsters ridden
hy characters.
If a character rides a chario t then the \;t!u e o f the chario t
it reI\' is included in the charac ter's cost. Yo u still
select the cha riot fro m the Regi ments pan o f th e lisl. b ut its
cost is added to the ch ar~ l cte r s . As w ith mo nster mo ullls.
this II'ill reduce the po ints <l1;tilahl e for o ther characters.
~lJ1 d

A cha ra cter can have magic items chosen fr<. m the magiC
item ca rds in Warh:lmmer. \Varha mmer Ballie .\Iag ic. and
th e I 'a ri ous \Va rh ammer Ar mi es boo k s. --; ' arhamm er
Armies Chaos incl udes a num he r of ne\'V mag iC item ca rels.
some o f w hich are u niq ue to Chaos, o mc of these ca rds
are Cha os Re\l'ards: mag ic items represe llling r(:'lI'ard s
g iven to Chaos Cham p io ns o r haos So rce rers b y th eir
god. O nly Chaos Champio ns o r Chaos Sorc(:'re l'S ca n have
Chaos Rew arci s, O th er magiC it ems m:l)' be res tri cted to
specific ra ces o r types of characte r as in d ica ted o n the
card, th emse h'es . T he t:lhle helow , hol\'s th e numher of
magiC items ,lI'a iiahl to c har~ l cters o f different level ".


Maximum Number of Magic Items



Sorcerer/Shaman Champion
Master Sorcerer/Shaman

Sorcerer/S haman L ord


Some regiments are permi tt ed magiC standards. These are
cove red hy the \Va rh ammer Batt le Magic su pp le m e nt
where they al'e included as magiC item ca rds. A reg imen t
must ha ve a standa rd hearer to ca rry the magiC stancbrd.
Th e po ints va lu e o f rh e mag ic standard is inclu ded in the
cost o f th e reg iment
A n, reg iments may include o ne champio n. The champion
must normall y be o f th e same ra ce as th e regiment: eg, a
Beastma n reglment ma y include a Beasrman champ io n , a
!\ Ii nota ur regiment may incl ude a M inOla ur champio n, and
so o n. Ho \\'e\'er, a Chaos Champio n may be included in
an y type of regimen!. T he cha mpion ma y take ove r as the
unit's leader or he C II1 fight in add itio n to the unit's leacIer
sho uld you \\'a nr to reta ln your o riginalleacle r model. The
points cost of th e champion and any equipment and magiC
item he m ay ca rry o mes fro m th e Characters portio n of
your army's po ints.
Nare tha t reg im ent al cha mpio ns are usuall y equipped
exactl y li ke the regiment they acco mpany except that they
ma ' ha\'t o ne ma g iC ite m i n add iti o n. T hi s is no t ,
however. tru e o f Chaos Champ io ns. A Cha os Cham p io n
ca n be eqUipped w ith any wea po ns o r armo ur permitted
to Chaos characters.


Note: T here are three leve ls of Cha os h:lInpion: Chaos

Champi o n , Chaos H e ro and Chaos Lo rd. O lwio usly, a
Chaos H ero and Lo rd arc h igher lew: l characters w ith the
approp ri ate nu mher of magiC items: ie. m 'o fo r a r [ero and
three for a Lo rd.

Th e magiC it em ca rd s norma ll y limit the avai labi lity of

spec ific items: ie, there is one card. so on I\' one char:lcter
can ha\'e tha t item. There are some excep'tions - notably
scrolls . The o th er excep ti o ns <I re Familiars an el Chaos
armour, as descrihed in th e Chaos Magic secti o n o f this
boo lc A n arlll Y 1ll:1)' include dupli cates o f Fa mili ars and
Chaos arm o ur - so sevc ra l Chaos characters ma\' ,',ear
Chaos armo ur. fo r example.

Th e bulk of th e Chaos army is o rga nised into uni ts ca lled
regiments. Reg iments Illu st ro m prise at lea.'it fi\'e models
unl ess indicated o th elwi se in th e arm y li st. Th ere is no
u pper limit to th e nUlll ber of mo dels i;1 a reg iment. The
minimum o f f'j\ 'e includes th e leader :lIld o ptio nal models
suc h as standa rd bea rer. mu sic ian . anc! champi o n. I t is
quit e po ss ihl e for a reg im e nt to co nsist o f a lea d e r. :1
standard bearer. a musician. a champio n and o nly a single
o rdinary trooper lfive in to tall.
A ll reg im e n ts are ass um ed to h ave a lea d e r \\' ho is
equ ipped in exactly th e same w av as his troops :lIld who
has identical characterist ics. This lead er costs th e sa me
number of po ints as an ordi nary trooper and o th er th:1I1
se r v ing as " f ig ure h ead for th e unit se n 'es no spec ial
purpose in the game. All regiments may include a sta ndard
hea rer and/ o r mu sician cos ting do uble th e po ints o f an
ord i na ry t roope r. Standard bearers and mu sic ians are
ass umed to he eq ui pped ~\' ith th e same ~\'e ap o n s as th e
rest o f th e unit and fig ht just like ord inary troopers (see [he
\Va rhammer rul ebook fo r a fu ll descri ptio n ).


The Chaos arm y Gin include up to 50% of its points value

as daem ons. These an be G rea ter D aem o ns o r units of
other daemons. Grea ter Daemons fight as single models in
much the same way as characters. O ther daemo ns fight in
units in th e sa me way as regiments.
Daem o ns Gin o nl y be included in your arm y if yo u also
include Chaos Champio ns (or Chaos Heroes/ Chaos Lo rds)
o r Cha os Sorcerers (d itto So rcerer Champions etc) o f the
correspo nding Ch:los Goel. So. fo r exa mple, yo u ca n o nl y
in cl ude Sla anesh d aem o ns if you have a Cham pion o r
So rce re r o r Slaanesh. yo u Gin o nl y in c lud e K ho rn e
daem ns if you h;lve a Champio n of Khorne. fote th at this
r es tri c ti o n o nl y appli es ,,'h e n ch oos in g the arm y; if
characters are subseq uentl y slain in battle it does not affec t
th e daemons in any \\ay.

Monsters are beasts b ro ught along to figh t in your army,
They incl ude cap ti ve monsters goaded into fig hting and
m o nste rs that owe a so rce ro us loya It y to th e Gods o f
Chaos. T he po ints va lu e o f mo nsters chose n as mo unts fo r
cha racte rs are NOT co n sid e red to b e p o ints spe nt o n
mo nsters, th eir cost is added to thar o f the character riding
th em and th e po ints va lu e is incl ud ed in th e Charac ters
allocati n.

Th e Ch:l os army ma y include a pro portio n o f allies wort h
u p to 25% o f its t ta l points va lue. Allies are chosen from
the Warha mmer Armies hoo k o r books indica ted . So , for
cxampl . your Chaos arm y could include 25% of its points
as Dark Eh es c hose n fro m th e Dark El f li st , o r
O rcs/ Goblins chosen fro m the O rcs & Gobli ns list. Th ere is
norhing preventi ng you fro m choos ing allies from severa l
c1 ifferem lists if yo u wi sh, so lo ng as the tota l points va lue
does not exceed 25% o f ,ro ur afll1 y's cost.


When yo u choose all ies you can spend your p oints free ly
o n characters. regiments an el war ma chines . T he norm al
arm y selecti o n prop o rti o ns clo not apply. altho ug h o ther
no rm al restri ctio ns d o ( g, if yo u include O re then yo u
w ill need 10 bu y an O rc unit befo re you are entitled to bu y
an O rc wa r machine) . You c tI1n OI include mo nsters fro m
l'o ur alliecllist unless th ey are mo unts fo r characters.
Yo u clo no t have to inclu de a General m odel fo r l'o ur ~ lIi e s
but yo u ca n do so if yo u \\' ish. Th e allied Genera l cou nts as
a chara cter in th e no rma l wa y but does not benefil fro m
an y or th e sp ecial rul es for Generals. [n effec t. th e allied
Genera l becomes a subo rdi nate character in the ~a me \,.,ay
as o lher heroes.

Pro fi les art presented in the standard fo rmat and include
all the characteristic valu es . They do not ta ke into a o unt
movement redu ctions due to the effec t or arm o ur. as this
v ari es d e p e nding on h OlY yo ur tro o p s are eq u i pp ed.
Sa ving Ihro w s are no t incl uded fo r t he sa me reaso n: ie,
they \'ary depend ing o n th e amount o f armou r your troo ps
ha ve .
Cava lry have two p rofiles. o ne fo r the ri der and anOlher for
his mo unt where ap propriate.
iVI ; Movement

'\ ; Wounds

WS ; Weapon Skill

[ ; Initiative

BS ; Ballistic Sk ill

A ; Attacks

S ; Stre ngth

Ld ; Leadershi p

IJln(}cllhirsler - Greater Daemon (if Khorll C'

T ; To ughness

The arm y list presents the pla ye r wil h a list o f troop ty pes
tha t the Chaos army may include. In most cases there is no
limit to th e number o f m odels o r Ihe numher of units yo u
can hal e. o ther than that im posed h y th e numher o f p o ints
in th e arm y . Howe\e r. the availabilit y of so me ty pes of
unit o r character is restri cted. In ~o m e cases yo u can o nly
incl ude o ne character o f a type, o r o ne o f a part icul ar sort
o f unit. Such limitat io ns are clearly indica ted in the list. For
example. yo u ca n o nl y ever include one C h ao~ General.

Th e army list itself is intended to represent the Cha os army
in the b roa dest poss ihle wa)'. PrO\'ision has been made to
inclu de a Genera l. but \I'e do not specify that tllis sho uld
be a particulal' Cha os Lo rd. We leave it to yo u to in venl a
suital Ie nam e an d ba ckg ro u nci fo r yo ur o wn Ge neral,
heroes and o ther chara cters yo u include in your arm )' .
A separate secti o n has been included after th e main arm y
list. This is entit led Special Characters an d it d escribes a
number o f heroes. sorc erers . and other indi \'idu als w ith
th eir ow n uniqu e c haracte ri sti cs, m ag ic arte fa cts and
po ints \',liues. Ir you w ish to do so yo u can incl ude these
specia l characters in your arm y. The po ints cost o f th ese
sp ec ial charac te rs co mes f rom you r Ch:lracte rs p o ints
allowa nce in the no rm al \va )'.

The saving th ro\y fo r Iroop s is not gil'en o n th eir p ro fil e
b ecau se il var ies acco rd in g to t he amount and type o f
armo ur they ~\e<Ir. Sa \'ing th ro",'s are summarised below.



Cavalry Save




Shield or light armour



Shield & li ght armour

or heavy armour on ly



Shield & heavy armour

or Chaos armour onl y



Shield & Chaos armour



Cavalry with barding

Adds further + I

For examp le. a Cha os Kni g ht wit h Ch;l os arm o u r and

shield. riding a ba rded Chaos Steed. has a sa l'ing thr()\'\, of
I +. T his m ean~ he \yill auto mati ca ll y save wh ere th ere is
no fu rt her save m od ifier.

Chaos Armour. Note that there is no movement penalty

associa ted wi th Chaos armo ur. A Chaos Kni g ht in Chaos
armou r and ri ding a ba rd ed Chaos Sleed w ill su ffe r the -1"
penalty fo r the bard ing but n o furthe r red ucti o n s. Also
n o te th at C ha os arm o ur m ay b e wo rn b y So rce rersl
Sha nu lls wi th out inhihiting th eir abi li ty to C lst spells.
Chaos armour is unu sua l hecau se it is al 'ail ab l<=: in t\yO
w ays. Cha racters ca n bu y Chaos armour as a mag ic item .
T roops can can bu y Chaos arm o u r as eq ui pment. but note
th ar cha r3 cters ca lil/ot bu y Chaos armour as equipment.



