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Homecoming 2015

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2 October 16, 2015 technique


Along with the burgeoning

autumnal atmosphere comes a
mood of campus spirit, a time of
inclusiveness and celebration of
tradition. This years homecoming looks forward to two weeks
of space-themed festivities including Orions Boat, a combination
of tug-of-war and crew, Race to
the Moon, a relay race that involves wearing a astronaut suit
and planting an American flag
on the moon and Defying Gravity, for which teams of five must
compete to determine which team
can remain on a one-by-one foot
platform the longest.
Space was a theme that Ive
always wanted, said Deron Mai,
SCPCs Homecoming Chair.
Within our committee, its made
top three every single year but
never has been done. We cant repeat a theme that has been done
within the past seven or eight
years, so we want something that
hasnt been done recently, and we
want something we can do a lot
with in terms of events and theme
something that would be interesting to people.
SCPCs Homecoming com-


mittee finally decided to select

Buzzin Out of This World as
this years official theme. SCPC
had two new events this year including cake decorating and pageant. Both however, have similar
ties to other homecoming events.
Every year, there are certain
things we change, but we dont really focus on which event is very

different from past years, Mai

said. I think the most challenging event to put together this year
is going to be pageant since its
new. Its replacing the talent show,
so we want it to have enough substance so that its not just a fashion
show. Its also a pretty big event in
terms of logistics and coordination.

With regards to significance in

the Tech community, Mai hopes
that homecoming will encompass
more of the campus.
I feel like it [homecoming]
holds a bigger significance for
alumni than for students its
their homecoming so they get to
see their friends from their time at
Tech. For students, I feel like its

Photo by Jamie Howell Student Publications

The Georgia Tech marching band plays during the Ramblin Reck Parade. The Ramblin Reck Parade is a long-time homecoming tradition that first began in 1932.

more of a Greek thing than anything else, which isnt bad, but
for them its more of a competition, when homecoming should
be more of a bringing campus together kind of event. So its hard
to keep it the same in terms of
competitiveness while also making it so that it brings the campus
Nonetheless, the campus seems
to be caught up in the homecoming buzz, whether or not everyone
is participating.
Im most excited for the
homecoming concert, said Alexandra Cooke, a second-year
INTA. I didnt go last year, and
I think B.o.B would be fun to see,
and also it gives me a break from
studying and homework.
Others are more excited for
events that hold a particular personal significance.
I really like the NPHC homecoming step show because its a
really important tradition in the
black community for homecoming, and its always really fun to go
to, said Raianna Brown, thirdyear IE.
A more detailed list of SCPCs
homecoming events is available
on their guidebook app via their

technique October 16, 2015 3


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U N I V E R S I T Y H O U S E . C O M

4 October 16, 2015 technique


Palavi Vaidya

Mclean davies

If you were on a one-way trip to

Mars and could only bring three
items with you, what would
you bring?

If a new planet were discovered tomorrow,

what would you name it?

Palavi : Toothbrush,
blanket, Netflix!

mclean : Pluto II. The original Pluto deserves

some love and respect after what we did to
it. Imagine how you would feel if someone
told you that you're not actually a person,
but a planetary mass object that is neither
a planet nor a natural satellite. Yeah,
thats what Pluto is feeling.

Matteo Valles

Rachel Ford

If a new planet were discovered tomorrow,

what would you name it?

If the world was about to be destroyed,

what would you say to convince the
escape mission leaders to take you
with them?

matteo :


Rachel :

Have you tried my food?

Trust me, youd take me with you.

Priya Srinivasan

Sahil Bellare

If you were on a one-way trip to Mars and

could only bring three items with you, what
would you bring?

If a new planet were discovered

tomorrow, what would you
name it?

priya :

sahil : I would name the

planet Infinity and Beyond.
It's like Bed Bath and Beyond
except more extreme.

Henderson Johnson II

McKenzie Elliott

I'd bring a disposable camera,

pepperoni pizza, and Tina Fey.

If you were on a one-way trip to Mars and could only

bring three items with you, what would you bring?

henderson : I would bring The

Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, because
you can never have a good book too
far away. I would bring a translator for
any language so I could understand
Martians, I would bring a light saber,
because Star Wars.

Laura Margaret
If a new planet were discovered tomorrow,
what would you name it?

laura margaret :

Janus, to keep the

theme of naming planets after Roman deities.
Janus is the god of beginnings, change, and time.
This is fitting to the new beginning and progress
associated with discovering a new planet.

If the world was about to be destroyed,

what would you say to convince the escape
mission leaders to take you with them?

Mckenzie : "Take me with you!"

Sometimes being direct is the
best strategy.

Brad farnham
If you were on a one-way trip to Mars and
could only bring three items with you,
what would you bring?

Brad :

Some chipotle for the ride,

1989 by Taylor Swift, and a picture
of my girlfriend (still trying to find
her though)

technique October 16, 2015 5


Missy Pittard

Derek Nalodka

If you were on a one-way trip to

Mars and could only bring three
items with you, what would
you bring?

If the world was about to be destroyed,

what would you say to convince the
escape mission leaders to take you
with them?

MIssy : Sunscreen, my
guitar, and a refillable
water bottle

derek :

Colin Andrews

Rachel Isaac

If a new planet were discovered tomorrow,

what would you name it?

If you were on a one-way trip to Mars and

could only bring three items with you,
what would you bring?

colin : I'd name it after a

great scientist. Imagine the warm
and fuzzy feeling the public would
get when NASA announced the
discovery of the planet, "BILL!

Melissa Holmes
If the world was about to be destroyed,
what would you say to convince the escape
mission leaders to take you with them?

Melissa :

I have to carry on the

Ginger legacy!

Dillon roseen
If a new planet were discovered tomorrow,
what would you name it?

dillon :

Well, it would be Pluto

because we all know that it is actually
a planet.

I would explain that I

go to Georgia Tech and "I can do
that" ... that being whatever they
need me to do.

Rachel :

1) A lifetime supply of
white cheddar popcorn; 2) An
electronic device to Skype family
and friends...also equipped with a
Netflix account; 3) Matt Damon

Jefferson Losse
If the world was about to be destroyed, what
would you say to convince the escape
mission leaders to take you with them?

Jefferson :

"Hey how are you

leaving the planet?"
"I dunno, a spaceship probably?"
"Well then you're probably going to
need a hell of an engineer."

If the world was about to be destroyed,
what would you say to convince the escape
mission leaders to take you with them?

Rebekah : "I've got your keys."

Pranaya Chilukuri
If a new planet were discovered
tomorrow, what would you
name it?

pranaya : Pacembuzz
(Pacem is Latin for peace and
of course Buzz will be on this
planet, so he should be a part
of the name.)

If you were on a one-way trip to
Mars and could only bring
three items with you, what would
you bring?

matt : Potatoes, a hologram,

and copious amounts of
80s music
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technique October 16, 2015 7




Since 1969, the Mini 500 has
been one of Techs cherished traditions. As one of this years most
anticipated Homecoming traditions, the Mini 500 is a race where
each team is comprised of seven
members four who alternate
riding the tricycle and three who
serve as pit crew. The mens team
must complete fifteen laps around
Peters Parking Deck, and the
womens team must complete ten.
The catch in this race is that the
team is required to rotate the front
tire of the tricycle three times during the length of the race, often
completed using some sort of engineering technique, the skill that
many Tech students know best.
The race began in the sixties
as a hazing ritual for fraternity
pledges. In 1969, however, the
Ramblin Reck Club, which took
the place of the Yellow Jacket Club
as the carriers of school spirit, formalized the race into an annual
event for the enjoyment of the entirety of Techs student body.
Students across campus are
eagerly awaiting this years Mini
500, which takes place Friday,
Oct. 23, at 5:00 p.m.
I love how much time and


Yesterday, B.o.B performed at

the annual homecoming concert
thanks to the work of SCPC. The
Decatur native has received international recognition for his music,
with two singles reaching platinum status, numerous top hits
and six Grammy nominations.
In 2014, B.o.B founded his own
record label, Label No Genre: an
avant-garde venture looking for
new talent via the internet. He
then released a mix tape under
the same name in 2015 with the
artist he is working with. Keeping
himself busy, B.o.B also dropped
his fourth studio album this past
August, Psycadelik Thoughtz,
Beyonc-style sans promotion.
B.o.B was chosen as this years
artist through a survey last spring.
He was by far the most favored
candidate, but having such a wellknown artist comes at a price.
Our biggest problem was the
funding, says Homecoming concert chair Gem Valencia.
The concert committee usually
decides on the proposed budget
by using the previous years concert as an estimate. This makes
upgrading to more popular artists
a difficult process.
B.o.Bs listing price on
the agency website was about
$50,000, so that meant that we
had to ask for more money, Va-

effort teams will put into preparing for it, said Amira Abadira,
second-year ME. And its such a
hilarious thing to watch!
Organizations around campus
are also just as eager to bust out
the trikes and participate.
This year, Wrek plans to form
its first team in quite a while and
take the prize! Or at least have
a blast trying, said Alex Cheu,
fourth-year ME and chief engineer of Wrek Radio.
The entrance fee for each team
is $95, used to cover the cost of
the tricycles. The Reck Club had
attempted to procure funding
from SGA to help offset this price.
Reck Club does not want an
entrance fee to be the reason a
student cannot take part in one of
Techs most beloved traditions,
Mini 500 Chairs Ashish Sridhar
and Manisha Khanal said in their
statement. At the current price
point, Mini 500 is too expensive
for students who want to compete
without the financial backing of a
Unfortunately, funding was
not possible as SGA is not able to
spend state money on giveaways, a
classification the tricycles fall under. However, there was no question of cancelling the Mini 500.
The Mini 500 has been a

