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from the dean

Dear Alumni and Friends of Yale Divinity School,

As the cover of this issue of Spectrum indicates, the Yale significant gift to the cam-
Divinity School community welcomed back into service in paign came from Robert
August of 2009 the “back buildings” on the eastern end of McNeil, Yale College ’36,
the Quad. They have been “mothballed” since the recon- to endow the deanship in
struction of the Quad at the beginning of this decade. On the honor of his grandfather,
southeast side, the space that had housed the old basketball Henry L. Slack, YDS 1877.
court and was later converted to the ISM ’s Great Hall now Such wonderful generos-
has lovely new o∞ces for the Center for Faith & Culture; an ity is a sign of hope for the
o∞ce for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (which, as you successful completion of
may know, is in partnership with Yale University to explore the campaign.
issues of faith and globalization); space for visiting faculty;
and much-needed new instructional space. On the northeast One of the things that will
side, the old Common Room and Refectory have been par- change in our e≠orts to
tially restored for temporary use by the School of Music as streamline operations is
early as next summer. In the meantime, we have been using our annual communication
those old familiar spaces for special events, while we hope with alums. We shall increasingly rely on electronic distribu-
for their final restoration to our physical plant, perhaps in tion of our information and are planning to move Spectrum
connection with new student accommodations to replace the online for the future. That change is part of a larger strategy
Canner Street apartments. to take advantage of new media. Part of the shift has already
taken place, with the alumni books and obituaries sections, as
Renewing the Quad is an ongoing process and will no doubt well as other features, of Spectrum online at www.yale.edu/
continue into the years ahead. More important than our divinity/spectrum/.
buildings are the faculty who come to teach in them. In the
fall of 2009, we welcomed to YDS four exceptional new We know that the financial crisis is not confined to the Quad,
colleagues, Clarence Hardy (American Religious History), and the lead article in this issue of Spectrum describes how
Vasileios Marinis (History of Art and Architecture, with alumni pastors are coping. Despite the challenges, there are
ISM ), Chloë Starr (Chinese Religion and Theology), and good grounds to be optimistic for the future. Most reassuring
Tisa Wenger (American Religious History). In January we are the students who have joined us this year, in one of the
shall also welcome a new colleague in Ministerial Studies, largest entering classes in recent memory. Their energy and
Janet Ru∞ng, as a specialist in spirituality and spiritual commitment to the project of combining faith and intellect
direction. Searches continue in ethics, theology and pastoral in the service of the Church and World is an inspiration to
care—positions we hope to fill for 2010. all of us here. The other ground of our hope is the generosity
that our alumni and friends have continued to display and for
While we continue to move ahead on various fronts, we have which we are all enormously grateful. With your continued
to do so these days with caution. The reduction in the value support we shall continue our mission of helping our stu-
of Yale’s endowment means that endowment revenues will dents become the religious leaders of the future—the pastors,
be significantly lower in coming years than what we were the teachers, the scholars who will guide communities of faith
projecting 18 months ago. We anticipate that the revenue through the 21st century.
shortfall this year and next will be over $2 million combined.
We have already tightened our belts this year, reducing non-
salary expenses by some 12 percent and sta≠ salaries by some
5 percent, the latter mostly by attrition. We shall make similar
cuts in next year’s budget. We are grateful for all the support Harold W. Attridge
that our alumni and friends have given in these di∞cult times. The Reverend Henry L. Slack Dean and
To date, the Yale Divinity Tomorrow capital campaign has Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament
raised some $28 million toward our goal of $38 million. One Advent, 2009

s p e c t r u m 1
year in review
Pastors Face a Perfect Storm
by Frank Brown

hen Peggy Niederer ’01 M.Div. became es polled reporting having to make budget cuts. This figure
pastor in 2003 of Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in was even higher in congregations with only one minister.
Leonia, NJ , she knew that the small congregation’ s
survival might, one day, come into question. By But, even as this perfect storm of diminishing resources and
late 2009, that day appeared to be growing closer as the power- heightened need is visited upon congregations across the
ful forces of the recession ravaged the church’s finances. Holy denominational spectrum, YDS alumni leaders are o≠ering
Spirit was forced to dip into its endowment, and at the worst models for how to not only survive but also prosper in such
possible moment. an environment. It is a time, they say, when churches can
fill their congregants’ needs and o≠er prophetic leadership
“The stock devalued at the same time that we needed to with- in ways that secular institutions cannot. And, the ongo-
draw from it. We took a double hit,” says Niederer. “We may ing crisis is also an opportunity to move along the some-
never recover from that. It may shorten times glacial process of reforming and
the life of the congregation. It could be streamlining the business side of local
five years instead of ten or two years in- church operations. Above all, they say,
stead of eight. It’s hard to know.” focus on a core Christian message must
win out over the clamor of worried voices
The recession, which o∞cially began in and distractions.
late 2007, has taken a harsh toll on Holy
Spirit Lutheran, an ELCA congregation “In 35 years of ministry and teaching,
where about two dozen people attend a I’ve never lived through anything where
typical Sunday service. The congrega- churches are as preoccupied with the econ-
tion’s president, a faithful tither, was omy as they are today,” says Dan Bonner
out of work for nearly a year. Giving was ’76 M.Div., ’77 S.T.M., a Methodist pastor
down by eight percent for the fiscal year who heads the Center for Urban Congrega-
that ended June 30, 2009. The church’s tional Renewal in Georgetown, TX . “What
Shepard Parsons ’84 M.Div.
preschool, founded in 1967, struggled I encourage folks to do is to keep our eye on
along, with Niederer filling the director’s position until our mission and not fret, certainly publicly, over things we
December 2009. Then it closed, after 42 years. cannot control in our environment. The institutions that are
staying the course and even expanding around the edges are
Across the country, Y DS alumni pastors are struggling with the ones staying on mission. The mission of the church is the
the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. good news, the peace and justice, the whole bundle.”
Shepard Parsons ’84 M.Div., a United Church of Christ
minister in Shelton, CT , took a 63 percent pay cut and went The Lake Institute’s study, the “2009 Congregational Eco-
part-time as the sole pastor. Ruth Ann Chartier ’93 M.Div., nomic Impact Study,” found that churches that have older
a UCC pastor, is moving from one financially struggling members, are more dependent on endowment income, and
church in Massachusetts to another in Pennsylvania, in part are smaller in size are faring worse than their counterparts.
because she is impressed with the new congregation’s gritty The good news from the Lake Institute, which polled mostly
survival skills. local Protestant churches, seemed to be that, overall, giving
was up from 2007 to 2008, although the rate of increase was
These experiences mirror the findings of a 2009 national not as high as in previous years.
study by the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving that captures
the extraordinary economic pressures at work. Just as endow- Jerry Henry ’80 M.Div., chair of the Development Committee
ment dividends shrink and church members themselves are of the YDS Alumni Board, parses such numbers for a living
squeezed financially, local churches are witnessing a jump in as an Atlanta-based partner with the Alexander Haas fund-
demand for the social services that they have historically pro- raising consulting firm. “Giving to religion is one of the last
vided. According to the study, nearly one-third of the church- things to decrease. I think it has to do with the deep spiritual

2 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Across the country, YDS alumni pastors are struggling with the worst
economic downturn since the Great Depression.

ties that we feel. We are sharing the abundance of God,” says The sort of networking and sharing of experiences that Rob-
Henry, who specializes in consulting with religious groups. inson’s Roundtable facilitates is essential for all pastors as
Another recent study, “Faith Communities Today 2008: A they face hard decisions
First Look,” was released in October 2009 by the Hartford forced upon them by
Institute for Religion Research at Hartford Seminary. While the recession, some YDS
the data from over 2,500 congregations of every major faith alumni suggest.
tradition—Christian and non-Christian—was collected be-
fore the brunt of the recession hit, the study’s findings confirm Feeling isolated can be
the dire straits in which many US faith communities find inevitable, says Talitha
themselves. “The clear and consistent short-term direction is Arnold ’80 M.Div., who
negative—including worship attendance growth, spirituala is senior minister at the
vitality and sense of mission and purpose,” the report notes. United Church of Santa
Specifically, even before the crisis, the number of congrega- Fe in New Mexico. “The
tions describing their current financial health as “excellent” first thing I would say is
dropped from 31 percent in 2000 to 19 percent in 2008. that it’s not about you,”
she notes. “It’s easy to
Kerry Robinson ’94 M.A.R.
Such startling numbers put demands on the leadership skills internalize what’s hap-
of pastors in ways that most seminaries do not prepare them pening but these are global things that are happening. The
for. That is why parishioners’ advice can be invaluable, says second thing to do is to seek out colleagues.”
Tom Duggan ’59 B.D., a Presbyterian minister who weath-
ered economic collapses while serving English-speaking Arnold reports that her UCC congregation felt an economic
congregations in Bangkok and Paris. “Don’t panic over the impact from the crisis in two waves. First, parishioners de-
finances,” he advises. “I’ve always turned to the people for pendent on retirement income were hit hard by the decline
help. I’ve said to them, ‘It’s not my church. It’s your church.’ in the stock market. Then, in 2009, the church was impacted
The people always responded.” by layo≠s of members from state government, tourism and
construction, New Mexico’s top three employers. To help
Within the context of the Roman Catholic Church, Kerry the largest group—state workers—cope, Arnold organized
Robinson ’94 M.A.R. is trying to help bring business ex- Saturday burrito breakfasts just for them, thus providing a
pertise to church administration. Robinson is the founding new source of fellowship.
executive director of the National
Leadership Roundtable on Church Despite the challenges they face, pastors like Chart-
Management, based in Washing- ier, in Fall River, and Niederer, in Leonia, still see
ton, DC , which works with bish- rays of hope.
ops across the nation’s 195 Roman
Catholic dioceses. The kind of dynamism and adaptability Arnold de-
scribed are among the big reasons Chartier has de-
“The economic crisis has created cided to leave the United Parish of Fall River, MA ,
a sense of urgency among church for Linfield United Church of Christ in Royersford,
leaders,” says Robinson, adding PA , even though the leaders of her new church told
that demand for her group’s servic- her that “they have enough money to fund this posi-
es is up markedly, in part because tion for three years and after that they are just not
of the economy. Potential donors sure.” For her part, Niederer is encouraged at how
Ruth Ann Chartier ’93 M.Div.
are looking not only for compelling her tiny Lutheran congregation has risen to chal-
church ministry to fund but also, she said, for “systems of lenges. Says Niederer, “I feel people taking ownership and
contemporary best practices and a culture of transparency volunteering to help in the parish.”
and accountability.”

s p e c t r u m 3
YDS faculty

by Jason Peno ’10 M.Div.

Joel Baden ’s first book, J, E, and the Redaction of the Adela Yarbro Collins was honored at a conference
Pentateuch, was published in June by Mohr Siebeck. His first entitled “Women in the Religious and Intellectual Activity
edited volume, The Strata of the Priestly Writings, was pub- of the Ancient Mediterranean World: An Interdisciplinary
lished in October by Theologischer Verlag Zurich. Baden has and International Conference” at the Methodist Theological
also published articles in the past year in the Journal of Biblical School in Ohio and at Ohio State University in March. She
Literature and in Hebrew Studies and given lectures at the 15th is serving in 2009-2010 as president-elect of the Society of
World Congress of Jewish New Testament Studies.
Studies in Jerusalem, the Her recent publications
Society of Biblical Literature include: “Mark and the
International meeting in Hermeneutics of History
Rome, and at the University Writing,” in Mark and
of Texas in Austin. Matthew, Texts and Contexts
II: Hermeneutics, Reception
Christopher Beeley History, and Theology, edit-
was promoted to associ- ed by Eve-Marie Becker
ate professor. He co-edit- and Anders Runesson, and
ed, with Joseph Britton, a “Rhétorique apocalyptique,
volume entitled Toward a identité et catharsis vir-
Theology of Leadership for tuelle,” in Théophylon.
the Anglican Theological
Review and contributed John J. Collins received
the essay “Theology and in June an honorary degree
Christopher Beeley
Pastoral Leadership.” Beeley of Doctor of Letters from
responded to a review panel on his book Gregory of Nazianzus University College, Dublin. Collins has recently given the fol-
on the Trinity and the Knowledge of God at the Society of Biblical lowing lectures: “Reading Genesis Theologically” at a sym-
Literature meeting in New Orleans, LA . Beeley published posium on “Ten Ways of Reading Genesis” at the University
articles in the Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum, the Journal of California, Berkeley; “The Lure of the Apocryphal” at a
of Early Christian Studies, and Modern Theology. symposium on “Apocryphal Literature in Judaism and
Christianity” at Siena College; and, “Artapanus Revisited”
With Bryan Spinks, Teresa Berger acted as editor for a at the Society of Biblical Literature in Boston. Collins’s book
collection of Institute of Sacred Music Liturgy Conference King and Messiah as Son of God, co-authored with Adela
papers, The Spirit in Worship—Worship in the Spirit, that Yarbro Collins, was published by Eerdmans.
was published by Liturgical Press. Berger developed an
interdisciplinary research seminar on gender and liturgy for Judith Gundry ’s article “Divine Benefaction and Human
the Centre for Religious Studies at the Fondazione Bruno Boasting in Paul and Philo” appeared in The Letter to the
Kessler in Trento, Italy. She also planned a 2011 ISM Liturgy Romans. She also published the article “Children in the
Conference titled “Liturgy in Migration: From the Upper Gospel of Mark, with Special Attention to Jesus’ Blessing of
Room to Cyberspace.” the Children (Mark 10:13-16) and the Purpose of Mark” in
The Child in the Bible.
Joseph H. Britton has served as associate editor of the
Anglican Theological Review, where he published an essay, John Hare published a number of articles, including
“Having Something to Say: Pastoral Leadership and the “Goodness” in Christian Philosophical Theology, “Moral
Word.” He is a member of the standing committee on ecu- Motivation” in Games, Groups, and the Global God, “The
menical and interfaith relations of the Episcopal Church, as Supervenience of Goodness on Being” in Metaphysics and
well as a participant in the Episcopal Gathering of Leaders God, “Is Moral Goodness without Belief in God Rationally
and the Council of Episcopal Seminary Deans. Stable?” in Is Goodness without God Good Enough? Articles in

4 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
press include “Kant on Depravity” in tions include “First Sunday of Advent/ and presentations is “Spirituality and
Kant on Practical Justification. World AIDS Day” and “Cancer Ethics in the Sustainability Agenda:
Awareness,” both online entries for Some Beginning Thoughts,” given at
Jeremy Hultin is on leave for the The African American Lectionary. Smith the Third World Forum on Theology
2009-2010 academic year. In September, has also served on the religious edu- and Liberation in Brazil.
he gave a paper at the cation/scholars sub-
British New Testament committee of the Tony Thomas H. Troeger serves as the
Society meeting in Blair Faith Foundation. national chaplain to the American Guild
Aberdeen, Scotland. Smith’s home church, of Organists, writing a monthly column
First Institutional Baptist for the Guild journal, The American
Willis J e n k i n s ’s Church of Phoenix, Organist. He also continues to supply a
book Ecologies of Grace: has named a hallway in monthly column for the preaching jour-
Environmental Ethics and her honor. nal Lectionary Homiletics. In September,
Christian Theology was Oxford University Press published
published by Oxford Bryan Spinks gave Troeger's third collection of poetry,
University Press. He the lecture “What is God, You Made All Things for Singing:
Thomas H. Troeger
has been developing Celtic about Neo-Celtic hymn texts, anthems and poems for a new
the joint degree program between the Christian Worship?” as the keynote millennium.
Yale Divinity School and the School paper at a 2008 meeting of the Society
of Forestry, where he also holds an for Liturgical Study in Mirfield, Tisa Wenger ’s book We Have
appointment. Outside of Yale, Jenkins England. Spinks serves as co-editor a Religion: The 1920s Pueblo Indian
has been active in the Christian Faith of the Scottish Journal of Dance Controversy and
and Earth project. Theology, on the edito- American Religious
rial board of the Society Freedom was published
Two books by Carolyn Sharp for Liturgical Study’s by the University of
came out in 2009: Irony and Meaning journal, Anaphora, and North Carolina Press.
in the Hebrew Bible published by on the editorial commit- In press is Wenger’s
Indiana University Press and Old tee of Ashgate Press’s essay “God and the
Testament Prophets for Today pub- Liturgy, Worship and Constitution: Histori-
lished by Westminster John Knox. Society series. cizing American Secu-
Her essay “Jeremiah” was published larisms,” in the book
in the Theological Bible Commentary. Paul Stuehrenberg Public Religion, Secu-
Tisa Wenger
Sharp published three book reviews published an article, larism, and Democracy.
and seven pieces for two homiletics “Theological Librarianship,” for the She gave an invited lecture, “We
resources, Feasting on the Word and forthcoming third edition of the Have a Religion: The 1920s Pueblo
Workingpreacher.org. She is in the ordi- Encyclopedia of Libraries and Informa- Indian Dance Controversy and
nation process in the Episcopal Church, tion Science. American Religious Freedom,” at
and as part of that formation she com- the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
pleted a parish internship and a unit of Emilie Townes recently pub- in Albuquerque.
Clinical Pastoral Education in 2009. lished Religion, Health, and Healing in
African American Life, co-edited with Robert Wilson most recently
Yolanda Y. Smith is on sabbatical Stephanie Y. Mitchem. She is work- published an article entitled “Psalm
until September 2010. While on sab- ing on Foundations and Ruminations 41: Exegetical Perspective,” in volume
batical, Smith is writing a book titled in Womanist Moral Thought: Selected one of Feasting on the Word, Year B,
Women’s Spirituality and Education in Essays, and Womanist Theological edited by David L. Bartlett and Barbara
the Black Church. Her recent publica- Reader. Among her most recent lectures Brown Taylor.

s p e c t r u m 5
YDS faculty

by Michael O’Loughlin ’09 M.A.R.

or 1 4 y e ars the Divinity Hawkins writes that many people do in all of its dimensions and includes a
School community has gath- not, because, “The land of the living new afterword by the author on “In-
ered each spring in the Com- is so preoccupying that it takes some terreligious Relations and Christian
mon Room to celebrate the fac- radical disenchantment to get most of Ecumenism.”
ulty literary works that extend YDS ’ us to entertain anything beyond the
classrooms into homes and congrega- here and now....somebody has to die In honor of the Jesuit Brian E. Daley’s
tions around the world. What follows before the hereafter comes up.” The 65th birthday, a series of Christology
are concise summaries of the books prominent Dante scholar recalls how scholars have penned essays for In the
presented at the 2009 Book Party. his parents exhorted him to pray the Shadow of the Incarnation: Essays on
familiar “If I should die before I wake” Jesus Christ in the Early Church. Ed-
Buckingham Professor of Old Testa- prayer common to so many children, ited by visiting assistant professor of
ment Criticism and Interpretation and asks, “So what if we should die be- theology Peter W. Martens , the
Adela Yarbro Collins and Hol- fore we wake?” He admits that no one essays in this compendium aim, in
mes Professor of Old Testa- can say for sure, but part, “to correct particular miscon-
ment Criticism and Inter- that reflecting on this ceptions that have arisen around in-
pretation John J. Collins question “can open dividual Christologies in the early
delivered the Speaker’s Lec- up worlds of possi- church,” Martens writes. As a group,
tures at Oxford in May 2006 bility and even make all of the essays attempt to correct a
and present their talks with a di≠erence in the way larger misconception that still exists,
additional chapters in King we live now.” which is the idea that Christology
and Messiah as Son of God. must be confined to early creedal state-
With this book, the Collinses One of the most ments. Among other topics, the essays
enter the conversation sur- influential works of explore how convictions about Jesus
rounding Messianism and theology in the last Christ informed numerous practices,
break free from the typical 50 years, The Nature including discipleship, martyrdom,
dichotomy that pits Judaism’s expec- of Doctrine by Pitkin Professor Emeri- scriptural interpretation, and even the
tation for an earthly king against the tus of Historical Theology George practice of thinking well about Christ.
Christian divine messiah. “The idea A. Lindbeck , has been republished Contributors include Kelley McCarthy
of the divinity of the messiah has its in a 25th anniversary edition. Lind- Spoerl, Archbishop of Canterbury
roots in the royal ideology of ancient beck’s lifetime of com- Rowan Williams, and
Judah, which in turn was influenced mitment to ecumenical Walter H. Gray Associ-
by the Egyptian mythology of king- dialogue, particularly ate Professor of Angli-
ship,” they note, concluding that the between Roman Catho- can Studies and Patris-
development of Christology “cannot lics and Lutherans, stems tics Christopher A.
be understood without appreciating in part from his role as a Beeley.
the Jewish context in which it had Lutheran delegate at the
its roots.” Second Vatican Council. J. Shannon Clarkson
The book, which began and Kate M. Ott are the
Professor of Religion and Literature as a series of lectures at editors of Just Hospital-
Peter Hawkins ’s new book, Undis- Gonzaga University that ity: God’s Welcome in a
covered Country: Imagining the World to were then distributed to World of Di≠erence, the
Come, is based on the Lyman Beecher faculty and students at Yale, was in- final opus of Letty M. Russell ,
lectures that Hawkins delivered at YDS tended to give “an intellectually sat- one of the world’s foremost feminist
in 2007. The prologue boldly asks, isfying explanation” of achievements theologians and longtime member
“Does anyone even think of the after- Lindbeck had witnessed in ecumenical of the YDS faculty who died in 2007.
life apart from the experience of loss?” practice. The book considers “church” Clarkson and Ott combed through

6 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
scores of index cards, computer files, And finally, the prophets are our com- parents. It means that I consciously
and jotted-down thoughts to bring panions. The Old Testament prophets reenter the grieving process in ways
Russell’s view on hospitality to print. can help people make sense of their that are far from intellectual but are
In this book, readers are given access lives today, contends as present for me as my
to her musings on hospitality, with Sharp. In another book, breathing in and out and
chapters devoted to the theological Irony and Meaning in the the pounding of my still-
method that demands hospitality; a Hebrew Bible, she asks, “Is broken heart.”
discussion on “God’s intention to cre- the Book of Jonah ironic?
ate a world full of riotous di≠erence;” Is Samson supposed to With Thomas G. Long,
and the four central characteristics of be taken as a model for Clement-Muehl Professor
hospitality: “the unexpected divine pious heroism?” In this of Homiletics Leonora
presence, advocacy for the marginal- book, Sharp presents a Tubbs Tisdale is editor
ized, mutual welcome, and creation study of certain Jewish of Teaching Preaching as a
of community.” Finally, Russell de- texts that are meant to be Christian Practice: A New
votes a chapter to the attributes of read through a lens of irony. If they Approach to Homiletical Pedagogy. The
“just hospitality,” such as “solidarity are not, she says, they can have quite book calls on those who teach preach-
and respect for di≠erences that result di≠erent implications for the world. ing to abandon both teacher-centered
from the history and social location of Sharp claims, “Universes hang in the and learner-centered approaches, and
the other.” Notes Russell, “The goal balance with every act of reading an instead adopt a “learning-centered
of just hospitality includes actions of ironic sacred text.” methodology.” That is, the contribu-
genuine solidarity with those who are tors to the book ask teachers of homi-
di≠erent from ourselves modeled on Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Afri- letics “to recognize that preaching is
God’s welcome.” can American Religion and Theol- a Christian practice, with a centuries-
ogy and Academic Dean Emilie M. long tradition...a fine and rich tradi-
Associate Professor of Hebrew Scrip- Townes is the co-editor of Faith, tion, to which new preachers both need
tures Carolyn J. Sharp reflects on Health, and Healing in African Ameri- and deserve to be introduced.” In the
modern society’s trouble finding truth, can Life. The book is a collection of es- chapter entitled “Exegeting the Con-
in her book Old Testament Prophets for says that explore the lack of modern gregation,” Tubbs Tisdale writes that
Today, the latest addition medical treatments that biblical exegesis is only one element of
to the “For Today” series. take a holistic approach preaching, and that successful preach-
“The prophet can help,” to healing, including “the ers must exegete “the various congre-
suggests Sharp, because body, the mind, the spirit, gational contexts in which preaching
“the prophet is a truth the family, and the com- takes place, and to speak a word that
teller.” Reflecting on two munity.” Townes o≠ers is both fitting and transformative for
sermons that both claimed a chapter entitled “Just a particular people in a particular time
to be prophetic, one call- Awailing and Aweep- and place.” Tubbs Tisdale employs an-
ing for the full inclusion ing: Grief, Lament, and thropological tools to determine that
of gays and lesbians in Hope as We Face the successful sermons must speak to all
the life of the church and End of Life,” in which she members of a faith community. This is
the other naming homosexuality an writes about the end of life with the possible by understanding a basic con-
abomination, Sharp writes that when realization that the task is not entirely cept that says that all people are like
exploring the distinctive voices of bib- academic, but emotional. She writes, all others, all people are like no others,
lical prophets readers should keep in “I o≠er my observations about what and all people are like some others.
mind three points. First, the prophets I have learned and am learning about
are mediators of God’s holiness in the bone-deep sorrow and the hard deci-
world. Next, the prophets are idealists. sions I have made in burying both my

s p e c t r u m 7
Strength to Strength

A fter several years of intensive work, the

Berkeley Divinity School initiatives in leadership,
global engagement, ecology and religion, urban min-
istry, and educational leadership are clearly bearing fruit. Not
only has each of these initiatives achieved significant momen-
We were also pleased to bring
many pre-1971 graduates back
to the old Berkeley campus for
a festive reunion during the fall
Convocation. During my trav-
tum, but, overall, the seminary is thriving by any measure. els, I met with a broad range of
Enrollment is strong. The incoming class in the fall of 2009 friends, from older alumni who
is one of the largest and most talented ever. Daily chapel is attended Berkeley when it was a
full to overflowing. Annual giving had a dramatic increase in stand-alone seminary to recent
participation last year, in one of the worst economic climates graduates and other friends.
in recent memory. Berkeley is clearly moving from strength What struck me most strongly and consistently was their
to strength! deep spirit of commitment and a desire to make a di≠erence.
My sense of the wider community that is Berkeley was deep-
The health of Berkeley’s program of seminary formation is ened and broadened as I heard how successive generations
built first and foremost on a strong and vibrant community, have sparked the collective imagination of this school.
grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To support this fo-
cused pattern of study, prayer and mission, we worked to- I was further reminded of the selfless values of our commu-
gether as a community last year to finalize a Rule of Life—an nity as we closed out a very successful annual campaign. In
action that grew out of conversations initiated in the preced- spite of a year marked by continuing economic uncertain-
ing year. This Rule of Life, which can be found on our web- ties, our alumni and friends stepped up boldly, helping us to
site, will provide guidance to our students and alumni alike, achieve our targets. Because most of our endowment income
assisting them in building a foundation for a spiritual life that goes directly toward scholarships or toward faculty support,
can sustain and enrich a commitment to ongoing growth in and ALL student tuition goes to support academic instruc-
Christ. Such a foundation is vital to work as a servant leader tion at Yale, annual giving is critical to covering Berkeley’s
in any capacity. own operations and outreach. Most heartening was watch-
ing as the number of alumni gifts rose by 135 percent. Active
The Leadership Initiative took an exciting new turn dur- participation and investment, no matter what the amount, is
ing the past year, with the addition of an intensive summer both collectively and individually life-giving.
symposium for church wardens and recent graduates. Led
by keynote speaker Samuel T. Lloyd, dean of the Washing- As you hear about the fine work of our graduates, we hope
ton National Cathedral; leadership consultant and lay leader you will continue to recognize the value of investing in the
Gregory Cobbs; and Chilton Knudsen, retired bishop of formation of leaders who enliven the Church and spread the
Maine, the symposium focused on leadership challenges in Gospel in both traditional and new and creative ways. All
times of crisis. As the group gathered for this inaugural meet- of last year’s graduates were placed, many in parishes and
ing of what we plan as a regular o≠ering, those participat- several in chaplaincy and church school leadership posi-
ing had the opportunity to learn from one another. Based on tions, reflecting the rapid, strong success of our new Edu-
the comments from attendees, possibly the greatest lesson cational Leadership in Ministry program. If our incoming
learned or a∞rmed is the importance for leaders to inter- class of approximately 40 students in the Anglican Studies
act with other peers. In our culture, it is not uncommon for program is any indication, we have much to hope for as the
those in a leadership position to be cloistered or otherwise set future unfolds!
apart. Yet to develop leadership—to become a truly strong
and e≠ective leader—one must be able to build and engage
both the immediate and the wider community.

I had the opportunity to travel and meet with many friends The Very Reverend Joseph Britton
and alumni of Berkeley Divinity School during the past year. President and Dean

8 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
The Bishop Berkeley Society
To honor those who have made a planned gift or named
Berkeley Divinity School in their wills, the seminary has es-
tablished the Bishop Berkeley Society. Named after George
Berkeley, the English philosopher and future bishop who
came to Connecticut with a vision to establish a training pro-
gram for New World clergy, the Society evokes the sense of
vision and mission that has characterized Berkeley graduates
from the time of the school’s 1854 founding.

Planned gifts are a powerful mechanism for alumni and

friends to make lasting contributions that provide ongoing
Andrea Burr ’10 M.Div. and Harlon Dalton administer communion at Chapel
support for training and raising up new clergy and lay leaders.
on the Green
For donors, the impact of such a commitment can be person-
ally transforming and far-reaching. Berkeley himself created Urban and environmental initiatives
a legacy by sending more than 900 books to the fledgling Through its current students and recent graduates, Berkeley
Yale College in 1733. continues to build and support programs that embody the
Gospel in tangible and urgently important ways, especially
More recently, Richard G. Copleston a∞rmed an historic in relation to urban ministry and concern for the environ-
family legacy through the establishment of the O≠well ment. The school is, for example, partnering with the Your
Scholarship. Copleston, a longtime resident of Connecticut, Place program, based at St. Andrew’s Church in New Haven.
came from England as a young man. He worked in the U. S. Your Place provides mentoring, tutoring and other support
as an executive in a utilities company. He also was a com- to at-risk youth who are eager for alternatives to gangs and
municant and lay leader at St. Peter’s Church in Cheshire. violence. While still a student at Berkeley, Jane Jeuland ’09
His family history included 162 years of successive fathers M.Div. helped found Your Place with St. Andrew’s rector,
and sons who served as the vicar of O≠well, England, and Tracy L. M. Johnson ’95 M.Div. “Co-founding Your Place has
Copleston wanted to do something to memorialize this un- taught me so much, not only about myself and about work in
usual and selfless tradition. He spoke with his rector at St. the church,” Jeuland said, “but also about the reality of street
Peter’s, Sandra Stayner ’90 M.Div. As a Berkeley alumna, violence in America.”
Stayner suggested that Copleston consider a gift supporting
seminarian scholarships. Upon his death in 2006, Copleston Berkeley interns helped to launch in late 2008 Chapel on
left $716,000 to establish the O≠well Scholarships at Berkeley the Green, an outdoor worship service in downtown New
Divinity School. Haven that is sponsored in part by nearby Trinity Church.
The weekly service is attended by homeless and other disad-
Edu c a t i o n a l L e a d e r s hip a nd Mini s t r y vantaged people, as well as seekers from all walks of life. In
Interest is strong in Berkeley’s year-old program that trains another part of New Haven, Berkeley students are regular
students to serve as chaplains, teachers and administrative volunteers at Loaves and Fishes (the food pantry ministry
leaders in schools and colleges. During the 2008-2009 year, of the Episcopal Church of St. Paul and St. James) where
17 students took part, nearly half of them non-Episcopalians hundreds of people are served each week.
at YDS . Headed by Tony Jarvis, the headmaster for 30 years
of Boston’s Roxbury Latin School, the program aims to o≠er On the environmental front, Andrew Barnett ’11 M.Div. re-
a certificate in educational ministry to Yale Divinity School cently completed a mission trip to Japan, where he partnered
students. To support the program, Berkeley is establishing with the Tochigi-based Asian Rural Institute. The institute is
partnerships with a number of schools, including St. Martin a farm school dedicated to training worldwide communities
de Porres Academy, a Roman Catholic middle school that to develop farming that is environmentally, socially and eco-
educates low-income children in New Haven. “The teachers nomically sustainable. In conjunction with his mission trip,
at St. Martin’s have welcomed me, and their dedication to Barnett, who is enrolled in a joint-degree program with the
these children is inspirational,” said Kino Vitet ’11 M.Div., an Yale School of Forestry, played a key role in establishing the
intern at the academy in 2009-2010. “It is clear to me that the campus-based Divinity Farm that now supplies produce for
church must become more involved in education.” the weekly community dinners at Berkeley Center.

s p e c t r u m 9
A Year of Building Bridges
by Martin D. Jean, Director

h e I nstitut e is an interdisciplinary gradu- The theme of music and preaching was taken up in greater
ate center for the study and practice of sacred music, depth in the spring in a three-day symposium on music and
worship, and the arts. Its rich curricular o≠erings preaching, organized by Thomas Troeger and me, exploring
are supplemented by an array of public three broad repertoires of liturgical music: jazz, sa-
events throughout the year. As a major arts cred music of the Black church, and western classi-
presenter in New Haven, the ISM ’s program cal. Jonathan Berryman, Bill Carter, Melva Costen,
extends from musical events to art exhibitions, Palle Kongsgaard, Kim Long, J. Glenn Murray, and
literary readings, and many interdisciplinary Ike Sturm with Aurora made guest presentations.
o≠erings that defy classification. In almost all
of its activities—from academic courses and con- Worship services at the symposium involved ISM
ferences and symposia to public performances faculty and students as musicians, planners, and
in New Haven and on the road nationally and presiders. It preceded the national pedagogy con-
internationally—the Institute is always build- ference of the American Guild of Organists, also
ing bridges between disciplines, between faith hosted by the ISM in March 2009. It featured wor-
communities, between cultures, between ideas, ship services, concerts, master classes, and panels
and between people. Here are some of the highlights of that on church music curricula. Martin E. Marty, Marva Dawn,
e≠ort in 2008-2009. Quentin Faulkner, Robert Rimbo, and Don Saliers spoke at
plenary sessions.
The ISM ’s musical life is one of the fullest in the world for
an institution of its kind, including support of seven choirs Another interdisciplinary symposium, The Christmas Orato-
Yale Camerata and Yale Schola Cantorum, together with the rio in Context, was organized by ISM faculty member Markus
Yale Glee Club, are the primary concert choirs at Yale, while Rathey, and o≠ered in conjunction with the Yale Camerata’s
several chapel choirs function liturgically in worship services performance of the work. It served to place Bach’s master-
in Marquand and Battell Chapels. work in its wider cultural and religious context. Adela Yarbro
Collins, Susan Roll, Robin A. Leaver, Meredith J. Gill, and
Musical highlights of the year included Schola’s performance Markus Rathey spoke; Sally M. Promey chaired a session.
of J. S. Bach’s Mass in B Minor. After two performances in
New Haven, it was taken on tour to South Korea and China. The Institute also presented “Rumi and the Whirling Der-
Yale Camerata undertook an ambitious program of Bach’s vishes,” a program of Rumi’s Islamic mystical poetry read in
Christmas Oratorio, rarely heard in its entirety, performing Farsi and English, followed by the 800-year-old Mevlevi Sufi
all six cantatas over two days in December. The Great Organ Whirling Ceremony. Opening remarks were by Faruk Celebi
Music at Yale series brought three visiting artists to Yale: Efendi, world head of the Mevlevi Sufis and 22nd generation
Dame Gillian Weir (with a weeklong residence in November) descendent of Rumi himself.
and ISM alumnus Paul Jacobs, both playing in Woolsey Hall;
and David Yearsley, who performed in Marquand Chapel on The annual Liturgy Symposium Series, presented in four
the new Krigbaum Organ. Recitals by Yale faculty Thomas parts from November to March, brought internationally
Murray in Woolsey Hall and by me in Christ Church Epis- known scholars to Yale to address the Sterling Divinity
copal rounded out the series. Quadrangle community. The 2008-2009 roster included
Matthew Boulton of Harvard University, Julie Gittoes, and
Of a more interdisciplinary nature, the Institute hosted a Susan Boynton of Columbia University.
choral music workshop in collaboration with Oxford Uni-
versity Press. Led by faculty members Marguerite Brooks and The art exhibitions presented by the Institute constitute a
Thomas Troeger, it was entitled “Too Splendid for Speech primary public outreach vehicle for the program in religion
but Ripe for a Song,” and brought pastors and church musi- and the arts. With support from Y DS , the Institute sponsored
cians from the region to Yale to explore the integration of three exhibitions: The Story of Our Journey: The Art of John
music and preaching in service planning. August Swanson; The Prodigal Son Returns: The Art of Soichi

10 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
ISM Fellows in Sacred Music,
Worship, and the Arts
by Martin D. Jean, Director

W ith gre at ple asure the Institute in

July announced the creation of a new initia-
tive: the ISM Fellows in Sacred Music, Wor-
ship, and the Arts. Inspired by other great centers for
advanced study, this fellows program will advance
scholarship and creative work consistent with the In-
stitute’s mission and create a network of leaders work-
ing across national, cultural, disciplinary, and religious
boundaries. The new environment will help create an
ever-changing but deeply integrated community of
scholars, practitioners, and performers at Yale, and
build a powerful international network.