Th e follu\\ing is a l ist of all th e u su:i1 \' eapuns in th e
Warh:lInmer game . It has bce n included so th ar vo u can
refer to it for com pa rati \'c purposes and choose equipment
fo r chara crers w ith out look in g Lip d etail s in the main
Wa rh am mer rul eilo()k. In prin cipa l. a cha racter model Ill ~l y
be arm ed \\'ith an)' weapon s th at are :l\';lilabl e to th e
reg im ents sub ject to th e n o rmal res tri ct ions rega rding
\,\'eapon use (eg , yo u e mnot ca rry two halherd s as each
r eq uires tw o hand s to use) . In the case o f c hara cters
m odels must carry th e aClU ,il \\'ea p on s ascribed to them.
No te th at, ex cept for C ha os Cha mp ions , reg im en tal
ch ampi o ns are al\Y;1ys assu med to be carry ing the sam e
w eapons and \yearing the same armo ur as the ra nk-andfil e troopers in their regiment.
Items mark ed w it h an aste ri x C' ) are nO[ used by Chaos
troo ps and :Ire not th ere fore ;1 nl il abl e to vour army' s
c haracters. Th ey are in c lu d ecl o u t o f a se n se o f
co mpleteness ,

A single sw o rd , axe, mace
or other ha nd weapon ................. .
A n add itio nal sword , axe . etc ...


.. .. 1

A douhle-handed weapo n.
in clud ing double-hand ed axe, swo rd. etc ..... 2
Flail ............ .. ....... ... ... ... .... " .. .. " ........ .... " ....... 1
Hal berd .
Spear .
A lance for a mo unted w arri o r

.. :2
, 1
... :2

Bo w .... .....
Shalt Gow '
Long Go\\' . ....
Repeat ing Cr05sho\\' . .......
Javelin ' ....

.. :2
." .... .. ...... 1


.... 4

Sling ' .
Hand Gun ........ " ... " ..

.... . 3

Pisto l ".

. .. 2

Light Armo ur
Hea \')' Arm o ur
Barding for steed

.. 2

..... .. , 4





L'p to half the poin ts value of the army may be spen t on characters, T his includes
the cost of m o nsters ridden b y cha meters.



At least a qualter of the toral points valu e of the anny must be spent on regiments.
This does not include the cost o f cham p io ns, w ho are paid for out of the Characters
allo wa nce.



Up to a half the points va lu e o f the army ma y be spent on daemons,



Up to a quarrer o f the points va lue o f the army may be spent o n m o nsters , Note
th at this does no t include mo nsters ridden by characters, w hich must be paid for
fro m the Characters allo\\a nce.



U p LO a qua rrer of th e points va lu e of the army m ay be spe nt on allied troops

chose n from anyone o r m ore of the following lists: Undead. Chaos Dwarfs, O rcs &
Goblins. Skaven and Dark Elves .


, ,


YOllr Cbaos a rm)' may inclllde liP to 50% q/its p oints ua ille as characters cbosell fi'"OI 11 tbe list beloll'. YO II mllst
always include a General. but apart j i'om tbat you a re ji-ee to cboose as mallY or as/ell >cbaracters as YO ll wisb.

GENERAL ........................................ 30; points


OF CHAOS ..................................... 243 points

The arm y must include a Gen ral to lead it. Th e General is

:1 Chaos Lo rd em p ow ered by the Chaos Gods to co m ma nd
his hos ts in ba ttl e . ( Some of th e special ch aracters g i\'en
late r m:!y sen'e as an altern ative General - see th e Srecial
Characrers section .)



Chaos Lord

Chaos Steed





Steed of Slaanesh


Disc of Tz.eenrch






Khor l/e

Chaos A rm o ur/ Fre n zy

To ug hness + 1 (T =6)

Tzee ll tcb

Magic D ispel 4+

SIC/C/ lIesb

Imill une Ps, cho logy!canno t break

Equipment: Sword o r axe.

Weapons/Armour: Th e Chaos l ord m:l y be armed \',ith
an y f the \veapons or armo ur ind icated o n the Eq ui p ment
List. See t he se pa rate Eq ui pm en t List fo r summ ary and
points va lues .

May Ride: T h e Ch aos lord may ri d e a Ch aos St ed.

Altern ative ly he may ri de the daeillo n IllOllnt of his Chaos
God : Kho rn e - Juggern aut: iaanesh - Steed o f Slaa nesh:
Tze en tc h - D isc of Tzee ntc h. O r he Ill ay ri d e a m o nster
c h ose n f rom t he IVl o nster sec t io n of t he arm y li st.
A lte rn ati ve l y . he m ay ri de in a c ha ri ot p ull ed by Chaos
Steeds o r h y up to two mo unts of his Chaos Goel

Magic Items: The Chaos Lo rd may cany li p to three magic

i te ms c h ose n f r o m th e app r op ri ate car d s in
\Va rha mm er! \Va rh amm er Ba ttl e rvlagic and \X1arh,1m mer
A rmi es Chaos . As a Cham p io n of Chaos th e Chaos l o rd
may incl ude Chaos Re\\'a rcJ s as mag iC items.

Special: See the Chaos Besti alY fo r any specia l rul es that
apply to da emo n ri d ing bea sts.

T he army may inclu cie a Battl e Standa rd together " 'ith its
be:irer. T he Ba ttl e Standa rd is a Chaos Hero of an y of the
Chao God



Chaos Hero

Chaos Steed

Juggern aut


Steed of Slaanesh




Disc of Tzeentch




Chaos God: Th e Chaos l ord owes all egiance [ 0 o ne of the

Chaos God s. He w ill hm'e th e usual IVlark of Chaos fo r his
god .
N llrr; le

..4 points
.. 70 points
....... 5 points
. .... 4 points

+Chaos Steed .
+Juggernaut .
+Steed of Slaanesh
+Disc of Tzeentch

+Chaos Steed
. ... 4 points
......... ........... 70 points
+Steed of Slaanesh
... 5 points
+Disc of Tzeentch
........ 4 points





Chaos God: T he Chao s Hero ow es :lileg iance to o ne o f

the Chaos Goels. H e \\ill ha ve the usua l M ark o f Chaos fo r
his goel .
Kb om e

Chaos Arm our/ Frenzy

Nil rg fe
SIC/C/ I1 l?sb

To ugh ness +1 (T=6 )

~ lag i c

D ispel 4+

Im mune Psycho logy/ ca nnot hreak

Equipment: Sword o r axe.

Weapon s / Arm our: The Battl e Sta nda rd Bearer may be
armed ,\l ith any o f the weapo ns or arm o ur ind icated on the
Equipm e n t l ist. See t h e se pa rate Eq ui p m ent List fo r
summary and po ints va lu es .

May Ride: T he Battl e Standa rd Bea rer lllay ri de a Chaos

Steed . Alte rnatively , he may ride the da emo n 1l10 U lll of h is
Cha o s God : Kh o rn e - ./u gge rnaut: SI::r anesh - Stee d o f
Slaa nesh: T zeentch - Disc o f Tzeenrch . O r he may ride a
mo nster chosen fro m the iVlo nster sectio n o f the arm y list.
If th e Chaos General rides in a chariot the Battle Sta nda rd
Bea re r may ri d e in t he sam e c h ari o t - b ut he m ay not
otherwise ha ve a chario t.
Magic Items: T he Ba ttl e Sta nda rd Bearer is a Chaos H ero
an d may ca rry u p to tw o m ag iC item s cho sen fro m th e
arp rop ri ate ca r d s i n Wa rh am m e r/ Wa rh am m e r Ba llie
Magic an d \Va rh al11mer Arm ies Chaos. O ne item lllay be a
magiC st:J nda rd, effecti vely turning the arm y's ba nner into
a magiC standard . As a Cha mp io n o f Chaos the Chaos Hero
may include Chaos Rewa rds as magic item s.
Special: See the Chaos Bestiary fo r any

~ pec i a l

rules that

ap pl y to ciaemon ridi ng beasts.



CHAOS CHAMPIONS ........... 91 points

Th e army may include Chaos Champio ns to accompany
regiments o f troop as unit cha mpio ns. Chaos Ch:llnpion
ma y serve as th e reg iment al champio n fo r any kind of
Chaos [roop.~. including Beastmen. Minot:turs. etc.



Chaos Champion


Chaos God: The Chaos Champion owes allegiance to o ne

of the Chaos Gaels. He w ill have the usua l iI,lark of Chaos
fo r his goel .
Khom e

Chaos A rmour/ Frenzy

Nil rglt?

Toughness + J (T=6)
lag ic D ispel 4+


SIClCl llesb

CHAOS HEROES ....................... 193 poin ts

.. 4 points
+Chaos Steed ....... ....... .
+Juggernaut ...
.. .70 points
+Steed of Slaanesh
... .. 5 points
+Disc of Tzeentch .... ...... .. . 4 points

C hao Hero
C haos Steed
Juggern aut






Steed of Slaalles h


D isc of Tzee ntch




ha as Champio n may b ~ arm ed

with a n )' o f th e we ap o ns or armour indi c at ed o n th e
Equipm e nt Li st. See th e se p arate Eq uipm ent List fo r
sUll1mary and po ints va lues . Note that this is an exception
to th e normal Warhamm er rul es fo r unit champio ns. The
WarhaJ11Il1 er rul es sta te th at a regimental champio n must
be eq uipped li k e his regim ent, but in th e ca se o f Cha os
Cha mpions they are equ ip ped a ' yo u x\'ish in th e same
way as Cha os l-Ieroes. etc.

May Ride: A Chaos Champio n must rid e a Ch aos Steed

po ints) if he is leading a unit of Chaos Knights.

( +q

Equipment: Sword o r axe.

Weapo ns/Armour: A

T he army may include as many Chaos Heroes as you wi sh

within the limitatio ns o f til e points a\';lil ahle.

Immune Psycho log y!cannot b reak



Magic Items: A Chaos Champ io n ma y ca rry o ne magiC

it em

ch os en

fro m

th e appropriat e ca rds in
Barr ie Mag ic and Wa rhamm er
Armi es Chaos . s a Champio n o f Chaos he may ha\'e ;\
Chaos He\yarcl as his magic item .
Wa r h~\mm e r/ Wa rhamm e r

Chaos God: The Chaos H ero o-;\,es alleg iance to Qne o f

th e Chaos Gods. He \\'ill hal'e the usual il lark of Chaos fo r
his god .
Khom e
/\ urf:!. le

Chaos rmo ur/ Frenzy

Toughness +] (T=6)


illagic Dispel

SIc/Cl ll esh

Immune Psychology cannot break

.... .


, ,.. ~ ~-~-.'; ~(!':': '.




May Ride: A Chaos H ero m ay r id e a Chao

Steed .
Alternati vely. he may ride the daemo n mount of his Chaos
God: Kh o rn e - Juggern aut: Slaanesh - Steed o f Slaanesh:
T zee ntch - D isc of T zee nrch. Or he may ride a mo nster
c hose n fro m th e Mon ste r se ct ion of th e army li sl.
Alt ernati \'e ly , he may ri de in a chario t pull ed by Chaos
Steeds o r hy up to two mou nts o f his Ch:lOS God.

Magic Items: A Chaos Hero ma y ca rry up to two mag ic

i tem s chose n f ro m th e approp ri ate ca rd s in
Warhamm er/ \,(/arhamm er Batt le Mag ic and Wa rhamm er
Armi es Chaos. As a Champ io n of Chaos th e Chaos Hero
may include Chaos Rewa rds as mag ic items.

Special: See the Chaos Bes tiary fo r any spec i:t\ rul es that
daemo n riding beasts.
ellfl os Champion of

NI/I'~ lc

.. :'. .

.~ . :



any of the w eapo ns o r armo ur indicated on the Equ ipment

List. See th e se pa rate Equ ip me nt List fo r summan' and
po ints values.


# ",

., .:

Weapons/Armour: A Chaos H ero may be arm ed \\'ith


. .~:~~ ,; '

Equipment: S"'o rd o r axe .



. ,~


0-1 BEASTMAN LORD ......... 200 points

0-1 MINOTAUR LORD ......... 380 points

If your arm y in clude~ at least" o ne regimeIll o f Beast men

th en it may also inclu de a ~i n g l e Beastman Lord.

If your arm y incl udes at least o ne regiment o f M inotaurs

then it may also include a si ngle Minotaur Lo rd .




