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Good news Bruce Jenner, Cardinal Burke would

accept you as a nun!

Bruce Jenner a man with mental illness who wants to be a woman.

The following is a reprint from Call Me Jorge Blog I posted

it to prove a point to a dear friend that chose to abandon
me but more importantly her true Catholic Faith because
she has been brainwashed by novus ordo acolyte priests
and laity she hangs around with and allows to shape her
beliefs and ideology. My last conversation with her was

dreadful as well as highly insulting, she called me

prideful as well as a schismatic but put me aside
more importantly she accused saints and popes of being
prideful and sinful when I pointed out example after
example to her such as Saints, Robert Bellarmine,
Augustine, Aquinas etc. This is the extent of her novus
ordo brainwashing.
Constantly she repeats psychobabble, nonsense like
Cardinal Burke is gathering his army. Army of what?
Transsexuals? Then she will say God is in control like
this is a stunning revelation. When was God not in
control? God is an omnipotent supernatural being that
always was is now and forever will be; so she states the
obvious! What does she mean by that? That because God
is in control that somehow alleviates us of any moral
authority to follow true Catholic doctrine and dogma? You
can tell this is being spoon fed to her by novus ordo
acolytes. She accuses me of being prideful when I point
out doctrine and dogma. What degree or formal Catholic
education and understanding does she have? She will post
encyclicals she read, my guess is she reads them but has
no understanding of what she reads.
She is one that lives a denial daily she does not want to
know what apostate Bergoglio is doing, nor any other
apostate, other than to say God is in control she has no
clue that apathy is a sin, those that do nothing will suffer
the same fate as those that did wrong. What will she say
to God to justify herselfWell God you are in control so I
did not need to do anything? I just followed those that
committed heresy, blasphemy and that You would sort it
all out in the end?
Well here is the truth below about Cardinal Burke, the man
she says is gathering his army yes a fantasy imaginary
army. I cannot associate with her any longer. I pray she
will come to her senses. How often is it that those that

falsely accuse others of pride, it is they themselves that

suffer most from pride

Read Below For Your Edification

We can hear the Cardinal's defenders say, "Burke would never do
such a thing!"
These same defenders were extolling the virtues of Burke and
thanking God that the conservatives had a champion like him
earlier this year in January when Francis had Neria, a woman who
styles herself a man named Diego, and her fianc over to Casa
Santa Marta as his private guests. Recall what Francis told
Neria (who God created as a female),
God loves all his children, however they are; you are a
son of God, who accepts you exactly as you are. Of course
you are a son of the Church!
Conservatives were outraged!
"Why, if only someone else was in Rome, someone like Cardinal
One quick question, has anyone heard Burke speak out about
Francis meeting with Neria and uttering his words of false 'mercy'
to her?
We didn't think so.

Then Bishop Burke playing the modernist game of hide the


"Thanks goodness!" they said when Burke spoke up about

the Synod on the Family.
Michael Voris of churchmilitant.tv thinks so highly of him that he
wants Burke to one day become Pope Leo XIV.
These same conservatives which took Burke's words out of
context, overlook Burke's clarification of them,
Im not resisting Pope Francis, because hes done
nothing against doctrine.

Which brings us to Bruce Jenner and Raymond Leo Burke.

Would Burke accept Bruce Jenner as a nun if he were Catholic?
Does anyone remember the Franciscan Servants of Jesus?
The Franciscan religious congregation for women was founded in
1993 (under Bishop Weakland), elevated in 1997 and approved of
by the then Bishop Burke before being suppressed by him in late
2003. Turns out one of the two sisters who co-founded the order

was in reality created by God as a man!

Interestingly, there was very little mention of this matter in the
press. From the Riverfront Times's article, Bishop Takes a
"Julie Green is living a lie!" writes Mary Therese Helmueller in an
October 25, 2002, letter to Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo, Papal
Nuncio to the United States. "[She] is a transsexual, a biological
male. He is really Joel Green, who had a sex operation to make
him physically appear as a woman.... I fear that The Church in
America will suffer another 'sex scandal' if Julie Green continues
to be recognized as a Catholic Religious Sister, and if Bishop
Raymond L. Burke receives his final vows, as a religious sister, on
November 23rd, 2002."
Montalvo forwarded the letter to Burke, who on November 20,
2002, replied to Helmueller. "With regard to Sister Julie Green,
F.S.J., the recognition of the association of the faithful which she
and Sister Anne LeBlanc founded was granted only after
consultation with the Holy See," he writes. "These are matters
which are confidential and do not admit of any further
comment.... I can assure you that Sister Julie Green in no way
espouses a sex change operation as right or good. In fact, she
holds it to be seriously disordered. Therefore, I caution you very
much about the rash judgments which you made in your letter to
the Apostolic Nuncio."
Adds Burke: "I express my surprise that, when you had questions
about Sister Julie Green, you did not, in accord with the teaching
of our Lord, address the matter to me directly."
Green and the Franciscan Servants weren't the only controversial
religious order with which Burke allied himself. In the late 1990s,
the bishop combined the parishes of St. Mary and St. James in
Wausau, Wisconsin. The two parishes formed the Resurrection
Parish at what was formerly St. James' Parish.
St. Mary's was sold. Burke then asked the conservative Latin-rite
religious order, Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, to