lencia said.
After intense discussion with
SGA, the concert was funded,
though not without stipulations.
In the end, there was a clause
that they attached to our budget
this year: ... after this year they
will only give us $5 per student
that attended in previous years,
and that will be the next years
budget for SCPCs homecoming concert committee, Valencia
The problem with this tactic
is that if a previous artist was not
popular or becomes unpopular
for any reason it will affect the
next years prospects.
In order to make sure that
this doesnt happen, SCPC has
had a strong focus on consistent
marketing to promote campus
involvement, especially for this
concert. To build suspense for
the announcement of the artist,
they posted obscure hints on the
event page on Facebook, such as
pyrimidine adenine thymine
adenine and wEre not Ready
Reveal the artiSt tomorrow, bUt
It should hoPefully be Soon. The
committee has also been wearing
t-shirts and buttons advertising
the event and tabling on Skiles
while dancing to B.o.Bs music.
The SCPC homecoming concert committee worked extremely
hard to make this event a success.
The dependence on the success
has put incredible pressure on the

Photo by Jamie Howell Student Publications

Racers in the Mini 500 propel themselves forward in their tricycles. Participants
are monitored by judges to ensure they stay in their vehicles throughout the race.

school tradition since 1969, and a

few bumps in the road were not
going to stop the worlds greatest

trike race, Sridhar and Khanal

SGA did, however, help to

fund other necessary expenditures

such as barricades, EMTs and police officers.

committee to make the event this

outstanding. Valencia illuminated
that it was a lot of pressure on
us to make sure students attend,

so in future years, we can have a

good budget and bring in better
artists. The hope is that the success of this concert will carry over

in for years to come, ensuring increasingly more popular artists at

the annual homecoming concert
at no cost to the student body.

Photo courtesy of The Come Up Show

B.o.B., pictured above, is well known for his singles Airplane and Nothin on
You. His concert represents an increase in expenditure and risk from last year.

8 October 16, 2015 technique


Navigating Homecoming
photo challenge

Top photo gets points!
Post to GT Homecoming
Facebook page #GTHC15



Homecoming Game Day Week!

Out of this world costumes!
Talent show!
TUES Oct 20
7:30 PM 9:30 PM

cosmic cake
TUES Oct 20
2 PM 4 PM

BANNER contest
Will be hung on
MON Oct 19
@ Noon
6x4 and 10x5

chalking contest
THURS Oct 15
9 AM 3 PM

window display
FRI Oct 16
3 PM 5 PM
Student Center

like art?


Mini 500
FRI Oct 23
5 PM



Want to
break a sweat?


water gun


mind getting




iron buzz

200m Freestyle
FRI Oct 16
6:30 7:30 PM
Bike ride around
campus / mile run
SUN Oct 18
10 AM 12 PM

MOCK rock

mini powdered
donut eating
WED Oct 21
11:30 AM 2:30 PM

WED Oct 21
7:00 PM




Cake race




Two teams,
One week
MON Oct 19
FRI Oct 23

egg toss

THURS Oct 22
11:30 AM

defying gravity
Which 5 person team
can remainon a 1x1
platform the longest?
MON Oct 19 1:00 PM

tech trivia
MON Oct 19
6 PM


SAT Oct 24
6:30 AM


scavenger hunt
MON Oct 19
FRI Oct 23

Build a free standing

can-made structure!
WED Oct 21
9 PM 12 PM

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October 16, 2015Volume 101, Issue 11nique.net



technique SGA Speaking Rights

News 2

Opinions 6

p4 Pitt Preview
Entertainment 10



Sports 20


USG makes
changes, Tech

A recent meeting of the University
System of Georgias Board of Regents
(USG) addressed a number of items regarding Techs future.
The Sept. 15 meeting opened with
a discussion of new requirements for
entering freshmen at USG institutions, including Tech. Beginning in
the academic year of 20172018, new
freshmen can fulfill their foreign language requirements for admission with
upper-level computer science credits.
Part of the change involved high
school graduation requirements that
have evolved over the years to include
computer programming classes that require coding skills, said Sonja Roberts,
marketing and communications coordinator for USG. It is not necessarily
a bypass but rather another option that
enables a student to complete this particular portion of the college freshmen
admission requirement criteria.
The Committee of Academic Affairs
responsible for the aforementioned report went on to present a proposal from
Techs President G.P. Bud Peterson
to reestablish the Love Family Professorship in Chemical and Biomedical
Engineering to comprise of two professorships.
The redesignation reflects modifications to the donor agreement that
afford the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering the flexibility in
determining the deployment of distributions from the fund, according to
the proposal, to support any combination of faculty positions to meet the
needs of the academic unit. The first
Top L: Photo courtesy of Chris Potter; Top R: Photo by Austin Foote Student Publications; Above: Photo by Nick Johnson Student Publications

See USG, page 5


Yousafzai documentary provides new angle on peace


He Named Me Malala
GENRE: Documentary
STARRING: Malala Yousafzai,
Ziauddin Yousafzai, Toor
Pekai Yousafzai and Khushal



Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was shot by the
Taliban in 2012, is a well-known
face in the media. Even those who
do not know much about her have
strong opinions about her. Of
course, unlike many of her counterparts, Yousafzais rise to fame
did not come about by her success
in the show business. Moreover,
hers certainly would not be the
preferred route to media appearances and magazine covers.
Davis Guggenheims new doc-

umentary He Named Me Malala feels like a refreshing take

on Yousafzais familiar story in
its attempts to explore Yousafzzai as an ordinary girl. She is the
youngest Nobel laureate, winning
the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize at the
age of 17 for her struggle against
the suppression of children and
young people and for the right of
all children to education, but her
achievements have a secondary
role in the documentary.
The funniest and the most
heartwarming scenes in the documentary show Yousafzai at home

See MALALA, page 11

Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Malala Yousafzai and friends attend the premiere of He Named

me Malala, which was held at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York.

technique October 16, 2015 3


Conversation orbits space at Biltmore


Last Thursday in the Imperial
Ballroom of the Biltmore, the
Atlantic hosted the next in their
Bold Bets series, titled Commercializing the Cosmos.
The event featured speakers
and panels focusing on the economy, regulation and diversity involved when speaking of humanitys future in space. The event
was underwritten by Siemens
Corporation, who announced a
new partnership with Tech featuring Siemens product lifecycle
management (PLM) software.
The event was introduced
by Margaret Low Smith, president of AtlanticLIVE, which
live-streamed the event. Tech
President Bud Peterson then
addressed the audience. He
described the explosion of innovation that Tech Square has
brought to campus, mentioning
the recent Mars discovery among
others, highlighting the importance of space in the lives and
futures of everyone at the event.
David Riemer, vice president
of aerospace and defense strategy
for Siemens PLM software, was



the final introduction. He described the digitalization of the

cosmos that Tech would help
bring about in the partnership.
After the introduction, the
first panel, The Commercialization and Personalization of
Space began. Hosted by Steve
Clemons, Washington editor at
large of the Atlantic, the panel
featured Salvatore Bruno, president and CEO of the United
Launch Alliance, Steve Justice,
director of the Georgia Center
of Innovation for Aerospace, and
Michael Paul, a space systems
engineer at Penn State. They
spoke about the misconceptions
of space explorations effect on
the global economy, that it will
change the dynamics between
The group also brought up
that infrastructure in general
benefits the economy, and that
space infrastructure will be no
different. They mentioned the
lessening of governments roles
in space, as private companies
become more interested in space
exploration. Bruno suggested
that space should be driven by
private companies in the future.
They discussed the recent dis-

covery of water on Mars, which

could allow humans to become
a multi-planetary species since
the water could be converted to
propellant. The panel concluded
by forwarding the idea that humans could find economic development in space and even earn a
living there.
The next panel, The Future of Space Exploration, featured George Nield, associate
administrator for commercial
space transportation at the Federal Aviation Administration,
John Roth, space systems vice
president of business development and strategy at the Sierra Nevada Corporation, and
Frank Slazer, vice president
of space systems at the Aerospace Industries Association.
The panel began with an
emphasis by Nield that NASA
is not the sole government entity heavily involved with outer
space, and that the FAA is the
main regulatory body, answering a question from the previous
panel. This panel continued with
the impact that individuals can
make in this field. Roth mentioned that Sierra Nevada tracks
about one hundred startups that

could open the world up in a totally different way. He then said

that NASA takes a lot of credit
for what industry does with
respect to the more unheard of
startups and private companies.
The panel discussed areas of
future litigation such as suborbital tourism and its current price
tag, space ports and mining asteroids for rare metals, since currently what happens in between
[takeoff and landing] is pretty
much the Wild West. This is
especially true since many forays
into space are being conducted
by billionaires via programs
such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. This panel ascribed these
efforts as being taken because
the government isnt doing it
fast enough for their tastes.
Panelists then maintained
that space exploration would
help stimulate less developed
countries, as also mentioned in
the previous panel. The panel
also tossed around the idea of
additively manufacturing parts
in space via 3D printing, as it
would allow astronauts and cosmonauts to build and assemble
what they need on the spot. The


After more than a year of
investigation, the Dutch Safety Board has released a report
detailing the official cause
for Malaysian Airlines Flight
17s (MH17) crash in eastern
Ukraine last July.
According to the investigators who compiled the report
(which was made public this past
Tuesday), the plane was downed
by a Russian-made Buk missile, which reportedly detonated
approximately one meter from
the outside of the cockpit of the

craft. Two of the shrapnel fragments were specifically shaped

like bow ties, and investigators
determined that this indicated
the type of the missile.
However, the report did not
place blame on any party in particular for the crash.

words than any of the other candidates by a margin of roughly

1,000. Lincoln Chafee had the
least speaking time of the crowd,
with a total time of less than ten
Despite appearing dominant
during the conversations about
various topics, studies conducted
by the Washington Post showed
that Hilary was trounced in
terms of the volume of Google
searches by Bernie Sanders.
Analysis by Zignal Labs demonstrated Sanders was also mentioned more on Twitter.


