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Dich Ia mQt ky nang kh6 trong vi~c hQC ngoai ngil n6i chung va Anh ngil n6i rieng. Ngon ngil truyen 'dat y nghi, tinh cam, cam xuc cua con nginri. Khi dich, cAn chu y lam sao d~ chuyen ngil duQc chinh xac, trung thanh vdi ban gOc ma v!n gill duQc y cua tac gia, nghia Ia dat dUQc 3 yeu cau: chan - thien - my.

Nham giup ban nang cao ky nang dich Anh - Vi~t, chung toi xin gidi thieu cu6n "Huang dan doc va dich. bao chi Anh - Vi~t". Cu6n sach g5m 2 nQi dung chinh:

PHAN 1: Luy~n dich. Anh . Vi~t PHAN 2: Trau d&i tit vl!ng tieng Anh

Tai m6i phan, chung Wi t~p trung vao mC)t sO' chu de trong tam nhu: Thoi s~ qu6c te, kinh te, giao due - y te, van hoa - xii hQi, khoa hoc - ky thuat, phap luat ...

Mong r~ng cu6n sach se giup ban ngay cang hoan thien v6n tieng Anh cua minh.

Chuc cac ban thanh congo





•• •







Officials' say extreme heat" has killed at least 170 people across mud). of the country. Emergency officials" say many of the victims were old people. They say most of the victims+lived alone" and had no one to help them or recognize their

conditions". '

Temperatures of almost 40 degrees Celsius have affected? the area from the Middle We~t to the Atlantic Coast". The heat' has damaged crops'? and killed farm animals. It has also damaged roads and railroad tracks"

Weather experts= say cooler temperatures are expected to spread across much of the United States by Wednesday.

Tit vung .
1 'official: [6'fifl] quan chuc, oien chuc, gidi
2 extreme heat: [iks'tri:m] can nang qua d9, cue ky
3 emergency official : nluitt oien. cdp cuu
4 victim : ['viktim] nan. nhdn.
5 to live alone : [liv] song dan d9C
6 to recognize their conditions: nh{)n ra, nh{)n thdy tinh
[rekegnaiz] trang, die'u ki~n (stic khOe)
cua ho
7 to affect: [e'fekt] lam- ilnh hu/mg, gay ilnh
8 Middle West: [midI west] uicng Trung - Tay
9 Atlantic Coast: [et'lsentik] vung duyen. hili Dai Tay
Duong 14

10 to damage crops: ['dremidJ] 11 railroad tracks: ['reilraud] 12 weather expert: [weoe]

13 cooler temperatures:

['ku: Ie (r) ]

plui hoai mila mang. dltilng ray xe li'ta chuyengia vi thiJi tilt nhi~t cl9 mat hem

Bal dich tham khao:

Cac quan chirc cho bie't"cdn nong khimg khie'p dii lam thi~t mang it nh~t 170 ng1.1di trong nhi~u rung cua qu6c gia. Cac nhan vien c~p ctru cho hagnhieu nan nhan la nhimg ng1.1di gia cii. HQ noi rAng da s6 cac nan nhan s6ng don dQc va dii ch~ng co ai giup do ho hoac nhan ra tinh trang cua ho,

Nhiet dQ g~n 40°C dii anh htldng de'n khu vQ.c tit mi~n Trung Tay de'n rung duyen hai D~i Tay Duong. Suc nong dii lam thi~t hai mua mang'va gie't hai sue v~t d nong trai, No cling pha huy dtldng sa va dtldng ray xe Ida.

Cac chuyen gia v~ thdi tie't cho hay, ngt:ldi ta hy vong nhiet de} mat me hon se Ian ra nhi~u rung d Hoa Ky vao ngay thtr ttl.


Prime Minister! Tomiichi Murayama says Japan will ask the United Nations" to oppose French nuclear testing" in the South Pacific. Mr. Murayama says Japan will propose a resolution' to the U.N General Assembly" in September. He says France is betraying non-nuclear countries" by preparing again to test nuclear weapons" In the French Polynesian Islands".

The Japanese leader" spoke in Hiroshima'? which was destroyed by an American atomic bomb!' during World War Ip:l,




1 Prime Minister = Premier: [praim 'ministe (r)]

2 the United Nations:
U~:'naitid'neif nz]
3 to oppose French nuclear
testing: ['testil1]
4 to propose a resolution:
5 the UN General Assembly:
rdJen6r61 e'sembli]
6 to betray non-nuclear
countries: rkAntri)
7 to test nuclear weapons:
8 the French Polynesian
Islands: 9 Japanese leader:

10 to speak in Hiroshima:

11 atomic bomb: [e'temik bom] 12 World War II:

Bai dich tham khao:

thil tltdng (tuy nhien thil tltdng coo nltdc Bitc lai dltf/C g9i la Chancellor)

Lien h~p quOc

chOng dOi, ph4n ctoi V{l thit h{Lt nMn coo Poop

di nghj m9t st! gidi quytt, m9t nghj quyit

B{Li h9i cto'ng Lien h~p quOc

phdn b9i cdc quOc gia phi h4t nMn

thit ngh~m ccic vii, khi h{Lt nMn

qudn ddo Po-le-M-di thu9c Phtip

lank t{l.NJ&9,t Ban tuyen 00' t(li Hiroshima bom nguyen tit

De nhi the' chitn. chien trank the' gidi ldn. thit hai

Thii tudng Tomiichi Murayama coo hay, Nh~t Ban se yeu ciu Lien hi~p quae phan d6i V\l thit h,t nhan eua Phap d rung Nam Thai Binh Duong, Ong Murayama eho bilt, Nh~t Hinse ~ ngbj mqt giai phip len D,i hqi dgng Lien hi~p quck vao tha~g 9. Ong n6i rAng Phap dang phan b9i l,i cae quae gia phi



h~t nhan bAng vi~c tai chuAn bi thlt nghiem eac vii khi h~t nhan d quAn dao Po-le-ne-di thuQc Phap.

Nha lanh dao Nh~.t da tuyfm b6 tai Hiroshima. noi da bi tan phS. bdi mQt trai bom nguyen ttl eua My trong suot chien tranh the gidi IAn thii hai.

• J'


Japanese law-makers I have elected" Tomiiehi Murayama as the country's new Prime Minister" Mr. Murayama is chairman' of the Social Democratic Party", He replaces" Tsutomu Hata who" resigned on Saturday after just two months in office.

Mr. Murayama received 261 votes in the Lower Houses of the Japanese Parliament", Former Prime Minister'" Toshiki Kaifu received" 214 votes.


1 law-maker: rb:meiko]

2 to elect: [i'leld]
3 Prime Minister = Premier:
4 chairman:
5 Social Democratic Party:
6 to replace: [ri'pleis]
7 to resign: [dzain]
8 Lower House = House of
9 Parliament: 10 Former Prime Minister: 11 to receive [ri'siv]:

nhtl lam lu{it (tm: ddn bilu. nghj si cUa qu.6C h9i n6i chung) Mu.cN;m

thil tudng

chil tjch

DOng Ddn chu Xli h9i thay tM'

til chlk. tit nh~m

H(} v~n. H(} nght vifn

Qu& h9i

c(/U. nguyen tIul tl.liJng nh9.n arllJe. ct(Jt d_



BAi djch tham khao:

Cac nghj S1 Quoc hQi Nh~tBan dii bliu ong Tomiichi Murayama lam thii tttdng mdi. Dng Murayama Iii chii tich Dang Dan chii Xii hQi. Ong dii thay the ong Tsutomu Hata, ngttCri dii tit chtrc vao hom thu bay chi sau hai thang c~m quy.!n.

Dng Murayama dii nhan dttQc 261 phieu b~u tl}.i HI}. vi~n thul}c Qu6c hQi Nh~t Ban. C1,tu thii tttdng Toshiki Kaifu dii nhQ.n dttqc 214 phieu,


Police have blocked' the Center of Dacca to prevent" Muslims extremists from clashing with" supporters of a woman writer", The writer Talisma Nasreen is in hiding. The Muslim extremists have threatened" to kill her for proposing changes in Islamic law" to give women equal rights", Reports say 10,000 police and military troops have been deployed in Dacca. Suppoters" and opponents" of Ms. Nasreen marched through the streets of Dacca on Wednesday. The Muslim extremists have called for a nationwide strike" on Thursday.

Tit Vl;ing:

1 to block: [bbk]

2 to prevent: [pri'vent]

phong too, bao vdy, ngan ch(i,n ngan chgn, a€ phOng, ch(i,n dUng

ngum qua khich H6i gido ddnh. nhau, dlJ-ng dt)' mJi nit van si'

3 Muslim = Moslem extremist: 4 to clash with: [kleef]

5 woman writer > feminist writer:



6 to threaten: ['8retn]

7 to propose changes in Islamic law: [pre'pouz] 8 to give women equal

rights: ['i:kwol rait]

9 supporter: [se'po.te]

10 opponent: [e'pounent] 11 to call for a nationwide

strike: ['neifn waid straik]

doa, dpa nat, hiim doa

de' nght nhitng thay do" trong Lut~,t Hili guio

mang lai cho phf!. nil nhftng quye'n binh cUing (vdi nam gidi)

.. ngllili ung h9 nglliJi chong doi

keu g{Ji m9t cu9c dinh. c6ng tren toan liinh. tho'

Bal djch tham kbao

Canh sat dB. phong toa trung tam thu dO Daka nham ngan chan nhimg ke qua khich H6i giao danh nhau voi nhiing ngudi img hQ mQt nil van 81. NO van si Talisma Nasreen hi~n dang IAn tran. Nhirng ngltdi qua khich Hili giao dB. doa gie't che't ba vi ba dB. d~ nghi nhiing thay d6i trong luat H6i giao nham mang lai cho phu nil nhimg quyen binh dAng. Cac ban bao cao cho hay, 10.000 canh sat va binh SI da duoc tritin khai tai Daka. Nhung ngudi ung hQ va nhilng ke chong d6i ba Nasreen da tuan hanh qua nhftng dUdng ph6 d Daka vao ham thu tu, Nhtmg ngtti:ti qua khich Hai giao dB. keu gQi mQt cUQc dinh cong tren toan quoc vao ham thu nam,


The Netherlands' has defeated" Moroccos by a score" of 2 to 1 in the World Cup Soccer" Championship Series" in the United States.

The game was played in the south-eastern city of Orlando, Florida. Also on Wednesday, Saudi Arabia" defeated Belgium" one to nothing", They played in Washington D.C.lO




1 The Netherlands = Holland: 2 to defeat: [di'fi:t]

3 Morocco:

4 score: [skJ:]

5 soccer = football (cua Anh): rfutb:>:l]

6 The World Cup Soccer Championship Series: 7 Saudi Arabia:

8 Belgium:

9 one to nought = one to nothing = one-nil:

10 Washington D.C:

nude Ha Lan oonh bp.i Ma-roc

tY s{{

bong dei, tuc cdu -

Gicii Vo click Cup bOng aa tM' gidi

nt/de A-l1ip Xe-ut nude Bl

(ty s{/) 1-0

thit. d6 Washington, thui)c qu~n Columbia

D.C: viet tAt cUa District of qu(in Columbia Columbia

BM djch tham khao:

Ha Lan dB. danh bai Ma-rOc vdi ty s62-1 trong Cup va dich Mng d8. the gidi dll(,,1c t5 chltc tai Hoa Ky.

Tr~n dAu dB. di~n ra tai thanh ph6 phia dang nam Orlando. bang Florida. Ciing trong ngay thu hi, A rtp X~-ut dii danh bai Bi vdi ty sO 1-0. Ho thi d(u tl,ti thu do Washington.

.. ..,


German troops I have taken part in a French National Day parade'', 200 German soldiers were in military vehicles" along



the Champs Elysees for the first time since World War II. The Germans were along troops from the new Euro - Corp Defence Force". German Chancellor' Helmut Koln joined French President Francois Mitterand in watching France's traditional Bastille Day" parade in Paris. Some French citizens criticized the involvement of Germany which occupied France during World War II. But public opinion studies" showed most French people approved of the Germans taking part in the parade.


1 German troops = German cdc binh. si Duc soldiers:

2 National Day parade: [p6'reid]

3 to be in military vehicles: [viekl; 'vi.hikl]

4 The New Euro-Corp Defense Force: [di'fend] 5 Chancellor= Prime


6 Bastille Day:

7 public opinion studies: ['pAhtikJ

cu(k duy~t binh, cut}c diiu hanh. nhiin Ii Quae khdnh

d trong, d tren. nhiing xe qufin



L1jc llif/ng Phbng Thu Au chfiu


thu tll{Jng (Duc)

ngay pha nguc Bastille, ciing gt)i La II QUDe khdnh cua Phdp cdc cut}c tluim. dO du lu(i.n

Bai djch tham khao:

Cac binh si Due da tham du cUQc duyet binh nhan Ie Quoc khanh cua Philp. 200 binh si Duc da 0 tren nhfmg xe quan st! "


dQC thea dai lQ Champs Elysees llin dAu tien k~ tit The' chien II. Cac binh s1 Due thuQc cac binh s1 trang Luc luong Phong thu Au chau moi. Thu h.t8ng Due Helmut Koln da cung tham du vdi Tang th6ng Phap Francois Mitterand trong eUQc duyet binh nhan ky ni~m ngay Pha nguc Bastille truyen th6ng cua Phap tai thu do Paris. M;i}t sO' cong dan Phap da chi trfch st} dinh lfu cua Duc trong viec chiem dong Phap trong The' chien II. Nhitng cUQc tham do du lu~n da cho tha'y da sO' dan ehung Phap ung hi} cac binh si Duc tham gia cuQc duyet binh

~ ~,


Brazil! and Italy" will play each other in the World Cup Championship" game on Sunday in Pasadena, California. Yesterday, in the semi-final! Brazil defeated" Sweden by a score of one to nothing", Italy defeated Bulgaria 2 to 1. Italy and Brazil had each one 3 World Cup championships. No team" has ever won84.

todn, d(Ji bOng tluing, doat

, .

Tit v\1llg:

1 Brazil: [bre'zil] 2 Italy ['holi]:

3 World Cup Championship: 4 semi-final: [,semi'fainl]

5 to defeat: [di'fi:t]

6 one to nothing=one nil= onenought:

7 team: [ti:m]

8 to win/won/won:

nliac Bra-sin, Braxin nltac Y

giiii vo dich tranh cup the'gidi oon hee

ctdnh bai, hg,

(ty s6) 1-0


Bai djch tham khao:

Braxin va Y se thi dflu vdi nhau tranh Cup VO dich Th~ gibi vao ngay Chu nhat tai thanh ph6 Pasadena, bang California. Hom qua trong tr~n ban k~t Braxin dB. ha Thuy Di~n vdi ty SO I-D. Y da thAng Bulgari vdi ty so 2-1. Y va Braxin mOi dQi da vo dich th~ gioi 3 IAn. Chua c6 ben nao dat chirc vo dich 4,lftn.


Ministers! from 17 nations in the Asia - Pacific Area" say their first joint meeting" about security has started a new period of cooperation", The Ministers discussed" security concerns" with Chinese, European and American officials at a special meeting' organized by the Association of South East Asian Nations", The joint statement" urged talks between North and South Korea to reduce tensions'" in that area. Reports say the Ministers also discussed territorial claims!' at the South China Sea12 and the situation in Burma and Cambodia.

Tit VlIng:

1 Minister: [ministe] 2 Asia Pacific Area:

[,eif 0 pe'sifik 'eerie]

3 joint meeting:

4 new period of co-operation: 5 to discuss: [dis'kAs]

6 security concerns:

[ si'kjuereti]

7 special meeting: ['spell 'mi.tin]


khu V1!C chdu A Thai Binh Ducmg

cu(;c h9P chung

giai doan. h<Jp tdc mai thao ludn.

nhftng vdn di an ninh

phien h9P dr;ic bi~t



8 Association of South East Hisp h(ii cdc quoe gia Dong

Asian Nations (ASEAN) NamA viet ttit Iii (ABEAN)

9 joint statement: 10 to reduce tensions: [ri'dju:s'tenIn]

11 territorial claims: [.tero't:>:rifll kleim] 12 South China Sea:

ban tuyen bfl chung.

{am gia.m bdi nhftng cang thdng

nhitng van di tranh chiip, liinh. tho?

Bien Nam Trung Hoa

B8i djch tham khao:

BQ trlidng eua 17 qu6c gia trong viing chau A Thai Binh Duong cho hay, cuQc hop chung dau tien ciia ho v~ van d~ an ninh da khai diiu mQt giai dean hop tac mdi, Cac vi bQ trtiong da thao luan nhimg van d~ an ninh veri cac quan chuc Trung Qu6c, chau Au va Hoa Ky tai mQt phien hop d;\ic bi~t do Hiep hQi cac qu6c gia Dong Nam A ta chuc. Ban tuyen b6 chung da h6i thuc cac cUQc dam phan giua SAc va Nam Trieu Tien d~ lam giam bdt nhimg cang th~ng trong khu vue d6. Cac ban baa cao cho bie't cac vi bQ trtidng cling thao luan nhimg van de tranh chap lanh th6 d bi@n Nam Trung Hoa va tinh hinh (1 Mie"n Di~n va Cao Mien.


At least! 4 people in the North have been killed" in landslides" caused by heavy rain", Hundreds of people have fled" their homes. More than 20 villages" were reported flooded? on the main island of Luzon. Areas of Manila also were flooded.




Mud and volcanic materials flowed down" Mount Pinatubo'", north of Manila, trapping!' many families.

