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Analysis - An insightful analysis of how relevant course material

was used to undertake the analysis contained in the report
The main course materials used for this report were the lecture slides and the
INFS 1602 textbook. The lectures provided groundwork for information that we
had to learn, highlighting the important factors of each component of information
systems which were backed up by the textbook which went more in depth with
the explanations.
Supply chain management and Customer relationship management were areas
explored in the first part of our report which was covered in the textbook which
provided insight to how these systems improve company processes and build
strong ties between the organisation and the consumers. The week 7 Lecture
demonstrated how products are transferred from suppliers to the customer.
Follow this flow diagram we were able to brainstorm what type of web 2.0
technologies would benefit each portion of the diagram such as storage and
Chapter 4 which covers web 2.0 technologies in the textbook went into great
depth and explored many aspects of these technologies such as its impact on
communication, cooperation and collaboration within organisations. They also
talked about how companies can manage these technologies to benefit the
business in multiple organisational contexts which we applied into our
Week 8 Lecture presented by Patrick Hung this semester, the Westpac IS security
manager illustrated how information is protected in the real world and provided
insider knowledge of how Westpac performs its security controls. He covered
many aspects of securities such as the threats posed on the assets of a company
as well as controls required to stabilise these issues in an engaging way. The
points in this lecture were further explained in the textbook in Chapters 10 and
11 which focused on how information should be secured and the ethical and
social issues associated with information systems. This allowed us to utilise these
technologies and apply it to Natural Beauty, envisioning what the threats of a
security breach would be for a mid-sized cosmetic manufacturer.
The case studies provided in the textbook also provided a strong foundation to
visualise how Natural Beauty would perform day to day operations and the
processes required in a click and mortar strategized business. Natural Beauty is
essentially utilising E-Commerce, using both offline and online operations to
deliver products to consumers, the Amazon vs. Wal-Mart case study compared
the impact of varying business decisions and highlighted which were more
effective which we incorporated into the report.