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Table of Contents:

I:Notice and Rules

II:My Introduction
III:History and Overview of Counter Strike 2d
IV:Earning Money and Score in Counter Strike 2d
V:Overview and Debate of Weapons
VI:Personalities/Classes of Players in CS2D
VII:General Overview of Tactics and FAQ
VIII:General Tips and Tricks
IX:Mini-Tips about Sabotage and Bomb Planting
X:Helpful Applications
XI:List of Hackers(SOON) and Hacking
XIII:Authors Insights
------------------------------------------------------NOTICE:Please send me a PM if there are any questions.
2. This guide is of my own. If you want to provide your own set of tips, then ma
ke your own thread!
3. I appreciate feedback, but do not disrespect me because you think something i
posted is wrong in your opinion.
Hi Guys! My name is KillerM33, Head-Moderator of Kgb2d Clan! Im Sharing my Knowl
------------------------------------------------------Counter-Strike 2D, commonly abbreviated to CS2D, is a 2D top-down shooter develo
ped by Unreal Software. It's a remake of Counter-Strike and it's a one man proje
ct made by Peter Schau better known by his Internet nickname DC (DarkCorner). Unr
eal Software, the developer of popular games Stranded and Stranded II, began dev
eloping Counter-Strike 2D in 2002. It started working on early 2004 with the Alp
ha version but became more popular in 2004's Christmas Eve when Beta was
released. People from all over the globe started playing and it became a very p
opular top-down shooter game. In August 2008, Counter-Strike 2D Max was released
bringing a lot more features and has grown till what it is today: a rather smal
l gaming community with around 1400 players worldwide. It can be pretty addictin
g when you play it for long. The initial idea of Counter-Strike 2D was to create
a game which is pretty much like the original Counter-Strike game by Valve Soft
ware but which is 2D in a top-down perspective. This goal has been reached by im
plementing all original Counter-Strike weapons with their original sounds, by ad
ding the well known hostage rescue (CS) and bomb defuse (DE) scenarios (+the VIP
(AS) mode which has been removed from the original Counter-Strike already) and
finally by creating 2D versions of the most popular Counter-Strike maps. It has
since served time on both the German and Polish international professional gamin
g league ESL.Thanks DC for this wonderful game!(Even though you temporarily bann
ed me for making a tutorial to unban yourself =))
------------------------------------------------------Earning Money and Score in Cs2D:
Since the new versions of CS2D, there are several new ways to collect money and
score. Here are tables that show you what do you have to do to gain money and sc
ore. These tables are sorted descendening by its value.
Money table
lose 4th time in row: +$2900 also for losing more times
win: +$2500

lose 3rd time in row: +$2400

lose 2nd time in row: +$1900
lose 1st time in row: +$1400
collect Gold: +$1000
collect Money: +$ 500
kill enemy: +$ 300
collect Coins: +$ 100
kill team mate: -$3300
variable reward:
spawn in DM/TDM/Const. +$2000 (default, see mpdmspawnmoney)
Capture The Flag
capture flag: +$1000
return own flag: +$1000
Hostage Rescue
rescue hostage: +$1000
talk to hostage (CT): +$ 150 once per hostage
hurt hostage: -$ 150
kill hostage: -$1500
kill Dispenser: +$1500 if mpkillbuildingmoney = 1
kill Supply: +$1000 if mpkillbuildingmoney = 1
kill Turret: +$1000 if mpkillbuildingmoney = 1
kill Wall III: +$ 300 if mpkillbuildingmoney = 1
kill Wall II: +$ 200 if mpkillbuildingmoney = 1
kill Wall I: +$ 100 if mpkillbuildingmoney = 1
kill Barricade: +$ 50 if mpkillbuildingmoney = 1
repair building: -$ 50 per shot


Barricade: -$ 100 if mpkillteambuildings = 2

Wall I: -$ 200 if mpkillteambuildings = 2
Wall II: -$ 400 if mpkillteambuildings = 2
Wall III: -$ 600 if mpkillteambuildings = 2
Turret: -$2000 if mpkillteambuildings = 2
Supply: -$2000 if mpkillteambuildings = 2
Dispenser: -$3000 if mpkillteambuildings = 2

variable reward
stay at Dispenser: +$ 100/second (default, see mpdispensermoney)
dominate point: +$ 300 every time
Player score table
plant+let explode bomb: +3 points if mpmapgoalscore = 1
defuse bomb: +3 points if mpmapgoalscore = 1
capture enemy flag: +3 points if mpmapgoalscore = 1
kill enemy: +1 point
kill team mate: -1 point
Team score table
win round: +1 point
------------------------------------------------------Overview and Debate of Weapons:(In alphabetical order)
All weapons have their advantages and disatvantages, with their own damage, zoom
or no zoom, accuracy, cost, secondary function, bullets & magazine, reloading t
ime, weight, etc. Note that the appearance of a weapon might not seem important,

