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Hosted by Adrian Davis, CEO, Whetstone Inc.

SIIA Channels Webinars:

“How to Communicate with and Train Channel Sales Personnel”

Moderator: Adrian Davis, President & CEO, Whetstone, Inc.

Ron Wastal, VP of Sales & Business Development, Cast Iron Systems

Kim Zachar, Channel Sales Manager, Intacct

SIIA Channels Webinar Series

Building a Sales Compensation that

Price for SIIA Members: Free, Non SIIA Members: $89
Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm EDT

More Info: http://bit.

“SIIA pioneered the government cloud computing dialogue with its
SaaS Gov conference. Now in its fourth year, the SIIA conference has
consistently attracted top government speakers, cloud computing
experts, and public sector customers to show how government
agencies can take advantage of the cloud…”
-Daniel Burton, Senior Vice President, Global Public
Policy, Salesforce.com

SIIA & INPUT Members: $495

Non-Members: $695
Gov IT Purchasers (with Fed ID): Free

Medium-sized, EBITDA-positive companies are
invited to apply to present before an audience of
middle-market-focused senior lenders, private equity
investors, and strategic partner prospects.

Deadline to Present: 1/15/2010

March 3, 2010
New York City
SIIA OnDemand & OpSource SaaS Summit have joined forces to bring you…

All About The Cloud

May 10-12, 2010
The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco, CA
SIIA Channels Webinar Host
Adrian Davis
President & CEO
Whetstone Inc.
161 Bay Street
Suite 2700
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2S1

P: +1.416.572.2663
W: www.whetstoneinc.ca
E: adavis@whetstoneinc.ca
Skype: adrian.davis

Free White Paper on Building Strategic Customer

SIIA Channels Webinar Series:
How to Communicate With and Train
Channel Sales Partners
Kim Zachar, Channel Sales Manager, Intacct
About Intacct

Market leader in cloud Financial

Management & Accounting
Targeting SMB market space
Strong growth
50% Y-Y revenue growth in FY09
Preferred provider of Financial
Applications for the AICPA
Multi-channel sales and delivery model

Gaining mindshare, rise above the noise

Timely and relevant information
Packaging complex messages into something
simple to articulate
Level of direct selling knowledge within the
program team
Communication best practice ideas

Easy and Convenient to

Content is clear and
Incentives & Contests
Set appropriate
Goes both ways
Build and leverage the

Web meetings live and recorded

Invest in quality recording capabilities
Platforms that support collaboration, blogging,
Portal or web sections dedicated to Channel sales
Ability to comment on posts to the site
Enable RSS feed/updates
SIIA Channels Webinar Series:
How to Communicate With and Train
Channel Sales Partners
Kim Zachar, Channel Sales Manager, Intacct
How to Communicate with and train
Channel Sales Partners

Ron Wastal – VP of BD and Channel Sales

Cast Iron Overview

Corporate Facts Corporate Facts

Founded in 2001, 1st products began #1 SaaS/Cloud Integration Provider
shipping in 2004 100+ Partnerships
HQ in Mountain View, CA ISV, SI, VAR, Infrastructure
Pioneered SaaS / Cloud integration Investors
Norwest Venture Partners,
Focus on speed & simplicity Sequoia Capital
“Integration in Days”
Management team
13 consecutive quarters of growth
Senior executives from
1000’s of customer integrations Application and Integration
connecting SaaS/Cloud to market leaders
OnPremise applications
Multiple patents

©2009 Cast Iron Systems, Inc. • Confidential

Example of Cast Iron Channel Partners

Referral/Co-Sell Reseller/OEM
Partners (60+) Partners (30+)
HP Dell
Oracle Cisco
Google ADP
Amazon Hoovers
Microsoft nGenera
Salesforce.com Aprimo
Netsuite Telenav
Taleo Xora
SuccessFactors Big Machines
Eloqua Right90
Etc… Etc…
©2009 Cast Iron Systems, Inc. • Confidential
Channel Sales Challenges

Understand your Importance to partner

Aligning and documenting expectations early
Key Goals/Measurements
# of Active Opportunities
# of Forecasting Deals
# of Deals Closed
# of Production Clients
# of Customer References

Documented and updated execution plans

Assigned resources for enablement
Review process scheduled and attended
Customized offerings developed together
Education commitments completed
Channel conflicts escalated and handled quickly
©2009 Cast Iron Systems, Inc. • Confidential
Channel Sales Communications Model

Customized Sales Toolkits

1. Presentations
2. Data Sheets/White Papers
3. Demo’s
4. Scoping Client Implementations
5. Proposals
6. Case Studies

Channel Sales Comm.

1. Sales Training
2. Partner Portals
3. Win Wires/References
4. Update Webinars
5. Annual Kickoffs
6. Regional Events

©2009 CastCast
©2009 Iron Systems, Inc. •Inc.
Iron Systems, Confidential
• Confidential
Channel Sales Learning’s

Document your Channel Process - Recruit>Enable>Monetize

Remember 3 Stages of Partner Commitment
Executive investment to make it a priority
Resources assigned to help build sales toolkit
Sales team buy in to spend time learning how to sell value

Understand where you stand on their current priorities

Segment your Communications Plans
Sales Mgt & AE – Cheat Sheets
SE & PS – Cheat Sheets

1 Page Rule – Keep it simple

Seek channel feedback and tune sales toolkits
©2009 Cast Iron Systems, Inc. • Confidential
Thank you

Ron Wastal – VP of BD and Channel Sales

Adrian Davis Zachar, Kim
President & CEO Channel Sales Manager
Whetstone Inc. Intacct
P: +1.416.572.2663 125 S. Market St., Suite 600, San Jose
Skype: adrian.davis CA 95113
Twitter: @salesscientist kzachar@intacct.com
White Paper: http://web.me. P: +1.303.619.1342
com/davisadrian/whitepaper www.intacct.com

Ron Wastal
VP of Sales & Business Development
Cast Iron Systems
M: +1.925.325.2246