Beastman Lord






Minotaur Lord



Equipment: Sword o r other hand w eapo n.

Equipment: Sworc! o r axe,

Weapons/Armour: Th e Beas tman Lord ma y be arm ed

Weapons/Armour: The M inotaur Lo rd ma y be armed

w ith an y o f th e weapo ns o r ~Irm o ur indi cated o n th e

Equipment Li st . Sec th e se parate Eq uipm e nt Li st for
summary and points va lues .

with an y of th e weapons o r armo ur indi cated o n th e

Eq uipm e nt List. See th e separale Equ ipm e nl Li st fo r
summ:ll)' and po ints valu es.

Magic Items: The Beastman Lo rd may ca rry up to three

ma giC ite m s c h ose n fro m th e appropr iate card s in
Warhamm er/ Warham m er Battle: Iv lag ic and \'\ia rhammer
Arm ies Cha os . Note th at a Be<lstman ma y no r use Chaos
rewa rds - o nl y Chaos Champions and Cha os So rcere rs
m<l y ha\'e th em .

Magic Items: The M ino taur Lo rd ma y car ry up

BEASTMAN HEROES ............ 130 points

MINOTAUR HEROES ............ 240 points

If yo ur arm y includes at least o ne reg iment of Beas tm en

then it may ab o incl ude Beastman Heroes.

If your army includes at least o ne reg imenl o f M ino taur:;

lhen it may also include i\'lino taur Heroes.




BeaS lman Hero



to th ree
m ag ic it e m s c hose n f ro m th e app ro priate ca rd s in
WarhamIl1 er/ Warhamm er Battle Magic and \X'a rhaI11m er
Arm ies Chaos . No te th at a M inota ur ma y nOI use Cha os
re\ ard s - on l y Chao s Champi o ns and Cha os So rce rers
ma h:l ve them .




Minolaur Hero




Equipment: Sword or other hand weapon.

Equipment: Sw o rd or axe.

Weapons/Armour: A 13eas tm:m Hero ma y be armed \\ 'ith

Weapons/ Armour: A Mi nota ur Hero mav be armed ",'ilh

any of the weapon s or arm o ur indicaled o n lhe Equipment

Li st. See the sepa rate Eq ui p m ent List for summ ary and
po ints va lu es.

an y of the weapons o r armour indicated o n th e Equ ipmenl

Lis!. See th e sc par;lte Eq ui p me nt List fo r summary and
points va lues.

Magic HeIns: A l1eas tman H e m m ay carr y up to t \\'()

Magic Items: A lVlinotaur Hero ma y ca rry up to r\\'o magic

ma g iC it e m s c h ose n from th e approp riat e c lrd s in

\,(/arha mmer/ Wa rh <l mmer 13att le J'vlagi c and W:lrhammer
A rmi es Chaos . Note thaI a Beaslman ma y no t use Chaos
reward s - o nl y Chaos Champi o ns anc! Cha os Sorcere rs
ma y ha\'e lhem.

it e m s c h osen from l he a rprorri ate ca rd s in

" arham m er/ \ arhamm er I3atll e Magic and \'\ia rh :lInmer
Armies Cha os. Note tha t a M in o taur ma y no t use Chaos
reward s - o nly Chaos Cham p io ns ancl Cha os So rcere rs
ma y have them.

BEASTMAN CHAMPIONS ....... 60 points

MINOTAUR CHAMPIONS ....... 110 p oints

A n y reg im e nt of Beastm e n m ay in c lud e a l3e aslm a n

C hampi on armed and equipp ed lik e lh e res t of' th e
regiment (see Eq uipmem Lisl fo r pOinIS \ '~i1u es l.

An y reg im e nt o f M in ota urs m ay includ e a Minotaur

Champion armed ancl eq uipp ed l ik e the rest o f th e
regiment (see Equipmem Li st fo r points va lu es ).














Equipment: Sword o r o ther hand weapo n .

Equipment: Sw o rd o r axe.

Weapons/ Armour: A l:3e:lstman Champio n is armed in

the same way as th e rest or his regi ment excepl tha t he
ma y ha ve o ne magic item as noted below.

Weapons/ Annour: A M inota ur Champio n is armeci in the

sa me wa y as the rest o f his regim ent except that he ma y
ha ve o ne magic item as noted below.

Magic Items: A I3eaSlll1an Champio n ma y carry o ne magiC

Magic Items: A J.\,li nota ur Champio n

il e m c h o 'e n fr o m lhe approp ri al e cards in

Warhamm er/ \'\iarhammer B<mle Magic and W;lrhammer
A rmi e.~ Chaos. Note lhat a 13east man ma y not use Chaos
rewa rd s - o nl y Cha os Champi o ns and Chaos Sorce rers
may have th em .

111:1 carry o ne magic

item c h ose n fro m th e approp ri ate c ard s in
Wa rhall1m er/ Wa rhamm er Ballie Mag ic anc! Wa rh aillmer
Armi es Chaos . Note that a Mino tau r ma y no t use Chaos
re wards - o nl y Cha os Champ io ns an d C ha o~ So rcerers
may luve them.




LORD .................................................. 521 p oints
I f your arm. incl udes a regiment of at least three D ragon
Ogres th en it may also include a sing le D rago n Ogre Lord .




Dragon Ogre Lord


Equipment: Sword o r axe .

Weapons/Armour: Th e Dragon Og re Lord m ay h e
armed w ith any of the \~ eapon s or armo ur indicated o n [he
Eq uipm e nt List. See th e sepa rate Equipm e nt Li st Co r
su mmary and p o ints va lues .

Magic Items: T he Drago n Og re Lo rd m ay ca rr y ur to

three mag ic item s chose n from th e <l rpropriat e ca rcl s in
Warhammer/ \Xt'arh a1l1 Il1er Battl e i\lag ic and Wa rh :lI11Il1er
Armies Chaos. No te th at a Drago n Og re m ay not li se
Chaos r eward s - o nl y Chao s C h ~lm p i o n s and Ch ao s
S rce rers ma ha ve t hem.

0-1 CENTAUR LORD ............. 314 points

If yo ur arm y in cl ud es at leas t o ne reg iment of Centaurs
then it ma y also incl ude a single Centa ur Lo rd.




Centaur Lord



Equipment: Swo rd
Weapons/Armour: The Centaur Lord may be armed '\ ith
an y of the \,eapo ns o r arm o ur indicated on rhe Equipment
Li st. See th e sera ra te Equipmenr Li st fo r summary and
po ints va lu es.
Magic Items : Th e Centa ur Lo rd m ay carry up to th re e
magi c ite m s c h o se n fro m th e app rorri ate cards in
\'(iarh ammer/ \'(/a rh ammer Ba rtl e Magic and Warhammer
Ar mi es Chaos. No te th at a Ce nra ur m ay n o r use Chaos
rewa rd s - only Chaos Champion s and Chaos Sorce rers
may have [hem.

CENTAUR HEROES ................ 199 points

DRAGON OGRE HEROES .... 330 points
I f yo ur arm)1 includes a regiment of at lea st three Dragon
Ogres th en it may also incl llde D ragon Ogre j-Ie roes .



Dragon Ogre Hero


Equipment: S\yord o r axe .

\Ve a pons/ Armour: A Drag n Ogre Hero mal' be arm ed
w ith an)' o f th e I\ea p o n s or arm o u r in d ica ted o n the
Equ ipm e nt Li st. See th e se parat e Eq uipm e nt Li st fo r
summary ancl po ints \:ti ues .

Magic Items: A Drago n Ogre Hero may ca rry lip to tll"O

magi c ite m s ch ose n fr o m th e a ppr o p r i~ lr e card s in
\,(farhamlll er/ Wa rhammer Ba ttl e M ag ic and Warham rn er
A rmi es Chaos . N ot e th at a Dra gon Og r e may not use
Chaos rewa rds.

CHAMPIONS ................................ 155 points
Any regiment o f Dragon Og res o f at least three moclels in
total ma y in cl ucle a D rago n Ogre Champion arm ed and
eq uirped like the rest o f the regiment (see El.juirment List
fo r po ints va lu es).




D. Ogre Champion


Equipment: Sword o r axe .

Weapons/Armour: A D rago n Ogre Champ io n is ::r rm ed
in the same ay as the resr of his regiment exce rt thar he
ma y have one magic item as noted belo,,.

Magic Items: A D rago n Ogre Cha mpio n ma y ca rry o ne

magi c it e m c hose n fr o m th e app ropria te ca rds in
Wa rh ammer/ \'(/arhamll1er Bartle Mag ic and \ .' arha1l1mer
A rmi es Chaos. Note th at a D rago n Ogre may n o t use
Chaos rewa rds.


If your army incl ucl es at least o ne reg iment o f Centaurs

then ir may also incl ude Centaur Heroes.




Centaur Hero



Equipment: Swo rd
Weapons/Armour: A Centa ur Hero may be armed with
any of the w ea pon s or arm o ur indica ted on the Eq uipment
Li sl. See th e se parate Eq uipme nt Li st for summ ary and
r o ints va lues.
Magic Items: A Centaur Hero may carry up ro two magic
i tems chose n frOIll th e app ro p ri at e ca rd ' in
Wa rhammer/ Warh,lmmer Ba ttl e 'vlagic an d Warhammer
Arm ies Chaos. Note that a Ce ntaur ma y not use Cha o s
rew ards - o nl y C h~lOS Cham pi o ns and Ch~lO S So rcere rs
may ha'e rhem.

CENTAUR CHAMPIONS ..... 93 points

An y reg iment of Ce ntau rs ma y inclu de a Ce ntaur
Champi o n arm ed and eq uipr ed lik e rh e res t of rh e
regiment (see Eq uipment Li st for po int s :tiu es).






Equipment: S\yord
Weapons/Armour: A Centaur Cham p io n is armed in the
same wa y as th e rest of his reg iment excepr rhat he ma y
have one mag ic it em as noted below.

Magic Items: A Centaur Champion may carry on e magiC

ite m ch ose n fro m th e appro priate ca r d s in
Wa rhamm er/ \Va rhamlll er G:rrtle ~'lagi c and Wa rhammer
Armi es Chaos. N ote that a Cenra ur may not use Cha o s
reward s - o nl y Chaos C halllpion~ and Ch ao., Sorcerers
may have them.


.... 84 points
.. 166 points
.... 240 points
356 points

Sorcerer Champion
Master Sorcerer .
Sorcerer Lord .

Th e arm y may incl ude as man y Chaos So rce rers as yo u

wish within th e limits imposed hy th e points ava ilal Ic.







Master Sorcerer

Sorcerer Lord


Chaos God: A o r cere r owes alleg iance to o ne o f th e

Chaos Gods. H e \Yill have the usual Mark of C h ~I OS fo r his
god .
Nlli g le



a w izard o f a lower level w ithin

can cast spells


Mag ic Disrel 4+
No enc my \\ithin 12" ca n shoot/ cast
magic at Sorcerer

Equipment: S\vord
Weapons/Armour: A Sorcerer Illay be arm ed w ith any o f
th e v-eapons o r arm o ur indica ted o n th e Eq ui pme nt Li st.
See th e sera rate Equipment Lbt fo r summary anc! po ints


valu e.~ .

Shaman Champion.
Master Shaman .
Shaman Lord . .

May Ride: A Sorce rer may ri de a Chaos Steed (+4 po ints).

H e ma y also rid e th e da emon ri d ing beast o f his Chaos
God Slaa nesh - Steed of Slaanes h (+') r o ints) : Tzecm ch D isc of Tzeentch ( +4 points ). Altern;l ti ve ly. he Illa y rid e a
Illo nster chosen from the Mo nster section of th annv list.
A ltern ati vel y. he m ay rid e in a chari o t pulled by Chaos
Steeds o r by up to two 1ll 0 UllfS o f his Chaos God .

Magic: So rce r e rs are le\e l 1 wiz ards \\ith o ne spe ll.

