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Email: neil.patel2@mail.bcu.ac.uk
Being a mindful and resilient student equipped with a versatile globalisation-proof skill set, I have juggled a vast range of
leadership roles and cross border activities that saw me building teams as well as external relations such as during my time
working in my family business. Being located at a popular area in central London, the languages I have been brought up to
speak in; Gujarati and English; allow me to reach out into the life and business in a multimedia of cultures- allowing me to build
on customer service skills. Having completed a BTEC degree, I have a wider understanding of what I wish to pursue, a more in
depth knowledge of who I am as a person and a better perspective of what I wish to achieve for my future to be as successful as I
know it will be. Currently being a business and IT student at university, mathematics comes easily to me and my studies are
backed by solid ICT skills, which apply to a variety of different complex tasks. Having perfected the art of time management
from an early age, I am able to prioritise and ensure I put all my efforts into any task I pursue, executing them efficiently and
perfectly to the specifications provided.

BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology (Current Mark, 2:1)

Birmingham City University, UK
Subject Studied
Level 1: IT Professionalism, Computer and Networking Fundamentals, Web Technologies,
ICT Programming, Business Systems, Data Analysis
Level 2: Research and Professional Practise, Enterprise Databases: Design and Implementation,
Network Management, Business Intelligence, Approaches to Systems Development,
Business and Technology Entrepreneurship
Skills developed include:


City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence

Uxbridge College. UK
Skills developed include:


BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma/Extended Diploma in IT (180 Credits)

Uxbridge College, UK
Skills developed include:


Claremont High School Academy Trust, UK
Achieved 7 GCSEs grade A-C (Including BTEC First Awards in Applied Science grade D* D* D*


MTA Windows Certification


Londis (Supervisor)
Responsibilities include ordering stock, merchandising stock within store, cashier, acting manager in absence
of store manager, counting and confirming profits made and closing store down.


Since the age of 15 I have been avidly involved with devotional service to my local temple, volunteering at all major
holidays such as Diwali, Holi and Janmashtami through activities such as helping with Sunday school classes for
children. I was granted the opportunity to meet and speak to world renowned revered spiritualist Pramukh Swami
My father owns a flourishing business located in a thriving part of central London. With its ever growing success, I
have been an integral part of the company's growth- taking part in all divisions of the business from an early age. From
being a part of the stock intake team, to merchandising of the store, being a part of the sales team and having input into
the accounting and financial terms of the business.
As an active youth, I have had a keen involvement in my health and fitness. From playing tennis on a weekly basis with
my closest friends, to perfecting my front stroke whilst swimming. I have a passion for cricket and was captain of the
Kenton team for over two years, being voted player of the year in 2011, taking lead comes naturally to me and hence
combining my passion for sport and leadership, I am the current sports coordinator for Hindu society.
As an avid traveller, I enjoy travelling not only to different countries but I also enjoy exploring my own home town
London. I find that the best experiences can be right in front of you, if you're looking with the right eyes. One example
is my learning about the culture of the Chinese whilst visiting China Town, or trying out the variety of cuisines found at
Camden market. I enjoy adventures and try to make every day as much fun as I possibly can.



Microsoft Office - Professional

HTML Coding - Intermediate
CSS Programming - Basic
MTA Certified 2015


Gujarati - Conversational/Fluent
English- Conversational/Fluent

Available upon request

Personal statement
The development of technology never ceases to amaze me. Technology is now relied upon in many aspects of life
and I have always been intrigued by the variety of technology that is available today. One day I would like to use my
knowledge to create my own invention and this is what drives me to pursue a degree in the field of computing. ICT
has always played a key part in my life, simply because I have been drawn into it for most of my educational life. I
would like to actively participate in the world of computing and would like to get involved in all aspects of
Whilst studying the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Computing and IT, I have also studied and have gained
experience in various areas such as spread sheets, databases, web designing and programming. As well as having
new experiences at university, my biggest priority would be to achieve a first class degree by completing the
Computer Networks BCs course. An example of my working toward this goal is the result I achieved from a
presentation regarding IBM, in which I received a first class. I would like to gain a greater knowledge in data
communications and computer networks, whilst working towards the Cisco CCNA Certification, which will further
enhance my possibility in pursuing a career following my course. This particular course has become vital to all
modern organisations globally and achieving it will enhance my career in the field Computing Networks.
"To stay the same means to receive the same, in order to grow and in order to reach new levels of success, you have
to put yourself in a position to be eligible for these new levels of success." This is a quote from one of my idols,
Whose footsteps I would like to follow as it is a statement of both truth and inspiration. I try to keep a positive
outlook on life which makes me want to achieve success.
Throughout my high school and college years, I've been an active and outgoing individual by participating in college
activities such as; being part of the cricket team, chess club and dhol club (Indian instrument). In my spare time I
enjoy listening to music and creating my own music. I have an account on a website called 'Soundcloud', where I
upload and share my own unique sounds. I have received positive feedback in terms of downloads and track plays. In
order to keep active and live a healthy lifestyle, I ensure I find time to attend the gym.
Annually, I volunteer to support my community by helping them on a variety of occasions. These occasions help to
raise money for a religious charity. I also make time to help at my local Hindu Temple with security and crowd
maintenance during busy times. I completed the 'BAPS Annual 10k Challenge Sponsor walk' this year as it was one
of my goals I had set for the year. The sponsored walk enabled me to raise money for worthy causes around the
Whilst studying ICT I work part-time in a business, which has allowed me to explore EPOS - a system that performs
mathematical calculations for a database. I have learnt both hardware and software systems that allow me to keep
records of stock levels and financial information. The job requires me to work with computer systems, barcode
readers and chip and pin devices, as well as gaining communication skills, which allowed me to be more interactive
with customers and colleagues.
I'm an ambitious individual and feel I have the skills, knowledge and motivation that will enable me to do well in this
degree and fulfil my long-term career goals. I have a keen interest in ICT and I believe this will show in my work.
The prospect of going to University is both exciting and exhilarating but also challenging. I am prepared to work
hard to achieve my goals.

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