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1. System Overview
11Introduction to the system
12Introduction to the operation
13Treatment Parameters
2. Safety
21Electrical and Mechanical safety
22Movement and Transportation safety
3. System Description
31product list
32System components Description=components
3-3 Warning
4. Installation & Adjustment
5. Specifications
51System specifications
52Relevant requirements
6. Operation
61Starting the system
63Turning off the system
7. Principle of treatment
8. Course setting=parameter setting
9. Indications and Contraindication
91Therapeutic range
10. Post-treatment Care
11. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
111Cleaning the unit
112Cleaning the crystal
113Cleaning pump filters
114Breakdown maintenance
115Error information
12. After-sales service
13. Contact us

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Chapter 1
Introduction to the system
Thanks for your purchasing this NBW-C132 slimming instrument!
Believe that the instruments will bring you credible and reliable performance, return
you with good functionality and satisfactory .
This chapter is an overall description of NBW-C132 type slimming instrument.
Note: The operation or maintenance personnel of the system read this manual
carefully before operating .
1-1. Introduction to the system
The machine is controlled by computer, mainly composed of the host, the control
panel and treatment handle.
The Operation and control parts of the machine located inside the host, the built-in
integrated microcontroller continuously monitors the operation of equipment.
Control system includes a touch screen, handpieces, key switch and emergency stop
The touch screen can show the system operating modes and parameters.
1-2. Introduction to the operation
Treatment scope
melting fat diet
Firming body sculpting
circumference reduction after liposuction
postpartum shrink around shaping
1-3, Treatment Parameters
The allowed adjust treatment parameters for users are:
Vaccum :0-100kpa continuously adjustable
Temperature: 5-15 continuously adjustable

Chapter 2


2-1 Electrical and Mechanical safety

In order to ensure the safety of usage, The instrument implements the
international standards in terms of design and manufacturing strictly. It is
manufactured and examined according to the general safety requirements for
Hairdressing electrical equipments.
The single-phase voltage of the operating system is 220V, the maximum input
current is less than 10A. After turning power off, residual voltage will still exist in
the high-voltage device, it will be danger for you to open shell/protective cover, for it
will be high pressure electric.
When the operating system is running, dangerously high voltages exist in the
machine. When the power is turned off, the residual voltage may still exist in the high

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

voltage devices, if you open the chassis protective cover, you may run the risk of
high-voltage electric shock.
Note: The operating system is powered with a standard three-pin GB connectors,
please make sure your network Power socket with protective earthing line, and safely
2-2 Movement and Transportation safety
The operating system has precision parts, the users are not allowed to move it
distantly. During the transportation, the cushioning packaging provided by original
factory must be used. Otherwise it will affect the normal use of the machine.
2-3 Warning message
Non-professionals are not allowed to enter the treatment room
Ensure the present staffs are familiar with the system operation
Do not use this system in Inflammable and explosive area or other insecure location
Chapter 3
System Description
31 Main equipment list of product

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

The equipment main structure as above pictures, Touch screen, Emergency Switch,
Key Switch, mainframe box, cooling system, treatment handle etc.

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

32. System components Description

Touch screen: It is used to display and adjust the specific information of operating
Emergency Stop Switch: It is used to turn off the power in emergency conditions.
Heart rate tester: it used to clip on your fingers to test the heart rate before do the
cryolipolysis treatment.
Fat measurements pliers: Measuring thickness of the fat
Mainframe box: Within the cooling system, power system, control system,
integrated circuit, etc.
Treatment handle: Removable type treatment handle, used to do the treatment for
the customer
Funnel: Use for adding water into the water tank
Sponge Filter: Set on the suction mouth inside the handle, prevent liquid and sundries
being suck into the handle.
Rubber gasket: Set of interface of the handle, water mouth, to prevent leakage
Emergency Stop Switch: Shut down the machine power supply of urgent cases
33Error message
ERROR 1: Small water flow Warning
ERROR 2:Handle A communication outage
ERROR 3:Handle A excess temperature
ERROR 4: Handle B communication outage
ERROR 5: Handle B communication outage
1. Non-surgical, non-narcotic
2. Non-invasive,no infection, safety
3. No need garment, no recovery
4. No effect the normal work

