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Grade B Phase I exam 2014

The following questions are based on the memory of candidates and have
been obtained from various forums mrunal.org, Pagalguy.com, rbi.vze.coms forum
on FB etc..
RBI organized the paper online in 2013 for the first time. These questions
were asked in phase I test conducted in 2014 in various shifts. The questions do not
include all the options as they were asked. There can be grammatical mistakes and
incomplete sentences in the paper but the intent of the question will remain clear.
The objective of presenting these questions is to acquaint the aspirants to the kind
of questions that can be expected in future phase 1 exams.

1. International women day is celebrated on which date?
2. What is FDI limit in private sector banks?
3. What is the fund allocated for bullet train in union budget?
4. Who is IMF md and ceo?
5. WMA - Definition?
6. Who is CEO of infosys?
7. Who is chairman of Apple ?
8. What is name of the actor playing Mr. Bean?
9. Who played the lead in booby jasoos?
10. Who was lead actor in movie kochidaiyyan?
11. FIFA organized Footbal world cup in which country recently?
12. Which country has "Rupee" NOT as its currency?
13. Tamil Nadu opposed whom in Mr. Narendra Modi's oath ceremony?
14. Who is the CM of andhra pradesh?
15. Credit information is maintained by?
16. What is full form of BIS?
17. For SLR - which of the following is better definition?
18. What is used to control liquidity in market?
19. Which of the following can be mortgage?
20. Which best describes "Leasing"?

21. What is balance of payment?
22. Which of the following countrys capital is not correctly matched?
23. Which of the following cannot be govt security bond?
24. Which of the following was not in the trial cities of plastic notes?
25. Which of the following is demand liability for banks?
26. Who is from India currently as Chief of Interpol out of the following?
27. Who is the Oldest member in the modi cabinet?
28. What is the Address of Website of prime minister modi where you can
contact him?
29. Who is Secretory department of economic affairs, finance ministry?
30. Which Organization won NOBEL peace prize 2013?
31. Which out of the following five is not an organ of World Bank?
32. Which of the following five is not correct regarding WTO?
33. Which of the following statements is/are correct about SLR?
34. Which of the following can be used for tighten the liquidity by RBI?
35. Which of the following is not a function of RBI?
36. Capital market is also known as option money, equity, cash and spot,
37. A <science related indian award> was given to whom?
38. Who recently participated in president elections of Afghanistan?
39. Who wrote the tales of two cities?
40. Which is the Largest thermal power plant in India?
41. After increasing the height of Narmada dam, what has become its rank in the
42. What is India forex reserve as on 31 mar 2014 as per economic survey?
43. How much percentage investment allowance in budget 2014 after
investment of 25 crore in plant n machinery?
44. Most costly city in the world according to some world livelihood index
45. Air Asia alliance is with which indian company?
46. Recently banking license given to which company?

47. Which among the following not a PSU ans bandhan
48. Highest number of ministers in the cabinet from which state?
49. Ajit doval recently appointed as ?
50. FDI limit in private sector banks is ?
51. What is the number of females in Lok Sabha currently?
52. Who is present Attorney General?
53. Who is present Chancellor of Germany?