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2727 Brookside Drive

Apt. D
Bakersfield, CA 93311

Ramasamy (Samy) Palaniappan

Work Phone: 661-617-5263

Mobile: 740-274-5383
Email: samy.palaniappan@stantec.com

Experienced in process hazard analysis (PHA) and developing process flow diagrams (PFD), piping and
instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) for fields ranging from oil & gas to the chemical industry
Proficient in reactor, equipment (separators, pumps, and compressors) and pipeline sizing
Developed datasheets to specify separator vessels, pumps, heat exchangers, and compressors
Developed heat and material balance for polymerization reactors using Aspen HYSYS and PRO/II
Stantec Consulting Services Inc., Bakersfield, CA
Engineering Consultant I (Process Chemical)
November 2013 - Present
1. Proficiency in Process Engineering for Chemical Industries
Developed heat & material balance and sized batch reactor for polymers Rheomer 33 and Mirapol 100S
synthesis reactors using Aspen HYSYS and PRO/II (Client: Solvay Chemicals)
Established critical parameters and operating conditions for pistachio hull drying operation for the
production of bio-diesel. Simulated drying with Extruders, cyclones and baghouse using Aspen HYSYS.
(Client: Paramount Farms)
2. Experienced in Process Engineering for Upstream Oil and Gas Operations
Developed PFDs, P&IDs, heat and material balance for caustic scrubber plant for H2S and SO2 treatment
Performed hydraulic line sizing for soft water, steam, exhaust gas, fuel gas, produced gas, caustic, and
chemical lines and pumps sizing for crude oil, soda ash, produced water, and soft water pipelines
Developed datasheets to specify centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, two-phase separators,
three-phase separators, and utility instrument air compressors (Client: Freeport McMoRan Oil and Gas)
Sized and specified shell and tube heat exchanger and developed process design to facilitate separation
of 10.3 API crude oil with 35% water cut (Client: Linn Energy)
Developed heat and material balance, sized wash tank and scrubber for vapor recovery unit (Client: Oxy)
Performed a case study for the effect of line sizes and insulation material type and thickness on line cooling
for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer using above ground and buried pipeline. (Client: Linn Energy)
Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Graduate Research Assistant
April 2006 - October 2013
1. Skilled in design of experiments (DOE) and Statistical Analysis
Optimized the cathode surface composition of Pt-Ir electrodes for maximum HER to be 70:30 using full
factorial surface response DOE and statistical analysis (ANOVA, t-tests, and F-tests)

Achieved maximum hydrogen production for urea electrolyzer with a catholyte flow rate of 1202 ml/min
and maximum urea conversion with an anolyte flow rate of 1.00.2 ml/min, based on a Box-Bhenken DOE
Conducted experiments to identify and overcome bottlenecks to produce hydrogen fuel and
simultaneously remediate ammonia & urea from waste water
Developed next generation materials, processes, and models to improve the efficiency of alternative
energy technologies not limiting to batteries, fuel cells, and electrolyzers.
2. Advanced Technical Knowledge in Mathematical Modeling and Software
Developed a model in MATLAB to evaluate kinetic rate constants for hydrogen evolution reaction by
simulating impedance and voltammetric experiments on carbon based Pt, Rh, Ru, and Ni cathodes

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Ramasamy (Samy) Palaniappan

PhD in Chemical Engineering
Russ College of Engineering and Technology
Ohio University (OU), Athens, Ohio
Dissertation Title: Improving the Efficiency of Ammonia Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
Bachelors of Technology in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering
Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi, India
Anna University, Chennai, India
First Class Honors

December 2013
GPA: 3.6/4.0

May 2005
GPA: 7.8/10.0

Computer Software: Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Properties, PRO/II, PipePhase, Minitab, Maud for XRD Reitveld
Analysis, MATLAB, Maple, ANSYS FLUENT, Visio, CASTEP
Material Synthesis: Electrodeposition, tape casting, screen printing, MEA synthesis, and spray coating
Material Characterization Techniques: XRD, XPS, SEM, AFM, FTIR, Gas Chromotography, UV-Visible
Electrochemical Techniques: Controlled current/voltage polarization, chronoamperometry,
chronocoulometry, cyclic, square-wave, and linear sweep voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy
Recipient of Student Enhancement Award of 5,994 dollars for a proposal titled Alkaline Polymer Gel
Electrolytes for Ammonia Electrolysis by Vice President of Research, Ohio University.
April 2008
Recipient of Innovation Award at Research and Creative Activity Expo, Ohio University.
May 2008
2nd place in student poster session, Student Research and Creative Activity Expo, Ohio University. May 2010
1st place in student poster session, Student Research and Creative Activity Expo, Ohio University. May 2011
Awarded membership for the Electrochemical Society
2010 and 2011
Identifying and Adapting a Solid Polymer Electrolyte for Ammonia Electrolysis, Ramasamy Palaniappan
and Gerardine Botte, 218th ECS meeting, October 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada (Oral)
R. Palaniappan, D. C. Ingram, and G G. Botte. (2014). HER kinetics on Electrodeposited Ptx-M1-x (M = Ir, Ru,
Rh, and Ni) Catalysts for Ammonia Electrolysis. Journal of Electrochemical Society 161 (1), p. E12
R. Palaniappan and G. G. Botte. (2013). Effect of Ammonia on Pt, Ru, Rh, and Ni Cathodes during the
Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (34), p17429.
R. Palaniappan and G. G. Botte. (2013). Efficacy of Potassium Poly (Acrylate) Gel Electrolyte as a Substitute
to Aqueous Electrolytes for Alkaline Ammonia Electrolysis. Electrochimica Acta, 88 (15), p772.
B. R. Babu, A. K. Parande, and P. L. Ramasamy (R. Palaniappan). (2006). Effect of CTAB and OPD on the
Corrosion Inhibition of Carbon Steel in 1M HCl. Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 84 (12), 1658-1666.
Sigma Xi (The Scientific Research Society)
The Electrochemical Society
Society of Petroleum Engineers
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Registered reviewer for Journal of Power Sources, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, Journal of Physical

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