Hilary Clinton used her identity as a woman candidate to
strong effect in the first Democratic debate, which took place
in Las Vegas this past Tuesday.
Notably, Clinton spoke more

See SPACE, page 5

The Souths Liveliest College Newspaper

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Ross Lindsay
Founded in 1911, the Technique is the student
newspaper of the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is an official publication of the Georgia Tech Board of Student Publications. The
Technique publishes on Fridays weekly in the
fall and spring and biweekly in the summer.
ADVERTISING: Information can be found online at nique.net/ads. The deadline for reserving ad space is Friday at 5 p.m. one week before
publication. To place a reservation, for billing
information or for any other questions please email us at ads@nique.net. You may reach us at
(404) 894-2830, Monday through Friday from
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
COVERAGE REQUESTS: Requests for coverage
and tips should be submitted to the Editor-inChief and/or the relevant section editor.
Copyright 2015, Brenda Lin, Editor-inChief, and the Georgia Tech Board of Student Publications. No part of this paper may
be reproduced in any manner without written
permission from the Editor-in-Chief or from
the Board of Student Publications. The ideas
expressed herein are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views
of the Board of Student Publications, the students, staff or faculty of the Georgia Institute of
Technology or the University System of Georgia. First copy free for additional copies call
(404) 894-2830

4 October 16, 2015 technique

Despite not being an elected

member of the Student Government Associations (SGA) legislative branch, the undergraduate
student body president is granted
speaking rights during meetings
of the Undergraduate House of
Representatives (UHR).
Within SGAs bylaws, no
mention is explicitly made of the
president in reference to speaking
rights during legislative meetings.
The constitution of SGA does
grant the president the power to
introduce legislation before the
legislature, but, again, does not
explicitly grant speaking rights.
Another line of the bylaws
describes that, The rules contained in the most current edition
of Roberts Rules of Order shall
govern the Undergraduate House
of Representatives, in all cases in
which they are consistent with the
Constitution and Bylaws. Matthew Daigle, parliamentarian of
undergraduate SGA, cited this to
argue that a provision in Roberts
Rules which reads, If the ex-officio member of the board is not
under the authority of the society,
he has all the privileges of board
membership, including the right
to make motions and to vote, but
none of the obligations ...
In this case, the board refers
to UHR, and the ex-officio member refers to the president. However, unlike the dean of students
and speaker of the house of UHR,
the president is never officially
designated as an ex-officio member of the legislature in SGAs bylaws or constitution. In addition,
SGAs constitution states (in Art.

III, Sec. 4), ... Only voting members of the Undergraduate House
of Representatives, the Student
Body President, may introduce
legislation before the Undergraduate House of Representatives ...
Since the president is not defined
as a voting member, the aforementioned passage of Roberts Rules
cannot be applicable due to the
fact that it grants the ex-officio
member the right to vote, which
is inconsistent with the constitution.
My preference would be that
a representative raises his or her
hand, and says to the speaker,
I defer my time to President
Abrams, or, I defer my time to
Dean Stein, said John Stein,
Techs dean of students, vice president of student life and unofficial
faculty advisor to SGA. That
would be my preference, because
then I think it really stays within a

protocol. It seems right that someone has chosen to give up their

speaking rights to someone else
the executive board member or
myself to make a statement.
Stein did add that commentary
from the president is often useful
during meetings of UHR due to
his or her innate specific knowledge about events or circumstances. However, he emphasized that
it is important that SGAs presidents let representatives discuss.
Its precedent to let the president speak, said Laura Margaret
Burbach, In general, you dont
have presidents who speak on every bill unless they feel that its
important. And ultimately, they
were elected by the student body
to represent their opinion.
Contrarily, roughly 25 percent of the undergraduate student
body voted in SGAs 2015 presidential election.

Photo by Scott Medway Student Publications

UHR functions as the legislative body of SGA. Most members of the executive branch do not have speaking rights.



S te



Po ita
Br st C tion
oc ar s
hu ds

Techs Cyber Security Team is
currently planning to conduct a
campus-wide phishing exercise at
the end of this month.
The group will send out an
email containing a link to a website outside of the Tech sphere
that will require the students to
enter their Tech credentials. Any
students who fall prey to this will

The current vice president and
executive director of the Enterpreise Innovation Institute (EI2)
at Tech, Stephen Fleming, will be
stepping down from his post.
The change will become effective Dec. 31 of this year. Fleming
served for seven years in his position and helped the organization to progress the expansion of
Techs economic impact and job
creation for the state of Georgia.
Georgia Tech is grateful to
[Fleming] for his extraordinary
contributions, and we all wish
him continued success in his
next endeavors, said Steve Cross,
Techs executive vice president for
research, in a statement.
Chris Downing, the current
associate vice president of the organization, will serve as the interim director.
The EI2 serves as an organization through which Tech can facilitate business. It also is used as
one of the main methods through
which Tech strives to make a local, national and global impact.

Controversy brews over SGA

presidential speaking rights



Following an investigation
into certain matters by the Office
of Student Integrity (OSI), Techs
chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity was suspended.
This probation comes in response to the fraternity being
found responsible for violating the
Student Code of Conduct in regards to discriminatory behavior.
During the probationary period,
the chapter can only participate
in academic and approved nonacademic events.
The chapter of the fraternity
will be allowed to recruit members
as well as conduct chapter business, but will be disallowed from
participating in all types and varieties of social events, including
Greek Week and Homecoming.
Additionally, the chapter
members are required to complete
specified education and training
by in order to have the suspension
lifted. The sanction will be held in
abeyance until Aug. 9, 2016.

be directed to a training page with

tips on how to avoid a real phishing threat.
In the past, such exercises have
successfully reduced the number
of people who fell for the bait.
Previously, 2025 percent of
people fell for the trick, but after
receiving the training, more than
four times fewer individuals fell
victim to the phishing.
The exercise, which is supported by the Office of Techs President, will be the first campuswide phishing training to take
place at Tech. It will be repeated
each semester.
It is critical to conduct these
continuous training exercises to
help build and maintain awareness throughout the entire community, said Jason Belford, interim associate director for Georgia
Tech cyber security, in a statement.









technique October 16, 2015 5




panel ended with Nield posing the

question whats the role of government [and] of industry?
with respect to exploring space.
Eric Spiegel, president and
CEO of Siemens USA, then officially announced the partnership
between Tech and Siemens. He
said that their PLM software and
training is $200 million in worth
to Tech, and that there are about
200 Tech alumni currently working at Siemens. Spiegel claimed
that there has been a resurgence
in manufacturing that would require the energy and intellect of
students to continue, which this
partnership aims to support.
Jilda Garton, vice president
of the Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation, then spoke on
the topic, and brought up Techs
long history of collaboration. She
emphasized this collaboration in
addition to student engagement,
saying that the students would be
the next generation of innovators
and leaders. Garton encouraged
the students present at the event
to think about some bold projects, because ... the bets will pay
off, tying it back to the Bold Bets
Afterwards, the headline interview with NASA Chief Scientist
Ellen Stofan, Ph.D., began. She
opened with the topic of water
on Mars, then moved to her testimony to the House Science Committee, for which she received
support. She next emphasized the
importance of diversity in both
disciplines and people. Pointing
to the fact that it will take geolo-

gists and astrobiologists to find

life on other planets, Stofan said
that NASA alone cannot accomplish such major goals with its
current budget.
The discussion then turned
to the topic of women in STEM
fields, and how diversity improves
how we talk to different communities. We need all hands on
deck, and thats why diversity is so
important, Stofan said. Its not
just numbers. [Its an] investment
in our future, investment in our
An audience member asked
what the most interesting yet less
publicized plans are for space, to
which Stofan answered the mission to put a floating lander on
Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, which has an atmosphere and
oceans of methane. The mission
would help answer the question
of if water is a requirement to life,
push[ing] on a lot of our assumptions.
Stofan went on to discuss the
James Webb Space Telescope,
which she claimed would take
us to the next level in identifying star and galaxy formations as
well as the atmospheres of planets.
This telescope plans to eventually
replace the Hubble Space Telescope which has been active for 25
years this past May.
The interview wrapped up
with Stofan saying that scientific
advances have gotten astronauts
where they are now, but further
progress is needed to accomplish
more: small satellites and sensors,
additive manufacturing, but also
crowd-sourcing and working with
people of different disciplines.



