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Campaign: Van Heusen- Lead Lady

Image Credits: JWT, Bangalore
It Reads:
When I was Young, they told me to sit straight, to sit still, to sit in a corner, to sit with my
legs crossed, to sit demurely, to sit with my shoulders squared, to sit with my chest out,
to sit with my head down, to sit quietly, to sit as not to attract attention, to sit with the
girls, to sit in a row, to sit in the back seat, to sit and not stand, to sit because others
were sitting, to sit and just listen.
Now, nobody sits till I do.

a. Demographics:
Gender- As suggested by the campaign the demographics of this print ad are for
Age- The suggested age for this campaign is anywhere between 25-30 years as it
suggests young powerful corporate women who are out there to win the world and look
stylish while doing it which not just visible by the picture but the body copy of the print
Social Class- The social class of the women in the above ad lies in between upper
middle to middle class women
Occupation- There are many MSP of the brand but its core USP is that of fashion in the
corporate world, thus the occupation of the suggested target audience of this print ad is
that of a corporate world holding an influential position.
b. Psychographics:
Attitude- The attitude suggested above is of women who enjoy their work, they dress
up to feel and look great as it compliments their attitude towards their work. Thats why
the product brings out the aspect of being powerful and also acknowledging the fact that
they have worked hard for it.
Activities- This psychographic segment of the LEAD LADY includes activities like
socializing, having fun, indulge in activities that set them apart from the rest, being
ambitious and doing things that matter not just to ones self but also the society.
Interest- The audience are not just interested in knowing what is going on in the fashion
world but they are also interested in their work, business and politics, marketers expect
them to know things not just from magazines like Femina, but also Forbs. Thats exactly
why they emphases on the last line... NOW NOBODY SITS TILL I DO
Opinion- The target audience of this sector does not form dogmatic or stereotype
opinions and are willing to try new things, their opinion can differ from each other even
though they might all be in the same age and gender type category, hence it is suited
for this collection to show social power of women hand in hand with style it brings along
with it.
c. Behaviour
Shopping- Customers in this category fall in the shopping pattern of online shopping
along with brick and mortar.
Brand Preference- They have band preferences as they might prefer some brands of
the other based on the product category.
Prior purchase- They generally look out for what is latest in the market of fashion and
see what suits them best prior purchasing a product, since they are into online shopping
they are open to experiment but they will exchange the product if they feel it does not
go will with their image and culture.
Benefits Sought- The Consumers of the this collection will look for not only particular
benefits sought but also the other benefits it has to offer this is where the MSP of LEAD

LADY collection is important, as it provides not just core benefits of clothing but also,
benefits like style that gives you a cut from the rest.
Brand Loyalty-With the proliferation of many brands, it is very hard to retain the loyalty
of these customers once a brand loses it, therefore to attract the attention they use
emotional appeal as mentioned in this ad, it is then that these brands try to deliver the
products of the same quality as the ads made by them.
d. Geographic Location-geographic location best suited for this print ad and the entire
campaign is urban and metropolitan cities national and international, also developed as
well as developing nations, where women are more independent and have great
opportunities to succeed in what they want to do with their life.

Differentiated Targeting- The targeting strategy followed in the above ad is that of a
multi-segment Targeting when marketers have to focus more than one defined market
segment and develop well defined strategies for it. This is because the income slabs of
the consumers vary and the products ranging in these categories might suit one
segment better than the other segment.
Creating Brand Image- Positioning strategy best used in this ad is that of an emotional
advertising (bring out the factor of power), creating a brand image of women who are
influencers in their society and work place, they are power driven and can lead their
peers both men and other women alike.
The personality of the women suggested in the print ad is work oriented, fashionable,
focused women has a good work and personal life balance, they are strong minded and
fall in the category of being out there or has arrived.
Culture of the consumers as per the ad above is self believe more than luck. They belong
to a modern culture and can be a major part of their society; women in this psychological
category do not fall in a stereotype and are open to try new things that influence their
external culture.
The motivation of the target audience is professional success and they strive to achieve
it. Power and independence is another motivational factor and success in on top of the