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TI: An interlaboratory trial of the effects of reducing liquor to cloth ratio in the ISO 105-C08
test on repeatability and reproducibility
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TI: Effects of various home laundering practices on the dimensional stability, wrinkling, and
other properties of plain woven cotton fabrics. Part I: Experimental overview, reproducibility of
results, and effect detergent
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TI: Reproducibility of processes in laboratory and production

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TI: From lab to bulk reproducibility

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TI: Staining test for evaluating the reproducibility of pretreatment of wool fabrics for printing
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TI: Reproducibility of dye strength evaluation by spectrophotometric transmission

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TI: Iodine sorption test (for cellulose accessibility). Factors affecting reproducibility and a
semimicro adaptation
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Rigt First Time

TI: Accept no substitutes

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TI: Lab systems enhance right-first-time record

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TI: To get the shade right - First time and on time
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TI: To get the shade right - First time and on-time

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TI: Right first time technologies

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TI: Right first time dyeing of knitted cotton fabrics with ME dyes
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TI: Right first time dyeing of knitted cotton fabrics with ME dyes
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TI: Getting it right the first time

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TI: Ramtex does it right - First time, every time

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Blind Dyeing
TI: Blind dyeing of woven material cold pad batch dyeing process
AU: Khatri-AR
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