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Exam 1

1. Manal was with her fiance two weeks ago, when they had a
horrible accident. Her fiancee passed away last week. Manal is
in a state of severe psychological distress. Manal is most likely
to be suffering from:
a) Anxiety.
b) Acute Stress Reaction.
c) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
d) OCD.
2. Mohamed was taken to the emergency room by his family
seeking immediate help for his impending heart attack. On
checking his condition, & after thorough investigations,
Mohamed & his family were reassured that his heart is totally
fine. The cardiologist advised Mohamed to seek psychological
help. The most likely diagnosis is:
a) OCD.
b) Panic Disorder.
c) GAD.
d) Acute Stress Reaction.

3. Dr. Suzan is studying the causes of depression. In other

words, she is looking for the factors that play a role in the ______
of depression:
a) Etiology.
b) Epidemiology.
c) Prevalence.
d) Resiliency.

4. Ms. Nadia had severe fear of contamination. No matter how

many times she washes her stuff & everything at home, yet
shes never reassured or relaxed. Her repeated washing is
a) Delusions.
b) Obsessions.
c) Compulsions.
d) Anxiety.

5. Aaron Beck is the founder of:

a) Interpersonal psychotherapy.
b) Behavioral therapy.
c) Cognitive therapy.
d) Gestalt therapy.

6. Sherif has excessive fear of airoplanes. He refuses to travel

anywhere by planes. He was trying to avoid all travel
obligations. However, when he discovered that he had to give up
his dream of being a diplomat because of this problem, he
decided to seek help. Sherif is most likely suffering from:
a) Social Phobia.
b) OCD.
c) Specific phobia.
d) Panic disorder.

7. Flooding is a technique used in which of the following:

a) Psychoanalysis.

b) Behavioral therapy.
c) Humanistic therapy.
d) Cognitive therapy.

8. Amina got married recently and shes still finding it difficult to

adapt to her new life. Moreover, her boss has been promoted &
was substituted by an extremely demanding & challenging one.
Lately, Amina had difficulty concentrating, became edgy,
unhappy, with decreased level of energy & motivation. Her
general level of functioning was markedly affected. Amina is
most likely suffering from:
a) GAD.
b) Acute stress reaction.
c) Adjustment disorder.
d) PTSD.

9. The most widely used approach in psychotherapy by all

mental health professionals is:
a) Existential.
b) Eclectic.
c) Psychodynamic.
d) Behavioral.

10. Nabil was subjected to a terrible car accident five months

ago. His three best friends were with him in the car; where two
died instantly while both the third & Nabil were severely injured.
Nabil remained helpless in the car unable to save himself or his
friend for nearly an hour. When the ambulance finally came, his
friend eventually passed away on his way to the hospital. In

spite that Nabil improved physically in nearly a month, yet he

has never been the same again. What is the most likely
psychological disorder that could be currently affecting Nabil?
a) Panic disorder.
b) PTSD.
c) Acute Stress Reaction.
d) Adjustment disorder.

11. The best treatment plan for a patient suffering from OCD is:
a) CBT.
b) Behavioral therapy.
c) Medications.
d) Both behavioral therapy & medications.

12. The mildest & most common psychological disorder is:

a) GAD.
b) Acute Stress Reaction.
c) Adjustment Disorder.
d) Specific Phobia.

13. Adel is a very decent young man who is extremely shy. He

has a very low self -esteem & feels so anxious when introduced
to new people. He usually avoids gatherings, family visits &
refuses to do any presentations at work. Adel seems to suffer
a) GAD.
b) Social Phobia.

c) Panic Disorder.
d) Specific Phobia.

14. Epidemiology is:

a) The exploration of most effective methods of treatment.
b) An approach in psychotherapy.
c) The study of the distribution of a disorder in a population.
d) The study of the role of genes in mental illness.

15. All of the following are disadvantages of classifying &

diagnosing mental disorders except:
a) Stereotyping.
b) Labeling.
c) Providing structure.
d) Potential stigma.

16. Mrs Nahed is a housewife who is always tense. She has

gloomy expectations most of the time. She cant help but
imagine the worst case scenario of all her life future events. She
also complains of muscle tension, body aches & fatigue. Mrs
Nahed seems to be suffering from:
a) GAD.
b) Panic Disorder.
c) Specific phobia.
d) Agoraphobia.

17. Lack of social skills, poor school performance & moodiness

most likely are consequent to which parenting styles:
a) Authoritarian.
b) Authoritative.
c) Permissive / Indulgent.
d) Neglectful / Uninvolved.

18. A factor that increases the probability of a disorder but

neither guarantees that the disorder will develop, nor is
necessary for the disorder to occur, is a:
a) Sufficient cause.
b) Contributory cause.
c) Necessary cause.
d) Unnecessary cause.

19. Which of the following is the most objective Psychological

a) Rorschach Test.
b) Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
c) MMPI.
d) Sentence - Completion Test.

20. Hoda used to like going to the fun fair very much as a child.
However, once she experienced the roller coaster, that scared
her to death; after which she never went back again to the fun
fair. Being a mother now, she started to feel guilty depriving her
children the fun of going to the fun fair. Consequently, Hoda
decided to seek help. Hoda is most probably suffering from:

a) Guilt disorder.
b) Panic Disorder.
c) Specific phobia.
d) PTSD.

