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Proposed Rules Federal Register

Vol. 70, No. 86

Thursday, May 5, 2005

This section of the FEDERAL REGISTER APHIS, Station 3C71, 4700 River Road for breaking and pasteurization; (3) they
contains notices to the public of the proposed Unit 118, Riverdale, MD 20737–1238. are imported under permit for scientific,
issuance of rules and regulations. The Please state that your comment refers to educational, or research purposes; or (4)
purpose of these notices is to give interested Docket No. 02–089–2. they are imported under permit and
persons an opportunity to participate in the Reading Room: You may read any have been cooked or processed and will
rule making prior to the adoption of the final
comments that we receive on the be handled in a manner that prevents
evaluation in our reading room. The the introduction of END into the United
reading room is located in room 1141 of States.
DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE the USDA South Building, 14th Street Further, poultry carcasses, parts or
and Independence Avenue SW., products of poultry carcasses, and eggs
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Washington, DC. Normal reading room (other than hatching eggs) of poultry,
Service hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday game birds, or other birds that do not
through Friday, except holidays. To be qualify for entry into the United States
9 CFR Part 94 sure someone is there to help you, under one of these conditions may
please call (202) 690–2817 before transit the United States via air and sea
[Docket No. 02–089–2]
coming. ports under the conditions set out in
Availability of a Risk Analysis Other Information: You may view § 94.15(d).
Evaluating the Exotic Newcastle APHIS documents published in the In an interim rule effective July 16,
Disease Status of Denmark Federal Register and related 2002, and published in the Federal
information on the Internet at http:// Register on September 20, 2002 (67 FR
AGENCY: Animal and Plant Health www.aphis.usda.gov/ppd/rad/ 59136–59137, Docket No. 02–089–1), we
Inspection Service, USDA. webrepor.html. amended the regulations by removing
ACTION: Notice of availability and FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Dr. Denmark from the list of regions
request for comments. Chip Wells, Senior Staff Veterinarian, considered to be free of END. That
Regionalization Evaluation Services, action was necessary because END had
SUMMARY: We are advising the public
National Center for Import and Export, been confirmed in that region. The
that a risk analysis has been prepared by
VS, APHIS, 4700 River Road Unit 38, effect of the interim rule was to restrict
the Animal and Plant Health Inspection
Riverdale, MD 20737–1231; (301) 734– the importation of poultry carcasses,
Service concerning the exotic Newcastle
4356. parts or products of poultry carcasses,
disease status of Denmark, and the
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: and eggs (other than hatching eggs) of
related disease risks associated with
poultry, game birds, or other birds into
importing poultry carcasses, parts or Background the United States from Denmark.
products of poultry carcasses, and eggs
The regulations in 9 CFR part 94 Although we removed Denmark from
(other than hatching eggs) of poultry,
(referred to below as the regulations) the list of regions considered free of
game, or other birds from Denmark. This
govern the importation of specified END, we recognized that Denmark
evaluation will be used as a basis for
animals and animal products into the immediately responded to the outbreak
determining whether to relieve certain
United States in order to prevent the of END by imposing restrictions on the
restrictions on the importation of those
introduction of various animal diseases. movement of poultry and poultry
articles into the United States from
The regulations in § 94.6 govern, among products within its borders and
Denmark. We are making this evaluation
other things, the importation of poultry initiating measures to eradicate the
available to the public for review and
carcasses, parts or products of poultry disease. We stated that we intended to
carcasses, and eggs (other than hatching reassess the situation in the region at a
DATES: We will consider all comments eggs) of poultry, game birds, or other future date, and that as part of that
that we receive on or before July 5, birds from regions where exotic reassessment process, we would
2005. Newcastle disease (END) is considered consider all comments received
ADDRESSES: You may submit comments to exist. END is considered to exist in regarding the interim rule.
by either of the following methods: all regions not listed in § 94.6(a)(2). Additionally, we stated that the future
• EDOCKET: Go to http:// Under § 94.6, poultry carcasses, and assessment would enable us to
www.epa.gov/feddocket to submit or parts and products of poultry carcasses determine whether it was necessary to
view public comments, access the index may be imported into the United States continue to restrict the importation of
listing of the contents of the official from regions where END exists only if poultry and poultry products from
public docket, and to access those they have been cooked or are consigned Denmark, whether we could restore
documents in the public docket that are directly to an approved establishment in Denmark to the list of regions in which
available electronically. Once you have the United States. Eggs (other than END is not known to exist, or whether
entered EDOCKET, click on the ‘‘View hatching eggs) of poultry, game birds, or we could restore portions of Denmark as
Open APHIS Dockets’’ link to locate this other birds from regions where END free of END.
document. exists may be imported into the United In this notice, we are announcing the
• Postal Mail/Commercial Delivery: States only if: (1) They are accompanied availability for review and comment of
Please send four copies of your by a health certificate regarding the a document titled ‘‘APHIS Risk Analysis
comment (an original and three copies) flock of origin and meet certain other on Importation of Exotic Newcastle
to Docket No. 02–089–2, Regulatory conditions; (2) they are consigned Disease (END) Virus from Denmark.’’
Analysis and Development, PPD, directly to an approved establishment This evaluation assesses the END status