Tit vt;ing

1 at least: [li:st]

2 to be killed: [kill

3 landslide: flrendslaidl 4 heavy rain: ['hcvi]

5 to flee: [fli:]

6 village: ['vilidJJ

7 to be flooded: [ flAd]

8 volcanic material: [me'tieriel] 9 to flow down: [flou]

10 Mount Pinatubo:

11 to trap: [tnep]

it nhat

bi thi~t mq,ng,bi gitt chtt dat UJ, v¥ dat lil

mua lsin; mua Iii

tr{/n khoi, rai bo

lang, lang m(lc

bi lut, bi nggp l",t

nham thaoh. cUa nui li'ta trao xu6'ng

nui LUa Pinatubo

miic ket, danh bdy, gai bdy

Bai djch tham khaoe

C6 it nhat 4 ngiroi d mien Biic da bi thiet mang trong nhung V1,1 dilt ld do mila Iii gay ra. Hang tram nguoi da rdi bo nha ctta cua minh. Hen 20 ngoi lang da bi ng~p lut tren dao chinh Luzon. Cac khu vqc thuoc thu do Manila cimg bi ngap lut. Bun va nham thach da trao ra khoi nui Iua Pinatubo d phia Blic Manila lam nhieu gia dinh bi mAc ket,


An ocean storm! has brought much needed rain'' to the southern part of the country. Weather ~eports3 say more than

10 centimeters of rain fell ending a severe dry period" in the area, The lack of water" has damaged much of South Korea's rice crop", The storm brought a temporary end/ to the hottest JulY" in South Korea's hi story" , The temperature'? in some parts of the country reached" almost 40" Celsius",

Tit vt1ng:

1 ocean storm: raufn]

2 to bring much needed rain: {brill]

3 weather report: ('w~a]

4 to end a severe dry period: ['pit'lriod]

5 the lack of water: [wo.te] 6 rice crop: [krop]

7 to bring a temporary end:


8 the hottest July: [hot] 9 South Korea's history:

10 temperature: [fempretf'e (r)] 11 to reach: [ri:tJ]

1240" Celsius: rselsit'ls]

t~n biio biin. bdo dq,i dltClng, mang lai lll{lng mua cdn thie't

thong 000 thai tilt

chfim dr1t, kel thric mQt thm ky kho han. khdc ngh~t, khung khiep

s(i, v~c thie"u nrtde v¥llia

mang lai mt)t sf! kilt thuc tam thm

tluing 7 nOng nhat,

lich. sll Nam Trieu Tien. nh~tat)

ten tbi, ac;zt tdi

40 at) Celsius, 40 d9 bcich phan.

Bai djeh tham khao;

MQt tr~n bao bi~n dii mang lai h1<}ng m10c rnua cAn thiet cho mien nam cua nude nay, Cac ban thong bao thdi tiet cho hay hon 10 can-ti-met nude mua dii k(t thtic mQt thdi ky kho


han khAc nghi~t trong rung. Vif)c thi6u nude dB. him thi~t hai nhieu den V\l lua cUa Nam Trieu Tien.

Tr~n bao m\y dii tam thbi ket thuc thang 7 nong nh(t trong lich su Nam Trieu Tien. Nhiet dQ a mQt s6 rung cua qu6C gia nay dii len den g'n 40"C.

. ,,-

BAN TIN SO 11 (And this Newsl)

American singer Michael Jackson has married" the daughter of Elvis Presley. In a statement" released" on Monday Lisa Marie Presley Jackson confirmed" marriage took place 1 11 weeks ago. Last month news reports said the two had been married in the Dominican Republic.

Mr and Mrs. Jackson say they kept" the marriage secret because they are private people and wanted to avoid" media'? a ttention II.

Tit Vl_'.ng:

1 and this news: [nju:z]

2 Anierican singer: [e'meriken] 3 to marry = to get married to: ['mscri]

4 statement: rsteitmont] 5 to be released: [ri'li:s] (nai telt: "released")

6 to confirm: [ken'fe.m] 7 to take place = occur = happen: [o'k3:(r}1

tin dlt{JC ape cu6i cung nen. dlt{JC dieh. ld "Tin cuOi cung' ca s1 ngltiJi My

Lay Vf!

liJi (OOn) tuyen b{/ dllfJc alia ra, cong Ix;

xdc nh/in, thila nhg,n diln ra, my ra



8 to keep secret: [kip] 9 to avoid: [e'vaid]

10 media: [mi.die]

11 attention: [e'tenfn]

gift hi mlj.t

trdnh, Mn trtinh, trdnh: ne

cdc phllung t~n truyin t.hf;ng rL;ti chung nlu: phtit thanh, truyin hinh, 000 chi


Bai djeh tham khao:

Ca si My Michael Jackson dii cum. con gai cUa Elvis Presley.

Trong m.;,t ban tuyen b6 dUQc dua ra vao hom thu: hai, Lisa Marie Presley Jackson dB. thua nhan dam cum da di~n ra each day 11 tUlin. Thang qua nhieu tin tac dB. cho biet hai ngttm. da lam dam cudi tai nude CQng hoa Do-mi-nich.

Ong va ba Jackson cho hay ho dii giu bi m~t dam cum vi ho la nhtrng ngttdi thich rieng tu va muon tranh s1;l. chii y cua phuong ti~n truy~n thong dai chung,


Hot weather! continues to affect" the central and western areas of the country. In Tokyo, the temperature! reached" 37 degrees Celsius" on Thurday. On Wednesday, the temperature reached 39 degrees Celsius. That was the hottest day ever recorded in the Japanese capital.

The severe heat" has continued for a week. Many thousands of farm animals 7 have died and many areas are suffering from -a lack of water", Japan's weather agency says the severe heat is expected to continued for the rest of the month",




1 hot weather: ['weoe] 2 to affect: [e'fekt]

3 temperature: ('tempratfo1 4 to reach: [ri:tJ]

5 37 degrees Celsius: [di'gri: ; 'selsies]

6 severe heat: [hi:t]

7 farm animal: [fa:m]

8 lack of water: [leek]

9 rest of the month: [mAnS]

thili titt nong

lam anh hUdng, gay anh hUdng den

nhi~t t19

len den, dat Mn


37 dQ Celsius, 37 dQ bach


can. nang khdc nghi~t, khung khitp

sue v¢t d nong trai, gia sue noi chung

sr,t thie"u nude

phtln con l(l,i eua thang

Bai djch tham khao

Thai tie't nong tie'p tuc anh hudng de'n cac khu V1,1c phia trung va tlly cUa qu6C gia nay. Tai Tokyo, nhiet dQ da len tili 37°C vao hom thu nam, Vao ngay thu tu, nhiet ctt) da len toi 39"C. 0 thu do ciia Nhat Ban day la ngay nang nhat Lit trudc de'n nay.

Con nang khung khiep tie'p tuc keo dai trong 1 tu~n l~.

Hang ngan gia sue eta chet va nhieu viing dang phai chiu canh thieu nude. Co quan khi ttt<;fng cua Nhat Ban cho hay ngUbi ta nghi la con nang kh~c nghiet se con tie'p tuc den het thang.


Chinese scientists' say the world's highest mountain has become shorter" during the past 17 years. The scientists say Mount Everest has lost almost 2 meters in height" since 1975. At that time the mountain was measured' 8,848 meters tall.



The Chinese scientists say they studied the mountain for one year before announcing their results",

However, some researchers are surprised about" the Chinese results. They say most scientists believe" Mount Everest" is rising by almost 4 centimeters a year.


1 Chinese scientist: ['saiantist] nha khoa h9C cua Trung QuoC
2 to become shorter: {bi'kAm] trd nen thap him
3 to lose almost 2 meters in ma't di giin 2 met chie'u cao
height: r:dmoust]
4 to measure: ['meJo] do df,r.c
5 to announce one's results: loan 000, cong b6' nhitng kit
[ri'zAlt] qua ciui minh.
6 to be surprised about: ngC),c nhien. vi
7 to believe: [bi'li:v] tin, tin titling
8 Mount Everest: ['maunt] nui Everest Biti djch tham khao:

Cac nha khaa hoc Trung Quoc cha bie't ngon nui cao nhat cua th~ gidi da trd nen thap hon trong vong 17 nam qua. Cac nha khoa hoc cho hay, mii Everest da m~t di 2 met chieu cao k~ til nam 1975. Vao thoi gian do ngor, .;~·li J5. do du~c 8.848 met chieu cao. Cac nha khoa hoc Trung Qu6"c noi rAng ho da nghicn ciru ngon ruii nay trong m{lt nam trudc khi loan bao nhirng ke't qua cua ho.

Tuy nhien mQt s6" cac nha khao ciru da ngac nhien v~ nhilng ke't qua cua cac nha khoa hoc Trung Qu6c. HQ cho bie't da so cac nha khoa hoc tin rAng rnii Everest dang cao l€m glln 4 cen-timet mai nam.


~ ...

BAN TIN so 14


The Supreme Court sided I 8 - 1 with Microsoft, agreeing that a federal appeals court should hear the software firm's appeal of antitrust violations/, The Justice Department wanted the Supreme Court to bypass" that step and begin arguments this winter. Microsoft is seeking to overturn a court order that the company be split in two. The judge postponed enforcement 4 during Microsoft's appeal.

Tit Vl/ng

1 side :[said]

2 antitrust violation: [,renti'trAst]

3 to bypass: ['baipa:s]

4 enforcement: [in'fo.sment]

ditng v€ phia, ung hg vi phasn vi age quy€n

bo qua, lam ngd slj thi hanh

Bili djch tham khao:



Toa an T6i cao ung h{l quan diJm ella Microsoft vdi ty l~ 8 - 1 va d6ngy rAng toa phtic th§:m lien bang nen xem xet khang an cua cong ty phAn m~m nay v~ nhfing vi pham v~ dQc quyen, B{I Tu phap muon ToB. an Toi cao ho qua bu& d6 va bAt dau xet xU V1J. an vao mua dong nay. Microsoft dang tim each daD ngtfQC an l~nh cua toa, phan quyet cong ty phai tach ra lam doi. Quan toa tam hoan thi hanh an trong thdi gian Microsoft khang cao.



9 '"



Vice President Al Gore charged Gov. George Bush's Social Security plan does not add up'. "Don't use fuzzy2 math!", Gore declared, invoking 3 the phrase Bush used against him. Gore was so confident he did well in Tuesday night's debate that he asked permission to re-air the forum" in key battleground

; .

states. Bush spent the day in two such states, Wisconsin and

Michigan. "I'm here to remind you that grass roots politics" is going to make a big difference", he told a rally" in Eau Claire. Bush also planned to visit Florida for two days next week.


1 add up : [red] 2 fuzzy ; ['fAzi]

3 invoke: [in'vouk] 4 forum: ['fo.rem]

5 politics: ['p:Jlitiks] 6 rally: [reeli]


mil nhat, khOngro rang

lO:y lam ddn chitng, vi~n dAn diin dan

chinh tri

dam dOng nglli/i

Bai djch tham khao:


Ph6 Tbng th6ng Al Gore chi trich kif hoach an sinh xi hQi ciia Th6ng d6c George Bush 13 khong hQp IY. Ong Gore tuyen b6 "Dimg sli dung toan hoe khong ro rang" \,i~n dAn cum tit rna Dng



Bush da dting d~ chong lai ong. Ong Gore r~t tv: tin Ia ong da th~ hien tOt trong cuQc tranh lu~n VaG dem thi1 Ba nen ong xin phep chieu lai dien dan nay a eac ti~u bang then chot eon trong the ba:"t phan thAng bai. Ong Bush da b ca. ngay tai hai bang, bang Wisconsin va bang Michigan. Dng n6i voi m~t dam dong t~p hop d Eau Claire: ''Toi den day d~ nhAc nhb cac ban rAng tro chinh tri mi dan nhu the se tao nen mQt khac bi~t-ldn." Ong Bush cling du dinh de'n Florida trong 2 ngay VaG tuAn tdi,

" "",' ~




MADRIl>· Spain and Vietnam plan to boost1·bilate_ra12 Ues3 and sign a series of financial cooperation" accords", the fQntign ministers of the two countries. Javier Solana and NgUyen Manh Cam said at a joint press conferences on Tuesday,

In a joint statement'!' caUing for greater econo~. tradelil~ cultural", scientificll and technologicalta cooperation. the two ministers also said they were looking at13 opening embassies'" in each other's countries.

The statement was issued at tbe end of the Vietnamese ' minister's visit, the first official visit I!; to Spain by a Vietnamese foreign minister".

The statement also said Spain has ptoinise~1.7 80 million dollars in credit&ie to heJp Spanish firms19 interested iri' the Vietnamese marketro,


1 to boost (v): [burst]

2 bilateral (adj) : [bei~tMoIJ 3 tie (n): [tai ]

4 ·financial cooperation: 5 accord (n): (6'k:.:d]

6 a joint press conference: 7 a joint statement:

8 economic (adj):

[~i:kl)-'n:>mik I

ruing li~ thrk ct4y, tang cllilng hoi "ben, song phlltlng

rnOi rang bu9C. quan h~ I h{Jn eM

h(lp tac [vEl td~ chinh thoo hi~p

,cu9c h()p bela eAlIng oon tuyen bO eli". (thu{jc ui) kinA tI


economy (n): [i.'kanemi] 9 trade (adj.n): [treid]

10 cultural (adj): ['kAltferel] 11 scientific (adj):

, :[,saion'tifik]

12 technological (adj): [.teknEl'I:J dJ ikl)

13 to look at: [luk et]

14 embassy (n): [embesi]

kinh: tf'

(thu9c vi) thlldng mai (thu6c vi) van hod (thu9c v{}) khoa hC}c

(th'u9c v{}) cong ngh~ hCJC. ky thu{jt hoc

xem xet

d{ti suqudn

15 the first official visit: ['vizit] cu9c tluim. uif'ng chinh thuc aau tisn

16 Vietnamese foreign B§ tnillng NgofJ,i giao Vi~t


17 to promise: ['pr.:>mis] 18 credit (n): [,kredit] 19 firm (n): [fe.m]

20 market. (n): ['ma:kit]

Biti djch tham khao;

Nam hua hen.

tin dung, tidn cho uay hang buon, cfmg ty thj truang I cht;!


Trang cUQc hop bao chung t& chuc vao hom tha ba vita qua, BQ trt1dng Ngoai giao hai mrde - Tay Ban Nha va Vi~t Nam. Ong' Javier Solana va ong Nguyen Manh CAm du kien thuc diiy m6i quan h~ song phuong va ky mQt loat cac hiep dinh v~ hop tac trong linh V\1'c tai chinh giua hai qu6c gia.



Trong him tuyen h6 chung, hai ben da. k~u gqi mQt S\1' hqp tac vm quy m6 Ion hon v~ kinh te', thuong mai, van hoa, khoa hQC' vaky thuat, Ngoai trudng hai nttCJc cling da tuyen b5 rAng hai him dang xem xet vi~c md d~i su quan d m6i mtac.

Ban tuyen b6 da dttqc c6ng h6 vic cu6i chuy@'n _vi@'ng tham chinh thuc dAu tien cua BQ trttdng Ngoai giao Vi~t Nam den Tayban Nha.

Ban tuyen b6 cling cho biet Tay Ban Nha hua se c~p 80 tri~u dola tin dung dl! h6 trq nhung doanh nghiep Tiiy Ban Nha co quan tam den th] truong Vi~t Nam.


HANOI Vietnam and Cambodia have expressed

satisfaction at new progress made in their relations" since the establishment" of the Royal Government", and both pledged" to do their best to further improve? the traditional friendship" and multi- faceted cooperation'[between them.

During talks held here on Monday Vietnam's Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet and Cambodia's First Prime Ministe~" Norodom Ranariddh made clear that the friendly and cooperative ties between the two countries were based on II the main principles propounded" in three joint communiques signed in January 1991, August 1993 and April last year.

Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet and his Cambodian counterpart discussed at length 13 pr~ctical14 measures to


e~and bilateral cooperation, especially in economy, trade and education ...

The two sides also exchanged views on ways to resolve iinmighitionU\ boundary and territorial issues and to startlG at an early date talk between ~rt groups so that radical" and pet'lnanent18 solutions may: be arrived at.


J ,to strengthen (v):

, fstrell9n]

2 bilateral ties: [tai ]

3 relation (n): [ri'leifn] 4 establishment (n):

[is'uebliJ m&l1t]· '.' '

5 the Royal Government:

6 to pledge (v): [plcdJ]

7; toirnprove (v): [im'pru:v]

8 the traditional friendship: 9- multi - faceted cooperation: 10 The First Prime Minister: 11 to be based on: [beis]

12 to propound (v):

" [pm'paund]

13 at le~ith: [let}a]

14 practical: rprrektikl]


crlng cO; lam cho nuplh. lam cha ,?,itng

ctic mOl qualf, M song phumrg mOiqu.an~

81/ thanh 19P

r Chink ph" Hoang gia (V1Idng quae)

cam ke"t, hda. ncu~n

cdi tien, cdi tAI~n., md mang I f<in d1:lng I trau dJi

tinh hilu ngh# truyin tlWng 81/ Iu!P tcic vinhiiu m(it Thu tllf/ng thu nhdt

d{it tron ca Sd, d{it tren. nin tang eli nghi, dI xuiit, dua ra eli nghien clZu I dI chllng th¢c

cuai cung, sou he't/dtiy dU chi tilt frang m9t thili gian dai

th(tc tiinl thl!C dl:tngl th¥c hanh: I tAilt thf/,C I thlJc ~'I dang thuo Mnh.

. ..

16 to start (v): {sta:t]

sl! nhIj.p cu; t6~ng sO nglliJi nh{ip CIt [trang m9t thiJi gian nIuft djnk]

biit a&u I ldm ccii gi biit adu / ra ~u xuat pJuit / neu ra I khiJi tlQng lind

can bdn! nguangOc

thltilng xuyin, ltiuddi. Uiu bin, vinhcUu

15 immigration (n): l.imi'greif n]

17 radical (adj): {'riedild] 18 permanent (adj): [pe.meaent]

Bal dich tham klulo:



Ha N{)i - Vi~t Nam va Cam-pu-chiada bay to slj hal long v~ budc ti6n tri~n mm dB. d,t duqc trong cac mOi quan ~ giOa hai nude tu sau khi chinh phii Vuong' quO'c Cam-pu-chia duqc thanh l~p. va hai ben di cam kit se phAn <tAu h6t sUc minh d~ cung cO va ph8.t tri~n tinh hOu ngh] tru~n, thong va st,t hqp tac nhieu m,t giila hai mtltc.

