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Initial steps in batch management

Step 1: Creating characteristics (CT04)

Create color as characteristic (COLOR_BATCH_01)

Enter and save

Step 2: Create class (CL01)

Enter the created characteristics in char tab

Step 3: Create sort sequence (CU70)

In next step enter the characteristic created

Configuration settings
Step 1: Define Inventory Management condition table

Step 2: Access sequence

Enter and save

Again select the line item and double click on fields

Enter and save

Step 3: Strategy types

Enter and save

4. Batch search procedure definition

Enter and save

Step 5: Batch search procedure allocation and check activation

Assign search procedure created already to movement types 101, 201, 501

Step 6: Create material master

Maintain class in classification tab

Activate batch management indicator under purchasing view

Since we are doing batch maintain Shelf life data under plant data/storage

Material 1825 created

Step 7: Create batch search strategy (MBC1)

Enter and save

Step 8: Create a batch (MSC1N)

Enter and save

Step 9: Create a PO
Step 10: Create GR
In item details batch tab appears

Click on classification tab to select any one batch (any one color, red, blue,
green )
Step 11: Check the stock overview (MMBE)

Batch appears