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2430 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

9 / Thursday, January 13, 2005 / Notices

regard, if all scheduled and Written requests to make an oral It is so ordered.

unscheduled speakers present at a statement should be submitted to: Dated: January 7, 2005, Rockville,
session have made a presentation, the Mail: Office of the Secretary, Maryland.
Licensing Board reserves the right to Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff, For the Atomic Safety and Licensing
terminate the session before the ending U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Board.3
times listed above. The Licensing Board Washington, DC 20555–0001. G. Paul Bollwerk III,
also reserves the right to cancel the Fax: (301) 415–1101 (verification
Administrative Judge.
Saturday morning and/or afternoon (301) 415–1966).
E-mail: hearingdocket@nrc.gov. [FR Doc. 05–691 Filed 1–12–05; 8:45 am]
sessions scheduled above if there has
not been a sufficient showing of public In addition, using the same method of BILLING CODE 7590–01–P

interest as reflected by the number of service, a copy of the written request to

preregistered speakers. make an oral statement should be sent
The time allotted for each statement to the Chairman of this Licensing Board NUCLEAR REGULATORY
normally will be no more than five as follows: COMMISSION
minutes, but may be further limited Mail: Administrative Judge G. Paul
depending on the number of written Bollwerk, III, Atomic Safety and [Docket Nos. 30–5980–EA and 30–5982–EA;
requests to make an oral statement that Licensing Board Panel, Mail Stop ASLBP No. 05–835–01–EA]
are submitted in accordance with T–3F23, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory
section D below and/or the number of Commission, Washington, DC 20555– Safety Light Corporation;
persons present at the designated times. 0001. Establishment of Atomic Safety and
In addition, although an individual may Fax: (301) 415–5599 (verification Licensing Board
request an opportunity to speak at more (301) 415–7405).
E-mail: ksv@nrc.gov and gpb@nrc.gov. Pursuant to delegation by the
than one session, the Licensing Board Commission dated December 29, 1972,
reserves the right to defer an additional E. Submitted Written Limited published in the Federal Register, 37 FR
presentation by the same individual Appearance Statements 28710 (1972), and the Commission’s
until after it has heard from speakers regulations, see 10 CFR 2.104, 2.202,
who have not had an opportunity to A written limited appearance
statement may be submitted to the 2.300, 2.303, 2.309, 2.311, 2.318, and
make an initial presentation. 2.321, notice is hereby given that an
Finally, the Board anticipates holding Board regarding this proceeding at any
time. Such statements should be sent to Atomic Safety and Licensing Board is
additional oral limited appearance being established to preside over the
statement sessions in the Hobbs, New the Office of the Secretary using one of
the methods prescribed above, with a following proceeding: Safety Light
Mexico area in conjunction with the Corporation, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
evidentiary hearings currently copy to the Licensing Board Chairman.
Site, (Materials License Suspension).
scheduled for October and November F. Availability of Documentary This proceeding concerns a request
2005. The Board will make further Information Regarding the Proceeding for hearing submitted on December 29,
information regarding those sessions
Documents relating to this proceeding 2004, by Safety Light Corporation (SLC)
available as the time for those hearings
are available for public inspection at the in response to a December 10, 2004,
draws near.
Commission’s Public Document Room order from the Director of the NRC
D. Submitting a Request To Make an (PDR), located at One White Flint North, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and
Oral Limited Appearance Statement 11555 Rockville Pike (first floor), Safeguards suspending SLC’s two
Persons wishing to make an oral Rockville, Maryland, or electronically byproduct materials licenses, effective
statement who have submitted a timely from the publicly available records immediately. In addition, in a December
written request to do so will be given component of NRC’s document system 29, 2004 motion, SLC asked that the
priority over those who have not filed (ADAMS). ADAMS is accessible from immediate effectiveness of the NRC staff
such a request. To be considered timely, the NRC Web site at http://www.nrc.gov/ order suspending SLC’s licenses be set
a written request to make an oral reading-rm/adams.html (the Public aside.
statement must either be mailed, faxed, Electronic Reading Room).2 Persons The Board is comprised of the
or sent by e-mail so as to be received by who do not have access to ADAMS or following administrative judges:
noon e.s.t. on Thursday, February 3, who encounter problems in accessing E. Roy Hawkens, Chair, U.S. Nuclear
2005. The request must specify the the documents located in ADAMS Regulatory Commission, Washington,
session (morning or afternoon) during should contact the NRC PDR reference DC 20555–0001;
which the requester wishes to make an staff by telephone at (800) 397–4209 or Alan S. Rosenthal, U.S. Nuclear
oral statement. Based on its review of (301) 415–4737, or by e-mail to Regulatory Commission, Washington,
the requests received by February 3, pdr@nrc.gov. DC 20555–0001;
2005, the Licensing Board may decide G. Scheduling Information Updates Dr. Peter S. Lam, U.S. Nuclear
that the Saturday morning and/or Regulatory Commission, Washington,
afternoon sessions will not be held due Any updated/revised scheduling DC 20555–0001.
to a lack of adequate interest in those information regarding the evidentiary All correspondence, documents, and
sessions. hearing and limited appearance sessions other materials shall be filed with the
can be found on the NRC Web site at administrative judges in accordance
measures that may be employed. Attendees are also http://www.nrc.gov/public-involve/ with 10 CFR 2.302.
requested not to bring any unnecessary hand- public-meetings/index.cfm or by calling
carried items, such as packages, briefcases, (800) 368–5642, extension 5036, or (301)
backpacks, or other items that might need to be 3 Copies of this memorandum and order were sent