Trong cuQc hQi dam di~n ra 14i Hi NQi vao hom thu: hai, Thti tudng Vi~t Nam Vo Van Ki~t vA Thii tuong tha nh§"t Campu-chia Norodom Ranariddh, di lam sang to moi quan h~ huu nghi va hqp mc gilla hai nu-dc dl.1«;1c dl1a tren nhirng nguyen tic 00 ban dira ra trong ba ban thong cao chung ky vao thang 111991, thing 811993 va thang4 nam ngoai,

CuOt cung, Thu tltdng Vo VAn Ki~t va Thu tUOng thu: nhlft Cam-pu-chia di trao d6i v~ nhitng' bi~n phap thie't thl1c nham rod rQng sl1 hc,1p me song phuong, nhA't I.a ~ kinh te, thuong mai

va giao due. "


Hai Mn cling da thao l~n trao d6i ve phuong' huang giai quyet cic v~n ~ nh~p cu, bien giOi, lanh th6 va xuc tien sdm cae cu{lc dam phan giiia cac nh6m chuyen gia d~ di t6i cac gi3.i phap co ban va lau dai.


Vietnam will seek European Union' investment/ in 15 big infrastructure projects" this month at a Paris conference' expected to have major impact" on the future of the emerging" Southeast Asian economy", the ED said on Friday. The EU also said it would choose three of the projects for technical assistance".

The 15 comprise two power stations", five bridges, two highways, two water treatment.'? plants!' and four waste'" treatment and fertiliser!" production projects, the Hanoi office of the European Commission!' said in a statement. It put no price tagHi or time frame'" on the schemes", but said three to be chosen for special EU technical assistance would require a total of $ 750 million in investment, implying that the cost of all 15 would be well over $ 1 billion.

They are part of a planned overhaul'" of Vietnam's basic facilities that the government says will require $ 15 billion in foreign investment and $ 10 billion in government aid by the tum!" of the century.

The 15 projects will be presented at a joint European Commission - Vietnamese workshop" on November 21 and 22


for international financing under the build - operate· transfer (BOT)2) system, the EC statement said.

Three of the 15 would be chosen for inclusion in a new $ 20 million "Transition to Market Economy''" technical assistance programme in Vietnam starting in December. Each of the three projects would involve about $ 250 million in investment, the statement said.

"The conference is expected to have a major impact on the future of Vietnam's economy ... " the statement said "Capital is currently the highest problem facing the country's infrastructure projects, holding up about 80 percent of the major construction works".

Hanoi's delegation at the EC . Vietnam conference will be led by its top investment manager Dau Ngoc Xuan, chairman of the State Committee for Cooperation and Investment'".

The government and the World Bank'" are hosting a separate conference with 18 donor governments in Paris next Tuesday and Wednesday to seek at least $2 billion in official development assistance for next year.

Tit vl/ng:

1 European Union (EU):

2 investment (n): [investment] 3 infrastructure projects:

[.infre'str/cktf 6 'predsekt]

4 conference (n) : [konferens] 5 impact (n) : [jmprekt]

6 emerge (v): [i'me.dj]

Lien minh chauAu 81/ (von) ddu tu

cdc d1/ an (ke' hooch) co 8d hr;r, tling

h{)i nghi

81/ tac d{)ng, anh hullng

n6i len, l!6i b9,t len, thoat khoi


7 Southeast Asian economy: 8 technical assistance:

9 power station: [paue 'steifn] r- power (n): [paue]

10 treatment (n): [,tri:tmont] 11 plant (n): [pla:nt]

12 waste (n): [weist]

- waste (adj): [weist]

13 fertilizer (n): [fe.tilaize] 14 European Commission: 15 price tag: [prais neg]

16 frame (n): [freim]

17 scheme (n): [ski:m]

18 overhaul (n): [ouveho.l] 19 turn (n): [te:n]

20 European CommissionVietnamese workshop: ['wi):kfJp]

21 build - operate _, transfer (BOT):

22 market economy:

23 the State Committee for Cooperation and Investment: 24 World Bank:


nin kinh tt DlJng Nam A

s!l hd tN/, s!l giup da vI kj thu~t nha mdydi~n

l!lc, cong sudt, nang sudt, nang lr/<jng

s¥, xzt lj I dilu try / sl,t dill diii nha may [cfmg nghi~p n¢ngl. may m6c thie! bi

v~t thai ra I ddt hoang / Sl! hao phi

bi thai ra / bi tan phd / bd hoang phdn bon / cai lam. thf!. tinh

Uy ban chtiu Au

the ghi giti tidn

edu true, cd ciiu, h~ th6ng, thZ) tlf

slf sdp xe'p thea h~ thong, ke' hoach] htl/C da

Sl,t kilm tra kj luiJng I slf d{li tu slf quay uong / slf thay do'i

Hl)i thao "Vietnam - Uy ban chtiuAu"

xdy dung - khai tluic -ehuyen giao

kinh te'thj truimg

Uy ban Nha nude vI hrJp ttic (tau tu

NgrPn hang The'gim

.~ I _




Bal djch tham khao


Hom thu sau vim qua, EU dB. tuyen 00, Vi~fNam se tim kiem ngudn dAu tu cUa Lien minh chau Au cho 15 d\t an ldn ve co sO ha ui.ng tai Ht>i nghi Paris di~n ra vao thang nay, hQi ngh] mong mudn tao dl1QC anh huong quan tl'Qng cho tUdng lai cUa nen kinh t6 Dong Nam A dang viron len. EU cling cho hay IA se chon ba trong so cac d1,1 an ve htl tr<;l ky thuat,

Mum Him d1,1 an g6m e6 hai d1,1 an xiiy dt;tng nha may di~n, nam dl,1 an ve c~u, hai d1,1 an ve xa l{i, hai du an xay d1,1ng nha may xU ly nude vA bO"n d1jt an ve xU Iy nUClc thai vA san XUl1't phan bon, cac thong tin nay dO. duQC van phong' ciia Uy ban chau Au tai Ha Nqi dua ra trong mqt tuyen b6.

Cac du an nay khong co ghi gia tien ciing nhu ghi thu tQ. thCti gian cho kEf hoach thuc hien nhung EC da cho bie"t 18. co ba d1,1 an se duQC chon cho ehuong trinh h8 tr<;l ky thn~t d~e bi~t cua EU vili tang so tien 750 trieu dola d;iu nr, nghla lA t6ng chi phi eho 15 d1,1 an se tren 1 ti do lao

Nhung dt;f an tren 13. mi}t phan cua ke' hoach dai tu dii d1i<Jc d1,1 kie'n cho cac die may moe thie"t bi thie"t ye"u cua Vi~t Nam rna chinh phu cho 13. se d.n de'n 15 ti do la von dAu hi miOc ngoai va 10 tt do la do ehinh phil. h8 trq vao thoi di~m chuyen giao the kyo

Theo thong bao cua Uy ban chau Au, mudi lam du an se duoc trinh bay tai cu{ic hQi thao Vi~t Nam . Uy ban chau Au vao ngay 21 va 22 thang 11 ve viec tai tro tai chinh quoc 00 dUO'i dang BOT (xay dung, khai thac, chuyen giao).


Ban thong bao cling cho hilt, ba trong 86 mUm lam du an duoc chon bao gflm cii ehuong trinh hB trc;l ky thu$t "Bude qua dq sang kinh t€ thl trudng" tai Vi~t Nam tIi gia 20 trieu dola cling duQC bbt dAu vao thang 12. Moi du fm cAn dAu tu khoang 250 tri~u dola.

Theo ban thong bao, "H{li nghi mong muon tao dttc;k: mgt anh hUdng quan trong cho tuong lai cua nen kinh te'Vi~t Nam!" "Nguon von hien la vAn de nan giai nhAt cho cac d\1 an co 8d ha tAng cua dAt nude. chiem den 80% cac cong trinh x§.y d\1ng chinh".

Phai dean cua Ha N{li tai H{li nghi EC . Vi~t Nam se do m{lt vien chirc hang d1i.u va dAu tu, ong D~u NgQC Xuan, Chu nhiem Uy ban Nha mrdc va HQp tac va DAu tu dAn dAu.

Chinh phil va Ngan hang The gidi se chi! tri mQt hQi nghi rieng vdi 18 chinh phil tai tr<;l tai 'Paris vao thu ba va thu tu Wi d~ tim kie'm ngudn tai tr<;l ODA t6i thi~u la 2 ti dola eho nam tm.


TOKYO· Japan's ruling coalition parties'' plan to send a joint mission" to North Korea to propose restarting" talks on normalising relations" between Tokyo" and Pyongyang", a Socialist Party" spokesman said on Monday.

The ruling Socialist Party, the Liberal Democratic" Party and New Party Sakigake want to send a delegation'? soon after Kim Jong II, the eldest son and heir apparent!' to late president Kim If-Sung", is named n~tional president" and North Korean Communist Party Chief", the spokesman said.


"The purpose of the mission is to meet with Kim -Jong-Il and askfor early resumption" of normalisation talks IS" he said.

The Socialist Party has already informed the North Korean government of the planned trip'" and is awaiting a reply'S from Pyongyang.

Foreign Minister Yohei Kono said last Monday'S landmark agreement." between the United States and North Korea to freeze Pyongyang's nuclear programme'" removed'" a major obstacle= to restarting the negotiations.

Talks between Tokyo and Pyongyang broke Off3 in November 1992 after 22 months of fruitless exchanges on the nuclear issue.

Kim -Iong-Il has yet to formally succeed'" his late father, but is expected'" to be named'" national president and ruling party chief within days in a final transfer of power27.


1 coalition (n): [,kouo'lifn] - coalition government:

2 ruling coalition parties:

3 joint mission: [dJ:>int 'mifn]

4 restart (v): (ri:'sta:t]

I) nonnalising relations: 6· Tokyo:

7 Pyongyang:

sf! kien ket, lien h~p. lien minh chinh phd lien h~p

lien hif.p cdc dti.ng pluii cdm qu~n pluii dodn lien h~p (pMi b9lien

hi~p) "i...

(mission: slZ ~nh, nhi~m VI,l, sl! cti c6ng ccin. pJuii dodn (My: Too ~i sa, tOa c{jng sa])

l{ti Mt d&u, up kIWi ddu hinh thlldng hOa cdc quan ~ T6-ki-6

Binh Nhrjing


8 The Socialist Party: [,SOufDlist]

9 The Liberal Democratic:

10 delegation (n):

[,deli3geif n]

Dang Xii h9i

Ddng Dtin chit. TJ! do dOOn dq.i bie'u

11 heir apparent: hoimg tluii tit (nghia bOng: ngtldi

['eo e'peerent] Ire'vi nguyen thit. quoegia)

12 late president Kim II· Sung: ca cn« tjch Kim Nh{j.t Thanh ..

13 national president:

14 North Korean Communist Party Chief:

15 resumption (n): [ri'zAmpfn]

'16 normalisation talks:

-. ~ \ [,n.:>:molai'zeifn ta.k] 1 ?;~lanned trip: [trip]

18 reply (n, v): [ri'plai] 19 landmark agreement:

[,lrendma:k e'gri.ment] 20 nuclear programme: 21 remove (v): [ri'mu:v]

22 obstacle (n): ['obstokl] 23 to break ofT: [breik o.f] 24 to succeed (V): [sek'si.d] 25 to expect (v): [iks'pekt] 26 to be named: [neim]

27 transfer of power:

['trrensfo: ]


Chil tieh. nuiic nguiJi dUng ddu Dang CQng san CQng boa nMn dan Trdu. Tien S{i biit ddu lai, sri hal ph1,lC

lai I Sf! chiem lai I sf! lay lai

cac cuQc h9i dam (n6i chuy~n) vi vi~c binh. thui:tng hoa

chuyen eli dii duf/C d¢ kie'n

hai dap

thOa hie ddnh driu mOt bu:re ",rrv':1

. 'P .' '6'-"t""

chuang trinh hat nhan

xoa bo, loai bo, thit. tieu, xua duo'i sacb I rut ra I csich. chuc v(it chuang ngt;li, trd lue

cii.t aUt quan h~ I c!ot;ln giao I thoi ~e' vi

mong d¢ ......

allrjc bo' nhiem, dllrjc chi dinh. chuyin giao quyin 'l¢c

1 ..

BM djch tham khao:


Lien minh cac dang phili e;imquy~n Nh~t Ban du kie'n cu m¢t phai b¢ lien hiep den Bl1c Trieu Tiin d~ d~ nghi bAt dliu lai cac cu(>c hqi dam ve viec binh thucng h6a quan h~ gifta Tokyo va Binh Nhtrdng, phat ngfm vien Dang Xii h¢i dB. tuyen b6 van

hom thu hai. '

Dang Xii h9i c~mquyen, Dang Tu do Dan chu va Tan pang Sakigake mu6n sdm gU:i mqt phai dean den Bl1c Trieu Tien sau khi ong Kim -Iong-Il, can trai tru'ang va ngttdi ke vi cfS Chi! tjch Kim Nhat Thanh, dUQc chi dinh lam Chii tjchu1.ioe va nguoi dung da.u Dang C¢ng san BAc Trieu Tien.

Phat ngon vien Dang Xii hQi cho bie't: "M1J.c dich cua phai bi} hi tiep xuc vdi Chu tich Kim Jong-II va de nghi scm blttdi\u lai cac cUQc hQi dam ve vi~ btnh thu'dng hoa",

Dang Xii hQi da thong bao eho chinh phil Bac Tri~u 'I'ien vi!. chuyen _ di dB. dircc dt;l kien va dang ebb dQi Binh Nhudng' tra ldi.

Bi) tru'ang Ngoai giao Yohei Kona fif_ cho biet, van hom thu hai vua qua, mQt hiep dinh danh dau m9t bude ngo~t ve viec han dinh chuong trinh hat nhan cua Binh Nhudng giua Hoa :Ky va CHND Trieu Tien da loai hi) dUQc cac chirdng ngai v~t cho st;l khbi dAu lai cac cuec thirong thuye't.

CU(>c dam phan giua Tokyo va Bmh Nhirdng dii kh6ng thanh cong h6i thang 11/1992 sau 22 thang trao d6i khong c6

ket qua ve v<1'n de hat nhan. -

Kim Jong-II chua chfnh thttc ke vi ng11di cha qua co' nhung hoan toan c6 th~ duoc chi dinh lam Chii tich nude va lanh dao dang ca.m quyen trong khoa~g thdi gian chuy~n giao quyen l~o

cu6i cling. lot'



MANILA '- Asia and Pacific countries v~wea3 late Tuesday to reduce poverty by 2010 through measures" such as slashing" debt servicing" and increasing investments in social welfare" programs.

Thirty. four countries were represented at a high level ministerial meeting of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP)8, held here in preparation for the World Summit" on Social Development" in Copenhagen, Denmark next year.

The conference ended Tuesday.

The Agenda 11 for Action on Social Development in the region, which would be ESCAP's contribution to the summit. recognised" the burden" of external" debt and debt servicing on developing nations' resources 111 for poverty alleviation'" and employment." generation" programs.

The countries had agreed to consider innovative" ways of reducing the debt burden to use these funds for badly20 needed social development projects, said Cielito Habito, chairman of the conference and the Philippines chief economic planner".

The liberalization of the world market was acknowledged" by the Agenda as a "supportive'S influence" and Habito said the nations pledged" their support to establishing policies that would ensure that the benefits2li of liberalieation" would redound" ... to the more disadvantaged'" groups".

The Asia· Pacific region is home to three-fifths of the world's population, many of whom live below the poverty threshold~


Tit v\ing:

1 commit (v) : [ke'mit] 2 poverty (n): [,p')vtlti]

3 vow (v): [vau]

vow (n):

4 measure (n): ['me.;3o]

slash (v): [,sire!)

5 slashing (adj): ['slrefiTJ] 6 service (v): [se.vis]

7 social welfare:


8 United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP):

9 Summit (n): ['sAmit]

10 social development: 11 agenda (n): [o'dJendo]

12 recognise-ize (v):

[rekegnaiz ]

13 burden (n): [be.dn]

14 external (adj): [eks'te.nl]

15 resource (n): [ri'so:s] 16 alleviation (n):

[0. li: vile iJ n]

- alleviate (v): [o'li:vieit] 17 employment (n): (im'pbimont]

18 generation (0):

cam /ret, uy thac, chuyin canh ngheo nan, bdn cung

s¢ ngheo nan, thie"u th(/n, tMp kem. nguy~n, the

Ziti th~: Zili nguyen bien pluip

edt bat, hr;t [giaj nghiem khdc, lie l~t

000 qudn, phuc: v'!-, giup ail phuc l{li xii h(ii

Uy ban Kinh te' - xa h9i chdu A Thai Binh Duong cua Lien hfJp qufic

h(ii nghf. thl/(Jng dinh (cap roo nJu1t - h9i nghj cdc v# ditng ct&u chink phU) phdt trie'n xii h~i

ohuang trinh nght Sl/, nhilng v~c pluli lam, nh9t kj c6ng tdc

c6ng nh<in, nhin nli4n, nhq,n ra

gdnh nij,ng, mOn chi tieu b&t bu(jc

a 118oo.i, ben ngoai (My: ct6, va;, ccic nude ngodi, a6i ngOr;ti)

phudng each (86' nhiiu: tdi ngu~n, tiim Z¢c)

sl/lamgidm bat


sl! dung, 8¢ lam c6116, v~ lam

81/ phtit sinh~ ra (tM 114. diJi)


19 innovative (adj):


20 badly (adj): [beedli]

21 planner (n) : ['plreno(r)] 22 acknowledge (v):

23 supportive (adj):

24 pledge (v): [pledJ]

25 benefit (n): [,benifit] ,

26 liberalization (n):

27 redound (v): [ri'daund] . redound (v) + to:

28 disadvantaged (adj): [.disod'va:ntidJ ]

29 threshold (n) : ['ereJhauld]

BAi dich tham khao:

co tinh chat d6i mmJ cO tinh chat sang kie'n

xau, n,q.ng. trdm trong, rat ... ngrlili d{it ke-hO{lch, (chu nhi~m) nh4n, thita nkgn

h6 tra, cl9ng vien

cam ket, hua, nguy~n -

l¢ ich, tie'n tra cap, phiic It;ti (dr,'ic quy€n tai phan)

t1/ do h6a

anh hltdng trd lai

gop phdn vao

teln that, bi thi~t thbi [vi kinh te: xii hQi}

mac, gim han.

cAc Qu6c GIA cHAu A vA THAI BiNH nUdNG

""," ..,. ,.," ~ . .. .. ...


