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EMV2000). access control. and secure trans- TV. mobile commerce or TV access control. Learning from experience gained based on its Flash and ROM leading edge technologies. Hence they 300 250 are perfect for e-commerce. to offer a significant advantage to shorten time-to-market. PCs and all internet appli- actions. PDAs. Atmel has developed highly integrated 16 KB ROM/OTP 512 bytes RAM Card reader optimized MCUs T83C5121 with smart cad reader interface T89SC256C with large Flash and cryptoprocessor and flexible microcontrollers for smart card systems.M A R K E T E N V I R O N M E N T With the fast development of e-com- Mobile phones. technology. Atmel and its partners have developed readyto-use solutions based on its secure microcontrollers. in the near future. POS terminals. EMV compliant Ready-to-use solutions Already certified by major industry standards (PC/SC. Smart card based applications allow unrivalled security in electronic transactions. set top boxes. the most readers is a must in many electronic appli- active domains using smart card reader cations. Internet shop200 ping. 24 pins . the integration of smart card ances will be. WHQL. This long-term strategy will result in further developments to serve emerging market needs. web merce. 150 100 50 0 2000 PC USB C O M PA N Y 2001 PC serial 2002 Mobile/PDAs 2003 Set Top Box POS E X P E R I E N C E For many years. Atmel Wireless and General purpose MCUs Microcontrollers has been working in close T8xC5101 partnership with the major smart card reader T8xC251G2D 32 KB ROM/OTP 1 KB RAM 44 pins T89C51RB2 16 KB Flash 512 bytes RAM 44 pins T89C51RC2 32 KB Flash 512 bytes RAM 44 pins T89C51RD2 64 KB Flash 1280 bytes RAM 44 pins manufacturers and POS terminal market leaders.

● Smart card keyboard & mouse . Atmel and its partners provide T83C5121-based ready-to- Integrated ISO7816 interf use solutions. pay TV. e-business. l PLCC52 / VQ securely log-in and make e-business transactions. This allows users to l SSOP24 < 1. the T83C5121 device provides the best flexibility for 256- l Secu l SPI Single chip USB solutions are in development for cost-effective systems. EMV2000 compliant TV and game console will include smart card readers to support internet. Emb for fa devices.8 V cards l Card power supervisor Smart card readers directly linked to a PC provides logical Packaging and physical security.G a m e c o n s o l e Integrated DC/DC l High efficiency: 80 to 98% l Drives 5 V.S E R V I N G Y O U R A P P L I C AT I O N S In the near future. ● PC link smart card reader Computerbased secure systems and banking applications require smart card keyboards Featur l and mouse.T V . all set top boxes. l Clocked up to 8 MHz l Easy and fast data transfe ● S e t To p b o x . conditionnal access and personal settings. and In association with Flash Insystem Programming USB l high-end devices. 3 V. 1.

the T83C5121 is ideal for pin pad T89SC256C applications. DC/DC converter and ISO7816 smart card interface. Dual slot capability er l Manage one user smart card plus one SIM/SAM card ip One-ch n s o lu t io Optimized consumption l Power down: 20 µA l Power on reset l Power fail detect Secured smart card terminal ● The association of the T89SC256C and the T83C5121 offers the highest security and flexibility level for the . Thanks to its extended I/Os. key benefits The T89SC256C offers the highest res -Kbyte on-chip Flash memory for easy flexible development bedded fast Arithmetic Crypto Processor ast and secure computation urity features interface level of security using a fast cryptographic co-processor and a large embedded Flash memory (256 Kbytes). . T83C5121 The key benefits T83C5121 has been optimised for all these nomad ace applications. customers are offered the possibility to have their own payment integrated in terminal their mobile phone or PDA.8 mm thickness management of the most demanding smart card QFP44 extended I/Os versions schemes.● Dual slot mobile phone & PDA Currently.

U P P O R T General features T83C5121 Microcontroller Core l 80C52X2. micromodule. Secure Memory Management Unit Physical security sensors l Interfaces l ISO7816-3 compliant serial interface. SPI (master/slave) Power management l Low power consumption and wide range of power supply (3 to 5 volts) Packages l Standard plastic package (SO24).5 V Power down consumption: 20 µA l Power on reset and Power fail detector l Power down exit by character reception on UART.8 V to 5. die. PLCC52* (* under study) T89SC256C Microcontroller General features R O D U C T S Specific features P Core l Enhanced C251 8/16 bits CPU driven by high frequency internal clock (up to 24 MHz) l Software compatibility with 80C51 microcontrollers Program and data memory l 256 k bytes on-chip Flash memory RAM memory l 4. or external interrupt l l Packages l SSOP24. VQFP44*. Signum T83C5121 Starter kit . 3 V (60 mA) and 1. wafer Development tools Compiler: Keil. and RAM Data: 512-byte RAM l I/Os l 14 I/Os including smart card interface UART l Up to 230 Kbps at 3.5 Kbyte RAM Cryptoprocessor l Arithmetic crypto processor (1024 bits RSA computation with CRT: 90 ms) Security features l True random number generator.68 MHz Automatic level settings for connection to any host processor l Smart card interface ISO7816-3/EMV2000/GSM compliant Dual slot capability for one user card and one SIM/SAM card l Interrupt and SFR based for easy and fast data transfer l Card clock up to 8 MHz l l DC/DC converter Specific features & S Step-up converter with very high efficency from 80 to 98% Supports 5 V (60 mA). 8 bit CPU (up to 16 MHz) Memory l Code: 16 Kbyte ROM or Flash RAM.8 V (20 mA) l Output ripple < 200 mV l l Card power supervisor l l Power supply / management Automatic power-up and shut down sequences Overcurrent detection Supply voltage from 2. Raisonance Emulators: Hitex. card insertion removal.

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