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Specific Gravity:

1. How many grams of dextrose are contained in a 250 mL IV infusion of a

dextrose injection containing 60g of dextrose per 100mL if its specific gravity
is 1.20?
2. If 50 glycerin suppositories are made from the ff. formula, how many mL of
glycerin, having a specific gravity of 1.25, would be used in the preparation of
96 suppositories?
Sodium stearate
Purified water
3. The specific gravity of a certain liquid preparation is 1.31. When the
pycnometer is weigh, it has a mass of 25.2g. The weight of water and
pycnometer combined is 50.82g. Find the weight of the pycnometer
containing the liquid preparation.
4. A transdermal patch for smoking cessation contains 30mg of liquid nicotine
per patch. If nicotine has a specific gravity of 1.01, how many mL of the
agent are required to manufacture 1 million patches?
Concentration Units
5. Atrovent nasal spray contains 0.03% of ipratropium bromide in a 30mL
metered dose inhaler. If the container is calibrated to deliver 345 sprays,
calculate the volume of each spray in microliters, and the medication content
of each spray in micrograms.
6. How many liters of a mouthwash can be prepared from 100mL of a cinnamon
flavor if its concentration is to be 0.5% (v/v)?
7. Lactic acid
Salicylic Acid
Trichloroacetic acid
Flexible collodion qs ad
Sig: wart remover. Use as directed
Flexible collodion contains 20% w/w camphor and 30% w/w castor oil. How
many grams of each would be contained in 30g of the mixture.
8. An assay of ergocalciferol calls for dissolution of 0.5mg of ergocalciferol with
chloroform up to 5mL, and the addition of 0.3mL of acetic anhydride and 0.2
mL of sulfuric acid. Calculate the ratio strength of ergocalciferol in the
9. If city water supply has a limit of 250 ppm of nitrate ions, what is the
maximum amount of nitrate ion in grams that may be present in a 10000
gallon reservoir?
10.A 0.5% w/v HCl solution is diluted by adding 400mL of water. Compute for the
molarity of the diluted solution.
11.Solution X has a molarity of 0.05 M. The density of the solution is 1.245g/mL
while the molar mass of the unknown substance dissolved in the solution is
101.2. Find the molality of solution X.

12.How many mL of a solution containing 2mEq of KCl /mL should be used to

obtain 2.98g of KCl?
13.Calcium gluconate (C12H22CaO14-mw of 430) injection 10% is available in a
10mL ampul. How many mEq of Ca2+ does the ampul contain?
14.Calculate the osmolarity, in milliosmoles per mL, of a parenteral solution
containing 2mEq/mL of potassium acetate (mw=98).
Tonicity calculations
15.Isotonic NaCl solution contains 0.9%w/v. If the E value of boric acid is 0.52,
calculate the percentage w/v of an isotonic solution of boric acid.
16.The freezing point of a molal solution of a nonelectrolyte is -1.86C. What is
the freezing point of a 0.1% solution of zinc chloride(mw 136), dissociating
80%? (volume of the molal solution is approximately 1 L)
17.The freezing point of a 5% solution of boric acid is -1.55C. How many grams
of boric acid should be used in preparing 1000mL of isotonic solution?
18.Zinc sulfate (E=0.15)
Boric acid (E=0.52)
Purified water ad
How many grams of boric acid should be used in compounding the
Colligative properties
19.What is the boiling point of a solution made by dissolving 750mg of urea
(mw=60) in 100mL of water? (Kb of water= 0.52; BP =100C)
20.Calculate the VP lowering of a solution containing 50g dextrose (mw=180) in
1000g of water. The VP of water is 23.77mmHg at 25C.
21.Calculate the freezing point depression of a solution containing 50g of
dextrose (mw=180.16) in 1000mL of water.
22.Calculate the osmotic pressure of a 0.2 m solution of sucrose (342) at 20 C.
The solution has a VP of 1.475mmHg and a density of 1.029g/mL. The molar
volume of water is 18.04ml?mol, and the VP of water at 20C is 17.542.

1. 150g
2. 139.78 mL
3. 58.76g
4. 29703 mL
5. 86.96 mcL/spray ; 26.09mcg ipratropium
6. 20 L
7. 5.34g ; 8.01g
8. 1:11000
9. 9462.5 g
10.0.027 M
11.0.040 m
14.4000 mOsm/mL
22.4.63 atm