So rce rer Cha mp io ns are level 2 w izard s w ith t\VO spell s.
Master Sorcerers are level 3 wi zard s \v irh th ree spells . and
So rce rer Lo rd s are leve l 4 w iza rd s \\ith fo ur sr e ll s. A ll
Sorcerers Illa y use spells of their o \\n Chaos Goel o r Da rk

..68 points

.. .. 134 points
....... 225 points
.336 points

If yo ur arm y inclu des at least o ne regiment o f i:leastmen it

ma, also incl ude Shamans. T he arm y Illay in cl ude as man y
Beastman Shamans as yo u wish \yilhi n th e limits imposed
by the po ints ava ilahle.





Magic Items : So rce re rs ma y h a\e on e mag iC ite m.

Master Shaman

So rce re r Cham pi o n s tv-o . Mas ter So rcerers three . anci

Sorce rer Lo rds four A ll may have Chaos R cw a rel ~ a~ magiC

Shaman Lord

Special: See th e Chaos Restia lY for any special rule., that

Weapons/Armour: A Sha man nn y be arm eel with an y o f

appl y to daemon rieling beasts.


Equipment: Sword o r oth er hand wea po n.

th e w eapons o r arm o ur ind ica ted o n th e Eq uipment Li st.
See th e separate Eq uipm ent List fo r summary and p o ints
\ztlu es.

Magic: Sh amans are l ev e l I \\i zarels with o ne spe ll ,

Shaman Chamri o ns are le \el 2 w iza rds \'-'ith two spells ,
1aster Shama ns are level 3 \\i za rd s \,:ith three spells. ancl
Sham3n Lords are le\ e l wi za rd s w ith fo ur sp e ll s. A ll
Shamans mai' use spells o f an y Chaos God o r Goel s and/
o r Da rk Magic.
Magic Items: Shamans ma have o ne magic item. Shaman
Champio ns two. M aster Shamans three , and Shama n Lo rds
fo ur. Note th at a I3eastman may nat use Chaos reward ' onl y Chaos Cha mpio ns and Chaos Sorce rers may do so.




as ,


rOllr army mllst include at least 25% 0./ its p oints vallie as Itnits chosen Ji'om tbe ./0110 wing lists - it may
illclude more i/yoll ll'ish . Tb ere is no limitatioll all tbe IIl1mber Q/ units of eacb (yp e YO II can include, otber
tban tbat imposed uJ ' tbeirpoillts mIlle. ycept ll'bere lIoted. eacb regimellt I/1l1st consists q/ at least jive models
ill total (illc!lIdillfJ, all) ' stalldard bearel: IIllisiciali. CIn d challlpio ll ll'bere p rcsell t).

CHAOS KNIGHTS ..... 66 p o ints per model

Your arm y ma y inclu de any num ber o f regiment s of Cha os
Knigh ts. (Lll1 ge ro u ~ Cha o.' \'("arrio r:- rid ing Chaos Sreed s
and ~lrIll e d with tali lances.



Chaos Warrior



Chaos Steed



WARRIORS ...................... 24 points per model
Your arm y may include any numher o f regiments o f Chaos
Warri o rs.



Chaos Warrior


Equipm ent: Chaos Knights w ear h<.:<I\)" armo ur and cany

sh ields. Th cy are arIllcd with lanccs and S\\'ords and ride
Chaos Steeds ~\ ' hic h h ~I\'e armoured harding.

Save: 2+
Options: Any units o f Chaos K.n ights ma y suhstitute th eir
llea \'Y armour fo r hao ' armu ur :It a cost o f + 1-1 po ints per
mod el (san : 1+) 1. Any units ma y carry :t magic stand ard.
T his ma y hc chosen from th e approp riate m;lgic item ca rels
:lI1d its cost is indica ted o n Ihe ca rd itself. Ch:los K nights
ma r ca rry a mJg ic standard o f one o f the Gods o f Chaos if
yo u w ish.

Equipment: Chaos Wa rrio rs \year he l\-y armo ur and are

armed wi t h swords. axes or maces.

Save: 5+
Op tions : An y units ma y carry do uble -handecJ w eapo ns at
an additiona l cost o f + 2 points per model. o r halberds at an
a ddit i o n~ t1 cost of + 2 po ints p r model. o r a seco nd hancl
weapo n at an additio nal COs t o f + 1 per moclel , or shiel ds at
an additio na l cos t o f + 1 per m o d el. Any units o f Chaos
Wa rri o rs ma y substitut e th eir hea vy arm o ur fo r Ch aos
~lrll1 0 U r at a cost of +7 po ints per m odel (-1+ sa ve/ 3+ with
shield) . Any units ma y carry a magic st:mdard . This Illay be
chose n from th e :Ippro p ri at e magic item card s and its cost
is indicated on th e card itse ll". Cha os Knights ma . ca rry a
mag ic swnd ard o f" o ne of the Gods o f Chaos if you \Vis)1.

BEASTMEN ..................... 10 points per model

Yo ur arm y ma y includ e any number of regiments of Chaos
Beast men.



Ch aos Beaslmen




Equipme nt: C haos [3 eastme n are arm ed \"\Iirh axes .

S ~'o rd s

;ll1d other hand w eapons.

Save: None
Options: An y units m;l)" carry do ub le-handed w eapo ns at
an additio nal cost o f +2 po ints per model. o r hal berds at an
additio na l cost o f + 2 po ints per model . o r a second hand
w eapo n at an addi ti o nal cost o f + I per model. o r shields at
an add i ti o nal cos t of + 1 per mo de l. An y units may ha ve
lighr armo ur al an add it io nal cost or +2 po ints per m odel.
Any units l11:.1 y carry a magic standard . Thi s Illay be chosen
fro m the app ro pri ate magi c it em card s and it s co st is
indicated o n the ca rd itsel f. Chaos 13eastmen ma y carry a
mag ic sta nda rd or o ne o f the Gods o f Chaos if you wi sh.



Chaos Warrior Crew ..
Beastm an Crew .. ...

. .. . 122 points
.86 points

Y o u r arm y may include an y numher of Chaos chari ots .

fi g ht as ind il'idu al mode ls as descr il Jed in t he
\Va rhammer rulebook - they do 1101 h ~ll'e to be o rg:lI1i ~ e d
into units of five o r m odels. Each chari ot has a crew of t~ a
Chaos Wa rriors o r Beastm en and is p ulled b y tl 0 Chaos
Ch ~lri ots

Steeds .

C haos Warri or
C haos Beastrnen
Chaos Steed



. .




Equipment: Cha os \Varriors \ ear hea l. ~lrtll O ur and are

arm ed w ith swo rd s. axes or maces. Beastmen are armed
w ith ~ I\'o rcl s o r ax es . Ch aos Stee d s h ave arm o ured
ba rding .
Options: Any crew may c lrrl' clouhle-h:m cled weapo ns at
an add itio nal cost of + 2 po ints per crewman , or halherds :I t
an additio nal cost o f + 2 po ints per crelyma n. or shields at
an ad d iti o na l cos t of + 1 p o int p er c r ew m an. Chaos
Wa rriors may substitute heav y armo ur for Chaos arm o ur at
a co st o f +7 p o int s per Ill o cl el. A ny c har iots m ay have
scy th ed w hee ls ;It ;In adcl i t i o n ~J! os t of +20 p o in ts per
chario t. O ne chario t may G ilT a magiC sta ndard . Thi s Illay
be chosen fro m th e appropriate mag iC item carcls :mcl its
cos t is indicated o n th e card itself.

MINOTAURS .................. 40 points per model

Your arm
Ivl inol<i urs.

m :ly i n c l ud e a n y n u m be r o r r eg i me n ts of




Mi nota urs


Equipment: MinOla urs are armed w irh axes, swo rd s and

other hand IIeapons.
Save: lo ne
Options: An unit s may ca rry double-ha nded weapon s at
an additio nal cost of +2 p o ints per Ill o d el , o r a se co nd
h,lJld II'ea pon a f ~In add itio na l cost of + 1 po int per m odel.
Any un its ma y ha ve light armo ur at an additio na l cost of +2
po in ts per model. An )' un its may ca rry a mag ic stancbrcl .
T his may be chosen fro m the appropri ate magic itelll ca rds
and its cost is ind icated o n the ca rd it self. M in orau rs Illay
ca rry a magic standa rd o f o ne of the G a els o f Chaos if you
w ish.

HARPIES ........................... 15 points per model

Your arm y mal' incl ude an y number of units o r Ha rpies.

CHAOS HOUNDS ...... 16 points per m o del

Yo ur arm y may in c l ud e an y num be r of units of Chaos
Ho unds - fo ul mu ta nt ho unds th at hunt in savage packs .



Ch aos Hound



Special Rule: Chaos Hounds nel 'er h:J I 'e sta nda rd bea rers
o r musicians. T hey ca n be led b y a character m od el. and
may h:l\'e a Chaos Champio n as their un it cha mp ion .




Harp ies



Equipment: None
Save: No ne
Special: H arpies ca n ./ll' as described in th e Wa rham mer
Harpy units neve r h,I\'e c hamp io n s, standa rd bea rers or
Illu sic ians. and ca nno t be led b y charac ter mode ls. n ot
even b , cha racters capab le of night.



DRAGON OGRES ....... 87 points per model

TROLLS .............................. 65 points per model

Yo ur arm y m:l y include Drago n Ogres . Drago n Ogr S do

no t have to be o rga nis ed int o units of f i v e o r more
indi v idu als. hut C:.l n h e o rgani se d in to sma ll e r units
in stea d. If yo ur army include up to fi\ 'e Dragon Ogres
th ese form a singl e unit (:1 cham pio n m ay b e included
forming a unit o f. fo r exa mple. fou r Dragon Ogres and one
champio n). If your :mny includes six to ten Dr:lgo n Ogres
th ese can be organised into either o ne o r t"'o units o f as
nea r as p oss ible equ<tI size. As befo re ),ou ma)' include a
champio n w ithin each and these count to""ards the unit's
size. Eleven to fifteen Dragon 0we~ ca n be o rga nised into
o ne. two o r three units in the same \\'ay. sixteen to twenty
into up to fou r units and so o n .

Yo ur arm y may in clude an y number o f Tro ll '. o f which

[here are three ty pes: Trolls. Stone T ro lls ancll{iver Tro lls.




Dragon Ogres


Save: Sca ly Skin gi\'es Dragon Ogres a save o f 5+.

Options: Any units may G ilT)' double-handed \\ eapons at

an additi o nal cost of + 2 po in ts per m o d e l. o r a second
hand w ea pon at an addit io na l cost o f + 1 point per model.
A ny units nny hal'(:' lig ht arm o ur at an additiona l cost of + 2
points per mo del - th e saving thrO\'\' is increased to -++ .
Any units mJ Y carr a magic standa rd . This may he chose n
f ro m th e appropriJI C mag iC it em ca rd s and it s cost is
indicated on the ca rd itse lf. D rago n Ogre.'> ma y carry a
magic sta nd:Il'd o f o ne o f the Gods of Chaos if yo u I\ish.

Special: Dragon Og res CJuse /eCl I' as described in th e

Psychology sectio n o f the \'(.'arhallliller rul ebook .
Drago n Ogres ca nno t he harmed by lig h tn ing strikes. a
descr ibed in the Bestiary.

CENTAURS ...................... 23 points per m odel

Yo ur arm y m ay in c lud e an y numh e r o f reg im ent s of
Centau rs.




Equipment: Cen taurs :Ire arm ed with

other hand \\eapo ns.

a xe~ ,


sw o rds and

Save: None
Options: Any units may carry do uble-handed \yea pons at
an additio n<tI cost of +2 points per m odel. o r ha lherds at an
additiona l cost of +2 po ints per mod el, o r a seco nd hand
\\'eapo n at an add itio nal cost of + 1 po int per mode l. o r
shields at an add itio nal cost o f +1 p o int p er m o del. Any
units may ca rry lances at an add itio nal cost o f + 1 point per
model. Any units ma y have light armo ur at an add itional
cost of + 2 points per model. An y units may carry hows at
an addi ti o nal cost of +2 p illts per model. An y units ma y
carr y a magi C stand ard. Th is may b e ch o se n fro m th e
appropriate mag iC it em ard s and its cost is ind icated o n
the card itself. Chaos Ce ntaurs Illa y ca rry a mag ic standa rd
of o ne o f the Gods of Chaos if yo u wish.