Beginning in 2010-2011, the Institute will bring to-

gether a small group of scholars, religious leaders,
and artists from around the world to New Haven for
John August Swanson: “Festival of Lights,” 2000 one year to work and teach in their fields of sacred
music, liturgical and ritual studies, or religion and
Watanabe (the annual cooperative exhibition presented with the arts. The group may also include scholars in the
the Overseas Ministries Study Center); and The Flowering humanities and social or natural sciences whose work
Cross: Holy Week in an Andean Village exhibition of photo- is directly related to these areas. The program seeks
graphs by Robert A. Lisak with commentary by ISM faculty to expand knowledge and support work in the fields
member Jaime Lara. of sacred music, liturgical/ritual studies, and religion
and the arts; it will enlarge the teaching and learning
The Literature and Spirituality Series brought three great enterprise to include departments and schools seeking
writers to the Sterling Divinity Quadrangle in the course more collaboration in these areas. A series of public
of the year: Jacqueline Osherow, poet; Robert Alter, bibli- lectures and presentations during the academic year
cal scholar and translator who gave the first Lana Schwebel will showcase the Fellows.
Memorial Lecture in Religion and Literature; and, Barbara
Brown Taylor, sermonist and memoirist. It is our hope that this new initiative will be a mean-
ingful way to extend the original vision of our found-
The annual Kavanagh Lecture was given Robert F. Taft, S.J. ing donors to new constituencies at Yale and the
of Rome’s Pontificio Istituto Orientale, whose lecture was en- world beyond. Our founders were convinced of the
titled “Mrs. Murphy Goes to Moscow: Kavanagh, Schmemann, importance of music and the arts in creating mutual
and the ‘Byzantine Synthesis’.” understanding and respect between people. This has
inspired us to move beyond our current boundaries to
Colloquium: Music, Worship, Arts is an annual scholarly jour- forge a diverse, worldwide network of scholars, prac-
nal containing major lectures sponsored by the Institute as titioners, and artists whose work will be transformed
well as lectures given in the weekly colloquium. There is an in this vibrant, interdisciplinary community.
interactive C D component included with the journal. The
latest volume of Colloquium appeared in late fall 2009 as a More information is available at www.yale.edu/ism/
print-on-demand publication, and online. fellows or by calling 203-432-3187.

Spectrum readers interested in receiving e-mail notification

of ISM ’s events and publications may subscribe online at Jean is professor of organ and professor in the practice
www.yale.edu/ism. We are most interested in reinforcing of sacred music, as well as the director of the Institute of
our bridge with you, and working with you to build bridges Sacred Music.
to the future.

s p e c t r u m 11
annual report

s the following statistics indicate, YDS continues to be a vibrant intellectual community, composed of students
from a wide variety of religious traditions. Graduates use their theological education in a diverse array of settings
including pastoral ministry, social service, and education. The financial condition of the school remains healthy,
due in large measure to the generosity of our alumni and friends of theological education. We continue to meet our
goals as a self-support school within Yale.

Yale Divinity School Student Profile

Enrollment by age 2009-10 Student diversity 2009-10 Major faith traditions
Under 25 123 Black Non-Hispanic 33 represented 2009-10
25-29 132 Asian or Pacific Islander 18 A.M.E. 7
30-34 50 Hispanic/Latino 11 Anglican 8
35-39 20 Native American 0 Assemblies of God 3
40-49 35 White Non-Hispanic 242 Baptist 18
Over 50 40 Other/declined to state 95 Baptist, American 3
Baptist, Southern 2
Enrollment by program and International students 2009-10 Buddhist 1
gender 2009-10 Belarus 1 Christian Reformed Church of N. Am. 5
WOMEN MEN Brazil 1 Christian, unspecified denomination 7
M.Div. 95 92 Burma 1 Church of God 1
M.A.R. 83 91 Canada 3 Church of God in Christ 3
S.T.M. 7 12 China 5 Church of the Nazarene 2
Non-degree 11 9 Colombia 1 Churches of Christ 3
TOTAL 196 204 Denmark 1 Congregational (not UCC ) 4
Germany 7 Disciples of Christ 4
Admissions and yield fall 2009 Ghana 2 Episcopal 86
M.Div. M.A.R. S.T.M. TOTAL Hong Kong 1 Evangelical 7
Admit 52% 55% 32% 51% India 2 Hindu 2
Yield 53% 51% 61% 52% Jamaica 1 Interdenominational 16
Kenya 2 Jewish 3
CLASS OF 2009 Korea, Republic of 15 Jewish, Reformed 1
Graduates by program Latvia 1 Latter Day Saints 7
M.Div. 58 Malaysia 2 Lutheran 4
M.A.R. 55 Mexico 2 Lutheran (ELCA ) 20
S.T.M. 13 Poland 1 Lutheran, Missouri Synod 1
TOTAL 126 Serbia 1 Mennonite 4
Sierra Leone 1 Methodist, Korean 1
Singapore 3 Methodist, United 29
Sudan 1 Muslim 2
Taiwan 1 Non-denominational 7
United Kingdom 7 Other 13
Pentecostal 4
Presbyterian (non-US ) 9
Presbyterian (USA ) 18
Presbyterian, Other 2
Presbyterian, PCA 4
Quaker 1
Roman Catholic 29
Unitarian 2
United Church of Christ 20
Unspecified 28

12 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Gifts (for Current Operations)

Student Financial Aid $ 407,795 5.21% 2

Other Restricted $ 1,155,500 14.76%
Total Restricted $ 1,563,295 1

Unrestricted $ 0 2
Total UNRestricted $ 0

Gifts (for Capital Purposes)


Endowment and similar funds: unrestricted income $ 0

Endowment and similar funds: restricted income $ 6,266,355 80.03%
Property, buildings, and equipment $ 0 0.00%
T otal-Capital Purposes 11
$ 6,266,355


3 99
4 10

4 1
7 2

Revenues and Other Support 3


Investment income $ 17,487,330 66.92% 5

Tuition and fees $ 6,991,873 26.75% 1
Contributions from other organizations and individuals $ 602,114 2.31% 3

Grants, contracts, and appropriations $ 285,077 1.10% 4

Auxiliary enterprises $ 338,552 1.30% 26

Other sources 1
$ 422,525 1.62% 3
1 3 4
2 14


3 25
4 36




Instruction $ 4,725,245 20.25%

Scholarships and fellowships $ 4,017,358 17.23%
Academic support $ 4,914,786 21.06%
Institutional support $ 3,196,592 13.71% 1
Operation and maintenance of plant 1
$ 3,717,671 15.93% 3

Library $ 1,466,789 6.29% 4

1 3
Research $ 285,077 1.23%
2 14
3 25
4 36

Auxiliary enterprises $ 309,633 1.33%
6 1
Admissions $ 401,503 1.73% 9
Student services 11
$ 287,566 1.24% 4


$ 23,322,220 26


47 110
69 3
73 4
84 5
95 6
9 610

s p e c t r u m 13
Honor Roll
annual report

IT is with great appreciation that Donor Recognition Levels*
we present the 2008-2009 Honor
Marquand Society $5,000 or more
Roll of Donors. The donors listed
Edwards Circle $2,500–$4,999
herein have generously contributed
in support of the students and Beecher Benefactors $1,000–$2,499
programs at Yale Divinity School. Bushnell Sponsors $500–$999
The following pages record the names Stuart Associates $250–$499
of Yale alumni and friends who made
* Alumni in the five most recent YDS classes are recognized for any gift.
a gift, pledge payment, or new pledge
Donors are listed alphabetically within each giving level and all Yale degrees
of $250 or more credited to the 2008- are indicated.

2009 fiscal year. We also include ; Consistent giving to YDS for the last 10 consecutive years (or since gradua-
tion, whichever is shorter).
recognition of the congregations,
v All or a portion of the donor’s giving was to Berkeley Divinity School at Yale
corporations and foundations that G Received Honorary Degree from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale
provided support to Y DS . * Deceased

Marquand Society Michael D.S. Donovan ; Mrs. John A. Luke ’86 M.A.R.

Anonymous D. Stuart Dunnan v Anne Mallonee ’86 M.Div. v

Julia Ableson Peter D. Eaton v Alonzo L. McDonald

Denise and Stephen Adams ’59 B.A. Arthur R. Eikamp ’47 B.D. ; Debbie McLeod Sears ’09 M.Div.

Carl T. Anderson and Anne E. Engen Robert L. McNeil, Jr. ’36 B.S.
Betsy Neville Anderson ’97 M.Div. ; v George A. Fowlkes ; v G Andrew C. Mead ’71 B.D. ; v
Rosemary Dysart Baue ’98 M.Div. ; Jean McCarthy Graustein ’95 M.Div. Charles E. Minneman* ’57 S.T.M.
George Bauer Adam S. Greene ’09 M.Div. William Owen Murphy ’96 M.Div.
Katherine D. and Brendan Griswold v Sharon B. Pass
William R. Bell, Jr. ’07 M.Div. ; G. William Haas ’71 B.A. v Stephen S. Peterson ’84 M.Div. ;
Ann and Alan F. Blanchard ’61 B.A. v Peter Vanderwerken Haight ’59 B.A. J. Scott Pidcock ’82 M.A.R. ;
Hazel and Allen C. Blume ’59 M.Div. Frances Hall Kieschnick ’75 B.A. Nicholas Tewkesbury Porter ’86 B.A.,
John H. Branson III ’74 M.Div. v Margaret Ann Bauer ’86 B.A., ’91 M.F.A. and ’94 M.Div. v
Joseph and Karla Britton v F. Lane Heard III ’73 B.A.,’78 J.D. v A. Gary Shilling v G
Martin S. Brown, Jr. ’86 B.A. Sage and Geo≠rey M. Hoare ’82 S.T.M. v Alexander H. Slaughter ’60 B.A.
Peggie Ann Findlay and Steven E. Bush v Richard M. Hunt ’48 B.A. v Kathleen and George E. Todd ’51 B.D.
Wilbur D. Canaday, Jr.* ’45 B.D. ; Brenda G. Husson v G Charles R. and
Samuel Glenn Candler ’82 M.Div. ; v Kenneth L. Jacobs ’76 S.T.M. Lynda Zoltai Tyson ’05 M.Div. ; v

E. Stephen Carlsen v F. Washington Jarvis v Peter Feely Walsh ’92 M.Div. v

James G. and Ann Mae and Robert Kass v Ralph R. Warren, Jr. v G
Marion Dawson Carr ’02 L.H.D.v G Ralph C. Kau≠man* ’40 Div.,’40 Ph.D. William H. Wright II ’82 B.A. v
Sara and David E.A. Carson v Mary Nelson Keithahn ’59 M.R.E. ;
Jack Lowell Clark* ’59 Div., ’59 M.A., ’62 Ph.D. Julie V. ’84 M.Div. and Edwards Circle
Leonard George Clough ’43 B.D. ; David H. Kelsey ’58 B.D.,’60 M.A.,’64 Ph.D. ; Anonymous
Richard G. Copleston* v Julie and Wilmot H. Kidd v David Robert Anderson ’89 M.Div. ; v
Michael Bruce Curry ’78 M.Div. v G Harriet V. Leonard* ’58 M.Div. Harold W. Attridge
Ann and Thomas E. Dewey, Jr. v Russell J. Levenson, Jr. v Sarah Wallace Buxton-Smith ’94 M.Div. ; v
James A. Diamond v Sara P. Little* ’58 Div.,’58 Ph.D. Steven M. Champlin ’80 M.Div. ;
James K. Donnell ’58 B.D. ; Worth Loomis 45 B.S. ; v Karen and John B. Chane ’72 M.Div. v G

14 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Dee Anne Dodd v Jerome R. Cogdell ’59 B.D. ; George Arthur Lindbeck ’46 B.D.,’55 Ph.D. ;
Frank P. Gallipoli Florence Fletcher Coke and Herrick B. Littlefield v
Jon W. Galloway ’78 M.Div. ; William Gaston Coke, Jr. ’54 B.A. William G. Long ’57 M.Div.
Patricia Margaret Hames ’88 M.Div. ; v Martin Copenhaver ’80 M.Div. ; Patricia Jane Lull ’77 M.Div.
William McC. Haynsworth* ; Matthew Thomas Corkern ’01 M.Div. v Norman M. MacLeod III ’89 M.Div. v
Elizabeth Bates Johnson ’84 M.Div. ; Michelle Cox v Roger H. Martin ’68 B.D.,’69 S.T.M. ;
James A. Kenney III ’63 Div. v David H. Crandall v Elizabeth B. and John W. Martiner v
Ruth Lawson Kirk v Herbert F. Dabinett* ’35 Div. Paul Murray Minus ’55 B.A.,’58 B.D.,’60 M.A.,
Phillip and Linda L. Lader ’08 M.Div. ; Frank S. Denton ’66 B.D. ; ’62 Ph.D. ;
Berta R. and James Thomas Laney ’50 B.A., Park P. Dickerson ’58 B.D.,’65 S.T.M. ; John A. Mitchener III ’67 B.D.
’54 B.D.,’66 Ph.D.,’93 L.H.D.H. Henry C. Doll ’61 B.D. ; Lydia Notar Morrow ’58 M.R.E. ;
James B. Lemler v Jessica J. Dwelle Frank Albert Mullen ’56 M.Div.
L. Kathleen Liles ’88 M.Div.,’90 S.T.M. v Rem B. Edwards ’59 B.D. ; Winthrop Nelson, Jr. ’52 B.D. ;
Robert W. Lynn ’52 B.D. ; Darren Elin ’98 M.Div. v Dorothy J. Nemetz and John F. Todd
Harold Elmer Masback ’94 M.Div. Linda Koch Lorimer ’77 J.D. and John Septimus Nuveen ’62 M.Div. ;
Elizabeth Marie Melchionna ’06 M.Div. ; v Charles D. Ellis ’59 B.A.,’97 M.A.H. v Carol Pinkham ’85 M.Div. and
Peter Corbin Moister ’95 M.A.R. Terence L. Elsberry v Je≠rey Charles Oak ’85 M.Div.,’86 S.T.M.,
Marylouise Oates ’73 M.Div. Janet and Ronald T. Evans ’70 B.D. ; ’93 M.A.,’95. M.Phil.,’96 Ph.D. v

Julia and Christopher Glenn Sawyer ’75 M.Div. ; Donald B. Fitzsimmons ’47 B.D.,’55 S.T.M. ; Martin Joseph O’Connor ’02 M.Div. ;

Marilynne and David T. Scott ’69 B.A.,’78 Ph.D. Stefan and Elizabeth J. Ford ’81 B.A. v Sarah Co∞n Klebnikov O’Connor ’73 B.A.

Kenneth Share ’94 M.Div. ; John B. Fritschner v Mary Ellen Therese O’Driscoll ’02 M.Div.

Christian Richard Sonne ’57 B.A. v Julie Smucker Fuller ’04 M.A.R. ; Raymond E. Oliver ’52 M.Div. ;

Dawn Marie Stegelmann ’08 M.Div. ; v Beth and Gary A. Glynn v Peter W. Peters ’69 M.A.R. ;

Tom and Brenda J. Stiers ’83 M.Div. ; Roberto Segundo Goizueta ’76 B.A. A. Karl Phillippi ’43 B.D. ;

Robert B. and Judith M. Thomas ’91 M.Div. ; Howard R. Greene v James W. Peterson and
Judy E. Pidcock ’84 M.Div. ;
Lee Ann Tolzmann v Daniel LaRue Gross ’04 M.Div. ; v
Charles A. Pillsbury ’70 B.A.,’90 Div. ;
Mims Maynard and Alison Acker Gruseke ’07 M.A.R. v
Marek P. Zabriskie ’89 M.Div. ; v James M. Pool ’83 M.Div.,’84 S.T.M. ;
Sunny Hallanan ’87 M.Div. v
Jayne Collins Pool ’84 M.Div. ;
L. Ann Hallisey ’75 M.Div.
Calvin E. Ratcli≠ ’89 M.A.R. ;
Beecher Benefactors James D. Hammerlee ’58 M.Div. ;
Norval D. Reece ’60 M.Div.
Anonymous Daniel R. Heischman ’76 S.T.M. v
Richard Walter Rieder ’61 B.A. ;
Harry Baker Adams ’47 B.A.,’51 B.D., George S. Heyer, Jr. ’56 B.D.,’59 M.A.,
’76 M.A.H. ; G Deborah and Charles M. Royce v
’63 Ph.D. ;
Ernest Byron Anderson ’84 M.Div. Nancy and George E. Rupp ’67 B.D. ;
Hoyt Leon Hickman ’53 M.Div. ;
Bennett H. Barnes, Jr. v G Wayne R. Sandau ’53 B.D.,’87 S.T.M. ;
William Burton ’55 B.S. and
Videen McGaughey Bennett ’08 M.Div. ; Judith Kleinhans Holding ’08 M.A.R. ; v Robert A. Sandercox ’57 M.Div. ;
Howard C. Benson ’53 S.T.M. John E. Holman* v Thomas F. Schafer ’60 B.D.,’61 S.T.M. ;
John T. Bertsch ’59 B.D. Deborah Hentz Hunley ’77 M.Div. ; v Paul E. Schrading ’58 B.D. ;
J. Truman Bidwell, Jr. ’56 B.A. ; v Carol Rose Ikeler ’50 B.D. ; Lawrence F. Scofield ’86 M.Div. v
Bobby Ray Bonds ’56 M.Div. ; Douglas O. and Michael Scott Seiler ’97 M.Div. v
Anne B. Bonnyman v Anne Hislop Jensen ’88 M.Div. ; Derry Moritz and Charles R.S. Shepard ’51 B.A.,
Mary B. ’89 M.A.R. and ’54 M.A., ’84 M.Div.
Steven C. Bonsey ’84 M.Div.,’87 S.T.M. ;
Robert L. Johnstone III ’89 M.A.R. ; v Sachiko Y. Shirai ’70 M.Div.
Avery Rogers Brooke v
Gary D. Jones ’85 M.Div. v Mark S. Sisk v
Fred R. Brooks, Jr. ’61 M.Div. ;
Richard Ayer Kimball ’52 B.A. and Kate T. and Andrew D. Smith v G
Katharine and Richard A. Burnett ’83 M.Div. v
Anne Bogardus Kimball ’86 M.Div. v Harold Edwin Snow ’77 M.Div.
Julie E. Calhoun-Bryant ’88 M.Div. ; v
David E. Krehbiel ’59 B.D. Alan Jay Sorem ’66 M.Div.
Leesa H. ’69 M.A.R. and
Dennis M. Campbell ’70 B.D. J. Kenneth Kuntz ’59 B.D. ; Ernest R. Stair ’64 B.D. ;
Christian Junshik Chae ’98 M.Div. Arthur Hugh Latimer ’98 M.Div. ; Anne E. Stanback ’85 M.A.R.
Robert H. Chambers III ’65 B.D. ; Katherine M. Latimer ’85 M.Div.,’98 S.T.M. ; A. Knighton Stanley ’62 B.D.
Maureen and Richard Chilton, Jr. v Kyung-Sig Samuel Lee ’83 M.Div. Virginia W. Stowe
Sharon and W. Malcolm Clark ’61 B.D.,’63 M.A., George M. Leing ’07 M.A.R. ; Tracy Strong, Jr. ’40 M.Div. ;
’64 Ph.D. ; Bernadine A. Lennon William K. Stuart ’73 M.Div.
Judith and Charles E. Cloughen, Jr. v Hunhwa Lim ’99 M.A.R. Janet W. Tanner ’98 M.A.R. ;

s p e c t r u m 15
annual report
Barbara Brown Taylor ’76 M.Div. G Rebecca Thompson Crosby ’02 M.A.R., Tambria Elizabeth Lee ’88 M.Div.
’07 M.Div. Harold T. Lewis v G
Betty L. Turner ’71 M.A.R.
Katharine B. and W. Thomas Cross Mary Frances Libassi ’56 Div.
Janice Ann Vogt ’90 M.Div. ;
Nancy G. Curme ’58 M.R.E. ; Violette S. Lindbeck ’53 B.D.,’66 M.A. ;
James L. Waits ’61 B.D.
Mary T. ’88 M.Div. and Mitchell James Lindeman ’83 M.Div. v
Angelique Keturah Walker-Smith ’83 M.Div. ;
Thomas Spaulding Cushman ’88 M.Div. ; v
Geo≠rey E. Walworth ’79 M.Div. William W. Lindeman ’72 M.Div.
J. Roderick Davis ’63 B.D. ;
Patrick Carroll Ward ’08 M.Div. ; v Molly O’Neill Louden ’83 M.Div.
Christine Marie Delmar ’06 M.Div. ;
Robert Paul Ward ’52 M.Div. ; William Harrison Low ’74 S.T.M. ;
Dolores Ann de Montmollin ’01 M.Div. v
Roger B. White ’76 M.A.,’77 M.Phil., Dudley and John MacFarlane III v
Herbert A. Donovan, Jr. v
’79 M.A.R. v Bert William Marshall ’97 M.Div. ;
David W. Drake ’81 M.Div.
Charles L. Wildman ’70 B.D. ; Peter W. Marty ’85 M.Div. ;
Hope H. Eakins ’89 M.Div. v
Mary Grace Williams ’88 M.Div. v Andrew Mason ’60 B.D. ;
C. Clifton Eden* v
Stephen J.C. Williams v Dorothy W. McCabe ’62 B.D. ;
Stephen Matthew Edwards ’80 B.A.,’83 M.Div.
Alice H. ’45 Div. and Myrtle E. McCall ’80 M.Div. ;
William Engels Wimer III ’44 Div. ; Dana Leigh English ’81 M.Div.
Robert B. Meacham ’94 M.A.R.
Scott W. Wood ’63 M.Div. ; Evelyn Ramsdell Ferguson ’66 M.A.R. ;
A. Bertram Miller ’50 B.D. ;
Molly and Andrew Fargo Wooden ’96 M.A.R. Elizabeth W. Field v
Clinton Martin Miller ’94 M.Div.
Michael Wu ’81 M.Div. ; Janet and J. Seymour Flinn ’75 S.T.M. ; v
Dwight F. Miller ’56 M.D. v
C. Allan Ford v
Susan A. Miller ’73 M.A.R.,’81 M.Div.
Faith S.T. Fraser v
Bushnell Sponsors Malcolm H. Miner v
Robert E. Gartman ’59 S.T.M.
Anonymous Richard W. Moll ’61 M.Div.
Sarah Barringer Gordon ’86 J.D.,’86 M.A.R.,
Judith Anne Allison ’05 M.Div. ; v Peter John Nagle ’96 M.A.R. ;
’87 M.A.R.
Anne Stilson Alvord ’94 M.Div. ; Richard T. Nolan ’67 M.A.R. ; v
Nancy Eaton Gossling ’00 M.Div. ; v
Carol L. Anderson v G George M. Noonan ’79 M.Div. ;
Rondda and William West Grant ’54 B.A. v
Talitha J. Arnold ’80 M.Div. ; Don R. Norenberg ’58 B.D. ;
Matthew Keadle McCreight ’89 M.P.P.M. and
Michael Anthony Baal ’82 M.Div. ; Kathryn Emily Greene-McCreight ’88 M.Div., George E. Packard
Stephanie Abbott Bailey ’06 M.Div. v ’89 S.T.M.,’91 M.A., ’92 M.Phil. ,’94 Ph.D. ; v Christopher Athan Pappas ’04 M.Div. v
William R. Baird, Jr. ’50 B.D.,’52 M.A., John Daniel Gro≠ ’43 B.D. Fred W. Pardee III v
’55 Ph.D. ; Warren F. Gro≠ ’52 B.D.,’55 Ph.D. ; Joon Surh Park ’69 B.D.
Janet Baker Jerry Wayne Henry ’80 M.Div. David P. Pearson ’56 B.S. v
Matthew Thornton Banks ’01 M.A.R. Robin R. Henry v Martha Beckwith Peck ’81 M.Div.
Verlyn L. Barker ’56 B.D.,’60 S.T.M. ; Marilyn Rhyne Herr John F. Piper, Jr. ’61 B.D. ;
Stephen P. Bauman ’79 M.Div. ; Benjamin Hugh Hill ’02 M.A.R. ; David Walker Plumer v
Ann M. Beams ’80 M.Div.,’91 S.T.M. ; A. Robert Hirschfeld ’91 M.Div. v David E. Price ’64 B.D.,’66 M.A.,’69 Ph.D. ;
Mark M. Beckwith ’78 M.Div. v Eva F. ’61 M.A.T. and Peter C. Hodgson ’59 B.D., Robert W. Rahn ’51 B.D.,’52 S.T.M. ;
Lynda Ivey Bigler ’07 M.Div. ; ’60 M.A.,’63 Ph.D. ; Wilma Jean Reichard ’77 M.A.R.,’79 M.Div.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Birch v Randolph Marshall Hollerith ’90 M.Div. v Charles Edwin Richardson ’96 M.Div.
Rachelle Birnbaum ’77 M.Div. v Heather Steele Hopkins ’92 M.Div. V. Bruce Rigdon ’62 B.D.,’63 M.A.,’68 Ph.D. ;
Stephen M. Bolle v Stephen A. Huber ’98 M.Div. v Jack A. Saarela ’74 M.Div.
Harold R. Bott v Virginia R. and Vincent Gerald Seadale ’04 M.Div. v
Robert M. Brashares ’52 M.Div. ; Mateo Cristian Jaramillo ’04 M.A.R.
Nakyun Shin ’69 M.A.R.
Je≠rey David Braun ’04 M.Div. ; Robert G. Jones ’50 B.D., ’57 M.A.,’59 Ph.D. ;
Ruth E. Shinn ’55 B.D.
L. Eugene Brown ’48 B.D. ; Boardman Wright Kathan ’56 B.D. ;
Hallam C. Shorrock, Jr. ’52 M.Div. ;
John Moore Bullard ’57 M.Div.,’62 Ph.D. ; Arthur B. Keys, Jr. ’73 M.Div. ;
Andrew A. Sorensen ’62 B.D.,’69 M.Phil.,
April Lynne Berends ’02 M.Div. and Edward Hamilton Kicklighter ’51 B.D. ’71 Ph.D.
Michael Andrew Bunting ’02 M.Div. ; v Kenneth H. Kindig ’54 B.D. ; Gustav D. Spohn ’73 M.A.R.
Anthony Buquor v Jerald L. Kirkpatrick ’70 B.D. Caroline Mary Stacey ’90 M.Div. v
Will D. Campbell ’52 B.D. ; Pierce W. Klemmt ’76 M.Div. ; E. Bevan Stanley ’74 B.A., ’83 M.Div. ; v
Noland MacKenzie Canter III ’73 M.Div. John Preston Kohl ’67 M.Div. Richard C. Stazesky ’52 B.D.,’53 S.T.M.,
Timothy K. Carpenter v June Kushino ’55 M.A. ;
Francis W. Carr* v Peter C. Laarman ’73 Div.,’93 M.Div. Jane Stickney v
Joseph Francis Cistone ’90 M.A.R. Kathleen LaCamera ’83 M.Div. J. David Stinson ’75 M.Div. ;
Beth and Mark R. Clevenger ’86 M.Div. v Robert C. Lamar ’43 B.A.,’46 B.D. ; Elizabeth L. Strawn ’04 M.A.R. ;
Philip R. Cousin Richard L. Lancaster ’49 B.D. ; Taminobu Takasago ’99 S.T.M.

16 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Kah T. Tan ’99 M.A.R. Matthew Aaron Benton ’05 M.A.R. Terry Jean Dumansky ’09 M.A.R.
David Graham Thornton ’66 B.D. ; Dustin D. Berg ’07 M.Div. v James Johnstone Dunn ’09 M.Div.
Edwin B. Towle ’45 B.A.,’48 B.D. ; Daniel Jacob Binder ’08 M.Div. ; Judith Dupre
Gene M. Tucker ’60 B.D.,’61 M.A.,’63 Ph.D. ; Hugh N. Blair ’63 B.D. ; Marc G. Eames ’07 M.Div.
J. Gordon Verplank ’66 B.D. ; Emily Jo Bloemker ’09 M.Div. Mary and Richard F. Ebens v
Javier Alexis Viera ’00 S.T.M. John H. Blume III ’82 M.A.R.,’84 J.D. John Monroe Edwards, Jr. ’67 B.A.,’08 M.A.R.
Rebecca Mary Voelkel ’96 M.Div. ; Ann Pinckney Bonner-Stewart ’06 M.Div.v Wilbur S. Edwards ’40 Div. ;
Carol Lynn Wade ’03 M.Div.,’04 S.T.M. v William B. Bonvillian ’72 M.A.R. ; Verna Marina Ehret ’93 M.A.R.
Edward I. Wagner ’78 M.Div. Robert James Boulter ’06 M.Div. v Sven Olaf Ensminger ’08 M.A.R. ;
Charles I. Wallace, Jr. ’68 B.D. ; Robert E. Bowers ’64 M.A.R. ; Kathleen D. Evans
Anna Hildegard Wallich ’77 B.A.,’81 M.Div. ; Mary Louise Bozza ’08 M.Div. ; Paul Lansing Evans ’09 M.A.R.
Pamela Stewart Wesley v Henry G. Brinton ’86 M.Div. ; Kevin Gerard Ewing ’07 M.Div.
Margaret Jane Whittemore ’45 Div. ; Alicia K. Brooks ’07 M.Div. Ann P. and Dewitt T. Farabee, Jr. ’52 B.D.,
Richard James Wood ’64 M.A.,’65 Ph.D. v Esther Mary Brown ’09 M.A.R. ’64 S.T.M. ;
Susan Cavanagh Wyper ’84 B.A.,’08 M.Div. v Shannon Lee Buckmaster ’05 M.Div. ; Mary Kamal Farag ’09 M.A.R.
Doris Anne Younger ’50 M.Div. ; Simon Benjamin Burce ’04 M.A.R. ; Evelyn and Conner M. Fay ’51 B.A. v
Sylvia and John Philip Zaeder ’58 B.A., James Franklin Burns ’05 M.A.R. Nathan McBride Finnin ’08 M.Div. ; v
’62 M.Div. ; Michael Francis Cagney ’09 M.A.R. Robert William Fisher ’98 B.A.,’05 M.Div.
Philip W. and James S. Campbell ’80 M.A.R. Vicki I Flippin ’08 M.Div. ;
Elizabeth Zarelli-Turner ’78 M.A.R. v Nichole Marie Flores ’09 M.Div.
L. Marshall Campbell ’52 S.T.M. ;
Jervis S. Zimmerman v Matthew Fong ’56 B.D. ;
Beryl Johanna Capewell ’61 S.T.M. ;
Diana Elizabeth Carroll ’08 M.Div. ; v Joan Bates Forsberg ’53 B.D. ; v G
Stuart Associates Ralph R. Carskadden v Ms. Janice L. N. Fournier ’06 M.A.R. ;
Anonymous Christine Chakoian ’83 M.Div. Stephen Lawrence Gaetano ’09 M.A.R.
Chad Patrick Abel-Kops ’96 M.A.R. Ki Joo Choi ’95 B.A.,’98 M.Div. Carmen Christine Germino ’07 M.Div. ;
Elizabeth Holly Adams ’09 M.Div. Spencer Tyler Clayton ’05 B.A.,’08 M.Div. Greta Getlein ’09 M.Div.
Harry Wakefield Adams ’51 M.Div. Lindsay Kathryn Cleveland ’08 M.Div. ; Emily E. Gi≠ord ’09 M.A.R.
Jane Alexander ’90 M.Div. ; William Scott Cleveland ’08 M.A.R. ; Marion M. Gilbert v G
Elizabeth Peggy Allen ’78 B.A.,’87 M.Div. ; Anne Wright Co≠man ’88 M.Div. Brian Timothy Gillis ’09 M.Div.
Jessica Collins Anderson ’08 M.A.R. ; Meredith Frances Coleman-Tobias ’09 M.Div. Jennifer M. Gingras ’07 M.Div. ;
John Joseph Anderson ’06 M.A.R. Abigail Jean Cooper ’08 M.A.R. ; Samuel T. Gladding ’70 M.A.R. ;
Marilyn Lea Anderson ’98 M.Div. v Joel Robert Cornwell ’78 M.Div. Howard L. Gordy, Jr. ’57 B.D.
Jessica Lynn Anschutz ’07 M.Div. ; Peter Gannon Crumlish ’09 M.A.R. Donald K. Gorrell ’55 B.D. ;
Janet Edwards Anti ’76 M.Div. ; Kathleen M. McIntosh and Erik Carl Graham-Smith ’09 M.Div.
Harry C. Applewhite ’58 B.D. ; James E. Curry ’85 M.Div. v Lucas Michael Grubbs ’05 M.Div.,’08 S.T.M. v
Elizabeth Alder and Roger M. Dalton ’58 B.A. Meredith Farmer Grubbs ’06 M.Div.
Daniel S. Appleyard ’83 M.Div. v Bethany Leigh Davidson ’10 M.Div. v Allison Lynn Hager ’09 M.Div.
Lindsay Murray Bacher ’09 M.A.R. Judith A. Davis ’91 M.Div.,’95 S.T.M. v Liam Patrick Haggerty ’09 M.Div.
Reginald Lee Bachus ’09 M.Div. Jeremy Reed Deaner ’07 M.Div. ; M. Wendell Hainlin v
Caroline S. Bacon ’04 M.A.R. Robert B. Dell ’55 B.D. Karen Anne Halac ’04 M.Div.,’07 S.T.M. ;
Gunda and Theodore H. Bailey III v Christopher James King Dickson ’07 M.Div. ; Berkeley Clint Hall ’07 M.A.R. ;
Kempton Dunn Baldridge ’88 M.Div. Carla Dietz Carroll ’08 M.Div. ; Daniel Emerson Hall ’91 B.A.,’96 M.Div.,
Obadiah Zarephath Ballinger ’08 M.Div. ; David Stone Dill ’08 M.Div. ; v ’99 M.D. v
Kathryn Loretta Banakis ’03 B.A.,’09 M.Div. v David Louis Dodson ’77 B.A.,’81 M.Div., Jacquelyn Reed Hall ’09 M.Div.
Jonah Kenyon Bartlett ’09 M.Div. ’81 M.P.P.M. ; v Lauren Elaine Hall ’07 M.Div. ;
Sara Ann Bassler ’03 M.Div. ; Jennifer Marin Creswell ’05 M.Div. and Alfred Theodore Halsted, Jr. ’56 M.Div. ;
Angela Carline Batie ’07 M.Div. ; Ian Heston Doescher ’98 B.A.,’05 M.Div. Catherine Sider Hamilton ’86 Div.
Kimberly Joy Bauser ’09 M.Div. Anna Clay Doherty ’08 M.Div. ; v Robert Standish Hamilton ’53 M.Div. ;
George W. Baxter, Jr. ’51 M.Div. ; James F. Dowd ’63 B.D. ; Kennedy Day Hampton, Sr. ’09 M.Div.
Harold E. Beliveau, Jr. v Clark Evans Downs ’10 M.A.R. Chul Heum Han ’06 S.T.M.
Ruby K. Belk ; Frederick F. Driftmier* ’45 B.D. Grace Sun-Khil Han ’09 M.Div.
Jonathan David Bennett ’06 M.A.R. ; Eleanore Whitla Drury ’77 M.Div. Diane Higgins and
R. Dudley Bennett, Jr. v Mary Emily Briehl Duba ’09 M.Div. James Gerard Hannan ’08 M.A.R. ; v
Robert Shaw Benson ’95 M.Div. ; Richard L. Du∞eld, Jr. ’79 M.A.R. Jennifer M. Hanrahan ’07 M.Div. ;

