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Yajur Veda Marut Devta

surmil2000@gmail.com 27.7.2006

It is stated that Devatas in Vedas represent a subject matter, a broad
phenomenon, a force, a topic and the Rishis as the editors and authors
elaborating on the same, like say for instance for the topic of mechanics
Newton, or relativity Einstein.
A composite study of Vedas collecting all the suktas pertaining to one Devata ,
and relating them to the connected rishis can perhaps help in opening many
secrets perhaps also the physical scientific knowledge hidden in the vedic texts.
In making an humble attempt starting with Marut Devatas I have personally felt
that on physical plane, Maruts represent the subjects covered in the sciences of
Biotechnology, microorganisms, microbes.
The clue to this thought came from the following Mantras of Shukla Yajurveda
particularly because the Maruts are always referred to in large numbers as
Marut ganas. Modern science also confirms that the microorganisms are present
in infinitely large numbers and are of many different varieties. They take birth,
propagate by horizontal gene transfer (which is termed as sexual transmission at
DNA levels).They are seen under huge magnification under microscopes in
different iridescent and of bright multicolor, perhaps Griffith refers to this by
their resplendent multicolored bejeweled medallions. The microbes are also
found to be sensitive to sonic vibrations as if they can hear the sound of a conch
shell shankh. They are also responsive to interact with electromagnetic and
optical phenomenon, they have exponential growth possibilities. There are
beneficial as well as harmful microorganisms etc. The beneficial microorganisms
are studied by modern science under the name of Probiotics, as against
Antibiotics which are used to destroy the disease carrying microorganisms in
medical science. Vedas often talk about wanting to know which are the good
Maruts, what motivates them, and how to look for them. Most of these attributes
and possible areas where our scientists could find new lines of enquiry can
follow, from a study of Marut Suktas in Vedas particularly Rig Veda.
I wonder if Vedic scholars and scientific community would like to consider this
line of thinking as a forum for study of Vedas. The Rig Vedic Study is a very big
task and a very small beginning has been initiated by me.
This note on Yajurvedic links will be hope fully followed in part 2 on RigVedic
Suktas. But it has to be community effort and all like minded persons are free to
Subodh Kumar

(Part 1 From Yajurveda)

Shukla Yajurved Mantra 17.1

“Ashmannoorjam Parvate Shishriyanamadbhaya………….te shugrichhatu”

O benevolent Maruts( micro organisms having among other qualities the

qualities of air , to widely disperse in micro particle form for example the scent as
the aroma from a burning incense stick)Make available to us the materials such
as minerals held rigidly in rocks by (electrostatic energy forces) on the
mountains, by causing disintegration of these rocks to form fertile alluvial soil
and then transform the mineral particles in to liquid form of ‘chelates’ to enrich
the waters , vegetation and herbs, to provide sustaining nutrition like milk
produced by cows, and then cast away the useless portions. ( This is the modern
soil science view of how fertile soils are formed from disintegration of rocks on
mountains caused by microorganisms. The disintegrated rocks forms the fertile
soil which is brought down by streams and rivers to the plains as fertile alluvial
soil. Then another set of microbes further convert the mineral particles in the
soil by a process called ‘Chelating’ to provide liquid nutrients to the roots of all
the plants. This is basis of Organic agriculture conceived by the fore runner of
Organic movement and subject of Agriculture Testament by Sir Albert Howard,
who came to India in 1906 to lay the foundations of Agriculture research here.)

