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42336 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices

statistical contractor will also write a hospital reporting are necessary and DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND
national analysis of the survey results to provide different information to us. HUMAN SERVICES
identify opportunities for QIO program Comment: One commenter questioned
improvement as a whole. In the few Administration for Children and
the evaluation criteria for Task 3b. In
instances with insufficient sample size, Families
the J–7, the term ‘‘reliability’’ is used.
we use the actual satisfaction rate to
The guidance document states that the Administration on Children, Youth and
evaluate QIO performance. However, we
QIO will be evaluated based on both Families; Family and Youth Services
grant QIOs a passing evaluation score
when the overall evaluation status (that ‘‘reliability’’ and ‘‘validity of review.’’ Bureau; Notice of the Availability of
is, pass vs. fail) is sensitive to this This commenter also requested Financial Assistance and Request for
potentially unreliable rate. Usually this clarification as to why Tasks 3a and 3b Applications To Establish and Operate
rate does not affect a QIO’s overall require reliability while Task 3c does the National Domestic Violence Hotline
evaluation status on a particular not require validity for evaluation.
Announcement Type: Grant.
subtask, since its relative weight is Response: The reliability of the
small in a subtask’s evaluation. Funding Opportunity Number: HHS–
review is the primary criterion for
Comment: One commenter stated that, evaluating this component of the task.
with the development of the Excel CFDA Number: 93.592.
We will ensure consistency in
spreadsheet to evaluate the qualitative documents released for the 8th SOW. Due Date for Applications: August 22,
tasks, these tasks are no longer The evaluation criteria were chosen for 2005.
qualitative. They are now being each subtask in Task 3 based on the Executive Summary: The
evaluated in a quantitative way. appropriateness for the task. Administration for Children and
Response: The Excel tool allows Families (ACF), Administration on
Project Officers to subjectively evaluate Comment: One commenter expressed Children, Youth and Families (ACYF)
QIO performance in the qualitative concern over using Medicare physician announces the availability of funds in
tasks. It was developed in response to billing as the method to measure the fiscal year 2005 for the award of one
concerns from QIOs about inter-region rate of statewide and identified grant on a competitive basis to operate
variation in the 6th SOW. It uses the participants’ improvement in quality a national, toll-free telephone hotline to
same evaluation criterion provided in care measures for Task 1d. provide information and assistance to
the J–7, and is not intended to make the Response: We are investigating this victims of domestic violence.
evaluation quantitative in nature. method of measuring improvement for I. Funding Opportunity Description
Rather, it gives some consistency to the the Round 1 evaluations, and have so far
subjective review by the Project found nothing large-scale or systematic Authorizing Statutes and Regulations:
Officers. We agree that this tool should that would alter evaluation results for The Family Violence Prevention and
be provided to QIOs as early as possible Task 1d. We believe that the evaluation Services Act (the Act) was originally
in the contract cycle. We will strive to measures are relatively stable and enacted in sections 301–316 of Title III
provide this tool to the QIOs as early as of the ‘‘Child Abuse Amendments of
reliable estimates, and that billing issues
possible for the 8th SOW. 1984’’ (Pub. L. 98–457, 10/9/84). The
as a whole do not contribute significant
Comment: One commenter stated that Act was most recently amended by the
bias to these estimates. We understand ‘‘Keeping Children and Families Safe
a great deal of effort was put into the
the limitations of using billing Act of 2003’’ (Pub. L. 108–36).
National Voluntary Hospital Reporting
information to estimate quality
Initiative (NVHRI), but this effort was Supplementary Information: In
improvement, and are working to accordance with amendments to the Act
not included in the evaluation criteria.
minimize its impact by identifying these enacted by Pub. L. 108–36, ACF will
Response: We appreciate the fact that
the NVHRI did require some additional problems and reporting questionable award grants to one or more private,
effort on the part of the hospitals. billing issues to the appropriate parties. non-profit entities to assist in the
However, participation could not be We are adopting the provisions of the establishment and operation of a highly
included in the evaluation criteria notice with comment as final. secure Internet website to provide
because this was a voluntary program information and assistance to victims of
on the part of hospitals. The voluntary IV. Executive Order 12866 Statement domestic violence. A separate
nature of the program requires a In accordance with the provisions of announcement regarding these awards
different approach by the QIO than is Executive Order 12866, this notice with will be issued at a future date.
required by the other subtasks and comment period was not reviewed by Program and Focus Area: The
deliverables of the contract. the Office of Management and Budget. purpose of the National Domestic
Comment: One commenter stated that Violence Hotline (Hotline) is to provide
for those States with 100 percent Authority: Section 1153 of the Social information and referral services,
participation in hospital public Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1320c–2). counseling, and assistance to victims of
reporting, the Hospital Generated Data (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance domestic violence, their children and
(HGD) Survey is redundant. The Program No. 93.774, Medicare— other family members, and others
commenter stated that the same Supplementary Medical Insurance Program) affected by such violence; and enable
information may be obtained through them to find safety and protection in
Dated: March 14, 2005.
both sources. crisis situations. The successful
Response: We have been careful to Mark B. McClellan, applicant will be required to provide
avoid redundant activities for both Administrator, Centers for Medicare & telephonic assistance on a 24 hours-per-
providers and QIOs. The HGD Survey Medicaid Services. day, seven days-a-week basis
does not determine if a hospital is a [FR Doc. 05–14505 Filed 7–21–05; 8:45 am] throughout the continental United
reporting hospital. Instead, it assesses BILLING CODE 4120–01–P States, Alaska, Hawaii, the
the hospital’s ability to collect data. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the
Therefore both the survey and the actual U.S. Virgin Islands.