s p e c t r u m 17
annual report
Grayson Ney Hansard ’09 M.Div. Robert J. Kasper ’52 B.D. ; Philip F. McKean ’61 B.D. ;
G. Holger Hansen ’63 B.D.,’64 S.T.M. ; E. Weldon Keckley* ’46 M.Div. Christopher McKee ’09 M.Div.
Kerith A. Harding ’09 M.Div. Charles A. Kennedy ’51 B.A.,’56 B.D.,’61 Ph.D. ; Ellen Bacon McKinley ’76 M.Div. ; v
Cameron Reynolds Hardy ’09 M.Div. Jennifer Kiel ’06 M.A.R. Paul King McLain III ’07 M.Div. ; v
David R. Harkness ’76 M.Div.,’78 S.T.M. Donald Hun Kim ’06 M.Div. Sarah Anne McLean ’85 M.Div.
Charles H. Harper ’61 S.T.M. ; Paul Dong-Kwang Kim ’07 S.T.M. Robert C. McMillan ’46 M.Div. ;
Robert Canaan Harris ’07 S.T.M. Jacquelyn W. Kirby ’89 B.A.,’08 M.Div. v Darron Logan McNutt ’09 M.A.R.
Peter James Harrits ’09 M.Div. C. Kris Kirkpatrick ’74 M.A.R. ; Carol Lynn Mead ’09 M.Div.
Stuart Campbell Haskins, Jr. ’55 B.D. ; Kristi Rose Kleinbeck ’06 M.Div. ; Will Henry Mebane, Jr. ’06 M.Div.
Matthew Coe Haugen ’07 M.A.R. ; Aaron Wesley Klink ’05 M.Div. Christopher Owens Meserole ’09 M.Div.
Marina Stefanie Hayman ’09 M.A.R. Stephen Barrett Klots ’99 S.T.M. ; v Gabriel Joseph Michael ’09 M.A.R.
George A. Hearne ’58 M.Div. ; Chilton R. Knudsen v Jennifer Lynn Miller ’09 M.Div.
Kristin R. Hedger ’05 M.A.R. David Jon Koehler ’62 B.D. ; John Franklin Miller ’65 M.Div. ;
Sarah Louise Heiman ’05 B.A.,’08 M.Div. Erik William Kolb ’06 M.A.R. Patricia Sobers Mitchell ’02 M.Div. v
Roy Leslie Heller ’90 M.Div.,’91 S.T.M., Jennifer Joyce Krebs ’99 M.A.R. Joseph James Monachino ’76 M.Div.
’96 M.Phil.,’98 M.A.,’98 Ph.D. Patricia Anne Kriss ’10 M.Div. v Charles Howland Montgomery ’56 B.A.,
Mary Dee Hendricks ’06 M.Div. v Philip Sinclair Krug ’52 M.Div. ; ’92 M.A.R.
Cornal G. Henning Dieter P.O. Kuchenbecker ’75 M.A.R. Rose-Anne Moore ’07 M.A.R. ;
James Daryn Henry ’09 M.A.R. Emily Christine Kuhn ’07 M.Div. Sarah Elizabeth Moore ’05 S.T.M.
Paul Reuben Hetrich ’60 M.Div. ; Matthew Alan Kustenbauder ’06 M.Div., Stanley R. Moore ’55 B.D.
Elijah Heyward III ’07 M.A.R. ; ’08 M.A. ; Donald E. Mowery v
Barnet M. McKee ’79 M.Div. and Samuel P. Lamback, Jr. ’70 B.D. Thomas J. Mullen* ’59 B.D. ;
Ellen H. Hiatt ’79 M.Div. ; George Allen La Montagne ’94 M.Div. v Edward Bowman Mulligan IV ’06 M.Div.
W. Scott Hicks ’69 B.D.,’71 S.T.M. ; Sean Robert Lanigan ’09 M.Div. James Joseph Murphy III ’07 M.Div. ;
Joshua Ashton Hill ’09 M.Div. Ronald Glen LaRocque ’03 M.Div. ; Alan Neale v
Elizabeth Lerohl Hiller ’06 M.Div. ; Sean Larsen ’07 M.Div. Elizabeth M. Nestor ’79 M.Div. ; v
Timothy Mark Hiller ’07 M.A.R. ; Sarah C. and Ledlie I. Laughlin III ’87 M.Div. v Mark A. Neumeier ’79 M.Div. ;
Paul Edson Hitchcock ’05 M.Div. ; Danielle and Peter R. Lawson ’53 Div. v Roger Stewart Nicholson ’52 M.Div. ;
Nancy Carol Hoerner ’83 M.F.A.,’09 M.Div. Caroline Bryer Levy ’08 M.Div. ; Ralph V. Norman, Jr. ’58 B.D.,’60 M.A.,
Cynthia Caravatt Holden ’97 M.Div. ’61 Ph.D. ;
Glenn M. Libby ’95 M.Div. ; v
Herman Hollerith IV ’81 M.Div. v Robert Wayne Northup ’56 Div.,’56 Ph.D. ;
Susan Szymanski Liguori ’05 M.Div.
Kimberly Hornung-Marcy ’80 M.Div. ; Andrew Crowell Nurkin ’07 M.Div. ;
Susan G. and
John William Houghton ’89 M.A.R. John Donald Limpitlaw ’92 M.A.R. v William R. Nye ’62 B.A.
Ann Marit ’88 M.Div. and Steven Charles Ling ’07 M.Div. ; Jeannine M. Oakes ’08 M.Div. ;
C. Warren Hovland ’43 B.D.,’50 Ph.D. ; Thomas V. Litzenburg, Jr. ’61 B.D. ; William James O’Brien ’05 M.Div. ;
Mary Kay Howard ’05 M.A.R. John H. Longley ’53 B.D. ; Joel Caleb Oesch ’09 M.Div.
Louise Howlett ’88 M.Div. ; Linda H. ’07 M.Div. and George William Oglesby ’93 M.A.R.
Archie V. Hu≠, Jr. ’62 B.D. ; Gary Vaughan Loyd ’07 M.Div. ; v Michael James O’Loughlin ’09 M.A.R.
Dorothy J. Hutch ’07 M.Div. Micah Jonathan Luce ’07 M.A.R.,’08 S.T.M. ; John Ryan O’Neal ’07 M.A.R.
Ross Burling Jackson ’65 B.D. Rachel Keas Lyle ’08 M.Div. ; R. Wade Ortel ’54 B.D.;
Molly Field James ’05 M.Div. Daniel Kent MacDonald ’08 M.Div. ; v Jennie Elizabeth Ott ’06 M.Div. ;
Bonnie Scott Jelinek ’69 M.A.R. Janet Parsons Mackey ’60 B.D. Katya Elizabeth Ouchakof ’06 M.Div. ;
Eric Vincent Jeuland ’08 M.Div. ; v Elizabeth Anne Magill ’09 M.Div. Christine Siobhan Overstreet ’09 M.A.R.
Brandon Dale Johnson ’08 M.Div. ; Avery C. Manchester ’62 S.T.M. ; Jonathan Conant Page ’07 M.Div. ;
Earl Evans Johnson ’76 M.Div. Ann Elizabeth Markle ’99 M.Div.v Courtney F. Palmbush ’09 M.A.R.
Frank Amos Johnson ’58 M.Div. ; Marian Eileen Marks ’94 M.Div. Eun Joo Park ’09 M.Div.
Johanna Kathryn Johnson ’09 M.Div. Charles Wallace Marsh IV ’07 M.Div. ; Joo Il Park ’09 S.T.M.
Rachel Noel Johnson ’08 M.A.R. ; Christopher Harper Martin ’90 B.A.,’96 M.Div. v Richard Sumner Parker ’55 M.Div. ;
Song Bok Jon ’08 S.T.M. ; Jeannie M. Martz ’90 M.Div. v Grace Pauls
Joe R. Jones ’61 B.D.,’63 M.A.,’70 Ph.D. ; Willis Jermal McCaw ’08 M.Div. ; William S. Peebles IV v
Richard B. Jones ’67 B.D. ; Stanley H. McCreary ’82 S.T.M. Thomas J.P. Pellaton ’91 M.Div. v
Steven R. Jones ’75 M.Div. ; Ian Douglas McFadden ’08 S.T.M. ; Albert Mitchell Pennybacker, Jr. ’56 M.Div. ;
Heidi L. Joos ’80 M.Div. ; Robert B. McFarlane v Carol Seifrit Pepper ’78 M.Div.
Victoria Jihae Jung ’08 M.A.R. ; Michael W. McGowan ’08 M.Div. ; Alice De V Perry ’80 M.Div.
Barbara Ann Kapenga ’81 M.A.R. Justin Michael McIntosh ’09 M.Div. Andrew Cornell Pester ’07 Mus.M.,’08 M.A.R. ;

18 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Rakesh Peter Dass ’08 M.Div. ; David H. Smith ’64 B.D. Richard Warch ’64 B.D.,’68 Ph.D.
Yejide Salama Peters ’08 M.Div. ; Kenneth E. Smith ’74 M.Div. Anthony R. Watson ’09 S.T.M.
Kenneth G. Peterson ’49 M.Div. ; Kirk Stevan Smith ’79 M.Div. ; v Theodore Robert Weber ’50 B.D.,’56 M.A.,
Ann Rachel Phelps ’09 M.A.R. Roy G. Smith ’60 B.D. ’58 Ph.D.

J. Delton Pickering ’60 M.Div. Georgia Ann Snell ’89 M.Div. ; Travis Alan Weber ’08 M.Div. ;

Je≠rey David Pierce ’06 M.Div. Thomas G. Speers III ’87 M.Div. ; Timothy Ryan Weisman ’07 Mus.M.,’09 M.Div.
Lois A. Pike ’54 Div. ; Kaji Rosa Spellman ’06 M.Div. Je≠ry Lynn Wells ’05 M.Div. ;
Susan Beth Pinkerton ’08 M.Div. ; v Jared Robert Stahler ’06 M.Div. ; Charlotte Kay Brechbill White ’97 M.Div. ;
Norah Shannon Planck ’96 M.A.R. Erinn Marie Staley ’07 M.Div. ; Laura Renee Fitzpatrick Wilder ’09 M.Div.
David H. Poist v Katherine Allison Stanford ’84 B.A.,’08 M.Div. Cynthia Cameron Willauer ’00 M.Div.
Avery Denison Post ’49 B.D.,’52 S.T.M. ; Robert B. Starbuck ’53 B.D. ; Elizabeth Suzanne Wille ’09 M.Div.
John Lee Powell ’60 B.D. Sandra Hardyman Stayner ’90 M.Div. v Reverend Mary T. Williams ’49 B.D.
Edward Alton Powers ’52 M.Div. ; Truman R. Stehr ’57 B.D. Christopher Elsworth Wogaman ’05 M.Div. ;
Joseph Michael Primo ’06 M.Div. William Penn Haney Stevens, Jr. ’63 B.D. ; Leslie Gesiene Woods ’05 M.A.R. ;
Cameron Dale Randle ’08 M.Div. ; v Elizabeth Abernathy Stone ’07 M.A.R. ; Christopher E. Wuthmann ’80 M.A.R.
Howard M. Ratcli≠ ’62 B.D. ; Kelly J. Stone ’06 M.Div. Maria Elise Yocum ’05 S.T.M.
Kwame Osei Reed ’79 M.Div. Robert M. Stoppert ’64 B.D. ; William J. Yoder ’68 B.D. ;
Louise Reinecke ’64 Div.,’64 Ph.D. ; James F. Strange ’64 B.D. Philip Young Yoo ’09 S.T.M.
Robert J. and Patricia A. Reuss ’86 M.Div. ; v Herbert Edward Strom ’69 S.T.M. Lawrence T. Young ’62 B.D. ;
Haesun and Syngman Rhee ’65 S.T.M. Javen Dane Swanson ’09 M.Div. Meghan Davis Young ’09 M.Div.
Joshua David Rinas ’08 M.Div. ; Eileen Brower Sypher ’07 M.Div. ; Thomasina Yuille ’82 M.Div.,’96 S.T.M.
Janice Marie Robinson ’88 M.Div. ; v Frederick Hilborn Talbot ’57 M.Div. ; Myounghun Yun ’09 S.T.M.
Frank B. and Richard E. Tappan ’53 B.D. ; Gregory Howard Zehner ’06 M.Div.
Ann Calvin Rogers-Witte ’69 M.A.R. ; Judith and Robert E. Taylor v Nicole Sydney Zellweger ’01 M.A.R.
Andrea Lynn Wigodsky ’05 M.Div. and Elizabeth Alexandra Dorota Tebbe ’09 M.A.R.
John Davis Rohrs ’05 M.Div. ; Foundations, Corporations &
Janet Carol Tereskiewicz ’09 M.Div.
Mindy Robin Roll ’07 M.Div. ; Organizations
Rahiel Tesfamariam ’09 M.Div.
Vanessa Payne Rose ’07 M.Div. Association of Theological Schools
Carol E. ’72 M.S.N. and
Anne and Je≠ery W. Rowthorn vG Atlanta Theological Association
Michael J. R. Tessman ’73 M.Div. v
Karen Free Royce v The Chilton Foundation
Delseta Thomas
Stephen Merrill Ruckman ’08 M.A.R.,’08 J.D. ; Community Foundation of Western
John H. Thomas ’75 M.Div.
Choron Ryan ’08 M.A.R. ; Andrew Robert Hurst Thompson ’06 M.A.R.
Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society,
Douglas Benjamin Sagal ’99 S.T.M. Deanna Alice Thompson ’92 M.A.R. New York, NY v
Howell Crawford Sasser, Jr. ’09 S.T.M. v John Andrew Tirro ’89 B.A.,’09 M.Div. The Fund for Theological Education, Inc.,
Mark S. Schantz ’81 M.Div. ; Paul E. Towner v Atlanta, GA v
Michael Schram ’81 M.A.R. Elizabeth Carroll Trang ’08 M.A.R. ; Good Samaritan, Inc. v
Giles R. Scofield ’06 M.A.R. David A. Travers ’67 B.D. The Henry Luce Foundation
Emily Margaret Scott ’06 M.Div. ; Gaynl C. ’66 M.A.R. and The Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Jane Hanger Seeley ’64 M.A.R. J. Irwin Trotter ’54 B.D. ; Metanexus Institute
Elmo Bender Self ’56 B.D. ; Susan Power Trucksess ’83 M.Div. Missionary Emergency Fund, Bristol, VA v
A. Craig Settlage ’69 S.T.M. Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio ’03 B.A., New to You Shop v
Kurt Frank Sha≠ert ’05 M.Div. ; ’06 M.Div., ’08 S.T.M.
Oikonomos Foundation
Mary Katherine Sheena ’06 M.A.R. Yat Kwan Luana Tung ’06 M.Div.,’09 S.T.M. ;
Passionist Fathers of CT , Inc.
Jennifer Patricia Sheridan ’09 M.Div. John H. Turner ’65 M.Div.
Robert B. Simpson ’55 B.D. ; Kathleen S. Turner ’08 M.Div.,’09 S.T.M. ; Congregations
Peter W. Sipple ’62 B.A. v Kathy A. Turner ’69 M.Div. ; All Saints Episcopal Church, Atlanta, G A v
Robert E. Skeele ’53 B.D. ; T. Gregory Turner ’70 M.Div. ; All Saints’ Parish, Beverly Hills, CA v
Ian Arvid Skoggard ’08 M.Div. ; Wayne S. Underhill ’50 B.D. ; Calvary Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, PA v
Wendy Liddle ’07 M.Div. and Paul Jonathan Ungerland II ’09 M.A.R. The Cathedral Church of St. Mark,
Raleigh Chase Skorburg ’07 M.A.R. Lee VanBremen ’64 B.D. ; Minneapolis, MN v
Aaron Victor Skrypski ’05 M.Div. Richard F. Van Wely ’72 S.T.M. v Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, GA v
Samuel Nathaniel Slie ’52 B.D.,’63 S.T.M. ; John Richard Vogel, Jr. ’66 B.D. Chapel of the Cross, Chapel Hill, NC v
Virginia Miner Smanik ’05 M.Div. Victor Thang Vu ’02 B.A.,’05 M.Div. Christ Church, Alexandria, VA v
Katherine Elizabeth Smanik Moyes ’05 M.Div. David S. Wade ’80 S.T.M. Christ Church, Harwich Port, MA v
Bill D. Smith ’66 B.D. Leigh-Anne Walker ’09 M.A.R. Christ Church, Greenwich, CT v

s p e c t r u m 19
annual report
Christ Church of Pomfret, Pomfret, CT v Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Auburn, AL v St. Paul’s Church, Plainfield, CT v
Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati, OH v Parish of Trinity Church, New York, NY v St. Paul’s Church, Wallingford, CT v
Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, IN v R.E. Lee Memorial Church, Lexington, VA St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Brunswick, ME v
Christ Church Christiana Hundred, Saint Michael and All Angels Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Fairfield, CT v
Wilmington, DE v Dallas, TX v St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Riverside, CT v
Christ Church Parish, Redding Ridge, CT v Second Congregational Church, Greenwich, CT St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Salem, OR v
Christ Church Portola Valley, St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, St. Paul’s Parish, Bantam, CT v
Portola Valley, CA v San Francisco, CA v
St. Peter’s Church, Cheshire, CT
Christ & Holy Trinity Church, Westport, CT v St. Alban’s Church, Syracuse, NY
St. Peter’s Church, Monroe, CT v
Christ & St. Stephen’s Church, New York, NY v St. Andrew’s Church, Kent, CT v
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Milford, CT v
Christ Episcopal Church, Roanoke, VA v St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church,
St. Raphael’s Church, Crossville, TN v
The Church of the Ascension, New York, NY v Millinocket, ME v
St. Stephen’s Church, Richmond, VA v
The Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, St. Anne’s in the Fields Church, Lincoln, MA v
St. Stephen’s Church, Ridgefield, CT v
Palm Beach, FL v St. Anne’s Parish, Middletown, DE v
Church of the Good Shepherd, Pawtucket, RI v St. Thomas’ Church, Fort Washington, PA v
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church,
Church of the Holy Spirit, Charlestown, RI v St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue,
Greenwich, CT v
New York, NY v
The Church of the Holy Trinity, St. Elizabeth’s Church, Ridgewood, NJ v
Philadelphia, PA v St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Towson, MD v
St. Francis-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church,
Church of the Redeemer, Bryn Mawr, PA v St. Timothy Episcopal Church, Fairfield, CT v
Malvern, PA v
The Church of St. Stephen the Martyr, Trinity Cathedral Church, Columbia, SC v
St. James’ Church, Glastonbury, CT v
Edina, MN v Trinity Church, Boston, MA v
St. James’ Church, New York, NY v
The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island, Trinity Church, Columbus, OH v
St. James Church, Perkiomen-Collegeville, PA v
Long Island, NY v Trinity Church, New York, NY v
St. James Episcopal Church, Keene, NH v
Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society, Trinity Church On Green, New Haven, CT v
St. James’s Church, Richmond, VA v
New York, NY v Trinity Episcopal Church, Concord, MA v
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Corry, PA v St. John the Evangelist Church,
Dunbarton, NH v Trinity Episcopal Church, Mobile, AL v
The Episcopal Church at Yale, New Haven, CT v
St. John’s Cathedral, Denver, CO v Trinity Episcopal Church, Southport, CT v
Episcopal Diocese of Chicago, Chicago, IL v
St. John’s Church, Ellicott City, MD v Trinity Episcopal Church, Staunton, VA
Episcopal Diocese of Long Island,
St. John’s Church, North Guilford, CT v Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, OR v
Garden City, NY v
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak, MI v Union Memorial Church, Stamford, CT
Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, Jackson, MS v
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Saginaw, MI v Westminster Presbyterian Church,
Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, St. Louis, MO v
Charlottesville, VA
Episcopal Diocese of New York, New York, NY v St. Luke’s Church, Fairport, NY v
Women’s Fellowship, First Congregational
Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana, Inc., St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Des Moines, IA v
Church, Old Greenwich, CT
South Bend, IN v St. Luke in the Fields, New York, NY v
Zion Episcopal Church, North Branford, CT v
Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, St. Luke’s Parish, Darien, CT v
Raleigh, NC v St. Mark AME Church Inc., Orlando, FL
Planned Gifts and Bequests
Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, Portland, OR v St. Mark’s Cathedral, Shreveport, LA v
Julia E. Ableson
Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, St. Mark’s Chapel, Storrs, CT v
Philadelphia, PA v Rosemary Dysart Baue ’98 M.Div.
St. Mark’s Church, New Britain, CT v
Episcopal Diocese of Washington, Katherine D. and William R. Bell, Jr. ’07 M.Div.
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Springfield, VT v
Washington, DC v Wilbur D. Canaday, Jr.* ’45 B.D.
St. Mark’s Parish, New Canaan, CT v
First Church of Christ, New Haven, CT Francis W. Carr*
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Charlotte, NC v
First Church of Christ Congregational, Jack L. Clark* ’59 Div.,’59 M.A.,’62 Ph.D.
Redding, CT St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Houston, TX v
Leonard G. Clough ’43 B.D.
First Church of Windsor, Windsor, CT St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Arlington, VA v
Richard G. Copleston* v
First Congregational Church, Bristol, RI St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Manchester, CT v
Herbert F. Dabinett* ’35 Div.
The First Congregational Church, Hudson, OH St. Matthew’s Parish, Pacific Palisades, CA v
Arthur R. Eikamp ’47 B.D.
First United Methodist Church of Conover St. Matthew’s Parish, Wilton, CT v
William McC. Haynsworth*
Men’s Club, Conover, NC St. Michael & All Angels, Dallas, TX v
Ralph C. Kau≠man* ’40 Div.,’40 Ph.D.
Fishers Island Union Chapel, Fishers Island, NY St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal
Harriet V. Leonard* ’58 M.Div.
Grace Episcopal Church, Amherst, MA v Parish Church, Corona Del Mar, CA v
Sara P. Little* ’58 Div.,’58 Ph.D.
Grace Episcopal Church, Silver Spring, MD v St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church,
Charles E. Minneman* ’57 S.T.M.
Grace & St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Cheektowaga, NY v
Hamden, CT v St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church,
Green’s Farms Congregational Church, Old Saybrook, CT
Westport, CT St. Paul’s Church, Rochester, NY v

20 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Gifts of Leadership
Annual Fund Volunteers
The Divinity School’s Annual Fund campaign Annu a l Gi v in g t h r o u g h t h e Annu a l F und
relies on the alumni who volunteer their time to 2008-09 Goals: 38% Participation and $410,000 in Annual Gifts
help raise money for student scholarships. Be-
YDS # of % parti- Annual YDS # of % parti- Annual
cause of these individuals, YDS raised $385,805 Class Donors cipation GIFTS Class Donors cipation GIFTS
in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009. The 1937 2 67 % $ 400 1974 35 34% $ 4,195
alumni o∞ce is most thankful for all of the 1938 2 67 % $ 233 1975 35 32% $ 5,610
volunteers who helped make this year’s cam- 1939 2 50% $ 150 1976 39 33% $ 4,120
paign successful. 1940 5 83% $ 2,147 1977 49 28% $ 5,536
1941 1 20% $ 100 1978 47 37 % $ 5,928
1942 3 27 % $ 270 1979 55 43% $ 6,610
Honor Roll of Annual Giving Volunteers 1943 7 54% $ 2,050 1980 46 34% $ 10,406
A volunteer qualifies for the Honor Roll if his 1944 6 50% $ 580 1981 46 34% $ 6,830
or her constituency achieved an annual giv- 1945 14 56% $ 3,025 1982 30 24% $ 7,550
1946 13 50% $ 2,985 1983 42 31% $ 5,600
ing participation rate of 80 percent or more
1947 13 54% $ 2,040 1984 32 26% $ 10,390
in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, and
1948 14 61% $ 2,285 1985 31 26% $ 5,253
the volunteer made a donation to the Annual 1949 14 47 % $ 1,925 1986 39 27 % $ 8,670
Fund campaign. 1950 23 64% $ 5,215 1987 31 23% $ 2,097
1951 24 62% $ 5,595 1988 37 27 % $ 3,862
Name % Par tic ipatio n Class
1952 48 71% $ 12,015 1989 30 20% $ 3,760
1953 37 57 % $ 8,625 1990 30 21% $ 1,130
Hugh Blair 90 1963
1954 45 66% $ 7,750 1991 28 26% $ 4,839
Stuart Haskins, Jr. 87 1955 1955 52 87 % $ 6,350 1992 26 26% $ 2,205
Donald W. Preslan 84 1956 1956 46 84% $ 8,520 1993 24 19% $ 2,820
John Bertsch 83 1959 1957 35 74% $ 6,100 1994 26 20% $ 5,940
L. Eugene Brown 81 1948 1958 40 52% $ 10,103 1995 22 18% $ 9,230
1959 45 79% $ 8,640 1996 37 26% $ 12,403
1960 42 65% $ 7,240 1997 22 23% $ 3,050
ANNUAL FUND Class Agents 1961 55 50% $ 8,820 1998 23 25% $ 7,885
1962 44 56% $ 6,915 1999 13 17 % $ 3,120
Annual Fund Chair
1963 52 58% $ 7,390 2000 15 14% $ 860
Jessica Lynn Anschutz ’07 M.Div.
1964 49 48% $ 6,336 2001 17 15% $ 1,529
Class of 1937 1965 26 38% $ 3,775 2002 25 20% $ 2,895
1966 36 43% $ 6,875 2003 29 23% $ 2,276
Winston Trever ’37 B.D.
1967 40 43% $ 5,930 2004 42 27 % $ 5,988
Class of 1943 1968 35 41% $ 4,108 2005 23 19% $ 1,600
A. Waldo Farabee ’43 M.Div. 1969 43 47 % $ 5,740 2006 33 27 % $ 3,515
1970 35 37 % $ 6,492 2007 41 34% $ 4,089
Class of 1946 1971 30 34% $ 4,860 2008 43 32% $ 10,209
Robert C. Lamar ’46 B.D. 1972 35 32% $ 4,430 2009 67 53% $ 12,197
1973 38 38% $ 7,910
Class of 1947
NOTE : Due to accounting procedures, totals in this chart di≠er slightly from the o∞cial
Constance Cronon Thurber ’47 M.Div. figures of 2,265 donors, 35.1 percent participation, and $385,805 in annual gifts.

Class of 1948
L. Eugene Brown ’48 B.D.

Class of 1950
Class of 1958 Robert F. Glover ’63 B.D.
A. Bertram Miller ’50 B.D.
James K. Donnell ’58 B.D. G. Russell Goldner, Jr. ’63 B.D.
Class of 1952 Jane E. McFarland ’63 B.D.
Class of 1959
Roger S. Nicholson ’52 M.Div. Robert F. R. Peters ’63 M.Div.
John T. Bertsch ’59 B.D.
David A. Purdy ’63 B.D.
Class of 1954
Class of 1960 Scott W. Wood ’63 M.Div.
R. Wade Ortel ’54 B.D.
Thomas F. Schafer ’60 B.D., ’61 S.T.M.
Class of 1955 Class of 1964
Class of 1961 Ernest R. Stair ’64 B.D.
Stuart C. Haskins, Jr. ’55 B.D.
John F. Piper, Jr. ’61 B.D.
Class of 1956 Class of 1966
Donald W. Preslan ’56 B.D. Class of 1963
Robert K. Loesch ’66 B.D.
Hugh N. Blair ’63 B.D.
Class of 1957 Robert M. Cassels ’63 B.D. Class of 1967
John Moore Bullard ’57 M.Div. David A. Ehline ’63 B.D. Donald J. West ’67 B.D.

s p e c t r u m 21
annual report
Class of 1968 Class of 2000 Class of 2008
Noel J.O. Amadi ’68 B.D. Charles-Ryan D. Duncan ’00 M.A.R. Chair
Jane C. Watkins ’68 M.A.R. Demetrius Solon Semien ’00 M.Div. Rachel Keas Hatch ’08 M.Div.

Class of 1969 Class of 2001 Spencer Tyler Clayton ’08 M.Div.

George E. Harris ’69 M.Div. Matthew T. Curry ’01 M.Div. Lindsay Katthryn Cleveland ’08 M.Div.
Adam E. Eckhart ’01 M.Div. Vicki I Flippin ’08 M.Div.
Class of 1970 Caroline B. Levy ’08 M.Div.
Cathie M. Cipolla ’70 B.D. Class of 2002 Myra C. McNeill ’08 M.Div.
Jan D’Vonne Webster ’02 M.Div. Dawn M. Stegelmann ’08 M.Div.
Class of 1974
Kathleen S. Turner ’08 M.Div.
H. Timothy Halverson ’74 M.Div. Class of 2003
Patrick C. Ward ’08 M.Div.
Cheree Chablis Johnson ’03 M.Div.
Travis Alan Weber ’08 M.Div.
Class of 1975 Michael Gibbs Milton ’03 M.A.R.
Jennifer G. Zogg ’08 M.Div.
J. David Stinson ’75 M.Div.
Class of 2004
Class of 1976 Chair
Lee C. Hardgrove ’76 M.Div. Je≠rey D. Braun ’04 M.Div. Board of Advisors
The YDS Board of Advisors is comprised of
Class of 1977 Philip Peter Corbett ’04 S.T.M.
church leaders, major scholars and theolo-
Kristin M. Foster ’77 M.Div. Eloise H.P. Kille≠er ’04 M.Div.
gians, and laity leaders from various walks
Susan W. Klein ’77 M.Div. Justin Matthew List ’04 M.A.R.
of life, including business, politics, law,
Erin Lyn McGrath ’04 M.A.R. health, and philanthropy. This group pro-
Class of 1979 Melissa Ann Pucci ’04 M.A.R. vides encouragement, counsel, and support
Sara M. Engram ’79 M.Div. Marissa Ann Smith ’04 M.A.R. for the school’s mission of preparing leaders
Ronald L. Hooker ’79 M.Div. Elizabeth L. Strawn ’04 M.A.R. for church and world.
Carol Janson Welles ’04 M.A.R.
Class of 1980 Chair
Jerry W. Henry ’80 M.Div. Class of 2005 Christopher Glenn Sawyer ’75 M.Div.
Class of 1985 Wesley D. Avram
Aaron Victor Skrypski ’05 M.Div.
Eugene C. McAfee ’85 M.Div. George Bauer
Je≠rey C. Oak, Ph.D., ’85 M.Div., ’86 S.T.M. Benjamin David Hopkins ’05 M.A.R. Stephen P. Bauman ’79 M.Div.
Cecelia Leebeth Jones ’05 M.Div. Je≠rey D. Braun ’04 M.Div.
Class of 1986 Je≠ry Lynn Wells ’05 M.Div. Timothy C. Collins
Mary C. Commerford ’86 M.Div. Andrea Lynn Wigodsky ’05 M.Div. John W. Cook ’57 B.D.
Leslie Gesiene Woods ’05 M.A.R. Martin Copenhaver ’80 M.Div.
Class of 1987
Ellyn Crutcher
Thomas G. Speers III ’87 M.Div. Class of 2006
Lillian Daniel ’93 M.Div.
Class of 1988 Ronald T. Evans ’70 B.D.
Jennie Elizabeth Ott ’06 M.Div.
Tambria Elizabeth Lee ’88 M.Div. Julie S. Fuller ’04 M.A.R.
Martha S. Korienek ’06 M.Div. Nora Gallagher
Class of 1989 Will Henry Mebane, Jr. ’06 M.Div. Roberto S. Goizueta
Benjamin S. Chan ’89 S.T.M. Elizabeth Marie Melchionna ’06 M.Div. Adam S. Greene ’09 M.Div.
Verlee A. Copeland ’89 M.Div. Chan Sok Park ’06 M.Div., ’07 S.T.M. Frances Hall Kieschnick
Scott G. Morrow ’89 M.Div. Kaji Rosa Spellman ’06 M.Div. F. Lane Heard III , Esq.
Jared Robert Stahler ’06 M.Div. Bryan J. Hehir
Class of 1990
Andrew R. H. Thompson ’06 M.A.R. Megan S. Jessiman ’93 M.A.R.
Kristin Neily Barberia ’90 M.Div.
Scott Black Johnston ’89 M.Div.
Bennie Colclough ’90 M.Div. Class of 2007
Frances Hall Kieschnick
Brigid Farrell Dunn ’90 M.Div. Chair
Linda Lader ’08 M.Div.
Erinn Marie Staley ’07 M.Div.
Class of 1992 Philip Lader
Fredrick A. Wiese ’92 M.Div. Jessica Lynn Anschutz ’07 M.Div. Douglas M. Lawson
Angela Carline Batie ’07 M.Div. Harold E. Masback ’94 M.Div.
Class of 1993 William R. Bell, Jr. ’07 M.Div. Debra L. McLeod Sears ’09 M.Div.
Kristin B. Godlin ’93 M.Div., ’98 S.T.M. Paul Kang-Kul Cho ’07 M.Div. Joon Surh Park ’69 B.D.
Jeremy Reed Deaner ’07 M.Div. Stephen S. Peterson ’84 M.Div.
Class of 1994
Matthew Coe Haugen ’07 M.A.R. J. Scott Pidcock ’82 M.A.R.
Patrick J. Kucera ’94 M.Div., ’95 S.T.M.
Elijah Heyward III ’07 M.A.R. David E. Price ’64 B.D.
Class of 1997 Micah Jonathan Luce ’07 M.A.R., ’08 S.T.M. Andrew A. Sorensen ’62 B.D.
James D. Ebert ’97 M.Div. Mindy Robin Roll ’07 M.Div. A. Knighton Stanley ’62 B.D.