Shukla Yajurveda Mantra 17.2

Ima me agnaishtka dhenavaah santwaeka cha dasha ch dashash cha shatam

cha ……………..santwamutra mussmilloke”
These Maruts microbes activated by the latent fire energy set free the micro
particles being referred by Vedas as ishtak literally meaning bricks , but truly
speaking the building blocks of life, as microbes are said to be, are in numbers
from one to ten to ten tens to hundred to hundred hundreds to thousand thousands
to thousand times thousands “Chayutams” to Chayutam times Chautams to
niyutams to niyutam times niyutams to prayutams to prayutam times
prayutams to arbudams to futher arbudam times arbudams like in the middle of
an ocean, to pervade the entire visible and invisible universe to provide the
building blocks for the nourishment and sustainability of life on the planet, like
milk from cows.( Here the vedic rishi is counting up to 256 zeros after unity to
suggest the infinite- the enormity of numbers of microorganisms involved )- In

fact only such large numbers are ascribed to microorganism by science and this
mantra in itself holds the key to suggest the linkage of Maruts to Microbiology.
Popular Soil Science says that the number of Microorganisms in one cup of soil
exceeds the total population on earth.
(A small digression is in order here. The mantra calls for ten tens ie
shatams=100, then shatam shatams to sahasram . This makes a sahasra 100 times
hundred ie 10000 and not what we commonly think of a shasra as
1000.Then10000 times 10000is called an Ayutam, which becomes 100000000
=108, the Ayutam times Ayutams becomes 100000000,00000000=1016., which is
called Niyutam, then Niyutam times Niyutam, becomes Prayutam =1032 Then
Arbudam= 1064 Then Nyarbudam = 10128, Then Nyarbudam times Nyarbudam
becomes Samudrashch ie 10 256 )

Shukla Yajurveda Mantra 17.3

“itwah sth ritwawridh …………..Kamdudha akshiyamana:”
These Maruts- microorganisms provide an inexhaustible stable institutional
source to furnish nutrients like fats, sugars and similar organic constituents in
liquid forms in vegetations and herbs, on regular stable permanent season wise
system, like an all desires fulfilling celestial “Kamdhenu”

Shukla Yajurveda Mantra 17.4

“ Samudrasya twawkayagne pariwyayamasi…….Shivo bhawa”
These Maruts- microorganisms pervade the oceans to treat all the contents in
the oceans to clean and purify them of all their pollutants, for the welfare of the
universe, by converting pure water in to clouds and krill and coral life for
beneficial purposes of the world. Coral Carbonates are being mined from oceans
for being used as an antioxidant nutrition and mineral supplements to our diets..
The undersea vegetation “krill is being harvested so fast as a food and medicinal
source that it is now considered an environmental issue, partially on the Japanese

Shukla Yajurveda Mantra 17.5

“Himasya twajaraunagne……………………..Shivo bhava:”

To bring about our welfare, these Maruts- microorganisms bring about the death
and destruction of pollutants by starving them of feed materials and cause them
to perish as of old age in due course of time when they are buried deep under
snow. ( this again is the normally accepted fact that no pathogens and diseases
survive when long buried in cold regions.)_

Shukla Yajurveda Mantra 17.6

“Upajmannup vetase nadeeshwa …………..pawakwarna Shivam


Waters suffering from ‘fever’ ( agni- pitta) ie polluted waters are purified by
aquatic life like frogs in running streams and then by above ground overgrowing
of cane and reed family Vetase vegetation. This vegetation also serves as
secondary vegetation. ( for use as biomass and cattle feeds)
This incidentally is the latest method of sustainable polluted water treatment,
commonly known as Root Zone Treatment. This system of sustainable sewage
water treatment was first promoted by US NASA experts.
B.C. Wolverton in his now famous “ Growing Clean Water- Nature’s Solution to
Water Pollution” is considered a very famous and modern technology for waste
water treatment. From this Yajurved Mantra 17.6, it is clear that this technology
is very clearly described in Veda.

Subodh Kumar

Part 2 From Rig Veda

SubodhKumar on Vedic Maruts interpretation
(surmil2000@gmail.com) 1st Aug 2006

Rig Veda Book 1 Hymn 19

Agni Marut Devta
Rishi- Medha tithi

RigVeda Mantra 1.19.1
परित तयं चारमधवरं गोपीथाय पर हूयसे | मरिदरगन आ गिह ||

Researches when conducted by learned persons and technological work

involving microbiology and gases can obtain energy from physical
combustion , to provide the best sustainable strategies and results.