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00038 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices 42337

Priority Area local level, given the variation in laws • A plan for facilitating access to the
Notice of the availability of financial and services available among the States Hotline by persons with hearing
assistance and request for applications and localities. impairments.
As domestic violence often 4. The applicant must demonstrate
to establish and operate the National
contributes to isolation, helplessness, that it has:
Domestic Violence Hotline.
loss of self-esteem, and dependence, a • Expertise in the operation of a
1. Description self-help and empowerment model of domestic violence hotline and a record
Conceptual Framework and Scope of services is needed. Such a model: of high quality service to victims of
• Protects and assures safety for all domestic violence, and;
Services: The prevalence of family
victims and other family members; • Commitment to diversity and to the
violence is widespread and its effective • Builds on the strengths and provision of services, regardless of
prevention and treatment requires resources of individuals and families; gender, to ethnic, racial, and non-
coordination and collaboration among a • Offers options and support for English speaking minorities, in addition
broad range of legal and justice system independent decision-making based on to older individuals and individuals
entities, health and social service specific individual and family needs with disabilities.
providers, and advocates at the Federal, and circumstances; and 5. The applicant must demonstrate
State, and local levels. • Assists individuals and families to knowledge of the field, including the
To serve the wide range of expected obtain protection and needed services range of services and the resources
calls effectively, the entity chosen as the that are respectful of cultural and available for domestic violence victims,
Hotline recipient must have expertise community characteristics. their children and family members,
about domestic violence and the Minimum Requirements: The perpetrators and batterers, and other
delivery of services to victims of following requirements must be met by concerned individuals. The applicant
domestic violence. The staff also must the grantee and addressed in the must also demonstrate knowledge of
understand the importance of using application: services and resources relating to
appropriate linkages with State and 1. All funds received by the grantee substance and mental health problems,
local resources to serve callers to the pursuant to Section 316 of the Act must State and Indian Tribal domestic
Hotline. The benefits of a highly visible be used to establish and operate a violence laws, including the availability
national Hotline to victims and others national toll-free telephone hotline to of legal protection and the barriers
affected by domestic violence will be provide information and assistance to affecting access to such services,
directly related to the productive victims of domestic violence.
resources, and protection.
working relationships and coordinated 2. In establishing the Hotline, the
6. The applicant must demonstrate
provision of services between and private, nonprofit entity shall:
experience in providing high quality
among the Hotline, State and local • Contract with a carrier for the use
of a toll-free telephone line; crisis intervention, information and
hotlines, and other services and referral, and counseling services and
resources. • Employ, train, and supervise
personnel to answer incoming calls and support to battered individuals, their
Calls to the Hotline may range from children, their family, and friends, other
urgent and life-threatening to calls for provide counseling and referral services
on a 24-hours-a-day basis; domestic violence victims, batterers,
general reference information. The and the general public through a
target population to be served by the • Assemble and maintain a current
database of information relating to national toll-free hotline.
Hotline is specified in the statute as 7. The applicant must demonstrate an
victims of domestic violence. The services for victims of domestic violence
to which callers may be referred understanding of the relationship of
Hotline should be prepared to respond alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health
to the broad range of violence that throughout the United States, including
information on the availability of problems to incidents of domestic
occurs in the context of family and violence and the ability to make
intimate relationships, domestic shelters that serve victims of battering
and their children; and appropriate referrals to callers.
violence, spouse abuse, partner abuse, 8. The applicant must demonstrate an
• Publicize the Hotline to potential
battering of women, sexual assault, date understanding of the need for a national
users throughout the United States, the
rape, and acquaintance rape. The hotline for domestic violence victims,
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the
Hotline also will serve those less including a description of the function
U.S. Virgin Islands.
directly affected by such abuse, i.e., 3. To be approved by the Secretary of and limitation of the current network of
relatives, children of victims and other Health and Human Services (the national and State crisis hotlines,
family members, friends, neighbors, Secretary), the application must include information lines, and State victims
perpetrators and batterers, other a complete description of the referral services.
concerned individuals, and the general applicant’s plan for the operation of a 9. The applicant must provide a plan
public. National Domestic Violence Hotline, and demonstrate its ability to build,
In terms of the scope of the services including a description of: maintain, and keep current a
provided by the Hotline, the statute • The training program for Hotline comprehensive database of resource
requires the provision of information personnel; information that includes the full range
and assistance and counseling and • The hiring criteria for Hotline of services available in local
referral services. Therefore, the personnel; communities, the types of legal
applicant’s proposed design and plan • The methodology for the creation, protection and services available in
for operating the Hotline and maintenance, and updating of a resource different States and localities, and the
responding to callers is important. database; capability to access information.
However, the Hotline is not expected to • A plan for publicizing the 10. The applicant must provide a
provide extended or long-term availability of the Hotline; detailed description of:
counseling or therapy services. A more • A plan for providing service to non- • The telecommunications and
complete discussion of a problem and English speaking callers, including computer technology that is, or will be,
the consideration of options for the Hotline personnel for callers whose employed to establish and support the
caller is done most appropriately at the primary language is Spanish; and Hotline, including all management

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00039 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
42338 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices

functions, referral functions, resource • Comprehensive database of current organization and any future project role
database management functions, information; they may have if the project is funded.
monitoring functions, and overall • The ability to connect callers 17. The applicant must provide an
project administration and quality directly to local programs or services assurance that any information collected
control. when appropriate; as a part of this grant will become the
• The design and operation of the • Emergency response protocol for property of the Federal Government.
telephone system that will be used to callers in immediate danger; and 18. The applicant must provide an
provide the service and its capacity and • Appropriate confidentiality assurance that it will work with the
limitations, including information such safeguards; and Federal Project Officer to identify the
as the capacity to facilitate the number • Data collection and data information that will be compiled based
of incoming calls, call conferencing, management capability sufficient to on incoming calls; this includes
automatic call referral to local support program administration, compilation of information on both
providers, and service integration with reporting, monitoring, and an ongoing maternal and child victims of domestic
computers. quality assessment of the Hotline violence and the individual and
• The methods that will be used to service. situational factors characterizing violent
ensure that the Hotline is providing 12. The applicant must provide a plan and abusive behavior.
confidential crisis intervention and the to coordinate, work with, and provide 19. The applicant must provide an
specific provisions that will be in place Hotline services and data resource and assurance that it will comply with grant
to safeguard the confidentiality of referrals that make maximum use of administration requirements in 45 CFR
callers and ensure the proper handling existing domestic violence programs Part 74.
of confidential or sensitive information; and resources including, but not limited
• The personnel recruitment, hiring, II. Award Information
to, local and statewide domestic
and training program (i.e., a description violence hotlines, state domestic Funding Instrument Type: Grant.
of an initial and ongoing training plan violence coalitions, state sexual assault Anticipated Total Priority Area
for staff and volunteers should be coalitions, shelter programs, emergency Funding: $3,000,000.
included) that will ensure the delivery services, legal services programs, Anticipated Number of Awards: 1.
of quality crisis intervention, national domestic violence resource Ceiling on Amount of Individual
information and referral assistance, and centers, other existing national hotlines Awards: $3,000,000 per budget period.
counseling services to callers and other national organizations, Floor on Amount of Individual
representing diverse populations; resources related to child abuse and Awards: None.
• The specific emergency response Average Projected Award Amount:
youth endangerment, perpetrators and
and crisis protocol to be used, the $3,000,000 per budget period.
batterers programs, and the various
ability to conference call (or ‘‘patch’’) a Length of Project Periods: 60-month
activities of the Centers for Disease
caller to a local domestic violence, legal project with five 12-month budget
Control under its campaign to prevent
services, mental health, or substance periods.
violence against women. The applicant
abuse program when appropriate; and Non-competitive, continuation grant
must provide support to State and local
the plans for minimizing such problems awards for each of years two through
domestic violence hotlines in response
as crank or obscene calls and busy five (FYs 2006–2009) are projected to be
to any increased demand generated by
signals; and $3,000,000 per fiscal year subject to the
• The methods the applicant will use a national public awareness campaign.
13. The applicant must provide a availability of funds. As required by the
to provide for the development, Act, the provision of payments under a
maintenance, and updating of a description of the quality assurance
system it will use to assess regularly the grant awarded to establish or operate the
comprehensive resource database National Domestic Violence Hotline is
(distributed to the maximum extent quality of the services being provided by
the Hotline and the extent to which the subject to annual approval of the
appropriate); the technical capacity to Secretary. Such annual approval may be
link with other State and local databases goals and objectives of the service are
being met. The quality assurance system withheld if a grantee does not comply
in order to maintain an extensive and with pertinent statutory changes
current resource locator or listing; the also must include actions to address
identified problems, such as, enacted during the project period.
ability to facilitate communication Moreover, potential grantees are advised
among service providers to assist in the unanswered calls, wait time, data
corruption, and other past and current that the enactment of significant
provision of services; and how the legislative changes during the project
information on best practices gathered technological problems.
14. The applicant must provide a period may prompt a finding that early
through various inventories will be used termination of the project and the
to assist victims of family violence. comprehensive plan to publicize the
Hotline to a national audience, holding of a new competition is in the
11. The applicant must demonstrate best interest of the Federal Government.
an understanding of the technological including efforts to ensure promotion
requirements of such a project and through the national media and through III. Eligibility Information
include a detailed timeline to provide targeted outreach to racially and
ethnically diverse communities, older 1. Eligible Applicants
the following services nationally:
• 24-hours/365 days per year access; individuals, and individuals with • Non-profits having a 501(c)(3)
• Direct access to English- and disabilities. status with the IRS, other than
Spanish-speaking personnel at all times 15. The applicant must demonstrate institutions of higher education.
and the provision of services to other the ability to staff, financially support, • Non-profits that do not have a
non-English speaking callers and the and programmatically administer a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, other than
hearing impaired; national project of this scope. institutions of higher education.
• Personnel (paid staff and 16. The author(s) of the application Additional Information on Eligibility:
volunteers) trained in crisis must be clearly identified together with Faith-based and community
intervention, information and referral, a description of their current organizations are eligible applicants
and counseling skills; relationship to the applicant under this announcement.

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00040 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices 42339

Please see Section IV for required When applying electronically we Grants.gov, you will be able to
documentation supporting eligibility or strongly suggest you attach your proof of download a copy of the application
funding restrictions if any are non-profit status with your electronic package, complete it off-line, and then
applicable. application. upload and submit the application via
Private, non-profit organizations are the Grants.gov site. ACF will not accept
2. Cost Sharing/Matching
encouraged to submit with their grant applications via e-mail or
None. applications the survey located under facsimile transmission.
‘‘Grant Related Documents and Forms,’’ Please note the following if you plan
3. Other
‘‘Survey for Private, Non-Profit Grant to submit your application
All applicants must have a Dun & Applicants,’’ titled, ‘‘Survey on electronically via Grants.gov:
Bradstreet number. On June 27, 2003 the Ensuring Equal Opportunity for • Electronic submission is voluntary,
Office of Management and Budget Applicants,’’ at: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/ but strongly encouraged.
published in the Federal Register a new programs/ofs/forms.htm. • When you enter the Grants.gov site,
Federal policy applicable to all Federal Disqualification Factors: Applications you will find information about
grant applicants. The policy requires that exceed the ceiling amount will be submitting an application electronically
Federal grant applicants to provide a considered non-responsive and will not through the site, as well as the hours of
Dun & Bradstreet Data Universal be considered for funding under this operation. We strongly recommend that
Numbering System (DUNS) number announcement. you do not wait until the application
when applying for Federal grants or Any application that fails to satisfy deadline date to begin the application
cooperative agreements on or after the deadline requirements referenced in process through Grants.gov.
October 1, 2003. The DUNS number will Section IV.3 will be considered non- • We recommend you visit Grants.gov
be required whether an applicant is responsive and will not be considered at least 30 days prior to filing your
submitting a paper application or using for funding under this announcement. application to fully understand the
the government-wide electronic portal process and requirements. We
(http://www.grants.gov/). A DUNS IV. Application and Submission
Information encourage applicants who submit
number will be required for every electronically to submit well before the
application for a new award or renewal/ 1. Address To Request Application closing date and time so that if
continuation of an award, including Package difficulties are encountered an applicant
applications or plans under formula, can still send in a hard copy overnight.
ACYF Operations Center, c/o Dixon
entitlement and block grant programs, If you encounter difficulties, please
Group, Attn: FV–FYSB Funding for
submitted on or after October 1, 2003. contact the Grants.gov Help Desk at 1–
National Domestic Violence Hotline,
Please ensure that your organization 118 Q Street, NE., Washington, DC 800–518–4726 to report the problem
has a DUNS number. You may acquire 20002–2132. Phone: 866–769–1591. E- and obtain assistance with the system.
a DUNS number at no cost by calling the mail: fysb@dixongroup.com. • To use Grants.gov, you, as the
dedicated toll-free DUNS number applicant, must have a DUNS Number
request line on 1–866–705–5711 or you 2. Content and Form of Application and register in the Central Contractor
may request a number on-line at Submission Registry (CCR). You should allow a
http://www.dnb.com/. The narrative should be typed and minimum of five days to complete the
Non-profit organizations applying for double-spaced on a single-side of an CCR registration.
funding are required to submit proof of 81⁄2″ x 11″ plain white paper, with 1″ • You will not receive additional
their non-profit status. margins on all sides. All pages of the point value because you submit a grant
Proof of non-profit status is any one narrative (including charts, references/ application in electronic format, nor
of the following: footnotes, tables, maps, exhibits, etc.) will we penalize you if you submit an
• A reference to the applicant must be sequentially numbered, application in paper format.
organization’s listing in the Internal beginning with ‘‘Objectives and Need • You may submit all documents
Revenue Service’s (IRS) most recent list for the Project’’ as page number one. electronically, including all information
of tax-exempt organizations described in Applicants should not submit typically included on the SF 424 and all
the IRS Code. reproductions of larger size paper, necessary assurances and certifications.
• A copy of a currently valid IRS tax reduced to meet the size requirement. • Your application must comply with
exemption certificate. The length of the application, any page limitation requirements
• A statement from a State taxing including the application forms and all described in this program
body, State attorney general, or other attachments, should not exceed 60 announcement.
appropriate State official certifying that pages. A page is a single side of an 81⁄2″ • After you electronically submit
the applicant organization has a non- x 11″ sheet of paper. Applicants are your application, you will receive an
profit status and that none of the net requested not to send pamphlets, maps, automatic acknowledgement from
earnings accrues to any private brochures, or other printed material Grants.gov that contains a Grants.gov
shareholders or individuals. along with their application as these tracking number. The Administration
• A certified copy of the pose photocopy difficulties. These for Children and Families will retrieve
organization’s certificate of materials, if submitted, will not be your application from Grants.gov.
incorporation or similar document that included in the review process if they • We may request that you provide
clearly establishes non-profit status. exceed the 60-page limit. Each page of original signatures on forms at a later
• Any of the items in the the application will be counted to date.
subparagraphs immediately above for a determine the total length. • You may access the electronic
State or national parent organization You may submit your application to application for this program on http://
and a statement signed by the parent us in either electronic or paper format. www.grants.gov/.
organization that the applicant To submit an application • You must search for the
organization is a local non-profit electronically, please use the http:// downloadable application package by
affiliate. www.Grants.gov/Apply site. If you use the CFDA number.