but a long weapon like the AWP is a big disatvantage by itself because the enem
y will see the barrel of your gun first before you see him, giving him a slight
advantage. I will not go into detail about all weapons, because such a detailed
guide would deserve a topic of its own, so I will just list some of the most pop
ular ones.
AK47 VS M4A1
The M4A1 has better accuracy, but costs more.
The AK47 is very cost-efficient, but has less accuracy
(despite traditional belief, the AK does NOT do more damage than the M4A1, they
do equal damage in CS2D).
It all depends on the player's taste. The AK47 might seem like a bulletsprayingbeast, but since this is CS2D and not an FPS, the big recoil doesn't matter as m
uch. The bad accuracy makes it so someone with bad aim can still hit because of
the wide area it sprays bullets with. The M4A1 has good accuracy, this is very u
sefull in FPS games where better accuracy means good aim, but since this is in 2
D perspective the good accuracy means a less wide area the bullets will go into,
making someone with bad aim not do much damage. However, a very skillfull playe
r with good aiming is able to use the M4A1's good accuracy to devastating effect
, and able to kill enemies in a matter of seconds.
The M4A1 is also better off in spraying those tiny corridors, but the AK47 is be
tter off spraying in areas with wide open space where the bullets will certainly
hit someone.
The AK47 is also alot cheaper, so it sometimes can still be bought in "economica
l money crisis" situations instead of kevlar&helm/grenades.
This is the only sniper, or gun for that matter, that is able to kill a full-HP
enemy instantly with just 1 bullet (laser does not shoot bullets, shotgun shoots
alot of bullets at the same time). There are very talented/skillfull AWP sniper
s out there, that are able to rack up kills with ease. The more you zoom the mor
e damage you do. If you kill someone with 2x zooms (maximum) it does an instantkill. This gun is very expensive, so only buy it if you are good with it or you
are basically throwing away $4750 out of the window and do your team no good. It
is very rewarding to kill with this weapon, but be aware of its low rate of fir
e. The delay can be enough for an enemy to rush you and pump you full of bullets
before you can shoot back. Skillfull snipers are able to make good use of the m
ap and environment, walls and obstacles to stay out of danger. In fog of war, th
is weapon is very unpopular because it needs good vision and in fog of war that
vision is limited. You might aswell spend for a Scout since that has a higher ra
te of fire and is more forgiving if you make a mistake.
Scout VS AWP
Visual: It has a shorter barrel therefore they won't see you as faster as they e
nter your screen compared to the AWP.
Weight: It is the most light-weight rifle, or sniper rifle for that matter, maki
ng you capable of dodging enemy fire + shooting back in ways other sniper users
cannot possibly do, in close-combat or open areas.
Cost: $2750, making it the cheapest rifle after the Galil. Considering the deadl
y capabilities of this weapon, the cost is an incredible advantage compared to t
he AWP. You can have easy access to it, even in money-tight situations.
Reload Time: Extremely fast. This factor combined with its light-weightness and

rate-of-fire makes it the only sniper-rifle capable of taking on enemies in open

areas or non-sniper friendly areas while retaliating back at them (however the
AWP is a 1-shot guaranteed kill even if they have kevlar, with the Scout you nee
d to hit twice).
Range: 350, slightly less then the AWP, however not important in most cases unle
ss playing in a huge custom map with long, long, long corridors.. which is unlik
Damage: 45, 50, 100. Less then the AWP. You are able to one-shot kill an enemy w
ithout kevlar protection, if they do have kevlar, it will always be atleast 2 sh
ots zoomed in 2x times (unless they have low HP). It's a great support weapon by
lowering your enemies' HP down and scaring them from entering Scout fire, howev
er an AWP hit is a guaranteed kill, while if Scout an enemy he can still get awa
Ammo: 10/60
Rate of Fire: 75 rounds per minute. It is faster then the AWP obviously, and thi
s factor compensates for its lack of damage (compared to the AWP), it can create
cover an entire corridor or close-areas by spraying bullets, impossible to do w
ith an AWP, so this is makes it a great support/defending weapon for your team.
Visual: It has a longer barrel therefore your enemies will see you a bit faster
(and therefore have a faster reaction speed) as they enter your screen.
Weight: It is the most heaviest weapon together with the M249 Machine Gun, makin
g it neccesary to use the map layout and obstacles well in order to survive. In
open space Scouters will have a higher chance to survive because they can retali
ate, with the AWP you'll most likely be a sitting duck.
Cost: $4750, a very expensive weapon, all for the sake of the one-hit kill it ca
n give you, if you suck you're basically doing your team nothing good by wasting
alot of money and not getting kills. The price is a risky trade-off, but in a p
rofessional's hands always worth it.
Reload Time: The long reload time can be your worst nightmare if on a tight situ
ation. Reloading in bad situations is enough for your enemy to pump you full of
bullets. Either reload in safe/good moments, or switch to your handgun and fight
off your enemy. The Scout has the luxury of reloading very fast, making it capa
ble of still fighting back without needing to switch to a pistol (however it's s
till a sniper, a Scouter still needs to aim well or get slaughtered by a riflema
n). On the other hand, because of this snipers' low rate-of-fire, you will not b
e reloading alot in one round, unless your shooting and missing alot!
Range: 400, slightly longer then the Scout, however not important in most cases
unless playing in a huge custom map with long, long, long corridors.. which is u
Damage: 50, 65, 150. This the trademark of the AWP, its damage.. You give yourse
lf alot of disatvantages such as alot of money, heavy-weight, high reload time,
and worst of all a low rate of fire, all in sake for the damage this weapon caus
A professional can rack up kills with this weapon, however remember you should d
o what's best for your team. If you miss everything your doing your team no good
and should switch to a Scout in order to compensate for your lack of aim. Remem
ber that you don't always need to double-zoom to get your kill, if your not conf
ident you could always just not zoom (or zoom 1x) and hurt your enemy badly in o
rder for your teammate to finish him off (or you with you a pistol). No matter i

f your enemy has 100HP and 100kevlar, fireing an AWP fully zoomed is a kill.
Ammo: 10/30
Rate of Fire: The slowest rate of fire of any weapon, this is the price you will
have to pay (and $4750) together with heavy-weight to boot in order to get acce
ss to a 1-shot killing machine. Contrary to the Scout, you will have so less if
not zero chance to survive/fight back in open areas because of this factor and i
ts heavy-weight.
There are more advantages to the Scout then there are to the
more popular and widely-used by most snipers, you know why?
ics and negative factors the AWP comes, together with $4750,
f people are willing to trade for in order to get a one-shot

AWP, yet the AWP is

All the bad statist
is something alot o
killing sniper.

bad aim / enemy is good dodger / money-tight situation or low budget / supporter
or tactical position for your team:
good aim / enemy is bad dodger / enough money (also for future rounds, incase yo
u die you have will have no money left, etc.):
However, in the end it all ends down on the individual's taste and preferences a
nd experience he has with each weapon. Scout is a very dangerous weapon, however
most people simply do not know how to use it very well, overextending themselve
s because of the light-weightness and bad aim are things that get them killed.
Anyway, experiment with each weapon and see what fits you best.
Pistols have always been useful sidearms, whether to finish off a weak opponent,
or to snipe through those tiny corners, or as a last resort when your rifle's a
mmo is out, they have always been essential. The Ts start out with the Glock, wh
ile the CTs start out with the USP. Both teams can buy any of the 6 handguns.
This is the gun all Counter-Terrorists start out with.
It features a silencer as secondary function, and is the strongest (in damage) a
fter the Deagle, but the USP has a higher rate of fire, and has more ammo. In wa
ll-corner firefights, a Deagle might seem a better choice because the rate of fi
re doesn't matter aslong as you are behind a wall, but in open space the USP wou
ld generally be a better choice since the low rate of fire of a Deagle makes you
need tremendously good aim to hit all the shots.
In organized matches where you start out with $800 such as in a clanwar, as T in
the first round (also called the "pistolround") one can consider sacrificing $5
00 to buy a USP for the extra boost of damage and surprise factor, since the CTs
would mostly not expect a T to start out with a USP instead of kevlar/grenades.
It doesn't meet the Deagle in raw firepower, but because of it's high rate of f
ire and good ammunition, it is a sight to behold.
This is the gun all Terrorists start out with.
It features "burst-mode" as secondary function and with the $400 cost makes it t