RigVeda Mantra 1.19.2

निह देवो न मतयो महसतव करतुं परः | मरिदरगन आ गिह ||

Neither mortals, nor immortals can exhaust the possible knowledge and
innovations in the field of science and technology to harness all the
potentials of the combination of combustion, gases and microbiology
combined efforts to wards welfare and progress.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.19.3

ये महो रजसो िवदुिवरशे देवासो अदुहः |मरिदरगन आ गिह ||

The researchers who do not owe allegiance to any political or such divisive
institutions (अदुहः | ) who explore the knowledge about these gases,
microbes, and combustion bring great benefits and prosperity.

RigVeda Mantra 1.19.4

य उगा अकरमानरचुरनाधरषास ओजसा | मरिदरगन आ गिह ||

The inert gases high pressure cryogenic technologies, microbiological

interventions can produce electric and combustion energies impacting on
outer space efforts. These micro particles which hold tremendous power to
reach and rival the sources to provide illumination should be enlisted in our

Rig Veda Mantra 1.19.5
ये शुभा घोरवपरसः सुकतासो िरशादसः | मरिदरगन आ गिह ||

These microbes bear fair colors and have powers to create nano particles
have the powers to destroy diseases also. They create pure clean
atmospheres like in outer space, and when physical fire combines with them
they provide immense successful efforts.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.19.6

ये नाकसयािध रोचने िदिव देवास आसते | मरिदरगन आ गिह ||
Solar energy with all its properties to combine with microbiology to bring
immense benefits.

RigVeda Mantra1.19.7
य ईङखयिनत पवरतान ितरः समुदमणरवम | मरिदरगन आ गिह ||

These microorganisms facilitate water in the oceans in to clouds and then

disintegrate the clouds in to rains on mountain tops along with electric and
fire energy to fill up the space.

RigVeda Mantra 1.19.8

आ ये तनविनत रिशमिभिसतरः समुदमोजसा | मरिदरगन आ गिह ||

These microbial forces reside in light rays and against their might even the
oceans do not hold should be enlisted in
our welfare.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.19.9

अिभ तवा पूवरपीतये सजािम सोमयं मधु | मरिदरगन आ गिह ||

In conjunction with these microorganisms solar energy provides the avenues

for nurturing with most desirable and sweet elements, and it is for our wise
researchers to engage in their involvement.


on Maruts Rigveda 1.37

( surmil2000@gmail.com) 1st Aug 2006

Rig Veda 1.37.1

करीळं वः शधो मारतमनवाणं रथेशुभम |
कणवा अिभ पर गायत ||

Let the researchers investigate the ‘shargho’ the forceful i.e. high
pressure cryogenic techniques involving inert methane like gases ‘Apan
Vayu’ and microorganisms which are known to collectively work in
confined enclosed spaces without fighting among themselves, and pursue
researches in to engineless space travel vehicles.

Rigveda Mantra 1.37.2

ये पषरतीिभिर्षरिभः साकं वाशीिभरिञिभः |

अजायनत सवभानवः ||
Team of researchers and technologists with proficiency in materials and
languages should pursue studies about self luminosity aspects of the

इहेव शणवर एषा कशा हसतेषु यद वदान |
िन यामिञचतं रञते ||

The technologies involving microbiology and inert gas high pressure art by
their chain of events and actions can provide great benefits for
sustainability of all living and nonliving alike.

RigVeda Mantra 1.37.4
पर वः शधाय घषवरये तवेषदुमाय शुिषमणे |
देवतं बरह गायत ||

Research after regular study and work on the energy, electromagnetic and
optical phenomenon involving Microbiology and cryogenic technologies
can bring comfort and welfare of all.

RigVeda Mantra 1.37.5

पर शंसा गोषवघनयं करीळं यचछधो मारतम |
जमभे रससय वावरधे ||

Let the wise and famous persons study and learn from the phenomenon of
the cows chewing on their cud mixing of microorganisms in their mouth
and processing that in their rumens to provide nourishing health giving
milk, methane carbon dioxide inert gases .