new professors under the redefined

program are Hang Lu, Ph.D., and
Chris Jones, Ph.D. The Love Family fund used to support the professorships is currently comprised
of $1.5 million.
During the a meeting of the
Committee on Economic Development, Dr. James Weyhenmeyer
of Georgia State presented an update on GSU and Techs joint effort to implement an i6 Challenge
grant in Atlantas entrepreneurial
The $500,000 grant is part of
a national competition run by the
U.S. Department of Commerce
to identify areas in which startup
creation and innovation can be
The intent of the EDA I6
award is to foster the growth of
innovation-led economic development activities through entrepreneur support, and development
of ecosystems concentrating on
the startup community, Roberts
Working in conjunction with
GSU and the Atlanta University
Center, Techs contributions (led
by Lynne Henkiel, director of
technology innovation practices
& entrepreneurial partnerships)
to the project will span from research initiatives and business
models to investors and mentors
to new start-ups in Atlanta.
Finally, the Committee on
Real Estate and Facilities provided
a series of updates on Techs ongoing construction projects, the first
being renovations to the OKeefe
Building, which will consist of

$5.5 million in new office and

support space on the first and
third floors of the OKeefe for Facilities Management, Design, and
Construction staff. The second is a
new Living Building, funded in
part by a $30 million grant from
the Kendeda Fund, which will
aim to have a net zero environmental impact and an opening by
late 2018. Both of these projects
budgets have been incorporated
into the University Systems request for funding for the upcom-

ing year, which has been sent to

Governor Deal awaiting his final
Jennifer Abrams, Techs undergraduate SGA president and
Eric Johnston, president of Techs
chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, were present at the meeting.
I always enjoy getting to sit
in on their meetings and hearing
about the great work the Regents
are doing for higher education in
our state, Abrams said.

Photo by Jon Drews Student Publications

The University System of Georgia recently met in Atlanta. Among

items discussed were several issues directly impactful to Tech.



OUR VIEWS | Consensus Opinion

You dont stop laughing when

you grow old, you grow old
when you stop laughing.
George Bernard Shaw

Join the Brave and Bold campaign

Doing more than modifying lyrics to promote equality

In an attempt to be more inclusive to
women, and promote gender equality, there
has been a petition going around to change
a lyric in the schools fight song. The petition specifically aims to change the word
cheer in the line, Oh! If I had a daughter,
sir, Id dress her in White and Gold, And
put her on campus to cheer the brave and
bold to the word join. While the change
is well-intended, it is not a change that will
make a meaningful impact to the status of
women on this campus.
If the phrase, brave and bold referred
to the Tech student body, then this change
would be pertinent; however, brave and
bold refers to the football team, which
women are unable to be a part of, therefore
making the change absolutely useless.
107-year-old fight song will give the illusion that Tech is making progressive
changes to make campus more inclusive,
when in reality the change is irrelevant.

There are better actions that can be taken to promote gender equality instead of
the mere one-word change in a fight song
which many incorrectly sing or do not even
know the words to. One such action is to
target the microagressions women on this
campus face. Female students often find
their intelligence and capabilities questioned by their male peers. It is not uncommon for female students to hear that it was
easier for them to get into Tech than for
male students, which devalues the merit
and skills that women on this campus possess. In some cases, students and even professors tend to not directly address female
students when talking to them.
Although this dismissive attitude may
not be intentional, such behaviors are not
acceptable. It would be most beneficial to
conduct discussions about gender equality to help educate students and faculty so
that people can be made aware of these actions and prevent them in the future.

The Consensus Opinion reflects the majority opinion of the Editorial Board of the
Technique, but not necessarily the opinions of individual editors.

technique editorial board

Samira Bandaru LIFE EDITOR
Kripa Chandran ONLINE EDITOR


Brighton Kamen DESIGN EDITOR



October 16, 2015

Hypersexualization of women in anime

Well put. From my male perspective... Im tired of
feeling creepy for watching anime. Sexual themes
(both male and female) can be explored without
blatant objectification.

Its a gender segregated market - there are enough
anime that are watched almost exclusively by female
anime fans...your club should be split by gender or
sexual orientation...

The supply is to meet the demand. If they feel the
overwhelming majority of the demographic they
are targeting wants something they will produce it.
Most of these anime are targeted at young men 1521, cant really change that your demographic wants

I should point out that many anime cons and anime
companies like Funimation report their male to
female consumer base is usually an even 50/50 split.
Also, it surprises me you do not mention the utter lack
of fanservice of any kind in the most popular anime in
recent memory, Attack on Titan.

Branko Burcksen
I think a lot of the time when people point out sexism
in media they like. A lot of people interpret that as
saying that watching it makes you a bad person and
the creator should stop making it entirely. But no one
ever says that. It is possible to enjoy something but
still recognize its faults.

...sex sells, and the players in the anime industry
are fully aware that the majority of their audience
are straight males. While America is making strides
towards more gender equality...Japan is not on the
same level, so its going to take a while before anime
reaches the same level of gender equality.

Write to us:


In Honor Of

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your voice be heard with the Technique. Sliver at Nique.net, tweet us
@the_nique or check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/thenique. We
want to hear your opinion and want
to make it known to all of campus.
We also welcome your letters in
response to Technique content as well
as topics relevant to campus. We will
print letters on a timely and spaceavailable basis.
Each week we look for letters that

are responses to or commentaries on

content found within the pages of the
Technique. Along with these letters,
we are open to receiving letters that
focus on relevant issues that currently
affect Georgia Tech as a university, including its campus and student body.
When submitting letters we ask
that you include your full name, year
(1st, 2nd, etc.) and major. We ask that
letters be thought provoking, well
written and in good taste. We reserve
the right to both reject or edit letters
for length and style.
For questions, comments or concern, contact the Opinions Editor at

technique October 16, 2015 7




They say nothing is

sure in life but death
and taxes. Unfortunately, America has
fallen into a cycle that
has made the former
a part of our everyday
lives. We have come
to expect that once a
month, a different killer
will be the star of every
news outlet in the country. Columbine was a
national tragedy, Sandy
Hook was a sobering
thought in the back of
everyones head, Aurora
was the subject of tasteless jokes, Charleston
was used as a tool to
further political agendas, and everyone has
already forgotten about
Oregon. There is a clear
trend here, a regression
into complacency.
One can make the
argument that regulating guns will suddenly
make the problem go
away. While there are
certainly steps that can
be taken to make guns
less accessible, I believe
that gun control would
simply be a Band-Aid
covering up the root
cause of these shootings:
mental illness.
The brain is the window through which we
view the world. Very
often, we take this windows clarity for granted; signals pass through
untouched, and our
brain functions in a
way we see as normal.
But introduce some obstacles, and suddenly

our perceived world becomes much different

from the real one. The
obstacles come in the
form of mental illness,
skewing the way we see
the world, and isolating us from reality. For
decades, it has been the
elephant in the room,
affecting daily life in
America while remaining mostly unaddressed.
While laws like the
Mental Health Parity
and Addiction Equity
Act are taking steps to
make help available,
there is still a sizable
stigma attached to mental illness. People with
are seen as victims or
heroes, while schizophrenics are seen as the
crazy dregs of society. OCD is considered
nothing more than being too neat, and Tumblrs sick bastardization
of PTSD has trivialized
the struggles of people
actually afflicted with
the disorder.
Instead of getting
help, these people are
being judged and ostracized, two things that
do not help an already
fragile, mental state.
Control guns, sure,
but the instability will
still be there. Regulating firearms will simply
change the way the cycle
goes; fixing Americas
dire mental illness problem will stop the wheel
completely and bring us
closer to an accepting
society rather than one
deaf to the sounds of




Following the July

2012 shootings in Aurora, Colorado, there have
been 11 mass shootings
resulting in 98 deaths
and 103 injuries.
I have always viewed
the right to bear arms
as unnecessary and a
little ridiculous, since
the intent of the second
amendment was to protect the United States
from another British invasion. But whats more
absurd is that rather
than point out the error in allowing civilians
to bear arms, the media
likes to point the blame
at mental illness.
When we allow ourselves to avoid the larger
problem of why civilians still have the right
to bear arms over 200
years after the American Revolution and
use mental illness as a
scapegoat, we are degrading the prevalent
and important issue of
psychiatric care in the
United States.
There do exist some
individuals who are
truly mentally ill, and
somehow they have access to firearms, which
creates some validation
to the argument that
mental illness does contribute to gun violence.
However, according to
a study conducted by
the National Institute of
Health (NIH) in May
2015, there would only
be a four percent decrease in gun violence

if we were to eliminate
mental illnesses.
So, if mental illness
isnt the cause of gun
violence, then what is?
Violence is a learned behavior, meaning that the
root causes of gun violence are environmental factors during the
upbringing of an individual. There are many
potential influences for
violent behavior such
as: constant conflict
around the individual,
bullying in school, access to firearms in the
house, hunting trips,
and the specific activities one participates in.
For example, in August
2015, a study from the
American Psychological
Association concluded
there is an observed
violent video games
and increased aggression. While that may
not mean that all of
those who play video
games will become violent criminals, there is
enough of a warrant to
prove that environmental factors can cause violent behavior.
The obvious answer
to the problem of gun
violence is to reform
gun control. The polarization of political party
lines makes it hard to
achieve any kind of
successful negotiation.
So for the mean time,
this lack of action in
Congress will continue
to allow the media to
scapegoat the cause of
gun violence onto mental illness.

