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45418 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

150 / Friday, August 5, 2005 / Notices

District Advisory Council to the Bureau Act (FLPMA) and the Federal Advisory collection (OMB Control Number 1010–
of Land Management, U.S. Department Committee Act of 1972 (FACA), the U.S. 0073).
of the Interior, will participate in a field Department of the Interior, Bureau of
SUMMARY: To comply with the
tour of BLM-administered public lands Land Management’s (BLM) Utah
on Friday, September 23, 2005, from Resource Advisory Council (RAC) will Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and meet in formal meet as indicated below. (PRA), we are notifying the public that
session on Saturday, September 24 from we have submitted to OMB an
DATES: The Utah Resource Advisory
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Baker Community information collection request (ICR) to
Council (RAC) will meet September 8 renew approval of the paperwork
Center, located at 56725 Park Avenue in (8–5) and September 9 (8–12:15), 2005,
Baker. requirements in the regulations under
in Blanding, Utah. On September 8, the 30 CFR part 220. This notice also
The Council and interested members RAC will meet at the Edge of the Cedars
of the public will depart for a field tour provides the public a second
State Park Museum (located at 660 West opportunity to comment on the
at 7:30 a.m. from the Desert Studies 400 North, Blanding) for a field trip to
Center at Zzyzx. The public is welcome paperwork burden of these regulatory
the Four Corners region of Utah. On requirements. The previous title of this
to participate in the tour, but should September 9, the RAC will meet at the
plan on providing their own ICR was ‘‘30 CFR part 220, Accounting
Blanding Arts & Events Center Procedures for Determining Net Profit
transportation, drinks, and lunch. Tour Auditorium (located at 715 West 200
stops and presentations and meeting Share Payment for Outer Continental
South, Blanding). A half-hour public Shelf Oil and Gas Leases.’’ The new title
agenda topics will be announced later. comment period is scheduled to begin at of this ICR is ‘‘30 CFR part 220—
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: All Desert 11:30 a.m. on September 9. Written Accounting Procedures for Determining
District Advisory Council meetings are comments may be sent to the Bureau of Net Profit Share Payment for Outer
open to the public. Time for public Land Management address listed below. Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leases,
comment may be made available by the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: § 220.010 NPSL capital account,
Council Chairman during the Sherry Foot, Special Programs § 220.030 Maintenance of records,
presentation of various agenda items, Coordinator, Utah State Office, Bureau § 220.031 Reporting and payment
and is scheduled at the end of the of Land Management, P.O. Box 45155, requirements, § 220.032 Inventories, and
meeting for topics not on the agenda. Salt Lake City, Utah 84145–0155; phone § 220.033 Audits.’’
Public comment for items not on the (801) 539–4195. DATES: Submit written comments on or
agenda will be scheduled at the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On before September 6, 2005.
beginning of the meeting Saturday September 8, the RAC will be
morning. ADDRESSES: Submit written comments
introduced to the cultural resources and by either FAX (202) 395–6566 or e-mail
Written comments may be filed in their relationship to other resources.
advance of the meeting for the (OIRA_Docket@omb.eop.gov) directly to
The field trip will focus on the Comb the Office of Information and Regulatory
California Desert District Advisory Ridge area and include short hikes and
Council, c/o Bureau of Land Affairs, OMB, Attention: Desk Officer
a drive through Butler and Comb for the Department of the Interior (OMB
Management, Public Affairs Office, Washes. On September 9, the RAC will
22835 Calle San Juan De Los Lagos, Control Number 1010–0073). Mail your
be given updates on the Resource comments to Sharron L. Gebhardt, Lead
Moreno Valley, California 92553. Management Plans, Fires across the
Written comments also are accepted at Regulatory Specialist, Chief of Staff
state, and Day-Ride Maps. An overview Office, Minerals Management Service,
the time of the meeting and, if copies of issues occurring on BLM Utah lands,
are provided to the recorder, will be Minerals Revenue Management, P.O.
an update from the Factory Butte RAC Box 25165, MS 302B2, Denver, Colorado
incorporated into the minutes. Subgroup and a presentation on the role 80225. If you use an overnight courier
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: of the Public Lands Council will also be service or wish to hand-carry your
Doran Sanchez, BLM California Desert given. comments, our courier address is
District Public Affairs Specialist (951) All meetings are open to the public; Building 85, Room A–614, Denver
697–5220. however, transportation, lodging, and Federal Center, Denver, Colorado 80225.
Dated: July 26, 2005. meals are the responsibility of the You may also e-mail your comments to
Linda Hansen, participating public. us at mrm.comments@mms.gov. Include
District Manager. Dated: July 27, 2005. the title of the information collection
[FR Doc. 05–15482 Filed 8–4–05; 8:45 am] Gene Terland, and the OMB Control Number in the
BILLING CODE 4310–40–P Associate State Director. ‘‘Attention’’ line of your comment. Also
[FR Doc. 05–15466 Filed 8–4–05; 8:45 am] include your name and return address.
Submit electronic comments as an
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR ASCII file avoiding the use of special
characters and any form of encryption.
Bureau of Land Management DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR If you do not receive a confirmation that
[UT–910–05–1040–PH–24–1A] we have received your e-mail, contact
Minerals Management Service Ms. Gebhardt at (303) 231–3211.
Notice of Utah Resource Advisory FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Council Meeting Agency Information Collection Sharron L. Gebhardt, telephone (303)
Activities: Submitted for Office of 231–3211, FAX (303) 231–3781, e-mail
AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, Management and Budget (OMB) sharron.gebhardt@mms.gov. You may
Department of the Interior. Review; Comment Request also contact Sharron Gebhardt to obtain,
ACTION: Notice of Utah Resource at no cost, a copy of the regulations that
AGENCY: Minerals Management Service
Advisory Council (RAC) meeting. require the subject collection of
(MMS), Interior.
SUMMARY: In accordance with the ACTION: Notice of a revision of a information.
Federal Land Policy and Management currently approved information SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:

VerDate jul<14>2003 15:34 Aug 04, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00066 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\05AUN1.SGM 05AUN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 150 / Friday, August 5, 2005 / Notices 45419

Title: 30 CFR part 220—Accounting Such information is similar to data NPSL Inventories
Procedures for Determining Net Profit reported to private and public mineral
The NPSL lessees must notify MMS of
Share Payment for Outer Continental interest owners and is generally
their intent to perform an inventory and
Shelf Oil and Gas Leases, § 220.010 available within the records of the
file a report after each inventory of
NPSL capital account, § 220.030 lessee or others involved in developing,
controllable materiel.
Maintenance of records, § 220.031 transporting, processing, purchasing, or
Reporting and payment requirements, selling of such minerals. The NPSL Audits
§ 220.032 Inventories, and § 220.033 information collected includes data
When non-operators of an NPSL call
Audits. necessary to ensure royalties or net
OMB Control Number: 1010–0073. for an audit, they must notify MMS.
profit share payments are properly
Bureau Form Number: None. When MMS calls for an audit, the lessee
valued and appropriately paid.
Abstract: The Secretary of the U.S. must notify all non-operators on the
Proprietary information submitted to
Department of the Interior is responsible lease. These requirements are located at
MMS under this collection is protected,
for matters relevant to mineral resource 30 CFR 220.033.
and no items of a sensitive nature are
development on Federal and Indian collected. Summary
lands and the Outer Continental Shelf
(OCS). The Secretary under the Mineral NPSL Bidding System This collection of information is
Leasing Act (30 U.S.C. 1923) and the necessary in order to determine when
To encourage exploration and
Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (43 net profit share payments are due and
development of oil and gas leases on
U.S.C. 1353) is responsible for managing to ensure royalties or net profit share
submerged Federal lands on the OCS,
the production of minerals from Federal payments are properly valued and
regulations were promulgated at 30 CFR
and Indian lands and the OCS, appropriately paid.
part 260—Outer Continental Shelf Oil
collecting royalties from lessees who and Gas Leasing. Specific We are revising this ICR to add
produce minerals, and distributing the implementation regulations for the citations related to records management
funds collected in accordance with NPSL bidding system are promulgated at 30 CFR 220.030(a) and inventories at
applicable laws. The MMS performs the at 30 CFR 260.110(d), covered under § 220.032(b). We added a new citation
royalty management functions for the ICR 1010–0143 (expires December 31, for a PRA-exempt requirement related to
Secretary. 2006). The MMS established the NPSL audits at § 220.033(e). For clarification,
bidding system to properly balance a we added § 220.031(c) related to
Applicable Citations
fair market return to the Federal payment requirements. We have not
Applicable citations of the laws are included in our estimates certain
the Federal Oil and Gas Royalty Government for the lease of its lands,
with a fair profit to companies risking requirements performed in the normal
Management Act of 1982 (Pub. L. 97– course of business, which are
451—Jan. 12, 1983); the Outer their investment capital. The system
provides an incentive for early and considered usual and customary.
Continental Shelf Lands Act of 1953 (43 The MMS is requesting OMB’s
U.S.C. 1353) (Pub. L. 212—Aug. 7, 1953, expeditious exploration and