For exa mpl e. if you ha ve se ven Trolls th es coulcllJe

o rgan is d into o ne unit o f fo ur and o ne unit o f three . I f
your arm y includes ele\'en to fi fteen Tro lls th ese m ay be
o rga nised into either a Single unit, two as nea r as poss ible
equa ll y-si ze d units, o r three as nea r a p ossihle equa llysized units.

If yo ur arm\, in cl ud es si x teen o r more Tro ll s t he n th e

possib le nU I~lbe r of units goes up b y ] fo r every ext ra 5
models. eg 16-20 Troll s = up to 4 units. 21-25 Trolls = up to
5 units, 26-30 Tro lls = up to 6 units and so on .

Equipment: D ragon Owes are armed \y ith axes.


Troll ' must be o rga nised into units of th e sa me type. bur

the number of T ro lls in a unit ca n he less than the no rm al
minimum of five models. IF yo ur army includes up to fi ve
Tro ll these fo rm a single unit. Fo r exa mple you co uld
have just o ne Tro ll in your arm y and it w ill count as a unit
o n its o\\'n . If yo ur arm y includ e si x to ten Troll s ril e e
nul' be o rganised int o either o ne unit o r into tw o as nea r
as possib le equally sized units.







Equipment: Tro lls do

not need w ea pons to fig ht \ ith but

th ey o ften can)' a large clu b.

Save: No ne
Special Rules: See the I3estialY secti on fo r detai ls.




YOllr a rmy may inclllde lip to 50% of its poil7ts I.'aille as Chaos daem olls cbosell from the list beloll'. You are
permilted to choose daemolls q/a Chaos Cod if y our army a lso illcllldes a lleast one Cbaos Cbampiol/ of that
g od ( Cha os Heroes alld Chaos Lo rds a lso cOllnt) or a t least oll e Cba os Sorcerer of tb at g od (Sorcerer
Cbal17piol/s, Master Sorcerers, and So rcerer Lords also COlilitJ. So. if you want to in cl1lde Blood letters, f or
example, you must ba ue at least one Cbaos Cballlpio li. Hero or Lord of Kborll e. Crea ter da em ons a re
individllal11l odels and figbl like indep elldent fCil ge 1170Ilstel:'i. UI/ its of otber daemolls mllst cOllsist of a t least
jive 11l0dels.




800 points per model

20 points per model

If y o ur arm y incl u des at least o ne haos Champio n o f

Kho rne then yo u may also include 13loodlhirsters.

I f yo ur arm y in clu d es at least on e Cha os ham pi o n o f

K ho rn c th en you Illay also include units o f 13I0odl etl ers.







B[oodt hirster




Bloodl eller





Equipment: Th e I:l lood lhirster carries an Axe of Kho rne

~lI1d wC ~lrs

Chaos armo ur. as described helo \\'.





Eq ui pment: Hl oodl e tl ers are arm ed with a d ea dl y

Special: The Hloodthirst er is a G reater Daemo n Jnc! all the

special ru les perw ini ng to daemo ns app ly (sec th e secti o n
o n Cha os Daemo ns).
Th e I:ll o o cilhi rste r cause s terror as d escrihed in t he
Psycho logy seclion of the Wa rh ammer ru lebook.
The Bloo ci t hirste r w ears Ch aos arm o u r o f li\'ing m etal
whi ch g i ves il an arm o ur s;.l\'ing t hro w of 3+. :\Ole t hat
magic w eapo ns do no t cancel o ut the IJl0odthirsler's sa ve
as they ci o w ith o ther daemons.
Th e Bloodt hiN r is armed '\\'ilh a might )' A:xe o f Kh o rn e. A
h it in fl icted b y the xc o f K ho rne ; D3 hits.
T he l310 clthi rsler can.fly as descri bed in the Wa rh ammer
ruleb o k.

Hell blacie.

Options: I:llood lellers may ride Juggernauts o f Kho rne at

an extra cosl of 70 pOinls.
Special: l3loodletters are daem o ns and all the specia l rules
p e rt ainin g to da e m o n s ap p l y
Daemo ns).

( ~ ee

th e sec li o n on

A u n it o f l3 lo o d lelt e rs ca uses f ea r a d esc ri bed in t he

P:;ycho logr seclio n of the Warh ammer rul ehook.
Glood ktl ers ha ve a daemo n sa\'ing thro ",' o f +. This sa ve
is n gated h y magic w eapo ns.
B loo dl erre rs are arm ed \\" ith a mi g hty H ell h lad e . A hit
infli ted b y the Hc ll blade ; D3 hits.
Se e th e Chao s Bes tiary for furth er rul es pe rt ain in g to
Blood lclters.

35 points per mode l
[f yo ur arm y in c lud es at lea sl on l' Cha os Cham p io n of
Kh orne lh<:n you may also incl ude u nits of fles h Ilo uncb .
the dreadL'd dae mo n ho und s of K ho rn e.



Flesh Hound





Special: Flesh H unds are d aem o ns and al l th e spec ial

rul es perta ining to daemons apply.

f eCl r as d escribed in th e
Psvcho logy seclio n o f the Warhalllll1er rulebook .

A unit of Fles h Ho unds ca uses

Flesh H o und ~ have a daemon saving throw o f -1 +.

F/esb HOI/lid 's Col/ar of Khom e - Flesh H o und s wea r a

bra ss co llar w hich protects their daem o nic ho lies fro m the
effecl S o f magi c. Magic "" eap o ns ca nn Ol affecl a Flesh
H o und at all and an r sp e ll CaS l ag ai n st th e m is
automatically dispelled .




750 points per model
I f your army includes at least o ne Chaos hampion o r a
Chaos Sorcerer of I urgle [h en you may abo include Great
nclea n Ones.



Greal Unclean One




Special: The Grea t nclea n O ne is a Grea ter Daemon and

all th e special rules perta ining to daemo ns apply (see the
sectio n o n Daemo ns).
The Great Unclean One causes ferror as described in the
Psycho logy section of the Warhammer rul ebou k.
T he Grea t Unclean One has a daemon s~ l v in g throw of 4+.
Note thaI this is nega ted hy magic ~. eapo ns .

75 points per model
[f yo ur arm y incl udes at leas t o ne Cha os Cha mpio n o r
Cha os So rce rer o f Nurgle yo u may also include units of
Beasts - th e d readed daemo n plague beas ts of urgle.



Beas ts



Th e Grea t Uncl ean O ne Gin vom it a St ream o f Corruptio n

over its enemies (see the Besti ary and the Chaos D~l e mons

Special: Beasts are da emo ns and all th e spec ial rul e

The Great nclea n O ne has a mag iC le\'el of 4 and

fo ur Nurgle Chaos spells.

perrai ning to d ae mons appl y (see th e sectio n o n Chaos

Daemons) .

G ill


A unit o f Beasts ca usesjearas described in the Psyc ho logy

section of the \Xfarhammer rulebook.


Beasts have a daemon sav ing throw of +. This save is

nega ted by magic weapons.

30 points per model
I f yo ur arm y includ es at lea st o nc Chaos Champi o n o r
Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle then YOU may also include units
of Plag uebearers . '




Beasts of Nurgle




Equipment: Pl ag uc bea rers are arm ed w ith a venom ous

Beasts have 06 ~ttt ac k s w hi c h w ill penetrate a rm o ur

auto matica ll y. TO arm o ur save is !'e rmin ed fo r troops
struc k by th e Beast of urgle.

Slime Trail. Beca use of thei r nox io us slime trail any enemy
attac kin g fro m lh e sides o r rear of a Beast w ill
automa tica ll y susta in an additiona l S3 hit resolved before
an y o th e r co mb at is wo rk ed o ut. No armo ur sa v e is
perm itted as above.

I'lagues\vord as described helm .


Options: Plaguebea rers ma y rid e Beasts of N urg le at an

30 points per base

ex tra cust of 75 po ints.

Special: Plaguehea rers are da<:mons and all the specia l

rules pertaining to d ae mo ns appI (see t he sec ti o n on
A unit of Plagu ebea rers ca uses f ea r as d escrihed in th e
Psycho logy sect io n of the Warhammer ful ebook .
Plaguebea rers ha\'e a daem o n savi ng throw o f 4+. T hi s
save is nega ted hy mag ic weapons.
Plaguebearers are armed ~' ith a ve nomo us P l ag u e~wo rd .
(o rt al creatu res (no t daem o ns or ndead) su ffe rin g a
wound fro m the Plaguesword are auto mati ca ll y slain o n
the D6 ro ll of a -1+ rega rd less of ho \\" many \'v ou nds they


If yo ur army includes at lea st o ne Chaos Cha mpi o n or

Cha s Sorcerer of N urgle you may also include urglings tiny. mu ltitudinous daemons of Nurg le. Your army may
in clude any num ber of N urg ling hases. I f the arm y
includes up to fi ve 1 u rg ling bases these form a single unit.
Si x to ten bases can be fOfmed into either one or two units
of as near equa l size as possible. eleve n to fifteen bases
ca n be form ed into o ne. two o r three units.



Nurgling base


Special: Nurglings are daemo ns an I all th e spec ial rul es

pe rt aining to d ae m o ns ap pl y (see th e sectio n o n
Daemo n .).

A unit of Plag uehea rers has

a ma g iC leve l o f 1 p e r five
m ode ls. and o ne i\ urg le
Chaos spell per five models.

A unit of Nurg lings c:l u ses fear as desc rib ed i n th e

Psycho logy sectio n of the \Xfarhammer rul ebook.

See the Ch aos Bestiar , for

furth e r f ul es perta inin g to

A I urg lin g base Ius a daemo n sav ing throw of 4+ for

wounds inflicted upon it. This sa ve is nega!ed by magic
wea po ns.


700 points per model
If yo ur arm y includ es :1t leas t one Chao s Champio n or
Cha os Sorce rer of T zee ntch [h en you m ay also inc lude
Lo rds o f Change.




Lord of' Change





Special: The Lord of Change is :1 Grea ter Daemon anc! all

th e sp ec ial rul es p ertainin g
Chaos Daemons sectio n).


dae m ons appl y (s ee th e

Th e Lo rd o f Chan ge ca u ses l el' ro l' as desc rib ed in the

Psycho logy sectio n of [h e Wa rhammer rul ebook.
The Lo rd o f Cha nge has a d ae mon sa vi n g th row of 4+.
Note [hat thi s is negated by magiC weapons .
The Lo rd o f Change has w ings and ca n.Jll' as de 'cri hcd in
the Warhaillmer rul ebook.
The Lord o f Cha nge has a magiC le\'el o f 4 and ca n lake
fo ur Tzeentch Chaos spells.

50 points per model
I f yo ur arm y includ es at least o ne Cha os Champ ion o r
Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch yo u ma y also inclu de units of






35 points per model
If y o ur army includ es at leas t o ne Chaos Cha mpi o n o r
Chaos So rce rer o f Tzeentch th en yo u ma y al so inc lude
units o f Pink Ho rrors.




Pink Horror

Blue Horror



Special: Horrors are da em o n s and all the spec ial rul es

pertaining to da emo ns app l y (see th e sec ti o n o n Chaos
Da emons).
A unit of H o rro rs ca u ses fear as d esc ri b ed in th e
Psycho logy sectio n of the \X'arhammer rul ebook.




Special: Flame rs are dae m o ns an d all th e speci al rul es

pertaining to cla e m o ns apply ( see th e sect io n o n
Daemons) .
A unit o f Fi:lm e r s ca uses f ear as d esc rib ed in tile
Psycho log secti o n o f the \Varh am ll1er rul ebook.
Flamers have a cia em o n saving throw o f 4+. Thi s save is
negated b y magic wea po ns.
Flame rs may shoot fl ame up to 6" and an y target stru ck
suffers D6 S3 hits.
In hand-to-hand fighting an y enem y that suffers 1 w o und
sustains D 3 wo unds rather than 1 because o f the effect of
the daemo n's names .
Flam ers ca n b o und

er obs tacles w itho ut move m ent

pe n a lt ~' .