What is your favorite

part about



Creative outlet that is

provided to do stuff.



I like the
Mini 500.
Photos by Tyler Meuter Student Publications


Showcase, Present, and Inspire



8 October 16, 2015 technique


Attention Graduate Students

Pair an MBA
with your current
graduate studies

Discover how adding a Georgia Tech MBA

to your current field can impact your career.

MBA Info Session

Register at

Tuesday, Oct 27

for Georgia Tech Grad Students

6 - 8 p.m.
Scheller College of Business | Room 103


5)634%": 0$50#&3

1*&%.0/5300. 456%&/5$&/5&3

technique October 16, 2015 9


Take meaningful steps

towards gender equality


Techs Birthday

Oct. 13, 2015, marks Techs

130th anniversary. Good luck
fitting 130 candles on a birthday cake. Originally only offering a ME degree, Tech has
now expanded to include more
than 30 majors. Now, Tech
is consistently listed as a top
public university, though it has
always been a rigorous university. Even in its humble beginnings, Tech held students to
high standards, as it continues
to do today.

No More Nudes

Playboy made a recent announcement that as of March

2016, the popular magazine
will stop publishing nude photographs of women. While
many are confused as to what
Playboy will now consist of,
this is a huge step towards in
stopping the objectification
of women. The magazines
change in the portrayal of
women is incredibly progressive, and sure to be appreciated
by feminists around the world.

... as a student
at Georgia Tech,
I never once felt
against for being a
woman. Not once
... Since returning
to Tech as a
school chair three
years ago, I have
observed gender
inequalities ...

Threats on Yik Yak

A student at Emory was arrested after she posted a threat

on Yik Yak claiming she was
planning a shooting on campus. Threats like this should
certainly be taken seriously. If
she was making a joke, it was
certainly in poor taste. It also
goes to show that social media
platforms are never truly anonymous, especially ones that
you allow to access your location at all times. So be careful
about what you post online.


BS90, MS92, PHD97

As an alum and a school chair,
I feel compelled to comment on
the Join the Brave and the Bold
petition that is circulating.
As one of only two women
school chairs, I felt the need to
set a good example and join the
petition. As a three-time alum, I
regret my decision to sign; allow
me to explain.
In my 11 years as a student at
Georgia Tech, I never once felt
discriminated against for being a
woman. Not once. I had other
challenges, but that was never one
of them. For example, I competed
with men for scholarships based
on merit, and I frequently beat out
the men. One year, I remember
the top three leadership awards
went to three women.

Haters on Campus

Just days before the annual

pride parade, some incredibly
close-minded people were on
our campus spreading messages of anger and hate. While
they may have thought they
were helping, they were, quote,
honestly an annoyance. They
come every year, and we give
them attention by surrounding
them and arguing with them.
Perhaps when they come again
next year, the best approach
would be to just ignore them.

Leven Foundation Student Conference

The Morality of
Value Creation and Trade




A conference for enterprising students

who wish to learn about the philosophical
and business principles that govern value
creation and trade, informed by the ideas
of Ayn Rand.

F R EE* f or st ude nts!

Full travel & lodging scholarships available.
*Some conditions apply. Details on website.



Unfortunately, my experience
on the faculty is different than my
experience as a student. Since returning to Tech as a school chair
three years ago, I have observed
gender inequities that continually
appear to disenfranchise the outstanding women on our faculty.
Ive worked hard to try to help
them feel valued by, for example,
seeking out opportunities for
them, nominating them and doing
what I can to ensure their salaries
are fair. Men are frequently nominated for awards and chaired positions by male-dominated committees, resulting in a noticeable
lack of representation for women.
Among the nine in the College
of Computings Deans cabinet, I
am the only woman. A colleague

recently observed that there are

more men named Steve who are
administrators at Tech than there
are women deans or school chairs.
We have wonderful administrators named Steve on campus, but
the fact that faculty look for ways
like this to get the message out
about the lack of women suggests
a quiet desperation.
As a school chair, these experiences help me understand why
faculty feel differently than many
students and alumni about the
words in the fight song. However,
I firmly believe that instead of
changing a word in the fight song,
our real call to action should be to
fix the culture. Changing the culture requires us to honestly evaluate institute-wide/college-specific
policies and practices that have
led women (and possibly other
groups) to feel disenfranchised
on campus.
Everyone should be and feel
valued at Georgia Tech. Changing one word in a fight song
doesnt fix what seems to be the
real deep-seated and underlying
problem. Lets tackle the thorny
problems rather than slap a bandaid on them. Perhaps the time has
finally come to create an institutewide task force to address gender
equity in all forms: opportunity,
representation, pay and recognitions such as chaired professorships. Other universities have
done this, including NC State and
UT Austin.
Gender equity and diversity
are important issues nationally
in engineering and computing,
and Georgia Tech should be the
brave and the bold leader on
these issues.




Trishna Chandarana


Jamie Rule



October 16, 2015

Jersey Boys showcases Four Seasons music


Jersey Boys
WRITER: Rick Elice and
Marshall Brickman
Dailey, Drew Seeley, Miguel
Jarquin-Moreland and Keith
LOCATION: Fox Theatre
DATE: Oct. 611



For most of last week, Oct.
611, the world famous musical
Jersey Boys was performed at
Atlantas Fox Theatre to the delight of its audience. The musical
showcased the lives of The Four
Seasons original members, their
origin stories, and what transpired
after they became famous.
The play began in a New Jersey neighborhood narrated by
the bands lead guitarist, Tommy
DeVito (Matthew Dailey), who
proceeded to inform the audience
that the only way out of this neighborhood was to join the army, join
the mob or become a star. Thus
began a journey to make something of his musical trio.
With the current members
frequenting the jail, DeVito decided to add Francis Castelluccio
(Miguel Jarquin-Moreland) to the
band as the lead singer. Eventu-

Photo courtesy of Jersey Boys

In Jersey Boys, Bob Gaudio could never quite bring himself to forgive Tommy DeVito for their night in jail. DeVitos loose handling of money ran the band into a few problems.

ally, the new trio realizes that they

needed a better writer and are introduced to their final member,
Bob Gaudio (Drew Seeley), who
had already become famous with
his hit Short Shorts.
After the band established its
membership, the musical began
in earnest, breaking into song at
every opportunity. Of course,
acquiring the four musicians was
hardly the only thing to make The
Four Seasons a success; for much

of the start of Jersey Boys, the

quartet bounced from one small
performance to another, changing
their bands name nearly as often
as their venue.
The musical was written with
the intent of following the bands
eventual moniker under which
they became famous. The first part
was titled Spring, and as such, the
band started off from nothing and
made something of themselves.
Once the Four Seasons took

their name from a bowling alley

where they had tried for a performance, the plays Summer portion began, heralded by some of
the bands most famous songs including Sherry, Big Girls Dont
Cry and Walk Like a Man.
After the intermission, the
show continued with Fall, where
DeVitos gambling and borrowing
finally caught up with the band,
wreaking havoc, and generally
driving the band apart. With him,

Nick Massi (Keith Hines) commented that he was not getting

much recognition as the bands
fourth member, and was tired of
the road. Fall was, quite logically,
followed by Winter, where Castelluccio, now Frankie Valli, attempts to continue the band.
Each of the musicals songs was
performed with gusto, and the audience could tell that the performers had worked hard to emulate
the real band. Jarquin-Moreland
even managed the unique high
notes in many of Vallis songs.
While the focus was placed
entirely on the musical aspects,
Jersey Boys was not merely an
excuse to perform covers of popular 60s rock music; it featured
humor and relationship drama as
well. For instance, near the beginning of the play, Valli promises
that he will become bigger than
Sinatra, to which another quips
only if you stand on a chair.
The historical accuracy of
Jersey Boys is also to be commended, but also to be taken with
knowledge that artistic license is
a very real and rather useful tool
when creating a play of any kind,
so this play should be regarded
solely as entertainment.
In this regard, Jersey Boys
has, for the most part, succeeded.
While any play can suffer from
having dull moments, this productions lulls are each intrinsic
to the plot and are short-lived,
placed artfully between some of
the best songs of the performance.
Overall, Jersey Boys proved an
impressive production.

Pro Skater 5 leads to inevitable disappointment


Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5

One and XBox 360
GENRE: Sports
and Disruptive Games
RELEASED: Sept. 29


Those who grew up playing
wildly popular, punk-fueled Tony
Hawk games were awaiting the arrival of Tony Hawks Pro Skater
5 (THPS5) for a while. After a
string of truly awful games in the
franchise (Ride, Shred, and Motion) was released across varying
platforms, THPS5 was the chance
to revive the series and bring back
the unforgettable joy provided by
the early Tony Hawk titles.
Pro Skater 5 failed in almost
every aspect. It is broken at the
core and filled with a multitude
of glitches and bugs that mar the
game as a whole. New developers Robomodo and Disruptive
Games rushed the release as the
franchise licensing was soon to
expire, leaving the game fundamentally flawed.