development and provides for sharing approval to continue to collect this
as amended by Pub. L. 93–627—Jan. 3, information. Not collecting this
1975, Pub. L. 95–372—Sept. 18, 1978, the risks by the lessee and the Federal
Government. The NPSL bidding system information would limit the Secretary’s
and Pub. L. 98–498—Oct. 19, 1984); and ability to discharge his/her duties and
the Mineral Leasing Act (30 U.S.C. incorporates a fixed capital recovery
system as a means through which the may also result in loss of royalty
1923). These citations can be viewed on payments. Proprietary information
our Web site at http:// lessee recovers costs of exploration and
development from production revenues, submitted is protected, and there are no
www.mrm.mms.gov/Laws_R_D/ questions of a sensitive nature included
PublicLawsAMR.htm. along with a reasonable return on
investment. in this information collection.
The Code of Federal Regulations
(CFR) citations covering the net profit Frequency: Annually, monthly, and
NPSL Capital Account on occasion.
share lease (NPSL) program are located
at 30 CFR part 220—Accounting The Federal Government does not Estimated Number and Description of
Procedures for Determining Net Profit receive a profit share payment from an Respondents: 9 lessees.
Share Payment for Outer Continental NPSL until the lessee shows a credit Estimated Annual Reporting and
Shelf Oil and Gas Leases. balance in its capital account; that is, Recordkeeping ‘‘Hour’’ Burden: 1,583
cumulative revenues and other credits hours.
General Information exceed cumulative costs. The credit All nine lessees report monthly
When a company or an individual balance is multiplied by the net profit because all current NPSLs are in
enters into a lease to explore, develop, share rate (30 to 50 percent), resulting producing status. Because the
produce, and dispose of minerals from in the amount of net profit share requirements for establishment of
Federal or Indian lands, that company payment due the Federal Government. capital accounts at § 220.010(a) and
or individual agrees to pay the lessor a The MMS requires lessees to maintain capital account annual reporting at
share of the value received from an NPSL capital account for each lease, § 220.031(a) are necessary only during
production from the leased lands. The which transfers to a new owner when non-producing status of a lease, we
lease creates a business relationship sold. Following the cessation of included only one response annually for
between the lessor and the lessee. The production, lessees are also required to these requirements, in case a new NPSL
lessee is required to report various kinds provide either an annual or a monthly is established. The following chart
of information to the lessor relative to report to the Federal Government, using shows the estimated burden hours by
the disposition of the leased minerals. data from the capital account. CFR section and paragraph:

VerDate jul<14>2003 15:34 Aug 04, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00067 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\05AUN1.SGM 05AUN1
45420 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 150 / Friday, August 5, 2005 / Notices


Number of an- Annual burden
Citation 30 CFR 220 Reporting & recordkeeping requirement Hour burden nual re- hours


§ 220.010 NPSL capital account.

220.010(a) .................. (a) For each NPSL tract, an NPSL capital account shall be estab- 1 1 1
lished and maintained by the lessee for NPSL operations * * *.

§ 220.030 Maintenance of records

220.030(a) and (b) ...... (a) Each lessee * * * shall establish and maintain such records as 1 9 9
are necessary * * *.