he cheapest handgun, and also the weakest (in damage) together with the Five-Sev
It is also the most conservative handgun, because it has ALOT of ammo, other han
dguns would run out quicker then the Glock. It's secondary function is what make
s it somewhat worthwhile, in wide open spaces where you are planning on "Spray'S
hooting" you can burst-fire the whole area with the Glock, 3 bullets spreading a
round like a long shotgun, bound to hit someone killing a fleeing low-HP enemy.
At super close range, you could hit the enemy with all 3 bullets of the burst-fi
re, making the damage triple! It would eliminate the enemy much quicker. In norm
al wall-corner firefights or in open space, the Glock plain sucks. The weak dama
ge will mostly do not enough.
However, because the Glock is the only handgun that can "Spray'Shoot/Guess/Rando
m" beyond your screen (effective in very open spaces) effectively bound to hit s
omeone, and can totally massacre someone from closeby if used correctly, the Glo
ck has its purposes. As a CT, there is really not a single reason to get this si
nce you already start out with a superior handgun and can always buy a better ch
oice. The Ts can always buy a better handgun, or stick with the Glock in money m
anagement rounds and position yourself on areas where the Glock will be at it's
most useful.
This is the most powerful handgun (in damage), and also has the lowest rate of f
ire. If your not paying attention to your ammo, it could run out very fast. In m
y opinion, this handgun is the best option for the wall-corner firefights where
you jump out of your cover and shoot at the enemy, duck back and repeat. If you
get randomly hit from afar with a Deagle, it can be very frustrating because it
chunks away alot of health. However, if you run out of ammo middle in combat and
you need to switch to your sidearm, you better be good at aiming since the low
rate of fire of the Deagle will not have any mercy on you if you miss.
A bad aimer + Deagle equals in his death in most situations. All the other handg
uns (especially the USP since it has the second strongest damage) can laugh at t
he Deagle if middle in an open space since they would pump you full of bullets i
n a matter of seconds. Knowing how to handle and aim the Deagle, using walls, co
ver, and obstacles, keeping an eye out on the ammo, landing those shots very pre
cise, is what makes a skilled Deagle player. One can also attempt to spam the De
agle in a corridor/hallway for an attempt to hit/kill those walking by. At the c
ost of $650, and seen the abilities of this weapon, it is always a favorite to m
any players. In pistolrounds, one can also get the Deagle aslong as you know you
r position well in the team and how to land your shots good, or else the lack of
rate-of-fire makes you a $650-wasting-walking-dead-guy.
This is probably the most obscure and infamous/unknown handgun in the CS2D arsen
al. It just sits there in the shadowy background, waiting to be bought.. There i
s nothing special to say, the damage is nothing much, has a normal rate of fire
for a handgun, and has no secondary function or special purposes. You could buy
this just for the sake of being original/bored. Whatever handgun you start out w
ith (Glock/USP), would be a better choice then this. In serious matches you shou
ldn't spend the $600 for the P228 that makes you downgrade yourself. Add $50 and
you've got the powerfull Deagle, remove $100 and you've got the versatile USP.
The gun that makes you automatically ELITE! (joke!)
In the 3D versions of Counter-Strike, the Elite is a pair of 2 handguns, being s
ome kind of gangster . Its damage is nothing much, but it is the fastest handgun
after the Five-Seven. However, would you really spend $1000 (the most expensive

handgun) just for the specialty of having a little bit of higher rate of fire?
It could be usefull for finishing off low-HPed enemies since in such an occasion
damage is not important but speed is, but in most situations I would advise you
to keep the $1000 and spare for something better, or get a cheaper and superior
handgun such as a USP or a Deagle.
If you really want a fast handgun, or the fastest for that matter, get a Five-Se
ven. It is $250 cheaper, is faster, and the damage is hardly any difference. Jus
t like the P228, it is advised to use the Elite only in freestyle/fun/original p
This is the fastest handgun. Its highest rate of fire makes it the best finisher
against anyone that is killable with 1 hit. It is also the weakest handgun (in
damage) together with the Glock. However, I find this to be pretty fitted for al
ot of occasions. The only thing that it lacks is unpopularity. Try the Five-Seve
n out, and see how it works out. You can also try to combo the fastest handgun w
ith the slowest primary weapon; AWP.
Conclusion of Handguns:
Overall, I find the USP the best handgun of choice. Followed by the powerfull De
agle, and ending with the Five-Seven with its high rate of fire. The Glock needs
a very tactical and positional mind, in order to make good use of its burst-fir
e mode, but since it's also the cheapest gun, it is nothing to regret dieing in
(unless you wanted a better handgun). The P228 and Elite are the worst of handgu
ns, seen the statistics and what the rest is capable of.
------------------------------------------------------There are 3 types of personalities/classes of players in cs2d:
1. Terrorist Heavies/Gunner:
He s the one that equips heavy weapons like machine guns.
As with the Rifle, make use of your grenades efficiently. Identify and count the
number of grenades the enemy throws. Never shoot first, the enemy will provoke
you to shoot first, but you'll shoot after you have A CLEAR SHOT. Scare him off
once he gets too close.
2. Terrorist Soldier/Rifleman:
He s the balanced class in the game.He s the one using weapons like AUG Para or P90
or everything else
Dominate the field, make use of your grenades. Stay away or time shotgun players
, They're your worse enemy. You're not as effective up close, try to support the
other players with weapons more suitable for the map. Trick your enemy to shoot
, dodge it, and while dodging it, shoot him back. If your team is concentrating
it's attack on the top or bottom, you try to hold or flank the opposite.
3.Terrorists Assasin/Commando/Sniper:
Throw a flashbang in, just as you are about to enter. If you are far, don't do i
t or you'll get killed. Try to catch your enemy by surprise but don't miss.
Remember: OneShot!OneKill!
1)The objective always matters, especially when you have the bomb. Don't hold it