22 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Brenda J. Stiers ’83 M.Div. Reunion Planning Committees
Janet W. Tanner ’98 M.A.R. The following alumni helped to plan their class or cluster reunion in October 2009. The alumni
Barbara Brown Taylor ’76 M.Div. o∞ce is deeply grateful for their help. Thank you for the generous gift of your time, energy,
Nancy S. Taylor ’81 M.Div. and ideas.
Krista W. Tippett ’94 M.Div.
Clyde Cebron Tuggle ’88 M.Div. 50th Reunion 25th Reunion
Michael P. Williams II ’98 M.A.R. Chair Kenneth F. Baily ’84 M.Div.
J. Kenneth Kuntz ’59 B.D. John C. Barrow ’84 M.Div., ’85 S.T.M.
Steven C. Bonsey ’84 M.Div., ’87 S.T.M.
Board of Alumni AFFairs A. Ralph Barlow, Jr. ’59 B.D., ’64 S.T.M.
Mark A.T. Chinen ’84 M.Div.
The YDS Alumni Board, elected as a repre- William L. Barnes ’59 B.D.
Maureen A. Dickmann ’84 M.Div.
sentative body, has as its mission to represent Thomas E. Duggan ’59 B.D.
Bonita D. Grubbs ’84 M.A.R.
alumni to the School and the School to them: Peter C. Hodgson ’59 B.D.
Dyan M. Levander ’84 M.Div.
to connect, energize, and alumni in support Thomas M. Johnston, Jr. ’59 M.Div.
Shepard A. Parsons ’84 M.Div.
of YDS and its mission; to nurture and sustain Mary N. Keithahn ’59 M.R.E.
Judy E. Pidcock ’84 M.Div.
relationships among alumni and with the facul- Don C. Skinner ’59 B.D..
Whit Stodghill ’84 M.Div.
ty, administration, and students of the School;
and to recognize alumni for their achievement ’73, ’74, ’75 Cluster Reunion
’93, ’94, ’95 Cluster Reunion
and contribution to society. James H. Evans, Jr. ’75 M.Div
Margaret L. Beck ’94 M.Div.
L. Ann Hallisey ’75 M.Div.
President April T. Bradley ’96 M.A.R.
H. Timothy Halverson ’74 M.Div.
Mary Ellen T. O’Driscoll ’02 M.Div. Martha C. Highsmith ’95 M.Div.
Richard O. Johnson ’75 M.Div.
Patrick J. Kucera ’94 M.Div., ’95 S.T.M.
Dwight D. Andrews ’77 M.Div. Arthur B. Keys, Jr. ’73 M.Div.
Peter C. Laarman ’93 M.Div.
Talitha J. Arnold ’80 M.Div. Marylouise Oates ’73 M.Div.
Susan K. Olson ’93 M.Div.
Joan Cooper Burnett ’04 M.Div. Christopher Glenn Sawyer ’75 M.Div.
Anna T. Ramirez ’93 M.Div.
Ki Joo Choi ’98 M.Div. Jake B. Schrum ’73 M.Div.
Anisa P. Cottrell Willis ’95 M.Div.
Cheryl K. Cornish ’83 M.Div. Gus Spohn ’73 M.A.R.
Thomas E. Duggan ’59 B.D. J. David Stinson ’75 M.Div.
James H. Evans, Jr. ’75 M.Div.
L. Ann Hallisey ’75 M.Div.
Jerry W. Henry ’80 M.Div.
Carol Rose Ikeler ’50 B.D.
Susan W. Klein ’77 M.Div b e c o m e a v o L un t e e r
J. Kenneth Kuntz ’59 B.D. If you would like to volunteer for Yale Divinity School, please
Arthur H. Latimer ’98 M.Div.
Bert W. Marshall ’97 M.Div. contact the alumni office by email (divinity.alumni@yale.edu) or
Myra C. McNeill ’08 M.Div. phone (203.432.3871) and find out how you can become involved.
Clinton M. Miller ’94 M.Div.
George M. Noonan ’79 M.Div.
Alice de V Perry ’80 M.Div.
Timothy L. Poston ’93 M.A.R.
Javier Alexis Viera ’00 S.T.M.

s p e c t r u m 23
alumni news

Class Notes
1940s •1950s •1960s •1970s •1980s •1990s •2000 s
Class of 1937 Don Modisher ’45 B.D. and Carolyn now
2010 Convocation Lectures
Joseph Smith ’37 B.D. spent his 97th birth- reside at 5031 Hillsboro Pk., Nashville, TN 37215,
day—July 7—on Hand Lake in upper Minnesota near their daughter, Christine. Don retired in
with his son Fred Smith ’67 B.D. who now 1984 from Conference of the United Method-
ist Church. Then they spent 24 years traveling The Lyman Beecher Lectures will be
lives in the summer cabin Joe bought in 1964
with a group of colleagues from the national by RV between Tucson, AZ, and Chautauqua given by Mary Catherine Hilkert,
o∞ce of the Christian Church (Disciples) in Lake, NY . Both Don and Carolyn enjoy reason- who, as a professor of theology at the
Indianapolis. Joe Smith now lives in an apart- ably good health and the friendship of many. University of Notre Dame, specializes in
ment in a large building with 80 residents in the Sterling Whitener ’45 M.Div., ’52 contemporary systematic theology. She
retirement complex Warm Hearth Village in S.T.M. writes that in “September, Barbara’s
is the author of Naming Grace: Preach-
Blacksburg, VA . niece and husband took us on a wonderful 3 week
ing and the Sacramental Imagination.
trip to Portugal and Spain featuring pousadas
Class of 1939 and paradores. Flying business class was quite a
Caxton Doggett ’39 B.D. lives alone in contrast to our many China economy-traveling
his house perched high above Lake Junaluska, modes.” Sterling’s fifteenth trek in 30 years to the
Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging saddens The Kent Shafer Lectures will be given
NC , with a beautiful mountain range beyond.
Following his graduation from YDS , Hal Luc- him that pure research now dominates. “We by Sean Freyne, professor emeritus of
cock found a church for him in Florida where elderly feel more like guinea pigs than partici- theology in the School of Religions and
he later served as pastor of Methodist churches pants,” he writes. Theology at Trinity College, Dublin.
in Miami, Tampa, Winter Park, and Lakeland Freyne’s academic interests include a
(First Church). In 1939 Doggett preached the Class of 1947
study of Galilee in the Hellenistic and
graduation sermon in Marquand Chapel entitled After Norma and Arthur Eikamp ’47 B.D.
Roman periods, the historical Jesus, the
“Perplexed But Not In Despair.” He remains returned from 35 years in Japan doing missionary
“perplexed but not in despair” as he looks at the gospels, and aspects of early Jewish and
work, they built their own house in the Oregon
world today. woods. He has selectively cut cedar logs into early Christian history and develop-
lumber and pine logs for firewood. Arthur has ment. He has published several books,
Class of 19 41 served as interim pastor in two churches. He has most recently Jesus a Jewish Galilean:
Immediately after graduation, George Ball published a few books. One of them, Sensei, is an A New Reading of the Jesus Story.
’41 B.D. was pastor for two little Methodist autobiography. Arthur is 91 and Norma is 82.
Churches in Vermont, though before the year Jack Melhorn ’47 M.Div. and his wife
was out, he was a chaplain in the army. After the Mary celebrated their 61st wedding anniver-
war, he returned to Yale on the GI Bill to earn an sary in June. They have lived in Emporia, KS , trust for First Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth,
S.T.M. and Ph.D. degrees, and married a student for 37 years. He served 44 years in higher edu- NJ . Vital signs so far so good. He is all for a single
he met at YDS . Ball taught religion at Whitman cation as a sociology professor and in admin- payment plan for national health and other radi-
College for 42 years. At 94 he is now retired. istration. Twenty-five of those years were at cal regulatory controls. Selah.
church-related colleges and included 12 years Connie Thurber ’47 M.Div. is happy to
Class of 1945 in part-time pastorates. He retired in 1991. He report a recent memorable family reunion, a
George R. Bailey ’45 M.Div. is in the and Mary enjoy church activities, visiting their nine-day Caribbean Princess cruise with two of
Woodlawn Commons Independent Retirement family, and travel. three sons, their spouses and three grandchildren.
Unit. George is in good health for 91, except for Ernest W. Seckinger ’47 Div. writes, This was an absolutely ideal way to be together
poor eyesight. He walks a couple of miles a day “My Darling Jessie of 58 years died February 23, with activities for all ages and attentively served
for exercise, cares for a memorial garden and 2007.” “It is a di≠erent world; but God and a host delicious meals together. She is grateful to wor-
has a vegetable garden. He is active at church of supporters are making still a good world!” ship regularly at Nassau Presbyterian Church,
and takes the sacrament of communion to the Since August 2008, he has been a resident of Princeton, NJ , which has well-planned worship,
homebound. George also does volunteer tasks Stonehenge Assisted Living, 2679 Stonehenge eight choirs, excellent music and frequent Taize
in his community and participates in the Rotary Dr., Blairsville, GA 30512. His computer con- style congregational singing plus outstanding
Club and keeps busy. tains a 150-page account of reflections and sto- preaching.
At the age of 89, John Merner ’45 B.D. is ries on about 70 years as a Methodist minister. In January, Alice and Edward Weber ’47
enjoying reading, walking, attending a fitness He would love to hear from roommates Chuck B.D. enjoyed time-shares in Myrtle Beach and
class, dancing, traveling and volunteering. Two Estes and Parker Rossman, as well as Bacon Charleston. In May they celebrated Edward’s
years ago he lost his dear companion of 63 years, House friends. 70th high school reunion by being escorted
known to members of the class of ’45 as Betty At 86, Elmer Talcott ’47 M.Div. gar- through the school by the principal. Edward
Tucker. So, he has had to make a new life for dens, plays the piano and water colors. He also reads large print non-fiction and western books,
himself. He recently moved from Roseburg, OR , occasionally preaches, baptizes and marries. He teaches a Bible study class, and conducts a service
where he has lived for 34 years, to Seattle, WA , remains active with the global peace committee at a senior center. Three of their grandchildren
to be near family. of his Presbytery and serves on the board of a are in college, but one grandson visits often.

24 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Class of 1948 kids with reading, exercise regularly, enjoy good third anniversary on June 21. Bill has had a vari-
health and want health care for everyone. ety of medical concerns recently, most notably a
Ed Towle ’48 B.D. and Marian, his wife for hip replacement. Volume 3 of his History of New
Robert Seymour Jr. ’48 B.D.
62 years, continue their condominium-style Testament Research brings the long story of the
residency and active participation in the Wesley development of historical critical work into the
Doug Dorchester ’48 B.D. met with Homes Des Moines retirement community south last half of the 20th century.
newly discovered family members over Easter of Seattle. Ed still sings in the choir and Marian Paul Barnes ’50 S.T.M. noted that while it
2009 after his wife Janice’s fourth genealogy led holds an o∞ce in United Methodist Women is many years since graduation, he is still going
them to family in Canada. Since his stroke, Doug at the local United Methodist church. In May to school and carries a Lasell College Student ID
is no longer able to preach or teach, but, to keep 2008 both traveled to Washington, DC , where card. He lives in Lasell Village, a retirement com-
his brain alive, he continues to write an article a Ed presided at the wedding of the oldest of their munity on the school’s campus in Newton, MA .
month for the church paper. He and his wife are four grandsons. He no longer does any preaching but serves as a
both 85, sharing a joint birthday celebration on deacon in his UCC church and sings in the choir.
Robert E. Willoughby ’48 M.Div. is
July 19, 2009, a date between their birthdays. He taught a course there on religious denomina-
still living in Lakeland, FL , and has just had his
J.T. Horricks ’48 S.T.M. is in his 90th year fifth book published: The Future of Christianity tions called, “So Many Churches—What’s the
of life, living alone, and continuing to review in a Post Christian Era. He remains an associate Di≠erence?”
the life and teaching of Jesus. He writes, “I will member of Westar (the Jesus Seminar), and Bob Bates ’50 M.Div. is in Cleveland, OH .
never forget when Professor Burrows returned remains active in his Unitarian Fellowship where His wife Jane needing a live-in helper provided
from Jerusalem in 1946 with the discovery story he was recently honored with the Cleo Thomas by a special care company complicates his life.
of the Dead Sea Scrolls!” Horricks has five times Award for humanitarian service. He also remains Bob is thus able to serve as parish associate of
escorted church groups to Palestine and vis- a part of a progressive study seminar dealing the Old Stone Church (Presbyterian), where his
ited the mountain of the Transfiguration, the with social, political and theological issues. main work is teaching adult church school class
Qumran Caves, and the Essene Village at the and welcoming the visitors at morning wor-
Dead Sea. ship and co≠ee hour. In November of 2008 he
Class of 1949
Paul Pruitt ’48 B.D. stays active in Fauntle- had quadruple bypass surgery and is doing fine
roy Church UCC , WA , teaching in an adult at 90.
William Randolph Sengel ’4 9 B.D., ’50 S.T.M.
Sunday church school class and singing in the Jerry Jud ’50 Div. , after receiving his Ph.D.,
choir. Paul is also an active member of the Fel- served as a pastor for 15 years in the West Haven
lowship of Reconciliation, a peace group. With David Rowand ’49 M.Div. , and his wife United Church. Sadly his first wife Esther Stu-
his wife Mary Margaret they have logged 15 years Eleanor send their best and God’s richest bless- ermer drowned in 1961. Jerry founded Shalom
proposing a Single Payer Health Plan for the ings to all of their YDS classmates now and Mountain Retreat and Study Center. Later he
state of Washington. through the coming years. started Timshel, a retreat and study center
Jean Scheufler Johnson ’48 M.Div. William Sengel ’49 B.D., ’50 S.T.M devoted to the experience and study of mysti-
continues to live in a St. Petersburg, FL, after the writes, “What a joy in retirement to have this cism. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday
death of her husband Jay in 2007. She has trav- fresh reminder that our Old Presbyterian Meet- and now lives in Montrose, PA, with his second
eled to see relatives in Beijing, China, two sons ing House parish in Alexandria, VA, gave Yale wife Georgeanne.
and families in Los Angeles and Napa, CA , and Divinity lifetime funds for the William and Donald Bishop ’50 M.Div. retired in
was met by her fourth son when she was flown Marian Sengel Scholarships for students from 1991 after 31 years teaching the course in reli-
back from an Elderhostel trip to Scandinavia around the world. As recipient Irene Berita gion o≠ered by the Washington State University
with a broken ankle 2008. She is actively serving Murimi said in Kiswahili, ‘Asante Sanda,’ so philosophy department. He and his wife have
in both church and community. we say to YDS for the nurture of our sixty years done quite a bit of traveling in a motor home
of ministry!” and now go to Arizona in the winter months. His
James Noland ’48 B.D. continues to live
with his wife Mary in their Houston home, chief hobbies are gardening, bike riding, plant-
ing trees and writing letters to newspapers. He
where they have resided the past 42 years. Mary Class of 1950
is recovering from a broken back she su≠ered also writes articles for journals, the most recent
Secretary being “Wars Begin in the Minds of Men.”
four months ago. James is well and remains busy Doris “Dodie” A. Younger ’50 M.Div.
developing internet service programs for the Per- Carol Rose Ikeler ’50 B.D. remains in
sonalysis Corporation, a worldwide testing and Louisville, KY , in a Presbyterian senior center.
consulting firm he established in 1975. Bill Baird’s ’50 B.D. and his wife Shirley, However, she travels every summer to Ghost
living in Fort Worth, TX , celebrated their sixty- Ranch, NM, for several weeks to take part in
Charles E. Steele ’48 B.D. moved after
16 great years from St. Simons Island, GA , to
Macou, GA, to be near his daughter, Sandra. His
wife Evelyn has Parkinson’s disease but it has Save the date fo r Co nvo c atio n and
Re unio ns W eek 2010 , Oc to ber 11–14
not progressed in five years. All are active United
Methodists and involved in community services
where they live.
The following classes will be celebrating reunions:
Dick Stein ’48 B.D. retired as founding
pastor of the Sanibel, FL , Congregational UCC Cla s s of 1 9 6 0 (5 0 t h) Classes of 1964, 1965 & 1966
parish in 1990. He moved with wife Frances to
Cla s s of 1 9 8 5 (25 t h) Classes of 1979, 1980 & 1981
Rock Hill, SC , to be near their granddaughters.
They observed their fortieth wedding anniver- Classes of 1999, 2000 & 2001
sary and Dick’s 85th birthday April 2009. They
If you are interested in helping to plan your reunion, please email Carmen Germino ’07 M.DIV. ,
are active in the local First Presbyterian Church,
Director of Alumni Relations, at divinity.alumni@yale.edu.
where Frances is on the session. Both are choir
members, volunteer in public schools helping

s p e c t r u m 25
their rich program. There she usually invites entitled The Early Jesus Movement and Its Parties. edu. Their two adopted grandchildren, Charlie
alumni news
grandchildren to join her. In the winters she In it they describe the mission of the Twelve, the and Ryan, ages 5 and 7, are thriving with their
remains very active in her Presbyterian church Brethren, the Hellenists, and the Apostles and parents in Fort Myers, FL .
between trips to New Haven where she contin- how they cooperated with and competed against
ues to serve on the YDS Alumni Board. each other in theology, worship and mission tar- Class of 1952
Dick Smith ’50 M.Div. and Harriet gets. YBK published the book.
Van Riper ’49 M.Div. recently celebrated Van Harvey ’51 B.D. and his wife of 59 years Richard C. Stazesky ’52 B.D., ’53 S.T.M.
their 60th anniversary. His current involvements live in Palo Alto, CA . In 1996, he o∞cially retired rstazesky@comcast.net
include being president of Front Desk Florence from Stanford University, where he was a pro-
Bob Brashares ’52 B.D. attended his
in Oregon, a subscription concierge service fessor of religious studies. Harvey continued to
grandson, Nathan’s, wedding in Sebastopol,
designed to keep seniors in their homes as long teach until 2008 but now only teaches an occa-
CA, at the family estate of Nathan’s best man,
as feasible. He was selected as poster child for sional course in the Continuing Studies Program.
Ryder Strong, who is the star of television’s “Boy
the annual Lane (County) Coalition of Senior Harvey was close friends with Gregor Thompson
Meets World.” In July 2009, Bob’s wife Lucinda
Services program that, in 2009, honored older until she died. He continues to remain in touch
fell near their swimming pool. She su≠ered a
Americans who capture the “Oregon Spirit.” with classmates Gordon Kaufman, Richard Nie-
badly sprained wrist and hairline fractures of the
George Tolman ’50 B.D. is still active buhr, and Jim Gustafson.
pelvis. Happily, Lucinda recovered and is now
in the First Christian Church in Tucson, AZ , More than 200 new and old friends gathered
almost 100 percent.
singing in the choir. Last year he published his when Kenneth Jones ’51 M.Div. cele-
Kenneth Crandall ’52 B. D. and his wife
book, Tales, Trails, Trials and Triumphs, mem- brated his 90th birthday. Ken and his wife Rocky
Esther celebrated their 60th wedding anni-
oirs of a western, 20th-century preacher. He is were named two of 20 Maryland Senior Volun-
versary with a three-day get-together with all
still involved with Habitat for Humanity in his teers for 2009. The awardees were recognized
their children and grandchildren at the Canyon
area. He and his wife Janet still do some hiking for their service throughout the state to serve
Lodge of McCormick’s Creek State Park in Indi-
and fly fishing, often in Montana. He is in quite
ana, where Kenneth and Esther had spent their
good health.
Ted Weber ’50 B.D. has been professor emer- Don’t Get Lost!
Dewitt T. Farabee, Jr. ’52 B.D., ’64
itus of social ethics from Emory University since Update your contact info with S.T.M. and his wife Ann celebrated their 54th
1977. In 1999 he served as visiting professor at Yale’s online Alumni Directory: wedding anniversary on July 2. The two attended
Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2001 Ted
www.alumniconnections.com/yale “The January Adventure” on St. Simon Island,
published his latest book, Politics in the Order of
SC , as well as Stetson University Pastor School.
Salvation: Transforming Wesleyan Political Ethics. Or write us at:
Dewitt enjoys singing with 28 men at Stetson
In 2008 he was honored with the Heilbrun Dis- divinity.alumni@yale.edu or
University Elderhostel and in front of other
tinguished Emeritus Professor Fellowship. His Alumni Relations
groups. He plays tennis and shares in a book
next book War, Peace and Reconciliation, has been Yale Divinity School discussion group. Ann is his social secretary.
delayed because of surgery. 409 Prospect Street
The York Center Church of the Brethren in Lom-
Macy Whitehead ’50 B.D. remains in New Haven, CT 06511
bard, IL , where Ruth and Warren F. Groff
Bath, ME , where he has spent a great deal of
’52 B.D. are members, recently adopted this
time caring for his wife Edie, who su≠ers from a
commitment: to reduce their carbon dioxide
variety of age-related conditions. Recently he has
community-based organizations such as Habi- footprint by 80 percent by 2050; to develop a
wisely found some part-time care giving help.
tat For Humanity, the National Association of broad plan as to how this goal is to be achieved;
That has freed him to take part in activities that
Active and Retired Federal Employees, and the and, to formulate a set of calculations on insulat-
he has always enjoyed, including Scotch country
Montgomery County Amateur Radio Club. ing the sanctuary roof, installing new windows,
dancing. Macy has also resumed an active role in
After teaching in religious studies at Drew and adding interior insulation to the walls.
his Quaker congregation.
University, Howard Clark Kee ’51 Div. Henry V. Harman ’52 B.D. attended his
Dodie Younger ’50 M.Div. continues to
launched the religious studies program at Bryn granddaughters’ graduations this year. Hank
live in a retirement community in Maplewood,
Mawr College, taught at the University of Penn- and his wife celebrated their 60th wedding anni-
NJ , where she is centrally located among her four
sylvania, and became chairman of the graduate versary in Richmond, VA . Hank marked his 84th
children and 10 grandchildren. She is active on
division of religious studies at Boston Univer- birthday on the Appalachian Trail in the Berk-
local committees there as well as participating
sity. Kee took part in excavations in Israel and shires with two sons and one grandson. Rain,
in the life of the Glen Ridge Congregational
Jordan, and was visiting professor at Durham, mosquitoes and age prompted an early exit.
Church. This summer, her family gathered to
NC , Brown University, Mississippi State Uni- Since Margaret died two years ago, Al Inglis
celebrate their 50 years as part of the summer
versity, and Australia. He has two sons and a ’52 B.D. has been living alone in the house that
community in Sorrento, ME , as well as Dodie’s
daughter. He is now retired at Quadrangle, the couple had planned together and had their
85th birthday.
founded in Haverford, PA , by Quakers. son build next to Al’s runway. Al has given his
Warren Tropf ’51 B.D. has been a local ultralight airplane to the flying club WingNuts,
Class of 1951 church pastor for the United Methodist Church and is learning to fly a powered paraglider at age
In 2006 Dale Bichsel ’51 B.D. and his wife Jo since graduation from YDS . He spent 24 years 86. Being concerned about ecology for a lifetime,
moved to a fine retirement community in Dela- in Ohio. Warren and his wife live in a retirement Al only drives his electric GEM car in town and
ware, OH . They are near the campus of his alma community where he coordinated an afternoon uses his Prius for longer trips.
mater, Ohio Wesleyan University. They are also Sunday service for residents in assisted living. Robert J. Kasper ’52 B.D. retired in 1988
close to their three children. The couple enjoys The lives of Maya and Lowell Zuck ’51 from full-time service, followed by two interims,
traveling, attending lectures and concerts at the B.D. continue much as usual in retirement at part-time pastorates. In 2002, he and Shirley
university, and visiting friends and family. Dale 208 Oakwood Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119. Lowell moved to an independent living duplex at the
has beautiful memories of his years at YDS . sent Maya o≠ for a short reunion with Stuttgart Presbyterian Manor Retirement facility in Law-
Harry Eberts ’51 B.D. , with his brother, relatives in May. She enjoyed that greatly. Both rence, KS . Shirley’s health deteriorated in 2008
Paul Eberts ’56 B.D. , published a book Maya and Lowell may be reached at lzuck@eden. and they had to move to an assisted living floor

26 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
at the Manor, where they still reside. They cel- Mark Follansbee ’53 B.D. writes, “The
ebrated 60 years of marriage on July 10. flesh weakens, the spirit soars—and glad I am to
Phil Krug ’52 B.D. went up the Danube by be. Marylou and I have a deepening relationship
boat and visited Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, as we share an apartment in an old folks home.
Prague in August 2009. Tops were: Freud’s My energy flows within shared leadership of
o∞ce, a Mozart orchestra, horse racing, lounge Vermont Interfaith Action. Interfaith organizing
dancing, and sightseeing. They enjoy Times is the way to go for Justice, building relational
Square theatre as well as regional theater at Pen- power in the community. YDS needs a course in
guin in Stony Point, NY . Lee is a therapist, and Islamic Studies; Buddhism also.”
Phil is an Episcopal priest. Trevor A. Hausske ’53 B.D. continues
Chester E. Miller ’52 B.D. and his wife Pat in the eighth year of his second retirement. He
completed five years of retirement in May. They and Marjean live in their Minneapolis home.
are in reasonably good health, given the fact that He shovels snow, mows the lawn, vacuums and
they are both cancer survivors (Pat, breast; Chet, rides the Raleigh, purchased used from Syd’s
prostate). They are basking in the afterglow of Cycle in 1949 for riding to YDS . The two enjoy
President Obama’s election. Chester has some their twelve grandchildren of whom one studies
Bernice Cosey-Pulley ’53 B.D. presenting a book to
satisfaction that working in McComb, MS, in Rebecca Lenn ’10 M.A.R. of the YDS Women’s Center
Arabic in Syria and another will be married in
September 1964 in voter registration had some September.
small impact on that happy result! ber 2009 I published the 56th Annual YDS ’52 Violette Lindbeck ’53 B.D. writes, “How
Ted Nace ’52 B.D. attends men’s breakfast Class Letter.” the years roll by. After becoming an emeritus
each week at a local church and appreciates the from Southern Connecticut State, I continued
home care that Lovina receives from a hospice Class of 1953 teaching at the College of Religious Studies,
service. One of their daughters, Martha John- Beverly Allen Asbury ’53 B.D. writes, Mahidol U., in Thailand: mostly Buddhist
son, who graduated in 1979 from Yale’s School “My 80th year has been marked by throat cancer, students, half monks.” Retired again, Violette
of Management, was nominated by President healing treatments, and recovery. Scans now find continues organic farming in Vermont, com-
Obama in April and unanimously recommended no evidence of cancer remaining.” The illness plete with horses and a donkey. George remains
in June by the Senate Committee on Homeland put her back in touch with several people she active, writing and lecturing as one of the last
Security and Government A≠airs to be on the has known in her various ministries. That was a survivors of Vatican II . Her daughter, Kris, in
broad cabinet as administrator of the General blessing. In August, 22 family members, includ- the family business, teaches Judaica in Florida.
Service Administration. ing 10 grandchildren, gathered at a Mexican Since “retiring” in 1993 from 41 years of pasto-
Win Nelson ’52 B.D. writes, “35 years ago hacienda for their first reunion since 1998. ral ministry, Robert Lovell ’53 B.D. and
today I received a cadaver kidney transplant Donald K. Campbell ’53 B.D. lives in a his wife have lived in Cincinnati, where he has
at Hartford Hospital. By the grace of God, the two-bedroom cottage in a Presbyterian retire- served as parish visitor in a large United Method-
love of a wonderful wife Lynn, and great sup- ment community he helped organize 48 years ist church. He and Marilyn have been married
port from family and friends, I am fully alive and ago. He is in the midst of writing his mem- 11 years now, are busy with children and grand-
grateful. Our three years in this pleasant retire- oirs, Surrounded . . . Run. The first volume was children, in good health, and enjoying traveling
ment community (RiverMead of Peterborough, published a year ago. The second, taking him and reading. They write, “Our best wishes to all
NH ) continue to be full. I supply preach in local through Divinity School and his Fulbright year YDS classmates.”
churches just about every other week. Lynn in Scotland, is with an editor. Don is working Sam Magill ’53 B.D. writes, “The past year
enjoys gardening and watercolor painting.” on a third volume that will cover 19 years in his has been an eventful one for me, passing into
In June 2008 Roger S. Nicholson ’52 two pastorates. the ninth decade of my life in July 2008.” Sam
B.D. attended the Jesus Seminar at Santa Rosa, Gene Canestrari ’53 M.Div. is still serv- served as vice chair of the local Democratic pre-
CA . It was good to connect with classmate Fran ing as supply pastor for two small churches in cinct in the fall and is serving on the local YMCA
Geddes. In the summer of 2008, Roger served the Presbytery of the Mid South. He has been board. May saw Sam and Eunice in Japan for
as acting conference minister for the Penn West doing this for the past 15 years. Gene enjoys his the first time. He and Eunice are very happy
Conference of the United Church of Christ. In daily activities. together and Sam is thankful for her love and
the summer of 2009, he did sabbatical cover- companionship.
Joel Edmonds ’53 Div. has transformed
age for a pastor while she was on leave. Serv- Bob Raines ’53 B.D. still enjoys good
from a blond kid with a slight limp into a graying
ing as YDS Class Agent has been enjoyable and health at 83, as does his wife Cindy. He is on
old man in a power wheelchair. After two years as
meaningful. the A∞rmation and Justice Committees of his
minister of education, Edmonds served in a pas-
Richard Stazesky ’52 B.D. writes, “In torate for five years. Edmonds moved to public church, and helped to create the Shoreline Insti-
June 2009 I was named president emeritus of education, receiving a master’s from Fresno tute for Lifelong Learning in Guilford-Madison,
The George Washington Society of Delaware State, and ended up as a combination counselor CT . Six kids and ten grandchildren keep the two
after serving ten years as its president. As far as and math teacher. He retired in 1987, when it was engaged and mostly delighted. They savor their
is known, it is the only such organization in the obvious that his wife Pat would be in growing days as they grieve the loss of friends.
country. In October 2009 I enjoyed a one-week need of care. Pat died in October 2008 and Joel’s Wayne Sandau ’53 B.D., ’87 S.T.M. writes
visit in Prague with a fellow minister. In Novem- power chair came in August of 2009. that, 55 years after graduation from YDS and 10
years after retirement, he feels like he did at YDS .
Other times he knows he has become old—and it
E x e r c i s e Y o u r W ill P o w e r is OK . Life continues on its quiet ways.

To help safeguard the Divinity School’s tradition of excellence, please consider Class of 1954
making a bequest in your will to help fund a scholarship or an endowed chair. Donald L. Berry ’54 S.T.M retired in 1994
as the Harry Emerson Fosdick Professor of Phi-
To find out how, call 203.432.5358 or write constance.royster@yale.edu. losophy and Religion at Colgate University. He
continues occasionally to supply parishes in the

s p e c t r u m 27
Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. Two of Gettysburg College. In 2006, he and his wife my ’49 Packard, and doing my share of praying
alumni news
his books were recently published: Through a moved into their solar home at Hundredfold for this turmoiled, mixed-up world. I look back
Glass Darkly: The Ambiguity of the Christian Tra- Farm in Gettysburg, PA . They generate more with great fondness on my years at YDS , and
dition, and Holy Words and Holy Orders. than twice their domestic electricity and recycle even wax nostalgic as I recall pedaling that old
Richard Boeke ’54 B.D. had his book, God all of their wastewater with aquatic plants, with- gearless bike up Prospect St. after a night at the
Is No Thing, published this past year. The book Institute of Human Relations. O what fun?”
closes with the sermon he gave in his birthplace, Now semi-retired, Kenneth Welliver ’54
which is now a museum in Villanueva, Spain. He B.D. was recently recognized for his 45th year
and his wife live in England with regular visits of teaching and administration at West Virginia
to their daughters and grandchildren in Virginia. Wesleyan College. He has time for involvement
“Life willing,” he writes, “we will be participat- in Habitat for Humanity and other church and
ing in the Parliament of World Religions in Mel- community outreach activity. He and Mary Lee
bourne in December.” have also been fortunate to log many gratifying
Norma and Dick Bucey ’54 B.D. are travel experiences.
well but have slowed down. Dick is still biking
and enjoys concert music at the nearby Blossom Class of 1955
Center and drama at the Cleve Playhouse, in Robert Alter ’55 B.D. and Ellen Alter
Ohio. The two try to spend quality time with ’56. Div. have been living in retirement in
their children and family. Dick was named the Wooster, OH , since 1993. They had served 47
Richard Boeke ’54 B.D.
“adjunct pastor” of their local church. Dick is on years as Presbyterian missionaries in India. Rob-
the Akron YMCA Foundation Board and active ert’s assignments included community develop-
out chemicals. They have more to tell at their
in summer camp mission and programming. ment activities and school administration. He is
website, www.hundredfoldfarm.org.
Edward C. Elliott ’54 M.Div. spent 40 an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church
years in the pastorate, social work administration Since retirement from teaching in 1993, the pil- (USA ), as well as an ordained presbyter of the
and therapy. During the past 15 years, he and his grimage of W. Paul Jones ’54 B.D. has led Church of North India. Each year, they return
wife have enjoyed focusing on their two sons, him to becoming ordained as a Roman Catholic to a home in India, usually from September
their families, and continuing education and priest, making vows as a Family Brother of the through November.
voluntarism. Elliott and his wife of 56 years, Trappist Order, and creating the Hermitage
In 1997, Elizabeth Anderson ’55 M.R.E.
Gay, have found fulfillment in Travel Elder- Spiritual Retreat Center on Lake Pomme de
and Stanley Moore ’55 B.D. retired from
hostel, as well as their membership with the Terre in southern Missouri. He lives the monas-
Liz’s UCC interim ministering and Stanley’s
Congregation of Duke University Chapel. They tic life, writes, and does spiritual direction. He
teaching of philosophy in Wisconsin at UW -
are fortunate that these experiences continue to feels centered and very blessed.
Platteville to a Christian retirement community
enrich their lives. Joseph Peacock ’54 B.D. served ecu- called Pilgrim Place in Claremont, CA . The com-
Donald Farley ’54 B.D. and Martha have menical campus ministries at Berea College, in munity is alive with passion (peace, justice, envi-
just sold their house in Evanston and will soon northwestern Illinois and Franklin and Marshall ronment), full of love and friendship, and has
move into an apartment in a new Continu- College. He and his wife Joyce retired to Urbana exciting people around with lots of intellectual/
ing Care Retirement Community, happily also where they both enjoyed the fine university. theological challenges. Liz is much involved in
in Evanston. They’re both in reasonably good He is a volunteer sidewalk superintendent for a women’s issues, runs a food pantry, writes hymn
health, at 81 and 87 respectively, and plan to con- seminar on building construction in the School lyrics, does pottery and knits up a storm. Stan
tinue their engagement in family, church, and of Architecture, and he coordinates cross-cul- does woodworking, leads Bible studies, and
community activities. Their YDS days continue tural programming for visiting Chinese profes- jams a lot on his guitar with other lovers of folk,
to be an important memory. sors with the Center for Asian Studies. Joyce gospel, and country music. Their son, Tom, is
died in October 2008 shortly after their 50th professor of physics at Pomona College, while
Ted Gault ’54 M.Div. and Carol welcomed
anniversary. their daughter-in-law is pastor of their local
a seventh great grandchild in August. He helped
celebrate the 50th anniversary of St. Hilary’s Wayne G. Rollins ’54 B.D. resides in Hart- UCC church. “We are blessed,” they say.
Episcopal Church in Fort Myers, FL , in Janu- ford, an hour’s drive from YDS , with wife Don- Jim Boice ’55 B.D. married Sally Phillips on
ary, sang with the Southwest Florida Symphony, nalou. Three sons and their families live nearby. January 1, 2009. She is a Ph.D. from Penn State
journeyed to Phoenix for Carol’s 52nd nursing The couple see classmates Jean (McClure) Blan- in art education and is a practicing artist. They
class reunion and celebrated his 85th birthday ning and Van Parker regularly. Wayne teaches live at Luther Ridge in Chambersburg, PA . Jim
with 110 family and friends. In September, they part-time at the Hartford Seminary and lectures is teaching a group of progressive Christians at
traveled to Long Island to participate in the 50th and publishes in the field of psychology and Memorial Lutheran Church in Shippensburg,
anniversary of a Methodist Church built in Bay- biblical studies, most recently co-editing with PA , using the “Living the Questions” curricu-
ville, NY , while Ted was pastor there. D . Andrew Kille, Psychological Insight Into the lum. Jim’s daughter has three children and is
Bible: Texts and Readings. a special education teacher for visually handi-
Eugene Kidder ’54 M.Div. celebrated his
80th birthday. He savors ministry in the aging William Shirley ’54 B.D. is enjoying capped children in the Richmond, VA , area.
process. He and wife Barbara continue at a steady retirement in a retirement community 30 miles Richard A. DeMott ’55 M.Div. lost his
pace their pastoral counseling and psychother- north of Pittsburgh, in a town with the unlikely wife Jane after 38 years of good marriage when
apy practice with group therapy and couples name of Zelienople. He has found an outstand- she died on March 16th of Alzheimer’s. He writes,
work. They enjoy piano (Barbara) and trumpet ing congregation that he and his wife make “Her gradual decline was a di∞cult journey. Yet,
(Eugene), Bonsai and garden interests, partici- their church home. Occasionally William fills in it a≠orded opportunity to be more disciplined to
pation at University Christian Church, their four for vacationing pastors or at congregations ‘dig into’ the practice of prayer and contempla-
children and their families who all reside in the between pastors. tion and to reach out and minister to others.”
Seattle area. John Walker ’54 B.D. retired recently as Richard assists as a priest at the Lutheran-Epis-
Lou Hammann ’54 B.D. became an emeri- visitation pastor at St. Paul’s United Method- copal church in Newland, NC .
tus professor of religion in 1997. Then, until May ist Church in Kensington, MD . He writes, “So After serving two denominations—Methodist
2008, he worked as an adjunct in philosophy at I’m sitting on the deck reading, working on and Episcopal—at the University of Illinois,

