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World History

Analysis syllabus of the World History

1. Introduction
(A) Global perspective
(B) Integration and Differences

2. Significance of the world history

3. Events and processes
(a) The rise of Nationalism in Europe
(b) The Nationalist movement in Indo-China
(c) Nationalism in India

4. Livelihoods, Economies and societies in the world

(a) The making of the Global world
(b) The age of the Industrialization-


Industrialization- Introduction, Causes and impact on society

Industrialization in the other countries: USA, Germany,
Russia, Japan

Industrialization and the Globalization

5. Colonialism and de-colonialism- Introduction

(i) Colonialism-(a) South and South East Asia

(b) Latin America and South Africa

(ii) De-colonialism- Factor constraining development: Latin America,


6. Imperialism- Introduction, Colonization vs. Imperialism, theory of

Imperialism, Spreading of imperialism, Impact of imperialism on India and
the world

7. Capitalism- Introduction, theory of Capitalism, Impact of Capitalism on

the India and the world

8. Revolution and Counter-Revolution

(a) 19th century European revolution
(b) American Revolution- Introduction, Movement in America,
Boston tea party, causes of the war, Impact on the world, role of American
Revolution in freedom fighting in India

(c) Russian revolution- Introduction, movement in Russia, February

revolution, October revolution, Initiative by new government, Decree peace
and Land, Impact of Russian revolution in the world- social, Economical and
political impact etc.

(d) French Revolution- introduction, Movement in France,

Factors, and Impact, Events.
(d) Fascist Counter Revolution, Italy and Germany
(e) Chinese revolution
10. World war(i) First world war- Introduction, Factor that causes world war, Grouping
of the Countries, Spreading to the other countries, Blocked of the policy, End
of the war, Impact of the First World War in India and the world

(ii) Period between world war first and second- General

feature of the period, The peace treaties- dictated peace, Creation of the
league of the nation, The treaty of Versailles, Economic despite Economic
growth, The crash of 1929, The new deal, war commission, Dictatorship,
Nazism in Germany, foreign policy of the countries in the world.

(iii) World war Second- The beginning of the war, Factor that causes
war, German invasion on Soviet union, Conferences- Tehran meeting,
Dumbarton meeting, Oaks conference, Yalta conference, United nation
charter, The Potsdam conference, Resistance Movement, Impact of the
Second world war in India and the world

11. The world since 1945

The cold war, Vietnam War, The Arab world, Freedom Movement in South
Africa, Non- alignment movement