RigVedaMantra 1.37.6

को वो विषरष आ नरो िदवश गमश धूतयः |

यत सीम अनतं न धूनुथ ||
The microbes have the strength to shake not only the earth but entire
space. Hence identify the microbes which render useful service of welfare.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.37.7

िन वो यामाय मानुषो दध उगाय मनयवे |

िजहीत पवरतो िगिरः ||

It is not only the humans who have to survive the wrath of microbes, Even
the big mountains shake and disintegrate at their hands.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.37.8

येषाम अजमेषु पिथरवी जुजुवा इव िवशपितः |
िभया यामेषु रेजते ||

By inviting the wrath of the micrograms, the earth suffers utters desolation
and loss of life and acquires the looks of a destroyed territory of a tired,
defeated King.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.37.9
सिथरं िह जानम एषा वयो मातुर िनरेतवे |
यत सीम अनु दिवता शवः ||
From the soil which is not mobile and is the birth place of these microbes,
they take flight like birds. Their theater of action is spread over both this
earth and the space above.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.37.10

उद उ तये सूनवो िगरः काषा अजमेषव अतत |
वाशा अिभजु यातवे ||
Extensive rains on the mountains should be managed by the king and the
community to prevent floods by ensuring spread of knee deep water in
waste lands.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.37.11

तयं िचद घा दीघरम पथुरम िमहो नपातम अमरधम |

पर चयावयिनत यामिभः ||

These nano particles by their influence cause even the non raining clouds
to make rain.( this is clear directive on artificial rain making, by
inoculation and seeding of the clouds by microorganisms)

Rig Veda Mantra 1.37.12

मरतो यद ध वो बलं जना अचुचयवीतन |
िगरीर अचुचयवीतन ||
These microorganisms by their strength not only shake the earth and the
people on it but cause metamorphoses of even the mountains.

यद ध यािनत मरतः सं ह बरवते ऽधवन आ |
शणोित कश िचद एषाम ||

Only very learned and devoted students can fathom the secrets involving
microorganism and cryogenic gas technologies and their actions.

पर यात शीभम आशुिभः सिनत कणवेषु वो दुवः |
ततो षु मादयाधवै ||

Traveling vehicles based on these technologies bring great welfare and

prosperity in their wake.

Rig Veda Mantra 1.37.15

अिसत िह षमा मदाय वः समिस षमा वयम एषाम |
िवशं िचद आयुर जीवसे ||
For the welfare of all it is necessary to study these technologies and be
devoted to learning and research.

Rig Veda Book 1 Hymn 38

Rig Veda Mantra 1.38.1

कद ध नून ं कधिपयः िपता पुतं न हसतयोः |
दिधधवे वकतरबिहरषः ||

Bedding of freshly cut grass is made to spread the feed of the microbes to
work on, to provide bounties for us to lift, like when a father provides for
his son by lifting him up.
( This is clear hint at waste disposal techniques using microbial digestion of
waste products like when making vermicompost with earth worms).

RigVeda Mantra1.38.2

कव नून ं कद वो अथर ं गनता िदवो न पिथरवयाः |

कव वो गावो न रणयिनत ||

Wise men research in to behaviors of the microorganisms, what motivates

them, at what levels do they operate. They may come from outer space but
they should work for the welfare of life on earth.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.3

कव वः सुमा नवयािस मरतः कव सुिवता |
कव िवशािन सौभगा ||
The microorganisms and the nano particles hold the secrets of the
techniques to bring excellence on this earth.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.4

यद यूयम पिशरमातरो मतासः सयातन |
सतोता वो अमरतः सयात ||

These microorganisms are not immortal but civilizations which enlist their
help immortalize themselves.