VerDate jul<14>2003 12:46 May 04, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 4702 Sfmt 4702 E:\FR\FM\05MYP1.SGM 05MYP1
23810 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 86 / Thursday, May 5, 2005 / Proposed Rules

of Denmark and the related disease risks and a Localizer (LOC)/DME RWY 4 FAA–2005–21034/Airspace Docket No.
associated with importing poultry and SIAP. This proposed action would 05–AEA–09’’. The postcard will be date/
poultry products into the United States accommodate these SIAPs and provide time stamped and returned to the
from Denmark. This risk analysis will additional controlled airspace for commenter.
serve as a basis for our determination aircraft operating under Instrument
Availability of NPRMs
whether to relieve certain restrictions on Flight Rule (IFR) operations to the
the importation of poulty and poultry airport. An electronic copy of this document
products into the United States from may be downloaded through the
DATES: Comments must be received on
Denmark. We are making the risk Internet at http://dms.dot.gov. Recently
or before June 6, 2005.
analysis available for public comment published rulemaking documents can
ADDRESSES: Send comments on the also be accessed through the FAA’s Web
for 60 days. proposal to the Docket Management
You may view the document on the page at http://www.faa.gov or the
System, U.S. Department of Superintendent of Documents Web page
APHIS Web site at http:// Transportation, Room Plaza 401, 400
www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/ncie/reg- at http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara.
Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC Additionally, any person may obtain a
request.html. At the bottom of that 20590–0001. You must identify the
APHIS page, click on ‘‘Information copy of this notice by submitting a
docket number FAA–21034/Airspace request to the Office of Air Traffic
previously submitted by Regions Docket No. 05–AEA–09 at the beginning
requesting export approval and Airspace Management, ATA–400, 800
of your comments. You may also submit Independence Avenue, SW.,
supporting documentation.’’ At the next comments on the Internet at http://
screen, click on the triangle beside Washington, DC 20591 or by calling
dms.dot.gov. (202) 267–8783. Communications must
‘‘European Union/Poultry and Poultry You may review the public docket
Products/Newcastle Disease,’’ then click identify both the docket numbers for
containing the proposal, any comments this notice. Persons interested in being
on the triangle beside ‘‘Response by received, and any final disposition in
APHIS,’’ which will reveal a link to the placed on a mailing list for future
person in the Dockets Office between 9 NPRMs should contact the FAA’s Office
risk analysis. You may also view the a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through
evaluation in our reading room of Rulemaking, (202) 267–9677 to
Friday, except Federal holidays. The request a copy of Advisory Circular No.
(information on the location and hours Docket Office (telephone 1–800–647–
of the reading room is provided under 11–2A, which describes the application
5527) is on the plaza level of the procedure.
the heading ADDRESSES at the beginning Transportation NASSIF Building at the
of this notice). You may also request a above address. The Proposal
copy by calling or writing to the person An informal docket may also be The FAA is considering an
listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION examined during normal business hours amendment to part 71 of the Federal