MANILA: Vao hom thu ba vira qua.cac quoe gia khu vue chau A - Thai Binh Duong . dii quye't tam giam thi~u st! d6i ngheo vao nam 2010, thong qua cac bien phap nhu giam manh cac khoan no dich vu va gia bing d~u tu VaG cac ehuong trinh phuc IQi xii hQi.

34 qu6"e gia dB. cd dai di~n tham du hQi nghi bQ trudng' cllp cao do Uy ban Kinh t€ Xii hQi Chau A Thai Binh Duong cua Lien hop qu6c t6 chuc tai Manila, d~ chudn bi cho HQi nghi thuong dinh the' gidi v~ phat tri~n xa hQi a Copenhagen, Dan Mach VaG nam till.

HQi nghi da k€t thuc vao hom thu ba.


Chirong trlnh nghi s1:J. ve hoat dQng phat tri~n xii hQi trong khu V1:j.c se Iii mQt d6ng gOp cua ESCAP cho hQi nghj thtlqng dinh, thua nhan cac khoan vay ben ngoai vA nr! giup do la g€mh n;)ng cho vii;c phat tri~n tiem luc cua cac quOc gia d~ lam giaffi bdt d6i ngheo va cac chuong trinh tao cong an vi~ him.

Ong Cielito Habito, Chu tjch RQi 'nghi va Chii nhiem Uy ban ke hoaeh kinh te cua Phi-lip-pin dB. tuyen bO': "Cac quoc gia dii dang y xem xet cac phucng an co tinh cha't d6i moo cua viec giam thi~u ganh nang' nQ nAn d~ su dung ngan khoan nay cho cac chuong trinh phat tri~n xii hQi ca.n thiet",

Vi~c rnd rQug t~ do hoa thi truong the gioi dii duqc chuang trinh nghi su thira nhan Iii mQt "anh hUdng c6 tac dQng ho tro". Ong Habito cho biet, cac quoC gia cam ket h6 tro cho vi~c thiet l~p cae chinh sach bao dam vi~c tl,t do hoa se g6p phan mang lai lQi ich cho cac nUCIc bi thiet thoi nhieu hen (ve kinh te' - xii hQi).

Khu vue Chau A _ Thai Binh Duong chiern 3/5 dan s6 the gidi, trong do CD nhieu nguoi s6ng dudi muc ngheo kh6.


TOKYO _ Japan will send a government mission' to Vietnam from Oct. 22 to 29 to study' future economic


cooperation", Foreign Ministry sources said on Thursday.

Japan and Vietnam agreed on the dispatch" when Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama met his counterpart'', Va Van Kiet, in Hanoi in August, the source said. ~ .•



The 25 . member team", which includes officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs", Finances, Trade and Construction", will meet with their Vietnamese counterparts to discuss the nation's midterm'? economic development plan!' and macro· economic policies'", they said.

, The two sides will also discuss Japari's future economic cooperation and areas for the assistance.

Japan considers' it important to first train Vietnamese personnel to promote" a market-oriented economy" and to support establishment" of systems", and to cooperate 11 in such areas as electricity, transportation and agriculture, the sources said.

Japan has sent similar economic missions to Kenya, Indonesia and the Philippines.


1 government mission: 2 to-study (v): ['stAdi] 3 future economic

cooperation: [kou, ope'reif n] 4 dispatch (n): [dis'peetf]

5 counterpart (n): rkauntupa:t]


phdi aoan, (phtii b9) chinh phd nghien eeu

sl! h{Ip ttic kinh te'trang tuung lai

81/ eai pluii di / 81/ gitii quyet nhanh g9n I s¢ khdn. trUctng I s¢ nhanh g9n

ben tUdng ,zng / ngUiJi dOi ttic (trang thuq,t ngiJ ngot}i giao counterpart chi nglliJi giiJ chrh:

V4' tl/dng artcJng vUi ngrtiJi dlt{lc nai tn/de [trang m9t CU9c viing thiim hay trang 1119t CU9c dam plui.n);.

6 The 25 member team:
7 Ministry of Foreign
8 Ministry of Finance:
9 Ministry of Trade and
10 midterm (adj, n):
11 economic development
12 macro - economic policies:
13 promote (v): [pre'rnout] 14 a market - oriented economy: [i.konemi] 15 establishment (n): [is'treblif mont]

16 system (n): ['ststeml 17 cooperate (v): [kou'opereit]

Bai djch tham. khao

nh6m g6m 25 thanh. vien B§ NgO{li giao

B§ Tai chinh

B§ Thuong mai va Xdy d¢ng

giita ruim, giita nhiem. kj

he' hoach. phsi: trien kinh tt

nhilng chinh soch. kinh tit vi mo

day manh, xuc tie'n, khuyen khich

m§t ndn kinh tt thea hrtdng thi truiing

sl,l thitt l¢p

he thong

hrJp ttic, ph{{i hap


TOKYO" Thea ngudn tin tit BQ Ngoai giao vao hom thu nam, Nhat Ban se cu m{lt phai bQ chinh phil de'n Vi~t Nam tu ngay 22-10 den 29-10 d~ nghien cuu v~ 81,t hop tac kinh te trong

tirong lai. ....



Nguon tin cho biet, Nhat Ban va Vi~t Nam da d6ng y ve .J

vi~c cu mi}t phai doan nghien cuu khi Thu tttong Tomiichi Murayama gl).p Thu tttong Vo Van Ki~t tai Ha Ni}i van thang 8.

Theo cac nguiin tin, mi}t phai doan 25 thanh vien giim cac vien chttc cac Bi} Ngoai giao, Bi} Tai chfnh, Bi} Thuong mai va Xay dung se g~p cac gidi chuc cua cac bi} lien quan cua Vi~t Nam d~ thao lu~n ke hoaeh phat tri~n kinh te giua nhiem ky va chinh sach kinh te' vi rno cua hai nude.


Hai ben cimg se thao luan den vi~ hop tac kinh te trong tuong lai cua Nhat Ban va cac linh vue rna Nhat Ban se giup da Viet Nam.

Nhat Ban cho rAng dieu quan trong la tnroe tien phai t*p huan cac nhan vien Vi~t Nam d~ dAy manh nen kinh 00 thea huang thi tr1idng va h6 tro eho vi~c thiet l~p cac h~ thong va d~ phoi hop giua cac Iinh vue nhu: dien, v~n tai va nong nghiep,

Nhat Ban da gui nhitng phai bQ kinh te tirong tt;t den Kenya, Indonesia va Phi-lip-pin.

JAKARTA- Indonesia will host/ a workshop" to seek ways to avoid armed conflict" in the South China Sea, where a clutch" of potentially" oil rich islands are jointly' claimed" by SIX countries; Foreign Minister Ali Alatas mid.


Officials and experts" from 11 countries would be attending the session which begins on Wednesday, including the Spartly Islands' six claimants'? - Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Indonesia's Alatas was quoted!' by the official Antara news agency on Saturday as saying the workshop aimed to contribute to the quest" for peace and cooperation rather than to seek a solution to the Spratlys' dispute.

Others attending the meeting would be from Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations" (ABEAN) groups three of claimants - Brunei, Malaysia and the Philppines - with Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

The "Efforts!' to Overcome 'Potential Conflict in the South China 8ea"16 workshop is the fifth to be hosted by Indonesia, chairman of the 111 - tnem ber Non - Aligned Movement 16, since 1990.


1 to dispute (v): [dis'pju:t] 2 to host (v): [heust]

3 workshop (n) [we.krop] 4 armed conflict: [konflikt] 5 clutch (n): [klAtfJ

ban ciii, tranh luij,n

{chu nha] dilng ra t6 chile cUQc hiji thdo

tranh chap va luc

sl,i gi(it lay, slj nclm lay

6 potential (adj): [pe'tenrl J ti€m tang

- potentially (adv):[pa'tenfli] tiem. nang

- potential (n) : [pe'tenfl ] tiem luc, kh& nang

7 jointly (adv): ['dJ)intli] cung, clutg chung, cung nhau


8 claim (n): [kleim]

9 expert (n): [ekspe.t ] 10 claimant: ['kleimfmt]

doi, yeu eaeh, doi hoi I xcic nhQ,n chuyen gia, chuyen vien

nglliJi dai, ngllili yeu sdoh. I

nguyen adn

-II quote (v); [kwout] trich ddn (quote (n)

12 quest (n): [kwest] sl! tim kiim

13 The Association of Hi~p h9i cdc nllac f)6ng Nam A

Southeast Asian Nations:

14 effort (n): [efet] n61l/c

15 South China Sea: Bien Nam Trung Quae

16 Non-Aligned Movement: Phong trao Kh6ng lien ket

B3.i djch tham khao:


A- .... ,...'" ~.. ..


JAKARTA- BQ trudng Ngoai giao Indonexia Ali Alats,e da cho bi@t, Indonexia se dung ra t5 chuc mQt cuoc hQi thao d~ tim ra nhimg giiii phap nham tranh nhifng xung dQt vu trang tai vung bi~n Nam Trung Quae, noi dang di~n ra mQt su gianh gi~t nhiing hon dao c6 nhi~u ti~m nang' v~ dAu khi dO. dUQc 6 quae gia cling eho lA vung lanh hai cua minh

Cae vien chuc va chuyen vien cua 11 quoc gia se tham du cuec hop bAt d§.u van ngav thu tu, bao gam ea 6 quae gia e6 dua ra yeu sach ve quft.n dao Truong Sa, d6 III Brunay, Trung Quae, Malaixia, Philippin, Vi~t Nam va Dai Loan.

Hom thu Bay, Thong tan xa Antara da trieh ldi phat bi~u cua Ngoai trudng Indonesia Alatas d.ng, cuoc hQi thao nham




t~p trung vao vi~c tim kilm hoa binh va hop tac hen 13. tim ra

mQt giai phap cho s1,1 tranh chl\'p v~ quan dao Trudng Sa. •

Nhimg thanh phan khac tham du cuQc hop se la cac quoc gia: Kampuchia, Lao, Singapore, Thai Lan va Indonexia ...

Hiep hQi cac nude Dong Nam A (ASEAN) cO 3 qUOc gia trong nh6m cac nude co yell sach do lit Brunay, Malaixia va Phi-lippin, cling voi Indonexia, Singapore va Thai Lan.

CuQc hQi thao ve "Nhimg n6 hrc d~ vttqt qua cuQc tranh chap tai nguyen a Bi~n N am Trung QuOc" la cUQc hQi thao IAn thu 5 do Indenexia, Chii tich Phong trao Kh6ng lien kat voi 111 thanh vien, dung ra t5 chuc k~ tit nam 1990.


Singapore's air on Monday morning was its healthiest since a hazel settled over the island state'' two months ago, a government spokesman" said.

But the Environment Ministry" official said it was too soon to pronounce the lingering haze, which has also covered parts of Malaysia and Indonesia, officially dispersed.

The Pollutants Standard Index (PSI) at 7 a.m on Monday measured 40, considered in the "good" range.

The PSI records the air-quality average of the preceding 24 hours.

"This so far is the best since the haze started on August ·20," the spokesman said. The index" hit" a record high of 142, in the "Unhealthful" range, on September 27.


Forest and coal-seam? fires on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Blrneo have been blamed for the haze.

This weekend was OM just two prolonged periods of blue skies for SingapOreans in the past two months,

'"The rainy season in Sumatra and Kalimantan is expected to start in mid-October", the spokesman said. "This will help reduces the fires and hence' the smoke intensity in Singapore. "

He said it was too 800n to tell if the haze was subsidinglO for good.

"Winds over Singapore are expected to be light and variable in directiontl as we enter the monsoon period" this month", he said "we can expect haze conditions to vary, thinning on some days and returning on others".

Singapore officials met their Indonesian counterparts" in Jakarta over the weekend to discuss" the haze. The smoke has disrupted air traffic in the region, and prompted 13 government warnings" to those with breathing problems to stay indoors. It has also forced restrictions on outdoor activities at schools.

The main cause of the fires was the clearing of woodlands 17, the Ministry of Environment said on Saturday.

Indonesia has long-term plans"? to mine the coal seams in Kalimanta, which are sometimes ignited 19 during dry seasons, "which will resolve20 this source of the problem'?', the ministry said.

Singapore will provide" Indonesia with information'" from weather satellites on the location of forest fires, the ministry said: "such information will be useful in early detectionu of fires and in deployment of resources25 to fight the fire and prevent

their spread. 1026 <.!O



1 haze (n): (heiz)

2 island state: railttnd steit J 3 government spokesman: 4 Environment Ministry:

5 the index: findeks)

6 hit (v): [hit]

7 coal-seam: ['koulsi:mJ 8 reduce (v): [ri'dju:s]

9 hence (adv): {hens]

10 subside (v:): [seb'said]

11 to be variable in direction: 12 the monsoon period:

13 counterpart (n):


14 to discuss (n): [dis'kAs] 15 to prompt (v): [prompt] 16 to warn (v): [wo.n]

17 clearing of woodland: 18 long-term plan:

19 to ignite (v): [ig'nait]

20 to resolve (v); [ri'zolv] 21 problem (n): fpnblom] 22 to provide (v): [pre'vaid] 23 information (n):


24 detection (n): [di'tckfn]

3lA/ng mii. dtioquik

p/ui.t ng6n vien· chinA phd B9M6itnLilng

chi s6~ I biiu. thj 1 kim

dank, va trUng I tim ro I 4¢ deR.

Up tlumtld

gitim thiilt, gidm bdt~ gidm eli sau day. Ill,u day I do dO I vi 1M; vi li do 00

rUt xuij'ng I gidm bOt Ildne xuong dO, chiJu

thiJi hi' giO mila

clOi tcic I ngr.tdi citng gm nh~m v~ nhrt minh iJ m9t ca quati khcic thdo luq,n

thac gir:u:. thUc day, tMi th6c khuyin cao. 000 dpng

khai hoang [dift] ritng

he' hot;zch ddi /u:ln

ooc cMy


_ van di I Mi todn I pluAlng an



thOng tin, tin trZc


.... ~~


25 resource (n): [ri'so:s] - resources: [ri'so:s]

phl.ldng sach I phl.ldng kt

tiern l1/c kinh te; quiin 81/ I nguo'n tai nguyln

81/ My lan

26 spread (n): [spred]

BAi djch tham khao:



MQt phat ngon vien chinh phu cho hay, biiu trdi Singapore sang hom thu hai trd nen quang dang nh3't k~ tit khi slidng mu tran xu6ng dao quoc nay each day hai thang,

Nhung vien chirc cua BQ Moi trUCJng n6i rAng con qua sdm d~ tuyen bo III dam suong mu con dai d1lng bao phil nhidu vung o Malaisia va Indonexia dB. thuc st,t tan di.

Vao hie 7 gid sang ngay thu hai, chi so 0 nhiem PSI do duqc la 40, duQC xem III 0 muc "tot".

PSI ghi duqc muc trung binh cua cha't IU<jng biiu khi quy~n 24 gio trudc, Nguci phat ngOn noi: "Cho den bay gid muc nay la rot nh3't k~ tit hie sUdng rna bAt diiu co vao ngay 20/8". Chi so da dat Wi dQ cao ky luc - 142, d muc "xau" vao ngay 27/9.

Cac dam chay ritng va chay cac ldp than da d dao Sumatra cua Indonexia, d Kalimantan va mien da't cua Indonexia d Borneo duoc xem lit nguyen nhan ga-y ra strong mu,

Nhung ngay CUOt tuiin nay dung la mQt trong hai thai ky keo dai cua biiu troi xanh doi vdi ngtroi Singapore trong hai

thang vua qua. <.:00


Ngu<n phat ngOn nor rAng" mila mua d Sumatra va Kalimantan duQC hi vong' la se bAt dAu vao giua thang 10. Di~u nayse giup giarn bdt cac dam chay va dodo 'se giam htQng kh6i d Singapore.

Ong cho rAng con qua .sam d~ noi'Ia strong mu se tan di hoan toan hay kh6ng.

Ong n6i: "Gi6 thai qua Singapore hy vong se nhe va d6i ehieu vi thang nay chiing ta dang bttoc vao thiri ky gi6 mua, Chung ta c6 th~ hy vong tinh trang suong mu se thay d6i, mong di trong mtLy ngay va trd lai VaG nhimg ngay khac".

Cae vien chitc Singapore gl)p gil cac dai di~n cung nganh Indonexia cua hQo Jakarta su6t nhimg ngay cu6i tuAn d~ thao lu~n ve vAn de sUdng mu, Kh6i gay trd ngai eho cac chuy6n bay trong vung vA dieu nay thoi thuc chinh phu khuy6n cao nhUng ngudi kh6 thd phai lJ trong nha, Cac hoat 4Qng ngoai trOj d cac trubng hoc cling phai han ch€.

Hom thu bay, BQ Moi truong nhan dinh rAng nguyen nhan chinh cUa cac V\1 chay 18. do viec khai hoang rung.

BQ Moi trudng cho d.ng Indonexia cO k6 hoach dai hen d€_ dao cac via than thinh thoang bac ChaYV30 mua kho d_ Kalimantan, "ke hoach nay se giiii quyet dU<;Ic can nguyen cua va'n de".