like a fool, when you get the clear chance to plant it, plant it. Don't ever dr
op it and guard it with your life, because chances are, everyone's gonna play ar
ound with this thing and not even use it.
2)Guard your flanks and move to safe spots. And remember to always be wary and c
heck smoked areas as the map is confusing when the bullets start flying. Some pe
ople might have taken cover in them and await in ambush.
1.Counter-Terrorist Heavies/Gunner:
Conquer the middle of the firefight with your grenades. Take out hostiles from t
he supporting range,then you can rush in(least recommended) or hold your ground
and slowly advance.
2.Counter-Terrorists Infantry:
You are the bane of snipers. Back-up your own snipers from top priority and the
shotgunners below priority. You are the essential support player. You'll damage
both snipers and shotgunners who carelessly run into a crossfire, giving your te
am a big advantage. You probably won't get much kills, but at least you'll be th
e one who is giving your team the victory.
3.Counter-Terrorist Scout/Sniper:
Rush to the top of the map as fast as you can, if you're fast, you'll get some l
ucky kills. Concentrate on keeping the top area blocked, but time by that time,
give your teammates a hand. Be wary of grenades thrown from both above and below
1)Defend the bombspots, that is your objective and don't toy around for kills. S
nipers are most handy in bomb defense situations. Remember, once someone is on t
he defuse, stand guard.
2)Hold the middle or you'll lose. Simple as that. Once the enemy has a foothold
of the center, you'll be bottlenecked and they'll get to you, eventually.
3)Your grenades must be used efficiently and only when it's needed. Don't throw
a grenade unless it has a purpose. That grenade may come in handy when you encou
nter a chokepoint.
------------------------------------------------------General Overview and FAQ
1 - What is skill?
In games, or in CS2D in particular, skill refers to how good the individual game
r plays. Ranging from a beginning gamer to a highly competetive professional, sk
ill is something which everyone has, they just all differ from eachother. Everyo
ne has his/her own playstyle, tactics, strategies, leadership, favorite weapons,
flaws, etc, each making the overall skill of the player. A beginner does not ha
ve alot of skill because he/she has not accumulated enough experience in the gam
e, so he/she has to play the game for some time in order to gain experience and
learn, thereby growing better skills. Some are very skillfull in aiming or straf
ing/dodging bullets, while others can be very skillfull in tactics, making good
use of the map layout. Others are very skillfull in particular weapons such as t
he AWP, and others can be very skillfull in captaining a team. Some are good wit
h shotguns, some are good in rushing, some can have a very good insight on what

the enemy might be thinking, to counter-act accordingly, while others can be goo
d in teamwork or staying together in order to create a stronger force. Everyone
differs in skill, and the ultimate player is one which has enough experience/ski
ll in all fields such as players which have been playing CS2D for alot of years.
2 - Aiming
On first sight, one might think a 2D game requires less aiming skill than an FPS
, but this assumption is very wrong. In an FPS game, damage is often random depe
nding on what bodypart you shoot on, and often more realistic because one dies b
y a couple of bullets. In CS2D, this is not the case because it is top-down view
. Weapon damage is all strict-and-set, it all comes down to whether your pointer
aims better than your enemy's pointer. To get the feel for aiming, it requiers
alot of experience. Once you have skillfully mastered the art of aiming, it will
be very rewarding since you will notice you kill enemies quicker with losing le
ss HP yourself. Beginners often mistake skillfull aimers of using aimbot, a chea
ting device/tool that makes your pointer aim perfectly to your enemies. Aiming c
annot be tought, it comes along as you gain experience and get the feeling for C
S2D's mechanics.
In general, a good player will keep his pointer aimed at the enemy's character w
hile shooting his rifle untill he/she dies.
The better you aim, the quicker your enemy dies therefore losing less HP as your
enemy is dead and cannot shoot back.
3 - Dodging/Strafing
If one stands still in a firefight, he/she will not accomplish much and will jus
t lose alot of HP/die quick like a sitting duck. The solution to this is dodging
or strafing, the act of moving away from your enemy's bullets while you still k
eep your pointer (while shooting) at your enemy. Unlike an FPS, in CS2D there is
no recoil thus there is no reason to stay still while shooting at the enemy. In
a classic 1v1 "skill" testing match, such as in an empty map like aim_fr33kz (w
hich has no walls in order to train your dodging/strafing) the player with the b
est of both aiming and dodging skills will come out at the top. Keep moving left
and right, diagonal, and simply stay unpredictable while focusing on your point
er and aim, as the enemy does the same with you. If both players are very skillf
ull, this all happens in a matter of seconds. Always see what HP your enemy has
left when you've died, and always ask yourself what you did wrong, what mistake
you made, or what could be improved. Are you not unpredictable enough when dodgi
ng? Is your aim not good enough, as in not keeping focus on the pointer + your e
nemy's character? Keep this all in mind and gain experience, and learn from your
mistakes as you grow in these skill factors.
It is quite the accomplishment to have great skill in aiming and dodging, but it
is only the individual's skill, and there is much more to cover about skills: w
eapons, maps, teamwork, strategies, and tactics.
4 - Objectives
You are a terrorist or a counter-terrorist, with a team and an enemy team, on a
map. What is your mission? What are your objectives? What are you suppose to do?
Always keep these in mind, depending on what map you play. Let's take the most
popular standard map in CS2D: de_dust. The terrorists must blow up crates which
contains important material, one of the terrorists is given a bomb of which he h
as to plant at one of the 2 bombspots after travelling to the location. After th
e bomb is planted, the terrorists must defend the bombspot. The counter-terroris
ts' mission is to halt the terrorists from planting the bomb, eliminating all of

