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With 20+-Year Chronicle of Success Driving Benchmark-Setting Growth and Expansion for
Globally Focused Fortune 500, Turnaround, and Start-Up Organizations

Documented record of strong, decisive executive leadership in organizations ranging from $40 million to
$170 million, global in reach and scale, and with interdisciplinary teams of 1,400 employees. Noted for sound,
practical management style centered on impact-driven financial models and strategies. Strong boardroom presence.

Results-proven, growth-oriented, globally focused leader with repeated success in multiple industries and
markets, expanding international footprint, building shareholder value, driving vision, and achieving critical
strategic goals. Valued contributor to key strategic acquisitions and highly successful joint ventures.

Dynamic change agent skilled in repositioning organizations to achieve operational and manufacturing
excellence. Delivered dramatic improvements to quality, market positioning, and financial performance by leading
organizations to adopt Six Sigma tenets, Lean Manufacturing strategies, and metric-based management.
Summary Achievements:
~ Transformed struggling businesses into vital, streamlined, and growing organizations. ~
~ Member of executive team that grew a Xxxxxx business unit into the largest of its type worldwide. ~
~ Produced measurable year-over-year improvement under dynamic, shifting conditions and in downturn markets. ~
~ Deployed Lean Mentality in multiple multinational manufacturing facilities. ~
~ Rebuilt and rejuvenated leadership staff into unified, top-performing, highly motivated teams. ~
~ Expanded into international markets, delivering exceptionally high shareholder returns and profitability. ~

Professional Experience
1999 Present
Global provider of sensing elements, transmitters, instruments, and systems for controlling physical elements.
Upon acquisition of Xxxxxxxx Instruments by Xxxxxx in 2001, recruited and retained by Xxxxxx to lead a global
division within Xxxxxxx and drive rapid expansion into new market space. Manage P&L for $170 million annual
revenues, leading senior staff of 9 and indirect team of ~1,400 in 9 manufacturing facilities, 11 sales offices, and 2
distribution sites. Oversee all operations, including finance, sales, marketing, customer service, manufacturing,
sourcing, engineering and technology, quality, IT, and HR.
Primary Challenge:
Served on core executive team tasked under CEO mandate with driving rapid expansion into the lucrative
instruments, controls, and sensing industry. Created the single largest xxxxxx measurement company in the world
by spearheading integration of 2 of the 3 leading competitors (Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxxx) under the new Xxxxxx
organization. Surmounted technical, cultural, and market difficulties to achieve a smooth merger and solid growth.
Selected Results:

Mobilized revenue growth from $100 million to over $650 million through acquisition of 3 additional scale
companies and several complimentary businesses, transition from legacy companies to focused operating units,
and development of loyal work culture that inspired employee performance gains.

Strengthened key operational metrics in a downturn market:


Year-over-Year Profitability: +27%

Organic Growth: +6%
Variable Cost Out/Deflation: +7%
Inventory Turns as % of Sales: +8

Accounts Receivable Turns: +2

Payable Turns: +10
Cash Flow from Operations: +14%
Total Cash Generated: +12%

Deployed over 15 technologies within 11 major product lines, resulting in creation of ~250 new products,
devices, and systems. Cut costs 23% and increased year-over-year sales $13 million by creating product vitality
matrix that eliminated/updated obsolete offerings and simplified manufacturing.

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Elevated revenue potential $8+ million annually by spearheading deployment of 4 new core technology
platforms deployed into 5 product lines, including 3 new advanced patentable developments that drove 16 new
products. Created and maintained intellectual property (IP) portfolio of 80+ patents.

Delivered $5 million new service revenue annually by championing creation and implementation of global
services strategy. Established 4 regional service centers across the globe that improved turnaround 65%.

Produced $3.5 million net savings by reorganizing sales channels for maximum impact and penetration,
converting to direct channels and eliminating 3rd party channels.

Drove 75% CAGR over 2 years as leader behind creation of strategy and infrastructure that enabled
penetration of the rapidly expanding China and Southeast Asia regions.

Captured $2.4 million Variable Cost Productivity (VCP) through introduction of Six Sigma and Quality
Improvement program that focused on yield, Lean Manufacturing techniques, and order management.

Earned Xxxxx Award as a Top 6 Plant as ranked against 178 facilities globally; won Xxxxx Team Award
for build-out of Measurement & Sensing platform and acquisition of 2 companies.

PRESIDENT & CEO, Xxxxxxxx, 1999 2001

As corporate officer, held full strategic planning and P&L management authority for this $58 million international
instruments and controls company. Controlled $24 million operating budget and 320 worldwide employees in 4
calibration labs / service centers and 4 global sales offices.
Primary Challenge:
Recruited to reorganize/streamline business and jumpstart stagnant sales through multi-pronged approach that
included fresh business strategy, product diversification, process redesign, and talent acquisition. Led business
revitalization by implementing vigorous sales and marketing orientation that grew sales 45% to $58 million while
simultaneously increasing pre-tax profits 21%. Fueled continuing growth momentum through new rewards and
recognition system and evangelized new Quality Mentality & Focus operating culture. In 2001, successfully
divested the healthy, growing company to Xxxxxxx at a premium return to shareholders.
Selected Results:

Spearheaded complete reorganization and business structure overhaul:


Saved $2.8 million by reducing locations and space 43%;

Boosted productivity $1.7 million by introducing Lean and Cell-based manufacturing;
Cut material costs $1.2 million (4.7% decrease) by retooling sourcing and supply.