Theo B(> M6i truong, "Singapore se cung ca'p cho Indonexia thOng tin nhan duQC tit cac v~ tinh thoi bet ve vi tri cua cac dam chay ritng. Ngu6n thong tin nay se co ich trong viec phat hien sam cac dam chay va vi~c tri~n khai cac phuong an chang chay va ngan chan sl1lay Ian cUa cac dam chay."




GENEVA - North Korea' for the fll'St time reported progress Wednesday in talks begun almost three weeks ago with the United States in Geneva about iis SUSpect2 nucl~ program.

''We have made a little progress,. a' spokesman for the North Korean delegation4 toldAFP, 'while refusingi' to elaborate- on which aspect" or the talks were concerned.

Top US negotiators Robert Gallucci for his part said: "wbether we have made progress or not. we will see tomorrow".

Both delegations have agreed in principle- to meet again Thursday, but the time of the meeting bas not yet been set. both delagations reported:

Over the past few days, South Korean h-esidentlO Kim Young Sam has multiphed" public expressi0D81~ of express1S deep concern 1. at what Seoul sees as a softening:l~ of Wash~ngton'8 position in the talks.

The pattern of the talks was for the first time broken, Wednesday when both delegations which had agreed on an expert - level meeting". decided to communicate by phone and by excbangingwritten ~sages.

"It started early in the morning and it went on until late last night". the North Korean spokesman said.

Both countries have been trying to complete a framework17 agreement concludedl8 on August 12 in Geneva. which would ensure that Pyongyang would forego)9 any attempt to acquire nuclear military capability. as it has been suspected of doing by

the United States. '.!"


In exchange20 for North Korea's switehli to a safer nuclear technology, Washington woUld agree to norJnaJize22" its relations!! with Pyongyang"'.


1 North Korea:

2 suspect (adj): [se'spekt]

3 nuclear (adj) : ['uju:kliD)

" delegation (n): [,deU'geiln] 5 refuse (v); [ri·fju:z) .. ,;

6 elaborate (v): [i'la:bMit]

7 aspect (n): r~spektJ

8 negotiator (n): [ni'goufieitoJ

9 to agree in principle:

10 South Korean President: 11 multiply (v): rmAltipJai} 12 expression (n): [iks'preJn] 13 express (adj): [iks'pres]

14 concern (n): [kon'SD:nJ

15 softening (n): r~fniTtJ

16 expert - level meeting:

17 framework (n): f1ie1mW_D:k) 18 conclude ,(v): [krm'k1u:dJ

Bdc Triiu run

kJuj nghi, bi tinA nghi (v: ngh,i ngiJ)

tAupe vi nguyen Iii h(a nha,.

. phdi. doOn - t~ckOi

thdo ti mi I eM t90 I eho them chi ,iii

AILdng I khia qmh I difll1ft9o ngllili dam p1ui~ nguiJi diiu dinA

ddng j Inn nguyen ttic T6ag '1aOIts No". Triiu TUn nh4n li~ lam ~ U,.

.l! diEn dtrt, biiu 19

nDi 1'0 ~ nAcim m¥c dieh d9c bift~ iahorala, (adu) : bOa t6C lien quail, Bt! 10 idng, til! quan tIJm

,." 10m mJ" Sfi mimlt6o. ml",tUo

cu9t h{)p alp eIIuyin gio ed eO", klut6A 'h6

kii tA~ ,eM .. dIN


19 forego (v): [fa.'gau]

20 exchange (n): [iks'tfeindJ] 21 switch (n): [switf]

22 normalize (v): [,n.):molaiz] 23 relation (n): [ri'leifn]

24. Pyongyang:

thai, 00, kieng su trao d6i

crii ngdt, ctii chuyen mq,nh,::ai 46i binh thitiJng h6a

mOl quan hs Binh Nhrtflng .

Bai djch tham khao:


# ",," A'". l1'li


GENEVA· Vao hom thu: tu, B~c Trieu Tien hin da.u tien thong bao nhilng tie'n tri~n trong cUQc hQi dam vm My each day ba tulin tai Geneva ve "chuong trinh hat nhan dang ngo" clla m:t6c nay.

MQt phat ngon vien cua phai doan Bac Trieu 'I'ien noi voi ph6ng vien AFP: "Chung Wi da dat duQC mQt it tie'n tri~n", nhung tit ch61 khong cho biet chi tiet ve nhfmg va'n de lien quan cua cU9c hQi dam.

Ve phan minh, ngudi dung dAu doan dam phan cA'p cao cua My, ong Robert Galluci da tuyen bo: "Cho du cluing toi co dat dl1QC su tien tri~n hay khdng thi ngay mai chung toi cimg se g'liP nhau".

Ca hai ph Iii doan d6ng y tren nguyen tilc Ia _g'liP nhau IAn nita vao ngay thu: nam, nhung hai ben ciing cho bie't thdi gian diEm ra cUQc hop chua duCjc a'n dinh.

Ma'y ngay qua, T6ng thong Nam Trieu Tien Kim Young Sam dii co nhfing bai phat bi~u cong khai ve nhimg m6i quan

, ,"


tam siu sAc d6n nhung <lieu rna Seoul nhin nh~n v, vi tri ciia

Washington trong cu~ h9i dam. •

Hinh thuc hQi dam l~n diu W~n didtt~ thay d6ivao hOm thu 4, khi ca hai pluii doan da dang y mi}t euQc hqpc{p chuyen vien, quyet dinh lien lac vfri. nhau bAng di~n tho,i va bAng ~n tin viet ra d€ trao dBi.

"CuQc hQ,p bAt dAu tit sang sam va keo dai de'n dem hom sau", phat ngon vien cUB Nam Tri~u Tien da cho biet.

Ca hai m.t6c dang co g;l.ng holm tA't mQt hiep djnh klittng du'<;JC ky ket vao ngay 12/8/94 tai Geneva, bao dim ta Binh Nhuong se tit bo bat ky mQt hsnh dQng cO gAng d~ dl;\t du'c;k kbi nang qulin s1,1 v@: hat nhan, vi My dii nghi ngo BAe ~uTi~n dang tien hanh thl,ic hi~n co gling nay. D~ ddi lai vi~ BAc Trieu Tien chuy~n sang inQt oong ngh~ hat nhan an toan bon, Washington se d6ng y binh thuong hoa quan h~ viti Binh Nhudng.


OSW - Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and -PLO Chairman Yasser Ararat shared the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their roles! in forging the historic Israel· PLO peace pact2.-

The Nobel citation said the three politicians "made substantial" contributions to a historic process through which peace and cooperation can replace war and hate".

The September 1993 accord", which Norway' 'helped to broker", secured Palestinian self - rule" in Gaza and the West

Bank town of Jericho. . . ..,


"For several decades", the conflict" between Israel and its neighbour states, and between Israel and the Palestinians, has been among the most irreconcilable" and menacinglO in international politics," Sejersted, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee said. "The parties have caused each other great suffering".

With the award of the peace prize!', he said, the committee wished to "honour a political act which called for great courage on both sides and which has opened up opportunities" for a new development towards fraternity" in the Middle East".

The inclusion of Peres surprised Nobel watchers who had expected the prize to be shared by Rabin and Arafat only.

,; Sejersted said the committee's choice'"'of two Israelis and one Palestinian for the award did not mean that it believed the Israelis had done more for peace.

"We made the choice this way because we found it too difficult to distinguish 15 between the efforts of Rabin and Peres," he said.

On the Palestine Liberation Organisation" side, "Arafat's contribution" was clearly the most important," he added.

The seven million Swedish crown ($950,000) prize will be divided equally among the three men, who will be invited to receive the money, gold medals and diplomas" in Oslo on December 10.

It was the first time in the 93 - year history of the prize that it was shared by more than two candidates. Nobel guidelines were amended last year to allow it be given to three people.


vai tro I chilc nang hi~p ll{Jc hoa binh

quan trong, tr{Jng yea. co gia tri I vilng ch&c

8T! thoo th~p

nguili trung gian, ngltili moi gidi


tMp nien.

8T! xung t1§t. 81/ tranh chilp kho hoa gidi. kho dan x€p ham doa I de doa

gidi thl1l!ng hba binh

The committee, making its choise from 132 nominees including 35 organisations, awarded the prize for the second conseoutive year to former foes in a conflict.

Last year's award was shared by South Africa's Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk for their efforts to end white minority rule",

The peace prize, named after Alfred Nobel, the Swedish inventor of dynamite, capped'" the 1994 Nobel series. Winners of the prizes in medicine, economics, physics, chemistry and literature were announced in Stockholm earlier this week.


1 role (n): [roul]

2 peace pact: [Pi:s prekt] 3 substantial (adj):

[seb'steenf 01]

4 accord (n): [e'ka.d]

5 broker (n): [brauke (r)]

6 self-rule (n): [,self'ru:l] 7 decade (n): [,dekeid]

8 conflict (n): [kanflikt]

9 irreconcilable: [i'rekensailebl] 10 to menace (v): ['men as]

11 the award of the peace prize:


12 opportunities; [,.:>po'tju:niti] 13 fraternity (n): [fre'temiti ] 14 committee's choice: [tfois] 15 to distinguish (v)

[ dis'tingwif]

nhitng ca h9i. nhilng ca may tinh anh em

81! tria ch{Jn cua uy ban phfin bi~t



16 Palestine Liberation Organisation: [.~:gl)nai'zeifn] 17 contribution (n): [,k:mtri'bju:f n]

18 diploma (n): [di'ploume]

19 to end white minority rule: [mai'noriti]

20 to cap (v): [keep]

Biti djch tham khan:

TIl chite GUii phimg Palestine (P.L.OJ


giay khen, bdng khen I bdng rop I van kifn chink thac

ket thric sri tM'ng try (quyin lz.tc) cua ngztiJi da tr&.ng thilu 80'

vlLtft. lam tot hdn I ctQi mil cho ai I ngd mil chao



OSLO ~ Thu tuang I-na-en Yitzhak Rabin, ngoai trl10ng Shimon Peres va Chi'I tich T6 chuc Giiii ph6ng Pa-le-xtin Yasser Arafat rung nh4n gi8.i thudng Nobel Hoa binh nam 1994 VaG hom thu sau, doco nhung d6ng gop trong vi~ tao ra hi~p uoc hoa binh lich su: Ix.raen -T6 chl3tc GiiH ph6ng Pa-Ie-xtin,

Ban tuyen duong cUa gi8.:i Nobel ghi rAng:ba nha chmh tri dB. cO nhiing d6ng gop quan trong vao ti-e'n trinh lich sU:, trong d6 hoa binh va hop me Wi thay the cho chie'n tranh va thu h~n.

Thoa hi~p thang 9 - 1993 rna Na Uy giup lam trung gian da thiet l~p dttejc 81;1 tl,i ttl ena ngudi Palestin {j dai Gaza va bd Tay Jericho.

Dng Sejersted, Chu tich try ban Nobel Na Uy n6i: "Trong 8u6t nhieu th~p nien, s\1 xung dQt giua Ixraen vA cae quOc gia lang gieng, giua ngUd1. Ixraen va ngliOi Pt.-le-xtin thuQc vao loai


nhimg v"n de chinh tri QU6C tA khO hOa giai nhat va mang tinh

de dQ8 nh«"t. Cae ben di gay cho nhau n3i dau Mn". •

Gng n6i: "Vdi vi~ trao giii thl1dng hOa binh, Uy ban mudn ton vinh mQt hAnh dc}ng chinh trj doi hoi lOng can dam cua ca hai phia va dii md ra nhung eo hQi cho mqt 811 phat tri~n mm. huang Wi tinh huu nghj anh em d Trung DOng". Vi~c ong Peres ciing dl1qc trao gifti dB. khi€n nhiing ngttdl theo doi trao giai Nobel ng~c nhisn, hQ dii cho ring giii thudng chi trao cho Rabin va Arafat rna thoi.

Ong Sejersted n6i rAng vi~ Uy ban chon l~a hai ngttm lxraen va mc}t ngl1cn Pa-le-xtin d~ trao giai khong cO nghia lA Uy ban cho ring ngUdl Do Thai di c6 nhi~u n6 It,tc han cho boa binh.

Dng n6i: "Chung Wi chen thea each nay vi chung tOi thay th.t kh6 c6 th~ phan dinh rach roi nhung n6 Iue eua hai ong Rabin va Peres".

Ong noi th~m: "Vg phia T6 chuc Giai phong Pa-Ie-xtin. dong gOp cUa ong Arafat rO rang 18. quan trQng nh«"t".

Giai thudng bay tri~lU cua-ron Tb\lY Dit1n (tt.tdng dl1dng 950.000 do la), huy chuang va hAng khen se dl1QC chia d~u cho ba ngl.1dl d Oslo vao ngay 10 thang 12.

Diy lit IAn dAu tien trong 93 nam lich s\t cUa minh, giai thuesng cO tren hai ifng cd vien cilng nh~.n mQt giai. Chu trl1dng cUa giai Nobel dii duQC sua d6i nAm qua M cho phep trao giai thudng cho ba ngum..

Day lit nim th(f hai lien ti6p Uy ban da th\fc hi~n vi~ chon h,ta trong 86 132 ung cd vien g6m 35 t6 cltuc. quyet dinh trao


gisi thuang cho nhirng' ngUOl. tUng lA C\1U thu cUa nhau. trong mQt cU§C xung dQt.

Gisi thudng nim vitaI"6i duqc trao chung cho Nelson Mandela cUa N am Phi va F. W de Klerk vg n6 l\fc cua he nham cham dfrt sv: th6ng tri cUa ngUdi da tring thi@u s6:

Gisi thUang HOB binh mang ten ciia Alfred Nobel, ngUOl.

Thuy Di~n phat minh rachat ne) dinamit, da vuQt len trong s6 cac giai Nobel 1994. Nhang ngUOi dat gisi Nobel vg Y hQC. Kinh ~, V~ It, H6a hee va Van hoc .dB. dlicjc cong b6 vaodAu tuAn nay d Stockholm.


NEW DELH!... Asia's I largest meeting on cancer began here Sunday with Indian Prime Minister" P.V. Narasimha Rao urging" developing nations" to step UpB the fight against the deadly .health threat",

"Preventive aspects" need to be enormously developed in developing countries which are faced with financial and technological problems .. 9, he said, while kicking off the weeklong International Cancer Congress 10.

"Mobilisation" of resoureea'" and organisation" and maintenance of medical machinery were the main problems faced'" bydeveloping" nations", he said.

He said 600,000 new cancer patients" were detected in India -every year and added that more specialised centres were


needed to combat the problem.



h9i nght vi b~nh ung thli I eU9c h9P miit tluio luan. vi benh. ung thu

Thu tUdng An £)9

thuc giuc, thuc -dfiy, c/f thuyef. phuc, ho'i thtic, khuy€n' khich cac quoc gia dang phtit triln d6.y manh.

hie'm hoa chef. ngum. dOl vm sue

khoe "-_ ..

The conference, attended by more than 6,000 participants from 80 nations, has been organised by the Geneva-based International Union Against CancerI7(UICC), the largest professional non-governmental body of its kind.

The quadrennial meeting" will focua'" on the treatment/" and prevention" of cancer, which claims some 4.3 million lives every year, with developing countries accounting for some 70 percent of the deaths.

Experts also expect' a stiff proposalf" against smoking, identified as one of the most serious health threats today.

Australian specialist and anti-smoking crusader'" Nigel Gray, the UIee president-elect, said 30 percent of cancer cases stemmed from tobaco.

Doctors say cancer affects 30 percent of HIV-positive sufferers who fall prey due to low immunity levels.

Tit v\l'ng: 1 Asia:

2 meeting on cancer: ['keense tmi.tin]

3 Indian Prime Minister: 4 to urge (v): [o:d.31

5 developing nations: 6 to step up:

7 the deadly health threat: [8 ret]


BRi dich tham khao;


New Delhi . H~i nghi lCin nh~t ve ung thu cua ehau A khai mac t~i New Delhi vao ham chii nhQ.t vm s\1 chii tea cua Thu hldng An DQ P. V. Narasimha Rao, nhAm thuc giuc cac mt6c dang phat tri~n dAy manh cUQc dAu tranh ch6ng Iai hi~m hQft ch~t ngUdi d6i vm suc khOe nay.

Phat bi~u trong l~ khai mac HQi ngh] Ung thu qu6C t~ keo dai mQt tuan l~, Thu tudng An DQ n6i: "Cae bi~n phap phong ngita can duQc tri~n khai rQng khAp d cac nttdc dang phat trign, nhung mtoc dang phai duong dAu vdi cac v~n de tili chinh va ky thuat",

<Jng n6i: "Huy dQng cac ngu6n tai nguyen va t6 chtrc, duy tri gu5ng may y t6, d6 Is nhimg vA'n d~ chinh rna cac quoc gia dang phat tri~n phai dOl ph6".

Thii tudng cho hiet,mOi nam c6 600.000 b~nh nhan ung thu dB. dUQc phat hi~n d An DQ. 6ng cling noi them, cAn co them cae trung tam chuyen khoa nfia d~ "chien dau" vili can b~nh nay.

HQi nghj da di~n ra vdi s\1 tham dg cua hem 6.000 dai bi~u tit 80 qu6c gia dUQc 16 chtrc bbi Hiep hQi quOc te ch6ng ung thu (UICC) cO tru ad d~t tai Geneva, mQt 16 chue ehuyen nghiep phi chinh phil IBn lih8't t~uQc loai nay.

HQi nghi hop 4 Dam mQt IAn se tQ.p trung VaG vi~c dieu tri va ngan ngira b~nh ung thu, can b~nh "lay di" mang song cua khoang' 4,3 tri~u nguoi hang nam, trong d6 cac nUdc dang phat tri~n c6 khoimg 70% cac truirng hop hi t1:.l V?P.g.