The gameplay is generally the

same as previous installments in
the Pro Skater series. Maps based
on real-world cities are filled with
objectives, gaps and missions that
skaters can maneuver and explore.
Robomodo made a good move to
revert the controls back to their
roots no more standing on a
clunky piece of plastic or hopping
off your board.
The trick options remain the
same: grinds, flips, grabs, and inverts are all present. The only new
addition in this area is the slam
button, which inconveniently
takes the place of the grind button
while in mid-air. Slamming allows the skater to fall back quickly
to the ground, intended to help
the player continue combos, but
usually ruining them.
Players familiar to the series
may find themselves settling
back into the groove of stringing
together long lines of tricks and
learning their skill set. However,
upon a lengthy session of play,
the maps become blas and uninspired. Many levels are a confused
hodgepodge of fixtures, and elements from previous Pro Skater
levels without any sense of flow.
Collision detection glitches are
everywhere thanks to poorly textured surfaces and confusing edge
The general requirement to advance from map to map is to accomplish a set number of tasks.

Photo courtesy of Robomodo and Disruptive Games

In the game, the players are able to customize their character, creating a diverse online mode. Unfortunately, this mode is not in working order, with glitches galore and abundant internet issues.

Among them are the familiar high

score challenge, finding the secret
tape and collecting S-K-A-T-E.
Stat points are scattered
around each map and can be applied to a created skater, albeit
with almost no tangible difference
on the gameplay. Where older Pro
Skater games had a great sense of
progression throughout the campaign, THPS5 leaves the players
unrewarded with their rather grueling journey through the game.

Online gameplay is a complete

mess. Connectivity issues plague
this mode, and private sessions are
effectively impossible to start.
Game lobbies are limited to one
map, and inviting friends to the
party is still unacceptably buggy,
despite a hefty 7.7 GB download
before the game initially loads.
A patch is much needed to make
multi-player even half-accessible,
let alone worthwhile.
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5

provides elusive moments of joy in

its gameplay that are unfortunately shrouded in clunky gameplay
full of bugs and glitches. Those
looking for interesting levels,
character progression, or even just
a solid soundtrack will be gravely
The fact that this video game
has a $60 price tag is an insult to
Tony Hawk fans. To put it simply,
the franchises newest installment
is hard to enjoy.

technique October 16, 2015 11




with her family and friends, performing a simple card trick or

arm wrestling with her brother.
In between heavily emotional
scenes exploring Yousafzais past
and present activism, there are
clips of Yousafzai looking up photos of the sports players she has
crushes on and talking about her
personal struggles since moving
to England.
He Named Me Malala follows a non-linear storyline, which
is a bit confusing and patchy yet
helps cover many topics some
only in passing in less than 90
minutes. Coupled with the beautifully illustrated animated sequences, this technique produces
the aura of a bedtime story.
In some ways, the documentary is as much about Yousafzais
father as it is about Yousazfai herself. Ziauddin Yousafzai is the
He in He Named Me Malala,
having named his daughter after
the folk hero Malalai of Mai-

wand, who in the 19th century

rallied local fighters against the
British troops.
The origin of her name naturally evokes the question of how
much of M. Yousafzais personality was fabricated by her father.
However, M. Yousafzai is a
challenging interviewee. She is
very hesitant to answer the more
controversial questions about herself. M. Yousafzai ignores some
valid points raised during the
interview and insists, My father
only gave me the name Malalai.
He didnt make me Malalai. I
chose this life.
The biggest takeaway of the
documentary is the importance
of standing up and speaking
out. Praising the courage of M.
Yousafzai and her father, Guggenheim says, I think what is so
meaningful to me is there are not
enough people in our world, in
my world anyway, when they see
something thats unjust, most of
us, including me, tend to take the
safer route.

Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

The Yousafzais and Davis Guggenheim answered questions after

the New York screening. The documentary drew quite a crowd.

Album sings familiar tune


Beach Music
Alex G
LABEL: Domino
GENRE: Indie Rock
Love and Kicker


Alex Giannascoli (Alex G)
began his musical career by recording with a dinky USB mic
and mastering his albums on
GarageBand. Now, he is signed
to world-famous record label
Domino, working alongside indie
giants such as Arctic Monkeys,
Animal Collective and Neutral
Milk Hotel.
Giannascoli started his career
at 16, releasing countless albums
and singles on his Bandcamp
page featuring crude-but-glorious
MS Paint cover arts and oneword song titles. He only really
started to gain traction with his
2014 release DSU on the label
Orchid Tapes.
Alex Gs popularity skyrocketed in the indie community, and he
began touring with other artists
such as Teen Suicide and Frankie
Cosmos. DSU featured thirteen warped, adolescent, snappy
tracks. Then, Alex G announced
the arrival of his next full length

Photo courtesy of Domino

Alex Giannascoli released his new album Beach Music

last Friday. The Indie rock album has thirteen novel songs.

record Beach Music.

Many were expecting more of
the same from Giannascoli. All
efforts before DSU generally had
the same format of songwriting.
Beach Music provides a taste of
these familiar elements while also
masterfully introducing the extent of his musical palette, ranging from the hypnagogic vibe
in Salt to the saddest trumpet
youll ever hear in In Love.
While the instrumentation of
the album is relatively simple, the

atmosphere is undeniably complex. Dreamy guitars combined

with the sometimes baritone and
occasionally completely distorted
vocals allow each track to stand
out from the rest. Look Out
employs drum loops and synth
pads to lead Alex G as he solemnly
sings, When I say, Look out for
him, what I really mean is look
out for me, in a familiar falsetto.
A complete reversal of sound
leads to the bummed-out and
See ALBUM, page 13

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12 October 16, 2015 technique


technique October 16, 2015 13


Television season premiere overview



With the arrival of fall, the

weather turns cooler, and reasons to stay inside become easier
and easier to come by, especially
as the coursework and studying
demands inevitably increase. The
many reasons to stay inside are not
entirely academic, though. One of
the most frivolous, yet enjoyable,
reasons is the start of a new television season.
Season eight of ABCs Castle
premiered on Sept 21. The season began with the split between
Castle (Nathan Fillion) and newly
promoted Captain Beckett (Stana
Katic), causing a rift in the team
dynamics. This rift causes the other character dynamics to change
as well, and Castles daughter begins to work for him, in addition
to other changes.
The second season of Scorpion premiered on Sept 21. The
CBS show depicts the aftermath
of Walters (Elyes Gabel) dance
with death and the teams new
dynamics. In addition to the team
being reinstated with Homeland,
a new director is introduced.
The new season of Bones begins with Booth (David Boreanaz)

becoming the center of an FBI

investigation when he turns up
missing and his brothers corpse is
found burned.
The second season of the scarlet speedster started on The CW
Oct. 6. With the epic finale last
season, the first episode was limited in ways to improve, and spent
much of its runtime dealing with
psychological issues and figuring
out who was to blame. This show,
in conjunction with Arrow,
combats the Marvel Cinematic
Universe by creating a television
universe for DC Comics.

The end of the third season
showed Oliver Queen (Stephen
Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily
Bett Rickards) riding off into the
sunset. This gave The CWs fourth
season a bit of a conundrum: how
to continue a series when the two
main characters are finished. As it
turns out, the answer is letting the
plot bluntly demand they return.
The second season of ABCs
How to Get Away with Murder
reveals that Bonnie (Liza Weil)
murdered Rebecca (Katie Findlay), and the team picks up the
case of adopted siblings who are
charged with murdering their parents. In a flash forward, Professor
Keating (Viola Davis) is shown
bleeding to death in the clients

mansion with Wes (Alfred Enoch)

running from the scene.

The CWs eleventh season of
Supernatural started on Oct.
7. The brothers are back to battle
their new enemy, who has a stellar
and creative name, The Darkness.
The crew of Big Bang Theory
continue their lives in the ninth
season of this CBS show. The
show picks up where the eighth
season finale left: Penny (Kaley
Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny
Galecki) driving to Las Vegas to
elope. Only now, they have to deal
with the information Leonard
reveled in the finale.
In the fifth season, Fitz (Tony
Goldwyn) and Olivias (Kerry
Washington) relationship is exposed to the world, first by photos
leaked by Elizabeth North (Portia
de Rossi) and then by Olivias public confession. Meanwhile, Mellie
(Bellamy Young) schemes for her
future Presidential bid with Cyrus
(Jeff Perry).
The fifth season begins with
Emma (Jennifer Morrison) as the
Dark One, and the rest of the cast
searching for a way to save her by
traveling to Camelot to find Merlin. In a flash forward six months
later, the heroes are back in Story-

brooke with no memories of their

time in Camelot and Emma fully
transformed to the Dark One.

With Jennifer Love Hewitts
character having handed in her
resignation and JJ (A.J. Cook)
also pregnant, Hotchner (Thomas
Gibson) is tasked with finding
a replacement at the start of the
eleventh season. Though JJ will
return soon enough, the team
definitely feels the loss of two of
its members.
The thirteenth season of
NCIS began Sept. 22. With such
a lengthy run, it should come as
no surprise that the overarching
plot has come to an end, leaving
the episodes disjointed and stereotypical of many procedurals.
In a continuation of the movie
franchise which began in 2004,
the three new librarians will return with their Guardian, Baird
(Rebecca Romijn), for the TNT
TV seriess second season. To
entice viewers, the show is set to
premiere with two back-to-back
episodes airing on Nov. 1.
The newest season of Elementary will open with Sherlocks
(Jonny Lee Miller) father coming
to town because of Sherlocks recent relapse.

