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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Many people claim to know God but really donǯt. Many so-called DzChristiansdz claim to know God but really

John will lay out 5 tests whereby we may know that we know God. That we have a personal relationship
with Him that is real and substantial not ethereal or unsubstantial.

John is in part responding to an incipient form of Gnosticism. The Gnostics believed that special esoteric
knowledge brought one into right relationship to God. Knowing, however is not enough. We must obey if
we believe. Matt. 7:21-14 also brings this issue into focus.

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-‘ ôirtually everyone knows about God in some form but not everyone Dzknowsdz God nor are they
known by Him.


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a.‘ The evidence we know Him is that we keep His Word.
b.‘ We obey the shepherd.
c.‘ James 1:22 Ȃ We deceive ourselves if we only hear but do not obey.
d.‘ We can also confuse or neglect to obey what we already know.
e.‘ We must unite knowledge with faith in obedience.
f.‘ The Great Commission Ȃ DzTeaching them to obey everything I have commandedǥdz
g.‘ It is in the Dzdoingdz that we falter.
‘     ) *+   ))   % &' ,
a.‘ This does not mean we can walk in sinless perfection as He did. He later tells us that if we
claim to be without sin we are liars!
b.‘ The thing that set Jesus apart was that He came to do the Fatherǯs will and nothing else.
c.‘ To Dzlive in Himdz is the same concept as abiding in the ôine in John.15?
d.‘ We cannot become like Him unless we take up our cross and follow Him. This means
absolute submission to the Fatherǯs will.
e.‘ How this looks for us can change over time in terms of vocation or specific ministry.
f.‘ It is ultimately His will or ours. His agenda or ours.
 % &' -
g.‘ These are transition verses.
h.‘ All things are new in Christ. It is not about external compliance with the Law but internal
obedience by the power of the Spirit.
i.‘ Darkness represents sin and ignorance. Light represents life and godliness.
j.‘ These are process commands about Dzbecomingdz. We must walk in the light so long that we
cannot stand the dark. We must resist temptation so long that there is very little in us to
which sin can appeal.
k.‘ We act out of confidence in the Word and the power of the Spirit.
l.‘ Christ is now Dzin usdz by the Spirit and that makes this new.
‘     .& !/ 0     % &' -cc
a.‘ Brother is never a term used of the world it is always of fellow believers.
b.‘ Hate has connotation of anger, bitterness, and contention. Here it means something else.
Here it is more the idea of choice.
i.‘ He is talking about not meeting the needs of those around you in the Body of Christ.
ii.‘ Love reaches out and seeks the betterment of others. Hate holds back even though it
could help.
iii.‘ This is what   talks about.
iv.‘ Jesus talks about this in ' h with the Sheep and the Goats.
(‘      +  /  1 % &' cc(
a.‘ There are volumes written about these verses!
b.‘ He writes to; children, fathers, young men. He does it out of logical sequence.
c.‘ He is still talking about walking in the light and á ááá 
    at any
point of true believers.
i.‘ îv. 12) - We will live in the light of the fact that we know our sins are forgiven.
ii.‘ îv. 13) - We have and are still Dzknowingdz Him.
iii.‘ îv. 15) - We will be strong in the Word and we will have overcome the evil one.
1.‘ You will be effectively involved in spiritual warfare, and winning!
2.‘ Satan is running this world. We are in constant battle and opposition to him
and his system.
3.‘ Spiritual warfare for most of us boils down to whether we live a life of; love,
light, faith. Loving others, living in righteousness, walking by faith rather
than sight.
4.‘ 1 John tells us this is impossible for all of us! All the power of God is in us and
available to us.   ,
5.‘ This is about our daily walk, our thought life, and our lifestyle, how we spend
our money and resources. When we selfishly refuse to share we are losing.
h‘     .&  ) % &' chc
a.‘ The underlying concept of Dzworlddz is really cosmos. A system led by Satan that leaves God
b.‘ We live in a world system that is systematically, aggressively trying to leave God out. Living
life as if God does not exist.
c.‘ Satan and the demons know that God is real but they act as if He is not.
d.‘ We see this all the time today. The main strategy we see in our country today is for man to
solve every problem and ill without God.
e.‘ We are not to have an inordinate attachment or allegiance to the things the World/Satan
i.‘ Human pride, hubris, achievement, sin presented as good.
f.‘ ô  +    :
i.‘ ./ c,:15 Ȃ Things esteemed by men are detestable to god.
ii.‘  ch:18-19 Ȃ The world hated Him and it will hate us too.
iii.‘  (( Ȃ Friendship with the World makes you an enemy of God.
iv.‘  c c(c Ȃ Jesus prayed that God would keep us from the evil one. He does
not pray that the Father would take us out of the World.
1.‘ !   ) #")   2/       
 "/   . It could be overcome by the water though.
g.‘  0/ îv. 16):
i.‘ Cravings/Lusts/Desires Ȃ all the same thing.
ii.‘ Lust of the flesh, Lust of the eyes, boasting.
iii.‘ These are what characterize this current cosmos.
iv.‘ These are also the three main categories of temptation we all experience.
v.‘ Boasting îvain glory) Ȃ being so self absorbed that it controls us.
vi.‘ If we follow these things we have only a pretense of life as it was intended.
vii.‘ We value; appearance, possessions, popularity, achievements, etc. but these are not
what God is looking for.
viii.‘ God is looking for a heart bent towards Him. A humble contrite spirit that relies on
Him alone.
ix.‘ We cannot be Dzof the Worlddz and Dzof Goddz at the same time. We cannot have
fellowship wit the Father if we are caught up in the world.
x.‘ We stay away from these things because they come form Satan, not God.
xi.‘ And they are passing away! Everything the World treasures will burn up.
xii.‘ When we die it will all stay here and we will only take our relationship to Jesus
Christ into eternity. Why then would we want to give ourselves to these things
rather than God!

How did you do with these proofs? Do you know that you know that you know God.