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[ For full redacted documents, see: http://www.scribd.com/academic1nadir ]

Robert Oscar Lopez, a conservative Christian professor, earned tenure at a liberal California
college in 2013. See what happened next.

On October 16, 2015, Provost Li of CSU-Northridge found Professor Robert Oscar Lopez
guilty of retaliatory acts in violation of EO 1074, following a 378-day investigation, which
is the third such investigation Dr. Lopez has been under. Currently Professor Robert Oscar
Lopez is awaiting disciplinary action. The term retaliatory acts appear nowhere in that
executive order. The definition of retaliation does not match the allegations cited in the
provosts disposition. It appears he is the only professor at CSUN investigated this year.

Why is Lopez a target? In 2014 and 2015, Lopez submitted briefs to federal courts,
including SCOTUS, defending childrens rights to their mother and father. The Human
Rights Campaign has issued press releases naming Lopezs employer and calling him
a dangerous exporter of hate.

So where does the retaliation charge come from? Retaliation was found after the
University spent over a year investigating whether Lopez discriminated against gays by
offering students academic credit to attend an academic event at the Reagan Presidential
Library on October 3, 2014.

The complainant who claims she suffered retaliation was the same person who tried but
failed to prove that Lopez discriminated against gays by organizing a conference on
childrens rights, at which the following women gave lectures: Alana Newman, Jennifer Lahl,
Jennifer Roback-Morse, Cathi Swett, and Claudia Corrigan DArcy.

Lopezs attorney, Charles Limandri, sent a 3-page letter to the provost on Oct. 26, 2015,
serving the University notice that the finding of guilty conflicts with established law about

Lopez and his attorneys are preparing suit against the CSUN for violations of California
employment and civil rights law. Lopez has also met with Media Research Centers C-Net
news outlet and is actively seeking other contacts with the news media.

In the longer term, Lopez and other university professors who have suffered the same
mistreatment will meet with legislators and policy makers to seek new disciplines under
the federal Higher Education Reauthorization Act and in state higher education legislation
and policy.

This case is complicated because the Universitys left-wing LGBT lobby has done its best to
camouflage its censorship efforts and political retaliation as a he-said-she-said personnel
matter. It is abundantly clear, however, that the retaliation charges were retaliation
against Dr. Lopez for exercising his academic freedom and defending himself with all
due force when he was threatened with dismissal for holding a conference at the
listed on the backside of this page.

"Key Memorable Moments from this Investigation" -- All Documented

The Title IX Coordinator compared the Reagan Library to a KKK camp, three times.
The University kept two of the complaints secret for 245 days, then sprang them on Dr.
Lopez during summer vacation when everyone was away from campus and all the students
in question had graduated.
The University has concluded that if Dr. Lopez does not tell his students that he has been
listed as an anti-gay bigot on the first day of class in a full confession, he is demonstrating a
"lack of transparency."
The University has classified as "intimidation" when a professor asks a student not to lie
about him to his colleagues.
In fact, the University claims now that it is "intimidation" to provide students with the text
of the Student Code of Conduct to which they are subject.
The Provost deemed Dr. Lopez's credibility as lacking because he said "about 120"
students attended a conference, then said "110," later. In the same letter, the provost, a PhD
in mathematics, miscalculated the number of Dr. Lopez's students as 180 instead of 160.
The University claimed that Dr. Lopez was trying to prevent a student from speaking to
University officials, as evidenced by the fact that he gave investigators her name and told
them to contact her.
The main complainant claims that it is anti-women to present an all-day symposium with
all female presenters talking about childrens bonds to their mothers and fathers.
The main complainant who alleged anti-gay discrimination received an A in the course, is
not gay, and had no proof of any harm done to her, but filed a complaint over 100 days past
the deadline, just before graduating, and claimed that Dr. Lopez retaliated against her by not
nominating her for a department award she wasn't eligible for anyway.
A gay student filed a complaint stating he failed Lopezs mythology class because of
antigay fallout from the conference, but upon further review, it was discovered that he was
never in Lopezs mythology class and attended only five sessions of American Novels. It also
turns out that he was not just coming out and vulnerable at the time he was an officer in a
prominent gay organization.
The former Associate Dean of Humanities claimed that family issues are "not necessarily
major themes" in American literature or classical mythology.
The Provost has claimed it is "retaliatory" to ask a student to give a professor a chance to
resolve issues before involving administrators--even though the Student Affairs division's
policy is that students should do exactly that.
The investigators concluded that Dr. Lopez's conference was too easy compared to the
alternative assignment, but then concluded that the conference was "of concern" because
the students had too much "difficulty" with researching it.
The investigator demanded that Dr. Lopez explain why two pamphlets were circulating at
his October 3 conference during an interrogation taking place eight months later. When Dr.
Lopez said he could not remember every piece of paper he saw eight months ago, the
investigator downgraded his "credibility."
The investigator refused to list the video of the conference as evidence, and instead listed
as evidence two brochures by the Ruth Institute, to which Dr. Lopez does not belong, and
one of the brochures was not even passed out at Lopez's conference.