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pleading Brite Boy, where Alex

appears to have a conversation
with himself. The song reads as a
youthful lust for love that is ultimately curbed and left out to dry.
Each track on Beach Music
has a charm of its own. The lead
single Bug has Alex Gs old fans
in mind. The tracks guitar pays
homage to older albums Trick
and Race in its easy to follow
and addicting melody, while also
returning to the otherworldly
high-pitched modulation of a
voice ridden on DSU. Bug
manages to be the manifestation
of all the elements that have made
Alex Gs music successful thus far.
Kicker is another standout cut from the record. Hearty
downstrokes on Alexs guitar
help bring out some of the best
lyricism of the album: Heaven,
maybe freedom. Whats the word?
Right, I forgot. Quiet is the closest thing we got. These lines are
a solid summation of the album
as a whole. When things break,
reprieve is the best thing we can
hope for: a general aphorism that
fuels Alex both on this record and
for the majority of his career.
Alex Giannascoli manages to
pull influences from every corner of music. Dusky jazz, waltz,
dream pop and straightforward
indie rock all come together to
make something bleak and gritty
at times, but ultimately beautiful and hopeful. Beach Music
greets the unexpecting listener
with another rung of experimen75004
tation up the ladder of Alex Gs
audio capability.

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The Lipper Award is given to the group with

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14 October 16, 2015 technique




1. Darling, principally Im a comedian but Im not
very bright (6)
5. Editor in charge absorbed by manuscript for doctors (6)
9. Old mule spilled sulphuric acid (5)
10. See 25 Down
12. Scary story from German poet needing no introduction (7)
13. See 8 Down
14. Backward boy Edward pried (5)
16. Thus a popular time is needed for TV series (4-5)
18. Her voting changed in a short space of time (9)
21. Some frown at allegation of birth (5)
22. Crazy for fruit (7)
24. Reaches a turbulent river second (7)
26. Henrys first pal made off with car part (8)
27. Bird starts to collect eggs from here (5)
28. Son wastes talents (6)
29. Former models show (6)





2. Old tribe bringing diamonds to Northern Ireland
3. Where racketeering goes on in the courts? (9)
4. Wots up? A roads approaching (7)
5. Girls aimless wandering (7)
6. Tea towel perhaps is not so damp (5)
7. Con men opt out in part (9)
8. Surely you jest? famously addressed to judge in
court (3,6,2,7)
11. Settled Sheilas debt somehow (11)
15. One US writer or another by stream (9)
17. Now his rep gets busted for possession (9)
19. They talk incessantly of balloons (7)
20. MP later resolved to tread roughly (7)
23. Boy, a new rising 3 Down champion (5)
25. Evening Star is going to set out aims for 3 Down
champion (5)

technique October 16, 2015 15









16 October 16, 2015 technique


homecoming history since 2005

margins of victory



Largest Margin
of Victory
(Virginia 2014)


The Atlantic Coast Conference changed

its format in 2005, designating Tech
and Clemson as cross-division rivals
that would play a game each year. This
10-9 win was the first game in the
newly forged rivalry, and it proved to
be a good matchup between teams
that would eventually become the
ACC powerhouses they are today.
Tech entered this game 3-4, 2.5 point
favorites against 4-4 BYU. Although
the game was close early on, the Cougars ultimately amassed a huge lead
thanks to freshman halfback Jamaal
Williams, who scored three touchdowns on the ground and one in the air.
Tech was unable to score any offensive
touchdowns, losing the game 41-17.


Record Since

10 points

Largest Defecit Overcome (Miami 2006)


Homecoming Touchdowns Against Virginia


Virginia Techs
Ranking Going
Into 2009 Win


Ranking Going
Into 2011 Win
Design by Jon Long Student Publications


and we give up a big play. Its more
of the big plays that are hurting us
than us giving up something like
four yards per rush. Its not like
that at all. Were holding them to
small rush yards, then all of the
sudden were giving up a 65-yard
run. Its more about paying attention to detail and making sure
we treat every play as a new play
and not being like we got beat
deep or we stopped them here
because at the end, that play is already gone, and you cant change
it. You just have to look to the
next one and be consistent.
Technique: What has the defense been focusing on most looking ahead to Pitts offense?
Gotsis: Just fixing up mistakes
from previous games. We know
that Pitt is a good team, and they
are physical, and they are going
to try to run the ball on us so we
have to be able to stop the run and
thats going to be a big factor for
Technique: Do you consider
this upcoming game a must-win?
Gotsis: Yeah, because every
game is a must-win. You look at
every game, and you want to go
1-0 every week. Thats the mentality you have to have. You cant
think, Oh, if we win this, we will
be 3-4. Its all about going 1-0 every week from here on out.
Technique: What do you expect the team to accomplish down
the stretch?
Gotsis: Right now, were not
even thinking down the stretch,
were just looking week by week.
You hope to win week by week,
and at the end of the day, you just
live with the result.

How will you remember college?

Contact Greyson Daugherty
President, GT Sport Parachute Club

technique October 16, 2015 17



Facing a third and one from
the Seahawks 11-yard line, down
three and with just under two
minutes left on the clock, the Detroit Lions held the momentum,
and quarterback Matthew Stafford was finally having success
against a stingy Seattle secondary.
Stafford dropped back, looked to
his left and fired to receiver Calvin
As Johnson rumbled towards
the end zone, Seahawks safety
Kam Chancellor caught the perennial Pro Bowler at the oneyard line, forcing the ball out.
Linebacker K.J. Wright, wanting
to avoid the unpredictable scrum
that inevitably follows an attempted fumble recovery, tapped the
ball out the back of the end zone.
Seattle ball at the twenty-yard
line, an all-but-certain Seahawks
win on Monday Night Football
and pandemonium from the raucous CenturyLink Field crowd.
Within minutes, the storyline
had changed dramatically. Twitter pundits pointed to Rule 12,
Section 4, Article 1 of the NFLs
regulations. The rule specifically
prohibits bat[ting] or punch[ing]
a loose ball (that has touched the
ground) in any direction, if it is in
either end zone. It was clear that
Wright had done just that. Dean

Blandino, the leagues vice president of officiating, noted that in

looking at the replays, it looked
like a bat so we would go back
to the spot of the fumble, and Detroit would keep the football, according to ESPN. Blandino noted
that back judge Greg Wilson, who
had an unobstructed view of the
play, believed that Wright had inadvertently contacted the football.
After the game, however,
Wright admitted that he wanted
to just knock it out of bounds and
not try to catch it and fumble it.
The referees didnt make the right
call, and the Lions paid the price.
Im not writing this to lambast
the referees, because they face an
incredibly difficult job. They have
to memorize a byzantine rulebook, apply it in certain scenarios,
explain calls to the viewing audience and then face scrutiny from
fans, coaches, and, in the case of
Wilson, even the league. But in
making sense of the chaos that is a
football play, they need help.
That brings us to the instant replay system. The NFL has used replays to analyze questionable calls
since 1986. The leagues decision
in 2012 to automatically review
turnovers and scoring plays has no
doubt slowed the game down, but
the replay booth has significantly
reduced the potential for error; its
much easier for a referee to make
a judgment after viewing four or
five angles of the same play multiple times.
Unfortunately, not all parts
of a play are reviewable. After
the game-sealing Monday Night
Football turnover, the officials
confirmed that Johnson had indeed fumbled, but batted-ball
penalties are not reviewable, regardless of how clear the evidence
may be. In fact, no judgement
calls at all can be reviewed.
Its not as if this one play was
the only significant non-reviewable blunder referees have made
in recent years. Almost exactly
three years before that game,

Photo courtesy of Mike Morris

Kam Chancellor forced the fumble that resulted in the controversial bat out of the endzone for
Seattle. The Seahawks have benefitted from two well-known controversial calls in recent years.

they ignored an obvious offensive

pass interference at the end of a
Packers-Seahawks contest, coincidentally also on Monday Night
Football and in the same spot on
the field. Since pass interference
calls arent reviewable, the play
stood in the face of overwhelming
evidence. Numerous times in between, teams have come up short
on questionable calls only to receive quiet, hollow apologies from
the league office a few days later.
The solution to this problem

isnt expensive, it doesnt mandate

the development of some futuristic technology and frankly, it
doesnt complicate the game. All
the NFL needs to do is open all
facets of all plays to review.
Will this slow down the game
further? Absolutely. The league
should award each coach an extra
challenge, since there are so many
more elements to evaluate (and reevaluate). Official reviews would
begin to occur on questionable
pass-interference or holding calls

since these are the most commonly incorrect judgement calls.

Expanding the power of the
review system wouldnt take the
subjectivity from football. No
matter what the league does to
improve the accuracy and precision of officiating, there will always be disappointed fans and
irate talk show hosts. But it saves
teams from the kinds of outcomes
that the Lions and Packers have
faced over the past few years. And
thats worth the extra effort.


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of positions at our new restaurant, and we would love to add some Yellow Jackets to
our team!
Stop by on Tuesdays at 9AM and Thursdays at 4:30PM for open interviews!

