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power of The Sun and meditation.

Theres no doubt about the power of the sun, the influence it has. It is
the centre of our system, it supports life on earth and without it we
wouldnt exist. But we already now that. This text is about what we
dont know about the sun. The spiritual effects, the power and the
energy it provides to the human beings.

There is something very interesting about ancient civilizations, most
them commended to the sun, and the sun was everything for them,
They possessed knowledge that we dont have right now. Most of the
ancient civilizations were enlightened; they had privileged knowledge
that we dont know how they acquired it.
For example, Mayan civilization believed in something called Hunab
Ku, which was the centre of the life, the origin of it, that everything was
created by that, but Hunab Ku was far, far away from Earth. So they
believed that The Sun was the channel between Hunab Ku and Earth.
They believed that sunlight was the energy that passed from Hunab Ku
to the Earth, using the Sun as a bridge.
But not only the Mayans believed that the sun was something more
that a star, but the Egyptians, Aboriginal Australians, The Olmec, The
Greeks, and The Aztecs believed that too. All of them had their own
solar deity.
When I first read about this sun power I asked myself; how can I get to
this power? I have the access to that power, havent I?
The answer was very simple and I didnt believe it at first sight.

If you havent practiced meditation surely you have heard about it.
Some people say that it doesnt work, that you do nothing and some
people fall asleep when practicing it.
The truth is that meditation isnt just sitting and bore yourself.

Meditation is the key to self-development, self-conscious, ancient
knowledge, peace, calm. Meditation gives you a way to be healthy and
aware in this difficult age we are living. War, accidents, corruption,
pollution, lies, manipulation, they are some of the daily things we see
in the newspaper, TV news.
With the constant practice of meditation you wont just become an
awake person, but also you will find the answer to every question that
lies beneath you.
Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Are we here to just live
in the dogma? Are there any spiritual developments that we can do?
I cant answer those questions to you because everybody has a
different illumination while practicing meditation. Youll be the only
one able to find those answers for you. But one thing is for sure,
meditation is a way to open our eyes, our hearts, our minds. And after
that, youll realize that everything in the world is worth it. Everything
is beautiful in its way. Youll develop self-esteem. Youll realize that
you have to be accepted to yourself, not to others. You will know that
you are beautiful, you are worth, you are the centre of your universe
and youll be the only one capable of changing your life, choose the
path you want and do whatever that makes you happy. Because that is
the purpose of life: happiness. If you arent happy, you wont notice the
beauty that surrounds you. Stop worrying about things, because most
of the things you worry about never happen. Everything will be fine.

You will be fine. You are the master of your future. You are the centre
of the universe.

Roberto Hernndez.

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