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00041 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
42340 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices

Applicants that are submitting their number 0348–0046). Applicants must Applications hand carried by
application in paper format should sign and return the certification with applicants, applicant couriers, other
submit an original and two copies of the their application. representatives of the applicant, or by
complete application. The original and Applicants must also understand they overnight/express mail couriers shall be
each of the two copies must include all will be held accountable for the considered as meeting an announced
required forms, certifications, smoking prohibition included within deadline if they are received on or
assurances, and appendices, be signed Pub. L. 103–227, Title XII before the deadline date, between the
by an authorized representative, have Environmental Tobacco Smoke (also hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., eastern
original signatures, and be submitted known as the PRO–KIDS Act of 1994). time, at the address referenced in
unbound. A copy of the Federal Register notice Section IV.6., between Monday and
Private, non-profit organizations are which implements the smoking Friday (excluding Federal holidays).
encouraged to submit with their prohibition is included with this form. ACF cannot accommodate
applications the survey located under By signing and submitting the transmission of applications by
‘‘Grant Related Documents and Forms,’’ application, applicants are providing
facsimile. Therefore, applications
‘‘Survey for Private, Non-Profit Grant the certification and need not mail back
transmitted to ACF by fax will not be
Applicants,’’ titled, ‘‘Survey on the certification with the application.
Applicants must make the appropriate accepted regardless of date or time of
Ensuring Equal Opportunity for submission and time of receipt.
Applicants,’’ at: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/ certification of their compliance with all
programs/ofs/forms.htm. Federal statutes relating to Late Applications: Applications that
Standard Forms and Certifications: nondiscrimination. By signing and do not meet the criteria above are
The project description should include submitting the applications, applicants considered late applications. ACF shall
all the information requirements are providing the certification and need notify each late applicant that its
described in the specific evaluation not mail back the certification form. application will not be considered in
criteria outlined in the program Complete the standard forms and the the current competition.
announcement under Section V associated certifications and assurances Any application received after 4:30
Application Review Information. In based on the instructions on the forms. p.m. eastern time on the deadline date
addition to the project description, the The forms and certifications may be will not be considered for competition.
applicant needs to complete all the found at: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/ Applicants using express/overnight
standard forms required for making programs/ofs/forms.htm.
mail services should allow two working
applications for awards under this Those organizations required to
days prior to the deadline date for
announcement. provide proof of non-profit status,
please refer to Section III.3. receipt of applications. Applicants are
Applicants seeking financial cautioned that express/overnight mail
Please see Section V.1 for instructions
assistance under this announcement services do not always deliver as agreed.
on preparing the full project
must file the Standard Form (SF) 424, Extension of deadlines: ACF may
Application for Federal Assistance; SF– extend application deadlines when
424A, Budget Information—Non- 3. Submission Dates and Times circumstances such as acts of God
Construction Programs; SF–424B, Due Date for Applications: August 22, (floods, hurricanes, etc.) occur, or when
Assurances—Non-Construction 2005. there are widespread disruptions of mail
Programs. The forms may be reproduced service, or in other rare cases. A
for use in submitting applications. Explanation of Due Dates
determination to extend or waive
Applicants must sign and return the The closing time and date for receipt deadline requirements rests with the
standard forms with their application. of applications is referenced above. Chief Grants Management Officer.
Applicants must furnish prior to Applications received after 4:30 p.m.
award an executed copy of the Standard eastern time on the closing date will be Receipt acknowledgement for
Form LLL, Certification Regarding classified as late. application packages will not be
Lobbying, when applying for an award Deadline: Applications shall be provided to applicants who submit their
in excess of $100,000. Applicants who considered as meeting an announced package via mail, courier services, or by
have used non-Federal funds for deadline if they are received on or hand delivery. Applicants will receive
lobbying activities in connection with before the deadline time and date an electronic acknowledgement for
receiving assistance under this referenced in Section IV.6. Applicants applications that are submitted via
announcement shall complete a are responsible for ensuring http://www.grants.gov/.
disclosure form, if applicable, with their applications are mailed or submitted Checklist: You may use the checklist
applications (approved by the Office of electronically well in advance of the below as a guide when preparing your
Management and Budget under control application due date. application package.

What to submit Required content Required form or format When to submit

Project Abstract .................................. See Sections IV.2. and V .................. Found in Sections IV.2. and V .......... By application due date.
Project Description .............................. See Sections IV.2. and V .................. Found in Sections IV.2. and V .......... By application due date.
Budget Narrative/Justification ............. See Sections IV.2. and V .................. Found in Sections IV.2. and V .......... By application due date.
SF 424 ................................................ See Section IV.2 ................................ See http://www.acf.hhs.gov/pro- By application due date.
SF LLL Certification Regarding Lob- See Section IV.2 ................................ See http://www.acf.hhs.gov/pro- By date of award.
bying. grams/ofs/forms.htm.
Certification Regarding Environmental See Section IV.2 ................................ See http://www.acf.hhs.gov/pro- By date of award.
Tobacco Smoke. grams/ofs/forms.htm.
Assurances ......................................... See Section IV.2 ................................ See http://www.acf.hhs.gov/pro- By date of award.
SF 424A .............................................. See Section IV.2 ................................ See http://www.acf.hhs.gov/pro- By application due date.