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endless opportunities


18 October 16, 2015 technique


Prowlin with the Pittsburgh Panthers



The Technique spoke with Dan
Sostek, Sports Editor of Pittsburghs student newspaper, The
Pitt News, to preview this weeks
football game between Tech and
the Pitt Panthers.
Technique: These two teams
played a very tight game in 2013,
and besides a disastrous first quarter for Pitt, the 2014 game also
seemed evenly-matched. What
can the Panthers learn from these
previous two matchups to leave
Bobby Dodd Stadium with a win?
Pitt News: Well, from last
year, Pitt can definitely learn to
not fumble seven times. In all seriousness, the biggest thing Pitt
is going to have to do is stop the
option better than they have in
years past. Pat Narduzzi hasnt
faced the option in a bit, but he
has this Pitt defense playing as
good as Ive ever seen a Panther
D. They really just need to identify who the ballcarrier is and
keep the score low, because unlike the 2014 Pitt team, this is
not one that can necessarily win
a shootout.
Technique: How do the Panthers plan on stopping Techs option, which has looked fairly inept
over the past few weeks?
Pitt News: Again, Narduzzi
hasnt faced an option offense
in a bit; he was Michigan States
defensive coordinator from
20072014. But defensive co-

ordinator Josh Conklin at one

point coached at The Citadel
and Wofford, where those teams
ran the option, so hell be able
to provide some firsthand experience. Narduzzis a great defensive mind, so Im sure he still has
a plan. What will help is that
this is Pitts most active defense
in quite some time. They swarm
to the ball, in particular freshman safety Jordan Whitehead,

who has thrived this year in his

first taste of action.
Technique: Has the loss of
James Conner, who rushed for
120 yards against the Jackets last
season, hurt the Panthers offense?
Pitt News: I thought that the
Panthers would be okay without
Conner due to their running
back depth and strong offensive
line. But its been pretty hitand-miss and really makes you

appreciate how good Conner

is. Redshirt freshman Qadree
Ollison has been solid, with a
100- and 200-yard game on his
resume, but hes had fumble issues. Sophomore Chris James
and freshman Darrin Hall have
been banged up. None of those
guys turn nothing into something the way Conner did.
Technique: Who are some key
Pitt players on offense and defense

Photo by Austin Foote Student Publications

The last time the Jackets hosted the Panthers, the two teams played to an exciting 2110 Tech victory. The Pitt News expects this years game to reach a similar outcome.

that Georgia Tech fans should

know about going into Saturdays
Pitt News: Well, on offense,
the obvious answer is Tyler Boyd,
the superstar receiver who could
end up being the programs alltime leader in receiving yards
at the end of this season despite
only being a junior. Hes pretty
unstoppable in single coverage
and is a dynamic returner as
well. If youre looking for a less
renowned guy, Id say J.P. Holtz.
The senior tight end has been
great in his final season, and he
plays physically and blocks well.
Hes a captain and a big leader
on the team. Defensively, sophomore cornerback Avonte Maddox has come on really strong,
surpassing senior Lafayette Pitts
as the teams shutdown cornerback. I think theres a chance he
ends up being Pitts best cornerback in years.
Technique: What is Pitts biggest key to a victory on Saturday?
Pitt News: I think the biggest
key is containing the triple option. I think Jordan Whitehead
needs to play pretty much every
snap, and theyll need his athleticism to stop runners at the second level. Pitt wasnt able to stop
it last year after turning the ball
over. They cant let the Jackets
break off big play after big play
like last year.
Technique: Whats your score
prediction for this game?
Pitt News: Tech 27, Pitt 17.

technique October 16, 2015 19



Jon Long


Joe Sobchuk


In The Pitts


The Technique gets the inside scoop

about the upcoming game against the
Pittsburgh Panthers.418


October 16, 2015

Swimming and diving welcomes diversity


Tech owes much of its success
to its diverse group of students.
Not only does Tech excel in academics, Techs athletic programs
have seen great success. The Jackets may be feeling down over
recent football losses, but Tech
swimming and diving has every
reason to celebrate. The Jackets
opened the season triumphant
and hope to end the season successfully at the NCAA Swimming
and Diving Championships, the
second championship in program
history to be hosted by Tech at the
Campus Recreation Center.
Welcoming sixteen international students and an internationally renowned coach to the
program, Tech swimming and
diving is steadily expanding its
global footprint. In fact, the program has welcomed the largest
number of international students
out of all Techs athletic programs. Head Coach Courtney
Shealy Harts goal is to develop a
program that fosters global champions.
The Jackets look forward to the
success that Olympic swimmer
and incoming freshman Iris Wang
will bring to the program. Wang
competed and placed fourth in
the 4x100 freestyle relay for China in the 2012 Olympic Games in
London. Coach Hart welcomed
Neil Versfeld to the program as
assistant coach.
We are thrilled to have Neil



Senior defensive tackle Adam
Gotsis is in his third year as a
starter on the Jackets defensive
front. Voted as a team captain
earlier this season, he shared his
thoughts on the teams recent performance and what they need to
do to get back to winning.
Technique: You were voted
team captain earlier this season.
What does that mean to you personally?
Gotsis: Personally, its a pretty
cool accomplishment to be nominated by your peers. I have the opportunity to lead by example and
be put in that position of leader-

Photo by John Nakano Student Publications

Both the womens and mens swimming and diving teams posted great performances to open the 2015 season. They are predicted to be among the best in the nation.

join our staff, Coach Hart commented. His experience as an international Olympian and NCAA
Champion will be extremely valuable in helping our team reach its
goals. In addition, his international connections will continue to
help us recruit some of the finest
student athletes from all over the
Versfeld has competed around
the world. A native of South Afship. This is an awesome opportunity to really embrace that role
and be more than just a guy on the
team, and I relish the opportunity.
Technique: What are your
thoughts on the teams recent
Gotsis: Weve been struggling
a little bit. I dont think its anything that we cant fix. We have
been hurting ourselves a lot more
than how it looks on TV. Its more
about mistakes that we are making, like misalignments and assignments. Its bad, the position
that we are in, but we dug this
hole ourselves, and we have to dig
ourselves out.
Technique: What can you
learn from this losing streak?
Gotsis: Its just about correcting mistakes, watching the film
and fixing whatever mistakes are
made so that the next time you are
in that position, you dont make
the same mistake.
Technique: Is it affecting team
chemistry or morale at all?
Gotsis: I mean, there are never
smiles when youre losing. Everyone is down, but there is nothing
you can do about it now, so you
have to look forward each week
and take each day for what it is.
You cant think, What if? because you cant change anything.
Technique: After the Clemson
game, Coach Johnson said that
one reason for the teams struggles
might be that the players are trying too hard. Do you agree with
that statement?
Gotsis: Yeah, to a certain degree, I agree with that. We want

rica, he competed in the 2008

Summer Olympics in Beijing, as
well as the 2009, 2010 and 2011
World Championships.
Versfeld placed fourth at the
2010 World Championships.
With his experience as an international competitor, Versfeld expands Techs global network in
swimming and diving. Versfeld
coached for Swim Atlanta as well
as the Seals Swimming Club in

South Africa. Fostering a diverse

program has brought Coach Hart
and the Jackets the success they
were looking for. Both mens and
womens swimming and diving
are ranked in the CollegeSwimming.com Top 25 poll. The mens
team is ranked No. 7, and womens No. 21.
The swimming and diving
opener on Oct. 2 was a success.
With a score of 180.00 to 111.00

the men gained a victory over

Penn State. The women overcame
Liberty 178.00 to 120.00 but lost
to Penn State.
Senior captain Yuval Safra,
hailing from Timrat, Israel, won
the 1000-freestyle by almost 14
seconds. He has quickly become
one of Techs finest distance
swimmers. Last year, Safra posted
fifteen first place victories and
career best times in seven different events. His career best time of
1:43:49 in the 200-back during
the Yellow Jacket Championship
Qualifier earned him second place
in school history. Earlier this year,
Safra placed No. 26 worldwide in
the 5K Open Water in the FINA
World Championship.
Sophomore Moises Loschi,
who came to Tech from Venegazzu, Italy, was victorious in three
events during Fridays opener:
the 100- and 200-breast and the
400-medley relay. Loschi joined
the Jackets last spring and immediately brought in victories as
a distance swimmer in free and
breast events.
Tech has been always been a
university of great diversity, drawing students from around the
world due to excellence in science
and engineering. As a result, Tech
is growing more diverse every day,
a trait that has begun to spread
into the athletic programs. As
the swimming and diving team
continues to improve, it becomes
clear that diversity benefits not
only our academics, but the sports
teams, as well.

Photo by John Nakano Student Publications

Defensive tackle Adam Gotsis brings down an Alcorn State ball carrier in the Jackets home
opener. He feels that the team has a lot to learn from their struggles in recent games.

great effort out of guys, and when

guys play with great effort, some
of them try to do too much and
not worry about what they just
need to do. At the end of the day,
you just have to do your job and
dont try to do five peoples jobs or
everyones job. Just do your job. If
you do your job and you trust that

the guy next to you is going to do

his job, then we should be alright.
Its about playing with effort, but
its more about being smart with
your effort, not running around
trying to make every play, just being smart and playing hard.
Technique: Is the defense performing at the level you thought

they would be coming into to the

Gotsis: I feel like were doing
pretty well. You look at the games,
and its not like were getting destroyed or run over, its more like
we get to a good down and distance that were holding them to,
see GOTSIS, page 16