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Proposed Rules Federal Register

Vol. 70, No. 102

Friday, May 27, 2005

This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER To support this data collection, OPM Subpart D—Paying for Training
contains notices to the public of the proposed is clarifying established policy to ensure Expenses
issuance of rules and regulations. The that agencies maintain records of their
purpose of these notices is to give interested training plans and to require that they § 410.406 [Removed]
persons an opportunity to participate in the report training data in the form as 3. Remove § 410.406.
rule making prior to the adoption of the final
prescribed by the OPM
Governmentwide Electronic Data Subpart G—Reporting
Collection System. The 4. In subpart G, revise the subpart title
OFFICE OF PERSONNEL Governmentwide system will allow to read as set forth above.
MANAGEMENT agencies to maintain accurate records to 5. Revise § 410.701 to read as follows:
facilitate reporting on a regular basis as
5 CFR Part 410 prescribed by the Guide to Personnel § 410.701 Reporting.
Recordkeeping (www.opm.gov/feddata/ (a) Each agency shall maintain records
RIN 3206—AK46
persdoc.asp) and the Guide to Human of training plans, expenditures, and
Training Resources Reporting (www.opm.gov/ activities in such form and manner as
feddata/guidance.asp). In addition, necessary to submit the recorded data to
AGENCY: Office of Personnel there is a change in the period of time the Office of Personnel Management
Management. required for retaining records in through the OPM Governmentwide
ACTION: Proposed rule. subparts C and D, and a new method for Electronic Data Collection System.
reporting requirements. (b) Each agency shall report the
SUMMARY: The Office of Personnel
We seek comments from reviewers as training data for its employees’ training
Management (OPM) is proposing to and development at such times and in
amend its regulations concerning to whether the proposed regulation
clarifies agency’s responsibility to such form as required for the OPM
agency reporting requirements on Governmentwide Electronic Data
training. The purpose of the revision is reporting data to the governmentwide
system and to assure the guides listed Collection System which is explained in
to assist agencies to effectively collect the Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping
information that supports agency assist agencies with implementation
processes for reporting the data and the Guide to Human Resources
determinations of its workforce training Reporting
needs, and document the results of elements.
(c) Each agency shall establish a
training and development programs E.O. 12866, Regulatory Review Schedule of Records for information
implemented to address those needs, by required to be maintained by this
requiring input into the OPM This rule has been reviewed by the
Office of Management and Budget in chapter in accordance with regulations
Governmentwide electronic data promulgated by the National Archives
collection system. accordance with Executive Order 12866.
and Records Administration (NARA).
DATES: Comments must be received on Regulatory Flexibility Act
or before July 26, 2005. [FR Doc. 05–10641 Filed 5–26–05; 8:45 am]
ADDRESSES: Send, deliver, or fax written
I certify that these regulations would BILLING CODE 6325–38–P

comments to Mark Doboga, Deputy not have a significant economic impact

Associate Director for Talent and on a substantial number of small entities
Capacity Policy, U.S. Office of because they would apply only to DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
Personnel Management, Room 6551, Federal agencies and employees.
1900 E Street NW., Washington, DC Agricultural Marketing Service
List of Subjects in 5 CFR Part 410
20415–9700; e-mail: employ@opm.gov;
fax: (202) 606–2329. Education, Government employees. 7 CFR Part 966
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Office of Personnel Management. [Docket No. FV05–966–1 PR]
Loretta L. Reeves by telephone at (202) Dan G. Blair,
606–2419, by fax at (202) 606–2329, by Acting Director.
Tomatoes Grown in Florida; Revisions
TDD at (202) 418–3134, or by e-mail at in Requirements for Certificates of
Loretta.Reeves@opm.gov. Accordingly, OPM proposes to amend Privilege
part 410 of 5 CFR as follows:
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: OPM is AGENCY: Agricultural Marketing Service,
issuing proposed regulations to amend PART 410—TRAINING USDA.
the rules in 5 CFR part 410, subparts C, ACTION: Proposed rule.
D, and G, which address agency training 1. The authority citation for part 410
records and reporting requirements. continues to read as follows: SUMMARY: This rule invites comments
OPM is creating a Governmentwide Authority: 5 U.S.C. 4101, et seq., 4107; on revisions to the Certificate of
electronic system to capture employee E.O. 11348, and (3 CFR, 1967 Comp., p 275). Privilege (COP) requirements currently
human resource information, which will prescribed under the Florida tomato
include training data. This system is Subpart C—Establishing and marketing order (order). The order
explained and agency reporting Implementing Training Programs regulates the handling of tomatoes
requirements defined in the Guide to grown in Florida and is administered
Personnel Recordkeeping and the Guide § 410.311 [Removed] locally by the Florida Tomato
to Human Resources Reporting. 2. Remove § 410.311. Committee (Committee). This rule

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