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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 94 / Tuesday, May 17, 2005 / Notices


submission for OMB review as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of


DATES: Interested persons are invited to submit comments on or before June 16,


ADDRESSES: Written comments should be addressed to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Attention: Carolyn Lovett, Desk Officer, Department of Education, Office of Management and Budget, 725 17th Street, NW., Room 10235, New Executive Office Building, Washington, DC 20503 or faxed to (202) 3956974.



of the Paperwork Reduction Act of


(44 U.S.C. Chapter 35) requires

that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provide interested Federal agencies and the public an early opportunity to comment on information collection requests. OMB may amend or waive the requirement for public consultation to the extent that public participation in the approval process would defeat the purpose of the information collection, violate State or Federal law, or substantially interfere with any agencys ability to perform its statutory obligations. The Leader, Information Management Case Services Team, Regulatory Information Management Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer, publishes that notice containing proposed information collection requests prior to submission of these requests to OMB. Each proposed information collection, grouped by office, contains the following: (1) Type of review requested, e.g., new, revision, extension, existing or reinstatement; (2) Title; (3) Summary of the collection; (4) Description of the need for, and proposed use of, the information; (5) Respondents and frequency of collection; and (6) Reporting and/or Recordkeeping burden. OMB invites public comment.

Dated: May 12, 2005. Angela C. Arrington, Leader, Information Management Case Services Team, Regulatory Information Management Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education Type of Review: Extension. Title: State Progress ReportSchool Renovation, IDEA, and Technology Grants Program. Frequency: On Occasion. Affected Public: State, local, or tribal govt, SEAs or LEAs. Reporting and Recordkeeping Hour Burden: Responses: 15. Burden Hours: 30.

Abstract: ED will collect the information required in the legislation from States and Outlying areas to document the progress of the School Renovation Program in achieving the legislative goals of improving school facilities and ensuring the health and safety of students and staff. Requests for copies of the submission for OMB review; comment request may be accessed from http:// edicsweb.ed.gov, by selecting the ‘‘Browse Pending Collections’’ link and by clicking on link number 2710. When you access the information collection, click on ‘‘Download Attachments ‘‘to view. Written requests for information should be addressed to U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW., Potomac Center, 9th Floor,

Washington, DC 202024700. Requests may also be electronically mailed to the Internet address OCIO_RIMG@ed.gov or faxed to 2022456621. Please specify the complete title of the information collection when making your request. Comments regarding burden and/or the collection activity requirements should be directed to Kathy Axt at her e-mail address Kathy.Axt@ed.gov. Individuals who use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal Information Relay Service (FIRS) at 1800877


[FR Doc. 059769 Filed 51605; 8:45 am]



Sunshine Act Notice

AGENCY: Election Assistance Commission. ACTION: Notice of Public Meeting Agenda.

DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, May 24, 2005, 10 a.m.Noon. PLACE: U.S. Election Assistance Commission, 1225 New York Ave., NW., Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005 (Metro Stop: Metro Center). AGENDA: The Commission will receive the following reports: Title II Requirements Payments Update; Statewide Voter Registration List Guidance Update; Provisional Voting and Voter Identification Study Update; Election Day Survey Analysis Update; Military and Overseas Citizens Survey Update; California Audit Update; Voluntary Voting System Guidelines Update; and updates on other administrative matters. The Commission will receive presentations on the following topic: Setting an Effective

Date for the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines. This meeting will be open to the public.







Bryan Whitener, Telephone: (202) 566







Carol A. Paquette, Interim Executive Director, U.S. Election Assistance Commission. [FR Doc. 059939 Filed 51305; 2:24 pm]



Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

[Project No. 2586]

Alabama Electric Cooperative, Inc.; Notice of Authorization for Continued Project Operation

May 11, 2005.

On April 29, 2003, Alabama Electric Cooperative, Inc., licensee for the Conecuh River Project No. 2586, filed an application for a new or subsequent license pursuant to the Federal Power Act (FPA) and the Commissions regulations. Project No. 2586 is located on the Conecuh River in Covington County, Alabama. The license for Project No. 2586 was issued for a period ending April 30, 2005. Section 15(a)(1) of the FPA, 16 U.S.C. 808(a)(1), requires the Commission, at the expiration of a license term, to issue from year to year an annual license to the then licensee under the terms and conditions of the

prior license until a new license is issued, or the project is otherwise disposed of as provided in section 15 or any other applicable section of the FPA.

If the projects prior license waived the

applicability of section 15 of the FPA, then, based on section 9(b) of the Administrative Procedure Act, 5 U.S.C. 558(c), and as set forth at 18 CFR 16.21(a), if the licensee of such project has filed an application for a subsequent license, the licensee may continue to

operate the project in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license after the minor or minor part license expires, until the Commission acts on

its application. If the licensee of such a project has not filed an application for

a subsequent license, then it may be

required, pursuant to 18 CFR 16.21(b), to continue project operations until the Commission issues someone else a license for the project or otherwise orders disposition of the project.

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