28 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Champaign-Urbana and Oklahoma State Uni- Dick Wilke ’55 B.D. had his book, The Tie book in the Pillars of Modern Theology series,
versity, Stillwater, E. John Dorr ’55 B.D. That Binds, recently published by Abingdon H. Richard Niebuhr. It was written out of much
held pastorates at Grace Church in Chadron, NE , Press. He continues to work for prison min- debt to Niebuhr for classes while Don was at Yale
and at St. James Church in Newcastle, IN . Fol- istries through Disciple Bible Studies and for from 1955 to 1956. Next year, Seabury Press is
lowing a chaplaincy internship, John served as a prison reform. set to publish Don’s On Second Thought: Essays
hospital chaplain until retiring to Florida. There, from My Life.
he has the opportunity to care for his mother Class of 1957 Truman Stehr’s ’57 B.D. current challeng-
and to assist in a local church and retirement ing project is to read a book written in German.
John A. Carr ’57 B.D. is involved in the
community. Dietrich Bonhoe≠er, in the second chapter of Life
Connecticut Disability Advocacy Collaborative;
Richard B. Ford ’55 M.Div. and Patty have is chair of the church council at their reconciling Together mentions a book by Oetinger that cat-
been living in Healdsburg, 75 miles north of San congregation, First and Summerfield UMC in egorizes all 150 psalms under one of the petitions
Francisco, for the past 13 years. Involvement in New Haven; and, is active in MIND , Method- of the Lord’s Prayer. Oetinger’s book Dis Psalmen
the life of the church consists of membership on ists in New Directions, which advocates for full Davids nach den sieben Bitten des Gebets des Herrn
the board of the Bishop’s Ranch, the Episcopal inclusion of LBGT people in their conference. in sieben Classen gebracht, is now available and
Conference Center nearby, and other volunteer John mourns the death of his S.T.M. advisor Truman has ordered it.
duties. Richard’s gratitude for YDS increases as Jim Dittes.
the years go by. Meredith (Jerry) Handspicker ’57 Class of 1958
Guy Hammond ’55 M.Div. and his wife B.D. is retired and living in Bennington, VT . Secretary
Jean moved to Charlottesville, VA , after his He does supply preaching and short interims Paul E. Schrading ’58 B.D.
retirement from the department of religious and serves on the Vermont Conference (UCC ) pcschra@verizon.com
studies at Virginia Tech. In Charlottesville, they Ministerial Standing Committee. Handspicker
Don Norenberg ’58 B.D. continues to
have found a fine community of retired clergy also serves as chair of the faith and order com-
enjoy life with his wife Joanne in the Kendall at
and religion professors. Guy continues to culti- mittee of the Vermont Ecumenical Council. The
Oberlin retirement community and in Oberlin’s
vate his interest in the thought of Paul Tillich by committee has just finished drafting a response
First Church UCC , whose pastor is David Hill
attendance at conferences and occasional publi- to the World Council of Churches’ document,
’92 M.Div. Oberlin College o≠ers many cultural
cations. They also spend some summer time in “The Nature and Mission of the Church.”
benefits to city residents. They are delighted that
Highlands, NC , where he plays a lot of tennis. Richard Hiers ’57 B.D. and his wife Jane their son has become city manager of Oberlin,
Alan F. Mather ’55 B.D. still enjoys retire- celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary this moving with his family from Arizona. A daugh-
ment in New Hampshire, taking occasional year. Jane actively takes part in church and civic ter and family continue to live in Willoughby,
breaks from winter by escaping to Florida for a a≠airs. Richard’s new book, Justice and Compas- about an hour away.
month or two. He preaches from time to time sion in Biblical Law is to be published this fall by
Robert Dealy ’58 B.D. writes, “My life is a
and sometimes performs weddings but most Continuum/T&T Clark. In the tome, Richard
composite of some challenging di∞culties, and
of Alan’s ministerial activity is minimal. If he gets to draw on his interests and experience in
good fortune.” He has di∞culty remembering
has any ministry at all, he would describe it as biblical studies, Christian social ethics, and law.
and problems concentrating, so it is di∞cult to
a ministry to the unchurched. From the looks of He continues to chair the advisory committee for
attempt any challenging reading. About four
things, that’s a growing population. the Journal of Law and Religion.
years ago, Robert contracted a mild case of
Richard S. Parker ’55 M.Div. remains Ron Kurtz ’57 B.D. resides in The High- myelodysplasia. On the brighter side, he has met
active in their New York Methodist Conference, lands, a retirement community in Topsham, several attractive women that have provided him
mostly for justice issues and full acceptance of ME , with his wife Elaine. In June, they cele- with good company so that his bachelor existence
LGBT persons. Sailing on the vessel Charisma brated their 55th anniversary. Both enjoy travel, is not quite so lonely.
provides much joy, and this year included a two- reading, volunteering and active sharing in the
Bruce Ergood ’58 B.D. is trying to follow
week cruise to Martha’s Vineyard. In June, Rich- life of First Parish Church in nearby Brunswick.
the admonition: “inasmuch as you have done it
ard helped host classmate Dick Wilke and Julie at Ron finds life in the Obama years seasoned with
unto the least . . . . ” (Mt. 25) Francis of Assisi’s
their annual aonference, where he spoke to their hope and continuing prayer.
advice fits his style as well: “Always preach the
reconciling group, and preached at ordination. Walter Mott ’57 M.Div. writes, “Here I Gospel; use words if necessary.” He and Jane
James Phillips ’55 B.D. is fortunate to be am, the beneficiary of two marvelous medical are now providing well bred laying hens to
living just a few blocks from YDS , at Whitney ‘procedures,’ moving along happily in my retire- many of the rural Honduran health workers they
Center, a retirement community. The Lord has ment from many years of community college have trained.
given him good health, and he is able to drive teaching: my long standing partner, Deborah
his car, even making day trips to nearby destina- Massa became my wife in January ’09.” Walter
tions. His wife Ruth passed away in 1999, but has become a vegetable gardener and contin-
their two daughters are doing well, and are not ues his love of the game of golf. Walter’s single T i me t o D i v ers i f y ?
far away. He tries to keep up with things in his most important commitment to social activism
local church, his presbytery, and the Presbyterian remains his regular work in small claims court Give the gift that keeps on giving
Church (USA ) in general. as a mediator.
dividends. A charitable gift an-
John C. Wagner ’55 B.D. and his wife Wilys Claire Nelson, wife of James B.
Miriam have been living in Westerville, OH , Nelson ’57 B.D. died on July 21, 2009. She nuity at YDS is a way to diversify
since John’s retirement in 1996 from United was an ordained UCC minister with a career in your investment portfolio while
Theological Seminary (UTS ). The two are hospital and hospice chaplaincy. Formerly of
Minneapolis, the Nelsons had lived in Tucson, assuring a reliable income.
involved in theological dialogue and public
policy discussion groups, and are engaged AZ , for the past ten years.
in prayer and witness through Faith Commu- Don Shriver ’57 S.T.M. received the To find out how, call 203.432.5358
nities Uniting for Peace. Since 2000, John has Grawemeyer Award for a book on religion and or write: constance.royster@
used an electric wheelchair and scooter. With ethics, Honest Patriots: Loving a Country Enough to
Miriam’s help, he gets around very well and Remember Its Misdeeds, published by Oxford. In
hasn’t hit anybody. August 2009, Abingdon Press published Don’s

s p e c t r u m 29
Hugh Flesher ’58 B.D. writes, “Since retir- family, and 10 grandchildren. His first wife issues raised by the presidential election, hope-
alumni news
ing ten years ago as Dean of the Chapel at Smith Barbara died in 1997 and he remarried Caro- ful that some solutions to a vast array of social
College, I have learned the joys of parish life.” He lynn in 1999. Pittsburgh o≠ers a wide variety of problems are within reach.
and Mary are thrilled to discover that the new life music, theatre, continuing education at various Jeff Hamilton ’59 B.D. is well aware that,
of their four grandchildren has renewed theirs. locations, including the Pittsburgh Theological in recent months, healthcare reform has taken
The last year and a half has been given over to Seminary. Paul and his wife plan a trip to Hawaii center stage. The Interfaith Alliance of Okla-
knee replacements that at first were problematic to watch a son compete in an Iron Man race. homa, of which Je≠ is president, held a press
but now, after two new surgeries, are working. conference at the State Capitol and issued a
Hugh is still amazed at the eagerness with which
Class of 1959 statement a∞rming that all major religions sup-
he looks forward to new times. port healthcare as a right for all. The alliance
Justo González ’58 S.T.M is enjoying his was picketed by a group of some 20 opponents.
J. Kenneth Kuntz ’59 B.D.
(pseudo) retirement in Decatur, GA . He spends Beyond politics, Je≠ and Wanda enjoy their
most of his time writing, and has just published grandchildren.
his 104th book. His wife Catherine says that he Douglas Bailey ’59 B.D., ’60 S.T.M. Frank Helme ’59 B.D. and Pat helped two
has printer’s ink instead of blood. Justo also tries continues to serve as an annuitant visitor for the granddaughters celebrate their graduations—one
to develop and to sustain agencies for Latino/a United Church of Christ Pension Board in his from Metropolitan State College in Denver and
theological education. He and Catherine have central southeast Ohio UCC association area. one from Paschal High School in Fort Worth.
one daughter, two granddaughters, a great- Ralph Barlow ’59 B.D., ’64 S.T.M. views In their seventh summer in Fort Worth, they are
grandson, and a great granddaughter. his life this past year as something of a culmina- still receiving a warm welcome. In the summer
Egil Grislis ’58 Div. has been teaching tion of a 30-year commitment to writing a biog- they attended a New York Philharmonic concert
since 1953. Grislis’s more adventurous side of life raphy of Liston Pope. In response to an invita- at Bethel Woods, where Woodstock happened
began in 1990. Having left Latvia by escaping tion to write a book chapter on the psychology 40 years ago.
through Russian/German combat lines in 1944, of expectations, Ralph o≠ered an interpreta- Edgar Hiestand ’59 M.Div. states that
he was only able to visit Latvia after the Soviet tion of Pope’s addiction to alcohol. He sought being the bishop’s interreligious factotum has
Union began to crumble. He has been granted to be faithful to what Pope taught, by placing been a most satisfying outworking of his ordina-
professor emeritus status by the University his addiction solidly within the social context of tion call since retirement as a United Methodist
of Manitoba. his time. pastor. As one resourcing the Northern Illinois
Bud Hayes ’58 B.D. no longer needs oxygen Tom Dicken ’59 B.D. found the presidential Conference and its Commission on Christian
and is able to lead a fully active life. Whatever it election a fascinating drama. He reads in phi- Unity and Interreligious Concerns, Ed is often
was that left scars on his lungs remains undiag- losophy, religion, art, and fiction. Currently he is in touch with diverse faith communities and
nosed, but apparently it has been arrested. He enjoying Richard Holmes’ The Age of Wonder, on ecumenical bodies. Well invested in Christian-
continues to be active with Inner Peace/World science in the 1700s and 1800s. Once regarding Muslim dialogue, he and Nancy delighted in
Peace group. October marked the ninth year yard work a nuisance, Tom today labors some joining their bishop’s delegation to Turkey for
of maintaining a vigil every Friday evening on ten hours weekly, generating a Zen-type mood of intimate interfaith meetings.
the front steps of First United Church in Oak meditation. Seasoned travelers, Tom and Nancy Peter Hodgson ’59 B.D. and Eva partici-
Park, IL . have toured from Europe to Japan. In the future, pated in a Global Volunteers program in Hun-
James Pratt ’58 B.D. , who is retired in they will stick with favorites, New York City, gary last fall where they taught English to school-
London, writes that he is “active in a parish London, and Paris. children. In the spring they visited London to
church, as one of two Baptist ministers on Tom Duggan ’59 B.D. and Gail, residing at see Eva’s college roommate and husband, who
Parish council and preaching roster.” James Pilgrim Place in California, relish musical events gave the Hodgsons a guided tour of Cornwall.
heads an outreach committee and churchyard at the five Claremont colleges as well as engaging Peter continues to work on Hegel’s philosophy
maintenance group, and leads a house Bible lectures on topics ranging from the environment of world history.
study group. “There is much travel, opera, and to America’s role in the world. Serving on the Mary Nelson Keithahn ’59 M.R.E.
many houseguests,” he writes. James is founder Napier Initiative has been most challenging for was enlisted by Midland Lutheran College as a
of a “Grow Old at Home” information and sup- Tom. Serving on the YDS Alumni Board for six “hymnwriter-in-residence.” At the Hymn Soci-
port program like the one featured in the New years, Tom was excited to witness how the school ety of St. Olaf College, she presented a sectional
York Times. has changed since the 1950s. on “Engaging Children and Youth in Congre-
Paul Schrading ’58 B.D. enjoyed the 50th Rem Edwards ’59 B.D. has worked on values gational Song.” She and John Horman held
Class reunion at YDS in October 2008. Retire- in Christianity for a decade, generating several brief workshops at the Summer Church Music
ment has been a blessing, with the opportunity books. He and two colleagues from the Hartman Institute at Virginia Wesleyan College. Mary also
to relax and enjoy six children, in his blended Institute developed the Christian Value Profile taught classes on congregational song in the lay
ranking two sets of 18 items from best to worst, theology program of the South Dakota Confer-
based on the assumption that our values disclose ence of the United Church of Christ.
Don’t Get Lost! our personalities and spiritual development. The Ken Kuntz ’59 B.D. taught an evening
results are available at Christianvalueprofile. course on psalms and biblical wisdom literature
Update your contact info with
com. Rem’s summer gardening was a success. at the University of Iowa and a short senior col-
Yale’s online Alumni Directory:
In the fall he and Louise journey westward to lege course on psalms for retirees. On the YDS
www.alumniconnections.com/yale Yellowstone, the Tetons, and elsewhere. Alumni Board, he serves as secretary. His for-
Or write us at: Bob Gartman ’59 S.T.M. and Patty, despite merly out-of-print college textbook, The People
divinity.alumni@yale.edu or advancing age, have traveled not only in their of Ancient Israel, was recently published again by
Alumni Relations state of Texas, but also to New Mexico, Colo- Wipf and Stock. In summer 2009, he and Ruth
rado, and Arizona. In October 2008 a major trip attended a stimulating Darwin conference in
Yale Divinity School
targeted Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Vienna, and Cambridge, England, where they connected with
409 Prospect Street
Budapest. It was a strenuous yet most memora- friends they had made there earlier.
New Haven, CT 06511
ble adventure. They are blessed by many family Alan McLean ’59 B.D. recalls that YDS
members living nearby. They remain invested in provided him a critical transition from medical

30 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
school, where he had intended to go following necticut and retired in 1998 with his wife Wendy Robert’s life. Mitchell wears Robert out but he
college, to a rich grounding in scripture, history, to their new house in the lakes region of New keeps Robert young with all the time they spend
ethics, and introduction to the diverse duties of Hampshire. David spends several weeks, mostly together doing many activities.
local church ministry. It was in ministry that in the summer, filling in pulpits, but most of the In 2001 John E. Roberts ’60 B.D. retired
he found his niche for over 40 years. He feels time he is a docent at the Canterbury Shaker Vil- after 31 years as pastor of Woodbrook Baptist
especially indebted to three faculty members— lage, interpreting the faith of that most interest- Church in Baltimore. As pastor emeritus his job
Roland Bainton, H . Richard Niebuhr, and ing religious colony. He enjoys hiking, reading is to support the pastor, stay out of the way, and
Browne Barr—whose insights accompanied him and choral work. only do what he is asked. From 2001 to 2007,
into active ministry. Bill Kennedy ’60 M.R.E. retired after 40 he was an associate scholar with the Institute
Ed Poitras ’59 B.D. reports that the past years as a social worker. Charlotte retired from for Christian & Jewish Studies. He is currently
year brought Genell and him their 50th wed- UCC -related housing organization in Connecti- co-chair of the ICJS board. For two years John
ding anniversary and separate trips to Korea. His cut. They moved to Vermont in 2007. Char had was interim pastor at the Vienna (VA ) Baptist
trip consisted of three months in North Korea been on town council in Connecticut and Bill Church.
monitoring food distribution. Genell’s journey mentored in public school. Both are still active in In June, Thomas Schafer ’60 B.D., ’61
was to mark the 60th anniversary of a Christian church and volunteer in civil rights and environ- S.T.M. , retired for the third time from a United
community center where she had been a board mental education programs in a local school. Methodist Church denominational appoint-
member during their 30 years of United Meth- George Ling ’60 B.D. has composed a book ment. He writes, “This time it is for good—just
odist missionary service in Seoul. They continue focusing on Asian emerging societies, after expe- ask my wife.” The two have purchased a new
to translate Korean literature into English and riencing the cultural dynamics in China. He was patio set and a new grill to start enjoying retire-
volunteer in local service projects. recently featured in the alumni magazine of ment. They need to pray a bit harder to have it
Mansfield College of Oxford University. stop raining so much, but life is good and they
1960 – Save the Date for your 50th After several years as a pastor, Wil Long ’60 look forward to slowing down—just a bit.
Reunion, October 11-14, 2010. B.D. completed his Th.D. studies and entered Renfro Sproul ’60 B.D. is very happily
the German educational system as a teacher. retired at his family’s lakeside cottage near Knox-
That work occupied his life. Now he is trying ville, TN , in the foothills of the Great Smoky
Class of 1960 to find some Christian who would like to review Mountains. His time at YDS remains one of the
Elizabeth Morris Downie ’60 Div. the context and meaning of the Lord’s Supper for most treasured memories in his life of education
retired as rector of a parish in 2005. Since then, the purpose of evoking its full range of dynam- and parish ministry. The annual Convocation
she has been serving as Sunday associate in ics. In case of any interest in that theme, contact and Reunion remains near the top of his wish
another parish, sharing equally in both preach- Wil at this address: Koeppernesstrasse 89, 61381 list of treasures yet to be enjoyed.
ing and presiding. Elizabeth writes, “It’s a great Friedrichsdorf, Germany
William Swing ’60 B.D. is currently di-
gig—no committees!! (I have undertaken some In March 2009, Joan Lovekin ’60 B.D. and rector general of the International Organization
adult formation, though this is not required of her husband Al moved to Las Vegas, NV , in order for Migration. In recent years, William was
me.) I am a peace and justice activist, Benedictine to be closer to their children, and because they the United Nations Secretary General’s special
oblate, and proud grandmother of three, blessed missed the mountains. Both are still involved representative for the Democratic Republic
with good health and a pension. Deo gratias!” with Literacy and Evangelism International. At of Congo.
After 5 years in UCC pastorates and 23 years in present, they are working to finalize a literacy
college administration, Jay Ebersole ’60 primer for northeastern Uganda. They hope
S.T.M. retired to pursue the study of music as an to return to Uganda and possibly the Congo
undergrad at The University of North Carolina, within the next year for short visits with literacy
Wilmington and graduate auditor at UNC — partners there.
Greensboro School of Music. He had been a Janet Parsons Mackey ’60 B.D. retired
chorister since junior choir days 75 years ago, from Intentional Interim Ministry in 2006, and
and now his music “career” of the past 15 years moved from Massachusetts to Virginia in 2007
has greatly enriched his arrival at age 81. to live close to her son’s family. It gives her joy
Erhard Gerstenberger ’60 S.T.M. has to see her two grandchildren daily. Last year
been retired since 1997 but is active teaching, Mackey was treated for breast cancer. In the
writing, and preaching. As he does every year, fall she will visit friends in Holland and France
he plans to attend the SBL conference. He plans before returning to volunteering in school and
on lecturing in New York City at Union and New her church, Little River UCC .
York University. His latest German book is due Norval Reece ’60 M.Div. received the
out soon in English. It is entitled, Israel in the DePauw University 2009 Distinguished Alumni
Persian Period and published by SBL . Erhard’s Achievement Award for Media. He was previ-
earlier work was Theologies in the Old Testament, ously awarded the National Cable and Tele-
published in English in 2002. communications Association highest honor,
Paul Hetrich ’60 M. Div. writes, “Greet- the Vanguard Award, and inducted into Cable
ings from Pennsylvania to all classmates!” He Television Pioneers. He spends summers on
and Barbara continue to participate with their Cape Cod where he caught an amazing striped Norval Reece ’60 M.Div.
Micronesian partners in providing educational bass taken o≠ Monomoy Island on his Boston
opportunities and theological training for pas- Whaler, “Mugwump.” Tim Taylor ’60 Div. is still happily serving
tors and church leaders on the Island of Pohn- Robert L. Regenold ’60 M.Div. retired St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, TN .
pei in the Federated States of Micronesia. This is in 1989. He stays involved as a volunteer and He is enjoying the collegiality of six priests who
their 23rd year of involvement with the wonder- as Global Outreach Commission Chair. His meet daily for Bible study and prayer. Taylor
ful people there. wife Patsy died in 1990. He gives thanks to his attributes church growth to God’s grace and
David Huff ’60 B.D., ’62 S.T.M. spent daughter, Brenda, and her husband for a six- the proclamation of a Gospel of transformation:
40 years as a United Methodist pastor in Con- year old grandson, Mitchell, who is the light of Jesus welcomes each person as he or she is, with-

s p e c t r u m 31
out conditions . . . and leaves no one the way he solar and delight in seeing the meter moving in as a preaching elder in the presbytery of Newton
alumni news
found them. reverse! Coupling that with a Prius and artificial and is a member of the Presbyterian Church of
Gene M. Tucker ’60 B.D. was honored turf, we are about as ‘green’ as we can be!” Chatham Township. With his other responsi-
as a distinguished alumnus of his alma mater, Bartlett W. Gage ’61 B.D. and his wife bilities, he works part-time in Restoration Hard-
McMurry University, for his contributions to Faye live in Darien, CT , and are parents of two ware and still enjoys playing sports.
theological education, biblical scholarship, and sons. After years of study and overseeing the After 36 years on the Rhodes College faculty
the church. He and Charky, his wife of 52 years, family business, Bart was ordained a priest in the in Memphis, TN , F. Michael McLain ’61
retired to Denver, CO , near both their daughters. Episcopal Church and served in two Connecticut B.D. retired in 2003. He had received an award
They travel regularly both in the United States parishes. Bart, now retired, o≠ers pastoral care for distinguished teaching and had established a
and abroad. They enjoy the mountains of Colo- on a part-time basis. He invites all to his website: service-learning program in Memphis and Hon-
rado and the streams full of trout, where Gene www.fathergage.com. duras. Mike and his wife Charlotte live in Basalt,
often can be seen, fly rod in hand. Since retiring from the Council of Churches in CO . “The fishing is great! I serve as a teaching
Tom Woehrle ’60 B.D., ’64 S.T.M. and Philadelphia in 2001, C. Edward Geiger ’61 consultant for the Wabash Center and tutor in
his wife Donna continue in good health. They M.Div. has served several interim urban and an ESL program,” he writes. His “true love,” he
added a fifth grandchild in January, enjoy being suburban pastorates. Ed and his wife Peggy live a∞rms, is Marisin, his granddaughter.
with their family, attend concerts, read, travel in Wallingford, PA , and have enjoyed their trav- Arthur R. Melius ’61 M.Div. resides in the
some, and do various outdoor activities. els, including biking trips, to Germany, France, Baptist Health Nursing Center, Scotia, NY . Ill
Dick Yerrington ’60 B.D. is grateful for Holland, and various states. They are the parents with multiple sclerosis, he enjoys visits from his
his wife of 44 years Penny, as well as his three of three children and have five grandchildren. wife Sharon, his three children, and friends Fred
children and six grandchildren. Dick is also Retired after 39 years in parish ministry, and Alice Brooks. Arthur appreciates notes, calls,
thankful for summering and painting in New Charles H. Harper ’61 S.T.M is fully and visits. His phone number is 518-372-4498.
Harbor, ME , at The Salt Water Artist’s Gallery engaged with his poetry. His poems are often William R. Morrow ’61 B.D. pursues
and living in Beacon Falls, CT . He serves as part published in journals. Sorting Things Out, a book his private practice of psychotherapy. Bill par-
time associate pastor of the Newtown United of his poetry with a preface by Harvey Cox, was ticipates in a congregation, which o≠ers him
Methodist Church in Newtown, CT . YDS published in 2008. Charles and his wife Pat sing latitude to explore subjects such as “Commu-
continues as a precious gift of great memories, in the choir of the Church of the Pilgrimage in nicating With the Unconscious Through Myth,
friendships and insights. Plymouth, MA , where they reside. Metaphor, and Ritual.” He and Judy live in
Fort Myers, FL , and are celebrating 42 years of
William B. Huntley, Jr. ’61 B.D. noted
Class of 1961 the pride he felt as he read about the accomplish-
marriage. They are the proud grandparents of
four little ones. Bill is “wrestling with the usual
Secretary ments of his classmates and other YDS gradu-
questions of mortality while trying to stay o≠ the
Fred Brooks, Jr. ’61 M.Div. ates in the winter 2009 issue of Spectrum. “What
endangered species list,” he writes.
fbrooksjr@stny.rr.com an amazing account of the lives of so many from
YDS .” Bill teaches courses on the Hebrew lan- C. Eric Mount, Jr. ’61 S.T.M. and Truly,
Fred R. Brooks, Jr.’61 M.Div. continues guage, the Hebrew scriptures, and world reli- who live in Danville, KY , celebrated 50 years of
to work for health care reform and other social gions at the University of Redlands in Redlands, marriage in 2008 by traveling to France. Both
justice issues through several local, state, and CA , where he lives. Eric and Truly are retired from teaching at Centre
national organizations. He actively participates College where the eldest of their ten grandchil-
Joe R. Jones ’61 B.D. retired in 2000 as
in the Democratic Party as chair of his town dren enrolled in the fall of 2008. Eric’s articles
professor emeritus of theology and ethics from
committee and member of the county executive are frequently published. In addition to speak-
Christian Theological Seminary. Joe and his wife
committee. Recently Fred and his wife Alice have ing, preaching, and playing tennis, he conducts
Sarah now live in a cabin in Hulbert, OK . He
enjoyed visits with Arthur and Sharon Melius, seminars on ethics for health care sta≠ members
enjoyed the 2005-2006 academic year as visit-
Bill and Judy Morrow, and Larry Sehy. Fred and and serves on several committees.
ing professor of theology at YDS and consults
Alice reside in Vestal, NY . John F. Piper, Jr. ’61 B.D. extends “sin-
occasionally with his oldest daughter Serene
In recent months David E. L. Brown ’61 cere thanks to all who contributed to the Annual
Jones ’85 M.Div. , president of Union Theo-
M.Div. and his wife Anne have visited Shaker Fund on behalf of the Divinity School.” He chal-
logical Seminary in New York City. Joe posts his
villages in Maine, New Hampshire, and New lenges class members to increase giving to YDS
writings at www.grammaro≠aith.com.
York. They are hoping to visit 14 additional during the 50th reunion year. Retired, John is
Alfred C. Krass ’61 B.D. retired from
Shaker sites. Enjoying travel focused upon spe- writing a history of Lycoming College, the oldest
Peace Action in 2008 and teaches in the lifelong
cial themes, David invites classmates to form a Methodist college still connected to the United
learning program at Temple University and in
seminar in 2010 to explore the Shaker movement Methodist Church. Lycoming will celebrate its
Bucks County Community College in Pennsyl-
and other utopian communities. David and Anne bicentennial in 2012. John and his wife Margaret
vania. Al wrote, “By teaching courses in poetry,
live in Shelburne, VT . reside in Lycoming, PA .
American history, and occasionally Bible, I have
In 2008 George W. Easton ’61 B.D. and Lawrence J. Sehy ’61 M.Div. and his wife
a great opportunity to reach...the general com-
his wife Ann, who reside in Essex, CT , helped Kathryn, parents of two sons and grandparents
munity...now some even come to my course on
to reelect “Landslide Joe” Courtney, US repre- of three, moved in 1997 to Niles, MI . After 40
Jesus!” Al and his wife Susan Bryne Krass
sentative from eastern Connecticut. In 2006, Joe years as professional fundraiser, the final ten
’62 M.A.R. reside in Levittown, PA .
won by a few votes. The 2008 victory margin was with the Lutheran School of Theology, Larry
Donald H. McCord ’61 B.D. and Ann,
comfortable, possibly because of Barack Obama’s retired in 2001. Kathy and Larry were married for
who live in Morristown, NJ , celebrated 50 years
candidacy. George writes, “We contributed many 47 years before Kathy’s death in January 2006.
of marriage in 2008. After many years in parish
times to Obama’s campaign and were...present Active in the ELCA and on several boards, Larry
ministry, Don retired in 2002. He remains active
at his inauguration and the environmental ball volunteers his skills to the church and other not-
where Al Gore and others spoke.” for-profit groups.
“Living in sunny southern California has its Moved? Moving? “Retirement for me is about exercising choices
advantages!” wrote James G. Estes ’61 B.D. Let us know. and options. It’s easy to say ‘yes’ when requests
and Virginia Darneille Estes ’63 Div. , Write: divinity.alumni@yale.edu come to challenge my energy, interests, and
who reside in Escondido, CA . “We have gone commitment to the Church,” wrote Marilyn

32 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
com. He and his wife Nancy live in Richardson, fortunes of the Progressive Conservative Party in
TX , and celebrated their 47th anniversary in Canada. He is teaching two courses at Wycli≠e
September. College and the Toronto School of Theology.
Kent Keller ’62 B.D. o∞ciated with class- Reginald is also an interim priest in charge of
mate Rabbi William Cutter at the memorial ser- a small Anglican church. His wife Margaret
vice for deceased ’59 Class members during their remains in a chronic care hospital after su≠ering
Yale College 50th Reunion in June. Kent and his a massive stroke in 2008.
wife Janet also enjoyed a delightful visit with James W. White ’62 B.D. and wife Patti
retired YDS professor Charles Forman. In July, spent 2008 and 2009 exploring the Pacific
Kent completed climbing the last of Colorado’s Northwest while serving as transitional minis-
54 14,000-foot peaks, a saga that he began at age ter at University Congregational United Church
13. “Poor planning required me to scale the nine of Christ. Now back in Colorado Springs, he’s
most di∞cult after I turned 70,” he wrote. working on a fly fishing book and planning a trip
David Koehler ’62 B.D. and his wife are to Australia to visit friends met on the Camino de
enjoying retirement in Minneapolis. He writes, Santiago de Compostela four years ago.
“We are active in our downtown Presbyterian Larry Young ’62 B.D. continues as retired
church. We spend part of each year at our place on-call clergy at First United
Methodist Church
on the Bay of Fundy enjoying lobster and wild of Santa Monica, occasionally preaching, leading
blueberries. We took our two granddaughters to adult classes, and doing memorial services. He
Glacier National Park to see wildlife and saw a is actively involved 
in a local community adult
Don Saliers ’62 B.D., speaks at the 2009 Alumni cheeky chipmunk and a brazen raven.” education program and enjoys frequent travel,
Awards Luncheon where he received the Alumni
Larry Minear ’62 B.D. retired in 2006 from including a trip to China and a service team to
Award for Distinction in Theological Education
Tufts University. His first retirement project the Blackfeet reservation in Montana.

