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Just another Internet Startup Story

rudrajeet desai
Co-Founder & CEO
Maninder Khullar


5 Friends since School / College Director

Worked together

Sales, Marketing and Technology backgrounds

Wanted to work together

Have Fun
R Ramaraj
Do something different
Founder – Ex CEO Sify

What we do

CLINCK Cyber Cafe Manager CLINCK Desktop

Server Copy Client Copy

Free Accounting & Security User interacts with Advertiser powers the
Software to Cafes Client Copy Desktop Screen
Year 1999 2000 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Jan Started Coding Market Survey Raised 2nd round

Alok Kejriwal
Borrowed money 31,000
Mar ideacts incorporated
from people Terminals
Thought of the Google
idea Partnership
Registrered Launched CLINCK
May Kept thinking National Launch
Company Desktop in Bangalore

June "

July " Met Sequoia

Launched in 40
Aug "
Cafes in Pune
Yahoo, Kinetic,
Started Pune | 2000
Sept " Hungama - Left Job
Terminals Total
Launched CLINCK
Oct " Cyber Cafe

Nov " Started Coding Raised 1st Round

Dec " Shut Shop

8,000 Cafes

31,000 Live Terminals

198 Cities

139 Advertisers

10 mil user sessions / month

120 people

7 Offices

and a truck load of chaos !!!

Internet Advertising in India

ROI Brands

Spend anywhere Spend selective

365 days Only on campaigns
Based on Leads Based on Reach
Low Revenue High Revenue
Need Right TG Need Large Inventory
It works
But only for few…

Google is not

its Google

No realistic tracking of Internet Penetration (read as who cares)

Small audience compared to TV (and TV is measured on 18K household sample)

Being Conventional is Safe for Brands (read as Brand Managers)

Too much of Analysis is Bad (read as I wish I was a Billboard)

Old School of thought (read as No thought)

Limited Publishers (read as Why you?)

My Mom does not have an Email ID & she thinks Facebook only has Photos (read as Photos
only of her Granddaughter in US)

But she watches 5 Heavy Saari @UnPluGGd.org

& Jewelry serials (fashion shows) every day
Do’s and Don'ts and the Confusions
Eat a lot of Maggi Tomato Ketchup – It teaches you to be Different

Don’t do it if you wont die for it

Don’t do it if you want to live a great life – You will work like a Dog and everyone will say
“Actually he doesn’t have a Job”

Business is making money or making something that makes money for some one else

It has to be BIG
Get funded – Always – More than what you want

Beggars are not Choosers – Never

VCs are the best thing that happened to mankind after Megan Fox – As long as you get the
right one

VCs love good presentations – They never see them – And you never get funded cause you
had a good presentation
Do’s and Don'ts and the Confusions
Get a Mentor – One who will tell you the wrongs he did – But make your own mistakes

Entrepreneurs either Make a Product or they Sell it

Hire people smarter than you – But you need to be smarter when you interview them

Hire a good Lawyer and Accountant and never ever yell at them

Hire a Good Recruiter cause you don’t know Recruitment – ha ha ha - 

Save money – but don’t cut cost during growth and drinking with employees

Read the Google Story – but don’t follow it

People Build companies – Structure run them

Stick to the plan – But change it quickly when it doesn’t work

Be good in MIS and make them on your own – Numbers tell truth

and God Bless you if you are married

Do’s and Don'ts and the Confusions
Have a Dream

Have something that motivates you – You will need that in abundance

If you have all the answers on Day 1 – Don’t do it – Either its too small or someone has
done it to Death

All BIG ideas were Crazy on Day 1

Always have a Startup mentality but work towards a big Business

Business Maharajas
It Happened in India
Everything about Bill Gates

Be more informed about your business, your competitors and partners than the Annual
Entrepreneurship is:

Think BIG – Start SMALL – Grow FAST – Work your


Initiate – Ideate – Innovate – Implement

Not about making the right decisions

Its about not making wrong decisions

Business is about making things SIMPLE for

thank you