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Project Profile

Multiphase Meter Systems

Satellite MMS Unit

ANSI 600
35 350 MSCFD
500 5,000 BPD
0 100% water cut
Dual control valves

Key Features

Scalable up to:
o 500 MMSCFD
o 250,000 BPD
o 2,500 ANSI
Replaces large 3-phase test separators
Custom design to customer specifications
Uses standard metering devices
Multiple computer output configurations
Rugged mechanical design with optional protective
handling rack

eProduction Solutions, Inc. The Solution

eP provides solutions that go beyond SCADA to optimally operate oil and
gas field operations. ePs totally integrated automation solutions are
composed of compatible best of breed products that are installed,
upgraded, and serviced by one company. These products provide
sophisticated analysis, integral design capabilities, real-time monitoring,
and accurate control.
The solutions unique design provides intelligence at the wellhead and at
the desktop. Wellhead intelligence assures immediate reaction to changes
in the well while the desktop intelligence provides detailed analysis and
fine tuning for optimal operations.
eP believes that when companies have the right people with complete,
timely information working on solutions, they will find ways to improve
productivity and lessen future problems. By using ePs Integrated Decision
Management System, problem solving, potential problem identification,
and shared decision making are both efficient and effective.


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Key Advantages of Red Eye Multiphase Metering


Gas Section


Inlet Arm


Control Valve

Low Cost. The REMMS uses pipe and conventional

meters to provide a metering solution that is a fraction of
the price of commercial three phase meters.

Compact. The small footprint and lightweight of the unit

makes it ideal for offshore applications. The
compactness and ease of handling are a perfect fit for
rugged and isolated locations.

Continuous. The multiphase meter operates

continuously rather than fill-dump style. This allows for
shorter well tests and real-time optimization.

Wide Range. The REMMS can handle a wide range of

flow rates. When control valves are included on the gas
and or liquid legs, an even wider range is possible.

Ease of Installation. Just take the REMMS to the

location, plumb the lines in, make the initial adjustments,
and it is good to go without continuous monitoring.

Slugging Capacity. The REMMS has the ability to

handle approximately 2 times maximum normal
instantaneous liquid flow rate with a single inlet and up
to 4 times maximum normal instantaneous liquid flow
rate with a dual inlet.

Well Optimization with Real-Time Data. Due to the

low cost and simple design of ePs REMMS, the system
can be employed cost-effectively to perform real-time
monitoring. Real-time data allows for the optimization of
injection rates of water, steam, or gas to maximize
allocation allotments.

Affordable Individual Well Monitoring. Producers can

now monitor wells individually and continuously for the
same per well cost as can be achieved with
conventional test satellites offering only periodic testing

3-phase flow
Control Valve
3-phase flow
Liquid Section

Red Eye

Red Eye Multiphase Metering System (REMMS) employs

GLCC separation technology, conventional gas and liquid
flow meters, and ePs patented Red Eye Water-Cut Meter to
provide accurate real time measurement of oil/water/gas flow
rates. The water-cut meter measures the oil/water cut of the
liquid stream. A local RTU compiles signals from the watercut and flow meters, temperature and pressure transmitters
and performs the necessary calculations to provide
oil/water/gas flow rates.


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