RigVeda Mantr1.38.5.
मा वो मगो न यवसे जिरता भूद अजोषयः |
पथा यमसय गाद उप ||

Those who employ these microorganism in their life strategies never face
death by starvation and disease.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.6

मो षु णः परा-परा िनिर्तरर दुहरणा वधीत |

पदीष तषणरया सह ||

No draughts will ever visit like plague because these microorganism bring
rains even in deserts.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.7

सतयं तवेषा अमवनतो धनवञ िचद आ रिदयासः |

िमहं कणवरनतय अवाताम ||
Powerful microbial activities can be made to activate clouds which
otherwise are blown away by winds.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.8

वाशेव िवदुन िममाित वतसं न माता िसषिकत |

यद एषा विषरर असिजर ||

Rain engineered through technology is accompanied by thunder and

lightening , like a cow is accompanied by a calf. (The thunder by Ozone
generation destroys lot of disease carrying organisms paving way for

RigVeda Mantra 1.37.9

िदवािचततमःकणवरिनतपजरनयेनोदवाहेन| यत पिथरवी वयुनदिनत ||

Such engineered phenomenon can bring rain to drench earth from such
dark clouds as turn day light in to night.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.10

अध सवनान मरता िवशम आ सद पािथरवम |
अरेजनत पर मानुषाः ||

After the thunderous rains violent upheavals in the interiors of earth can
shake up entire life

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.11

मरतो वीळुपािणिभश िचता रोधसवतीर अनु |

यातेम अिखदयामिभः ||

These powerful microorganisms abound in numbers and are very active on

the banks of water bodies and streams.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.12
सिथरा वः सनतु नेमयो रथा अशास एषाम |
सुसंसकरता अभीशवः ||

These microorganisms perform in well organized systems and manners.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.13

अछा वदा तना िगरा जरायै बरहणस पितम |
अिगनम िमतं न दशरतम ||

With deep knowledge and multidiscipline approach the functions of these

microorganisms should be comprehended.

RigVeda Mantra1.38.14
िममीिह शलोकम आसयपजरनय इव ततनः |
गाय गायतम उकथयम ||
After deep perceptions and thinking spread your knowledge widely and
freely like clouds to further enhance its understanding.

RigVeda Mantra 1.38.15

वनदसव मारतं गणं तवेषम पनसयुम अिकरणम |

असमे वदा असन इह ||
So that these technologies involving such nanotechniques stay around with
us in abundance for sustainability forCommunity actions involving king,
wise men and the common population can render harmful polluting
products in to dry inert materials.

Rig Veda Book 1 Hymn 39

RigVeda Mantra 1.39.1

पर यद इतथा परावतः शोिचर न मानम असयथ |
कसय करतवा मरतः कसय वपरसा कं याथ कं ह धूतयः ||

These microbial forces can target from far off distances to cause
disintegration and destruction. Research should be directed to explore how
and in which direction their targets are chosen.
RigVeda Mantra 1.39.2
सिथरा वः सनतव आयुधा पराणुदे वीळू उत परितषकभे |
युषमाकम असतु तिवषी पनीयसी मा मतयरसय माियनः ||
They have very versatile capability in establishing barriers, control and to
destroy infections and diseases affecting life.
RigVeda Mantra 1.39.3
परा ह यत सिथरं हथ नरो वतरयथा गुर |
िव याथन विननः पिथरवया वय आशाः पवरतानाम ||

They are very potent to destroy deep rooted massive infections located in
crevices. They shake their very roots and go around the obstacles. ( This is
how antibiotics work)

RigVeda Mantra 1.39.4

निह वः शतुर िविवदे अिध दयिव न भूमया िरशादसः |
युषमाकम असतु तिवषी तना युजा रदासो नू िचद आधरषे ||
While the outer space is already sanitized, we should employ the microbes
to destroy harmful organisms on the earth.
RigVeda Mantra 1.39.5
पर वेपयिनत पवरतान िव िवञचिनत वनसपतीन |
परो आरत मरतो दुमरदा इव देवासः सवरया िवशा ||
Their strength in uprooting the weeds and leveling the waste lands should
be employed for the welfare of community.( This points to a possible new
method for waste lands reclamation)
RigVeda Mantra 1.39.6
उपो रथेषु पषरतीर अयुगधवम परिषर वहित रोिहतः |
आ वो यामाय पिथरवी िचद अशोद अबीभयनत मानुषाः ||