them. Should the bomb be planted, they must hurry to defuse the bomb of which o
bviously is guarded by the terrorists, of which you (obviously) need to kill fir
st. The counter-terrorists are able to purchase a defuse-kit in order to defuse
the bomb quicker.
This should all be very obvious to you, but even very skilled players often forg
et the most simple thing your trying to achieve: the highest teamscore.
By winning rounds either by killing the whole enemy team, planting the bomb, or
defusing the bomb, your team gains a score. The highest teamscore is the leading
team. This is where it all ends upon. In public, organized teams, mixedmatches,
clanwars, leaguematches, you fight for the highest teamscore in order to be the
winner. As a T, it is more important to defend the bomb rather than having more
care about your personal score, so if you got the chance, you can tempt the cou
nter-terrorists to spend time chasing you, trying to kill you, and when they kil
l you, they have no more time left to defuse the bomb which declares that the te
rrorist team wins the round! Never hesitate to give your life if you know it wil
l do your team better, if you act as a team, you have higher chances of winning.
Don't be a person that only cares about his/her personal score/kills/deaths, ev
en skilled players make this mistake sometimes. In public it is acceptable, as i
t is just that: public. But in organized matches, where your team must achieve m
ore points then the other, do not be arrogant and think more about your personal
Another situation: your a CT and the enemy has planted the bomb, do you selfishl
y stay away wanting to have a good score (not risking a death) or do you attempt
to defuse the bomb? Always take the chance to defuse the bomb. If your chasing
a terrorist which is trying to make you waste time, even if you have low HP, att
empt a rush to kill him and quickly defuse the bomb!
It is better to try to rush to kill the terrorist whereafter he kills you, rathe
r then retreating and not dieing. In the latter case, you would of simply gave a
way your enemy team a point. In the first case, you could of always be lucky/ski
llfull and kill the terrorist, whereafter you could defuse the bomb and win the
round. Teamscore is more important then kills/deaths.
This all applies to other gamemodes aswell, such as hostage rescue, etc.
5 - Tactics
Whether your playing public or an organized match, tactics is always important a
nd needed. It doesn't matter if you have good aiming/dodging skills if you do no
t know tactics for the appropiate map, with an appropiate team.
Here I will talk about some commonly used tactics:
Often seen as a beginner/newbie tactic. Camping means staying in 1 spot/area for
quite a time, with the motive for surprising/ambushing an enemy when he walks b
y. It is a good tactic to use in fog of war to defend a certain spot. If you cam
p, stand in spots where you think your enemy will not look/shoot at, so when the
y walk by, you will have the edge in combat. Also listen closely to footsteps, a
s you can guess/random-shoot before they even appear on your screen (skilled pla
yers will do this, often being mistaken as "radar/minimap" hackers).
Rushing means that one person or a group forcefully run as quick as they can thr
ough a certain position, such as bombspot "B" for the terrorists in de_dust. It
can either end up devastating for the rushers, or devastating for the surprised
enemies. Rush when the enemy least expects it, either alone or with your whole t

eam, your enemy will be stunned by the overwhelming rush and will either get alo
t of deaths or retreat, giving your team a certain position which is of tactical
importance. In other occasions, it is very bad to attempt a rush, because your
enemy might be prepared for it and already standing in good positions to counter
the rush, causing alot of deaths for your team. In fog of war, where people oft
en assume both teams are "shift"walking to neglect the other team of hearing any
sound from you, it can be wise to rush for once because the enemy will not expe
ct it. Timing is important, you can also attempt to rush with your whole team in
the middle of the round or when the round is almost over (you need to plant the
bomb/kill all CTs before the timer runs out, or else the CTs win).
Flanking, or rearing, refers to the act of attempting to attack your enemy from
the side or back, having obvious devastating effects on the enemy because he has
to fight from 2 sides, giving you the edge in combat. If both teams are in a st
alemate in the middle of a firefight, 1 person or a squad of players can attempt
to go from the side and attack the enemy from the back, ending in great devasta
tion for the enemy team. Flanking can always be countered by having all paths de
fended/positioned by teammembers. This is a very vital tactic, and requires good
timing and good communication between the teammembers. Attacking from 2 sides i
s mostly more effective then attacking with your whole team from 1 side (a whole
group/pack is an easy grenade target, unless you overrun the enemy with the "Ru
sh" tactic). If attacking a bombspot, try to communicate with your teammembers t
o time the attacks on all sides at the same time, for maximum effect. If defendi
ng a bombspot or a very important area, be sure to have all paths defended from
flanking attempts! Skilled players will have a good sense of where the enemy mig
ht be, and when to attempt a flank to get them from the back unprepared.
This refers to shooting at random locations beyond your screen in an attempt to
hit/kill enemies before they even see you, and is often used by very skillfull p
layers. Look at your radar, do you not see teammates at a certain area? Then sho
ot that direction! Did you hear footsteps to the left? Then spray your weapon th
at direction. Good sniper players can always have a sense of where the enemy is,
but it requires knowing the map very good. There are occasions where an AWPer c
an kill someone from beyond his screen, do not immediatly shout in anger that he
's a hacker, some people really have the feeling for this.
Shoot when you are sure/think you will hit/kill someone from afar, or else the m
issing bullets will tell the enemies where you are, putting you in an disatvanta
-Smoke Grenades
You can throw these at where you are standing in order so your enemy cannot see
you, or see what weapon you have (usefull if you don't want to show you have a s
niper/shotgun). It can also be used as a distraction/bait by throwing it at a ta
ctical area and move away, and when you see/hear enemy shooting in the smoke to
check if someone's inside, you have the advantage because you know they are head
ing your way so you can act accordingly. As a T, you can also throw them at wher
e the bomb is planted in order to give the CTs just a little bit of vagueness of
where the bomb is. They will still be able to see the ticking red alarm on the
bomb however. Players with very tactical minds can use the Smoke Grenades for al
ot of creative reasons.
-Flare Grenades
These are ment for fog of war. It covers 3x3 tiles wide and shows everything ins
ide it, including players walking through the flare. After a long period the fla
re will vanish and the fog will reappear. It is a very tactical grenade, and in
an important match in fog of war it should almost always be used. You can throw

