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Chapter 9

1. Obtain formulas for the deflections and slope

at point B, for the cantilever beam AB
supporting uniform load of intensity q (as
shown in figure). Where a > b.

2. A cantilever beam AB is subjected to parabolic

( )

ally varying load of intensity =

shown in the figure. Determine the deflection
and angle of rotation at free end.


3. A cantilever beam ACB supports two

concentrated load P1 and P2 as shown in the
figure. Calculate the deflection at point B and
C. Assume, P1=8 kN, P2=6 kN, L=2.5 m,

E=200 GPa and I = 18.5 x 106mm4.

Answer: yB=11.97mm and yC=4.05mm

4. A simple beam AB supports two concentrated

loads P at position shown in the figure. A support C
at the midpoint of the beam is positioned at
distance d below the beam before the load is
applied. Assuming that d=10 mm, L=6 m, E=200
GPa and I=164 x 106 mm4, calculate the magnitude
of the loads P so that the beam just touches the
support C.
Answer: P = 53 kN

5. A beam with overhang supports loads P

and Q as shown in figure. Determine the
ratio P/Q that will make the deflection at
C equal to zero.
Answer: P/Q = 4

6. A steel beam ABC is simply supported at A

and held by high-strength steel wire at B (as
shown in figure). A load P=1 kN, acts at free
end C. The wire has axial rigidity EA=1335kN,
and beam has flexural rigidity EI=85kN.m2. If
b=300m, what is the deflection at point C
due to load P.
Answer: yB=7.52 mm

7. Determine all reactions for two-span

continuous beam ABC with a fixed support at A
as shown in the figure. Also construct the shearforce and bending moment diagrams of this
beam (labeling all critical ordinated including
maximum and minimum values).
Answer: RA=6.4 kN, RB=40.7kN, RC=25.7kN,
MA= 8.5 kNm, Mmax=22.0kNm.

8. Calculate RA, RB and MA for the beam

propped cantilever beam with an overhang
shown in the figure.
Answer: RA=25 kN,
RB = 50 kN
MA = 25 kNm

9. A fixed-end beam AB is subjected to symmetric triangular load of maximum intensity qo as

shown in the figure. Determine all reactions, the equation of the deflection curve, and the
maximum deflection of the beam.

Answer: = =

= =

= ( + )/


10. A cantilever beam AB shown in the figure is a 178x102x21.5 kg Rolled Steel Joist with
E=200 GPa. The simple supported beam DE is a wood beam 100 mm x 300 mm in cross
section with E=10 GPa. A steel rod AC of diameter 6 mm, length 3 m and E=200 GPa serves
as a hanger joining the two beams. The hanger fits snugly between the beams before the
uniform load is applied to beam DE. Determine the force F in the hanger and the maximum
bending moments in Beams AB and DE due to uniform load, which has intensity q=6 kN/m.
(178 x 102 x 21.5 kg Rolled Steel Joist search from internet for beam cross section)
Answer: F = 14.2 kN,
(Mmax)AB= 25.5 kN.m,
(Mmax)DE= 9.9 kN.m