L. Stavenger ’61 M.Div. She has been serv- resulted in a study, “The US Citizen-Soldier
ing as acting academic dean of Eden Theologi- and the Global War on Terror: The National 1964 Save the Date for your Cluster
cal Seminary in St. Louis, MO . Marilyn teaches Guard Experience.” A more extensive book, also Reunion with the classes of 1965
UCC history and polity, and last spring she based on interviews with soldiers who fought in and 1966, October 11-14, 2010.
co-taught a course on “Gender, Sexuality, and Afghanistan and Iraq, scheduled for publication
Alterity in the Church.” soon, is entitled Through Veterans’ Eyes: The Iraq
and Afghanistan Experience. Since 1994, he has Class of 1964
In January 2009, after 35 years, David S.
been living in Orleans on Cape Cod with his
Wiley ’61 B.D. retired from directing African Secretary
wife Beth.
centers, first at the University of Wisconsin- Jane Hanger Seeley ’64 M.A.R.
Madison and then at Michigan State University. Since receiving his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt, Woody seeljh@esns.org
Still a professor of sociology and African studies Richardson ’62 B.D. and wife Cemele
at MSU , David’s research focuses on the African have lived in Middle Tennessee. Woody spent Lois Capps ’64, M.A.R. represents Califor-
environment and human and economic develop- five years as dean renovating the American Bap- nia’s 23rd Congressional District. After graduate
ment. He is also studying international educa- tist Seminary’s curriculum, faculty, and library school, she and her husband Walter moved to
tion in universities and the US military’s impact before resigning under pressure from funda- Santa Barbara, CA , where they raised their three
upon Africa. David and his wife Christine reside mentalist Southern Baptists. After a Hebrew- children and where she
in Lansing, MI . Union archaeological fellowship in Israel, he still lives. Lois worked
returned to involvement in civil rights, prison for 20 years as a nurse
reform, and habitat housing while revitalizing for the Santa Barbara
Class of 1962
five small churches. He has spent the last 20 years School District. In 1998
in financial planning. she was elected to serve
Ronald P. Byars ’62 B.D.
Don E. Saliers ’62 B.D. retired from Emory the remainder of her
University two years ago, while continuing to late husband’s term in
Ron Byars ’62 B.D. and wife Susan moved write and to compose music and teaching regu- Congress and contin-
in the summer to Lexington, KY , where they had larly at St. John’s University in Minnesota. He ues to serve today.
lived from 1980 to 1993. Their motivation? A has had two books published recently: Music J o hn El s e ’ 6 4
son, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. and Theology and Filled With Light—a collabo- M . D i v . retired in
David C. Duncombe ’62 B.D. lost his ration with architectural photographer, Jona- 2005 from the Presi- Lois Capps ’64 M.A.R.
wife Sally four years ago. He lives in White than Hillyer. Don has a rich life, with lecturing, dency of the Institute
Salmon, WA . His son, Stephen, teaches in New preaching and hymn festivals, as well as “musical for Social and Economic Development (ISED ),
York City, while his daughter, Betsy, is a social conversations” with daughter Emily, based on Washington, DC (www.ised.us), but continued
worker in Maine, and daughter, Jane, manages their book, A Song to Sing, A Life to Life. independent consulting. Called back to ISED in
an arts center nearby. David spends his days as Jack Scott ’62 B.D. completed eight years January 2008 to rescue the organization, John
the handy man at the local emergency shelter, in the California State Senate in 2008. California retired again in July 2008. He continues indepen-
although his last extended fast for Third World has term limits. He then became the Chancellor dent consulting. His wife Cathy Roller retired
debt relief in Washington, DC, has slowed of California Community Colleges on January 1, from the International Reading Association in
him down. 2009. This system of higher education has 110 March 2009, and they recently moved to Holmes
Since retiring from the Perkins School of Theol- colleges and 2.7 million students. He and his Beach, FL .
ogy faculty, Leroy Howe ’62 B.D. has been wife Lacreta live at 604 13th Street, Sacramento, Albert Hockaday ’64 M.Div., ’65
focusing his energies on equipping laypersons CA 95814. S.T.M. has retired three times in his life. In 1996,
for caregiving ministries in their local congrega- Reginald Stackhouse ’62 Div. is writ- he retired from the Air Force. In 2003, the Pres-
tions through training, consulting, and writing. ing a book about the Big Blue Machine, a political byterian Church (USA ) granted him honorable
Learn more at his website, www.howeabout. group that played a major role in the electoral retirement status. On October 1, 2008, Albert

s p e c t r u m 33
retired from an interdenominational Church in and June, he and Carolyn were in Israel work-
1966 Save the Date for your Cluster
alumni news
San Antonio, TX . Even now, he’s still engaged ing on the publication of the USF excavations at
in pastoral ministry—hospital chaplaincy, teach- Sepphoris, which Jim directs. Reunion with the classes of 1964
ing, and other parish ministries. Somehow, true Lee VanBremen ’64 B.D. and Jane continue
and 1965, October 11-14, 2010.
retirement remains illusive. to enjoy living in New Hampshire. Their daugh-
David Lyall ’64 S.T.M. retired in 2002 ters also have homes there so they see them and
Class of 1966
from being principal of New College and senior their six wonderful grandsons often. Lee is still
lecturer in practical theology at Edinburgh Uni- active on several boards and has just started a
Neil E. Topli≠e ’66 M.Div.
versity. He and his wife Margaret celebrated men’s book group. Jane works part-time as clini-
their golden wedding anniversary this year and cal supervisor for a family support program and
have moved to Tunbridge Wells near London spends a lot of time in the garden. David Abbott ’66 B.D., ’68 S.T.M. retired
to live near their daughter and her family. David after serving intentional interim ministries pri-
continues to supervise postgraduate students 1965 Save the Date for your Cluster marily with the United Presbyterian Church.
for the Cambridge Theological Federation in a Reunion with the classes of 1964 Currently he teaches pastoral counseling in
new professional doctorate in practical theology and 1966, October 11-14, 2010. Detroitfor Ashland Seminary and in Kingston,
recently launched by a consortium of English Jamaica, for the Caribbean Graduate School of
Class of 1965 Theology. He expanded his YDS Master’s thesis
Dick Miller ’64 M.Div. just moved to Palm into a book, SCENARIO Role Play: The Blees
Springs, CA, from Albuquerque. He loves Albu- Method, published in 2005 by AuthorHouse.
Bruce W. Barth ’65 B.D.
querque, but moved to Palm Springs because of David and wife Karen participate in half-mara-
the greater concentration of older gay men there. thons and enjoy the water, especially in a canoe
His new address is 596 South Vista Oro, Palm Bruce Barth ’65 B.D. three-year term call he built.
Springs, CA 92264. Let him know if you live in as director of prison ministry for the Nebraska Jon Dalton ’66 B.D. is vice president for
the area or are visiting. Synod of the ELCA ended in June 2009. A one- student a≠airs and associate professor of higher
Cathie and Harry Parrott Jr. ’64 year continuation gives him time to plan for what education at Florida State University, Tallahas-
B.D. live at Penney Retirement Community in comes next. He is still healthy and energetic, see where he directs the center for leadership and
northeast Florida. Parrott writes, “Come and but naps are welcome. Increasingly, his onto- ethics and co-edits the “Journal of College and
consider! Life is abundant.” Cathie volunteers at logical curiosity deepens and he wonders a lot. Character,” www.collegevalues.org. Following
town hall, writing and managing grants; Harry Stay tuned. graduation from YDS , Jon’s positions included
works with Rotary International and Americans John W. Heister ’65 B.D. retired from faculty positions at Iowa State University,
United for Separation of Church and State. He directing the Mediation Center of Rochester for Northern Illinois University and the University
writes, “We’d enjoy hearing from you, parrotts 27 years. He is currently painting oil and water- of Kentucky. Jon and wife Bev have two children
mail@ bellsouth.net.” color landscapes and has art in galleries in Roch- living in Chicago.
J. Barrie Shepherd ’64 B.D. writes, “Nine ester, Bu≠alo, and Florida. A wife six children Following graduation, Frank Denton ’66
years of retirement find Mhairi and me divid- (blended family), 12 grandchildren, and two B.D. was an associate pastor in Stratford, CT ,
ing time between Wallingford, PA , and our great grandchildren keep him busy. He guest followed by 12 years with the Bridgeport Coun-
island cottage o≠ the Maine coast. Four daugh- preaches many Sundays and is active in social cil of Churches. Pastorates in Monroe, CT , and
ters, three granddaughters, and family back in justice issues. John is also a pastoral associate at Pound Ridge, NY , rounded out his active min-
Scotland, plus my continued writing, lecturing, a Presbyterian church. istry before he retired in 2006. His son, Markhas
and guest preaching, keep us busy. I’m playing Following ten years in parish ministry, over 20 been married 39 years to Charlene and they have
euphonium in a local concert band, and about to years as a US Army chaplain, and another seven two children. Frank’s volunteer activities include
become president of the Saint Andrew’s Society years in parish ministry, Ross Jackson keeping up with his grandson, Bible study,
of Philadelphia. We are on the list for a retire- ’65 B.D. is in the midst of his fourth year as choir, mission trips, Habitat for Humanity and
ment community in Scarborough, ME .” chaplain to the Salem Community Hospital in CROP Walks.
During 2008 Carolyn and Jim Strange ’64 Salem, OH . He and Alice celebrated their ninth Donald Frey ’66 B.D. still teaches eco-
B.D. lived in Tampa, FL . Jim is professor of reli- wedding anniversary in September 2009. Both nomics at Wake Forest University. “The econ-
gious studies at the University of South Florida are graced with good health, good children and omy keeps doing scary things that keep the job
teaching full-time. He chairs the university grad- good friends. interesting, so I’ve not retired.” Wife Linda and
uate council and serves as senator and member of John LeGates ’65 Div. has never lived at Donald welcomed a first grandchild in 2009,
the faculty senate executive committee. In May a legal address more than 10 minutes from his born to their youngest son and his wife. A
birthplace. He has lived in the same house for 25 second book was published this year, America’s
years, and the same suburb for 33 years. He flies Economic Moralists, by SUNY Press. It details an
regularly and designed and built his home. He economic “morality” that endorses self-interest
Don’t Get Lost! enjoys the outdoors and splits his own wood for above the common good, and presents a much
Update your contact info with heating. He writes, “My wife is fabulous, and my more responsible alternative ethic.
parking space at Harvard provides access to lots Brooks Holifield ’66 B.D. has been
Yale’s online Alumni Directory:
of Mozart and Mahler.” teaching at the Candler School of Theology at
Bill Ratliff ’65 B.D. retired in 2003 from Emory University in Atlanta since 1970, and he
Or write us at: teaching pastoral care and counseling. He and his is moving toward retirement relatively soon.
divinity.alumni@yale.edu or wife lived four years in a new, green, community Ongoing research has led to two recent publica-
Alumni Relations in Northern Virginia, then provided daycare for tions by Brooks, Theology in America: Christian
Yale Divinity School their granddaughter in Louisville before moving Thought from the Age of the Puritans to the Civil
409 Prospect Street to Leland, NC , last fall. They are living near their War and God’s Ambassadors: A History of the
New Haven, CT 06511 older daughter and her family. Bill is grateful for Christian Clergy in America. Travel has included
every day while still trying to learn how to grow trips to Germany to read papers at Tübingen
older gracefully and with style. and Göttingen.

34 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Dottie Kwok ’66 M.A.R. shares that she and planning travel to visit a second daughter services in Colorado. Bill returned to public
and Kwok Nai Wang ’66 B.D. are the par- and family in Texas. service following the election of governor Bill
ents of a daughter, Ming Ling Kwok, (with the After being retired three years, Gordon Ver- Ritter. He works part-time as the director of the
initials of Martin Luther King, Jr.). She is also plank ’66 B.D. , accepted a part-time appoint- O∞ce of Policy and Legislative Initiatives for
known by her French name, Miche’le. After 32 ment at the local United Church of Canada Human Services. He and his wife Cindy, owner
years of teaching in Hong Kong, Dottie lives in congregation in White Rock, British Columbia. of a graphic design firm, live in Denver.
Florida but returns twice a year to Hong Kong “Worship preparation and leadership, teaching, Jon Hellstedt ’67 M.Div. is retired after
to visit family and friends. and administrative support keep me busy,” he a teaching career at the University of Massa-
Since 2006 RObert Loesch ’66 B.D. has writes. He also has time to care for grandchildren chusetts, Lowell and a private practice in psy-
been full-time pastor of Zion’s United Church of in Seattle and Atlanta. A pilgrimage to Ireland in chotherapy. He is living with his wife Sharon
Christ in Sand Lake, NY . He has been an active 2006 renewed his interest in Celtic Christianity. in Stonington, ME , and enjoys volunteer work
leader in the area ecumenical and UCC organi- Gordon and his wife are looking forward to a as well as frequent visits to his five children and
zations and programs. Until recently, Robert pilgrimage in France in 2010. eight grandchildren. He enjoys staying in touch
was the Class of 1966’s longtime class agent. He Two days prior to his 69th birthday John R. with YDS classmates Mike Lund, Sid John-
also has served as president of Mohawk Hudson Vogel, Jr. ’66 B.D. resigned his associate son, George Rupp, Paul Hanson, and Jonathan
Association of the UCC and vice president of position at St. James United Methodist Church Hartshorne.
Troy Area United Ministries. He is the parent of where he had a very exciting ministry for eight Nancy Jo Kemper ’67 M.Div. retired at the
four children and three grandchildren. Robert years. He had been hired by Emmanuel Cleaver end of June 2009, after 18 years of service as the
also makes time for regular free-lance writing II —a US congressman since 2005—who also director of the Kentucky Council of Churches.
and speaking about environmental, international ended his tenure at the church in 2009. John She continues to serve as a part-time minister of a
peace, and arts. noted that “it’s strange to be unemployed after 54 small congregation while exploring new ways to
Mark Meckstroth ’66 M.Div. and family years, but I trust new opportunities will come.” be an advocate in legislative arenas for common
recently celebrated his father’s 100th birthday. Michael Vosler ’66 B.D. has been mar- good issues.
Travel has included a 29-day cruise in the Baltic ried to Anne Nancy (Rose) for 45 years. They
H. Gerard Knoche ’67 M.Div. is retiring
and Mediterranean seas. Mark stays active with have a daughter, son-in-law and two grand-
after serving as bishop of the Delaware-Mary-
supply preaching and playing bridge as well as sons. He served over eight years at Salem Com-
land Synod of the ELCA since 2000. He retires
visiting frequently with grandchildren. munity UCC , in Norwood, OH, and spent 14
before the completion of his second term because
Dick Riseling ’66 B.D. retired from State years representing the International Faculty of
of health issues. During his service, he helped the
University of New York in 1995. For the past the Ecumenical Institute in Chicago. He was at
synod develop at least one new mission each year
five years he has been executive director of the Epiphany UCC in St. Louis for 13 years before
and worked for the establishment of a residential
Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development, moving to semi-retirement in 2003. “I continue
senior high school in which all the students are
which designs renewable energy projects at no to be part of several ecumenical organizations
recovering addicts.
cost. His other activities include a weekly radio and serve on several interfaith and justice action
boards,” he writes. Tom Lentz ’67 S.T.M. is chairman of the elec-
show and a newspaper column on social and
Kwok Nai Wang ’66 B.D. , for the past 43 tronics company Global Display Solutions, Inc.,
environmental justice. He has just completed 40
years, has been focused on the renewal of the a business based in Italy. He lives in St. Peters-
years of organic, horse-powered farming. The
Church for the sake of God’s world. He firmly burg, FL , and OH . He serves on the board of
farm is now energy independent with a wind tur-
believes this process has to start with the local trustees of Carthage College in Kenosha, WI.
bine, a straw-bale house, and vehicles running
on used vegetable oil. church. So for the past two and half years, he John Mitchener ’67 B.D. and Ginette
Alan Sorem ’66 M.Div. is in his 11th year of devoted his time to work in an international went to Alaska in early June 2009. They reported
a stated supply position at South Frankfort Pres- church in Hong Kong. that the weather was marvelous with no “liquid
byterian Church in Frankfort, KY , commuting sunshine.” The scenery was outstanding. An able
five days a week from his home in Louisville. He Class of 1967 naturalist educated them on totems, glaciers,
also travels to New York City on a monthly basis whales, sea otters and much more. Locals were
to visit grandson Leo, born in 2008 to daugh- excited that 2009 marks 50 years of statehood.
Elaine Tiller ’67 B.D.
ter, Elizabeth, and her husband John Lussier. John’s work in race relations was featured in a
Alan returned to YDS in June for the summer local newspaper under the headline “1959: Two
study and enjoyed Romans and Calvin for James I. Cheng ’67 M.Div., ’68 S.T.M. Graduate from two Edenton High Schools, one
five days. has been ordained in New Orleans, LA . After white—one black.”
Bob Tiller ’66 B.D. retired in 2008 from three and half years, he finally finished interim Richard T. Nolan ’67 M.A.R. was married
the National Council on Aging. His 29 years service at Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of to Robert C. Pingpank, his partner of 54 years,
in public policy advocacy included stints with Washington in Wheaton, MD . Last year, James in the Trinity College Chapel, Hartford, on June
American Baptist Churches USA , Bread for the enjoyed going back to YDS for the 40th reunion. 4, 2009, during their 50th class reunion. Details
World, and the Religious Coalition for Repro- He has moved back to King of Prussia, PA , and and pictures are at www.nolan-pingpank.com/.
ductive Choice. In retirement, Bob has volun- is updating the Taiwanese/Chinese translation The New York Times announced their marriage in
teered to teach English as a second language and of the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church its June 7th edition. Both 72 and retired in West
has been appointed to his county’s Commission (USA ). Palm Beach, Dick and Bob are now basking in
on Aging. He enjoys solving crossword puzzles, Art Gafke ’67 M.Div. continues as trainer, total leisure—an indefinite sabbatical!
playing softball and growing tomatoes. Bob and consultant, and mentor through Art Gafke Con- Bob Paulen ’67 M.Div. won medals in
Elaine reside in Silver Spring, MD . sulting. He and his wife Elena De La Peña live in the long hurdles, short hurdles, long jump and
Neil Topliffe ’66 M.Div. completed his Las Vegas, NV , where Art is active in building a triple jump at the 2009 USA Masters Champi-
ministry with Geist Christian Church in Novem- faith-based community organization to address onship. He will represent the US in the World
ber and followed with retirement and a move to the needs of families. His website is www.Art Masters Games in Australia in October. He will
Grand Rapids, MI . Neil and wife Sandy are Gafke.com then continue on around the world with stops
enjoying the close proximity to one daughter, Bill Hanna ’67 M.Div. remains active in in Cambodia, Vietnam, United Arab Emir-
son-in-law and three year old granddaughter public policy issues related to health and human ates, Italy, Morocco, and Brazil before arriv-

s p e c t r u m 35
ing home in Silver Spring, MD , in time for the ronment and Sojourners and on a task force of sailing on Lake Champlain. He enjoys his two
alumni news
Christmas holidays. President Obama’s White House Council on granddaughters, Stella and Eva, who live nearby
John Preston ’67 M.Div. has summarized Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partne rships. in Brandon, VT .
his parish career in a book, Wrestling Until the Elaine Tiller ’67 M.Div. has had a full Joseph Freeman ’69 B.D. pastors Christ
Dawn: The Fight for Biblical Justice in a Postmod- career in gerontology and end-of-life concerns. the Savior Lutheran Church in Fishers, IN . A
ern World. It is available through Amazon. He is She continues to work as director of Commu- local newspaper recently interviewed Freeman
active in environmental activism, partly as the nity Education and Outreach at Montgomery for an article where he shared his views on faith
Northeast representative on Hospice in Rockville, MD , and life.
the Presbyterians for Earth where she does lots of writ- Thomas Haupert ’69 M.Div. is continu-
Care steering committee. He ing, speaking, and training. ing a long-term project of listening for the main
and his wife Sally are thrilled Elaine and Bob Tiller themes of the New Testament by slowly reading
with the recent birth of their ’66 M.Div. are celebrat- the Greek, a few verses a day (while also read-
first granddaughter, and con- ing their 45th wedding ing the same in Latin, German, and Spanish to
tinue to enjoy life in beautiful anniversary this year. Their keep those fresh). He also is listening for how
upstate New York. four grandchildren bring these same themes are heard and understood in
Joan Stuart Ross ’67 incredible joy to their lives. the lives of a variety of congregations, with the
M.Div. retired after 41 years Donald J. West ’67 hope of writing, someday, of what he hears in
of teaching college art. She M . D i v . continues to these places.
plans to devote her time to live in Thomasville, GA , Alan Johnson ’69 B.D. is chair of the
painting and printmaking where he has served for 20 membership committee of the First Congrega-
in her Seattle studio http:// years as the minister of the tional Church in Boulder, CO , and has gone on
ballardworks.org and her Boston, GA , Presbyterian five of the church’s mission trips to New Orleans.
new Nahcotta, WA , studio. Elaine Tiller ’67 M.Div. Church. He represents He also chairs their church’s Mental Health Min-
This summer, Joan will the Flint River Presbytery istry, is a founder of the Interfaith Network on
exhibit work at Mighty Tieton and Waterworks on the Council of the Synod of South Atlan- Mental Illness, and received the United Church
Gallery in Friday Harbor. Several of her encaustic tic and continues to operate West Real Estate of Christ award from the Mental Illness Net-
landscapes are featured in Nature, published in Associates. He is to be installed as the national work. His book, Encounters at the Counter: What
Paris, France. Joan is organizing her archives for moderator of the Association of Presbyterian Congregations Can Learn about Hospitality from
the University of Washington libraries. Tent Makers. Business, Pilgrim Press in 2009.
George Rupp ’67 M.Div. is now in his Jenny Yates ’67 M.A.R. continues to After graduating, William Murray ’69
eighth year as president of the International enjoy living beside the ocean at Wrightsville M.Div. has pursued a special ministry of infor-
Rescue Committee, an international relief and Beach, NC . She teaches psychology and reli- mal chaplaincy to leaders. To train himself,
development agency that operates in over 40 gion in the Graduate School at the University of he attended Harvard Business School for an
countries and also resettles refugees through 23 North Carolina, Wilmington and practices as a MBA and numerous workshops on leadership
o∞ces in the United States. George and Nancy Jungian analyst. and communication skills, which Bill has been
just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.
They enjoy time with their two daughters, sons-
in-law, and five grandchildren.
Charlotte and Melvin D. Schmidt ’67
M.Div. are enjoying retirement in Hyattsville,
MD , where they live surrounded by their three
daughters and nine grandchildren. Mel served
Congregational churches in Connecticut and
Mennonite churches in Kansas, Ohio, and Mary-
land before retiring on his 66th birthday in 2003.
Mel and Charlotte enjoyed a semester of study
in Harvard in 1979 and a three-month trip to
Indonesia in 2001.
David W. Schneider ’67 M.Div. of
Woodbridge, CT , is now semi-retired from the
practice of law. After ordination in the UCC ,
marriage to Virginia Glann ’66 MAR ,
graduation from Yale Law School, and clerking
for a federal appeals judge, David was a partner
and managing partner of Tyler Cooper & Alcorn, Stephen Shuart ’69 M.Div., Harry Knisely ’69 M.Div., Robert Taylor ’69 M.Div., and Charlie Cloughen ’69 M.Div. at
one of Connecticut’s oldest firms. Dave and the 2009 Convocation & Reunions Week
Jinny are proud of their three children: a college
organic chemistry professor, a nurse planner, Class of 1969 teaching to leaders for over 30 years. He can help
and an oceanographic engineer. In 2002, David Andrews ’69 M.Div. com- improve your emotional intelligence, on a dona-
Ronald J. Sider ’67 M.Div. continues pleted a 20-year pastorate at the Congregational tion basis, as his way of making a di≠erence. To
as professor of theology, holistic ministry, and Church in Middlebury, VT , where he contin- learn more, visit www.EagleAlliance.com.
public policy at Palmer Seminary at Eastern ues to live. Since then, he has been director of Roger N. Pohl ’69 B.D. recently retired
University and as president of Evangelicals for development and community relations at the as director of the Ecumenical Center and Inter-
Social Action. He continues to work on a variety Counseling Service of Addison County. David national Residence in Ann Arbor, MI , where
of public policy issues, serving on the boards of has done part-time interim and supply preach- he worked for nine years on interfaith, cross-
the National Religious Partnership for the Envi- ing, while keeping time free for his kids and for cultural understanding and cooperation. An

36 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
ordained UCC minister for 40 years, he ear- Amanda, a college administrator and Rachel, a one of their children gets settled in a long-term
lier served three churches in Minnesota and hospice social worker location. Brenda remains director of accounts
Michigan, and with his wife Joanne taught at For the last 40 years Rand Edwards ’70 payable at Baylor University. Their son, Andrew,
Southern Christian College in the Philippines. M.Div. and Leslie have been serving United is writing his dissertation in political science at
In the 1990s, he was active in the Inter-religious Methodist churches in small college towns. Emory University in Atlanta, while his sister,
Healthcare Access Campaign advocating for uni- They have three grandchildren ages 5, 3, and 2. Courtney, and brother, Edward, are chasing
versal healthcare. When Rand’s dear friend and roommate, Ken their dreams in Los Angeles.
A. Craig Settlage ’69 S.T.M. , an ordained Powell ’71 M.Div. , came down with terminal After 30 years in the Lutheran ministry, Leon-
Lutheran minister, serves in the o∞ce of the cancer, he asked if Rand believed that with God ard Klein ’70 B.D , his wife and two of three
presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran all things work together for good with those who children, entered the Catholic Church in July of
Church in America. He is the director for mission love the Lord. Rand said, “I’m not sure.” Ken 2003. On April 1, 2006, Leonard was ordained
support, responsible for strengthening the rela- said, “I believe that they do.” a priest.
tionship between the 65 synods of the ELCA and After 23 years serving a wonderful UCC congre- The work of Marjorie Peace Lenn ’70
the denomination. His responsibilities include gation in Darien, CT , Ron Evans ’70 B.D. M.A.R. —assisting global governments in
the $ 60 million in support for the mission and and Janet retired to a blissful life of active retire- improving the quality of their university sys-
church-wide ministries of the ELCA . He and his ment at Pilgrim Place in Claremont, CA . They tems—has extended to 50 countries. The Center
wife Rachel live in suburban Chicago. are surrounded by a host of engaging people for Quality Assurance for International Educa-
Shin Na Kyun ’69 M.A.R. is a member of who have served the life of the Church in many tion (www.cqaie.org) of which she is president
the Democratic Party and the National Assembly denominations and in all parts of the world. The has evolved since its founding in 1991 to o∞ces
of Republic of Korea. She was elected as a pro- weather, combination of activities, and proxim- near Washington, DC ; Hanoi, and Abu Dhabi.
portional representation in 2008. Currently, she ity of the Claremont Colleges and Claremont Higher education remains key to the promotion
is a member of the Foreign A≠airs, Trade and Theological School make for happy days. of global understanding.
Unification Committee and the chairperson of Sam Gladding ’70 M.A.R. writes, “God is Chuck Wildman ’70 B.D. and Anne have
the Gender Equality Committee in the National full of surprises, just ask Abraham. Our young- been busy retiring to Cape Cod. He o∞cially
Assembly of Korea. est, Timothy, was accepted to Yale’s Class of ended his 20-year “tour” as senior pastor of Rock
Charles Watkins ’69 M.Div., ’70 S.T.M. 2013 (Saybrook College) so I will travel to New Spring Congregational UCC in Arlington, VA ,
and Jane Combs Watkins ’68 M.A.R. are Haven more and visit YDS in the process.” Sam on April 15. They are located a few minutes’ walk
in their 40th year of congregational ministry and continues to chair the department of counseling from a great ocean beach and surrounded by
their 17th year at Central Christian Church (Dis- at Wake Forest University and to write. Some- several fresh water ponds for non-motor water
ciples of Christ) in Decatur, IL . They are joy- day he hopes to publish as many books as Will sports. He writes, “My best to all. Hope to see
ously expecting the birth of their first grandson Willimon ’71 M.Div. some of you at YDS fall conferences.”
to Anne-Karine and Ben in Bloomington, IN , Thomas L. Hall ’70 B.D. completed a In June 2009, Sandy Wylie ’70 B.D. was
where Ben is Linux platform administrator for five-month intensive interim in 2008, as senior appointed as interim pastor to Tulsa’s University
Cook Medical Group. They are delighted to hear pastor at Shadow Rock UCC in Phoenix, AZ . United Methodist Church, a congregation that
from and respond to friends who may write to Prior to that, he was senior interim for 27 months he served 20 years ago. He plans to retire next
charleswatkins@aya.yale.edu. at Mayflower UCC in Billings, MT . He is now June to a house that he and Susan are building
the senior pastor at Salem UCC in Denver, CO . on Lake Windsor in Bella Vista, AR . The house
Class of 1970 After 63 years of bachelorhood, he married Laura will have a library to accommodate Sandy’s
Novosad in Denver. Tom looks ahead to another large preaching collection. He plans to stay active
eight to 10 years of ministry. in homiletics.
Jerald Kirkpatrick ’70 B.D.
mrstardad@yahoo.com Paul Harris ’70 B.D. and wife Sally write
from Tanzania: “Bottom line: the situation Class of 1971
Faith Nickel Adams ’70 M.A.R. partici- is excellent. God is good, people are amazing, John Charles ’71 M.Div. and Jennifer
pated in the design and composition of a memo- graces attend every day, the church is alive and Brackenbury Boger ’71 M.A.R. live in
rial booklet entitled Constance Libbey Menninger: lively, we have good opportunities to use what Chapel Hill, NC , where Jack is in his fourth
Perspectives on a Vibrant Life. To complete this talents we have and forgiveness for our short- year as dean of the UNC School of Law. Jennifer
task and privilege, Faith was for six weeks a tele- comings. I’m in good health and Sally is getting works for a law firm, directs the Strowd Roses
commuter to Berkeley, CA . better. We are surrounded by loving friends and Charitable Foundation, and remains active in
Gary Ahlskog ’70 B.D., ’71 S.T.M. has supportive colleagues and good things are hap- prison ministry. Their greatest delight is grand-
completed four quarters of CPE , a Ph.D. in psy- pening. How can we keep from singing?” daughters, Edith, 4, and Alice, 9 months; next
chology, and certifications in psychoanalysis and After graduation in 1970, Kathy and David greatest is seeing old YDS friends. Anyone pass-
hypnosis. Today, he makes his living in his o∞ce Keller ’70 M.Div. moved to Pittsburgh where ing through Tar Heel territory, look us up!
in New York City and East Hampton as a psy- David started his first local church appointment John Freeman ’71 M.Div. retired last
choanalyst, exploring nuances of the heart, and as a United Methodist pastor. Six appointments year after 37 years as a minister in the South
as a hypnotic healer, curing smoking, drinking, later, he is currently serving yet another great Carolina Conference of the United Methodist
phobias, intractable pain, and similar issues with congregation in Wilkinsburg near Pittsburgh. Church. In retirement, he has been enjoying
a nearly 100 percent success rate. A special supplement to his ministry has been long-time hobbies of golf, fishing, and wood-
Bob Bixler ’70 M.Div. spends his time summer ministries leading wilderness camping working (including learning woodturning).
working with a foundation he co-founded in events. He writes, “Retirement looms in a two or He also reconnected with a dear friend, Sam
Northern India, the Ladakhi Children’s School- three years but I am in no rush. Ministry is still Lamback ’70 M.Div. , with whom he is play-
ing Project, and with his photography. He an adventure and privilege for me.” ing folk music again, as they did during their
retired in 2007 after 35 years working in the Jerry Kirkpatrick ’70 B.D. continues in days in New Haven.
field of community-based prevention on the interim and transitional ministry, this time serv- Richard Hall ’71 M.Div. is finishing his
state, national and international level. He and ing a small congregation in Keller, TX , a suburb fifth year as financial manager for Child Care
his partner of 22 years, John, live in Denver. of Fort Worth. They have bought a house in Resources of Monmouth County, NJ . After wob-
They have three children, Marialisa, a lawyer, Waco, which is their homebase—at least until bling partway through a Ph.D. program at Iowa,

s p e c t r u m 37
he joined the field of association/nonprofit man- North Alabama Conference of the United Meth- the board of directors of Oak Ridge Associated
alumni news
agement in 1978 and has been there ever since. odist Church. In February 2009 William had the Universities.
Richard dabbles in jazz piano, bridge, and has good experience of being able to go back to YDS
been married to Kathy Sexton Hall since 1970. to lecture and to preach. He was thrilled with the Class of 1974
Richard says a special hello to Dale Lindquist, condition of the school, physically, academically, Secretary
Brad Kress, Peter Williams, and Dave Bartlett. and spiritually. Joseph M. Freeman ’74 M.Div.
Kirk Hanson ’71 Div. is University Pro- jfreeman@christthesavior.org
fessor of Organizations and Society at Santa Class of 1972
Clara University and executive director of the M. Clare Adams ’74 S.T.M. continues to
Bill Bonvillian, ’72 M.A.R. is coauthor
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (www.scu. teach happily at Caldwell College in New Jersey.
(with Charles Weiss of Georgetown Univer-
edu/ethics). Kirk is helping create new centers She writes, “Working in a double department
sity) of a new book published in April by MIT
for business ethics and spirituality in China and with campus ministry is most enriching as
Press. Structuring an Energy Technology Revolu-
and India and serves on the board of the Skoll it connects me with great colleagues who share
tion attempts to set out a new energy policy to
Foundation, which promotes social entrepre- my interests, and with the students on several
meet the challenges of climate change and energy
neurship globally. Kirk’s daughter, Kelsey, is a fronts.” Recently Clare supported the students
security. For the past four years Bill has directed
third year M.Div. student at Fuller Theological in in establishing a Students for Life club on
MIT ’s Washington, DC , o∞ce and he teaches
Pasadena, CA . campus with the goal of service for life in its
science and technology policy courses on the
many dimensions.
Dale Lindquist ’71 M.Div. is assistant pro- adjunct faculty at Georgetown.
fessor and associate director of the Beck Institute Mark Ellingsen ’74 M.Div. serves on
John Bryson Chane ’72 M.Div. serves as
on Religion and Poverty at the Graduate School the faculty of the African-American church’s
Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Washington,
of Social Service of Fordham University. The largest accredited seminary, the Interdenomi-
DC , and president and CEO of the Protestant
Institute collaborates with faith-based anti-pov- national Theological Center in Atlanta. He has
Episcopal Cathedral Foundation of the Wash-
erty programs using University resources. He is just had his 15th book published, Sin Bravely: A
ington National Cathedral. His work focuses on
currently filming a documentary on faith-based Joyful Alternative To a Purpose Driven Life (Con-
Middle East peace initiatives and supporting his
emergency food programs in New York City. He tinuum), a critique of Rick Warren and Joel
diocese’s companion relationship with the Angli-
lives in Westchester with his wife Marion. His Osteen. The book has received good reviews,
can Province of Southern Africa. He has twice
son works for Teach for America and his daugh- and Mark has been a featured guest for several
been preacher in residence at the Chautauqua
ter is a graduate student. radio interviews.
Institution. Other activities include lobbying on
Walter Riedel ’71 M.Div. serves in Stuart, Capitol Hill and interfaith dialogue.
FL , where his church is beginning a new ministry
Class of 1975
David Cox ’72 M.Div., ’87 S.T.M. , though
to singles, with a dedicated, contemporary-style Secretary
retired for pension purposes, now serves St.
worship and activities geared toward the needs Richard O. Johnson ’75 M.Div.
Luke’s Episcopal Church in Hot Springs, VA .
of single people. The average church pays 46 per- roj@nccn.net
He still lives in Lexington where he is a member
cent of the adult population no or negative atten- of the city council, teaches courses in ethics and Lyle Vincent Anderson ’75 M.Div.
tion. Those involved in the planning are excited, in liberal arts at two local colleges, and tries to do is now a Quaker, ex-philosopher and [g—m]
and 30 percent of our planning group does not some writing. David was a deputy to the recent lawyer. He hears regularly from YDS fundrais-
even belong to the original church. Episcopal General Convention. He and Melissa ers; if $200K lien vs. ex-client in WILD case[s]
John Rollefson, M.Div. ’71 retired in enjoy having all their three still-single children v. the reputed model/mentor of Matlock ever
mid-August from 35 years of pastoral ministry, in Virginia. comes through, they will hear back. He is still
having served Lutheran congregations in San David Ellingson ’72 M.Div. is professor adjusting to the Deep South. Lyle’s bio is at
Francisco, Milwaukee, Ann Arbor and Los Ange- of children, youth and family studies at Trinity www.lawdalton.com.
les. He and his wife Ruth, a retired public school Lutheran College near Seattle. He is the director Richard E. Allen, Jr. ’75 M.Div. is still
music teacher, are living in San Luis Obispo of the Children, Youth & Family Center at the serving as a pastor in the United Methodist
where he is beginning his retirement by serving college and also directs the Service and Learn- Church. After 25 years in South Carolina, includ-
as a part-time interim campus pastor at Cal Poly. ing Leadership Training Project. His current ing pastorates in Myrtle Beach and Columbia,
Ruth and John welcomed their first grandchild research is a major five-year study of the out- and a stint as an associate pastor at Christ Church
in early July! comes of service learning among adolescents. in New York City, he is pastor of Mamaroneck
David Wheeler ’71 M.Div. is senior pastor David is married and has five children and they UMC in Westchester County, NY . He has been
of the First Baptist Church of Portland, OR . This live in Edmonds, WA . married to Lynne, a career counselor, for 10
congregation in the heart of downtown Portland Tom Snapp ’72 M.Div. retired from active years. He enjoys hiking and photography.
worships in English, Spanish and Cambodian, full-time ministry on August 1, 2008, and moved Samuel W. Croll, III ’75 M.A.R. is CEO of
and engages in ministries of feeding, housing near Gulfport, FL . His daughter lives there The Clean Air Group. He is a director of Mazda
and outreach to students in the surrounding with her son. Tom and his wife spend a lot of Limited of Ahmedabad, India, and a trustee
colleges and universities. time baby-sitting and otherwise enjoying their emeritus at Skidmore College. Sam is currently
After 20 years in campus ministry, five years ago grandson. Tom serves as pastoral care special- clerk of the session at Rye Presbyterian Church
William H. Willimon ’71 M.Div. moved ist at Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown and a member of the Stephen Ministry. He lives
to Birmingham, AL , to be the bishop of the St. Petersburg, FL , where he coordinates parish in Greenwich, CT , with his son, Harrison, and
callers and works with downtown church issues wife Ann, who is director of admissions at the
like homelessness. Stanwich School.
Is Your Class Unattended? James Turner ’72 M.Div. retired as chief Mark D. Dewald ’75 M.Div. has been
Become a Class Secretary! counsel of the House of Representatives Com- pastor of First United Church of Christ in Read-
mittee on Science and Technology and served on ing, PA , for the past 21 years. He has been mar-
To find out how, call 203.432.5359
President Obama’s transition team. He became ried for 37 years to Nancy Hodge Dewald who
or write divinity.alumni@yale.edu.
director of energy policy for Association of is a librarian at the Penn State Berks Campus.
Public and Land Grant Universities and joined His elder daughter, Alison, is pursuing a Ph.D.