They have multicolored groupings and are sonic sensitive. Their

subterranean sounds can frighten man ( possibility of early earth quack
warnings through sonic monitoring of earth)

Rig Veda Mantra 1.39.7

आ वो मकू तनाय कं रदा अवो वणीमहे |
गनता नून ं नो ऽवसा यथा पुरेतथा कणवाय िबभयुषे ||

They can be employed by wise men to protect themselves from dangers.
( As indicated in RV 1.39.6 above)

RigVeda Mantra 1.39.8

युषमेिषतो मरतो मतयेिषत आ यो नो अभव ईषते |
िव तं युयोत शवसा वय ओजसा िव युषमाकािभर ऊितिभः ||
Those members of community who act in selfish interests unmindful of
their social obligations, ( like polluting and throwing their waste on
community , need to be educated and controlled, further by microbial
intervention the environments should be kept clean.
RigVeda Mantra 1.39.9
असािम िह परयजयवः कणवं दद परचेतसः |
असािमिभमररत आ न ऊितिभगरनता विषतर ं न िवदुतः ||

Learned wise men motivated with social interests, engage in establishing

large projects to banish disease and promote quality life like that provided
by regular thunder and rains at correct season and in due measure.

RigVeda Mantra 1.39.10

अअअअअअअअअ अअअअअअअअ अअअअअअअ.अअअअअ अअअअअ अअअ |
अअअअअअअअअ अअअअअ अअअअअअअअ अअअअ अ अअअअअ अअअअअ ||
Employ the biotechnological knowledge and potentials to banish all diseases
and polluting forces for welfare of all.

Rig Ved 1.64 Marut- Devta , Rishi -Nodha Gotamah

By Subodh Kumar (surmil@gmail.com) 17.09.2006

वषणे शधाय सुमखाय वेधसे नोधः सुिवरकतं पर भरा मरदभयः |

अपो न धीरो मनसा सुहसतयो िगरः समञे िवदथेषवाभुवः || RV1.64.1

O Nodhas, ( this was a lineage of wise men trained in multidiscipline and

highly motivated to engage public service projects) engage in projects to
overcome the enormous social problems of disease and hunger

ते जिजरे िदव रषवास उकणो रदसय मया असुरा अरेपसः |

पावकासः शुचयः सूया इव सतवानो न दरिपसनोघोरवपरसः || RV1.64.2
The prolife or probiotics are microorganisms , Maruts which descend from
higher regions , they are free from diseases-pathogens- having gone through

the purifying effects of sunshine, and bring to the earth life positive elements
through rain water

युवानो रदा अजरा अभोगघनो ववकुरिधगावः पवरता इव |

दळहा िचद िवशा भुवनािन पािथरवा पर चयावयिनतिदवयािन मजमना || RV1.64.3
These microorganisms as individuals are endowed with youthful vigor,
never slowing down due to old age, they are generous and very powerful in
consuming the negative forces which bring misery and sufferings-disease
carrying microorganisms.

िचतैरिञिभवरपुषे वयञते वकससु रकमानिध येितरे शुभे |

अंसेषवेषा िन िममरकुर रषयः साकं जिजरे सवधया िदवो नरः || RV1.64.4
The life positive army of these soldiers come decked in resplendent golden
jewelry and medallions carrying their weapons. These Maruts-the micro
organisms are born simultaneously with all life .
( The probiotic – healthy- microorganisms are reported to be seen in
laboratories as bright decorated ornament like formations, and are believed
to have taken birth at the beginning and simultaneous with all creation)

दुहनतयूधिदरवयािन धूतयो भूिमं िपनविनत पयसापिरजयः ||RV1.64.5

ईशानकरतो धुनयो िरशादसो वातान िवदुतसतिवषीिभरकत |
These Maruts- microbes- help the wise men – the scientists and researchers-
to lead the fight against disease and hunger, create thunder and bring down
natures’ bounties
through rains.

