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The weekly Bulletin of the Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry

Proclaiming Christ to the communities of Forster, Tuncurry and the surrounding districts

Sunday 18th October, 2015 Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B
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Dear Parish Family,


Pierre Teilhard De Chardin (French philosopher, Jesuit priest , paleontologist

and geologist) was once asked this question: you have an enchanted view of
history, believing that everything will one day culminate in a wonderful
kingdom of peace and love, but suppose we blow up the world in a nuclear
war, what happens to your scheme of things then?

20 Singing Practise
Tuncurry 5:30pm

21 Pastoral Council Meeting

Forster 5:30pm

22 No Mass Available
27 Communion at GLACIA
Tuncurry 11am

27 Singing Practise
Tuncurry 5:30pm

28 Social Justice Meeting

Forster 5:30pm

28 Sacramental Info Night

His response: if we blow up the world it would be a great tragedy because it

would set things back millions of years. But history will still one day culminate in
a kingdom of peace and love, not because my theory says so but because God
promised it and in the resurrection has shown the power to bring this about
despite the things we do, it might take a million years or so longer, but it will
happen because God has promised it.
As written by Ron Rolheiser in Dec 2000.
Best wishes,


Forster 7pm

30 Ultreya
Forster 7:30pm


Mass at Beaumont
Forster 11am

Singing Practise
Tuncurry 5:30pm

Pastoral Team Meeting

Forster 4:30pm

Mass at Kularoo
Forster 11am

Baptismal Preparation
Forster 7pm

10 Mass at GLACIA
Tuncurry 11am

11 Finance Council Meeting

Mission Sunday Today
World Mission Sunday is a day set aside for the Catholic Church throughout the world
to publicly renew its commitment to the missionary movement. It is celebrated on the
third Sunday of October every year. It was created by Pope Pius XI in 1926 as the day of
prayer for missions.

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Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Cursillo Gathering

Parish Sacramental Program

Our Diocesan Ultreya will be held in the

Forster Parish Hall on Friday night, 30th
October 2015. This is a great opportunity
to meet others who have experienced a
Cursillo weekend and to find out more
about Cursillo. We gather for prayer at
7.30pm and finish the Ultreya with
supper. Please bring some food to share.
Cursillistas are also invited to get together
with our visitors from the Diocese for
breakfast on Saturday morning at 8 am at
Edna Tuckers place. For more
information ring Anne Moloney on 6555

The parish sacrament program, 2015/2016

will be commencing shortly with the
Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation).
Children who have been baptised and are
over the age of 7 are invited to enrol.
Application can be made to the Parish
during office hours on PH: 6554 6304 or
via Greg Byrne the Pastoral associate to
Applications close the 28th October.

Information Evening: Friday 28 October

7.00pm Forster

Enrolment: Sunday 15 November

9.00am Forster
Preparation: During Mass time and after,
Sunday 15 November
First Reconciliation: Friday 20th
November at 7.00pm Forster

Fr Liam Lawton in Concert

Join the highly acclaimed, Fr Liam Lawton
from Ireland, for a cocktail evening at 6pm
on Friday 6 November 2015. Also joining
Fr Liam is Gina Ogilvie, Bernadette
Matthias and Spirit and Truth.
This will be a very special event for the
launch of celebrations of 150 years since
the arrival of Bishop James Murray, who
declared St Johns Maitland to be his
Event includes gourmet finger food and a
cocktail, wine or beer. Cost $50. Venue:
The Factory, St Pius X High School, Park
Avenue, Adamstown.

Parish Keys
I need to get from each
person who has a key to
our facilities the number off
the key for our Insurance
records. Either see me after
Mass or pop into the office
during the week. Thanks for
your help in this.
Fr Greg

Aurora this month includes an article

from Bishop Bill on Australian Politics
and the refugee crisis.
Catholic Leader is available from the
rear of the church.

Lifes rewards are tied up in the spirit of

service. Just as the Son of Man came to
give His life, so too are we then called
through our profession of faith to serve
others. Lord, we pray, let your mercy be
on us, as we place our trust in You to do
your will.
For more information regarding Vocations
contact Fr Brian Mascord on 4979 1112 or

Rosters for November to
20th December (7 weeks)
are now available from
the rear of the church.

Recently Deceased
Veronica Godbolt, Wanda Deane, Barbara
Harris, Lauranne Byrne, Hugh Harris.

Sick in the Parish

Terry ONeill, Emily Wroblewicz, Anne King.

Palms Australia
Overseas volunteer opportunities
Communities in East Timor, Ethiopia,
Kenya, Kiribati, PNG, Samoa and elsewhere
are asking for volunteers to assist mentor
local workers and so assist poverty
They believe this approach promotes selfreliant, sustainable development and have
asked Palms Australia to recruit, prepare
and support those who volunteer.
2016 positions close soon! Please contact
palms@palms.org.au or call 02 95189551.

My family and I have been

overwhelmed by the support provided
by our loving community. I intend to
send thank you cards but having
received over 100 sympathy cards the
exercise may take some time. In the
meantime please accept my grateful
thanks for all you have done.
Greg Byrne
Thanks to everyone who included me in
their prayers. I am now fully recovered,
thank God! Just a final check-up in
December remaining, and I expect to
be in the clear.
Peter Wicks
Thank you to Fr Greg and my wonderful
parish community, for your love,
prayers and support following the
death of my husband, Milton.
Jeannette Goodacre
Homebase would like to thank the
parish for all the kind donations they
received throughout the year. You have
been invaluable in assisting young
people and young families in the

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Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

.of the Word

of Communion


A: Bob Cashman


B: Frank Hayman

Carolyn Olliffe, Jake Siddle, Margaret Smith, Maureen

Pye, Michael Siddle.