it on a 3 wide-tile path entrance and hide behind a wall and wait untill you see
an enemy walking through the flare and ambush him, or you can throw it somewher
e and leave the whole area alone (psychological tactic) so that any enemy behind
the flare thinks you are waiting for him so he will leave that path alone. You
can also throw it behind a corner to see if someone is there.
A very surprising and nice tactic is to rush with your whole team through a flar
e, as the enemy will be surprised by 3 or more players rushing through a flare,
and most of the times the place where the flare is, is only guarded by 1 player.
Rushing through a flare is a very usefull tactic if you are sure they are fakeguarding it or if there is only 1 enemy behind the flare. A Flare used in conjun
ction with a Smoke Grenade can cause funny effects for the enemy. They might thi
nk the smoke is trying to cover-up the flare so that the other team will rush th
rough it, so it leaves your enemy in a state of guessing. Plan your throws accor
dingly, and do not stack flares on top of eachother because that is just wasting
your flare. If you picked up another Flare, wait for the previous thrown flare
to cease out untill you throw this one. That way, it will leave that spot un-fog
ged the entire round, which is usefull as a CT when defending a path/spot/area.
Fog of war is ment for more tactical gameplay, together with $800 starting money
it also forces you to do skillfull money management and good teamwork. Public s
ervers with $16000 starting money and no fog are often used for freestyle play,
or for people to show off their kills/deaths, or where new players often start o
ut in beside construction. Competetive play is very different to what a "pubber"
is used to, and it requires a very tactical mind instead of $16000-random-teame
d-loud/noisy chaos.
No matter what tactics you use, or what positions to take, what to defend, when/
what to attack, it always requires knowing the map very good. Take a look at the
map before playing it, get it into your head, and try to think: what would you
do if you were the enemy?
------------------------------------------------------General Tips and Tricks:
Tip1: You got to move it, move it... Don't stand still, move! First of all it's
very easy for a sniper to unload a bullet on you when you stand still, you will
die before you even realize what happened. Keep moving, ALWAYS. Learn to strafe
too, strafing is moving from the left to the right rapidly, it's a very useful t
actic in decreasing the amount of damage that you take. More about that later on
in this tip list.
Tip2: Use your surroundings... Hide behind crates, trees and walls when you need
to reload. Use the surrounding to your advantage. Sometimes those 2 extra secon
ds makes the difference between getting the kill or being killed. Also, when you
engage multiple enemies it's very useful to place some obstacles between you an
d the enemy. Time your shooting and remember, there is no shame at all in runnin
g, healing and coming back later to finish the job.
Tip3: Use your camera
Tip4: Identify the enemy Learn your enemy s art of war Learn his manerisms in the gam
e like always going in that route or something.
Tip5: Isolate your target Always go for the loners first
Tip6: Don't be reckless... Running straight into a group of enemies does not rea
lly do wonders for your Kill/Death ratio. Maybe you get a couple of hit-point in
the process but you re not really doing your team a favor. Instead, keep a distan
ce and try to do some damage from a far if the group sticks together or wait for

your teammates to back you up. Again, use your surroundings here!
Tip7: Stick with your target... The biggest mistake I see people make, an enemy
approaches and a firefight begins. A few seconds later halfway during the battle
another enemy appears which makes some people nervous. Don't switch over and st
ick with one target. Once the first target is eliminated, continue with the seco
nd one. If you switch targets in between you're taking twice the amount of damag
e since you're fighting 2 instead of 1. You'll probably end up with no kills ins
tead of 1, even 2 kills if you're lucky or skilled.
Tip8: Surviving the snipers long distance... You can't really go around them, es
pecially in open areas with limited places to hide. There is a pretty simple tac
tic to make it more difficult for the sniper to hit and kill you.
Mistake1:Never EVER rush to the sniper.
Mistake 2: Never EVER 'run' unless cover is near. Instead, face the sniper dead
on with your crosshair and keep moving left and right rapidly (strafing). Keep s
hooting the sniper with your machine gun and in my case, I win about 5 of the 10
fights (even long distance) with a sniper.
When trying to assault an awp user, at any real range it is extremely difficult
to avoid death. The best tactics to use are to pop around the corner for a half
second or less, and pop back. As soon as you hear the awp'er miss the shot, spri
nt around the corner and try to get a shot off on the head as fast as possible.
This takes hard practice and work, but once perfected you will be a force to be
reckoned with. Smoke grenades are the best cover system in the game. They don't
block bullets, but they are portable. Learn to smoke out common awp spots to avo
id getting picked at the same place every time.
And lastly, flash grenades blind people. We all know this. But if you blind the
awp'er you can easily over take him with 2 or more people, and by yourself with
practice. The awp'er will either return to his post after he is no longer flashe
d if it sounds quiet, or if your making lots of noise (running basically, shooti
ng as well) he will take up the next closest awp post that will result in your d
eath. Learn all the common spots on the map and bring plenty of flash grenades a
nd smoke grenades.
Tip9: Tweak your equipment bar... The default buttons (1 through 0) are difficul
t to reach, especially the ones further to the right. The buttons V, G, Z, C and
X are much closer to your fingers, use them! Also, if you have a mouse with sid
e-buttons, make sure to use them! I myself have configured 2 extra mouse buttons
for my abilities, the less you have to search for your keys or buttons, the bet
Tip10: Keep your distance... Don t always be the person on the front line, most of
the enemies will concentrate their fire on you. Stay in the background and you ll
live longer, get more points, kill more enemies and have a better kill/death ra
Tip11: Skipping the reload... Having to reload in the middle of a firefight is a
pain, often it even decides the outcome of who comes out the fight a winner. Do
n't reload, it's a lot faster to switch to your other weapon! However, make sure
to reload BOTH your weapons again when you have a few seconds to catch your bre
Tip12: Bouncing off the walls... Grenades are pretty hard to handle sometimes, e
specially around corners. You have to position yourself right in front of it, ca
lculate how far you need to throw and hope for the best. Like this, you're also
right in the open vulnerable for enemy fire. If you have just one grenade, use t
he walls! If you throw it at a 45 degree angle the grenade will pretty much boun

ce off at a 45 degree angle and you can get your grenade where it needs to be wi
thout any danger to your health.
Tip13: Come out come out... Probably the best advice there is to just be unpredi
ctable. Do the opposite things that other players expect you to do. It's not ver
y hard to calculate where somebody will pop up if you just keep running in a str
aight line. Just go in the opposite direction halfway to trick your enemy and en
d up behind him to gain the advantage. It's a very simple advice but only a few
actually apply it in their gameplay.
Tip14: Assess the situation and play smart!... Know when to attack, when to stan
d your ground and when to bail. If you're outnumbered bail and try to pick them
off one by one as they are following you. Don't stay in the open but stay close
to objects as you retreat. If you and your team outnumber the enemy, attack and
if the numbers are even, just make sure you're not in front taking all the damag
e unless you're a gunner
Tip15: Marshmallows anyone?... Camping is part of the gameplay, we all do it fro
m time to time. Simply because you have no other choice at the time or in some c
ases because you like it. Don't... learn CQC asap (commando too!)
Tip16: Avoid the masses... As a sniper it's wise to avoid masses of enemies. You
r health is way to precious. Try to distance yourself and pick out the individua
ls without being detected. Also, try to use your stealth away from enemies.
Tip17: Watch your numbers, kid... When you die, do you notice the
ith 100health something? Yeah, this information is pretty useful!