CONTACT. Please refer to the title of the at the office of the Regional Air Traffic Aviation Regulations (14 CFR Part 71) to
evaluation when requesting copies. Division, Federal Aviation establish a Class E2 airspace surface
Authority: 7 U.S.C. 450, 7701–7772, and Administration, Eastern Region, 1 area at Bar Harbor, ME, to accommodate
8301–8317; 21 U.S.C. 136 and 136a; 31 Aviation Plaza, Jamaica, NY 11434– current SIAPs and for IFR operations at
U.S.C. 9701; 7 CFR 2.22, 2.80, and 371.4. 4809. Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport.
Done in Washington, DC, this 29th day of FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Class E2 airspace areas designated as a
April 2005. Francis T. Jordan, Jr., Airspace surface area for an airport are published
Kevin Shea, Specialist, Airspace and Operations, in Paragraph 6002 of FAA Order
Acting Administrator, Animal and Plant Eastern Terminal Service Unit, ETSU, 1 7400.9M dated August 30, 2004, and
Health Inspection Service. Aviation Plaza, Jamaica, NY 11434– effective September 16, 2004, which is
[FR Doc. 05–8954 Filed 5–4–05; 8:45 am] 4809, telephone: 718–553–4521. incorporated by reference in 14 CFR
BILLING CODE 3410–34–P SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: 71.1. The Class E airspace designation
listed in this document would be
Comments Invited published subsequently in the Order.
Interested parties are invited to The FAA has determined that this
participate in this proposal rulemaking proposed regulation only involves an
Federal Aviation Administration by submitting such written data, views, established body of technical
or arguments as they may desire. regulations for which frequent and
14 CFR Part 71 Comments that provide the factual basis routine amendments are necessary to
supporting the views and suggestions keep them operationally current.
[Docket No. FAA–2005–21034; Airspace presented are particularly helpful in Therefore, this proposed regulation—(1)
Docket No. 05–AEA–09] developing reasoned regulatory Is not a ‘‘significant regulatory action’’
decisions on the proposal. Comments under Executive Order 12866; (2) is not
Class E–2 Airspace
are specifically invited on the overall a ‘‘significant rule’’ under DOT
AGENCY: Federal Aviation regulatory, economic, environmental, Regulatory Policies and Procedures (44
Administration (FAA), DOT. and energy-related aspects of the FR 11034; February 26, 1979); and (3)
ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking. proposal. Communications should does not warrant preparation of a
identify the airspace docket number and regulation evaluation as the anticipated
SUMMARY: This notice proposes to be submitted in triplicate to the address impact is so minimal. Since this is a
establish Class E–2 airspace designated listed above. Commenters wishing the routine matter that would only affect air
as a surface area for Hancock County- FAA to acknowledge receipt of their traffic procedures and air navigation, it
Bar harbor Airport, Bar Harbor, Maine. comments on this notice must submit is certified that this proposed rule
The airport is served by an RNAV/GPS with those comments a self-addressed, would not have significant economic
RWY 4 Standard Instrument Approach stamped postcard on which the impact on a substantial number of small
Procedure (SIAP), an Instrument following statement is made: entities under the criteria of the
Landing System (ILS) RWY 22 SIAP, ‘‘Comments to Airspace Docket No. Regulatory Flexibility Act.

VerDate jul<14>2003 12:46 May 04, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 4702 Sfmt 4702 E:\FR\FM\05MYP1.SGM 05MYP1