§ 220.031 Reporting and payment requirements

220.031(a) .................. (a) Each lessee subject to this part shall file an annual report dur- 16 1 16
ing the period from issuance of the NPSL until the first month in
which production revenues are credited to the NPSL capital ac-
count * * *.
220.031(b) .................. (b) Beginning with the first month in which production revenues are 13 108 1,404
credited to the NPSL capital account, each lessee * * * shall file
a report for each NPSL, not later than 60 days following the end
of each month * * *.
220.031(c) ................... (c) Each lessee subject to this Part 220 shall submit, together with Burden hours covered under 220.031(b).
the report required * * * any net profit share payment due * * *.
220.031(d) .................. (d) Each lessee * * * shall file a report not later than 90 days after 8 9 72
each inventory is taken * * *.
220.031(e) .................. (e) Each lessee * * * shall file a final report, not later than 60 days 4 9 36
following the cessation of production * * *.

§ 220.032 Inventories

220.032(b) .................. (b) At reasonable intervals, but at least once every three years, in- 1 9 9
ventories of controllable materiel shall be taken by the lessee.
Written notice of intention to take inventory shall be given by the
lessee at least 30 days before any inventory is to be taken so
that the Director may be represented at the taking of inventory * *

§ 220.033 Audits

220.033(b)(1) .............. (b)(1) When nonoperators of an NPSL lease call an audit in accord- 2 9 18
ance with the terms of their operating agreement, the Director
shall be notified of the audit call * * *.
220.033(b)(2) .............. (b)(2) If DOI determines to call for an audit, DOI shall notify the les- 2 9 18
see of its audit call and set a time and place for the audit. * * *
The lessee shall send copies of the notice to the nonoperators
on the lease * * *.
220.033(e) .................. (e) Records required to be kept under § 220.030(a) shall be made The Office of Regulatory Affairs has determined
available for inspection by any authorized agent of DOI * * *. that the audit process is not covered by the
PRA because MMS staff asks non-standard
questions to resolve exceptions.

Total Burden ........ ............................................................................................................. ........................ 164 1,583

Estimated Annual Reporting and Comments: Section 3506(c)(2)(A) of accuracy of the agency’s estimate of the
Recordkeeping ‘‘Non-hour Cost’’ the PRA requires each agency ‘‘* * * to burden of the proposed collection of
Burden: We have identified no ‘‘non- provide notice * * * and otherwise information; (c) enhance the quality,
hour cost’’ burdens. consult with members of the public and usefulness, and clarity of the
Public Disclosure Statement: The PRA affected agencies concerning each information to be collected; and (d)
(44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq.) provides that an proposed collection of information * * minimize the burden on the
agency may not conduct or sponsor, and *.’’ Agencies must specifically solicit respondents, including the use of
a person is not required to respond to, comments to: (a) Evaluate whether the automated collection techniques or
a collection of information unless it proposed collection of information is other forms of information technology.
displays a currently valid OMB Control necessary for the agency to perform its To comply with the public
Number. duties, including whether the consultation process, we published a
information is useful; (b) evaluate the notice in the Federal Register on

VerDate jul<14>2003 15:34 Aug 04, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00068 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\05AUN1.SGM 05AUN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 150 / Friday, August 5, 2005 / Notices 45421

