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3376 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

14 / Monday, January 24, 2005 / Notices

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND Need and Use of Information screening and control groups and make
HUMAN SERVICES Collection: This trial is designed to appropriate adjustments in analysis.
determine if screening for prostate, lung, Further, demographic and risk factor
National Institutes of Health colorectal and ovarian cancer can information may be used to analyze the
reduce mortality from these cancers differential effectiveness of screening in
Proposed Collection; Comment high versus low risk individuals.
which currently cause an estimated
Request; Prostate, Lung, Colorectal Frequency of Response: On occasion.
263,000 deaths annually in the U.S. The
and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial
design is a two-armed randomized trial Affected Public: Individuals or
SUMMARY: In compliance with the of men and women aged 55 to 74 at households.
requirement of section 3506(c)(2)(A) of entry. The total sample size t is 154,938. Type of Respondents: Adult men and
the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, The primary endpoint of the trial is women.
for opportunity for public comment on cancer-specific mortality for each of the The annual reporting burden is as
proposed data collection projects, the four cancer sites (prostate, lung, follows:
National Cancer Institute (NCI), the colorectum, and ovary). In addition, Estimated Number of Respondents:
National Institutes of Health (NIH) will cancer incidence, stage shift, and case 145,852;
publish periodic summaries of proposed survival are to be monitored to help Estimated Number of Responses Per
projects to be submitted to the Office of understand and explain results. Biologic Respondent: 1.14;
Management and Budget (OMB) for prognostic characteristics of the cancers Average Burden Hours Per Response:
review and approval.
will be measured and correlated with 0.14; and
Proposed Collection mortality to determine the mortality Estimated Total Annual Burden
Title: Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and predictive value of these intermediate Hours Requested: 23,278.
Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial. endpoints. Basic demographic data, risk The annualized cost to respondents is
Type of Information Collection factor data for the four cancer sites and estimated at: $232,780. There are no
Request: EXTENSION, OMB control screening history data, as collected from Capital Costs to report. There are no
number 0925–0407, expiration date July all subjects at baseline, will be used to Operating or Maintenance Costs to
31, 2005. assure comparability between the report.

Estimated Estimated total

Estimated Average
number of annual burden
Type of respondents annual number burden hours
responses per hours
of respondents per response
respondent requested

Adults ............................................................................................................... 145,852 1.14 0.14 23,278

Request for Comments: Written including your address to: Workplace Helpline Call Record Form
comments and/or suggestions from the Bergc@mail.nih.gov. (OMB NO. 0930–0232)—Revision
public and affected agencies are invited Comments Due Date: Comments Workplace Helpline is a toll-free,
on one or more of the following points: regarding this information collection are telephone consulting service which
(1) Whether the proposed collection of best assured of having their full effect if provides information, guidance and
information is necessary for the proper received within 60 days of the date of assistance to employers, community-
performance of the function of the this publication. based prevention organizations and
agency, including whether the Dated: January 10, 2005. labor offices on how to deal with
information will have practical utility; Rachelle Ragland-Greene, alcohol and drug abuse problems in the
(2) the accuracy of the agency’s estimate NCI Project Clearance Liaison, National workplace. The Helpline was required
of the burden of the proposed collection Institutes of Health. by Presidential Executive Order 12564
of information, including the validity of [FR Doc. 05–1176 Filed 1–21–05; 8:45 am] and has been operating since 1987. It is
the methodology and assumptions used; BILLING CODE 4140–01–P located in the Substance Abuse and
(3) ways to enhance the quality, utility, Mental Health Services
and clarity of the information to be Administration’s Center for Substance
collected; and (4) ways to minimize the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND Abuse Prevention (CSAP), where it is
burden of the collection of information HUMAN SERVICES managed out of the Division of
on those who are to respond, including Workplace Programs.
the use of appropriate automated, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Callers access the Helpline service
electronic, mechanical, or other Services Administration through one of its Workplace Prevention
technological collection techniques or Specialists (WPS) who may spend from
other forms of information technology. Agency Information Collection
several to up to 30 minutes with a
Activities: Submission for OMB
caller, providing guidance on how to
request more information on the Review; Comment Request
develop a comprehensive workplace
proposed project or to obtain a copy of Periodically, the Substance Abuse and prevention program (written policy,
the data collection plans and Mental Health Services Administration employee assistance program services,
instruments, contact Dr. Christine D. (SAMHSA) will publish a list of employee education, supervisor
Berg, Chief, Early Detection Research information collection requests under training, and drug testing) or
Group, National Cancer Institute, NIH, OMB review, in compliance with the components thereof.
EPN Building, Room 3070, 6130 Paperwork Reduction Act (44 U.S.C. When a call is received, the WPS uses
Executive Boulevard, Bethesda, MD Chapter 35). To request a copy of these a Call Record Form to record
20892, or call non-toll-free number 301– documents, call the SAMHSA Reports information about the call, including the
496–8544 or e-mail your request, Clearance Officer on (240) 276–1243. name of the company or organization,