Chapter 4 Installation and Commissioning

4-1, installation
The system can be installed in hospitals, medical clinics and beauty salons, little
preparation is needed before installation. When you purchase our company's
instruments, you can enjoy our free onsite installation and commissioning
The system should be installed and commissioned by professional and technical
personnel authorized by our company. Installation work includes:
4-1-1, check equipment list:
Mainframe (1)
Treatment heads (2)
Heart rate test finger-cot (1)

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

Fat measuring caliper (1)

Measurement scale (1)
Switch key (2)
User Manual (1)
Water funnel (1)
Drain socket (1)
Power cord (1)
Rubber ring (8)
Handle bracket (1)
Package box (1)
Sponge Filter(10)
4-1-2, Be familiar with the installation requirements:
Before unpacking the Instrument, you should check whether the accessories are
complete, the installation location meets the requirements of this section.
The system should be installed away from heat vents and keep an appropriate
distance from other objects.
The instrument is preset the rated voltage of the installation place before delivery
according to the user's requirements. The corresponding electrical equipment
requirements are as follows:
Single phase 220V 10%, 10A 50Hz/110v 10%
The equipment lands the ground through the ground wire of the power
sheath, passing the wall line. Good ground connection is essential for
safe operation.
The input voltage can not have transients, voltage and current spikes,
collapse or surge.
To ensure that the system is in the best condition, the room temperature
should be maintained at about 20 , relative humidity should not
exceed 80% .The thermal power of the system is about 200W during
work, so its the best if the treatment rooms are air-conditioned.
Do not allow the instrument being irradiated by prolonged direct
sunlight, nor being placed near a heater.

4-1-3 installation steps

1) Carefully open the package of the machine, place the machine in a preselected
2) Take out the handle bracket, and install it in the corresponding position

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

NoticeWhen installing the handle, please do the

following thing as the pictures show.there are 2
springs beside each connector, the springs
should be press down before install the handle,
or the Rubber ring will be damaged. Dont pull
Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

the handle during operation.

installed in this case




Take the Water funnel, insert the filler, inject 5 liter of water

Notice: When adding water, please open the VENTS in advance,

add enough water until water spill out from the VENTS.

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

Put the filter cotton on the vacuum inlet mouth to protect the liquid be sucked
into the handle.

Insert the handhold emergency switch

Notice: please confirm the handhold emergency switch in

ONstation before operate the machine

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd



Plug in the power cord

Insert the switch key and release the red emergency button

42 Debugging Adjustments
421 Fulfill water
First fulfill distilled or purified water by the water inlet on the back of the
machine.Running water or mineral water is not allowed. Pls do not stop
fulfilling until the water flow out from the over flow port (shown as
picture1). Then turn the key switch to the right, and observe whether the
interface of the treatment handle is leaking water or not. The water inside

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

the machine should be replaced every month.After replacing the water, the
machine should keep working for 3 minutes at first to observe if the
waterway is smooth.

Picture 1

4-2-2 Debugging
Open the pulse oximeter, clamp the forefinger and wait 3 minutes to see if the displayed number
is normal. Less than 50 or more than 120 is not suitable for cryolipolysis treatments (if receiving
this test after a strong exercise, the result is not accurate and generally the number will be more
than 120). The heart rate test should be done in a calm state.

Switch the key to the right, the whole machine starts working. The touch screen
will be same as picture 2.

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

Picture 2
If picture2 appears, it indicates the machines starting is normal.
Cryolipolysis+vacuum refer to cryolipolysis slimming system.


, the system will enter into picture 3.

Use the fat measuring caliper to measure the fat thickness of the treated area.
Based on the actual thickness, you can select cryolipolysis slimming mode, or

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

enter into expert mode, adjusting the treatment parameters of the 2 handles

Then click

entering into picture 4. Under this mode, the set treatment

time and temperature are locked. Only pressure intensity can be adjusted.
NotesThe system has 3 minutes heating by default. The temperature will be
no more than 40. 3 minutes later, the system will enter into cooling state
automatically. If you want to cancel the heating program, slightly click
turning into

then the heating process will be cancelled.

Picture 4
After entering into picture 4, you can click A or B on the screen to control 2 handles

Adjust and display the intensity of vacuum, thats pressure. It can

be adjusted by pressing


button; its adjusting scope is


Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

Adjusting treatment time, its adjusting scope is 1-60min (under

this mode, it cannot be adjusted).