DC killed you w

Tip18: Pay attention out there...If your health is low, Build a Dispenser or Hid
e or Fall Back.
Tip19: Think before you act... Also try to have full health AND your dispenser r
eady when possible. When you have your dispenser in a firefight, you'll survive
much longer. You can even avoid fights for a few seconds just to regenerate your
health. It will turn the balance in your favour and you'll do much better.
Tip20: Zigzaggers... As a commando (but also other classes take note) be careful
to pick your enemy. Always take out the easy targets first and categorize your
enemy. The zigzaggers (like me) are the most difficult ones to kill. This goes b
oth ways, so when you're not a commando make sure to move left & right rapidly i
n an unpredictable way. You'll live much longer and it takes a skilled or plain
lucky commando to take you out like that.
Tip21: Pro anticipation... I've noticed myself doing something I didn't do befor
e. When engaging multiple targets I learned to anticipate when an enemy will die
, even if it is not dead yet. When this person is on fire you're pretty sure he
will die anyway 2 seconds later. This also works for throwing grenadeswhen you j
ust KNOW it'll take them out. You then have time to turn to the other player and
get 2 kills instead of 1. It's very pro but if you get the hang of it it helps
you save valuable seconds and points that will win you the round!
Tip22: Hiding and Walking... In some games it's best to make yourself as compact
as possible in battle. Some people think it's best to hide down when engaged in
a firefight. It's not, not against a gunner or a soldier and especially not aga
inst a sniper from long distance. Make sure you move around in open area's... co
Tip22: Abandon ship... Sometimes you need to leave an area in order to find some
cover. It's not always the best idea to just hold your ground at the area and d
efend it with your life. In some cases the area is really out in the open which

makes your opponent vulnerable. Let them capture the area as you return fire fro
m a more strategic position with more cover. When you're done quickly run back..
So you get the kills, you stay alive .WIN WIN WIN Situation if you ask me.
Tip23: Get out of the way... Don't walk in front of an enemy when you're playing
the commando class and you are cloaked. Always move in the opposite direction o
f where you opponent is going. They might catch a glimpse of you when they get t
oo close and you are then at a huge disadvantage.
Tip24: Don't be foolish... Attacking a group of enemies (more than 2) is never a
good idea as a commando. Don't be foolish and always go for the ones that fall
back. Like that you have the smallest chance of getting detected since most enem
y eyes will be looking the other way. Be smart and be stealth.
Tip25: Always buy armor if you can afford it. Helmet + Kevlar combo. If you can'
t afford a primary, buy a desert eagle, and if you can only afford armor, follow
a group of team mates in a public server and pick up the weapon of a fallen com
rade or enemy. Don't be afraid to use your usp or glock, with practice both of t
hese weapons are actually very powerful in close range. In a scrim... well, you
should already know all this, but get a team mate to buy you a weapon, or save m
oney as a team (i won't get into scrim tactics too much... not for this guide, i
'll make another later for scrimmaging and match tactics.)
Tip26: Be more efficient in your buy menu. The faster you buy your gear every ro
und, the better chance you have of getting the jump on the other team. Something
i like to do, is bind the starter pistol for each side to a gear setup of Kevla
r + Helmet, HE nade, Flashbang (and defuse kit if ct). From there i just buy my
primary weapon, or any other additional gear i need (maybe an extra flash or a s
moke)OR Just use the autobuy feature located in the buy menu.
Tip27: When rushing in a public server, learn the spawns. Learn the routes, and
learn the maps. If you want to rush long A on dust 2, but you get a spawn in the
back corner... don't try to rush long A anymore. You will be too late to the ch
ase because other CTs or Ts with better spawns will beat you there.
Tip28: Try to Work as a Team.Rambo looks good in the movies, but it rarely pays
off to abandon your teammates and go Kamikaze in Counter-Strike 2d.
Typically you run straight into the gunfire (and laughter) of a group of enemy p
layers. In many cases it's nearly impossible to accomplish the game objectives i
n Counter-Strike 2d without a coordinated effort, assuming that the enemy team i
sn't asleep at the switch. A team is usually most effective if they are carrying
a variety of weaponry, since weapons in most games are designed to have strengt
hs and weaknesses.
It isn't every day that a plan comes together in an online action game, but ther
e are rare moments when the whole thing somehow doesn't deteriorate into complet
e chaos, and that's what it's all about.
Tip29: High Respond or Sensitive to movement is the most useful thing in order t
o be a pro. This kind of characteristic is use to easily kill the enemy before t
hey attack you. You can be a sensitive type of person through the game like hear
ing the footsteps , movement or sound. Its not the best way to cheat or use any
program that make you become pro and being banned , it just like you took a drug
and become a powerful but finally being locked-up.
Tip30: - If you got a nice finger movement and memories , there is a chance you
might be a pro CS2D player. A nice finger movement is used to change your weapon
s faster or do a tactical movement which allow you to avoid bullets or missile.