Added $12 million new revenues with margins near 60% by identifying, acquiring, and integrating 2
companies which enabled strategic diversification of the core business.

Entered strategic commercial/industrial regions in Asia and Europe concurrently, producing 126% growth
return and $6.8 million in sales commitments. Created centralized European sales and service facility that
generated $2.4 million revenue in first 12 months.

Increased organic growth $6.5 million annually by creating new sales channels globally, including direct
channels in the U.S. and Europe and select distributors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Designed and established Six Sigma-based process for new product development, leading to 7 new product
offerings within 24 months and re-establishment of companys key share in core market segments.

Divested an unprofitable European branch to strategic partner then secured new global supply contract from
buyer, producing additional $1.6 million annual sales.

Overhauled customer interfaces and processes, leading to 50% reduction in shipping cycle time, more than 66%
reduction in calibration and service turnaround time, and 35% increase in revenues per account.

Recruited and developed new management team that generated momentum in business, earned subsequent
retention as entity within Xxxxxx business group, and received top facility Xxxxx Award within 24 months.

1995 1999
Leading global producer of metal-based specialty chemicals and powders with annual revenues of $600+ million.
Senior-level manager with full P&L responsibility on global scale for $38 million strategic business unit marketing
various forms of metalized pastes and chemistries to electronics assembly industry. Directed team of 28 research and

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development, technical service, field sales and administrative personnel; developed and administered annualized $6.4
million operating budgets. Tasked with driving market expansion on both domestic and global fronts.
Selected Results:

Grew revenues 137% from $16 million to $38 million by instituting aggressive market expansion, national
account, and strategic planning process.

Generated $6 million new revenues through launch of 6 new wide-latitude products into domestic market.

Expanded effective market penetration 60% by building and developing global integrated direct sales and
distributor/agent networks through progressive compensation, practical training, and motivational programs.

Championed joint venture operation in Singapore to pursue and control a key Asian segment. Built yearly
revenue to $5.5 million and earned profits within first 6 months of operation.

Orchestrated $3.7 million plant expansion project, securing critical capacity while reducing unit costs 25%.

XXXXXXXXXX Company, City, ST

Specializing in hybrid ultrasonic cleaning systems and capital equipment.

1993 1995

Managed all activities within sales and marketing organization. Recruited, trained, and supervised highly skilled
team of 14 independent sales representatives. Implemented strong market expansion, OEM account programs, and
sales planning initiatives to fuel business development.
Selected Results:

Increased revenues to $11 million (55% increase) and improved margins 55%. Teamed with Engineering in
developing several new products focused on value-added applications that improved margins 15%.

Led first-time OEM account partnering program for ultrasonic subassemblies, positioning company for
continuing large volume orders in the semiconductor fabrication and hospital sterilization industries.

World leader in chemical products and services.

1987 1993

TECHNICAL MANAGER, Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Division

Promoted to direct distributor operations as technical manager for 12-state central U.S. region, managing team of 22
and driving achievement of marketing and sales, technical support, warehousing, and transportation objectives at 10
facilities. As business development specialist, organized and trained 38 sales and technical personnel. Coordinated
product development, managed 3 newly acquired specialty product lines for electronics industry. Developed operating
plans for 13 products, created sales collateral material, and managed advertising/promotion plans and budgets.
Selected Results:

Guided team to reach sales of $55 million and to capture 85% market share in targeted segments. Transformed
38 sales and technical personnel into highly effective sellers, resulting in 55% sales growth.

Initiated sales program with U.S. Navy and multi-site government contractor by designing specification sole
sourcing Xxxxxxx. Secured $750,000 in new sales, projecting sales of $3.6 million.

Secured largest single contract - $3.3 million in Electronic divisions history; received Corporate Marketing
Excellence Award (given to less than 1% worldwide) and 3 Outstanding Achievement awards.

** Early career as territory manager with start-up technology firm Xxxxxx Technology. Won 10 Fortune 500 accounts
and delivered $3.3 million sales. Served as key member of M&A team, leading to eventual acquisition by Xxxx. Worked
as customer service manager and sales engineer for Xxxxxxx, a privately held chemical manufacturer and distributor.
Increased sales from $900,000 to $3.7 million in 2 years.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing & Management

This rsum is not a template and copying is prohibited; it was written for a real client (identity disguised) and is an example
of the quality and style of rsums written by Distinctive Documents www.distinctiveweb.com.
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