Adjusting the set temperature of treatment handles, the

adjusting scope is -15-5.under this mode, it cannot be adjusted

The big font shows the real temperature of treatment handles;

the below small font shows the set temperature at the beginning.

After the suitable treatment parameters are adjusted, click



machine starts working.

The system is in working state at this moment; the selected handle starts heating
with vacuum. Put the handle on belly, you will have a feeling of being sucked.3
minutes later, the handle starts cooling to the set temperature. Meanwhile, the 4
LED lights change their colors from red to blue according to heating and cooling.

It means Cryolipolysis slimming system is working normally. Click

the system to standby state

like picture 5. Click the

, turning

button on the

lower left of the screen, back to picture 3.

, entering into manual mode. Under this mode,
pressure, set temperature and treatment time all can be adjusted, like picture 5.
The other operations are the same as above.

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

Picture 5

When end, click

back to the home page, picture 2.
Notes When doing treatments under this mode, the clients should hold the
stop switch all the time. If feeling uncomfortable, they can press the switch,
the machine will stop working. Press it again, the machine will start working.
In the mode setting interface, slightly click

button, the machine will enter

into vacuum calibration interface, like below picture shows.

NotesDo not enter into vacuum calibration interface randomly to do adjustments.
If needed, pls contact our engineers.

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

Water flow setting adjustments

Alarming water flow can be adjusted in the vacuum calibration interface. Slightly

the adjusting buttons of the two sides, which can adjust the

water flow alarming value, its setting scope is 5-10.

When the actual water flow is lower than the set alarming value, the machine will
warn you automatically by Error 1.

After finish adjustments, press


to store the adjusted parameters.

Vacuum calibration adjustments:
In this calibration interface, slightly touch


to start air pump.

Choose A1, open the back cover and adjust the corresponding knob to a certain value.
Similarly, touch A2 slightly and adjust A2 knob. Then you can adjust the others one
by one. After finish adjustments, slightly touch


, and then press back

Reference parameters are as below

















Chapter 5
51Technical parameters:
Input Power
Frozen head pressure
Cryolipolysis handle screen size
Treatment handles quantity
Touch screen size
Frozen head temperature
Cooling System
Net weight
Fuse specification

Technical parameters

3.5 Inch
2 units( Optional)
10.4 Inch
Semiconductor Cooling + water-cooling + air
60*41*50 cm
525 10A
AC220V10%10A50HZ / AC110V10%10A

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

52Related Request:
The system running environment requirements
Environment temperature: 10~30
Relative humidity: less than 80%
The system storage environmental requirement:
Environment temperature: 0~40
Relative humidity: less than 80%
Operating Procedure
6-1 Opening
1. make sure that if the heart rate of patient is normal, and has no other diseases
that not adapted to do this treatment.
2. measure the fat thickness by using the fat measuring clamp.

3. clean the treatment parts (if where there is hair, remove it.)
4. stick the antifreeze membrane on the treatment part.
5. Put the Cling film on the membranes
6. Open the machine to start the treatment
6-2 choosing Cryolipolysis mode
1).Choose precise parameter to enter according to the thickness of the fat

Adjust the pressure, then click

to start to work.

The handle must be near to the skin, and the button in the handle can control
working and stopping.
1) Note that in the same time course, If continue, previous process starts again after
the first stop.

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

If you want to start again begin heating the entire course of treatment, the need to
return to the main screen and re-enter.
2) During the treatment, the client should hold the emergency stop tightly. If feel
uncomfortable, press the stop. The machine will stop working. Then press stop once
more, the machine works.
6-3 turn off
1. place back the treatment handle to its place.
2. change working state into "standby".
3. turn the key switch to turn off the system.
4. clean the handle with clean cotton or soft cloth.
Frozen fat cells disappear fat technology no invasive wound, after the majority of
people do not have any abnormal reaction, but the individual constitution is different,
a few people applied parts will be a little red and swollen, but will disappear within a
few hours, a few people may have a slight sense of paralysis, with slight frozen or the
condition of stasis table, this is a temporary phenomenon, a few days to weeks or
disappear, do not use special too anxious.