38 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
in research chemistry at the University of Vir- teacher, grant writer, researcher, and univer- for Pastoral Theology, where he also co-chairs
ginia. His younger daughter, Laura, is a second sity faculty. He currently works half-time as an the church and Christian formation group and
grade teacher in the Charlottesville, VA , area. He autism specialist with DeKalb County Schools. serves on the Journal of Pastoral Theology’s edi-
enjoys hiking with his pet Keeshond, Atom. He’s been married to Mary Callaway for 37 years. torial board.
Edward E. Flower ’75 S.T.M. is now Their daughter, Hillary, is married and work- Steve Schlather ’75 M.A.R. worked in
retired. He served for twenty years as a US ing as a social worker in Asheville, NC . She is daily newspapers for 27 years. He now does
Army chaplain. He then earned his doctorate expecting first child in February. Their daugh- publicity, speaking, education, and outreach
in psychology and served an additional 23 years ter, Hannah, is married, employed as a teacher for a county waste management district. He and
as a pastoral counselor. He and his wife Judy, in Greensboro, NC . his wife of 24 years Nancy Flinchbaugh live in
a clinical psychologist, serve as visitors for the Mary Callaway Logan ’75 M.Div. has Springfield, OH . Their sons are Luke, a recent
United Methodist Endorsing Agency and run been a pastoral counselor in private practice St. Olaf graduate working in database manage-
workshops for Methodist chaplains returning at Druid Hills United Methodist for 12 years, ment for Wittenberg University, and Jacob,
from the combat zone and their spouses. The having worked the previous 15 years previous about to start his third year at the University of
Flowers have been married for 51 years and have in community counseling and substance abuse Cincinnati with a double major in computer sci-
two sons and four grandchildren. treatment. In 1997, Mary developed a group ence and math.
Henry B. Freeman ’75 M.Div. is president spiritual-direction art studio, Seeds of Light, Daniel Solberg ’75 M.Div. never responds
of H . Freeman Associates, LLC , a fundraising which allows members to reflect on their spiri- to these requests for news, but fortunately for
consulting firm serving non-profits and schools tual autobiography using visual expression. She him, his brother-in-law is the class secretary.
throughout the country. This fall, Henry admin- is also a painter and found-objects artist follow- He continues to serve as pastor of St. Paulus
istered a blog for the Henri Nouwen Society on ing biblical and spiritual themes. Lutheran Church in San Francisco. Daniel lives
The Spirituality of Fund-Raising. He also recently Barbara (Miodonski) Oldmeadow in Castro Valley with wife Barbara and a revolv-
completed a five-hour video series titled Nine ’75 M.Div. and John Oldmeadow ’75 ing assortment of their five children, their friends
Guiding Principles and 50 Practical Tips for Suc- M.A.R. continue to live in Australia. Barbara and some grandchildren. He generally tries to
cessful Fundraising. To contact Henry, visit www. has completed over 20 years as a school chap- be in as much trouble as possible for someone
hfreemanassociates.com. lain, and is considering her future direction in of his age.
Rick Jackson, ’75 M.A.R. is the president pastoral ministry and spiritual development. Joseph David Stinson ’75 M.Div. has
of the Center for Courage & Renewal (www. John continues in his role as executive director been the minister of the Glen Ridge Congrega-
CourageRenewal.org). He co-directs the center of the Board of Education of the NSW Synod of tional Church (UCC ) in Glen Ridge, NJ , for 17
with his wife Marcy and senior partner Parker the Uniting Church in Australia. years. He is also a rear admiral in the US Navy,
Palmer. The center’s mission is to nurture per- Ellen Robbins ’75 M.Div. has been teach- serving since the fall of 2007 as deputy chief of
sonal and professional integrity and the courage ing Hebrew Bible in the department of Near chaplains. He and his wife Cynthia have been
to act on it. Eastern studies at Johns Hopkins University for married for 29 years and have four children.
Richard O. Johnson, ’75 M.Div. has 18 years. She is writing a radical re-interpreta- Hannah, Phoebe and Jesse have graduated from
been pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, Grass tion of the story of the Garden of Eden. She is college and have various levels of employment.
Valley, CA , for 25 years. Beyond the parish, he an active participant in Women in Black and has The youngest Lydia is a junior at Williston-
edits Forum Letter, an independent publication organized a Peace Path annually every September Northampton School. The Stinsons also have a
that comments on things Lutheran for a reader- 11 since 2002. She’s been married to Joel Spruck home in Swanzey, NH .
ship of several thousand. On the side, he teaches for 30 years. They have a daughter, Hannah. Philip F. Wiehe ’75 M.Div., ’76 S.T.M.
church history for Fuller Seminary’s Northern Jim Rubins ’75 M.Div. retired from Napa is serving as the interim rector of St. George’s
California extension. He has been married to Lois County government, where he worked for 25 Episcopal Church in Arlington, VA . This is Phil’s
for 31 years. His son, Luke, is a journalist work- years in various administrative roles including third interim rectorship following the develop-
ing in Singapore, and his daughter, Johanna alcohol and drug administrator in the heart of the ment of a service as a consultant to churches
’09 M.Div. , is on internship in Naples, FL . California Wine Country. While at YDS he mar- struggling with conflict and strategic plan-
Dieter P. Kuchenbecker ’75 M.A.R. has ried L. Ann Hallisey ’75 M.Div. and they ning. Phil published a book, Ten Dumb Things
been pastor of the Lutheran Church in Schlam- had three children. Jim and Ann were divorced Churches Do in 2001, and this year has published
ersdorf, Schleswig-Holstein for eight years. He in 1996 but meet often to celebrate kids and More Dumb Things Churches Do with his wife
has been working on a committee of the North- accomplishments. Oldest Linda McFadden M.Div.
elbian Church observing sects and cults. He is daughter has recently ’81 as co-author.
president of the regional American Society and been named an astronaut
has led a group called “Common Ground” at the candidate by NASA and
Class of 1976
American Center of Hamburg. He’s been mar- is training for space flight.
ried to Hannelore, who is an architect, for 21 Secretary
Middle daughter is a social
years and has a daughter, 13. Paige Smith ’76 M.Div.
worker like her ol’ man.
David W. Kuck ’75 S.T.M. has been on the Son works in the phar-
academic sta≠ of the United Theological College maceutical industry. Jim Dick CLAY ’76 Div. , who
of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, since works part-time as a social was at Y DS for a year, left to
1991, teaching New Testament and preach- worker/chaplain at the attend law school at the Uni-
ing. He is called by the ELCA , on behalf of the local hospital in Napa. versity of Kentucky, becoming
Lutheran Church in Guyana. He recently pub- Charles J. Scalise ’75 managing editor of the Law
lished Preaching in the Caribbean: Building up a M.Div. has served as a Review. He has worked for the
People for Mission. His wife Mary teaches English Fuller Seminary professor Dick Clay ’76 M.Div. same firm in Louisville ever
at UTCWI and for a program training Jamaican for 15 years. With his wife since getting his law degree. He
vocational teachers. Pamela Johnson Scalise, an Old Testament pro- continues his Y DS education by learning from
Kent R. Logan ’75 M.Div. has worked in fessor, he teaches primarily at Fuller Northwest his wife Elizabeth a Presbyterian minister and
the field of special education in Atlanta since in Seattle. Last June, Charlie delivered a plenary their four children. If you are in Louisville, Dick
1975. He’s been a classroom teacher, consulting address on theological di≠erence to the Society writes, “I’d love to give you hospitality.”

s p e c t r u m 39
Class of 1977 ting for the film My Cousin Vinny), his US base, as well with the Oregon Idaho Conference of
alumni news
and in an ancient house in western Hungary, the United Methodist Church. She provides
which he has renovated. He made the summer the sites for the presbytery of the Cascades and
Susan Klein ’77 M.Div.
of 2009 a “self-care summer,” he writes, “losing registration services for the Pacific Conference of
weight, paying o≠ debt and avoiding most the United Church of Christ and Rogue Valley
Someone who also practices Nouwen-esque hos- hurtful behaviors.” He is enjoying the novels of YMCA . Personal travel has taken her recently to
pitality is Ron Degges ’77 M.A.R. , the newly Graham Greene. the Iona Community in Scotland.
elected president The industrious and illustrious Richard Eric Kolbell ’78 M.Div. is now writing full-
of Disciples Home Hays ’77 M.Div. , after completing his Ph.D. time. He writes, “The UCC has been gracious
Missions. Though at Emory, taught New Testament at Y DS and enough to see my writing as my ministry.” Eric is
he has recently settled into Duke Divinity School where he is also working as a psychotherapist part time. His
relocated to India- now George Washington Ivey Professor of New latest book is The God of Second Chances (West-
napolis, while Testament. His most recent books are Seeking minster Press). He and his wife Ann, live in New
in Los Angeles, the Identity of Jesus: A Pilgrimage (Eerdmans), York City. Their daughter, Kate, is a senior at
Ron led the San and Reading the Bible Intertextuall, (Baylor). He Bryn Mawr.
Fernando Valley spent fall ’08 as a visiting fellow at Clare Hall, D. Lynn Snider ’78 M.Div. has just finished
Interfaith Council Cambridge. In June he received the Dr. Theol his first year as pastor of the Chagrin Falls United
which produced Ron Degges ’77 M.A.R. honoris causa from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Methodist Church. Lynn is close to the finish line
a film, “Putting University in Frankfurt, Germany. of a two-year-long on-line Bible study that he
Faith into Action.” He and his wife of 22 years,
Reggie Rowell ’77 M.Div., ’80 S.T.M. , is leading.
Denise, are the parents of five children.
who worked at the bookstore during his time at Glenn Wagner ’78 M.Div. is finishing his
Margie Mayson ’77 M.Div. , another prac- Y DS , is full-time sta≠ chaplain at the Medical 33rd year of pastoral ministry and third as pastor
titioner of hospitality, has moved to Ithaca, NY , University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC . of the Holt United Methodist Church in Holt,
from Rochester to serve in a reconciling congre- He has been there since 2007 and continues to MI . Nancy Wagner (formerly Y DS reception-
gation of the United Methodist Church. Her 700- supply at Aldersgate UMC in North Charleston. ist) serves as secretary of the East Lansing City
member congregation is working on a mission He and his wife Denice, live in Hanahan, SC . Council. Son Michael is enrolled at University of
statement that will incorporate transgendered He is interested in starting a Facebook account Michigan Law School and daughter Bethany will
persons into its welcoming ministries. She and for our class. If you would like to help, please graduate in 2010 from Hope College.
Wes Perkins are the parents of two out–of-the- let him know. Margaret Alice Wilcox (aka Ally
nest daughters, but they still cohabit with large
Perry ) ’78 M.Div. has served as an Epis-
dogs. Margie continues to love the ministry.
Class of 1978 copal priest in Pottsboro, TX , at Saint John
Marilyn Hair ’77 M.Div. and Rick Steele the Apostle Episcopal church since 2004. The
’78 M.Div. are the parents of three children, the church has gotten awards for growth in aver-
Vaughan D. McTernan ’78 M.Div.
youngest of whom has just started college. Their age Sunday attendance at diocesan convention
eldest child’s genetic condition, Fibrodysplasia for the last four years. Her husband, a lighting
Ossificans Progressiva, led Marilyn to become a Mary Deeley ’78 M.Div. continues working designer in the film business, has worked with
nationally known advocate for persons with this as pastoral associate and No. 2 to the director Scott Meyers.
condition and to complete another bachelor’s for the Sheil Catholic Center at Northwestern John Wadsworth ’78 M.Div. is a part-
degree in biology. She is now working for her University. She also does some spiritual direc- ner at the law firm of Brown Rudnick in Boston,
master’s degree in public health-genetics at the tion and counseling. Occasionally she gives lec- doing primarily environmental and energy law,
University of Washington in Seattle. She is an tures, and does a little writing. More important, having left the ministry in 1984. He is married to
inspiration to all of us. she and Dan are proud of their daughters: one Maria, an oncology nurse working in a private
Deborah Henze Hunley ’77 M.Div. in law school and the other working as an aero- clinic, and has one son, Noah, who is in his senior
was in Los Angeles as a deputy for the General space engineer. year of high school.
Convention of the Episcopal Church. Deborah John Paul Beaudoin ’78 M.Div. lives
continues serving as rector of Christ Church in in Pebble Beach, CA , with his wife Rhonda
Roanoke, VA . and their dog, Tazz. Nicholas, his eldest child, 1979 Save the Date for your Cluster
We continue to be proud of Chris Glaser teaches English in Taiwan. Jordan is a college Reunion with the classes of 1980
’77 M.Div. whose 11th book, As My Own junior currently studying in Mendoza, Argen- and 1981, October 11-14, 2010.
Soul: The Blessing of Same-Gender Marriage, tina. JP is a clinical psychologist and medical
examiner in private practice. John stays in close
has just been published by Seabury. He serves Class of 1979
as interim pastor of a UCC church in Atlanta. contact with many YDS friends.
In May, the Center for Lesbian and Gay Stud- Larry Buxton ’78 M.Div. continues as
Ron Hooker ’79 M.Div.
ies at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, senior pastor at Burke United Methodist Church,
CA , o∞cially celebrated the reception of Chris’ where he was appointed in 2007. He also teaches
papers into their archives. the practice of reaching in the United Methodist Jim Gilchrist ’79 M.Div. is senior pastor
Bruce Sylvester ’77 M.A.R., ’80 M.Div. course of study at Wesley Seminary and taught at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pitts-
writes of developments in the medical field for in Kenya recently. Beverly continues her leader- burgh, PA . He teaches at Pittsburgh Theological
the Christian Science Monitor and various Inter- ship training and development consulting busi- Seminary and participates in Council on Foreign
net sites. He lives in Monticello, GA , (the set- ness. Garrett, 23, was married in June 2009 to Relations activities.
the former Carly Brown. Tyler, 22, is a senior at Ronald L. Hooker ’79 M.Div. joins his
Virginia Tech. classmates in remembering the contributions of
Moved? Moving?
Lisa Jean Hoefner ’78 M.Div. continues the recently deceased Gaylord Noyce ’52
Let us know by e-mailing divinity. working in outdoor ministries in Oregon and M.Div. to prepare the class for parish minis-
alumni@yale.edu. Idaho. As executive director, she is now work- try. He writes, “Yale was a great, well-rounded
ing with both the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon school because of faculty members like Gaylord

40 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Noyce and Harry B. Adams, who prepared us to the pleasure and unique experience of recently
serve the church.” co-teaching a course, “Nonprofit Leadership
Ellen H. Hiatt ’79 M.Div. and Barnet and Management,” with Oli Jenkins at Can-
M. (“Mike”) McKee ’79 M.Div. are cel- dler School of Theology. Designed for students
ebrating 30 years of marriage and ministry considering vocations with nonprofit agencies
in the Missouri Mid-South Conference of (social service, faith-based, and social justice
the UCC . Ellen is the “in house” chaplain at ministries in particular). Jerry writes, “Imagine
Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL , and Mike the two of us teaching together! Those students
continues to practice law and represent the will never be the same again!!!!”
Missouri Mid-South and Illinois South Con- Oli Jenkins ’80 M.Div. became director of
ferences of the United Church of Christ. Their the O∞ce of International Initiatives for Candler
daughter, Kathleen, is in medical school at School of Theology in Atlanta, GA . In addition
Emory. Their son, Jonathan, begins architec- to teaching and directing the first year of Contex-
ture school this fall at Washington University in tual Education for M.Div. students. He writes,
St. Louis. “One of the perks of the new job was accompany-
Jerry W. Henry ’80 M.Div. speaking during the 2009 Convocation &
Last October Mark Neumeier ’79 M.Div. ing Candler student interns to the Republic of Reunions Week
was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time Georgia in May. And if you have insomnia, watch
he was otherwise in perfect health and great for the book, Equipping the Saints: Best Practices United Methodist Church of Cheraw, SC . His
physical shape. Mark has paralysis on his left side in Contextual Theological Education.” wife Kay is a provisional deacon in the United
and is considered totally disabled. He is trying Karen Johnson ’80 M.Div. retired from Methodist Church and is doing extended CPE
to recover some use of his left arm and leg, but institutional work almost two years ago. For the in Columbia, SC . Their daughter, Jane, teaches
needs help with the most basic tasks. He writes, last 15 years she has been part of the Dayspring first grade in Spartanburg, SC ; and their son,
“Life can be cruel. I just drew a short straw.” Community of Washington DC ’s ecumenical Paul Wood III , works for a video gaming firm
Scott Thayer ’79 M.Div. has been called Church of the Saviour. Karen continues to do in Shanghai, China.
as minister to Bethany Memorial Church and spiritual direction both in private practice and at
chaplain of Bethany College in Bethany, WV . Class of 1982
Bethany was the home of Alexander Campbell, Secretary
founder of the movement that eventually became Paul Stroble ’82 M.Div.
the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Beth- pes2@uakron.edu
any College, founded by Campbell in 1840, is the
oldest college in the state of West Virginia. Lyn G. Brakeman ’82 M.Div. has been
active in a ministry of pastoral counseling and
Mark Valeri ’79 M.Div. continues as a
serves as spiritual director and part-time clergy at
professor of church history at Union Theological
St. John’s Episcopal Church in Gloucester, MA .
Seminary in Richmond, VA . He, his wife Lynn,
She is also the author of two books, Spiritual
and two teenage sons live in Richmond and are
Lemons and The God Between Us, both published
involved in the Third Presbyterian Church. His
by Augsburg Books. Lyn plans to retire in the
latest book, Heavenly Merchandize: How Religion
summer of 2010 to Cambridge, MA , to travel
Shaped Commerce in Puritan America, will appear
some, write a lot, stay healthy (a full-time job)
in the spring from Princeton University Press.
and enjoy city play.
Sam Candler ’82 M.Div. writes, “I have
1980 Save the Date for your Cluster
been Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral of St.
Reunion with the classes of 1979 Nancy Taylor ’81 M.Div. receives the Alumni Award for
Distinction in Congregational Ministry from Dean Philip in Atlanta for ten years. I have been quite
and 1981, October 11-14, 2010. Harold Attridge at the 2009 Alumni Awards Luncheon active in the General Convention of the Episcopal
Church and in inter-religious dialogue around
Virginia Theological Seminary. She writes, “To the world. I still play piano when I can, and write
Class of 1980 have been blessed with work I love all these years for the website www.episcopalcafe.com. I also
Secretary is to experience life as a cup running over. I am maintain a blog at www.goodfaithandthecom
Jerry W. Henry ’80 M.Div. so grateful.” mongood.blogspot.com. Boog is doing wonder-
jerry@ahmp.com Peter Strimer ’80 M.Div. continues as fully, as are Sarah (in medical school), Martha
Vanessa Falgoust ’80 M.Div. has been rector of St. Andrew’s, Seattle. He headed his (married), and Samuel (about to be married).”
called to serve as minister of West End Christian diocesan deputation to the Episcopal Church Scott Pidcock ’82 M.A.R. continues his
Church (Disciples of Christ) in Danville, VA . General Convention and served as the chair of involvement with The Pidcock Company, a
Her husband Alan Cox continues to teach music the legislative committee on communications 65-person architectural and land planning firm
at the University of Virginia. for the House of Deputies. The people of St. in Allentown, PA . Along with wife Gillian, Scott
Andrew’s designed and built the 35-foot high is active in the life of First Presbyterian Church of
Holly Hamlett ’80 M.Div. was diagnosed
stained glass window that is the centerpiece of Allentown and with his children, Rachel (NYU
with breast cancer in February 2007 and under-
their sanctuary. He wants his classmates to know graduate school), Stuart (Colorado College),
went surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treat-
that he continues, “to dance and carry on and and Lucy (Moravian Academy grade 10). Scott
ment. She is doing well. In 2008, she traveled to
have a good time.” also serves on the YDS Board of Advisors.
Korea as a delegate of the Global Cooperation
Society and received an award from California Paul Wood ’80 M.Div. has begun his 30th Barbara Kline Seamon ’82 M.Div.
State University, Long Beach School of Social year of fulltime ministry and now serves the First lives in Leverett, MA, serving a Congregational
Work in recognition of 15 years of service as a church. After more than 25 years of ordained
field instructor. 1981 Save the Date for your Cluster ministry, she has expanded her work to include
Reunion with the classes of 1979 helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Dis-
Jerry Henry ’80 M.Div. , partner with Alex-
ander Haas consulting firm in Atlanta, GA , had
and 1980, October 11-14, 2010. order (ASD ). She received a masters certificate

s p e c t r u m 41
in ASD from Antioch University in 2007 and currently pastor of Aldersgate UMC in Huber within about six months.) An additional joy was
alumni news
was recognized for her work by The Common- Heights, OH . He continues to engage with vari- being joined by all four of his siblings and his
wealth of Massachusetts in 2008. She has four ous peace and justice movements, both locally mother. Sorrow came in early August, with his
children: Joshua, 29, Katie, 27, Jesse, 25, and and for his denomination. John and his wife mother’s death. They were all able to spend time
Caleb, 9. JoAnn have three daughters, a granddaughter with her in her last several weeks.
William H. Shepherd ’82 M.Div. has and a grandson. A year into life as PictureWise Productions,
been appointed reference librarian at Pitts The- Thomasina A. Yuille ’82 M.Div., ’96 Kathleen LaCamera ’83 M.Div. and
ology Library, Emory University. He received his S.T.M. retired after 23 years of service as a chap- her husband (both producers) have been work-
master of library and information science degree lain in the US Navy. Currently, she serves as the ing on news, feature and educational films and
from Valdosta State University in 2008. Bill lives University Chaplain and Rooke Chapel Minister print projects for US and UK audiences. It is only
in Gri∞n, GA , with his wife Nancy and a Basset at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA . occasionally that they get to the point where they
Hound named Puddle. don’t speak....for just a week or so. Work as a
Charles Stewart ’82 Div. is Kenan Sahin hospital chaplain one day a week continues to
Class of 1983
Distinguished Professor of Political Science at be a spiritual anchor and a personal privilege for
Secretary which Kathleen is enormously grateful.
MIT and the chair of the department. In addition
Kathleen LaCamera ’83 M.Div.
to his scholarship and administrative duties, he is Mev Miller ’83 M.Div. received an Ed.D.
also housemaster of McCormick Hall. He passed in critical pedagogy from the University of St.
the quarter-century mark of happy marriage to Catherine A. Dixon ’83 M.Div. has Thomas in Minneapolis in 2002. She is cur-
Kathy Hess this past year, and his son will be a worked as a drug and alcohol counselor, secured a rently the director and founder of WE LEARN
high school sophomore this year. He continues second masters degree in rehabilitation counsel- (Women Expanding Literacy Education Action
to be active in his local United Methodist Church ing, and snagged her certification and licensure Resource Network), located in Cranston, RI .
and the New England Conference. in Pennsylvania. She has mourned the ending WE LEARN is a community that promotes
Paul Stroble ’82 M.Div. recently moved to of a long-term relationship, been blessed with women’s literacy as a tool that fosters empower-
St. Louis where his wife Beth is the new president another chance, and in the midst of it all was ment and equity for women.
of Webster University. Paul will start teaching found by the woman who gave birth to her and David Norgard ’83 M.Div. continues
courses at Eden Theological Seminary in the fall surrendered her for adoption. Catherine’s adop- to expand his management consulting practice
of 2009. He continues writing study books and tive mother lived to see it happen and with grace to nonprofit organizations, OD 180. He serves
curriculum for the United Methodist Publishing extended herself to her birthmother. on the alumni and community advisory board
House and recently started a blog at paulstroble. The travels of Rita Ferrone ’83 M.Div. of Antioch University in Los Angeles and was
blogspot.com. He and Beth have been married to give liturgy workshops this year took her recently elected
25 years. Their daughter, Emily, is in her sopho- to Dodge City, Wichita, and Reno. The Wild president of Integ-
more year at Seton Hall University. West! What fun, especially Reno. It was the rity. He and his
John Totten II ’82 M.Div. was elected to first time she ever attended a church conven- partner, Joseph
the Mecklenburg county district court bench in tion in a casino. Other events include national Oppold, celebrated
Charlotte, NC . conferences in Orlando and San Jose, and teach- their 30th anniver-
ing in New York. Yale made her proud with “A sary of life together
Robert Troeger ’82 M.A.R. celebrated
Common Word.” Bravo YDS ! in Palm Springs.
21 years as music director of St. Matthew’s
Robin Harwood ’83 M.Div., ’85 S.T.M. , Visiting the Quad-
Episcopal in Wheeling, WV , and at Wheeling
began a new position as senior fellow at the rangle last summer
Jesuit University. He completed a sabbatical in
Urban Institute, a liberal think tank in Wash- for the first time in David Norgard ’83 M.Div.
Germany studying music teaching techniques
ington, DC , devoted to research on public many years, he rec-
for very young children, and played a recital
policy that a≠ects the lives of vulnerable fami- ognized it on the outside but couldn’t believe it
on the organ of the newly rededicated Frauen-
lies and children. She loves it there. She and her on the inside.
kirche in Dresden. He and Deborah celebrated
son Alec’s graduation from Rollins in 2008, and daughter, Katie, a second grader, still live in Edmund K. “Ned” Sherrill II ’83 M.Div.
son Nicolas is in his junior year at the University Garrett Park, MD , a leafy suburban community was appointed as the fourth head of school of
of Cincinnati. near Bethesda. The School at Church Farm in Exton, PA , start-
Linda Higgins ’83 ing July 1, 2009. A∞liated with the Episcopal
M.Div. has been serv- Church, the school is a 7th-to-12th grade, college
ing the North Stonington preparatory, boarding and day school for boys,
Congregational Church in many of whom come from single parent families.
Connecticut as its interim Edmund says, if you have young boys, consider
minister. At home, Linda sending them here!
has three children in col- Carol Strickland ’83 M.Div. accepted
lege as of fall. Nick is the call to be pastor of the Abbeville (SC ) Pres-
finishing up at Manchester byterian Church and was installed on March 1,
Community College, Brit- 2009. Prior to this, she served for 21 years as asso-
tany is at Costal in South ciate pastor of Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church
Carolina, and Tori is at in Atlanta, with the last 12 years being part-time
the Savanna College of in the ongoing dance of vocations of ministry and
Art and Design. motherhood. She and her family (husband Jack
In June, Paul Jacob- plus Xan, 12, and Anna, 8) are adjusting well to
Paul Jacobson ’83 M.A.R. with his four siblings and mother. son ’83 M.A.R. was all the changes this move represents.
ordained as a transitional Bryan Whitfield ’83 M.A.R. continues to
John C. Wagner ’82 M.Div. has been deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut. enjoy teaching Bible and Greek to undergradu-
a United Methodist pastor since graduation, (Transitional meaning that, God willing and the ates at Mercer University in Macon, GA . In the
serving churches in Indiana and Ohio. He is Church consenting, he will be ordained a priest summer of 2008, he spent a transformative week

42 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
with the Iona Community o≠ the coast of Scot- churches needing short-term pastoral leader-
land. In the summer of 2009, Bryan presented a ship through a transition crisis. The Latimers
paper at a conference at Regent’s Park College in are beginning such a call in a small Connecticut
Oxford and spent a week with the Taizé Com- church because of the serious illness of a long-
munity in France. term, much-loved pastor. She reports that she
and Arthur never know where they will be next,
class of 1984 and that’s just fine.
Secretary Serene Jones ’85 M.Div. has just finished
Maureen A. Dickmann ’84 M.Div. her first year as president of Union Theologi-
MaureenDickmann@aya.yale.edu cal Seminary in New York. She is also pleased
to announce the publication of her new book,
Mary Anne Geertsma ’84 M.Div. has Trauma and Grace. She and her daughter, Charis,
been in pastoral ministry for the last 21 years. She enjoy living in Morningside Heights.
has been a director of pastoral care for the past 11
Gene McAfee ’85 M.Div. just celebrated
years. She and her husband Alex celebrated their
his fifth anniversary as pastor of Faith UCC
40th anniversary this year and 40th reunions at
in Richmond Heights, OH . He welcomed two
their colleges.
new kittens into the family in April (Boaz and
Mark Granquist ’84 M.Div. was recently Phoebe), and traveled to Atlanta for a preach-
appointed associate professor of Church History Bonita Grubbs ’84 M.A.R. at the 2009 Alumni Awards ing conference in May and General Synod in
at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN . Granquist Luncheon, where she received the Lux et Veritas Award Grand Rapids in June. He continues to serve the
had previously taught for 15 years in the religion Western Reserve Association in its department
departments of St. Olaf and Gustavus Adolphus student in supervisory education. Marion and of church and ministry and in its Lay School,
Colleges. son, Lloyd, 8, live in Marion’s old hometown of where he loves to teach Bible.
Jeffrey Montague ’84 M.Div. lives in Louisville, and Lloyd attends elementary school
Caroline Keeney Meyers ’85 M.Div. is
Connecticut with his wife of 25 years and three at Marion’s old school. “We practice Tae Kwon
concluding four years as pastor of South Con-
stupendous kids, each of whom is working and Do. We’re black belts,” Marion writes.
gregational Church in Amherst, MA . She and 14
finishing college. He is working for the Con- other members just returned from the church’s
necticut Department of Mental Health and 1985 – Save the Date for your 25th
first-ever mission trip to Appalachia. Finishing a
Addiction Services, in Norwich. Je≠’s ministry Reunion, October 11-14, 2010.
major reconstruction, the church looks forward
includes working as coordinator of the clinical to rededicating their building in the fall. Caro-
faith initiative in treatment and recovery pro-
Class of 1985 line and husband Tom are enjoying the activities
grams, coordinator of the employee assistance of their children Rebecca, 15, and Sam, 13, both
program, and leader of the Connecticut Disaster involved in local music, theater, and sports.
Eugene C. McAfee ’85 M.Div.
Behavioral Health Response Network for eastern
mcafee@post.harvard.edu Tim Morita ’85 M.Div ., retired after 28
years as a US Navy chaplain, is now vice-presi-
Robert Nugent ’84 S.T.M. , a Catholic Betsy Bergen ’85 M.Div. continues to dent of a college-prep private school in Hawaii
priest of the Society of the Divine Savior,has lead monthly worship services at Loomis Vil- and preaches regularly at Ilikai Hotel Resort
published articles on religious topics in America, lage Retirement Community in South Hadley, Ministries in Waikiki. Wife Jan is a public school
Commonweal, Church, The Tablet, and other MA , teaching scripture when she can and always teacher in Honolulu.
Catholic journals. Paulist Press will publish his looking for secular ways to present spiritual Pamela Mott ’85 M.Div. just celebrated
new book, Silence Speaks, in the coming year. material. At age 78, Betsy has been married to her fifth anniversary at St. Mary’s Episcopal
In 2010, he is also leading a pilgrimage to Ger- husband Bob, a Williams man, for 57 years, and Church in Portsmouth, RI , a lovely setting and
many and the Passion Play at Oberammergau. reports that “some of us never die, and we don’t a wonderful parish in which to serve. In these last
Recently, he has served in parishes in England even fade away—too bad, I could stand to lose a few years—in addition to the usual stu≠—Pam’s
and Ireland and participated in the Tantur Ecu- few pounds.” congregation has welcomed another church in a
menical Center’s program in Jerusalem.
Paul Bussan ’85 M.A.R is currently at work merger, planned a new building, and had a capi-
Ingrid Pope ’84 M.A.R. has joined the on his next book of poetry. His most recent book, tal campaign. Pam looks forward to the class of
Lakeway Church in Texas. It is a Community On Freeing Myself From A Full Nelson Hold, and 1985’s 25th reunion.
Church and her daughter and family are mem- Other Sonnets, received an honorable mention in In September, Carol Pinkham Oak ’85
bers. Pope left Greenwich, CT , where she had the 16th Annual Writer’s Digest International M.Div. celebrated her third anniversary as
lived for many years. Her house is on Lake Travis Self-Published Book Awards, and was selected rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Elli-
and the view is beautiful. Ingrid would love as a finalist in the 2008 USA Book News Awards cott City, MD , a 2000-member parish outside
some visitors. and as a finalist in the 2008 Next Generation Baltimore with a day school of 400 children.
Randolph Purinton ’84 M.Div. lives Indie Book Awards. For more information, visit She remains active in e≠orts to support newly
in Amherst, MA , with his wife Anita. He is www.psbpublishing.com. ordained clergy as they transition into ministry,
the Christian education director of The South Gorman Houston ’85 M.Div. is in his following seven years administering a Transition
Amherst Congregational Church. seventh year as pastor of Dauphin Way United into Ministry grant from the Lilly Endowment.
Sharon Watkins ’84 M.Div. , nomi- Methodist Church in Mobile, AL . This is the Carol and Je≠ have two children, Nathaniel, 20,
nated by President Barack Obama, delivered the same church where Gorman served as an associ- and Julia, 17.
sermon at the national prayer service held on the ate pastor for five years shortly after returning to Jeff Oak ’85 M.Div. serves on the leadership
day after the president’s inauguration. Alabama from YDS . He and his wife Jeanne are team for Bon Secours Health System, a nonprofit
Whit Stodghill ’84 M.Div. , now Marion busy this year as their son, Gorman, a member of Catholic health system operating in seven states.
Soards, writes, “At 50, this is a year of milestones, the Class of 2010 at St. Paul’s Episcopal School, In addition to serving as corporate responsibility
with a 25th reunion at Yale Divinity School, and prepares for college. o∞cer, he recently began leading philanthropy
the 25th anniversary of my priesthood.” Marion Kate Latimer ’85 M.Div. and husband e≠orts in the ten communities served by Bon
currently works in hospital chaplaincy and is a Arthur ’98 M.Div. have been serving Secours. He also serves as a corporate fellow

s p e c t r u m 43
for the Ethics Resource Center, an independent on the executive board of the Wisconsin Insti- transformation, serving men and women who
alumni news
nonprofit organization in Washington, DC , tute for Peace and Conflict Studies. The current have su≠ered trauma, homelessness, addiction
dedicated to advancing ethics in public and pri- president of Ripon College, David Joyce (chemical and/or behavioral) and other mental
vate institutions. ’78 M.Div. , is also a Y DS graduate. He and health challenges.
Anne Stanback ’85 M.A.R. , hit several Paul enjoy reminiscing about several of the Julie Zelle ’88 M.Div. has been living in
milestones this year. She turned 50, celebrated same faculty they shared—at di≠erent times— Minneapolis, where she was raised. She is hap-
her 25th anniversary, and then legally mar- as students. pily married to Charlie Zelle and they have two
ried her partner, now wife Charlotte. She also kids who keep them busy and wonderfully
“retired” from her position as founding executive amused. Charlotte is 17 and Nick, 14. Zelles is an
director of Love Makes a Family, the organiza- ordained minister in the UCC and her ministry
tion that has been leading the campaign for mar- work has focused primarily on pediatric end-of-
riage equality in Connecticut for the past nine life care. The two have been fortunate to spend
years. She is looking forward to some time o≠ their summers on Cape Cod, which is, in her
while she figures out what’s next. mind, heaven on earth!

