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This CONTRACT OF ANTICHRESIS, made and executed by and between
_____________________, of age, single (or married to ____________________),
residing at __________________________, hereinafter called the DEBTOR, and
_______________________, of age, single (or married to _______________________),
residing at __________________________, hereinafter called the CREDITOR,
That the DEBTOR hereby acknowledges to be indebted to the CREDITOR in the
principal sum of ____________________ PESOS (P____________) due and payable
since ___________________, 200_, with interest at the rate of ______________ & from
______________, the date of the loan;
That the accrued interest alone now due and payable on the principal amounts to
_____________________ PESOS (P __________) as of __________________, 200__.
That the total amount owing by the DEBTOR to the CREDITOR, including the
interest is _____________________ PESOS (P __________) as of this date.
That the DEBTOR, in order to be able to pay the CREDITOR, is the owner in fee
simple of that certain parcel of land with improvements thereon, situated in
_________________________, and more particularly described as follows, to wit:
(Description of DEBTORS property);
which land is covered by T.C.T. No. _________ of the Registry of Deeds of the province
of ______________;
That the CREDITOR by virtue hereof shall have the right to cultivate, and receive
the fruits of, the above-described land, with the obligation of applying the net proceeds
thereof to the extinguishment of the above-mentioned loan;
That the net market value of the fruits obtained or harvested at the time of the
application thereof to the interest and principal shall be the measure of such application
of payments;
That the parties hereby agree that the DEBTOR shall not reacquire the possession
and enjoyment of the above-described property without first having totally paid what he
owes the CREDITOR: Provided, however, that in no case shall the right of possession
and enjoyment on the part of the CREDITOR continue for more than _______________
years, after which the right of possession and enjoyment shall revert automatically to the
DEBTOR, without prejudice on the part of the CREDITOR to avail himself of the other
remedies provided for by existing law.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto signed this contract
the day and year first above written, in the municipality of __________________,
province of _________________, Philippines.