examined individually. Items that could readily be

415–5036. this date by Internet e-mail transmission to counsel
used as weapons will not be permitted in the rooms for (1) applicant Louisiana Energy Services, Inc.; (2)
where these sessions will be held. Also, during 2 Some documents determined to contain intervenors New Mexico Environment Department,
these sessions, signs no larger than 18″ by 18″ will ‘‘sensitive’’ are publicly available only in redacted the Attorney General of New Mexico, and Nuclear
be permitted, but may not be attached to sticks, form; non-sensitive documents are publicly Information and Resource Service/Public Citizen;
held up, or moved about in the rooms. available in their complete form. and (3) the NRC staff.

VerDate jul<14>2003 17:46 Jan 12, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00055 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\13JAN1.SGM 13JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 9 / Thursday, January 13, 2005 / Notices 2431

Issued in Rockville, Maryland, this 7th day of their trading, to February 2, 1997, the application has been made in
of January 2005. Issuer’s financial year end, was 70,900. accordance with the rules of the NYSE,
G. Paul Bollwerk, III, The average daily trading volume and what terms, if any, should be
Chief Administrative Judge, Atomic Safety during the financial year ended imposed by the Commission for the
and Licensing Board Panel. February 1, 2004 was 13,200, and protection of investors. All comment
[FR Doc. 05–692 Filed 1–12–05; 8:45 am] between that financial year end and letters may be submitted by either of the
BILLING CODE 7590–01–P November 29, 2004 was approximately following methods:
15,400. The average daily trading
volume of the preference shares ADS Electronic Comments
SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE from April 12, 1996 to February 2, 1997
was 84,900. The average daily trading • Send an e-mail to rule-
COMMISSION comments@sec.gov. Please include the
volume during the financial year ended
[File No. 1–14258] February 1, 2004 was 1,600, and File Number 1–14258 or;
between the financial year end and Paper Comments
Issuer Delisting; Notice of Application November 29, 2004 was approximately
of Premier Farnell Plc To Withdraw Its 800. These declines have caused the • Send paper comments in triplicate
Ordinary Shares, (5 pence each) Issuer to re-evaluate the merits of to Jonathan G. Katz, Secretary,
(‘‘Ordinary Shares’’), Its $1.35 and maintaining its NYSE listing and Securities and Exchange Commission,
89.2p Cumulative Convertible Commission registration. Next, as a 450 Fifth Street, NW., Washington, DC
Redeemable Preference Shares (£1 result of this re-evaluation, the Issuer 205409–0609.
each) (‘‘Preference Shares’’), and the has decided to apply to terminate its
American Depositary Shares NYSE listing now and may, in the All submissions should refer to File
Representing the Ordinary Shares and future, seek to de-register from the Number 1–14258. This file number
Preference Shares, From Listing and Commission if eligible to do so. Since should be included on the subject line
Registration on the New York Stock 1996, the burden and expense of if e-mail is used. To help us process and
Exchange, Inc. complying with U.S. reporting and review your comments more efficiently,
registration obligations has increased please use only one method. The
January 7, 2005. Commission will post all comments on
and would substantially increase further
On December 10, 2004, Premier by virtue of the new Commission rules the Commission’s Internet Web site
Farnell Plc., a company incorporated under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act relating (http://www.sec.gov/rules/delist.shtml).