A unit o f Horrors h as a m ag iC Ie el of 1 pe r fiv e Pink

Horrors and o ne Tzee ntch Chaos spell per five m odels.

Split. A Pink Ho rro r that is slain is replaced immed iately by

tw o Blu e Horror models. These co ntinue to fight as pan of
the unit until they are slain , w hen the m odels are removed.
Note that Horro rs o f either co lo ur do no t have a daem on
saving throw - [h e splining rul e is their version o f th e sa me



OF SLAANESH ............_. 35 points per model
If yo u r arm y inc lud es :It leas t ne Chaos Cha mpio n or
Chaos S rce rer of Slaan es h then yo u may al 0 inc lu de
ul1.i ts of Oa emone tl es.





Steed of Slaanesh


750 points per model




Options: Da emon ett es ma y rid e te ds of Slaa nesh at an

extra cos t o f 2') points per model.

If n )ur arIll\' inc lu des at least o ne Chaos Cha m pion o r

Chaos So rce re r of
Keepers o f Secrets.

Sl a~tn es h

th e n yo u Illa y also inc lu de

Special: Oaemon eltes are daemo ns and all Ihe spec ial
ru les pe rt ain i ng to da em o ns app l y (s ee the sect io n on





Keeper of Secret,





Special: The Keeper of Secre ts is a G reater DaeIllo n and

all th e special rul es pert aining to daemo ns app ly (see the
sect ion o n C ha o~ Daemo ns).
Th e Kee pe r of Se cret ~ c lLIses terro r ~ I S d escrihed in th e
1' ~)'L' ho l ogy secti o n of th L' '\ arhamme r rul eiJook .
The Keeper (ll- Secrets has a daemon sa l ing throw o f
;\;(l[e that th is is negated h y m~ l g i c we~lpo n s .

"I T .

A unit o f Da emonert es ca uses f ear as d esc rib d in th e

Psycho logy sectio n o f the \'(/arham mer rul ebook.
Daemonettes ha ve ~l daemon sali ng thrO\\ of 4+. Th is save
is nega ted bv mag ic lI'eap)n -.
A un it o f D :lem o nett es has a ma g iC lel c l o f 1 pe r fi ve
models. and o ne Slaanesh Chaos spell per five models.
Fo r furth er r ules rega rd ing Ste ed s o f Slaa ncsh se e th e
Chaos l3esti,m.

The KeepL'r of Secrets has an entrancing Aura o f S Ia ~ tn es h .

Each enem y in base co ntact mu st pass a 206 L <Idership
test ~1l the stan o f any ro ll nd o f com hat o r it \\'i lllx.' unable
to figh t.
The Keeper of Secrets has a magiC Ic" el o f
fo ur Sla anesh Chaos spell.-.


,in I ca n take

OF SLAANESH .............. 30 po ints per model
[f yo ur arm y includes at least o ne Cha os Champio n o r
Ch aos Sorcerer of Slaa nesh you m:l y also include units of
Fiends - hein ous daemon heasts o f Ihe Prince of Chaos.


Fiend s



Special: Fie nds are daemo n s and all th e specia l ru les

pen aining
Daemo ns ).


da em o ns appl y (see the sect io n o n Chaos

A unit u f Fiends ca uses jear as described in the Psyc ho logy

sectio n
the Warhamm er rul eboo k .


Fiends have a ci ae mo n sav ing t hro\\ o f '1 +. Th is sa l'e is

negated by magiC weapons.
Amo ngst a Fiencls three attacks one is a speci al poisono ll s
attack fro m its scorpi o n lail. If the tail attack hits then th e
target must m ak e i ts armo ur sa l ing th ro w o r suffe r [
,,o un d. T he po ison is so stro n g th at n o ro ll aga in st
Toug hness is requ ired .
The daemon exudes a Soporific Musk w hich ma kes it hard
for enemy to attack it. Any enemy in ba se co ntact suffer a
-1 to hit penalty.





625 points




Clla ~ Dragon


..................... 250 points




.. 145 points


Prom e












I [relra













.. ... 150 points



Coc koitrice

Drago n

.. 1~O

......... 7'1 0





Emperor Dragon







G iant Scorrion
























~pi (k r,










50 points



Pro me


p () int~

G r"at Draw)n

G igantic Sp id "r

... .. 600 points

Emperor D rago n .


r o ints


Grea t D rago n





Li za rd,

... 100 points




.... ....... .. ........ .... . 180 points



200 points



.... 225 points



h imera

.. 50 p o ints



.... .. ...... .. ... ....... ... ..... .. 110 points














.... .... ... .......... ....... .. 150 points











THE DAMNED ............................... 314 points
+50 points Sword of Change
+ 10 points Chaos Armour

+50 points living Damnation

Your :lnny may incl ude Count Mord rek as a character. He
m ay no t b e th e Ge n era l an d he can n o t lead a uni t.
[o rd rek fights alo ne as an inde pendent character m od el.
Do any remember how Co unt Morelrek the D:llnned came
into his fa te' A re there :1l1y amo ngst the "" ise o f th e O lel
Worl d w ho recall wh ich goel he served i [I' such men ex ist
th ey kee p th eir own co uncil. [t is co mmo nly su pposed
th at t he g o d ~ rewa rd ed Co unt Mo rdrek \v i th the gift of
Li ving Dam natio n. He wa lks th e w o rlel at the wh im of the
Chaos Goels , nev er d y in g. ye t nev r asce ndi ng to th e
Realm of Chaos. He has been slain many times and each
tim e he is resurrecte d to se rve aga in . I-I e has e ndu red
m:lI1y dea ths andli\'ed many life-times o f morta l men .
The curse that lies upon Count 'Iord rek the Damned is to
end ure eternal c hange as we ll as etern al li fe. W ithin his
Cha os armour his fo rm '\Tit hes wi th co nsta nt mu ta ti o n.
O nl y the Chaos Goels k now ""h y they have ch sen such a
fare for their selya nl. anc! th eir rea so ns :Ire not for morrals
ro understand.




Chaos Steed

A Ld


Weapons/ Armour: !V[o rd rek carri es a Cha os SW'o rd o f

Change wh ose to uch turn s his foes into Chaos Spa wn. H is
eterna lly changing fo rm is enclosed "" ithin Cha os arm o ur
and he ca rri es a shicld.

Rides: Mord rek rides a Chaos Steed wh ich ha~ armoured


Magic Items: M o rd rek th e Dam ned is a Chaos Lo rd and

has three mag iC it e m s. Two of th ese :1 re th e Swo rd o f
Change and Chaos arni our. Th e remaining mag ic item is
the Chaos Re\y ard of Li ving Da mnatio n .

Special Chaos Reward:

Living Damnation. At th e stan o f eac h o f your turns deal
M o rd rek the Damned o ne Chaos Gift fro m th e to p o f the
deck . T his gift ca n he used o nly h)' Mordrek the Da mned,
O ra, a furth er Chaos Gift at th e sta rt o f each of yo ur turns.
Yo u ca n ho ld up to three Ch:1oS Gift s for j\I[ord rek at an y
one time - if yo u sho uld h:t\'e mo re than three ca rd s then
di sc:1 rd excc::ss gifts i mIll cdiat e l y. Sho ulcl yo u draw th e
Etern al Labour, Eye of the God o r Chaos Sp:I\\"J1 then th ese
cards are iIllmediate ly discarded and havc no effect. [f yo u
d ra",' Cosm ic Duel then I[o rdrek is w hisked :I\\'ay b y the
Chaos Gods as descri bed on the card .
Chaos Gifts. Yo u cann o t p b y furth e r Cha o s G ifts on
i\ [o rcl rek th e Damned .
No te that Mordrek has no Mark o f Chaos - w hich goel he
se rnx l an d "" hy th e Ch ao s Gods ah an d o ned him ar e
un k no \,\n .


OF CHAOS ........................................ 356 points
+625 points Chaos Dragon
+10 points Chaos Armour
+45 points Chaos Rune Blade
+35 points Skull of Katam
+50 points Chaos Familiar
Your arm y may incluele Egrimm as a chara cter. Yo u may
incl ude him as the atl11y's General if you w L h.
W he n Eg rim l11 va n Ho rstm ann w as o rd ained as G rand
M ag ister o f the O rd er o f Li g ht he was accla imed as th e
youngest and m o st g ifted wiza rd to rul e ov 1' :1 m ag ical
o rder. s he knelt upo n his kn ees and s",'ore allegiance to
th e Em pe ro r. none g uesse d th at his loya lty ha d alread y
been g iven to another ancl far mo re sinister mas ter.
As an A pprentice Chanter o f th e ritual -h o und Ord er of
Li g ht Wiza rds he se n 'ed under Master Chant er A lric the
Savio ur o f A pesto w ho pu g ht him m an y o f th e o rde r' s
anc ie nr sec rets. I3ut all th e tim e he se rved th e O rd er of
Li g ht. Ho rst m an pra ed to th e God s o f Chaos fo r th e
power to d feat his peers. His progress was rapid. By cl ay
11e studied Light iVlagic. and b y night he po red over ancient
m anu sc ript s d evo ted to t he .lo re of th e Chaos God s.
Daemo n ' of Tzeentch w hispered their timeless secrets into
his sleepin g mind and Egrimm's evil powers \ :1xed strong.
Fo r three yea rs the Grand Magister worked his evil in the




OF KHORNE ................................... 325 points
+25 points Destroyer
+250 points Hound of Khorne
Your arm y ma y include Arbaa [
ma y not be the army's Gener:i1 .


a chara cte r. tho ugh he

Of all the warrio r heroes of Khorne th e Blo ld ad th ere

are few so unerl ), devo ted to th e ir th irst ing maste r as
Arhaa !' Thousands ha\'e felt his axe blade at th ei r necks
and no\\' thei r w hite skulls lie a[ the feet o r Kho rne. At the
ci t y o f Praag in th e n orthland s Arhaa l l ed a hu ndred
daemon s to th e assault. He is the f';1\'o urite of h is master
and his most devoted senant. Kh o rne has gifted him \\'ith
th e pow e r o f th e Dest roy e r . a re wa rd that belongs to
Kh o rn e' ~ own Ch ampion alo ne. On l y o ne warri or ma y
bear the gift of th e Destrover. Sho uld his Champion be
defea ted Kh o rn e's w rath ful eye \\'illturn his warrior to foul
Spawn . for o n I)' the \ ' i c t o riou~ are worthy to ser\'(: Kho rne.

darkness. Seeds of corrupti on \\'en: plal1leci in th e hearts of

the co lytes o f th e Orde r of Li g ht. Rituals w ere suhtl .
modified and their po\\'ers red irected. lleneath the Col lege
Egrimm la boured at th e se aled \'aults , one-hy-o n e
defeating their magica l lock s to unCO \'er the forbidd en
th in gs t he y co ntained. I t is imposs ible to calculate th e
damage cion or t he ho rrors unleashed upon the world bv
th e Grand Mag ister hefore his e\'i1 w;)s uncm ered by the
Inqu isitors I' Sigmar and the Grand Theogonist Vo lk mar.
The search fo r and disco\ 'ery o f the sou rce of o rrupti on
\\'o uld make a long and horrific t:lle in its O\yn ri ght. [n [he
end th e Grand 1\lagister unlocke d the Drago n Baudros
from its timd e s~ prison beneath the Pyramid o f Ligh t and
upo n th e winged a nd t\\'o-he:lded form o f this m os t
infamous of all Chaos Dragons ascended illlo the sk y and
departed into the C ha o~ \\(!astes.





Chao;, Dragon







Khorne ' s Hound






Weapons/ Armour: A rh:lal the UndeFeated Dest royer of

Kho rne is armed \yi th an axe and " 'ea rs Chaos armour (the
f., [ark o f Kh ornel.

Rides: Arb:lal r id es Khorn e's HOLlll cl. See spec ial rul es

Magic Items: A rha al has t\'\'o magic item ~. both of \yh ich
are actua lly C ha o~ He\\'arcl~ o f Kho rne - Kho rn,,"s Hound
and Destro)'er or "ho rn e. Sec helo\\' fo r details . Arhaal 's
Chaos armou r is hb 1\ lark o f Kh o rne.