Of course in order to have a nice finger movement , you need a nice memories to
have your mind remember the buttons which need to be press
Tip31: One of the most basic things that some people don't realize is that virtu
ally all weapons fire virtually all of the way across the map. This means that,
if you know where your opponent is, you can shoot them from far away. And also w
hile you retreat from a gunfight that didn't work so well.
Sniper rifles are interesting in CS2D. The more you are zoomed in, the more dama
ge they deal. However, you also become far more vulnerable, so be sure of your t
eammates. For example, the AWM/P (whichever you prefer, I'm still undecided...)
removes 1/3 health with no zoom, 2/3 with half-zoom and is 1-hit kill in full zo
om. However, it is far harder, and I wouldn't bother.
Tip32:Learn from your mistakes! I had taken about a day to make this guide from
learning from my mistakes.
Tip33:Seigeing-is a technique commonly executed by players when they are about t
o capture a flag by building supplies and throwing grenades at enemies!
Tip34:Pay attention to radar and sound!
By knowing the situation, you can guess where the enemy will be and fire before
he appears on your screen.
Tip35:Use your radio commands, this is the first step in teamwork and is very im
portant. A quick "Enemy spotted!"can have teammates going to you and helping you
You should also help teammates and especially run to help if they say all of the
enemy is there
Tip36:In fog of war, be silent. Unless you're rushing, you should spend most of
the match using SHIFT to cover your footsteps so enemies can't hear you.
Tip37: Don't waste grenades, only throw them if you are SURE you are going to ha
ve an impact. Careful not to flash your own teammates, use the HE if you are ver
y sure that you will hit the enemy with it. Use the smoke to create diversions o
r confuse your enemy or to simply camp in.
Flares is always a must in fog of war, especially for CTs! If you want to defend
bombsites, flares will help you a great deal.
Tip38: Join a team/clan, it will help you gather more experience and you will pl
ay in clanwars or even tournaments.
You can use ventrilo/teamspeak instead of the radio commands to play alot better
and have smooth communication. If you die, you can't use radio commands.
But with mic you can tell your friends where the enemy is.
Tip39: Be nice. Don't act like an idiot, it's just a game for all people to be e
njoyed, real pros don't act like assholes.
Congratulate your enemy if he wins, and ignore flamers.
Tip40:Practice, practice, practice! Join a deathmatch or construction server and
try to improve your aim and dodge.
ou will keep respawning so it's a great way to train your skills.
Tip41:Set the options that is best for YOU! If you play better with having "fire
" set to "spacebar" than by all means do it.

Make everything comfortable and run the game's performance to your taste so you
play better. If you have a shitty PC, tone down the graphics so you don't get lo
w FPS (because low FPS means lower performance)
Tip42: Play on all sorts of maps, not just de_dust or cs_office all the time. Ge
t out of your comfort zone and try new challenges, you might like other maps and
develop tactics and strategies for them! If your clan challenges another clan,
you can say a map which you've trained for and they will be totally unprepared b
ecause they only know about de_dust.
Tip43:Equip the knife to increase your speed by 33% Take Note that you are vulne
rable to enemies this way!
Mini-Tips about Sabotage and Bomb Planting:
Most players plant the bomb in a location that covers them while there planting.
Which gives the Count Terrorist the same advantage whilst defusing.
If you want to win the round, plant the C4 in an open area, where you can easily
kill your opponent, without him seeing you on his computer screen.
To do this, follow these simple steps below:
Plant the bomb in the top right corner- http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc81/
As soon as you plant, try get away from the bomb, so that your enemy can defuse.
- http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc81/diamond_xr6/444.png
Once you know your enemy is in the zone, sneek up, and fire.- http://i216.photob
Hackers are little scared kids or angry and frustrated loud-mouthed teenagers wi
th no balls or skills, that use hacking tools/devices or manipulate the CS2D cli
ent in order to help them in certain advantegous ways, note that hacking is ille
gal and getting/asking for hacks makes you automatically downgrade yourself. Peo
ple hack because they have little skill, think it's fun, or want to purposely ru
in other people's experiences. It is a constant war between the legal and illega
l. Ban people at the moment you see them hack, and if it's not your server, use
If you do not have rcon, votekick with other people to get the hacker out. If no
thing works, and the hacker has his "fun", either go spectate or leave the serve
r. Do not give him any company. However, there are also alot of false accusation
s ending in innocents being votekicked by mad players. Whether they really think
you hack, or are just using it as an excuse to get a skilled player banned, it
is never a good thing to do.. Never votekick innocent players!
If you find someone suspicious of having a "radarhack" or "aimbot" or some other
"undetectable/secret" hack, watch that person in spectate and check to be sure
that he is a hacker, so that you validated it yourself by good insight. Continue
with votekicking the hacker. There are alot of skilled players that know the ma
p very well and might have enough experience to know what the enemy could be thi
nking or where they might be going.

Don't hack and don't accuse someone of hacking unless you're really sure, and yo
u'll be fine.
Above all else, keep these things in mind;
Perhaps your in a clan, for fun teamwork-oriented gameplay. Perhaps your goal is
to a build good community around you. Perhaps you are a mapper/skinner/scripter
and like to create custom content. Whatever it is, remember that it's just a ga
me and do not let it piss you off! Now go frag some terrorists!
------------------------------------------------------While CS2D is growing and evolving (sometimes degrading and devolving
For example;
Little children with annoying/unnecesary spammish posts in the UnrealSoftware 2D
forum/file archive, flaming, not knowing how to rate correctly, and last but no
t least uploading crappy files which take unnecesary space away for those who wo
rk serious and hard to provide great custom content).
We are witnessing a high rise in casual players that totally neglect the standar
d aspect of what makes the foundation of Counter-Strike 2D (vip assasination, ho
stage-rescue, bomb/defusion) of which are based of the real Counter-Strike. Begi
nners and/or casual players want to seek out the fun quickly and join non-standa
rd servers such as deathrun, role-play, jailbreak/prison, football/soccer, escap
e maps, gungame, etc and non-standard gamemodes such as zombie, construction, de
athmatch, domination.
There's nothing wrong with that, except that it gives the general idea to the ne
w players that standard maps are boring (they would regret saying that after see
ing an intense clanwar/league match or organized public playing) and will almost
never join such a server.
Don't get me wrong, playing "fun-maps" is cool, as such content is being made on
a regular basis and great stuff is being invented over time, but you know somet
hing is seriously wrong when these "fun" and/or casual players outweigh the stan
dard map-players (not counting empty servers). Custom standard maps are made onc
e a while (mostly de maps) which turn out to be great - yet nearly nobody plays
or hosts them! If such a map happens to be hosted, nobody joins it because they
are afraid of learning new skill on a new standard map, so they rather want to s
tick to de_dust 24/7 which gets tiresome and repetetive once you know all possib
le combinations of camping/rushing/positions and overall tactics/strategies..
Anyhow, by this thread I hope to give some beginners/casual players some insight
to playing competetively,
or going pro as some people say.
*Sync-he composed the original guide but i just revised it
*DC-for making such a wonderful game
*Yates-for commenting such idiotic posts here, i appreciate it
*My Parents-for supporting me
*Gamebanana.com-for sharing some trivias with me!
*Cs2d wiki-same as above
*Cs2d.nl-same as above
*Players-for contributing into my tutorial and everything else