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MS Biotechnology
I have been dedicated towards my studies right from childhood. During my school
days onwards I developed a special flair towards biology and it is that interest that has
persuaded me to take Biology as one of the majors in my 12th grade and Biotechnology as
the major in my under graduation.
During my under graduation at Edited College of Technology I had been exposed to
many subjects such as Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Biopharmaceuticals.
I have deep interest towards molecular biology. The basic unit of life is the cell and the
events associated with it is the molecular biology which when disturbed due to any
reason causes problem in the form of disease, so whether a person lives normally or
suffers from a disease it’s all depends upon the molecular biological state of his
constituent cells.
In my second year of my under graduation I fermented wine from grape juice and made
a fermenter model depicting a simple bioprocess which I exhibited in a science exhibition
conducted by ISTE (Indian Society of Technical Education) received appreciation from
everyone. I worked on the title “Isolation and Characterization of Invertase from
Aspergillus flavus” these experiences helped me to tune my practical skills and
knowledge. I had presented seminars on Ribozymes, Cholinesterase and Cystic fibrosis
which have helped me to improve my academic skills.
I had undergone training at various research centers during my summer vacation on
topics such as “Electrophoresis at Yercaud Biotech”, “Effluent Treatment at TNPL
(Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Limited)”, “Plant Tissue Culture at TNAU (TamilNadu
Agricultural University, Asia’s leading agricultural college)” and a day interaction with
the scientist at IARI( Indian Agricultural Research Institute) on “Wheat Improvement
Programme”. Apart from this as a part of our college curriculum we have visited leading
biotech companies in India such as Biocon, Shantha Biotechnics, Sakthi sugars and
Genei. These experiences have helped me in opening my mind about the research and
development taking place in the field of biotechnology.
I would like to pursue my higher studies in the field of molecular biology. This would
help me to develop into a very good professional and prepare me to take up research in
my future. Education in America would aid in my intellectual growth and academic
I have gained an insatiable fervor to learn towards academic excellence and carry
out research in the field of molecular biology through my four years of baccalaureate
education. I strongly feel that an MS will help me achieving my goal. United States will
offer me a very conducive atmosphere for research and development. I am eagerly
awaiting for an admission from your esteemed university for my future endeavor in this
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