Weapons/ Armour: Egrimm va n Ho rstmann \H:ar,; Chaos

armour and ca rries a Chaos Ru ne Blade .
Rides: Egr imm \'an Ho rstm ann

ri de~

th e ba c k of the
Dragon B:ludro., . mighty t"'in-heldcd D rago n of Chaos.
See the Chaos l3esti an' fo r details of the haas Dragon and
its specia l brea th atta cks.

Magic IteITIS: Egrimm \'an Ho rstman is a So rcerer Lord of

T zee nt ch :Ind ca rri es fo ur magi c i tems : Chaos armour.
Ch:los Rune l3Iack. Chaos Fam il iar :lI1d the Sku ll o f Katam .
Magic: Horstmann is a Sorcerer ,Lo rd ancl has fo ur spells
whi ch ma y be dra\\'n from th e Tze en tch :I nd o r Dark
Mag ic decks.

s a Sorcerer of Tzeeillch Egrimlll va n I l o r~tma I1 n has his
Imlster's usual 1\la rk of th e Gods and can dispe l any spell
c a~t aga i n~ t him o n the D6 ro l l of a <1+ (See th e Chaos
Bestiary) .

rb:la l ha s t he h : l o~ armour o f a
C h:lIllpi on o f Kh o rn e. H oweve r . note that he is n o t
affec ted by .Ii'en?t' as K ho rne's Champion 's us ual l y are.
The De:-troye l' o r Kh o rn e reward ellecti\'dy replaces the
Frenzy ru le.

Mark of Chaos.

Wrath of Khorne. Arhaa l is Kho rne 's o \yn champio n and

th e m os t favoured of all his many c hampions. Arbaa l is
co nstantly under Khorne's scrutiny . If he should fa il in his
clut~, to "h orne th~n th e Blood -gocj's anger ~\ ' ill certainl y
d escend upo n him . If rbaal tl ees fo r \\'ha[en!r rea~o n
(hro ken in co mhat , as a result of p:-ychology , et ) then
rather than fleeing he is turned [ 0 Chaos Spawn. s soon
as he turns to Spawn Il1o\'e Arhaa l 2D6" directl y forward,
and I-uhseq uent lv movc him rando m ly a~ described in the
ru les fo r Chaos Spawn. O nce A rh a ~i1 becom es Spa~\'n the
Hound of I ho rne returns to its master and rh e G ift o f the
Destro)'e r is remoH:cI.



AEKOLD HELBRASS ................ 195 points

+ 10 points Chaos Armour

+25 points Breath of Life

Yo u r arm )' ma in clude Aek o lcl H elbrass as a c haracter
model. He may not be the army's General.
Aekold H elb ras s, Champion o f Tzee ntch , hears a m o st
unusual g ift - the gift that is known as the Breath of Life,
Where Aeko lcl wa lks th e grass springs g reen and mea dow
Il owe rs b losso m, \Xl hen he w alks upo n th e dese rt sands
and stony rocks the land bursts into life as he passes ,
Li ving t hings he tO uches spr ing into new and v igo ro us
g rowth. T he lo ng d ead wood o f c1 00 rs anel stav es tak es
root upo n his to uch . Creatures that are upon th e threshold
o f death hi s to uch ca n resto re to health, fo r such is the
power o f th e Breath of Li fe, His tou ch is as indiscriminate
as it is potent, behind him he lea \'es a trail of ne"," life and
e\'ery thing he to uches is affec ted.


Aekold Helbrass



Weapons/Armou r: Ae k o ld w ea rs Chaos arm o ur ami

ca rri es a do u bl e-handed b roa dsword.
Mark of Chaos: Aekold is a Chamrio n of Tz entch and
bears his mark, Thi s mea ns he has a + dispel aga inst any
spell d irected at him ,
Challenge . [f fight ing a un i t o f troo[)s that co nta ins an
enemy characte r A rhaa l must i:;sue a ch:tl len ge on beha lf
o r his master. [f a challenge is issued to Arbaal o r a un it he
is with th en he Illust meet it. If Arha:tI fights a c hall enge
and slav s his enemy th en he ma y imm edia te l y iss ue
:In o th e r ch all en ge and figh t a furth er ro un d of combat
immed iately. If A rbaa l's ch:llienge is no t met th en he ma y
fight a ro un d against o rdi nary troo r s as n o rm al. W hen
Arh: lal figh ts the Ho und of Kho rne also fights. iJoth d uring
cha ll enges and o rdi n:lIY co m hat. If:1Il l'nemy unit co ntain s
m o re that o ne char:lcter w ho is \\'illin g [() 'fioht him it is
[) (Js sib lc fo r rh aal to f i ght se \'er:tI I~)lln d; o r co mba~
w i thin a sin gle no rm :1I r~un d, W o rk o ut comhat resu lts
o nl y wh en :111 fighting is finish ed , co unting :i11 wound.,
in nicted to \ya rcls th e resul t.

Magic Items: Aeko ld has two magic items, Chaos armour

an d th e sp cial Cl1:l 05 Rewa rd Brea th o f Life ' - th is is
expl ained belo\\'


The Destroye r. Th e \Y:IITior g ifted w ith thi s pm 'er has

o nl y o ne atta c k o n his rro f ile Ho\\' e\'e r, i f he h it s h is
enem y th en th e hit become., 2D6 hits. \Vo rk o ut eac h hi t
selXlrately . The Destroye r ca n o nl y att ack a ~ in g l e model ,
b ut i f he hits he is likely to sl:l \ hi s enem v e\'(: n if it is a
LlI'ge heast.

Hound of Khorne. T he H oun d o f Kho rn is the m ood

Goer s o\\'n Flesh HOllnd, a e1 aemon o f ti tan.ic prorol1 io ns
t ha t co mbin es th e arr ri bu tes of t h e Fles h Il o un d w ith
massive size and tremendous po \\'er. O n ly Kh o rn e ' ~ O\\'n
c h o~e n Ch;l lllp ion i:; eve r re\\'arcl ed w ith t he H o u nd o f
Kh o rn e which the champi o n rid es after th e fas hio n o f a
mo nstrous hea.,t. All th e special rul es fo r the Flesh Hound
<1 100 appJ\' to th e Ho und o f Kh o rn e (see Chaos Bestiar\,) ,
'1o te that the I-[ound of Kh o rn e \\'ears a Flesh H o un ~l' s
Co llar o f Kh o rn e \,'hi ch m akes it immun e ro ma g ic
\\'c apon s - this p o w er d oe s not ex tend ro th e Hound 's
rid er wh o is affected by mag ic \yeapo ns as norma l. T he
col lar d'oes r rot ec t h o th Hound and rider against 1ll:lgic
,pel Is - disrelling th em insunlly


Special Chaos Reward:

The Breath of Life. At the Slal1 o f eac h C h a o~ turn Aeko ld
H elbrass w ill recove r a single wound that he ha ~ suffered
o n the D6 ro ll of a ..h . He can recover o nlv I \vo uncl per
turn anc! caa reco \'er his full number of \\'o ulK ls in tim e.
On ce sl ai n he ca n still reco v e r \vo und s and there h y
rein ca rn ate him se lf. b u t a D6 sco re o r a 6 is re quired to
return his first \\'ound. Ma rk th e place w here he is slai n so
that he ca n be returned o nce recove reel. In add itio n , anv
model in hase co nract ( fri enel o r foe) will recO\'er a s in gl ~
w ouncl on th e D6 sco re o f a 6, T he Breath of Life ca n o nl y
bring Aek o ld back to life, it cannot res tore am' other e1ea d
m odel.


SPAWN OF CHAOS ...... 340 points
Yo ur arm y ma y in cl ud e Sc v la :IS a c hara c ter - in
\\' hi c h case yo u mu st ap r o i n t an othe r
Champ ion or Cha os So rcerer to be his master (see the
Speci:tI Ru les) . Scyla may no t be th e army's G~ nl:raL
Once Scyla An finngri m o f :-\o rsca enjoyed the f:lvo ur
of h is Cha os Go el . A t o n e t ime Scy b 's I{ aid e rs
p lagueclth e northern coast. o r the Em r ire. H is name
wa s h e lel in te rro r Iw t he Ki sl e\' ire me rc hants or
Erengrad . Many reme;llhercd rhe daring n ight r:licb
th at left th e d o kJand s o f th e Ly nsk an infern o o r
d es tru cti o n . But pO \\'e r of such magn itude has its
cos t. and Scy b paid th e hi g h est p ri ce fo r hi s
ambit ion.
At fiN his h el y s~\'e ll e d w ith chitino us p l at e~. T his
g ift ma d e him eve n m re PO\\erru l. bu t it ~ 'a s t he
begin ning o f th e end fo r Seyla, W it hi n th ye ar h is
head grew elongate and rep tilian and a beaked ta il
spro uted fro m hb b:lc k . His lim hs lo st th e ir cle:l n
human shape, hecoming lo ng , ha iry , and ar c- li ke,
Soo n he co ul d no lo nge r g ras p hi" ~ ~ ' o r d and fe ll
upo n all fo urs like a beast. At last his mind ga \'e up its
gri p and Scyla w as lost into the depths of g ibbe ring
abominatio n - he became a Chaos Spa\'\'n,
Scyia 's warri o r band took pity o n him. Indeed, there
w ere sam \yho n.: \'ereel him in hi" ne\'\' shape, and
p:lici him ho mage as a li\'ing god. Suhsequentl y, his
trusted lieutenan t O ne- Eved Eriock wa s chosen as
I,-h o rne 's c hampi o n. and Erloc k p lace d aroun d
Scyla's m:tlfol'lned heaclthe r o tent Co lbr o f Kh o rn e.
\'(i hen Erl ck leel the w arriors to hatti e he took Scyla
with him . d irecting the ho rrifi c creature li ke ~o m e tamed
heast. Th e ultimate hlte o f .'cy la is not recorded . bu t he
\\'as said to 11:1\'e fa ll en at th e Ga t e~ o f Ki~Ic. \ . the titanic
halll<: ~' hi c h ended the Great War Agains t haos.


Scyla Spawn


S c y l a .~ pro fi le rctlects the <.:I'fecl.'i of 1110st of

his Chaos Gifts. th e hi zarre sklpe o f his hod y. unn:llurall y
st ro ng limhs. to ugh chit inous hody and so fo rth. H e also
has th e fo ll m\'ing addi[io nal :lhi liriL's.

Chaos Gifts:

Iro n Hard Skin: Scyla has Iro n I-i:lrd Skin whi ch gi\ ' e~
him an armou r S<1 \'ing throw of <1+ o n a 06. T his s:l\ e is not
mociifi ed by the att acker'S Strength ( as o th er armo ur is).
W here no armour ~a\ 'e i~ rerm illed (eg, a can no n shot or
Slone thro w er ) then Iron Har I Skin has no effec t.