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00042 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices 42341

What to submit Required content Required form or format When to submit

Support Letters ................................... See Section V .................................... Found in Section V ............................ By application due date.
Proof of Non-Profit Status .................. See Section III.3 ................................ Found in Section III.3 ........................ By date of award.

Additional Forms: Private, non-profit Documents and Forms,’’ ‘‘Survey for www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ofs/
organizations are encouraged to submit Private, Non-Profit Grant Applicants,’’ forms.htm.
with their applications the survey titled, ‘‘Survey on Ensuring Equal
located under ‘‘Grant Related Opportunity for Applicants,’’ at: http://

What to submit Required content Required form or format When to submit

Survey for Private, Non-Profit Grant See form ............................................ Found in http://www.acf.hhs.gov/pro- By application due date.
Applicants. grams/ofs/forms.htm.

4. Intergovernmental Review When comments are submitted should be mailed to: Operations Center,
directly to ACF, they should be c/o The Dixon Group, Inc., FV–FYSB
State Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
addressed to the U.S. Department of Funding for the National Domestic
This program is covered under Health and Human Services, Violence Hotline, 118 Q Street, NE.,
Executive Order 12372, Administration for Children and Washington, DC 20002–2132.
‘‘Intergovernmental Review of Federal Families, Office of Grants Management, Hand Delivery: An applicant must
Programs,’’ and 45 CFR Part 100, Division of Discretionary Grants, 370 provide an original application with all
‘‘Intergovernmental Review of L’Enfant Promenade SW., 4th floor, attachments signed by an authorized
Department of Health and Human Washington, DC 20447. representative and two copies. The
Services Programs and Activities.’’ Although the remaining jurisdictions application must be received at the
Under the Order, States may design have chosen not to participate in the address below by 4:30 p.m. eastern time
their own processes for reviewing and process, entities that meet the eligibility on or before the closing date.
commenting on proposed Federal requirements of the program are still Applications that are hand delivered
assistance under covered programs. eligible to apply for a grant even if a will be accepted between the hours of
As of October 1, 2004, the following State, Territory, Commonwealth, etc. 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. eastern time,
jurisdictions have elected to participate does not have a SPOC. Therefore, Monday through Friday. Applications
in the Executive Order process: applicants from these jurisdictions, or should be delivered to: Operations
Arkansas, California, Delaware, District for projects administered by federally Center, c/o The Dixon Group, FV–FYSB
of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, recognized Indian Tribes, need take no Funding for the National Domestic
Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, action in regard to E.O. 12372. Violence Hotline, 118 Q Street, NE.,
Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, The official list, including addresses, Washington, DC 20002–2132.
Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, of the jurisdictions that have elected to Electronic Submission: Please see
New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, participate in E.O. 12372 can be found Section IV.2 for guidelines and
South Carolina, Texas, Utah, West on the following URL: http:// requirements when submitting
Virginia, Wisconsin, American Samoa, www.whitehouse.gov/omb/grants/ applications electronically via http://
Guam, North Mariana Islands, Puerto spoc.html. www.grants.gov/.
Rico, and Virgin Islands. As these
jurisdictions have elected to participate 5. Funding Restrictions V. Application Review Information
in the Executive Order process, they Grant awards will not allow The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
have established SPOCs. Applicants reimbursement of pre-award costs. (Pub. L. 104–13)
from participating jurisdictions should ACYF will not fund any project where
contact their SPOC, as soon as possible, the role of the applicant is to serve as Public reporting burden for this
to alert them of prospective applications a conduit for funds to organizations collection of information is estimated to
and receive instructions. Applicants other than the applicant. The applicant average 25 hours per response,
must submit all required materials, if must have a substantive role in the including the time for reviewing
any, to the SPOC and indicate the date implementation of the project for which instructions, gathering and maintaining
of this submittal (or the date of contact the funding is requested. This the data needed and reviewing the
if no submittal is required) on the prohibition does not bar the making of collection information.
Standard Form 424, item 16a. sub-grants or subcontracting for specific The project description is approved
Under 45 CFR 100.8(a)(2), a SPOC has services or activities that are needed to under OMB control number 0970–0139
60 days from the application deadline to conduct the project. which expires 4/30/2007.
comment on proposed new or Construction and the purchase of real An agency may not conduct or
competing continuation awards. SPOCs property are not allowable activities or sponsor, and a person is not required to
are encouraged to eliminate the expenditures under this grant award. respond to, a collection of information
submission of routine endorsements as unless it displays a currently valid OMB
official recommendations. Additionally, 6. Other Submission Requirements control number.
SPOCs are requested to clearly Submission by Mail: An applicant
differentiate between mere advisory must provide an original application 1. Criteria
comments and those official State with all attachments, signed by an The following are instructions and
process recommendations, which may authorized representative and two guidelines on how to prepare the
trigger the ‘‘accommodate or explain’’ copies. Please see Section IV.3 for an ‘‘project summary/abstract’’ and ‘‘full
rule. explanation of due dates. Applications project description’’ sections of the

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00043 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
42342 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices

application. Under the evaluation range of projects currently being the criteria to be used to evaluate
criteria section, note that each criterion conducted and supported (or to be results, and explain the methodology
is preceded by the generic evaluation initiated), some of which may be that will be used to determine if the
requirement under the ACF Uniform outside the scope of the program needs identified and discussed are being
Project Description (UPD). announcement. met and if the project results and
benefits are being achieved. With
Part I—The Project Description Results or Benefits Expected respect to the conduct of the project,
Overview Identify the results and benefits to be define the procedures to be employed to
Purpose derived. determine whether the project is being
For example, indicate the aggregate conducted in a manner consistent with
The project description provides a
number of calls expected to be received the work plan presented and discuss the
major means by which an application is
and the number of individuals who will impact of the project’s various activities
evaluated and ranked to compete with
other applications for available be assisted on an annual basis. Provide on the project’s effectiveness.
assistance. The project description estimates of the expected volume of
calls in service areas, such as, crisis Additional Information
should be concise and complete and
counseling, immediate referrals to The following are requests for
should address the activity for which
shelters, or the number of referrals made additional information that need to be
Federal funds are being requested.
in response to non-English speaking included in the application:
Supporting documents should be
included where they can present callers. Staff and Position Data
information clearly and succinctly. In Approach Provide a biographical sketch and job
preparing your project description, description for each key person
Outline a plan of action that describes
information responsive to each of the appointed. Job descriptions for each
the scope and detail of how the
requested evaluation criteria must be vacant key position should be included
proposed work will be accomplished.
provided. Awarding offices use this and as well. As new key staff is appointed,
Account for all functions or activities
other information in making their biographical sketches will also be
identified in the application. Cite factors
funding recommendations. It is required.
that might accelerate or decelerate the
important, therefore, that this
work and state your reason for taking Organizational Profiles
information be included in the
application in a manner that is clear and the proposed approach rather than
others. Describe any unusual features of Provide information on the applicant
complete. organization(s) and cooperating
the project such as design or
Introduction technological innovations, reductions in partners, such as organizational charts,
cost or time, or extraordinary social and financial statements, audit reports or
Applicants required to submit a full statements from CPAs/Licensed Public
project description shall prepare the community involvement.
Provide quantitative monthly or Accountants, Employer Identification
project description statement in
quarterly projections of the Numbers, names of bond carriers,
accordance with the following
accomplishments to be achieved for contact persons and telephone numbers,
instructions while being aware of the
each function or activity in such terms child care licenses and other
specified evaluation criteria. The text
as the number of people to be served documentation of professional
options give a broad overview of what
and the number of activities accreditation, information on
your project description should include
accomplished. compliance with Federal/State/local
while the evaluation criteria identifies
When accomplishments cannot be government standards, documentation
the measures that will be used to
quantified by activity or function, list of experience in the program area, and
evaluate applications.
them in chronological order to show the other pertinent information. If the
Project Summary/Abstract schedule of accomplishments and their applicant is a non-profit organization,
Provide a summary of the project target dates. submit proof of non-profit status in its
description (a page or less) with If any data is to be collected, application.
reference to the funding request. maintained, and/or disseminated, The non-profit agency can accomplish
clearance may be required from the U.S. this by providing: (a) A reference to the
Objectives and Need for Assistance Office of Management and Budget applicant organization’s listing in the
Clearly identify the physical, (OMB). This clearance pertains to any Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) most
economic, social, financial, ‘‘collection of information that is recent list of tax-exempt organizations
institutional, and/or other problem(s) conducted or sponsored by ACF.’’ described in the IRS Code; (b) a copy of
requiring a solution. The need for List organizations, cooperating a currently valid IRS tax exemption
assistance must be demonstrated and entities, consultants, or other key certificate, (c) a statement from a State
the principal and subordinate objectives individuals who will work on the taxing body, State attorney general, or
of the project must be clearly stated; project along with a short description of other appropriate State official
supporting documentation, such as the nature of their effort or contribution. certifying that the applicant
letters of support and testimonials from organization has a non-profit status and
concerned interests other than the Evaluation that none of the net earnings accrue to
applicant, may be included. Any Provide a narrative addressing how any private shareholders or individuals;
relevant data based on planning studies the conduct of the project and the (d) a certified copy of the organization’s
should be included or referred to in the results of the project will be evaluated. certificate of incorporation or similar
endnotes/footnotes. Incorporate In addressing the evaluation of results, document that clearly establishes non-
demographic data and participant/ state how you will determine the extent profit status, (e) any of the items
beneficiary information, as needed. In to which the project has achieved its immediately above for a State or
developing the project description, the stated objectives and the extent to national parent organization and a
applicant may volunteer or be requested which the accomplishment of objectives statement signed by the parent
to provide information on the total can be attributed to the project. Discuss organization that the applicant

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00044 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices 42343

organization is a local non-profit Equipment Recipients might be required to make

affiliate. Description: ‘‘Equipment’’ means an available to ACF pre-award review and
article of nonexpendable, tangible procurement documents, such as
Letters of Support
personal property having a useful life of request for proposals or invitations for
Provide statements from community, bids, independent cost estimates, etc.
more than one year and an acquisition
public and commercial leaders that
cost which equals or exceeds the lesser Note: Whenever the applicant intends to
support the project proposed for
of (a) the capitalization level established delegate part of the project to another agency,
funding. All submissions should be the applicant must provide a detailed budget
by the organization for the financial
included in the application OR by and budget narrative for each delegate
statement purposes, or (b) $5,000. (Note:
application deadline. agency, by agency title, along with the
Acquisition cost means the net invoice required supporting information referred to
Budget and Budget Justification unit price of an item of equipment, in these instructions.
Provide a budget with line-item detail including the cost of any modifications,
and detailed calculations for each attachments, accessories, or auxiliary Other
budget object class identified on the apparatus necessary to make it usable
Enter the total of all other costs. Such
Budget Information form. Detailed for the purpose for which it is acquired.
costs, where applicable and appropriate,
calculations must include estimation Ancillary charges, such as taxes, duty,
may include but are not limited to
methods, quantities, unit costs, and protective in-transit insurance, freight,
insurance, food, medical and dental
other similar quantitative detail and installation shall be included in or
costs (noncontractual), professional
sufficient for the calculation to be excluded from acquisition cost in
services costs, space and equipment
duplicated. Also include a breakout by accordance with the organization’s
rentals, printing and publication,
the funding sources identified in Block regular written accounting practices.)
computer use, training costs, such as
15 of the SF–424. Justification: For each type of tuition and stipends, staff development
Provide a narrative budget equipment requested, provide a costs, and administrative costs.
justification that describes how the description of the equipment, the cost Justification: Provide computations, a
categorical costs are derived. Discuss per unit, the number of units, the total narrative description and a justification
the necessity, reasonableness, and cost, and a plan for use on the project, for each cost under this category.
allocability of the proposed costs. as well as use or disposal of the
equipment after the project ends. An Indirect Charges
Personnel applicant organization that uses its own Description: Total amount of indirect
Description: Costs of employee definition for equipment should provide costs. This category should be used only
salaries and wages. a copy of its policy or section of its when the applicant currently has an
Justification: Identify the project policy which includes the equipment indirect cost rate approved by the
director or principal investigator, if definition. Department of Health and Human
known. For each staff person, provide Supplies Services (HHS) or another cognizant
the title, time commitment to the project Federal agency.
(in months), time commitment to the Description: Costs of all tangible Justification: An applicant that will
project (as a percentage or full-time personal property other than that charge indirect costs to the grant must
equivalent), annual salary, grant salary, included under the Equipment category. enclose a copy of the current rate
wage rates, etc. Do not include the costs Justification: Specify general agreement. If the applicant organization
of consultants or personnel costs of categories of supplies and their costs. is in the process of initially developing
delegate agencies or of specific Show computations and provide other or renegotiating a rate, upon notification
project(s) or businesses to be financed information which supports the amount that an award will be made, it should
by the applicant. requested. immediately develop a tentative indirect
cost rate proposal based on its most
Fringe Benefits Contractual
recently completed fiscal year, in
Description: Costs of employee fringe Description: Costs of all contracts for accordance with the cognizant agency’s
benefits unless treated as part of an services and goods except for those that guidelines for establishing indirect cost
approved indirect cost rate. belong under other categories such as rates, and submit it to the cognizant
Justification: Provide a breakdown of equipment, supplies, construction, etc. agency. Applicants awaiting approval of
the amounts and percentages that Include third party evaluation contracts their indirect cost proposals may also
comprise fringe benefit costs such as (if applicable) and contracts with request indirect costs. When an indirect
health insurance, FICA, retirement secondary recipient organizations, cost rate is requested, those costs
insurance, taxes, etc. including delegate agencies and specific included in the indirect cost pool
project(s) or businesses to be financed should not also be charged as direct
Travel by the applicant. costs to the grant. Also, if the applicant
Description: Costs of project-related Justification: Demonstrate that all is requesting a rate which is less than
travel by employees of the applicant procurement transactions will be what is allowed under the program, the
organization (does not include costs of conducted in a manner to provide, to authorized representative of the
consultant travel). the maximum extent practical, open and applicant organization must submit a
Justification: For each trip, show the free competition. Recipients and signed acknowledgement that the
total number of traveler(s), travel subrecipients, other than States that are applicant is accepting a lower rate than
destination, duration of trip, per diem, required to use Part 92 procedures, must allowed.
mileage allowances, if privately owned justify any anticipated procurement Evaluation Criteria: The following
vehicles will be used, and other action that is expected to be awarded evaluation criteria appear in weighted
transportation costs and subsistence without competition and exceed the descending order. The corresponding
allowances. Travel costs for key staff to simplified acquisition threshold fixed at score values indicate the relative
attend ACF-sponsored workshops 41 U.S.C. 403(11) (currently set at importance that ACF places on each
should be detailed in the budget. $100,000). evaluation criterion; however,