A: Bronwyn Morse


B: Edna Tucker


A: Kyla Loring


B: Peter Nicholls

Alan McCarthy, Anne Moloney, Barbara Dolahenty,

Barbara Kermode, Coral McCarthy.

.of the Word

of Communion


A: Kathryn McCabe


B: Bob Cashman

Frank Hayman, Jake Siddle, Kay Hall, Maureen Stevens,

Ruth Pearson.


A: Edna Tucker


B: Genevieve Williamson


A: Peter Nicholls


B: Marion O'Neill

First Reading

Isaiah 53:10-11
Through suffering, the
Lord offers his life.
Responsorial Psalm
Response: Lord, let your
mercy be on us,
as we place our trust in you.

Fred Liackman, Graham Griffiths, Kay Griffiths, Mark

Mowbray, Peter Wicks.

Cecile Malone, Fred Liackman, Mark Mowbray, Mary

Greig, Peter Wicks.
Anne Hartman, Maureen Nicholls, Robert Moran, Robyn
Ryan, Shioney Neal.

Gospel Acclamation
Alleluia, alleluia!
The Son of Man came to serve
and to give his life
as a ransom for all.


Mark 10:35-45
Second Reading

Hebrews 4:14-16

First Reading
Jeremiah 31:7-9
Second Reading
Hebrews 5:1-6
Gospel Reading
Mark 10:46-52

Whoever aspires to greatness

must serve the rest.

Children's Liturgy Roster

18/10/15 Loretta Heffernan

Jesus faced the same

temptations as us.

Text: Excerpts from the English

Translation of the Roman Missal
2010, International Commission on
English in the Liturgy (ICEL); Music:
From the Mass of St Francis 2010,
Paul Taylor. All rights reserved. Used
with permission. Australian Agent
LicenSing Online Lic No. 624844.

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Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Celebrated most Sundays.

Fr Greg BarkerParish Priest

Emergency Contact 0417 321 209

Mr Greg ByrnePastoral Associate
Mrs Sharon Fowle
Bridgeside Bulletin
Items for inclusion should be
received by midday on

Celebrated by arrangement
and with at least three months
notice. Fr Greg 6554 6304


Sr Kathryn McCabe
Aboriginal Catholic Ministry
Loretta Heffernan
SRE Co-Ordinator

Office Hours
Tues, Wed, Thurs
9:30am to 1pm
10am to 4pm
Parish Office
Located at the rear of
the Parish Hall Forster:
33 Lake Street, Forster
NSW 2428
PO Box 67
P: (02) 6554 6304
F: (02) 6554 6425

Mary Star of the Sea
15 Peel Street, Tuncurry
Holy Name of Jesus
33 Lake Street, Forster


Baptismal Preparation
on 2nd Monday of each
month @ 7pm in Forster
Church Hall. Parish Office
6554 6304.

Sacramental Preparation
Greg Byrne 6554 6304

Secular Franciscan Fraternity

First Wednesday of the month
after 9am Mass at Forster.
Maintenance & Gardening Group
Third Thursday of the month.
Howard 6557 6826.
Childrens Liturgy of the Word
First and third
Sunday at 9am Mass.
Natasha 0407 589 935.
Novena to Our Lady of
Perpetual Help
Every Wed, 11:14am at Forster.
Shioney 6554 9468.

Rite of Christian
Initiation of Adults
(RCIA) Parish Office 6554 6304

Pastoral Team
First Wed, 4:30pm at Forster.
Greg Byrne 6554 6304


Finance Council
Second Wed, 5pm at Forster.
Greg Byrne 6554 6304

Christian Meditation
Every Tues, 9am and 5:30pm.
Bob 6555 5914.

Pastoral Council
Third Wed, 5:30pm at Forster.
Greg Byrne 6554 6304

Womens Bible Study Group

Every Thurs, 7pm to 8pm.
Natasha 0407 589 935.

Holy Hour
Every Tues, 3:30pm at Tuncurry

menALIVE Groups
Day group meet second and
fourth Wed after 9am Mass at
Forster. Evening group meets last
Thurs of the month at 7:30pm at
Forster. Michael Amato 6554 5284
Social Justice
Last Wed, 5:30pm at Forster.
Tim Prescott 6555 8517.
Singing Practice
Every Tues. Ken Heffernan
6557 6569.
Intercessory Prayer Group
No meetings required.
Bob Cashman 6555 5914.
WEEKDAY EUCHARIST (subj. to change)

Holy Name Parish School (K-6)
Mr Chris Waters (Principal)
41 Lake St, Forster
PO Box 243
P: (02) 6554 6504
E: admin@forster.catholic.edu.au
W: www.forster.catholic.edu.au
St Clares High School
Mr Peter Nicholls (Principal)
Davis Street, Taree
P: (02) 6552 3300
E: admin@tareesc.catholic.edu.au
W: www.tareesc.catholic.edu.au

AGED CARE MASSES (subj. to change)

Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry
Beaumont Gardens 1st Tues , 11am
Sat 6pm, Sun 7am
Tues 4:30, Sat 9am
Kularoo Gardens 1st Wed, 11am
Holy Name of Jesus, Forster
Holy Name of Jesus, Forster
GLACIA House 2nd Tues, 11am
Sun 9am
Wed 9am, No Mass Thurs, Fri 9:30am

Mary Star of the Sea, Tuncurry

Saturday 8:30am

Holy Name of Jesus, Forster

Saturday 4:45pm