21. Which parental style is characterized by warmth, control &

a) Authoritarian.
b) Authoritative.
c) Permissive / indulgent.
d) Neglectful- uninvolved.

22. The MMPI is a psychological test to assess:

a) Personality.
b) IQ.
c) Depression.
d) Anxiety.

23. Symptoms are to signs as _________ is to __________ .

a) Projective to objective.
b) Subjective to objective.
c) Complaints to treatment.
d) Objective to subjective.

24. What does DSM stands for:

a) Disorders, Science & Mental Disorders.

b) Diagnostic Science of Mental Disorders.
c) Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
d) Descriptors of the Science of Mental Disorders.

25. Mr Shahin is suffering from intrusive thoughts insulting God

obscenely. He even has disgusting images intruding his mind
that he constantly fails to suppress. He tries to abort these
feelings by repetitive praying but the thoughts are even
stronger during praying. His best friend advised him to go to a
traditional healer that uses religious remedies. However, his
condition even got worse. Mr. Shahin is most likely suffering
a) Anxiety.
b) Schizophrenia.
c) OCD.
d) Depression.

26. What type of prevalence estimate tends to be higher?

a) Point prevalence.
b) Life time prevalence.
c) One year prevalence.
d) Virtual prevalence.

27. What was the purpose of the early asylums?

a) To remove those who cant care for themselves from society.

b) To offer biological approaches to the treatment of mental

c) To offer humanitarian treatment to those afflicted with mental
d) To perform daily psychotherapy.

28. Who is considered the founder of American Psychiatry?

a) Sigmund Freud.
b) William Tuke.
c) Benjamin Rush.
d) Dorothea Dix.

29. Sally was persuaded by her best friend to seek psychological

help after long resistance. Sally has been subjected to a
horrifying rape experience three months ago. Sally found it very
hard to express her emotions, complained of repetitive
nightmares of the incident & intrusive flashbacks. Sally
complained of emotional numbness & inability to resume her life
as prior to the incident. Sally was afraid to tell anyone as she
knows that her family would have a judgmental accusing
attitude, rather than a supportive one. Sally is most likely to be
suffering from:
a) OCD.
b) Acute Stress Reaction.
c) PTSD.
d) Panic disorder.

30. The role of learning is the central theme in

a) Psychoanalytic approach.

b) Behavioral approach.
c) Humanistic approach.
d) Gestalt approach.

31. Sarah had an affair which she regretted later, however, since
then she has been accusing her husband of cheating on her &
being unfaithful. Sarah is using which defense mechanism?
a) Reaction formation.
b) Identification.
c) Projection.
d) Rationalization.

32. Sandra has been suffering from recurrent agonizing intrusive

thoughts of killing her sister. Sandra actually adores her sister,
but cant help stop her distressing thoughts. Sandra is suffering
a) Anxiety.
b) Obsessions.
c) Compulsions.
d) Flashbacks.

33. Compared to anxiety, panic is:

a) Less focused.
b) Slower to develop.
c) Longer lasting.
d) More intense.

34. Which one of the following increased the availability of

mental hospitals in the United States?
a) Dorothea Dix.
b) Benjamin Rush.
c) Emil kraepelin.
d) George Washington.

35. A behavioral psychologist would be most likely to use

a) Hypnotism.
b) Observational techniques.
c) Free association.
d) Dream analysis.

36. All the following phrases about Hippocrates are correct

a) He is considered the father of modern medicine.
b) He believed that the brain pathology was the real cause of
mental disorders.
c) He emphasized the role of demons in mental illness.
d) He claimed that hysteria was restricted to women & best
treated by marriage.

37. Rasha has a crush on Hisham since she first saw him.
However, every time she sees him, she acts as if shes not
interested, ignores him & avoids eye to eye contact with him.
Hisham had the impression that Rasha despises his looks!
Rashas defense mechanism is:
a) Repression.

b) Suppression.
c) Reaction formation.
d) Sublimation.

38. ___________ developed the most systematic formulation about

the self. He is the founder of the Client (Person} Centered
a) Carl Rogers.
b) Sigmund Freud.
c) Aaron Beck.
d) Fredrick Perls.

39. All of the following are examples of disturbed Thought

Content except:
a) Preoccupations.
b) Obsessions.
c) Suicidal thoughts.
d) Distractibility.

40. Schema, bias, automatic thoughts & negative assumptions

are terms used in identifying errors of thoughts in which of the
a) Psychoanalysis.
b) Gestalt therapy.
c) Cognitive therapy.
d) Transference Focused Psychotherapy.


41. All the following statements about benzodiazepines

(anxiolytics) are correct except:
a) They are fastest in action.
b) They work on GABA.
c) They are non- habituating.
d) Xanax and valium are famous ones.

42. Stress- Inoculation Training is used in:

a) Treatment of Stress.
b) Treatment of Adjustment disorder.
c) Prevention of PTSD.
d) Treatment of PTSD.

43. All the following statements about the impact of stress on

the body are correct except:
a) The Sympathetic Adrenomedullary System (SAM) prepares
the body for fight or flight by releasing adrenaline.
b) The Hypothalamic- Pituitary Adrenocortical System (HPA)
prepares to adapt the body to stress by releasing cortisol.
c) There is a vicious circle between the immune system &
d) Consistent release of cortisol in the body is essential for
mental health.

44. All of the following are neurotransmitters except:

a) Serotonin.
b) Dopamine.
c) Cortisol.
d) GABA.