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00045 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
42344 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices

applicants need not develop their subsequent benefit of the national Letters of Support—12 Points
applications precisely according to the hotline to victims of domestic violence
order presented. Application and on the existing network of State and Collaborative Efforts: The extent to
components may be organized such that local shelters and services. The extent to which the application describes the
a reviewer will be able to follow a which the application identifies the additional anticipated private sector
seamless and logical flow of information kinds of data to be collected, resources that may be available to
(i.e., from a broad overview of the maintained, and updated, and discuss support or enhance the overall program.
project to more detailed information the criteria to be used to assure the The extent to which the application
about how it will be conducted). quality of the services provided. discusses in detail and provides
In considering how applicants will documentation for any proposed
carry out the responsibilities addressed Objectives and Need for Assistance—20 collaborative or coordinated efforts with
under this announcement, competing Points other public and private agencies or
applications for financial assistance will Need for Assistance: The extent to organizations. The extent to which the
be reviewed and evaluated against the which the application provides a application identifies these agencies or
following criteria: detailed discussion of the need for a organizations and explains how their
national domestic violence hotline of participation will enhance the project.
Approach—30 Points The extent to which the application
the scope being proposed. The extent to
The extent to which the application which the application provides a provides letters from these agencies and
provides a sound workable plan of detailed analysis of the available data organizations discussing their interest
action (approach), which details: How and/or commitment in supporting this
related to the problem being addressed
the proposed work will be project, the stage of the planning and
(both domestic violence in general and
accomplished; how each task relates to decision-making, and the expected level
the specific lack of a national domestic
the project’s goals and activities; of resource commitment.
violence hotline); the strengths and
identifies the key staff member
limitations of other national and local Staff and Position Data—6 Points
responsible for the specific tasks;
crisis intervention and victim services
provides a chart indicating the timetable The extent to which the application
hotline/referral services available, and
for completing each task, the phasing in describes the background and
the ‘‘state-of-art’’ relative to the problem
of the tasks over time, the lead staff experience of the project director and
being addressed by the proposal.
person, and the time committed to the key project staff, and the history and
task; cites factors that might accelerate Goals and Objectives: The extent to
accomplishments of the organization;
or decelerate the work; justifies the which the application clearly states the
the qualifications of the project team,
approach selected over other project goals and objectives. The extent
including any experience with similar
approaches; makes maximum use of to which the objectives are stated in
projects; the variety of skills, relevant
existing facilities and resources and off- concrete, measurable terms that clearly
educational background, and the ability
the-shelf technology; describes and identify the population(s) to be served;
to effectively manage the project and to
supports any unusual features of the the type, quality, and level of service to
coordinate activities with other
project, such as design or technological be provided; the timeline for the
agencies. (One or two pertinent
innovations, reductions in cost or time, establishment and delivery of services;
paragraphs on each key member are
or extraordinary social or community and other project benchmarks. The
preferred to vitae/resumes. However,
involvement; and provides projections extent to which the application
vitae/resumes may be included.)
of the accomplishments to be achieved discusses the anticipated demand for
and identifies the activities for which hotline services during the initial start- 2. Review and Selection Process
Federal technical assistance, advice, or up period; provides a projection of the
demand on an ongoing basis; and No grant award will be made under
guidance as the project is implemented this announcement on the basis of an
is anticipated and would be acceptable. provides supporting documentation.
incomplete application.
The extent to which the application Budget and Budget Justification—6
details how possible problems such as Experts from the domestic violence
Points community as well as experts from
unanswered calls, wait time, outdated
equipment and technology, and data The extent to which the proposed social services programs will use the
corruption would be avoided or budget relates to the level of effort evaluation criteria listed in this
resolved. required to obtain the project objectives. announcement to review and score the
The extent to which the proposed applications. The results of this review
Results or Benefits Expected—20 Points budget demonstrates that the project’s are a primary factor in recommending
The extent to which the application costs are reasonable in view of the funding decisions. To the extent
identifies, in specific terms, the results anticipated results. possible, efforts will be made to ensure
and benefits to be derived from the that funding decisions reflect an
Organizational Profiles—6 Points equitable distribution among states and
project and relate each result and
benefit to a specific objective. The The extent to which the application geographical regions, and rural and
extent to which the application describes the adequacy of the staffing urban areas.
indicates the aggregate number of calls pattern for the proposed project; how Since ACF will be using non-Federal
expected to be received and individuals the individual responsibilities are reviewers in the process, applicants
to be assisted on an annual basis, e.g., linked to project tasks; and the have the option of omitting from the
the expected volume of calls in such contributions to be made by key staff. application copies (not the original)
service areas as crisis counseling, The extent to which the application lists specific salary rates or amounts for
immediate referrals to shelters, or the each collaborating or cooperative individuals specified in the application
number of referrals made in response to organization, individual consultant, or budget and Social Security Numbers, if
non-English speaking callers. The extent other key individuals who will work on otherwise required for individuals. The
to which the application indicates the the project, along with a description of copies may include summary salary
anticipated impact on and the the nature of their effort or contribution. information.

