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Reading Journal entry #1: Deborah Tannens Wears Jump Suit. Sensible Shoes. Uses Husband's
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Deborah Tannen observes that the four women in the conference have distinct
characteristics. Their hairstyles, their shoes and makeup are all different. However, the style in
each one of them is consistent.
The eight men in the conference, on the other hand, are unmarked. Deborah notes that the
hairstyles for men are standard and attract no attention. She reminds the reader how the hair of
the second women obstructed her view and called for attention. All the eight men wore blue or
black slacks. Their shoes had uniformity. They were dark, closed, comfortable and flat. The men
also had no makeup.
Deborah concludes that no woman is unmarked, and nothing can be said to be standard in
women. Women have to make hard choices such as between comfort and attractiveness.
However, Deborah diverges and brings in Ralph Fasolds genetic makeup explanation
that the women are unmarked whereas men are marked. Men have two different chromosomes
whereas women have only one type of chromosome. The male body also has a resemblance to
the female whereas the female body is fully female.

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The article elicits conflicting opinions in a person. At one time, Deborah convinces an
individual that women are indeed marked. However, the genetic explanation is equally
convincing that the female gender is unmarked. The reader is triggered to do their research to
determine who are marked. She also makes the subject a critical one by introducing different
views. Therefore, that was her message. She also indicates that it is impossible to talk about men
or women without being labelled as gender biased.
The subject of the marked gender as defined and interpreted differently in different fields.
Deborah analyses the three women individually and shows the disparity in them. She also
examines the eight men and finds nothing peculiar about any of them. When she makes the
conclusion, it is evident considering that the large number of men could show noticeable
differences compared to the small number of women. However, she found none making her
claim plausible.
On the other hand, the biological explanation makes a room for those who doubt that the
men are marked. Men are asked to check their chests to believe that they resemble the women.
Other examples of some creatures are given such as the whiptail lizard and honeybee. These
examples convince one that the males that are marked.
The language and culture differ with the biological explanation. This case will also apply
to people. Different people will view the subject differently. Deborah succeeded in her mission
by giving strong pieces of evidence.