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Building Geodatabases

Duration: Three Days

Cost: $2,250.00 + GST

The Building Geodatabases course teaches essential concepts and skills needed to efficiently create a geodatabase,
add data to it, and realistically model the real-world spatial relationships inherent to your data. You will learn about
unique geodatabase features that help ensure data integrity over time and why the geodatabase is the preferred
format for storing and managing geographic data. Course concepts apply to file-based and multiuser ArcSDE
geodatabases. This course is taught using ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced.
This course is designed for

GIS analysts, specialists, data technicians, database designers, and others who need to manage and maintain
data stored in a geodatabase.

GIS managers and database administrators who need to understand the capabilities of the geodatabase may
also benefit.
Completion of ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows or equivalent knowledge is required.
Learn how to

Access GIS data stored in file-based geodatabases, multiuser geodatabases, and GIS servers.

Create an appropriate geodatabase structure to organise data for efficient storage, display, and editing.

Add rules and behaviours to ensure the spatial and attribute integrity of geographic data.

Jumpstart geodatabase design using a template data model.

Create a geodata service to share a geodatabase with desktop, web, and mobile users.
The following software will be provided to use during class:

ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop (Advanced)

ArcGIS 10.2 for Server Workgroup (Standard)

Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2

Course Outline

Exploring the geodatabase

Geodatabase components

Connecting to a geodatabase

Geodata services
Creating and loading data

Creating a geodatabase

Creating feature classes and tables

Modifying feature classes and tables

Data loading techniques

Database recovery and backups

Managing raster data

Considerations for raster management

Creating a mosaic dataset

Maintaining data integrity using subtypes

What are subtypes and when should you use them?

Creating subtypes

Specifying default values

Maintaining attribute integrity

Creating attribute domains

Applying domains to subtypes

Validating attribute edits

Relating data using relationship classes

When to use

Table cardinality

Relationship class properties and rules

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Adding attachments

Storing file-based information with features

Adding attachments using a geoprocessing tool

Designing geodatabase topologies

Topology workflow

Topology rules

Validating a topology
Sharing a geodatabase

Sharing methods: map packages and geodata


Publishing geodata services

Managing service data

Sharing map packages

Designing a geodatabase

Design process and considerations

Template data models

Project: Build a geodatabase

Create feature classes and tables

Load data

Design attribute integrity rules

Create domains, subtypes, a relationship class, and

a topology

Test rules in an edit session

Share the geodatabase schema

About Eagle Technology

Eagle Technology is a true systems integrator and open systems supplier, sourcing the best
products from a range of vendors and bringing them together to form the best total solution for
Eagle has 40 years of history in IT and is a trusted advisor to the top 100 enterprise and
government, SOE and utilities.
Eagle Technology knows that education and
training are vital to every successful GIS
implementation and understands the challenges
of getting and keeping the skills and knowledge
of your staff up to date.
Eagle Technology offers courses covering a
variety of topics related to GIS technology and
GIS applications.
Eagle Technology has a strong commitment to
quality. We evaluate each course and always
aim to improve our service to customers. We
have a variety of highly qualified trainers who
are experts in their subject, and have excellent
delivery and training skills. Our trainers are Esri
technically certified in the relevant course
technology, CTT+ Trainer (an independent IT
Training Certification) certified and Esri

Eagle Technology uses quality Esri training

material to deliver courses in an instructor-led
classroom environment. A variety of courses are
offered that explain GIS concepts, explore GIS
applications and teach participants to use Esri
GIS software and related technologies.
Instructor-led courses divide time equally
between lectures and exercises and combine
delivery, hands-on experience and class
participation to create a rich learning
Eagle Technologys training facilities in Auckland
and Wellington have been accredited as Esri
Authorised Learning Centres.

Many courses can also be delivered on-site,

which is a cost effective option if you have four
or more people who require training in the
same subject area.
Training Needs Analysis
Eagle Technology can facilitate the development of a Training Plan for an organisation in conjunction
with an implementation of Esri technology. A training needs analysis can also be undertaken post
deployment of Esri technology or at an organisation that has a mature Esri Technology deployment.
For Further Information Contact:
GIS Training Manager
+ 64 (0)4 802 1042
+ 64 (0)21 274 7525
OR visit http://www.eagle.co.nz/GIS/Training

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