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Rohan Khopkar

6515 Wydown Blvd.

St.Louis, MO 63105
Phone: (630) 200-1736
E-mail: Khopkar.rohan@wustl.edu
Github: https://github.com/ubitquitin
Currently a sophomore pursuing a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and
Bioinformatics at Washington University in St.Louis. Would like to pursue a career in Bioengineering /
Biosciences / BioInformatics. Expected to graduate in May 2018. Actively seeking summer internship
opportunities for Summer 2016.

GPA at the end of Freshmen year - 3.6/4.0

Student researcher at the Washington University medical school from Fall 2014 through Summer 2015.
Worked in the Diwan lab in the Cardiovascular Research Department, studying lysosomal dysfunction
and its role in cardiac pathophysiology.

As a Ustar summer scholar, worked in the Diwan lab throughout the summer of 2015. Specific work
revolved around bypassing autophagic machinery with simple macromolecules as a method of
cytoprotection through signaling. Presenting the output of summer research in Fall 2015.

Currently working in the Stephen George lab, exploring metabolic dysfunction in cancer associated
fibroblast(CAF) formation using NIMS mass spectrometry for metabolic screening in engineered
micro-physiological systems that simulate 3D tumor environments.

Member of the Research in Biological Sciences (RIBS) program at UChicago during the summer of
2013. Worked in a group study, assessing the relative efficiency of carbohydrate or fat metabolism in

Researched at Malamy lab at UChicago during the summer of 2014 under Dr.Malamy, studying
methods of transfection in a novel model organism: Clytia Hemisphaerica. Specific projects involved
designing cDNA libraries, microinjecting eggs with fluorescent-tagged plasmids and injury-recovery
assays with fluorescent microscopy.

Developed a group streaming app Cranberry on Android as a participant at MHacks hackathon 2015

Developed game integrating GPS based speed calculation and pedometer functions at WUHacks and
a virtual reality viewer at the WashU STS Hackathon.

Application and Mobile Developer using Java, C#, Python and certified in R.

Active member of the Synapse club - involved in various neurobiological volunteering opportunities.
Also a member of the ALS program involved in providing assistance to familiies of ALS patients. Active
member of campus kitchen where leftover food from the university is used to make nutritional meals for
local elementary schoolers

Volunteered at the Dupage Childrens Museum from 2012-2014, cleaning and supervising modules
designed to promote learning and innovation around the math and sciences.