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GUIDANCE SOFTWARE | EnCase Forensic Imager

EnCase Forensic Imager

Quickly Acquire Evidence in a Forensically Sound Manner with EnCase Forensic Imager

When time is short and you need to acquire entire volumes or selected individual folders or files,
EnCase Forensic Imager is your tool of choice. Based on trusted, industry-standard EnCase
Forensic acquisition technology, EnCase Forensic Imager:

Enables acquisition of local drives

Is free to download and use
Is a standalone product that does not require an EnCase Forensic license
Enables browsing and viewing of potential evidence files, including folder structures and
file metadata
Uses strong AES 256-bit encryption to protect Lx01 and Ex01 files
Can be deployed via USB stick and used to perform acquisition of a live device

EnCase Forensic Imager may be used to acquire entire volumes (Ex01/E01) or selected
individual folders or files (Lx01/L01). In addition, EnCase Forensic Imager uses the same
trusted acquisition engine available in EnCase Forensic itself and has the same familiar interface
as EnCase Forensic Version 7. In addition, encryption allows the evidence to be packaged and
shipped without concern that spoilage may occur.
EnCase Forensic imager can acquire local drives and is perfect for triaging a computer or hard
drive to view folder structures and metadata. Finally, Imager can be deployed on a USB stick to
perform an acquisition of a live device.

Technical Notes

No install is required; files associated with the program are loaded into the
User Data directory
EnCase Forensic Imager runs on Microsoft Windows Machines
Users can acquire local drives, but not user-mapped network drives. Acquisition of usermapped network drives is recommended from the source server itself

About Guidance Software (NASDAQ: GUID)

Guidance Software is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in digital investigative solutions. Its EnCase
Enterprise platform is used by numerous government agencies, more than 65 percent of the Fortune 100,
and more than 40 percent of the Fortune 500, to conduct digital investigations of servers, laptops, desktops,
and mobile devices. Built on the EnCase Enterprise platform are market-leading electronic discovery and
cyber security solutions, EnCase eDiscovery and EnCase Cybersecurity, which enable organizations to
respond to litigation discovery requests, proactively perform data discovery for compliance purposes, and
conduct speedy and thorough security incident response. For more information about Guidance Software,
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