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00046 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 140 / Friday, July 22, 2005 / Notices 42345

Approved but Unfunded Applications Division, 330 C Street, SW., Switzer Contact Person: Scott A. Colburn,
Applications that are approved but Building, Room 2117, Washington, DC Center for Devices and Radiological
unfunded may be held over for funding 20447. Phone: 202–104–5529. E-mail: Health (HFZ–480), Food and Drug
in the next funding cycle, pending the wriley@acf.hhs.gov. Administration, 9200 Corporate Blvd.,
Grants Management Office Contact: Rockville, MD 20850, 301–827–6892, or
availability of funds, for a period not to
Peter Thompson, Grants Officer, FDA Advisory Committee Information
exceed one year.
Administration on Children, Youth and Line, 1–800–741–8138 (301–443–0572
VI. Award Administration Information Families, 330 C Street, SW., Switzer in the Washington, DC area), code
Building, SW., Washington, DC 20447. 3014512520. Please call the Information
1. Award Notices
Phone: 202–401–4608. E-mail: Line for up-to-date information on this
The successful applicants will be pathompson@acf.hhs.gov. meeting.
notified through the issuance of a
VIII. Other Information Agenda: The committee will hear a
Financial Assistance Award document
Notice: Beginning with FY 2006, the presentation by the Office of
which sets forth the amount of funds
Administration for Children and Surveillance and Biometrics in the
granted, the terms and conditions of the
Families (ACF) will no longer publish Center for Devices and Radiological
grant, the effective date of the grant, the
grant announcements in the Federal Health outlining their responsibility for
budget period for which initial support
Register. Beginning October 1, 2005, the review of postmarket study design.
will be given, the non-Federal share to
applicants will be able to find a The committee will discuss and make
be provided (if applicable), and the total
synopsis of all ACF grant opportunities recommendations on methods to assess
project period for which support is
and apply electronically for the potential of disease transmission by
contemplated. The Financial Assistance
opportunities via: http:// multiple-use nozzle jet injectors (i.e., jet
Award will be signed by the Grants
www.Grants.gov. Applicants will also be injectors for which the fluid path for the
Officer and transmitted via postal mail.
Organizations whose applications will able to find the complete text of all ACF injection is used more than once). The
not be funded will be notified in grant announcements on the ACF Web discussion will include premarket
writing. site located at: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/ testing recommendations to address this
grants/index.html. issue.
2. Administrative and National Policy Please reference Section IV.3 for Background information for the topic,
Requirements details about acknowledgement of including the agenda and questions for
Grantees are subject to the received applications. the committee, will be available to the
requirements in 45 CFR Part 74 (non- Dated: July 15, 2005. public 1 business day before the
governmental) or 45 CFR Part 92 Joan E. Ohl, meeting, on the Internet at http://
(governmental). Commissioner, Administration on Children, www.fda.gov/cdrh/panelmtg.html.
Direct Federal grants, sub-award Youth & Families. Procedure: Interested persons may
funds, or contracts under this ACF [FR Doc. 05–14459 Filed 7–21–05; 8:45 am] present data, information, or views,
program shall not be used to support BILLING CODE 4184–01–P orally or in writing, on issues pending
inherently religious activities such as before the committee. Written
religious instruction, worship, or submissions may be made to the contact
proselytization. Therefore, organizations DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND person by August 3, 2005. Oral
must take steps to separate, in time or HUMAN SERVICES presentations from the public will be
location, their inherently religious scheduled for approximately 30 minutes
activities from the services funded Food and Drug Administration at the beginning of deliberations and for
under this Program. Regulations approximately 30 minutes near the end
pertaining to the Equal Treatment For General Hospital and Personal Use of deliberations. Time allotted for each
Faith-Based Organizations, which Devices Panel of the Medical Devices
presentation may be limited. Those
includes the prohibition against Federal Advisory Committee; Notice of Meeting
desiring to make formal oral
funding of inherently religious AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, presentations should notify the contact
activities, can be found at either 45 CFR HHS. person before August 3, 2005, and
87.1 or the HHS Web site at: http:// ACTION: Notice. submit a brief statement of the general
www.os.dhhs.gov/fbci/waisgate21.pdf. nature of the evidence or arguments
This notice announces a forthcoming they wish to present, the names and
3. Reporting Requirements
meeting of a public advisory committee addresses of proposed participants, and
Grantees will be required to submit of the Food and Drug Administration an indication of the approximate time
program progress and financial reports (FDA). The meeting will be open to the requested to make their presentation.
(SF–269 found at http:// public.
www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ofs/ Persons attending FDA’s advisory
Name of the Committee: General
forms.htm) throughout the project committee meetings are advised that the
Hospital and Personal Use Devices
period. Program progress and financial agency is not responsible for providing
Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory
reports are due 30 days after the access to electrical outlets.
reporting period. Final programmatic General Function of the Committee: FDA welcomes the attendance of the
and financial reports are due 90 days To provide advice and public at its advisory committee
after the close of the project period. recommendations to the agency on meetings and will make every effort to
Program Progress Reports: Semi- FDA’s regulatory issues. accommodate persons with physical
Annually. Date and Time: The meeting will be disabilities or special needs. If you
Financial Reports: Semi-Annually. held on August 9, 2005, from 8 a.m. to require special accommodations due to
4 p.m. a disability, please contact AnnMarie
VII. Agency Contacts Location: Hilton Washington DC Williams, Conference Management
Program Office Contact: William D. North/Gaithersburg, Salons A, B and C, Staff, at 240–276–0450, ext. 113, at least
Riley, Director, Family Violence 620 Perry Pkwy., Gaithersburg, MD. 7 days in advance of the meeting.

VerDate jul<14>2003 19:28 Jul 21, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00047 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\22JYN1.SGM 22JYN1