Cae chuyen gia cling mong dQi mQt de nghi cuong quy6t chong hut thuec la rna ngay nay dl1QC xem nhu la m~t trong nhimg mOl de doa nghiem trong nhat dOl vdi sac khoe,

Chuyen gia ng1idi Dc d6ng thoi Iii ngttdi v~n dQng khong hut thuoe la, ong Nigel Gray, vi chu tich mdi dl1QC bAu eua VICC, noirAng 30% trttdng hop ung thu la do hut thuOc hi.

Cac bac si n6i rAng benh ung thu "tA"n cCing"30% nhfing ngl1di bi nhi~m HIV duong tfnh do kha nang mien dich thap.


', ,

I - -.

.. !t


. ....


, ,


1. BRUCE LEE (1940·1973)

Bruce Lee flashed brilliantly like a meteor' through the world of martial arts 2 and motion pictures. Then, on July 20 1973, in Hong Kong, like a meteor > he vanished, extinguished by sudden death. He was just 32.

Bruce Lee began his martial arts studies with wing chunk, under the tutelage" of the late Yip Man, to alleviate" the personal insecurity instilled" by Hong Kong city life. Perhaps because his training enveloped him to the point of fanaticism', he was eventually able to refine, distill and mature into a

, philosopher, technician and innovator of the martial arts.

Mter intensive study of different martial arts styles and theories, Lee developed a concept of martial arts for the individual man. This concept he later labeled Jeet Kune Do, the way of the intercepting fist. It has antecedents' not only in his physical training and voluminous! martial arts library (over two thousand books), but in his formal education as well (a philosophy major" at the University of Washington, Seattle).

Lee also combined his martial arts expertise with his knowledge of acting skills and cinematic techniques, starring in several motion pictures: The Big Boss, First of Fury, Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon.

Bruce Lee's death plunged both martial arts and film enthusiasta'" into an abyss" of disbelief. Out of their growing demand to know more of and about hoo, his Tao of Jeet Kune


Do was published, which IS now followed by BRUCE LEE'S FIGHTING METHOD.



1 meteor ['mi.tio: (r)] (n) = small sao bang mass of matter that enters the

earth's atmosphere from outer

space, making a bright streak

across the night sky as it is

burnt up:

2 martial art ['ma:fl a:t] (n)

. .,-

man the'thao vo thu(tt nhrt

fighting sports such as judo vo judo va karate , and karate:

3 tutelage ['tju:tilidJ] (n) (fml) = s¥, gidm. hQ, 81/ dl;LY d6, kem protection of an authority over egp

a person, country, etc;

guardia nshi p:

4 alleviate [e'li.vieit] (v) =' lam cho (cai gi) bat gay go,

make (sth) less severe; ease:

5 instil [in'stil] (v) = sth (in/into sb) cause sb gradually to acquire (a particular destrable quality);

6 fanaticism [fe'neetisizm] (n) great or obsessive enthusiasm:

7 antecedent T,renti'si:dontl (n) (fml) = (plurial) person's ancestors or past life

lam diu

lam cho ai dan dan co" al/t;lC (m9t tinhchtit mong muon eu the). lam thdm. nliuan

nhi~t tinh ldn. hoge co tinli chat am dnh; s¥, eu{i'ng tin,

say me .

to'tien ho¢c diJi sang qua khit eua m9t ngr.tiJi; lai lich; tiln sa " ...


8 : voluminuos [ve'luimines] (vi sl/ viti ltich) nhii'u vi sit

(adj) (fml) or (joe) = (of lrtf!TllJ. phong phd; :miiu writing) great in quantity; tlj,p, (to'se)


9 major rmeidJa(r)] (n) ::::; man ho(ic kh6a_ hoe chinh principal subject or course cUa mqt sinh- vien tai trrtdng of a student at college or cao adng hoij,c d{z.i h{1c university:

10 enthusiast [in'Bju.zieest] (n) ngrtiJi say me, ham me) - (for/about sth) person

filled with enthusiasm:

11 abyss [e'bis] (n) = a hole so lui stiu tUn n6i hinh. nhu: deep that seems to have no khang cO day, vl/C tMm bottom:

Bai djeh tham khao:

. ~.


(1940 - 1973)

Ly Ti~u Long 16e sang rl/-c ra nhu mQt vi sao bang trong the' gidi vo thuat va di~n anh. Sau d6, vao ngay 20 thang 7 nam 1973, d HtlJlg KOng, ciing giong nhu mQt anh sao hang - Anh vut tAt bili cai chet dQt ngQt. Anh chi mdi 32 tu6i.

Ly Ti~u Long bAt d~u hoc vo thuat bAng cOn nhi khiic, dllqc ong Yip Man qua c6 day deS, d~ giam bOt di cam giae m~t an toan dang tran ng~p xli hQi H~ng Kong . C6 Ie vi~ kh6 luy~n nhieu dii khien anh tro nen say me mon vo thu~t nay den mire cu~ng tin, cUOl rung anh da tao dllQC cho-minh kha nang chAt


IQc, tinh luyen va dat Wi di? chin d€ trd thanh mQt trie't gia, mi?t b~c th&y ... va la mQt ngiroi ti€n hanh d6i mdi cac man vo thuat.

Sau khi nghien cuu sau phong each va Iy thuyet cua cac man vo thuat khac nhau, Ly Ti€u Long phat tri€n mQt khai niem v€ vo thuat ca nhan. Khai nism nay sau d6 du'Qc anh d~t cho cai ten la Trit$t Quy€n Dao . phuong phap danh chan bang qua dil'm. Man vo nay bAt ngudn khong chi tu nhimg t~p Iuyen v~ th@ cha't cua anh va tit thu vi~n c6 ra't nhieu tai li~u v~ cac man phai vo thuat (hen 2000 quy~n sach), rna con ca. tu giao due chinh qui ciia anh nua (anh hoc Trie't hQC d Dai hoc Washington, d Seattle),

Ly Ti€u Long cling ktt hop st,t tinh thong vo thuat cua anh vdi kitn thtrc cua anh v~ cac kg nang di~n xuat va cac kg thuat dit$n anh, anh d6ng vai chinh trong mQt so cac bQ phim: The Big Boss, First of Fury, Way of the Dragon va Enter the Dragon.

Cai che't cua Ly Ti~u Long da khie'n cho nhfmg ngtidi ham mt? anh ca v~ vo thuat IAn di~n anh bang hoang sau sllc. Do nhu diu cua nhimg ngttdi ham mQ ngay cang muon bie't nhieu hon va bie't v€ anh, cuon sach Tao of Jeet Kune Do da du'Qc xua't ban, tie'p sau d6 13. cuo'n sach Bruce Lee's Fighting Method.


In the past few years, hundreds of magazines and newspapers stories have been written about Bill Gates and his company. The reason? . The Microsoft Company! is extremely successful". It has made Bill Gates one of the richest men in the world.


William Gates III* was born in 1955 in the western city of Seattle, Washington. He became interested ina computers when he was 13 years old. When most young boys his age were playing baseball" or football", young Bill Gates was learning to write computer programs", These programs tell computers how to perform useful tests'.

Bill Gates attended Harvard University" after high school.

At Harvard, he began developing the computer language" called BASIC. He began to think that the computer would some day become a valuable tool'? that could be used in every office and home.

Bill Gates returned to Seattle where he established!' the Microsoft Company in 1975. It employed" only 3 workers. Microsoft developed computer software for established American companies 13 like General Electric and City Bank. Soon, Microsoft was working with the International Business Machine Company known as IBM14.

In 1984 IBM began selling a personal computer15 that used Microsoft products as part of its operating system. By then Microsoft had 129 workers.

Today IBM still uses Microsoft's computer operating system'". So do many other computer companies. One of the most famous Microsoft products I'! is the program called WINDOWS. WINDOWS makes it much easier to use a computer. Company officials 18 say Microsoft has sold about 40 million copies of the WINDOWS program around the world:

Microsoft does thousands of millions of dollars in business each year. It now has more than 16,OOQworkers in mote than


48 countries. Microsoft today produces computer programs 19 in 30 languages and sells them in more than 100 countries.


'" Bill Gates III:

Bill Gates I:

Bill Gates IUJr; Bill Gates III:

1 Microsoft Company:

2 to be extremely successful: 3 to become interested in:

4 baseball (n) : [beisbo.l]

5 football = rugby (cua Anh): soccer = football (cua Anh)

6 to write computer programs:

7 to perform useful tests:

8 Harvard University:

9 to develop the computer


10 valuable tool; 11 to establish; 12 to employ:

13 established company:

Bill Gates, di1i. thll III Bill Gates, dili b{/IBill Gates, aiJi con II Bill Gates, am ciuiu III

Cong ty Microsoft· cong ty chuyen san xu({t pluin. mem may vi tinh

cue ky thanh. cong

quan tdm, chu j, thich thri vm mdn bong chdy

bong bdu due

bong trim, bong dri

viet cdc ch rirJllg trinh cho may vi tinh

thi hanh'i thlje hifn, hoan. thanh. me bai thi trife nghifm, bat thi

m9t trong nhilng c1t;li h9C ntJ'i tieng eua My, thuQe bang' Massachusetts

phdt trifi'n ngdn ngit may vi tinh

co gici tri, l(li khi co gid tri thanh. la,p, sang lrj,p

dung) 8U' dung

c6ng ty eta dil{lc thanh. l(ip

' ...


14 IBM (International may kink doanh quae te'
Business Machine):
15 personal computer: may vi tinh. ca nhan.
16 Microsoft's computer h~ diiu hanh may tinh. ,
operating system: Microsoft
17 Microsoft product: san phiim cua Microsoft
18 company officials: cdc nhnn vien cUa cong ty
19 to produce computer san xu6t cdc chuang trinh cho
programs: may-vi tinh. Bal djch tham khao:


Trong vai nam qua, hang tram diu chuyen tren cac nhat bao va tap chi dii dii duQC dAng wi d@ n6i ve Bill Gates va cOng ty cua ang. Ly do? Cang ty Microsoft cue ky thanh cong! Cang ty nay da lam cho Bill Gates trd thanh mQt trong nhung ngUdi giau nhil"t th~ giili.

William Gates ddi thii III. sinh nam 1955 tai thanh ph6 phia Tay Seattle, bang Washington. Qng da quan tam de'n may tinh hie len 13 tu6i. Khi da sO cac c~u be trac tu6i ang choi b6ng chay hay b6ng bAu due thi Bill Gates hoc each vie't chirong trlnh cho may vi tinh. Nhfing chuong trlnh nay chi ra cho may tinh each hoan thanh nhftng trAc nghiem huu ich. Bill Gates dB. theo hQC Dai hoc Harvard sau khi t6t nghiep trung h9C. Tai trttdng D~i hoc Harvard, ang dB. bilt dAu phat tri@n ngon ngil may tinh duqc d$t ten la "BASIC". Dng 00 bAt dAu nghi d.ng


may vi tinh mQt ngay nao do se trd thanh mQt ding C1,l hftu ich co th~ ducjc su dung trong moi van phong va moi nha,

Bill Gates _ trd vi! Seattle ndi ong da thanh l*p cOng ty Microsoft vao nam 1975. Cong ty nay chi su dung 3 cong nhan, GOng ty Microsoft dii phat tri~n phan mem may vi tinh cho cac cOng ty Hoa Ky da duQC thanh I;}p nhu General Electric va City Bank. Ch;1ng bao lau, Microsoft lam vi~e vdi Cong ty may kinh doanh Qu6c ~ du(jc biift difn v{ri cai ten IBM:

Vao nam 1984, IBM b~t dAu ban ra loai may tinh ca nhan su dung cac san phflm cua Microsoft nhu la mQt phan ciia h~ dieu hanh. Vao thin gian do, Microsoft c6 129 cong nhan, Ngay nay, IBM vAn dang sU: dung h~ dieu hanh may tinh ella Microsoft. Nhieu cang ty may tinh khac ciing v*y. Mi}t trong nhftng san ph~m nGi tiifng nhlft eua Microsoft la chuong trinh duQC gQi la WINDOWS. WINDOWS lam cho vi~ su dung mi}t may vi tinh trd nen r6t d@ dang. Cac nhan vien ctia cOng ty cho hay Microsoft da ban ra khoang 40 tri~u ban chirong trinh WINDOWS tren khap the' gioi.

Microsoft lam ra hang ngan trieu do-la trong vi~c kinh doanh mlii nam, Hien nay, cOng ty co hon 16.000 cong nhan tai hOO 48 qu6c gia. Ngay nay, Microsoft san xuflt cac chuong trmh may tinh bAng 30 ngfm ng'll va ban chung tai hon 100 qu8C gia.

3. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706 ~ 1790)

Benjamin Franklin was a great force in the history of the United States. He was a writer, printer, inventor, and diplomat. He was the only person to sign four historic documents. They

" ..


are the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Alliance with France, the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, and the

Constitution of the United States. •

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts.in 1706. He learned printing as a boy. He taught himself mathematics, science, and five foreign languages. Benjamin Franklin left Boston when he was 17. He settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He worked for several printers. Then he bought his own print-shop. He wrote and published a newspaper called the "Pennsyluania Gazette". He became wellknown as the paper became successful. Franklin had even more success with a publication called "Poor Richard's Almanac". It was famous for wise saying that people still use today, for example:

"Early to bed and early to rise

Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

In 1730 he married Deborah Reed. They had 3 children.

Benjamin Franklin wanted to improve life in Philadelphia. He served as its post-master. He helped establish the first library and organize a fire department. He started a program to light city streets, gathered money to open a city hospital, and helped establish the city's first university. Benjamin Franklin also was a scientist. His experiments proved that lightning is electricity. He invented the lightning rod' to protect buildings from lightning damage. He invented a stove that heated a room more effectively than other stoves. He also invented bifocal eyeglasses 2 that permit two kinds of lenses to be set in a single frame. Benjamin Franklin helped establish the government of the United States by helping to write the Declaration of





Independence and the Constitution. Later, he served 8S a diplomat to France.

He died in 1790 at the age of 84. But he continues to have an effect on the United States today. When he died, he left 5,000 dollars each to the cities of Boston and Philadelphia. Part of the money was to be used for public works after 100 years and the rest after 200 years.


1 lightning rod:

2 bi-focal eye-glasses:

cpt thu l6i kinh hai trong

Biti djch tham khao:


Benjamin Franklin la m~t ngl.1ai co anh huang IOn trong lich S11 Hoa Ky. Ong la mQt nha vim, mQt cho. nha in, nha phat minh va nha ~go:;li giao. Dng la ngttm duy nhtt ky ke't b6n van ki~n co tinh lich SUo Do III Ban Tuyen ngon DQc l~p, Hiep udc Lien minh vdi Phap, Hi~p uoc Hoa binh vai Anh va Hi€n .phap cua Hoa Ky.

Ong Benjamin Franklin sinh 0 Boston, bang Massachusetts vao nam 1706. Ong da hoc ngh~ in khi con be. ang dB. tv: hQC toan, khoa hQC va 5 ngoai ngU'. Dng Benjamin Franklin dB. rai Boston khi ang 17 tueii. Ong dB. dinh cU tai Philadelphia, bang Pennsylvania. Ong da lam vi~c cho nhieu nha in. Sau do ong dB.



mua cho Minh mQt nha in rieng. Dng da viet bai va xu(t bim mQt ta bao co, ten 18. "Peesylvania Gazette." Ong trb n~n n6i tie'ng khi td bao thanh cOngo Ong Franklin th~m chi con thanh cong hOO vdi mQt An phAm mang ten "Nien lieh cUa 'chang Richard kh6n kh6." An ph&m nay nBi tieng vOi nhimg' Call cham ng6n thong thai rna cho den nay nglt<n ta vAn con sli dung, ching han nhu:

"Ngil sdm va d~y sdm

Lam cho con ngttm. khoe manh, giau c6 vii khan ngoan."

Nam 1730, ang da cum Deborah Reed. HQ c6 ba con. Ong Benjamin Franklin mu6n giup cho cUQc song cua ngUdi dan d Philadelphia duljc tOt hOO. Ong Iii TruOng phong buu di~n d do. Dng da giup thanh l~p thu vi~n d&u tien va t6 chirc m{)t Sd Ctru hoa cho thanh ph6 nay. Dng da de xuong mQt chuong trinh ehieu sang cac dl1dng pho. quyen go,p tien bac d~ md mQt b~nh vi~n cua thanh pho va giup thanh l~p trttemg dai hQC dAu tien cua thanh pho. Dng Benjamin Franklin con lA mQt nha khoa hQC. Cac thi nghism cUa ang da chirng Minh rAng set iii di~n. Ong da phat Minh ra cQt thu lai d~ bao v~ cac tOa nha khoi bi thi~t hai do bi set danh, Ong da phat Minh ra mi}t loai 10 surn co, thg sum Am mQt din phong hi~u qua hOO cac loai 10 sudi khac. Dng ding da phat Minh ra kinh hai trong, cho phep hai IOQ.i trong nip trong mQt gong kinh. Ong Benjamin Franklin da giup thanh li}.p Chinh phii d Hoa Ky qua vi~c giup soan thao Ban Tuyen ngon DQc l~p va Hien phap, Sau nay. ang Iii mQt nha ngoai giao tai Phap,

Ong mAt nam 1790, httbng tho 84 tu6i. Nhirng ngay nay, ang vin tiep tuc co, anh h1idng dOl vdi Hoa Ky. Khi angqua dm., ang da d~ lai cho hai thanh pho Boston ... a Philadelphia, moi


thanh ph6 5.000 do-lao MQt phAn cua s6tign nay dtic;Jc stl dung cho esc cong trinh cong cQng sau 100 nam va ph lin con 1fP, sau 200 nam,


No one ever thought Michael Faraday would change the world, least of all! his own family.

His development of the principles of the generator and electric motor provided a way to make electrical energy by mechanical rather than chemical action. Modern civilization, based heavily upon electricity, owes more to Faraday than to anyone else, scientists say.

But such a feat2100ked unlikely early in his life. Born in the Newington Butts section of London, Faraday was one of 10 children in a poor, uneducated family.

Faraday (1791 - 1867) attended day school for several years where he learned basic reading, writing and arithmetic", He knew nearly nothing about advanced mathematics.