Collar o f Kh o rne: Scd a we ars a

o ll ar of Kho rn e. I f
attacked by a mag ic \\'eapo n :lIld if he makes a successful
armou r sa\'ing thro \\' for hi ~ [ro n Hard Skin then th e magic
w ea po n is I~,t ro)'ed. I f all:l cked w ith a m:lg ic spell th'en
lhe spe ll is d ispelled o n the D6 ro ll of' a ' 1+ . If di,,[)<.:I led th e
spell is au tomatically cle~t ro yecl anel th caster ~us t a in s j
wo und o n th e 0 6 ro lluf a ' 1+. T he d estroyed sp e ll is
remo\'ed from your o p ponent 's ha nd and cannot be u ~ed
fo r the remainder o f the ga me,

Scyla's Master: Scyla obeys the \"i ll of his maste r and ca n
be contro ll ed like any o ther mo nster. The Chaos Sp awn
rul es do not apply ",hibt Scda rema ins un I<:r his master' s
co mma nd . I Ie 11l (l\'CS :Incl al1 :l ck s no rma ll y, just li k e a
mo nster included in the :11'111 ]'.
If yo u in cl ude Sey b in \'o ur army yo u m ust :l p p o iIll a
haos Champion or Chaos Sorcerer as h is llla'ler. Scyla
deploys \\'ilhi n 6" of hi,' master at the ~t: lrl of th e ga me. but
is free to !11O \'e ;I, he \\':lIlts there:lfter. Should his master
be sl:ti n o r 1e:1\'e the tahle Scyl:t become:-. :>u h ject to th e
rul e:-. ro r Chaos Sp:\\v n as desc rih ed else\\'here in thi s
\'ol ume (but note tha t he ga i n ~ no further Chaos Gifts),

Fear: Scyla L' a mons trous beas t of horrific appearance ,

Chaos Spa\\'n ca u ~e fear as described in th e [)sychology
secti o n of th e W arham mc r ru lchook.



h e clatter of soldiers in the alleyway alerted Marius to his

peril. Hurriedly he gathered four black candles and bundled
them into his voluminous robes. With his heart racing he
fumbled for the secret catch by the rtreplace. Long rtngers
quickly found the mechanism and a wooden panel snapped
open with a muted click.
"Open up in the name of the Emperor," roared a voice which
he knew to be that of Falconius Captain of the Theogonist's Guard.

Without wailing for a re pl y the ~oldi e rs hegan to

halter up o n th e clo o r Iyith lh e ir he l\'y halh e rd s,
I\brius was never a man to tak e a ri sk where no ne was
necessar y: th :lt portal had hee n installed ju st three
I'ears ago I,hen he made his firsl pled ge to th e Dark
God..;. I:lehind its two inches o f Drak\\'ald oak he had
sumill o ned daemo ns \\'ith rit es so ev il it made him
shudder to recdl. The cl aar \\'as ho und in iro n. and
two hlack iron ho lts secu red it in p l:1 ce , He knew th~1t
he wmild be safe for the fe,I' minutes he need ed to
reach his hidden chamber.

j\'la riu s bound ed into th e hiclden passage an d up th e

steep stai rs that too k him up to his sec rel biro T he
woode n p~ln e l clicked shut hehind him plunging the
narrOI\' sta irwa y into darkn ess, i'v!ariu s knell' el'ery
step intill1 :ltelv and h:lrel y slowed his up\\'ard flight.
The 5111;111 cham her was fann ed I'ithin a po rti o n of the
atti c an cl la y direcrl y ahm'e hi s pril :lte rooms , Th ere
I,'ere no wind o ws, but a lillie da ylight leaked through
lhe gable end and b , rhi s means he \I'as able to find
th e flint and Lin de r with \\ 'hi c h he li t th e ca ndl es
brought from below,
Th e room W:IS a clutter of ancielll hooks and sinisler
curios . A ncient ta pes tries by he:lped upon th e fl oor
:Ind piles o f crumhling scrolls w ere stack ed by the
\\'::III.'i, In a clea r parch o n th e uneven day fl oor lvIariu s
had ensc ribed a twisted sigll of po wer - the Mark of
Tzee n tch. thL' G reat So rcere r o f Chaos. In t h e
flickering l igh t o f th e canell e,; th e sigil wrirheel like a
thin g in pain
" Kithclabar l " c ri ed the So rce re r, "Co m e to yo ur
W ith a sq uea l like a suck ling pi g a sm:t11 miss hape n
crea ture emergeci fro m hehind a pil e of 11l0 ulderin g
fab ri c. It mig ht h:II'e he e n ~I bat , for it s had lo ng
leathery w ings. but at the knuckl e o f each \\'ing it iJo re


tin y clawed hands, Ib head was hlack and porcine, it'

lips long an d flec k ed \\' ith ra nk spittl e . Kith elabar
jumped fro m its hiding pla ce anc! sprang into JVlarius'
anns licking excited ly at the Sorce rer 's fa ce .
Ma riu s calm ed th e small creatu re . stro kin g it." d ark
leath ery fl esh until it settl ed upon hi s sho ulder. T he
creature's acrid odo ur reminded Marius o f the scent of
fresh blood. and he had spilled enough in his time ro
kno\l' tha t smell.
In th e room below, the oaken c100r fell w ith a boom
thar sh o ok th e hou se to its fo undati ons , Within a
m o m ent so ldie rs w ere \ 'ithin th e o rcere r's slud y .
toss ing aside his desk and books and bursting o pen
his chests and loc kers. Mariu s, safe in the cham be r
alJOve. li ste neci quierly to th eir d in and rh en sen sed
th e sil ence of co nfu sio n as rh e so ldiers fo und th eir
quarry I as go n e , Then he heard a sound that he
recognisecl. the gro \\'ling :lI1d humourless vo ice o f the
Grand T heogonist himself.
" Sl~lnd hack," ordered th e vo ice. "Sigmar will guide us
to the ahominarion."

For a moment th e house was sil ent and M;] riu s k new
that he ,~ 'ou lcl soon be clisco l 'ered , It would tak e m o re
th an a secre t pan el and hidden catch to keep o ut th e
likes o f the Grand Thcogonist of Sigmar, Volkmar th e
mo st p o te nt e nem y of C ha os in all of A ltd o rf.
Hurri edl y i'vLtriu s so ug ht o ut the 5n1::l11 cas k et for
which there IV::IS no key. Three ye::lrs ~ I go he had put it
u po n a she l f to ge th e r w ith th e clark est o f ancie nt
G rimo ires rhe Liher Da em o nicus, At th e tim e he hael
sw o rn to himself that he w o uld touch neither el 'en if
his life depended upon it.
:--Jow the cas ket felt strangelv warm to his touch and
th e ru nes upo n its silver G\.'ie swirled ancl danced as
his trembling hands met th e deliCJtely worked metal.
Th e cas k et hore a lock but no ho le for a k ey , fo r it
nee d ed n o ne. o ne thing alon e w o uld unl ock th at
unho ly box .
JVl:iriu~ heard rh e Familiar sound of a muted click and

knel'\' that Vo lkIll~lr h:lcI c1iscol'("red the hidden panel

rhat l ed to his lair. His h eart pounded as his lip s
Iyo rk ed at an unho l prayer. h:ilhelahar sq uea led in
pani c :IS th e creature c aug ht sce nt of m en in the
pa sS::lge bel ow.


Slow and wa,y footstep mounted rhe sreep stai rway.

The no ise o f steel aga inst steel ec ho d in its narrO\y
confines. Marius 's stomach ti ghtened \\'ith terro r. H e
fea red d eath as mu ch as any m ortal. ye t rh e cas k er
held something infinitely mo re terrifying. Until now
he had al'CI'ays fanc ied he ~\ 'o uld have the betTer o f it
in the encl, that he could ~omehow cheat fate and find
the fo rgi veness of igma r.
Had he but fo resee n this m o m ent. \\'o uld he have
made the pact that bound him so subtly to the Grea t
Sorcerer of Chaos'
A final step brought Falconius into the chamber. For
an instant th e Captain stood silhouened aga inst th e
shifting ca ndle-light, blinking uncertainly, barely able
to contain his own fear. He saw at o nce that Mariu s
\yas there. hunched over a small cas ket that glo \yed
with a radi ance o f its o\vn. Upon th e So rce rer' s
sho ulder there p erched a foul creature, a familiar o f
uncertain form but hai rl ess and vaguely bat-like. Th e
thin g sh ri eked and it s black eye s g lowe red
malevolentl y at th e soldier as he raised his sword .
"Hold there Sorcerer and be silent' " cried the Ca ptain
of the Th eog nist's Gua rd . " But a single \yord and you
die thi s day."
Falconius strode illlo the room h is sword held before
him lik e a ward to th e Sorcerer's p o \\e r . An o th er
s Icli er appea red b ehind him and o thers hes itallll y
crept up th e sta invay.
A sudden and powerful anger \vell ed within th e
Sor erer MJ riu s. Confro nted by his pursuers at last. all
fea r left him and he was O\'ercome with indigna tion.
How dare thi s feeble se ll-sw o rd challenge him . he
who had devoted his li fe to th e stud y of th e arca ne
a,1S. What power did steel ha\'e O\'er him wh en th e
p owe r o f T zee ntc h . th e G rea t So rce rer o f Ch:lOS,
fl owed lik fire through his ve ins' H e seemed to grow
and straighten in sta ture and the black ca ndles that lit
the room burst inro writhing flam es o f hlu e and pink.
"Fooi'" c ri ed Ma riu s, his o ice ec hoe d ro und the
chamber stro ng and cl ea r. He made a gesture as quick
as lightning th at sent Fa lco nius spr,l\ding upo n th e
fl oo r . Sp ark s o f ma gic cra ckl ed and spat O\'er th e
so ldi er a. he lay tw istin g in agony. A smell o f hot
meta l fill ed th e small room and hlue smoke swi rled
about th e Sorcerer's head . Th e other soldiers gaped in
co nfu sio n. unsure whether to ru sh fo rwa rd o r turn
and flee .
Ma riu s hrea thed deep ly o f the magiC soa ked air. As his
lungs fill ed he fe lt a surge o f p owe r and an
ex hilaratio n that w as unlik e an ything he hac!
expe ri ence d before. Hi s mind seemed to ex p and
beyond the confines of the room. so that it was as if he
we re loo king d ow n up o n th e sce n e fro m a g rea t
height. He saw th shuddering hody or Falconius as if
it were a tiny shrunken thing and he heard his o~vn
laughter like the boom o f a distant drum .
"Oh Foul and Corrupted Fiend know ye not wh::n base

evil thou has t embraced and eve n now succour. "

Volkmar stepped past the trembling sold iers his gaze
fixed up o n th e So rce rer. Th e G rand T heogo nist
I etra yed no sign o f terror for he had confront ed and
defea ted the ev il o f Chao:; man y times and he had
lea rn ed I Hlg ago to trust in the righteous powe r of his
god. About hi;; n ec k hung a tin y go ld en hamm er
\\'hich he clasped in his right hand. holding it between
himself and Marius.

Kithelahar hissed evilly and th e daemon cringed as it

ca ught sight of th e po tent symbol of Sigm ar. IVlarius
felt his own pO'CI'er suddenly ebb. as if the ve,y fa ith of
th e Grand Th eogo ni st w ere a barrier to him . Sp ell
work woul d not sa \'e him now. H e had expended no
littl e energy already and Vo lkmar was an ad versa ry
too powerful for such as he. He felt paniC rise within
his breast.
"O h Grea t Master' " he cri ed o ut. turning his vo ice to
th e heave ns. ,, [ m ak e the Dark Promise at l as t. "
Benea th his feet th e :;igil of Tzeentch glowed hrightl y,
it s sha p e shiftin g faster and fas ter lik e a se rpe nt
fo rm ed of pure lig ht. Th e silve r cask et \\'hose loc k
ho re o f no key rose into the air and hovered befo re
him . The room fill ed slowly with a din like a daemon's
cr y so that th e m en \y ithin dro pped whatever
w apo n s th ey i1 elJ and clasped th eir hands about
th e ir ea rs. All that is , exce pt fo r Vo lkm ar . w ho
reso lutel y hung o n to th e tiny go l den h amm er o f
Sigmar. th ough it plainl y pained him to do so.
"S ig maI'. " 'ho ut ed th e Grand Th eogo nisr. "S igmar
have mercy on us all. "
"Tzeentch." bellowed Marius, "Cha nger of the Way '.
Great Sorcerer of Chaos . take your servant 's body and
soul. I embrace damnatio n now and submit m yself (0
your irresistible will.'
"Oh damned fool! " cried Volkmar ahove th e turmo il o f
daemonic vo ices , " [n but a m o m ent th o u shalt be
b eyond redempti o n. Repent now and di e a mo rtal
death \vhile there is still time."
The casket o pened and Marius saw w hat was inside.
O f all those in that cursed room. only Volkmar himself
could see Ma riu s's fa ce for [hat brief second before the
end. Ever afte,warcls the Gra nd Theogonist would fall
silent if the fate o f Marius sho uld he mentio ned and
o thers would w hisper. "Quiet that name! For he saw
the man's face th at witnessed his O\\'n damnation."



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