November 16, 2004 (69 FR 67162), Pursuant to section 60.13 of 36 CFR MICHIGAN
announcing that we would submit this part 60 written comments concerning Wayne County
ICR to OMB for approval. The notice the significance of these properties
Schmidt, Carl E and Alice Candler, House,
provided the required 60-day comment under the National Register criteria for 301 Lake Shore Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms,
period. We received no comments in evaluation may be forwarded by United 05000909
response to the notice. States Postal Service, to the National
Register of Historic Places, National MISSISSIPPI
If you wish to comment in response
to this notice, you may send your Park Service, 1849 C St., NW., 2280, Madison County
comments to the offices listed under the Washington, DC 20240; by all other Mississippi Institute of Aeronautics Aircraft
ADDRESSES section of this notice. The carriers, National Register of Historic Hangars, Bruce Campbell Field, 7496 Old
OMB has up to 60 days to approve or Places, National Park Service, 1201 Eye Canton Rd., Madison, 05000910
disapprove the information collection St., NW., 8th floor, Washington DC
20005; or by fax, 202–371–6447. Written MISSOURI
but may respond after 30 days.
Therefore, to ensure maximum or faxed comments should be submitted Pike County
consideration, OMB should receive by August 22, 2005. North Third Street Historic District,
public comments by September 6, 2005. John W. Roberts, (Louisiana, Missouri MPS) Roughly
Public Comment Policy: We will post bounded by Georgia, Noyes, North Third
Acting Chief, National Register/National and North Water Sts., Louisiana, 05000912
all comments in response to this notice Historic Landmarks Program.
on our Web site at http:// NEW JERSEY
www.mrm.mms.gov/Laws_R_D/InfoColl/ ALASKA
Cape May County
InfoColCom.htm. We will also make Ketchikan Gateway Borough-Census Area
copies of the comments available for Caribbean Motel, (Motels of The Wildwoods
Clover Pass School, Potter Rd. off Knudson MPS) 5600 Ocean Ave., Borough of
public review, including names and Cove Rd., Knudson Cove, 05000898 Wildwood Crest, 05000915
addresses of respondents, during regular Ketchikan Federal Building, 648 Mission St.,
business hours at our offices in Ketchikan, 05000897 Warren County
Lakewood, Colorado. Upon request, we GEORGIA Allen, Jacob C., House, 206 W. Moore St.,
will withhold an individual Hackettstown, 05000911
respondent’s home address from the Carroll County
public record, as allowable by law. Folds, Eric Vernon, House, 1575 GA 16,
There also may be circumstances in Carrollton, 05000902 Ransom County
which we would withhold from the DeKalb County Mizpah Lodge Building, 260 Front St.,
rulemaking record a respondent’s Sheldon, 05000913
Stone Mountain Quarries Historic District,
identity, as allowable by law. If you RHODE ISLAND
Stone Mountain Memorial State Park,
request that we withhold your name Stone Mountain, 05000900
and/or address, state your request Providence County
prominently at the beginning of your IOWA Nicholson File Company Mill Complex, 1–45
comment. However, we will not Cherokee County Acorn St., Providence, 05000918
consider anonymous comments. We Providence Steel and Iron Company
Cherokee Commercial Historic District, Parts Complex, 27 Sims Ave., Providence,
will make all submissions from of Main, Maple and Willow, bet. 1st and
organizations or businesses, and from 05000919
6th Sts., Cherokee, 05000903 United States Rubber Company Mill
individuals identifying themselves as
Fayette County Complex, Bounded by Hemlock and Valley
representatives or officials of Sts, Richmond Place, and the
organizations or businesses, available St. Luke’s School and Recreation Center, 212
Woonasquatucket R, Providence, 05000917
for public inspection in their entirety. East Main, St. Lucas, 05000899
MMS Information Collection Jones County
Clearance Officer: Arlene Bajusz (202) St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, 12472 Northampton County
208–7744. Jones Cty Rd. X28, Stone City, 05000904 Upper Ridge Site, Address Restricted,
Dated: May 9, 2005. Mockhorn Island, 05000914
Lucas County
Lucy Querques Denett, Richmond Independent City
Chariton Free Public Library, 803 Braden,
Associate Director for Minerals Revenue Chariton, 05000906 Shockeoe Slip Historic District (Boundary
Management. Increase II), 11–15 and 101 South 15th St.,
Scott County 1433 East Main St., Richmond
[FR Doc. 05–15532 Filed 8–4–05; 8:45 am]
Buffalo High School, 326 E 4th St., Buffalo, (Independent City), 05000916
Wapello County
King County
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Ottumwa Young Women’s Christian
Keewaydin Clubhouse, 1836 72nd Ave. SE,
Association, (Ottumwa MPS), 133 W.
National Park Service Mercer Island, 05000923
Second St., Ottumwa, 05000907
Lewis County
National Register of Historic Places; Washington County
Notification of Pending Nominations Hubbard Bungalow, (Centralia Armistice
Brookhart, Smith Wildman and Jennie
Day, 1919 MPS) 717 N. Washington Ave.,
and Related Actions (Hearne), House, 1203 East Washington,
Centralia, 05000922
Washington, 05000905
Nominations for the following Spokane County
properties being considered for listing Bell, Dr. Robert and Jessie, House, 917 S.
or related actions in the National Washington County Lincoln St., Spokane, 05000921
Register were received by the National Kefauver Place, 20515 Park Hall Rd., Hillyard High School, 5313 N. Regal St.,
Park Service before July 16, 2005. Rohrersville, 05000908 Spokane, 05000920

VerDate jul<14>2003 15:34 Aug 04, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00069 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\05AUN1.SGM 05AUN1