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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 14 / Monday, January 24, 2005 / Notices 3377

the address, phone number, and the substance abuse in the workplace, each requested; number of employees and
number of employees. Each caller is caller is asked for his/her position in the whether the business has multiple
advised that their responses are company/organization and the basis for locations; and the industry represented
completely voluntary, and that full and the call. In the course of the call, the by the caller (e.g., mining, construction,
complete consultation will be provided WPS will try to identify the following etc.). Finally, a note is made on the Call
by the WPS whether or not the caller information: basis or reason for the call Record Form about what specific type(s)
agrees to answer any question. To (i.e., crisis, compliance with State or of technical assistance was given.
determine if the caller is representing an Federal requirements, or just wants to
employer or other organization that is implement a prevention program or Below is the annual burden for the
seeking assistance in dealing with initiative); nature of assistance Helpline Call Record Form.

Number of Responses/ Burden/re- Total burden

Form respondents respondent sponse (hrs.) (hrs.)

Call Record Form ............................................................................................ 3,120 1 .250 780

Written comments and documents, call the SAMHSA Reports data and reports on Medicaid mental
recommendations concerning the Clearance Officer on (240) 276–1243. health service use/and or expenditures.
proposed information collection should This information collection supports
Survey of Medicaid Directors
be sent by February 23, 2005 to: the New Freedom Initiative, one of
Regarding Medicaid Mental Health
SAMHSA Desk Officer, Human SAMHSA’s current priorities. As part of
Services and Policy—New
Resources and Housing Branch, Office this effort, the President launched the
of Management and Budget, New The Substance Abuse and Mental New Freedom Commission on Mental
Executive Office Building, Room 10235, Health Services Administration Health to address the problems in the
Washington, DC 20503; due to potential (SAMHSA) will conduct a survey of current mental health system. The
delays in OMB’s receipt and processing State Medicaid directors to learn about Commission noted that fragmentation of
of mail sent through the U.S. Postal the relationships between State mental responsibility for mental health services
Service, respondents are encouraged to health authorities and State Medicaid is a serious problem at the State level.
submit comments by fax to: (202) 395– agencies in each State and the District Two of the Commission’s 19
6974. of Columbia. In addition, SAMHSA will recommendations for the improvement
ask about the administration of of the mental health system were aimed
Dated: January 13, 2005. Medicaid mental health services, the at this problem. One was directed to
Anna Marsh, development of Medicaid mental health States (create a comprehensive State
Executive Officer, SAMHSA. policy, mental health services statistics mental health plan) and the other to the
[FR Doc. 05–1216 Filed 1–21–05; 8:45 am] generated by Medicaid programs, and Federal government (align relevant
the characteristics of mental health- Federal programs to improve access and
related data maintained by Medicaid accountability for mental health
agencies and used by mental health and services). This survey is aimed at
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND other state agencies. providing information that can help in
HUMAN SERVICES The survey will contact State carrying out these recommendations by
Medicaid directors in all fifty States further illuminating the relationships
Substance Abuse and Mental Health (and the District of Columbia) and will between State Medicaid and mental
Services Administration gather information on the following five health agencies in the development and
survey domains: Organization structure; implementation of mental health policy.
Agency Information Collection Medicaid mental health services policy Telephone interviews will be
Activities: Submission for OMB infrastructure; Medicaid mental health conducted with State Medicaid
Review; Comment Request services, rates, and funding; Medicaid directors. Each interview will last one
mental health providers; and, Data. hour. Because of the open-ended nature
Periodically, the Substance Abuse and The survey will identify and describe, of many of the survey questions and the
Mental Health Services Administration at the State level, how Medicaid mental general reluctance of State Medicaid
(SAMHSA) will publish a summary of health policy is developed; whether directors to complete detailed paper or
information collection requests under Medicaid mental health services and electronic surveys, we propose to
OMB review, in compliance with the providers are treated differently from conduct all the interviews by telephone,
Paperwork Reduction Act (44 U.S.C. other Medicaid services and providers, unless interviewees prefer to respond to
Chapter 35). To request a copy of these and if so, how; and the availability of a paper or electronic version.


Responses Hours per Total hour
Number of respondents per response burden

51 ............................................................................................................................................................. 1 1 51

Written comments and be sent by February 23, 2005, to: of Management and Budget, New
recommendations concerning the SAMHSA Desk Officer, Human Executive Office Building, Room 10235,
proposed information collection should Resources and Housing Branch, Office Washington, DC 20503; due to potential

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