Chapter 7 Treatment Principle

Cryolipolysis Technology: As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in
particular low temperatures (below 5), It uses advanced cooling technology to
selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells through a gradual process that
does not harm the surrounding tissues, reduce unwanted fat, When fat cells are
exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually
reduces the thickness of the fat layer. And The fat cells in the treated area are gently
eliminated through the body's normal metabolism process, to eliminate unwanted
Chapter 8 Treatment Setting

1-3 treatments per treatment course; do one treatment for 30-60 minute. After one
treatment, you can do the second treatment on the same area after 45-60 days. The
treatment course, treatment time and temperature setting are depend on the
thickness of the fat. You can set 1-3 treatments per treatment course. If your client
need more treatment, please set the second treatment course after at least 6 months.
1, When using the cryolipolysis handles, you must put the anti free membrane on the
treatment area and also cover a piece a plastic membrane on it to protect the anti

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

freeze liquid lossing. Or you may freeze and hurt the skin.
2, when using the Cryolipolysis handles, you can do treatment on different areas in a
treatment course, but dont do repeat treatments on a same area within 45days. For
example, you can do treatment on the abdomen, waist, buttock, thigh etc. in a same
treatment course, but dont do treatment on the abdomen again in 45days.
Chapter 9 Indications and Contraindication

10-1 Indications
The system can be treated:
Body shaping: Shaping of the four limbs, buttocks, abdomen, recovery of Postpartum
and liposuction surgery.
Stretch marks: eliminate stretch marks efficiently
Body sliming: reduce the cellulite, reduce the fat, improve skin laxity

10-2 Contraindication
Pregnant woman
The patient who has the heart bypass surgery.
Heart disease
Chapter 10 Post-treatment care
10-1: The temperature of Cryolipolysis instrument must be controlled well, not too
low, otherwise it will still hurt the skin, after doing this treatment, please pay
attention to diet and do some exercise, so that it is not easy to rebound.
10-2: Please pay attention to use 1540 anti-membranes membranes.

Chapter 11 Maintenance and Repair

11-1 Device Cleaning
Clean the exterior surface of this machine with soft wet cotton at least once a week.
Neutral cleaner could be used, but pls make sure no liquid flows into the machine.
The purified or distilled water inside the water pathway should be changed once
every month.
11-2 Light-guide Crystal Cleaning
The treatment handle should be always kept clean and should be cleaned after each

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

When cleaning, first wipe it clean with a soft cloth, and then clean it with another soft
cloth moistened with water-free alcohol and let it dry thoroughly.
11-3 Pump filter Cleaning
After the machine works a period of time, if liquid is found inside the pump filter, you
should clean it timely.
Unscrew the transparent container at the bottom of the filter, re-install the filter after
pouring the liquid inside.

Right Rotation
To open them

12-4 Troubleshooting
The table below is a list of some possible faults and solutions accordingly.

Check parts
Check the power 220V inlet wire to see
whether the fuse wire is broken or not
Re-calibrate the screen

No power
No touch
Cooling temperature is lo

Check power supply voltage

Check water circulation
Check rubber ring

Leaking water
between machines joints
If any other problems, please contact with our after-sale team instantly.
Dont take the machine apart please.

12-5 Fault information

Beijing Nubway S & T Co., Ltd

When starting the machine, or in the process of treatment, if some faults or

abnormalities occur, the machine should stop working immediately. Then please
contact with our maintenance department, the technicians authorized by our
company could do troubleshooting only.
12-6 Replace the fuse wire:
Turn off all power switch, unplug the power cord; open the fuse holder with a small
flathead screwdriver, and then take the fuse wire in the fuse holder. Take out the
spare (15A / 250V) fuse wire in the accessories sent to you along with the machine.

12-7 Touch screen calibration

When turn on the machine, touch the touch screen 20 times in a position of the initial
interface, then the system will automatically enter the calibration interface. The LCD
screen turns blue after entering the calibration state. The upper left corner of the screen
will appear white "cross", touch the "cross", there will be "cross" in the upper right corner,
doing the same operation, the lower right corner will appear "cross", Please touch it again.
After finish the above three "cross", restart the treatment, touch-screen calibration is

Chapter 12Contact Us
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