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Meeting Agenda

Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC)

Friday, October 16, 1:30-2:30pm
Room 2284 Tang Center (2nd floor between clinics 3 and 4)

1. Welcome and introductions (Claudia, All, 10 min)

2. The roles of SHIAC. UHS and campus (Bahar, 25 min)
3. SHIAC group agreements (Bene, All, 10 min)
4. Year in review (Claudia, 10 min)
5. Preview of next meeting (Bahar, 5 min)

October 2015

Role of Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC)

As voted in by students and passed by the UC Regents, the University requires that all eligible students
have major medical insurance, and provides the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to meet
this requirement. SHIP includes medical, dental and vision coverage.
The Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC):
Discusses the health of the Berkeley SHIP.
Discusses and provides input to campus on the cost of the premium and plan design changes.
Discusses regulatory and other external issues that may impact the Berkeley SHIP.
Serves as an advisory body to campus administration.
Advises on SHIP communications.
Membership on SHIAC is from the following organizations: ASUC (2 members), Committee on Student
Fees (2 members), Graduate Assembly (3 members) and the Student Health Advisory Committee (2
members). Ex Officio (non-voting members) include the Berkeley's student representatives to the UC
Student Health Insurance Forum and staff from University Health Services.

Attend all SHIAC meetings.

Educate your constituents and gather input from them in a timely manner.

Member Expectations

Abide by SHIAC's community agreements (to be developed at the first meeting).

SHIAC members are expected to actively participate in discussion. In order to support this
members are expected to conduct themselves respectively and in a manner that allows for
others to participate as well.

Recognize that some information shared with you is proprietary (owned by the health insurance
companies or the insurance broker) and this information is not to be disclosed to others outside
of SHIAC. UHS will clearly let you know when this is the case and will help you understand the
take-away messages from the information that can be shared with your constituents.

2015-16 Meetings
SHIAC meets weekly on Fridays from 1:30-2:30 except during winter break and when there is no new
information to discuss. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, agendas will be distributed prior to
the meetings and posted on the SHIAC website.

Campus Stakeholders:
* Chief Financial Ocer
* Division of Student Aairs
* DEan of Students
* Graduate Division
* Financial Aid Oce
* CE3 (The Centers for
Educational Equity and Excellence)

* Bahar Navab
* Claudia Covello

* Graduate Dean
* Vice Chancellor
of Student Aairs

Rosemary Rae
(Chief Financial Ocer)

UHS will follow up with actual dates in addition to this provided diagram.