perform the Tridentine Mass at what was formerly St. Mary's. In

February 2002, the order's superior, Monsignor Timothy Svea,
pleaded guilty to exposing himself to and molesting teenage
What makes this tragic is Burke needed clarification from the
Vatican on the matter! This from a 'traditionalist' who at the
time had or was a:
Licentiate in Canon Law (JCL), Pontifical Gregorian University,
Rome, Italy, 1982
Doctorate in Canon Law (JCL), Pontifical Gregorian University,
Rome, Italy, 1984.
Member of the Canonical Affairs Committee of the National
Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1997-1999.
Visiting Professor of Canonical Jurisprudence, Pontifical
Gregorian University, Rome, Italy, 1985-1994.
Member of the Canon Law Society of; America, Canada,
Great Britain and Ireland, and Australia and New Zealand,
Honored with the Role of Law Award of the Canon Law
Society of America, October 4, 2000.
One would think with just the basic education a child receives
from learning a Catholic catechism, one would know that a man
cannot be allowed to be a nun much less found a new religious
order and become its mother superior. Thank goodness, Mary
Therese Helmueller knew what a sin against God is and took
And in the Roman Catholic Faithful's Ad Majorem Dei
Gloriam, Spring 2003, page 24, we read,


In January, 2003, a concerned parishioner from St. Paul,
Minnesota notified us that a transsexual (man to woman) had
been a religious Catholic sister for 18 years, ten years in the
Milwaukee Diocese under Bishop Weakland in a womens
Franciscan order. Then in 1993 this transsexual nun went to the
LaCrosse Diocese under the Bishop and received permission to
found his/her own religious Catholic Womens Order called
Franciscan Servants of Jesus. On October 4, 1997 Bishop
Raymond L. Burke elevated the order and was going to hear the
final vows of Sr. Julie Green (Joel Green) on November 23, 2003.
The concerned parishioner sent copies of all papers that had been
collected on Sister Julie to various authorities in Rome, but
received no reply. Finally, the parishioner went to Rome and only
when publicity was given to the case, was any action taken by the
Church. Bishop Burke commented in a letter dated January 27,
2003 that unfortunately the situation had been publicized, denied
that Sister Julie became a nun or was the mother superior of the
religious order, and that ...such a person has been unable to emit
valid vows except to the sex of his or her birth.
At the time when all this went down, what was the Vatican's
position on persons who had had their 'sex changed'? In the
article below from Catholic World News, we have sex change
operations ruled invalid by the Vatican in 2000. So pre-October
1997 when then Bishop Burke consulted with the Vatican about
founding the Franciscan Servants of Jesus did it slip his mind
to ask whether or not to find out if it was OK for a man posing as a
woman to be one of the founders of the Order? Did he think it
perfectly alright? Or was he in the dark about 'Sister Julie' Green?

If the then Bishop Burke was in the dark about Joel Green posing
as a female nun in his diocese, the best case scenario is that
Burke is an inept leader. If he wasn't then...
This isn't the only scandal to be associated with Burke. There

were his denials of sex abuse under his watch, the messy
matter with the bizarre (and non-Catholic) St. Stanislaus
Kostka Church, and his appointing the sex-abusing priests
of Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest to his
diocese. Not to mention his practicing religious rituals of the
Talmud. We at Call Me Jorge... believe Burke to be a false
'traditionalist' and the above demonstrates it. He is a
We predict there will be no schism in the Novus Ordo caused by
Cardinal Burke as he will go along with everything Francis does
even if he might grumble about it. Recall what Burke wrote in
February 2014 in LOsservatore Romano, his position is still
the same today. In fact we believe he will help Francis merge the
Latin Mass & the Novus Ordo.
Cardinal Burke's 'traditionalist' dream
In this interview, Card. Burke also envisages the merge into one
single rite of the Novus Ordo such as approved by Paul VI and the
Tridentine Mass, as allowed by Benedict XVI in the Summorum
Pontificum. He said: It seems to me that what he [the Pope] has
in mind is that this mutual enrichment would seen to naturally
produce a new form of the Roman rite - the reform of the reform,
if we may - all of which I would welcome and look forward to its
advent. (2) Here we have another confirmation by a Vatican
official that we are heading to a hybrid Mass. Indeed, we
heard Card. Kurt Koch saying something similar last year.

Francis and Burke, two modernist peas in a pod.

And if Bruce Jenner were to become a Catholic with the

desire to become a nun, well based on past history
Cardinal Burke would have no problem helping him to
achieve this dream.