When the penniless Faraday turned 14 in 1805, he found a needed job as apprentice to London bookbinder George Riebau.

During the next seven years with Riebau, Faraday took advantage of his environment by reading books on science and chemistry. Among Faraday's favorites were Jane Marcet's "Conversations in Chemistry" and the scientific entries in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

When Faraday didn't understand something in the books, he queried Riebau and his well-to-do" clients .



When no one could answer his questions, he conducted" experiments. He scoured" books to learn how to· build equipment to carry out these experiments. While with Riebau, he built his own electrostatic machine.

His hard work and inquisitive 7 attitude paid off 8. In 1812.

Faraday received tickets from one of Riebau's customers. Royal Philharmonic Society co-founder William Dance, to hear four lectures by Humphry Davy at the Royal institution.

Davy was a famous chemist and teacher' who directed the Royal Institution's lab. Faraday attended every lecture and took detailed notes, according to Frank James, a Faraday expert at the Royal Institution in London.

Although Faraday had no reason to expect Davy to see him. he called on Davy at the Royal Institution later in 1812 and presented the notes he had made. In that meeting, he asked for a position in th~ science department. Davy said he had no job available, but he interviewed Faraday anyway.

Davy was impressed enough that, when a job as his chemical assistant opened in 1813, he gave it to Faraday. Faraday worked hard conducting experiments for Davy and for himself.

Around 1820, Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted discovered the relationship between magnetism and electricity. Davy and Faraday grew interested.

After many failed experiments, Faraday in September 1821 demonstrated electro-magnetic rotation", Working alone he found that the flow of electric current caused a magnet to

revolve around a wire carrying current.



These movements continued as long as the current continued to flow.

Here was the principle of the electric motor.

Faraday died in 1867 and was buried in Highgate Cemetery in England.

Tit v\IDg:

1 least of all (idm) = to an insignificant degree:

2 feat [fi.t] (n) = successful completion of sth needing skill, strength or courage:

3 arithmetic [o'riGmotik.} (n) = branch of mathematics that deals with calculations using numbers:

4 well-to-do (adj) = prosperous; wealthy:

5 conduct rk:mdAkt}(v) = direct (sth); control; manage:

6 scour rskau6 (r)] (v) = go over (an area) thoroughly searching for (sb/ath):

7 inquisitive [in'kwizitiv] (adj) = (too) fond of inquiring into other people's affairs:

d m9t mIlc aq khong dOng ki; kem han. ca; kh6ng chut nOO s1/ hoan tat thank cong otii gi cdn den 51! khio leo, suc manh: hcXic long can aam, kjt cOng

ngiinh toan hoc lien quan den tinli todn. bting cdc con so; sO' hC)c

thjnh Ultt;tng; giliu co.

chi ar;zo (vi~c gi); kie'rn socit; quan lj

di kMp eli (m4t vung) de" tim tbi (ai I ccii gO

thich dO hoi vi cong v~c coo nglIiIi khtic; to mo


8 pay-off (phr.v) (intml) ::: (of (vi m(jt chinh sach), chieu a risky policy, course of huang hoat dqng day ri.U roo action, etc) bring good v.v . .) dem. lai ktt qua tot;

results; be successful; thanh. cong; co hi~u lljc


9 rotation [rou'teifn] (n) = s~ quay ho{ic hi quay rotating or being rotated:

Bai djch tham khao:


Khang mQt ai nghi rAng Michael Faraday se lam thay d6i the gidi, gia dinh cUa ong lai cang khong nghi nhu the.

Vi~ ang phat minh cac nguyen Iy cua may phat di~n va dQng co di~n ds. mang lai mQt each tao ra nang hrong di~n bl1ng hoat dQng co khi thay vi bAng hoat dQng h6a hoc, Cae nha khoa hoc cho rAng: N~n van minh hien dai, phu thuQc phan Ibn V30 di~n nang, chiu on Faraday nhieu hon ba't cU ai khac,

Nhung mQt ky cong nhu the dUdng nhu khong xua't hi~n sam trong cUQc din ang. Sinh ra trong khu Newington Butts cua Luan Don, Faraday 13 mQt trong rntidi dua can cua ml}t gia dinh ngheo kh6 va khong diroc hoc hanh,

Faraday sinh nam 1791 va mitt nam 1867, ong di hQC b tntdng day ban ngay dUQc vai ba nam, lJ d6 ong hQC nhiing man cd ban: dQC. viet va s6 hoc, Ong hAu nhu khong biet gi v~ toan cao cAp.

Khi c~u Faraday ngheokhdng met xu dinh tui len 14 tu6i vao nam 1805. c~u tim dtiQc mQt cong viec cau cAn lam la hoc vi~c vdi ang George Riebau, mQt ngttCti dong sach b Luan Don.



Trong bay nam s6ng vdi ong Riebau, ong Faraday t~n dung moi truong lam vi~ cUa Minh bAng viec dQC cac sach v~ khoa hoc va hoa hQC. Trong siS cac tac pharn rna Faraday yeu thich co "Conversations in Chemistry" (Cdc bai noi chuy~n vd h6a hf)C) ciia ba Jane Marcet va cac muc vg khoa hoc trong cu6n Bach khoa til eliin Britannica.

Khi oog Faraday khong hi~u di~u gi do a trong sach, ang hoi ang Riebau va cac khach hang giau c6 cua ang.

Khi khong ai tra I(fi duqc cac cau hoi cua ang thi cng lam thi nghiem, Gog tim tOi sach va d~ hoc each che tao ra thiet hi d~ thuc hi~o cac thi nghiem nay. Trong khi lam vi~ vdi ang Riebau, aog da che tao ra chiee may tinh di~n cua rieng ang.

St;i: him vi~c ct}t h;tc va tinh thAn say me tim hii!u cua cng da duQC den dap. Nam 1812, Faraday nhan dUQC ve mCri. cUa m{lt trong nhtmg khach 'hang cua ang Riebau la William Dance, ngUdi d6ng sang l~p HQi DJ,li hoa tAu Hoang gia, d~ di nghe bon bu6i thuye'"t trinh cUa ong Humphry Davy a Vi~n Nghien cuu Hoang gia,

Gog Davy 13. mQt nha hOO hQC va la mQt nha giao 06i tifng, ngUCri mea hanh phong thi nghiem cUa Vi~n Nghien citu Hoang gia, Theo ang Frank James, ml}t chuyen gia nghien ci1u ve Faraday d Vi~n Nghien cUu Hoang gia a Luan Don, Faraday da tbam d~ mQibu6i thuyet trinh va ghi chep rat chi ti6t.

M~c du Faraday khong co ly do gi d~ mong dQi ong Davy cho p'p, nhung sau nay, van nam 1812, Faraday da den tham ong Davy d Vi~n Nghien cuu Hoang gia va dua cho ong Davy xem nhimg dieu Faraday da ghi chep, Trong bubi g!lip go d6, ang da


xin mQt ch3lam a phong khoa hoe. 6n~ Davy n6i ang khoog·co san vi~, nhung dil sao ong van pl,tong vAn Faraday.

Ong Davy dii cO ~ ttiC1ng kha tot ve ang Faraday den n6i nam 1813: khi oug can mQt ngttdi d cuong vi phu ta, aug 'y da danh vi tri do cho F~raday. Faraday lam vit;;c c~t luc d~ thuc hi~n cae thi nghi~m cho ong Davy va cho chinh minh.

Vao khoang nam 1820, ong Hans Christian Oersted, nha v~t Ij ngttdi Dan Mach, dB. phat hi~n ra moi lien h~ gina tit tn1iJng va di~n nang. Dng Davy vA aug Faraday trb nen quan tam den phitt Minh na-y.

Sau nhieu thi nghi~m hi that bai, VaG thang Chin Dam 1821, ong Faraday c~Ung Minh duQC s\1 quay do di~n tit. Trong khi lam vi~ mQt minh, ang kham pha ra ring dong di~n dii lam eho nam cham quay xung quanh mQt sci day c6 dong di~n chay qua. Cac chu~n dQng nay cU tiep tue ken dai khi dong di~n vAn cOn chl,f.y qua S¢ day do.

Day chinh Iii nguyen Ij cua moW di~n.

Faraday m{t nam 1867 va dUQC an tang d nghia trang Highgate d Anh Quoc.


Glenn Theodore Seaborg, the Nobel Prize-winning nuclear chemist who discovered nine atomic elements· including one, plutonium, that drastically altered human understanding of the


After earning 3 his chemistry degree from UCLA in 1934, he transferred to UC-Berkeley, earning his doctorate in 1937. ''The whole atmosphere at Berkeley was just like magic to me", he once told a reporter. By 1939, he was appointed an instructor in the College of Chemistry, but teaching did not stop his research.

potential of war . died on February 25, 1999 at his East Bay home. Seaborg was 86 and had been convalescing since a stl'9ke last summer.

Seaborg was born on April 19, 1912, in Ishpeming. a small mining town in northern Michigan. He said he had been so shy as a boy that his mother arranged with his teachers to allow him trips to the bathroom without asking because he was too bashful' to raise his hand.

In 1922, the Seahorgs - his father, mother, and sister - moved to Southern California in search of opportunity. He attended high school in Watte, and, in his junior year, took chemistry from an enthusiastic teacher. "1 just thought, My God, why didn't anybody ten me this?", Seaborg said once, Just like magic 2.

Then, In 1941, leading a team that include Edwin McMillan, Joseph Kennedy and Arthur Wahl, he used a 60-inch cyclotron' built by Lawrence to bombard" a sample of uranium with deuterons, transmuting'; it into plutonium (atomic number 94). Before the experiment, chemists believed that uranium (number 92) was the heaviest element.

By tradition, the symbol for plutonium should have been PI. But, Seaborg instead named it Pu . the sound a chil~ makes when he holds his nose against a bad odor, he once said. nWe were just having a little fun."

The discovery led to the development of the atomic bomb, and Seaborg was one of a constellation" of bright scientists - Szilard, Robert Oppenheimer, Lawrence, Bohr, Fermi, Von Neumann and Feynman among them > made famous by the Manhattan Project.

Seaborg also is known for rearranging the periodic table, the chart of chemical elements devised by the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleyev in the 19th century. Seaborg saw that uranium had been misplaced in Mendeleyey's table, leading chemists to position the new elements improperly as well. Seaborg's revised table is now the standard one found on chemistry lab walls everywhere.

"It took a lot of guts" to buck" Mendeleyev", Seaborg once said.

In 1951, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry (which he shared with McMillan) and became something of a Swedish folk hero when he responded to the king's Nobel toast in the distinctive Swedish dialect of his mother's region.

In 1994, he received an even more unique honor when element 106 was officially named Seaborgium. In recent years, he proudly wore a blue "SG" lapel pin.

Seaborg had his stroke while being honored in Boston last August. He had been bedridden since.


Tit Vl;ing:

1 bashful ['breJful) (adj) = rlJ-t re, ben len, e l~ uncomfortably diffident and

easily embarrassed:

2 magic ['nuedJikJ (n) = any ma luc, rna th~t, SI,l anh extraordinary or irresistible hriilng hay lam cho say influence, charm, power, etc: me manli me khac thuimg, khfJng Cltiing lai drJ(jc

3 earn [e.n] (v) = gain or deserve kie'm hay dang cO dlltfC sth III return for one's cai gi do thank tich hay

achievements, behavior:

4 cyclotron ['saiklotr.:m] (n)= (Physics) an accelerator in which particles move in a spiral path under the influence of an alternating voltage and a magnetic field:

5 bombard [bom'bo.d] (v) = (Phuysics) direct high energy particles or radiations against:

6 transmute [tnenz'mju.t, tranz'miu:t] (v) = change from one nature, substance, form into another: trans-form:

s,! ell xa Clla minh

may lam gia tang v~n toe cdc hq..t cd bdn bdng -each lam cho no chuyln di)ng thea mpt quy d{w xoc'in DC do ttic dung eua m9t di~n ui£ xoay chiiu va mi)t tit truimg

b6.n cdc hq,t ca ban eo nang lllf!nC cao hay cdc tia p/Wng X(l vao m(it v{it gidO

bien d6i



7 constellation (.ionsto'lciJn] (n) ;;;: a m9t nhom. nguiIi, m9t group of associated persons, nh6m j tlllmg. V.v ..

ideas, etc:

8 gut [gAt] (n) ;;;: courage:

9 buck [bJ\k] (v) = (U.S. informal) resist obstinately; object strongly to:

81/ gan t4z. can ddm


chorw doi ki.en clliJng;

phcln dOi kf.ch li~

Bai dich tham khao:


_. ~


Glenn Theodore Seaborg, nha hba hQC h4t nhan do~t giai Nobel di kham ph-a ra 9 nguyen ,W - trong db cO mQt nguyen to la plutonium di lam thay d6i manh me nhsn thuc ciia nhAn loai ve ti~m nang eu.'l chie'n tranh - di tit tran hom 25-2·1999 tai nha rieng b East Bay, bang California. 6ng Seaborg tho -86 tu6i, va dang duong b~nh k.@: tn khi b} mQt con dQt qui xay den vdi ong Mi mira he nam ngoai.

Ong Seaborg sinh ngay 19-4·1912 0 Ishpeming, mQt thanh pho nhoo viing rno phia bile bang Michigan. Dng cho hiet, hie con nho,Ong nhut nhat den noi me Dng phai thuong Iuong voi th1i.y CD giaocua Dng cho ong duQC di nha v~ sinh rna kh6ng c&n hoi y ki€n bdi vi ong qua rut re den n6i kheng dam gid tay xin phep.

Nam 1922, gia dinh Seaborg -gem cha, me, va em gai cua ong don de"n mien Nam bang California .. dJ tim co h¢i l~p


nghiep, Dng theo hoc bac trung hQC 0 Watte, va trong nam dAU tien, hoc hoa hoe vm IriQt giao vien nhiet tlnh. Seaborg c6 IAn da k~: "Luc b;l'y gid wi chi co mQt y nghi, Lay Chua, tai sao trude day khong co ai day cho tai bie't dieu nay v~y? Th~t 18. ky di~u!".

Sau khi tot nghiep ctl nhan hoa hQC d UCLA (University of California > Los Angeles· Trudng dai hQC California a Los Angeles) nam 1934, Bng chuy~n de'n UC-Berkeley (Dai hoc California d Berkeley), ang dat dUQe h9C vi tien S1 Hoa hoc nam 1937. C6lAn ang dil n6i vOi mQt ph6ng vien: "To an bQ bAu khong kill d Berkeley th~t ky di~u dOl vili wi". Nam 1939, ong du'Qe b6 nhiem him giang vien 0 truCfng D~i hoc H6a hoc, nhung c6ng vi~ giang day kh6ng Ism ang ngitng nghien cUu.

Sau d6, den nam 1941, dAn dAu m~t nh6m nghien ciru g6m Edwin McMillan, Joseph Kennedy va Arthur Wahl, ong dB. dung mQt cai may gia tOc 6 . inch do Lawrence che tao d~ blin doteron vao mQt mAu uranium, lam bien d6i n6 thanh plutonium (nguyen ttl so 94). Trude khi c6 cuec thi nghiem nay, cac nha h6a hoc tin rAng uranium (nguyen ti1 s6 92) la nguyen to' nang nh!t.

Theo truygn th6ng, ky hi~u cho plutonium Ie ra phai la PI.

Nhung 6ng Seaborg lai dl}t cho n6 cai Wn viet tAt la Pu . am thanh rna mQt dua tre phat ra khi no bit miii d@ khoi hit phai mQt mui kho chiu, Dng dil co IAn n6i la: "Chung t6i chi dua vui mQt chut v~y thai."

Kham pha nay dB. dAn den vi~c che tao ra born nguyen ttl, va Seaborg la mQt thanh vierr eua mQt nh6m g6m ~ac nha khoa hoc loi lac . trong s6 do c6 Szilard, R.qpert Oppenheimer,


Lawrence, Bohr, Fermi, Von Neumann va Feynman· duQ'c rang

danh bai du an Manhattan. •

Ong Seaborg cung tra nen n6i tieng vi da c6 cong slip xep lai bang tuAn hoan cac nguyen to' h6a hoc, bi~u d6 cua cac nguyen to' h6a hoc do nha h611 hoc nguoi Nga, Dmitri Mendeleyev phat minh ra vao the ky 19. Ong np~n tha'y cha't uranium di'i bi d!)t sai ch6 trong bang tuan hoan Mendeleyev khisn cho cac nha h6a hoc cung d!)t cac nguyen to'moi sai eho luen. Bang tuan hoan da. dl1Qc chinh si'ta ciia ang Seaborg hien nay la bang chuan dl1QC dan trim tuong t§'t ca cac phong thi nghiem h6a hoc.

Ong Seaborg c6 IAn th61Q, "phai bao gan lAm mdi dam phan bac lai Mendeleyev".

Nam 1951, bng dUQc trao giai Nobel v~ H6a hoc (nhan chung vdi ang McMillan) va ang da. tro thanh mQt nguoi dl1Qc coi nhu la mQt anh hung dan tQc cua Thuy Di~n khi dap lai Idi chuc mung cua Due Vua cho nhilng nguoi nhan gJai Nobel bAng tha phuong ngil Thuy Di~n mang d*m net que huong cua me ang.

Nam 1994, ang nhan dl1QC mQt vinh dt;{ con dac biet hon rnra khi nguyen to 106 dl1qc ehinh thuc d!)t ten Ia Seaborgium. Trang nhirng nam gAn day ang la'y lam hanh dien mang cai kep mall xanh 10 c6 kh&e chu "SO."

6ng Seaborg da bi mot con dQt qui trong hie ang dang duoc ton vinh 0 Boston vao thang Tam nam ngoai. Ong da. phai nam li~t giuong tu d6 den nay.


IV .. Y TE - GlAo Due




Building Up Broken Bones

Scientists have come up with! a high - tech_ treatment for broken bones: a cement made of calcium phosphate that can be injected directly into wrist, knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, skull and spine fractures.