िपनवनतयपो मरतः सुदानवः पयो घतरवद िवदथेषवाभुवः |

अतयं न िमहे िव नयिनत वािजनमुतसं दुहिनत सतनयनतमिकतम ||RV1.64.6
The Maruts- microbes-as benevolent change agents, provide with life giving
water, milk which reduces fatness , and health giving nutrition through
unfailing actions of rains rivers and streams. They also organize the
movements of the clouds.
( The latest researches at Wisconsin and afirmed at NIH Bethesda USA have
confirmed that the milk from pasture fed cows due to its CLA- Conjugated
linoleic acid content,and Omega 3 enrichment prevents and cure all human

body self degenerating disease such as obesity, cancer, diabetes,
arteriosclerosis and so on.)

मिहषासो माियनिशतभानवो िगरयो न सवतवसो रघुषयदः |

मगा इव हिसतनः खादथा वना यदारणीषु तिवषीरयुगधवम || RV1.64.7
Red Fire colored Maruts-microorganisms are the most active organisms to
engage in large scale of activities.

िसंहा इव नानदित परचेतसः िपशा इव सुिपशो िवशवेदसः |

कषपो िजनवनतः पषरतीिभर रिषिभः सिमत सबाधः शवसािहमनयवः || RV1.64.8
The Red Fire colored one’s are the most voracious eaters of all organic
matter to consume waste products to bring about bioprotection and healing
the sick.

रोदसी आ वदता गणिशयो नषाचः शूराः शवसािहमनयवः |

आ वनधुरेषवमितनर दशरता िवदुन न तसथौ मरतो रथेषु वः || RV1.64.9
Because of their strength in numbers, and continuous vigorous positive
action oriented attitude, these life positive microorganisms rule the entire
universe to serve the life here on this planet .

िवशवेदसो रियिभः समोकसः सिममशलाससतिवषीिभिवररिपशनः |

असतार इषुं दिधरे गभसतयोरननतशुषमा वषरखादयो नरः || RV1.64.10
These Maruts –Microorganisms- are residents of healthy and prosperous
communities. They are make loud music and are very vigorous in
providing life positive protection.

िहरणययेिभः पिविभः पयोवरध उिजजघनत आपथयो न पवरतान I

मखा अयासः सवसरतो धरवचयुतो दुधकरतो मरतो भराजदरषयः || RV1.64.11
The powerful microorganisms with their golden chariots bring about cloud

घषुर ं पावकं विननं िवचषरिणं रदसय सूनुं हवसा गणीमिस |

रजसतुर ं तवसं मारतं गणं रजीिषणंवरषणं सशत शिरये || RV.1.64.12
These life protecting microbes in respond to musical prayers to bring
happiness to life, by causing destruction of disease carrying microorganisms

पर नू स मतरः शवसा जनानित तसथौ व ऊती मरतो यमावत |
अवरिदवरज ं भरते धना निभररापछयंकतुमा कषेित पुषयित ||RV1.64.13
Those societies which are helped by the microorganisms, they gain strength
through their men and animals and earn honor and prosperity.

चकरतयर ं मरतः पतसुर दुषरं दयुमनतं शुषमं मघवतसु धतन |

धनसपतमुकथयं िवशचषरिणं तोकं पुषयेम तनयं शतं िहमः || RV1.64.14
Those men become invincible in battles and are endowed with great riches
and long life.

नू षिठरं मरतो वीरवनतं रतीषाहं रियमसमासु धत |

सहिसणं शितनं शूशुवासं परातर मकू िधयावसुर जगमयात ||RV1.64.15
O Maruts- the microorganisms- grant us riches, durable, rich in men,
defying onslaught .A hundred, thousand fold, ever increasing? May these
Maruts enriched with prayers visit us soon and early.
( The Sanskrit Script has been down loaded from internet & is slightly
inaccurate at some places. For this limitation sincere regret is expressed)