under the law of England and Wales to internal financial control Comments are also available for public
(‘‘Issuer’’), filed an application with the documentation. Finally, the costs of inspection and copying in the
Securities and Exchange Commission maintaining the Issuer’s NYSE listing Commission’s Public Reference Room,
(‘‘Commission’’), pursuant to Section and Commission registration, including 450 Fifth Street, NW., Washington, DC
12(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of the costs of management time required,
1934 (‘‘Act’’) 1 and Rule 12d2–2(d) 20549. All comments received will be
for the year ending January 29, 2006 posted without change; we do not edit
thereunder,2 to withdraw its ordinary would be approximately £1.3 million.
shares (5 pence each) (‘‘ordinary personal identifying information from
These costs do not take account of the submissions. You should submit only
shares’’), its $1.35 and 89.2p cumulative opportunity cost to the Issuer of the
convertible redeemable preference information that you wish to make
management effort that would be
shares (£1 each) (‘‘preference shares’’), available publicly.
required to be dedicated to meeting the
and the American Depository Shares internal control documentation The Commission, based on the
(‘‘ADS’’) representing both the ordinary requirements. This would include information submitted to it, will issue
shares and preference shares delays to other business initiatives. The an order granting the application after
(collectively ‘‘Securities’’), from listing Issuer states that the ordinary shares the date mentioned above, unless the
and registration on the New York Stock and preference shares will continue to Commission determines to order a
Exchange, Inc. (‘‘NYSE’’ or be listed on the London Stock Exchange, hearing on the matter.
‘‘Exchange’’). their principal trading market.
The Board of Directors (‘‘Board’’) of For the Commission, by the Division of
The Issuer states in its application
the Issuer unanimously approved a Market Regulation, pursuant to delegated
that it has complied with the NYSE’s
resolution on December 7, 2004 to authority.5
rules governing an issuer’s voluntary
withdraw the Issuer’s Securities from withdrawal of a security from listing Jonathan G. Katz,
listing on the NYSE. The Board states and registration by complying with all Secretary.
that the following reasons factored into applicable laws in effect in England and [FR Doc. 05–704 Filed 1–12–05; 8:45 am]
its decision to withdraw the Securities Wales, the jurisdiction in which the BILLING CODE 8010–01–M
from the Exchange. First, the Issuer’s Issuer is incorporated.
U.S. shareholder base has reduced The issuer’s application relates solely
considerably since the listing of its to the Securities’ withdrawal from
Securities on the NYSE and registration listing on the NYSE and from
of such Securities with the Commission registration under Section 12(b) of the
in 1996. Trading of the ADS on the Act,3 and shall not affect its obligation
NYSE has declined considerably since to be registered under Section 12(g) of
the listing. According to Thomas the Act.4
Financial Datastream, the average daily Any interested person may, on or
trading volume of the ordinary shares before February 3, 2005, comment on
ADS from April 12, 1996, the first day the facts bearing upon whether the
1 15 U.S.C. 781(d). 3 15 U.S.C. 78l(b).
2 17 CFR 240.12d2–2(d). 415 U.S.C. 78l(g). 5 17 CFR 200.30–3(a)(1).

VerDate jul<14>2003 17:46 Jan 12, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00056 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\13JAN1.SGM 13JAN1