Norian Skeletal Repair System (SRS) replaces damaged spongy" bone tissue and hardens in ten minutes. The patient's body gradually replaces the cement with bone. Patients are out of casta in weeks rather than months, which means less joint stiffness and muscle atrophy", and they incur lower costs than with traditional treatment. The cement may also help strengthen bones that have been weakened by osteoporosis",

Beware Bedtime Eating

Ea t ing shortly before bedtime may e r.co ur ag e gastroesophageal reflux" (GER) in healthy people - and the heartburn" associated with it. This may cause some individuals to awaken suddenly with coughing, wheezing" or shotness of breath.

Dr. Stephen Sontag, staff physician at the Edward Hines, Jr., Veterans Affairs Hospital near Chicago, says that lying down after a meal can cause the sphincter" muscle at the top of the stomach to leak digestive acids back into the esophagus'", While someone is sitting or standing, gravity helps keep

. partially digested food in the stomach. .•


Of the 24 individuals Sontag monitored who had no history of GER, all showed significantly higher levels of acid in the esophagus when they reclined after eating. Sontag cautions that nighttime reflux may also exacerbate" asthma symptoms, and vice versa, so asthmatics should be especially wary" about indulging'! in a pre-bedtimesnack.

Tit Vl;ing;

1 come up with = find or produce tim thtiy hay nay ra (m9t

(an answer, a solution, etc .. .): cau tra lai, ni9t guii pluip, v.v ... )

2 spongy ['spAndJiJ (adj) = soft xop

elastic and able to absorb

water like a sponge:

3 (plaster) cast = .could made with gauze and plaster of Paris

to hold a broken or dislocated

bone in place:

4 atrophy ['retrofiJ (n) = wasting away of the body or part of it through lack of nourishment or use:

5 osteoporosis: 6 reflux:

7 heartburn (n) = burning sensation in the lower part of the chest, caused by indigestion:

khuon bO b9t

S1/ hao man, teo di cua co the" hog,c m9t phdn eua co the" do thie'u dinh dlldng ho{ie it su dr,tng

chung Loong xuong

(su) hOL luu.

chitng fJ nang



thCikho khe

8 wheeze [wi.z] (v) = breathe noisily, esp with a whistling

sound in the chest (eg when

suffering from asthma,

bronchitis, etc ... ):

9 sphincter ['sfil1kt6] (n) = ring of co th&t; ca vong ,

muscle that surrounds an opening in the body and can contract to close it.

10 esophagus [irsofeges] (n) = (medical) tube through which food, etc passes from the mouth to the stomach; gullet:

11 exacerbate [ig'zeesebeit] (v) = make (pain, disease, a situation) worse: aggravate:

12 wary [weeri] (adj) = looking out for possible danger or difficulty; cautious:

13 indulge [in'dAldJ] (v) = allow oneself/sb to have whatever onelhe likes or wants:

Biti djch tham khao;


thuc qtuin.

lam eho (n6i dau, benh. tq.t, m(it tinh the) xau eli han. nita; lam trdm trong them

cdnh. guic

nuong chie'u

HaD gin l~i cae xtidng gAy vo

Cac nha khoa hoc da tim ra dU<;Ic m9t phuong phap dieu tri bAng ky thuat cao cha cac xttdng gAy/va: Illi?t loai xi mang lam


bAng chat phot-phat can-xi co th€ tiern th&ng vao cac ch6 g~y vd

d c6 tay, da.u g6i, milt ca, hong, vai, SQ va xuong song. •

H~ thong phuc h6i xuong cua Norian (SRS) thay the cac rno xirong xop bi hu hai va lam cho n6 cimg' lai trong 10 phut. Co th~ cua b~nh nhan se dAn dAn thay the chat xi-rnang nay vdi xUdng cua minh. B~nh nhan duoc ga khuon b6 bQt trong viii tuan thay vi vai thang, dieu do c6 nghia la cac khdp bi cung va co it bi teo hen va phuong phap tri lieu nay c6 phi tan thnp hon phuong phap ca truyen, Chat xi-rnang nay cung co th~ giup tang cUdng cho xUdng dl1 bi yeu di vi chimg loang xuong.

Hay coi chirng an vao hie truoe khi ngu,

An nhe truoc luc di ngu c6 th€ kich thich chimg h6i !11u cac chAt an u6ng til: bao tu: trd len thuc quan (GER) d nhimg ngUdi khoe manh - 'va chung q nong di kern thea chung vira neu tren. Hien tuong nay co th€ khien mQt so' ngUdi thuc giflc dQt ngQt d€ ho, thb kho khe hoac thd han th€n.

Bac sl Stephen Sontag, bac sl dieu tri b b~nh vi~n Edward Hines, Jr., mQt b~nh vien cua Co 'quan C\1u chien binh b gAn Chicago noi rAng, neu ta nAm sau btra an, dieu d6 c6 th€ gay ra chung co thAt d cu6ng tren cua bao ttl: khien cac axit gnip cho vi~c tieu h6a thoat trb len thuc quan, Trong khi c6 ngudi lai ngfii hoac dung sau bua an, thuc an trong bao ttl da duoc tieu h6a phAn nao duqc giu lai nho trong luc,

Trong s6 24 nguoi rna bac sl Sontag hudng dAn, nhimg ngudi chua he milc chung GER, tAt ca deu dii cho thAy mire d9 axit trong thuc quan cao hen m9t each dang k€ khi ho narn sau bua an. Bac 51 Sontag canh bao ding st}: h6i luu van ban dem cling co th€ lam tra.m trong them cac trieu chirng cua b~nh suy~n, va ngiroc lai, vi vay nhimg nguci milc b~nh suyen nen dac bi~t th~n trong khong nen an mQt bua nh~ trucjc khi di ngu,



The federal government and manufacturers of the drug OxyContin have increased warnings about its use. Directions on the containers of the pain-killing medicine are being changed. They now must include a warning that the effects of OxyContin are like morphine, another drug that fights pain. The warning also must say that misusing 1 the drug can kill. Law-enforcement officials say misuse of OxyContin is linked to as many as one-hundred deaths.

The new warning labels also carry the message that only some patients should take OxyContin. The drug is meant for people suffering moderate" to severe pain over extended

periods. A doctor must write an order for this medicine. .

Doctors say people can become physically dependent on OxyContin. People can suffer from withdrawal" problems if they cannot get it. Drugstore owners report that people are stealing the drug from their stores. Illegal drug dealers are selling OxyContin on the streets.

OxyContin pills contain the pain-killing substance oxycodone. OxyContin can release oxycodone over a twelve - hour period. Taken correctly, an OxyContin pill is swallowed whole. However, an increasing number of people are crushing OxyContin into powder. They breathe powder in, or force it through the skin with a needle. These methods release the effects of the medicine at one time. This results in a temporary feeling of happiness similar to the effect of the illegal drug, heroin.



The company Purdue Pharma of Stamford, Connecticut began selling the drug -in Nineteen-Ninety-Six. Many doctors praise its effectiveness in treating cancer, severe burns and other painful conditions.

Yet protests against misuse of the drug are spre_ading. It is legal action against Purdue Pharma and a company it works with Abbott Laboratories in Chicago. For example, West Virginia began legal cases against the two companies in June. The state accuses" them, of helping cause misuse of the drug by using aggressive sales methods.

A Purdue spokesman said the company has stopped selling OxyContin pills that contain large amounts of the drug. He said Purdue has warned doctors about the drug in several ways. He also says the company has spent millions of dollars to research pain-killers that could not be easily misused.

Tit vtjng:

1 misuse [,misju:z] (v) = use sht dung (edi gi) sai hofie eho in the wrong way or for the m.¥c dich. sai; lam. dung wrong purpose:

2 moderate [moderet] (adj) = vua phdi, co muc d9 average in amount, intensity,

quality, etc ... :

3 withdrawal [wio'dro.el] (n) = process of ceasing to take an addictive drug, often accompanied by unpleasant reactions:

4 accuse [e'kju.z] (v) = say that sb has done wrong, is guilty (of sth) or has broken the law:

qua trinh cai ma tuy, thuilng hem. thea cae pluin. Ung kh6chiu

bU9C t9i

.. _


BAi djch tham khao:


Chinh phii. Lien bang My va cac nha san xu~t thudc OxyContin da gia tAng nhimg canh baa v~ each Stl dung loai thuoc nay. Cac chi dAn tr~n bao bi cua loai thu6c chong dau nay dang d1.1Qc thay d6i. Oid day cac chi d~n phai baa g6m m~t canh bao la thuOc Oxyflontin co cac hi~u \tng gi6ng nhu mooc-phin, m~t loai thuoc chong dau khac.' LOi canh bao cung cho biet r~ng vi~e lam dung thu6c Day c6 th8 gay tli vong. Cae vien chuc thi hanh phap lu~t n6i rAng vi~c lam dung thu6c OxyCantin c6 lien quan Wi 100 vu tit: vong.

Cac nhan hi~u canh bao mdi cling mang m~t th6ng tin la chi c6 mQt sob~nh nhan mdi c~n den thuOc OxyContin. Thuoc nay d1.1Qc danh cho nhirng ng1.1C1i bi dau vua phai den nhfmg' ngl1C1i dau dOn qua mUc trong mQt thdi gian dai, Loai thuOc nay phai do bac S1 ke don,

Cae bac 81 noi ng1.1C1i ta c6 th~ tro nen nghien thucc OxyContin. Ngudi ta co th8 gl).p kh6 khan nhu khi dang cai nghien neu ho kh6ng cO loai thu6c nay. Cac chu caa hieu ban thuoc cho biet rAng ng1.1Cti ta an cAp loai thu6c nay d cac hi~u thuoc cua ho. Nhimg ngudi ban rna tuy b~t hop phap dang ban thuOc OxyContin tren cac dUdng ph6.

Cac vien thuOc OxyContin e6 chua ch~t oxycodone chong dau. Thuoc OxyContin c6 th~ nha ch[{t oxycodone trong vang 12 tieng d6ng h6. Uong OxyContin dung each la nuct nguyen vien. Tuy nhien, ngay cang' c6 nhieu ngudi nghien OxyContin ra thanh b~t, ho hit hoac chich chat b~t d6 VaG da. Cac phuong


phap nay lam lam ngAm thu5c ngay l~p tUc. Vi~ nay gay nen m(lt cam giac Bung su'dng tam thin gi6'ng nhu tac dung cUa cltAt rna tiiy b~t hop phap la heroin,

Cong ty Purdue Pharma a Stamford, bang Connecticut bAt d~u ban loai thuOc nay vao narn 1996. Nhieu bac S1 khen ngqi tinh hi~u qua cua thu5c OxyContin dung trong vi~c dieu tr] b~nh ung thu, cac trttdng b<;Jp bong m}.rig va cac tinh trang hi dau d{m khac.

Tuy nhien cac phan doi chong lai viec lam dung thuoc nay ding dang Ian rQng. Vi~c cong ty Purdue Pharma va mQt cong ty khac lam viec vdi cang ty nay, d6 la cong ty Abbott Laboratories d Chicago b] dem ra ki~n cung dang Ian rQng. ChAng han, bang West Virginia da biit d~u ki~n hai cong ty nay vso thang Sau, Bang nay cao buQc hai cong ty tren da giup gay nen vi~c lam dung tbu5c OxyContin bAng each au dung cac

_ phuong phap ban hang 6 at.

Ngttdi phat ngfm ciia cang ty Purdue n6i, cong ty nay dB. ngitng ban OxyContin dang vien chua mQt ham hrong Idn ch~t rna tuy nay. bng ta n6i cang ty Purdue dB. canh bao cac bac S1 bie't va chAt rna tuy d6 bAng nhieu each. bng Ay ciing n6i cong ty dA chi hang tri~u do-Ia d~ nghien cuu die thtr thu6c ch6ng dau khong th~ de dang hi lam dung.


In developing countries, diarrhea kills 2.5 million children each year. But soon, some people will protect themselves against the scourge simply by eating raw potatoes.



Researchers have developed a potato-based vaccine against Norwalk Virus, a major cause of life-threatening diarrhoea world wide. In a clinical trial, 19 out of 20 patients who ate raw potatoes had protective antibodies against the virus in their bloodstream.

To make the vaccine, researchers from the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research in Ithaca, New York, took advantage of a bacteria that normally infects' plants: They spliced a section of the Norwalk virus's DNA into the bacteria and then used the bacteria to shuttle 2 the viral gene into the plants, which then churn out 3 viral protein.

Researchers are also developing plant-based vaccines against Escherichia coli and hepatitis B -pathogens 4 for which existing vaccines are too expensive for the developing world. "We intend to make the technology available for in-country production," says Charles Arntzen, head of the research team. Relying on local farmers, he says, would make the vaccines affordable. Hepatitis B vaccines, for example, currently cost 90 cents a dose- "with our plants, we're talking about a few cents:' .he says.

Aware of the outcry over genetically modified crops, the researchers are developing polleni-free crops so that the vaccine carrying plants would not breed with normal plants. They are also trying to engineer different colored breeds to prevent mix-ups",

Tit v1;l'ng:

1 infect [in'fekt] (v) = cause sb/sth gay eho ai / ctii gi bi to have a disease; contaminate benh; lam nhihn. d(Jc sb/sth to have a disease; ai I ctii gi

contaminate sb/sth:



2 shuttle r fAtl] (v) = (cause sth to) (lam eho ccii gi) di move or travel backwards and chuyln hofic di di lai It;ti

forwards, or to and from: ho(ic ditGi di lui

3 churn [ue.n] sth out (phr.v) san xu5t ra cai gi (infml) = produce sth (usually of (thllitng ch5t LU(jng kem)

bad quality) in large amounts: viii s({ LU{IrI,g ldn-

4 pathogen ['pre8od,Jon] (n) = any ttic nh/in. gdy benh. agent, esp, a micro-organism,

able to cause disease: '

5 pollen ['polen] (n) = fine (usually phdn hoa yellow) powder formed m

flowers, wich fertilizes other

flowers when carried to them by

the wind, insects, etc ... : 6 mix-up (n) (infml):

tinh trq,ng Lan l(in

BAi djch tham khao:



() cac mrdc dang phat tri~n, hang nam b~nh tieu chay gay tit vong cho khoang 2,5 tri~u tre em. Nhung chAng con bao lau nira, mqt 86 ngttm se tl,t bao v~ d~ ch6ng lai tai hoa nay ba.ng each an khoai t§.y s6ng.

Cac nha nghien ciru dii phat minh ra mqt loai vile-xin dUQc _ chiet xutit tu khoai My d~ ch6ng lai vi nit Norwalk, mqt nguyen nhan chinh g§.y ra b~nh tieu chay, can b~nh de doa den sinh menh cua loai ngtidi tren toan the giOi.


Trang ml}t thu nghi~m lam sang, 19 trong s6 20 b~nh nhan an khoai tay s6ng dB. c6 duoc chit de khang bao v~ ch6ng lai vi

nit nay c6 trong mau cua ho,

Il~ che tao loai viic-xin nay, cac nha nghien cuu a Vi~n Nghien cuu gi6ng cay tr6ng Boyce Thompson i1 Ithaca, bang New York, IQi dung mgt vi khuAn thong thudng lam nhiem dgc cac loai cay trong: HQ da neil mgt dean DNA cua vi nit Norwalk vao vi khuan nay va rai dung vi khuAn nay d~ dua trd lai gien ella vi nit vao cac cay trang, sau d6 cac cay tr6ng san xuat ra nhieu chat darn cua vi nit.

Cac nha nghien ciru cling dang tao ra cac viic- xin chiet xuat tit cay trang d~ ch6ng lai b~nh do vi khuan Escherichia coli gay ra va b~nh viem gan sieu vi B . cac tac nhan gay b~nh ~a cac vAc-xin ch6ng lai chung hien nay con qua d~t tien dOl vdi the gim dang phat tri~n. Dng Charles Arntzen, ngttdi dung dAu nh6m nghien CUll, n6i: "Chung wi dl,1 dinh lam cho cong nghe

? - •

nay pha bien cho san xuat nQi dia". Ong n6i rang, dua VIlO cac

chii trang trai d dia phuong thi ta se c6 th~ cung cap dAy dii cac vic-xin nay. Thi du, ml}t lieu vac-xin tri b~nh viem gan sieu vi B gia hi~n thdi la 90 cent. Ong ay n6i: "Vdi cac cay do chinh chung tai trang, chung tai dang noi den vai xu thai."

Y thirc duc;k! st! phan d6i kich liet ve cac loai cay hi bien deli gien, cac nha nghien cuu dang phat tri~n cac loai cay khong c6 phAn hoa d~ cho cac cay mang vAc-xin nay se khong lai gi6ng vOi. cac cay binh thirong. HQ cling dang c6 tao ra cac gi6ng cay co mau sAc khac bi~t d~ tranh st;t lin IQn cac Ioai cay vCli nhau .




Chronic pain - which may spnng from an injury or a progressive disease - is usually viewed as any pain that lasts longer than three months and often goes on for years. While potent drugs are often prescribed, they aren't always the best 'way to relieve' chronic pain. In one, survey funded by a pharmaceutical company, 44 percent of people with mild to moderate chronic pain, continued to suffer while taking pain medication.

Even when medicine does relieve pam, it may dull concentration and disrupt sleep. What's more, long-term use of nonsteroidal anti - inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which are sold over-the-counter or prescribed in stronger doses, can cause serious illness.

Today, many leading chronic-pain clinics are encouraging patients to cope with pain using drug-free therapies. Treatments once considered offbeat', such as biofeedback" and meditation 3, are being used at major medical centers across the country, offering new hope to the ten to thirty percent of Americans who suffer pain so debilitating" it disrupts their lives.

"Modern medicine is a three-legged stool, If says Dr. Herbert Benson, Associate Professor of medicine at Harvard. "Drugs and surgery are two legs." The third is what people can do for themselves."

Here's a rundown Ii on some of the most promising drug-free treatments available to day.