Class of 1986 Class of 1989

Secretary Joseph M. Bianchi ’89 M.Div. is presently
M. Lise Hildebrandt ’86 M.Div. president of his own company, Calvary Press
lisehild@verizon.net Publishing, with over 30 titles in print, distrib-
uted worldwide. He is the author of four books,
After eight years as senior pastor of Fairfax Pres- Common Faith, Common Culture, God Chose To
byterian Church in VA, Henry Brinton ’86 Dean of Canterbury Cathedral Robert Willis and Save, My Friend Grace and 21st Century Corinthi-
M.Div. received a Lilly Clergy Renewal Grant Patricia Hames ’88 M.Div.
ans. In 2007, he purchased Calvary Press out-
for sabbatical visits to churches that practice hos- right and has set a course to produce the highest
pitality well in Scotland, California, Germany, Class of 1988 quality Christian literature available. He is also
and Washington, DC . Wife Nancy finished her Ruth Elena Avita ’88 Div. writes, “As active speaking at churches and conferences. He
doctorate in public health. Daughter, Sarah, is I grow older, I speculate on my ever-growing lives in Greenville, SC , with his wife Monica and
a senior at Duke and son, Sam, is a high school faith. As a Buddhist, I chant, and chanting is daughter, Christina.
senior. He enjoyed reconnecting with YDS er like saying prayers.” She is devoted to living Ray Boshara ’89 M.A.R. is vice president of
Serene Jones recently while writing a USA Today out her spirituality with the years ahead. She is the New America Foundation, a DC -based think
essay on John Calvin. disabled with emphysema and diabetes, yet she tank. Since graduating from Y DS , he has worked
Maria Eddy Tjeltveit ’86 M.Div. has lives a full life. She will never forget the lessons on Capitol Hill and elsewhere to advance poli-
been rector of the Episcopal Church of the she learned at Y DS . cies to reduce hunger and poverty in the US and
Mediator, in Allentown, PA , for ten years, and Julie E. Calhoun-Bryant ’88 M.Div. worldwide. His book, The Next Progressive Era,
has recently become the ecumenical and inter- serves as rector of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church was published in April. Ray recently moved to St.
faith o∞cer for the Diocese of Bethlehem. This in Syracuse, NY . She also is the diocesan coordi- Louis with his wife Lora Iannotti and their three
summer, husband Alan and she took children nator for Episcopal Relief & Development, and children, ages 8, 11, and 13.
William, 11, and Anna, 8, on a first cross-country a member of the Justice, Peace and Integrity of Joshua Wai-Tung Cho ’89 S.T.M. is the
trip to see in-laws in Montana. On the way back Creation ( JPIC ) and Global Missions Commit- president of the Hong Kong Baptist Theological
she visited Lindy Cornelius Hardwick tees. Her husband Brian works as an Apple com- Seminary. His leadership at the seminary began
’86 M.Div. and Elise Feyerherm ’86 puter systems engineer for Syracuse University. in 2000. During the ten years of his deanship
M.Div. , who was just ordained an Episcopal Sons Russell and Christopher are 15 and 9 years and presidency, he authored three books,
deacon. old. Julie can be reached at jecb@twcny.rr.com. Humanity and Virtue (2004), Narrative and
Larry Roth ’86 S.T.M. retired from US Jennifer Beal ’88 M.Div. has moved back Ethics (2005), and Spiritual Friendship (2009).
Navy chaplain ministry in 2003 after 23 years of to the east coast after nine years in Los Angeles. His books and leadership style reflect his pas-
service. He presently serves as assistant director She is in Lincoln, MA , near both her parents and sion in theological hermeneutics, virtue ethics
of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries. His assigned daughter, who has now finished her ninth grade and moral character formation.
territory includes the Northwest, Mid-America, year at Concord Academy. Jennifer is teaching Garin Cycholl ’89 M.Div. is the creator
and Western Canada, where he services about 50 in the Lincoln Public Schools as a classroom of a new book-length poem, Hostile Witness. It
chaplains in military, correctional, health care, assistant and would love to hear from friends at is a meditation on mold, boxing, corruption,
and campus institutions. Chaplain conferences jennifer.beal@mindspring.com. and Illinois politics. It reconsiders the story of
and church conventions supporting Chaplaincy
Anne Jensen ’88 M.Div. and her husband George Ryan, who, as governor, commuted the
Ministries allow him to connect with pastors and
Doug have now been in California for four years. death sentences of 157 inmates in 2003 before
church leaders across America.
They now have four grandchildren with another being indicted and eventually sentenced on cor-
Melanie McRae ’86 M.Div. is bereavement on the way. Having their family only ten to 15 ruption charges. Garin and his wife Shadla live
counselor and chaplain for Park Nicollet Hos- minutes away has been great. Anne has just com- in Homewood, IL , and he teaches writing and
pice. Husband Scott McRae ’85 M.Div. pleted an interim at St. Paul’s in Oakland, and is literature at the University of Illinois at Chicago
continues to be director of spiritual care at Meth- now starting at Christ Church Alameda. After and at the University of Chicago.
odist Hospital in St. Louis Park, MN . They live almost 30 years as a human resources consultant, In the fall of 2002, Hope H. Eakins ’89
with their two dogs in Minneapolis or on the Doug is retiring soon. M.Div. retired as rector of St. John’s Episcopal
north shore of Lake Superior. Daughter Ana is Killian Noe ’88 M.Div. has two daughters Church in Essex, CT , and moved to Barrington,
away at college. They think often and fondly of in colleges on the east coast and he and Bernie are RI with her husband Bill, who, in turn, had
friends from Y DS . still in Seattle, WA . Bernie continues to serve as retired as rector of Trinity Episcopal Church,
Paul F. Jeffries ’86 M.A.R. is an associate head of Lakeside School and Killian is still nur- Hartford. In 2007, they moved back to Hart-
professor and chair of the philosophy depart- turing the Recovery Café, Home of the School ford, since most of their wonderful children
ment at Ripon College in Ripon, WI . He serves for Recovery, a community for healing and and grandchildren live near there. They cur-

44 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
rently serve as priest associates at St. Mark’s, Class of 1991 Debra J. Kissinger ’92 M.Div. has been
New Britain, where their friend, Pat Hames, is appointed canon for transition and leadership
the rector. development in the diocese of Indianapolis. She
David Bryce ’91 M.Div.
Bob French ’89 M.Div. is pastor of the RevDBryce@optonline.net has oversight for the deployment of clergy and
United Ministry of Aurora, NY , a combined lay professionals. She also assists the commis-
Presbyterian and Episcopalian parish in the Hendrick Pillay ’91 S.T.M. is now the sion on ministry with those in the formal process
Finger Lakes. He also serves as moderator of minister of the Hankey Congregational Church of education and formation for holy orders.
the Presbytery of Cayuga-Syracuse and part- in South Africa. During their last assembly Fritz Wiese ’92 M.Div. misses playing ulti-
time chaplain of Wells College. Bob’s blended in Botswana he was inducted as the church’s mate Frisbee with many of you at YDS . LuAnne
family with his wife Sharon now includes nine president for the next two years. Hendrick says, teaches fifth grade. Son Luke, 13, plays electric
grandchildren. “Some of you may remember my family. Maria guitar and the sport of the season. Daughter
is teaching in Hankey while Nathan is a human
Alvin Helms ’89 M.A.R. lives with his wife Morgan, 9, is miss theater and a soccer-player.
resource manager for a chain of food stores in Fritz’s Epiphany Lutheran of Dayton has just
and four children in the beautiful Pacific North-
their pharmacy department in the whole of the bought 16 acres for their second campus nearby,
west. He served several Congregational churches
country. Gavin is in the US. ” so they love the challenges the Lord is placing
as a pastor for about 18 years. Currently, Alvin
is the chief operations o∞cer for the Tacoma Deb Bibler ’93 M.Div. and her husband before them.
Rescue Mission. In his spare time, he has taught Dan Bibler ’91 M.A.R. live in Americus, GA , After serving UCC churches in Miami, FL ,
some classes in ethics and leadership for Chap- with their children, Amelia Jane, 9, and Thom Silver Lake, OH, and Charlevoix, MI , Mary
man University and served as a sports chaplain. Harrison, 6. Deb now serves as the associate L. Willis ’92 M.Div. and Mike Willis took a
Alvin invites you to visit www.rescuetacoma. executive presbyter for Flint River Presbytery, year o≠ to catch their breath and reconnect with
com or write, alvinhelms@gmail.com. while also continuing her work as the PCUSA children and grandchildren in Florida and Ohio.
In May 2009, Rick King ’89 M.Div. com- campus minister at Georgia Southwestern State During that time, Mary looked into the eyes of
pleted his first year as senior minister of First University. She can be reached at debbibler@ retirement and blinked first. So, with new stars
Congregational UCC of Longmont, CO . His bellsouth.net or on Facebook. in her eyes, in August 2008 she answered the call
wife Linda Kopecky works for the City of Long- Mark R. Rigg ’91 M.A.R. , the associate to serve God at Lordship Community Church in
mont, and their three sons, Eli, 11, Samuel, 9, and chaplain of the Hill School in Pottstown, PA , Stratford, CT .
Gabriel, 7. Rick serves on the board of the Clark- and instructor of English, was named first recipi-
Lanyon Funds, a local granting organization, and ent of the Reverend Dr. John W. Riegel Chair
has camp counseled at La Foret, the UCC camp in Religious Studies. Mark is a member of St.
in Colorado Springs. John’s Lutheran Church in Pottstown. His wife
Brian Maas ’89 M.Div. is lead pastor at Sue is a diaconal minister at St. James Lutheran
First Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE . He Church in Pottstown.
began that call in 2006 after serving nine years
at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Kansas City, Class of 1992
MO . His wife Debbie continues to teach elemen- Secretary
tary school music, and they have two high-school Fredrick A. Wiese ’92 M.Div.
age children. fwiese@epiphanydayton.org
Elizabeth Pratt ’89 M.Div. has just com-
pleted seven years at SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Scott Barker ’92 M.Div. is happy to
Coalition in Spartanburg, SC . As clinical direc- be entering his eighth year as rector of Christ
tor, she supervises a team of eight psychothera- Church in Warwick, NY . In addition to serving Julie Yarborough ’93 M.Div. and YDS Associate Dean of Students
Dale Peterson
pists o≠ering therapy to survivors of domestic at Christ Church, Scott chairs the congregational
and sexual violence. She and her husband have development commission of the diocese of New
been together almost six years. They enjoy their York, and attended the Episcopal Church Gen- Class of 1993
home in the woods, raising their teen-aged eral Convention this summer. His daughter Lee Archard ’93 M.Div. , his wife Holly and
sons, playing with their dogs, gardening, travel, Emily (born at Yale) entered Skidmore College daughter, Anna, live in Richmond, VA . Lee and
books, music, and volunteer service in the church as a freshman. Holly work with couples and families in a mental
and community. Diane Hoppe Hugo ’92 M.Div. has begun health center. They have been busy taking Anna
a new adventure as pastor for Mid-Coast Pres- to visit colleges with strong theater programs,
Susan Carpenter Stuber ’89 M.A.R.
byterian Church in Topsham, ME , after eight as she hopes eventually to found her own reper-
lives in Wayne, PA , a suburb of Philadelphia,
years as a stay-at-home-mom with no pulpits. tory theater company. Lee’s drama this summer
with her husband Jim, and children, Daniel,
Her husband Buckley has taken a leap of faith by included a ten-day hike in Yellowstone’s back-
8, Annie, 7, Janie, 6, and Molly, 4. She is a
starting a new business as an Advocate for chil- country with his brothers, while Holly tried to
clinical psychologist with special interest in
dren with special needs and their parents. Tad tame his overly ambitious vegetable garden.
women’s health issues such as infertility. The
family is active at St. David’s Episcopal Church is 13 (teen + autism = maddening fun). Artistic Steven P. Brey ’93 S.T.M. is still chair
in Radnor. Maggie, 8, is thriving as a “PK .” of the religion and philosophy department at
For the last five years, Joanna White ’89
M.Div. has had the joy of serving a small Epis-
copal congregation north of Baltimore, MD .
Together, they have journeyed from crisis to E x e r c i s e Y o u r W ill P o w e r
discovering what it means to be a living church. To help safeguard the Divinity School’s tradition of excellence, please consider
At home in Annapolis, she and her husband making a bequest in your will to help fund a scholarship or an endowed chair.
Sandy are five minutes from two of their children
and four granddaughters. Even after 20 years, To find out how, call 203.432.5358 or write constance.royster@yale.edu.
the memory of her time at Y DS remains fresh
and sweet.

s p e c t r u m 45
Methodist University. He got tenure this year, Rebecca Totaro ’93 M.A.R. was promoted Since 1998, Susan Pfeil ’94 M.Div., ’02
alumni news
and he and his wife are pursuing an adoption to full professor in the department of language S.T.M. has completed five interim pastorates.
from Bulgaria. He writes, “Life continues to go and literature at Florida Gulf Coast Univer- After the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, she traveled to
well here in North Carolina. I miss YDS and the sity. Her second and third books, The Plague in Gulfport and Biloxi, MS , to serve with Presbyte-
C.S. Lewis Society—is it still meeting? But hope rian Disaster Assistance. In February 2008, and
all is well.” 2009, she returned there again with groups from
Lillian Daniel ’93 M.Div. serves as senior First Congregational Church of Stamford, CT ,
minister at First Congregational Church (UCC ) to serve at Back Bay Mission. Susan is a facilita-
in Glen Ellyn, IL . She co-hosts the Chicago- tor for the Healthy Boundaries Workshops, and
based television program 30 Good Minutes. also serves on the committee on ministry for the
Lillian serves on the boards of Chicago Theo- Presbytery of Southern New England.
logical Seminary and Arise Chicago and is part Martha Serpas ’94 M.Div. has accepted a
of the Emerging Leaders program of the Chicago position in the University of Houston’s Creative
Council on Global A≠airs. Eerdmans published Writing Program after ten years at the University
her new book, This Odd and Wondrous Calling: of Tampa. Once she gets settled, she hopes to
The Public and Private Lives of Two Ministers, in continue the hospital chaplaincy work she began
August of 2009. at Tampa General at Memorial Hermann Hos-
Peter Laarman ’93 M.Div. serves as the pital. Her most recent poems appear in The New
executive director of Progressive Christians Peter Laarman ’93 M.Div. receives the William Sloane Yorker and in Christianity and Literature.
Uniting, a growing Southern California network Coffin ’56 Award for Peace and Justice from Dean
Harold Attridge at the 2009 Alumni Awards Luncheon
of individuals and congregations. Peter is cur- Class of 1995
rently fashioning a new Green Justice Initiative
Print: Essential Elizabethan Sources, 1558-1603 and Secretary
to connect African-American and Latino/Latina
Adaptations of the Plague in Early Modern English Anisa Cottrell Willis ’95 M.Div.
youth in South Los Angeles and elsewhere to
Literature, the latter co-edited with Ernest B. anisacottrellwillis@aya.yale.edu
emerging green job opportunities. His agency is
also involved in LGBTQ and marriage equality Gilman, are due out in 2010, the same year that Beth Dahl ’95 M.A.R. has been an assistant
advocacy in national and regional contexts. Peter will see her article “Securing Sleep in Hamlet” in professor since the fall of 2006 at the University
contributes frequently to the online Religion Dis- print in the journal Studies in English Literature, of Nebraska at Omaha’s department of politi-
patches magazine. 1500-1900. cal science, specializing in international conflict
Derek Larson ’93 M.A.R. is associate William Wagnon ’93 M.Div. and Verity resolution and East Asian politics. Dahl recently
professor of environmental studies and history Jones ’95 M.Div. live in Indianapolis with published an article: “Reconciliation and the
at The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s their daughter Gracie. William owns and man- Therapeutic Impulse: What Does It Mean to
University, a pair of single-sex, Benedictine, ages a≠ordable rental properties and does green ‘Heal’?” in the April 2009 issue of Human Rights
Catholic liberal arts colleges in central Minne- renovations to single-family homes for first- & Human Welfare.
sota. His research and teaching center around time buyers. He wants to complete a LEED -
environmental history, though much of his pro- certified home renovation in the next year. He
fessional life is invested in the campus sustain- coaches youth soccer, runs half marathons and
ability movement. He lives in nearby St. Cloud hasn’t worn long pants for the better part of a
with his wife Theresa Anderson and their two year. Verity is publisher and editor of Disciples
daugh ters. World Magazine.

John Leinenweber, ’93 M.A.R. writes,

Class of 1994
“Love One Another, My Friends: Saint Augustine’s
Homilies on the First Letter of John in an abridged Secretary
English version by me has been reprinted. Harper Amy Heller ’94 M.Div.
& Row first brought it out 20 years ago, and Wipf rev_amy_g@att.net
and Stock reprinted it last spring. [YDS book- Sarah Buxton-Smith ’94 M.Div. has
store manager] Micah Luce says that the copies been elected to the International Board of the
he acquired for the Student Book Supply sold Compass Rose Society of the Anglican Commu-
out, but he plans to reorder.” nion. Sarah continues as rector of St. Andrew’s
Bibiana Perez ’93 M.Div. lives in Atlanta in Bu≠alo while her husband Stephen J.S. Smith,
and works as a Spanish teacher at a Catholic a Ph.D. candidate at the State University of New
school. Their four younger children attend the York at Bu≠alo, is writing his dissertation on
same school, but Chris, their oldest, graduated Anglicanism and slavery. They are enjoying
this year and will be going to the University of their new Bichon Frise puppy, Bijou, a gift from
Pennsylvania in the fall. Bibiana enjoys reading a parishioner.
and biking, and continues to be actively involved Donald Eubank ’94 S.T.M. is serving as
in ministries in the Catholic Church. a US Army chaplain at Fort Monroe, VA . He Randall Forester ’95 M.Div. with his family

Erl G. (Puck) Purnell ’93 M.A.R. is enter- is working on his doctor of ministry at King’s
ing his 13th year as rector at Old St. Andrew’s Seminary. His thesis is “Self-Care For Military In May, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Episcopal Church in Bloomfield, CT . His 2006 Chaplains.” He and Jackie have been married conferred upon Randall J. Forester ’95
book, Through Mark’s Eyes (Abington), contin- for 35 years and became grandparents in Janu- M.Div. a D.Min. degree. In partial fulfillment
ues to sell well. This recapitulation of Mark’s ary 2008. They are spending this Christmas with of the requirements for the degree, Forester
Gospel is illustrated by vivid word-pictures. their children and grandchild in Hawaii. They wrote a doctoral thesis entitled, “The Evangelical
Website: www.throughmarkseyes.com. The hope to transition to civilian ministry within the Pastor as Agent of Redemptive and Collaborative
screenplay for the book has been finished and next five years and possibly do mission work in Change in a Mainline Church.”
seeks a producer. Central America. Christian Glen ’95 M.Div. an Anglican

46 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
priest, recently won an acting statuette for play- (Lizzie), and proud parent of two daughters
ing the role of 12-year-old Oliver Twist in the (ages seven and ten).”
musical “Oliver,” a television movie special. A
professional child actor who starred in movies Class of 1997
and television, both drama and comedy, Chris-
tian was under contract to Walt Disney Studios
James Ebert ’97 M.Div.
before attending YDS . Christian also gradu-
ated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
in London. Rosalind Brown ’97 M.Div. continues
Jean M. Graustein ’95 M.Div. is continu- to enjoy life as a residentiary canon at Durham
ing (part-time) as environmental justice minis- Cathedral, overseeing the cathedral’s public
try coordinator for the o∞ce of urban a≠airs of ministry. A recent sabbatical resulted in two
the archdiocese of Hartford, where she began as books, Durham Sing! on Durham’s hymnody
a student intern. Jean works with Catholic par- and Can Words Express Our Wonder? (Canter-
ishes to help folks learn and act on the Church’s bury Press) on preaching. The Cathedral’s Bene-
teaching on care of creation and the complex dictine weekends are well established (details
links with care of neighbor. Bill and Jean rejoice on the web) and, in preparation for the dedica-
with the presence of their first grandchild, born tion of a stained glass window, she is editing
in April 2009. stories of Archbishop Michael Ramsey’s years
in Durham.
Lisa B. Hamilton ’95 M.Div., ’96 S.T.M.
is the newly elected president of the Berkeley at Matt Fitzgerald ’97 M.A.R. has served as
Yale Alumni Council. Her goal is to strengthen the senior minister of the Wellesley Hills Con-
community among alumni from various eras gregational Church (UCC ), for nearly three Care Goodstal ’99 M.Div. and professor Bryan D. Spinks at
and to connect alumni serving in non-parochial years. Prior to that, he spent nine years as the Hammonasset Beach on their wedding day

ministries. Lisa works as a hospice chaplain, as a pastor of Epiphany UCC on the north side of
Chicago. He and his wife Kelli have three small Andrea Fontana (formerly Wong ) ’98
writer/producer for the Episcopal Church o∞ce
children and two elderly, large dogs. M.Div. recently was appointed interim director
of communications, as a supply priest and as a
Bert Marshall ’97 M.Div. is New Eng- of Magis, an o∞ce of alumni spirituality, service
leader of quiet days and retreats, usually focusing
land director for Church World Service. He and leadership at Seattle University. She works
on medieval women mystics.
continues to do storytelling performances of part-time and continues to care for her daughter
Michael Moran ’95 M.Div. is currently Cecilia, born in 2007. She and her family con-
the Gospel of Mark from memory all over the
director of programs and ministries for the tinue to enjoy life in Seattle. If you are in the
country (www.gospelofmarkalive.com). In June
Bridgeport Rescue Mission in Bridgeport, CT . Northwest, she hopes you will visit.
2009, he released a CD of original songs, Prairie
The Mission provides services to people in crisis
Child. He now serves on the YDS alumni board Stephen Butler Murray ’98 M.Div.
and need in an inner-city environment. Pro-
and the Massachusetts Council of Churches moved with his family to Salem, MA , and serves
grams include a clothing ministry, emergency
board of directors. as senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of
food services, transient housing for both men
Nathan Humphrey ’97 M.Div. and Anne Boston and as assistant professor of religion
and women and a 46-bed residential program.
Stone welcomed their second child, Andrew Bid- and college chaplain at Endicott College in
Lisa Ransom ’95 M.Div. continues as the Beverly, MA .
dlecombe Humphrey on July 15, 2009, a mere
vicar of St. Dunstan’s in Waitsfield, VT . She,
two weeks after Nathan’s mother Lois died in
along with her husband and three children, have 1999 Save the Date for your Cluster
California. While in California for the funeral,
a farm where they raise sheep, chickens, goats
Nathan was able to see many friends at the Gen- Reunion with the classes of 2000
and bees. They have also started a new business,
eral Convention of the Episcopal Church. and 2001, October 11-14, 2010.
Grow Compost of Vermont, where they process
Cynthia D. Weems ’97 M.Div. is now
over 10,000 tons of organic material a year and
senior pastor of the First United Methodist
produce organically certified compost for gar-
Church of Miami, FL .
Class of 1999
deners and landscapers. This business keeps the
Care Goodstal ’99 M.Div. and profes-
entire family busy year round. Poulson Reed ’97 M.Div. has been called
sor Bryan D. Spinks were joined in marriage
as the next rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church
Anisa Cottrell Willis ’95 M.Div . is pri- on the 11th of October 2008 at Hammonasset
and Day School in Phoenix, AZ . He has served
marily home with her two boys, ages five and Beach in Madison, CT . Professor Thomas Tro-
at Saint John’s Cathedral in Denver, CO , since
nine. She recently started working part time eger o∞ciated. Professor Peter Hawkins took
2002, most recently as sub-dean.
as a chaplain at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital part in the ceremony and professor Martin Jean
Medical Center. Anisa is also a court appointed was among the guests. Care Goodstal-Spinks has
special advocate for her county’s family court. Class of 1998
recently been called to serve as associate pastor
She advocates for four children in foster care as Secretary at North Haven Congregational Church. Bryan
they navigate the court system. Stephen Murray ’98 M.Div. and Care will reside in Guilford, CT .
Stephanie Wilson ’95 M.Div. writes: After a two-year national search, Albert
“I returned in 1997 from doing missions Rosemary Dysart Baue ’98 M.Div. Mosley ’99 S.T.M. has been named univer-
work in Lithuania for two and a half years to spent the past ten years as pastor of the Fish- sity chaplain at The Johns Hopkins University.
become rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, ers Island Union Chapel UCC on Long Island He previously served as interim director of the
North Andover, MA . I now live happily in the Sound. She retired in the fall of 2009. Center for Civic Engagement and adjunct pro-
rectory with my two children, Duncan, 11, and fessor in the Penonni Honors College of Drexel
Elizabeth Cawns ’98 M.Div. received her
Emma, 7, and our cat Abby.” University.
Ph.D. in theater from Louisiana State Univer-
L. D. Wood-Hull ’95 M.Div. writes: “I sity in May 2008. She currently resides in Baton In July, Tammie-Rae Keeler ’99 M.Div.
am rector of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Rouge, LA , and is applying for academic jobs entered her 11th year serving the East Moriches
Portland, OR , husband since 1996 to Elizabeth for fall 2010. United Methodist Church as their pastor.

s p e c t r u m 47
Taminobu Takasago ’99 S.T.M. took the a brand new baby boy from California two years in Tulare, CA . She is enjoying her ministry and is
alumni news
post as university chaplain of Aoyama Gakuin ago and currently reside in Springville, Utah. noticing signs of transformation all around her.
University in 2007. Taminobu has been giving Lynne Mikulak ’01 M.Div. was certified in Ben Hill ’02 M.A.R. works at Georgia Tech
lectures on Christianity and the New Testament January in Orlando, FL , as an associate supervi- where he helps create renewable energy and clean
as an associate professor there. Additionally, she sor in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Edu- technology companies. He also teaches a course
has been serving concurrently as vice-pastor of cation at the ACPE annual conference. Lynne on sustainability and ethics. At Central Congre-
Ogikubo Shimizu Church, the United Church is the coordinator of pastoral care and educa- gational UCC , he has served as a deacon and on
of Christ in Japan. Please pray to God for Japan tion at the Westchester Psychiatric Division of committees. His daughter is a high school senior,
and her health. New York-Presbyterian Hospital. In addition, looking at liberal arts colleges. He just celebrated
Lynne received the 2008 Len Cedarleaf Award, his 25th wedding anniversary. Ben misses dis-
2000 Save the Date for your a national prize given to an ACPE certification cussing ontology and Tillich and looks forward
Cluster Reunion with the classes of candidate whose theological and theoretical to hearing from YDS friends.
1999 and 2001, October 11-14, 2010. position papers are noted as exemplary. Sara Abbe Kroon ’02 M.Div. has three
Mindy McGarrah Sharp ’01 M.A.R. children now with her husband Jason. Caleb
and her husband Tommy welcomed baby James was born in November 2005, and twins Rachel
Class of 2000 Henry Sharp on March 3, 2009. He joins big and Nathaniel were born in December 2008.
Secretary sister, Lucy Claire, 3. She is currently complet-
Terese (Terri) Cain ’00 M.Div. ing her Ph.D. dissertation at Vanderbilt Univer-
terese.cain@aya.yale.edu sity through an AAUW American 2009-2010
Terri Cain ’00 M.Div. recently accepted the
Christopher Talley ’01 M.Div. is cur-
position of director of Pilgrim Fellowship at First
rently working for the US Agency for Inter-
Church in Guilford, CT .
national Development in Kigali, Rwanda, as a
Ellen Colcord ’00 M.A.R. collaborated health commodity advisor dealing with pharma-
in the summer on a multimedia project at New ceutical management and logistics.
York University’s LaPietra in Florence, Italy,
Dawn Taylor-Storm ’01 M.Div. is cur-
where she presented her art film, “Focus,” with
rently pastoring St. Matthew’s United Method-
Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky and six jazz musi-
ist Church of Valley Forge in Wayne, PA . She
cians and composers from N.Y.U. In June, she Caleb Kroon with younger sister and brother, Rachel
and her husband Dan have two children, Lucas
created and led “The Spiritual, Mental and Natu- and Nathanniel
and Rebecca.
ral Light of Italy,” an art tour of Tuscany and
Umbria. Ellen teaches her love of painting to When not chasing after the young ones, Sara is
adults and children at her Colcord Studio School Class of 2002 working various part-time jobs for Yale, supply
in Greenwich, CT . Secretary preaching, and keeping active with her two
Joy Oliver (Caldwell) ’00 M.A.R. and Stephanie Bingham Doss ’02 M.Div. church homes.
her husband Eddie welcomed a son, Jonah, into sbdoss@gmail.com Ken Leonczyk, Jr. ’02 M.A.R. and Ashley
their family on March 19th. Noah, 4, and Hannah April Berends ’02 M.Div. and Drew Ridgway Lynn were married on in May 2009.
(eternally in heaven) are their other children. Joy Bunting ’02 M.Div. moved to Milwaukee, They live in Greenwich, CT . Ken is working for
worked as a lobbyist in the Illinois Senate with WI , in September 2008. April serves there as the law firm Covington and Burling in New York
then-senator Obama and appeared in an episode rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Drew has and continues to serve the Episcopal Church of
of HGTV National Open House. She dabbled in done supply work and has spent a lot of time Sudan and preach in New York and Connecticut.
real estate in Asheville, NC, and currently finds working on their new home. In June, he recorded This summer, Ashley worked for Debevoise and
joy in being a full-time mother. an album of 12 original songs (one for each dis- Plimpton in Paris and New York. She will gradu-
Scott Kershner ’00 M.Div. and Lori ciple) that will be available this fall. To find out ate from Yale Law School in January ’10.
Hayes were married on May 24, 2009, at St. Ste- how you can get one, go to www.myspace.com/ Derek Nelson ’02 M.Div. was married
phen’s Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, NY . drewbunting. to Kelly Ayers in July 2009 in Vasa, MN . They
Stephanie Bingham Doss ’02 M.Div. , bought a house and their new address is 3 Shady
Ave, Greenville, PA 16125. Derek also recently
2001 Save the Date for your Cluster her husband Bryan, and daughter, Claire, 3, wel-
comed Jocelyn Reinhart Doss into the world on accepted a call as the interim pastor of Holy
Reunion with the classes of 1999
October 28, 2008. Stephanie continues to serve Trinity Lutheran Church in Greenville, PA . In
and 2000, October 11-14, 2010.
as pastor of First Congregational Church (UCC ) addition, he serves as professor and chair of the
religion department at Thiel College.
Class of 2001 Elizabeth Pipes Rooney ’02 M.A.R. ,
Secretary husband Je≠, and her family welcomed Samuel
Don’t Get Lost!
Samuel Blair ’01 M.Div. David on January 30, 2009. Samuel’s brother,
scblair@aya.yale.edu Update your contact info with Elijah, 4, and sister, Rebekah, 3, are delighted
Yale’s online Alumni Directory: with their new baby brother. Elizabeth is still
Taylor Halverson ’01 M.AR. completed www.alumniconnections.com/yale working as a youth director at Palm Avenue
his double major Ph.D. at Indiana University in Community Church in Fresno, CA .
2006. Taylor was hired at Brigham Young Uni- Or write us at:
Wes Smedley ’02 M.Div. and wife Lori still
versity as a faculty consultant at BYU ’s Center divinity.alumni@yale.edu or live in northern Virginia with daughter, Ella, 2,
for Teaching & Learning. He recently had a book Alumni Relations who is quite a character and loves reading Green
published by Cambria Press entitled Distance Yale Divinity School Eggs and Ham. His church is growing and his
Education Innovations and New Learning Environ- 409 Prospect Street ministry continues to be fun and exciting in new
ments: Combining Traditional Teaching Methods New Haven, CT 06511 ways. He is looking forward to his upcoming trip
and Emerging Technologies. He and Lisa adopted to Jerusalem.

48 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Class of 2003 Sabbath, he recently answered a call to return
to an East Coast state. In June of this year he
Secretaries E x e r c i s e Y o u r W ill P o w e r
was elected Pastor of Metropolitan Community
Jennifer Sue Dunfee ’03 M.Div.
Church of Winston-Salem, NC . His partner
jennifer-cliftonpc@vacoxmail.com To help safeguard the Divinity
Ed has shared in all adventures and is currently
Lisa Jeffcoat ’03 M.Div. wrapping things up in Portland before joining School’s tradition of excellence,
ljm2003@aya.yale.edu Ron in North Carolina. please consider making a bequest in
Dale Bateman ’03 M.A.R. completed Zack Mabe ’03 M.Div, ’05 S.T.M. just
your will to help fund a scholarship
a two-year tour as executive o∞cer on the US finished his fourth year as pastor of the Terryville
Coast Guard’s Healy, the nation’s largest ice- Congregational Church UCC . Zack and his wife or an endowed chair.
breaker. He made several trips to the Arctic. Melissa (Yale Nursing ’04), are enjoying their
He is now on the Coast Guard’s district sta≠ in two-year-old son, Joshua, and look forward to To find out how, call 203.432.5358 or
Seattle, WA . He spends most of his non-work welcoming their second child this December. write constance.royster@yale.edu.
time assisting his wife Christine chasing their Zack is also excited to be starting the Doctor of
two sons, Morgan and Keleman, and the family Ministry degree program this fall at Hartford
Viszla, Clive. The Bateman household is full of Seminary. Zack and family are settled in West versary this year. They have two children: James,
good cooking, music, dance and laughter. Hartford, CT . 3, and Hannah, 1. Mark completed his Ph.D. at
Jennifer Dunfee ’03 M.Div. serves as the Thomas Joseph Marchio II ’03 M.Div. Harvard University in 2008 in religious studies
associate pastor for youth and families at the was ordained in February 2009 to the ministry of (theology). He spends his spare time (which
Clifton Presbyterian Church (PCUSA ) in Clif- word and sacrament by the presbytery of West continues to diminish) on the ice, fine tuning
ton, VA . A part-time minister, she spends much Virginia and in May received his master’s degree his wrist shot.
time at home with her two children, Cady, 4, in choral conducting from Boston Conservatory. Jean Elizabeth Shockley ’03 M.A.R.
and Tommy, 2. Yet the balance is not flawless, He serves as associate pastor and directs music at has lived and worked in Amherst, MA , since Jan-
as she recently arrived in a rush at the pediatri- First Congregational Church in Chatham, MA . uary 2008, serving as the executive and program
cians’ o∞ce only to discover that her 4-year-old He teaches music at Cape Cod Community Col- assistant for the National Religious Partnership
was barefoot. lege. Joe lives on Cape Cod with wife Sarah and for the Environment. She continues to volunteer
Deirdre Eckian ’03 M.Div. recently visited two sons, Thomas, 3, and Christopher, 1. at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National His-
some YDS grads living abroad. In July, Deirdre Lisa Jeffcoat ’03 M.Div. is proud to have torical Park in Woodstock, VT , where she was
journeyed to St. Andrews, Scotland, to visit completed her first half marathon in March. a ranger for five years, giving her tour, entitled
Nicki Wilkins ’03 M.Div. and Shelley She continues to grow and learn in her transi- “The Spiritual Roots of Conservation.” In her
Jacobsen ’02 M.A.R. Nicki lives near St. tion from marriage to beginning again as a single spare time, she can be found hiking, canoeing,
Andrews, where her husband teaches, and is an woman. At the time of this writing, she has just and dancing around New England.
ordained Episcopal priest and mother of three. been accepted into the 2009 Teach for America Erika Siu ’03 M.Div. lives in New York City
Following YDS , Shelley received her M.L.S., Corps, and so she is contemplating packing up with her husband Simon and children, Ava, 3,
specializing in children’s literature and library her life and moving it to Phoenix, AZ , for the and Austin, 1. She spends her free time citi-
services. Shelley lives with her husband Oliver next two years. trekking, exploring all of the city’s great parks
in a village on the Scottish coast. Michael Peppard ’03 M.A.R. completed and attractions. She currently works as a research
Sharon Fennema ’03 M.A.R. is nearing his degree in religious studies and began as associate in the program on legal ethics at Car-
completion of her Ph.D. in liturgical studies at assistant professor of theology at Fordham dozo Law School. She was recently admitted into
the Graduate Theological Union. In addition to University. Along with his wife Christiana the New York Bar and she is set to begin a one-
writing her dissertation, she works as a worship Peppard ’05 M.A.R. and their daughter, year program in tax law at NYU .
consultant with churches and denominational Montana, he lives in New York City. When not Elisabeth Thompson ’03 M.Div. and
organizations, while also editing and produc- working, cooking, eating, or chasing a toddler Christopher Pappas ’04 M.Div. find
ing training manuals for Global Jet Services, an around Central Park, he can be found listening themselves in Westerly, RI , where Chris is the
aircraft maintenance training provider. She and to music, preferably live and outdoors. rector of Christ Church (Episcopal) and Elisa-
her partner Kim Hoare ’03 M.Div. were Heather McClendon Sinclair ’03 beth is working as a physician in the Community
recently joined in a civil union and are enjoying M.Div. is entering her third year as the pastor Health Centre and overseeing the local hospital’s
life together with their dog, Sadie. of the First United Methodist Church of Shel- chaplaincy services. All four (!) kids (ages 13, 10,
David Fobes ’03 M.Div. continues to do ton, CT . She and her husband Skipare enjoying 3, and 2) continue to both challenge and bring
supply preaching in UCC churches throughout their 14-month-old daughter Grace. Grace, being joy and perspective to the couple’s vocational
western Massachusetts. He also serves on the a typical PK , enjoys thinking she is the center of callings. Elisabeth and Chris are implementing
Hampshire Association’s executive committee. attention at church. a family service for their otherwise very tradi-
Jennifer Halverson Kuehn ’03 M.A.R. Audrey Scanlan ’03 M.Div. is rector of tional parish. Any wonder?
acquired a new last name when she got hitched two family-sized parishes in Central Connecti- Anne Turner ’03 M.Div. has just moved
last November to Scott Kuehn. They just bought cut. She writes that they are a bit like Noah’s Ark: from Amherst, MA , back to the Washington,
their first house, a 102-year-old home in the two by two. Two church schools, two organists, DC , area. She will be working half-time at St.
North Slope of Tacoma, WA . In addition to two o∞ces, two budgets, two vestries. Twice the Mary’s Episcopal Church in Arlington, VA . She
home repair, much of their time is dedicated fun. She also directs Rhythms of Grace, a wor- plans to spend the rest of the time chasing after
to triathlons. Jen has been a marketing analyst ship experience for special needs children, leads daughter Lucy and new baby Molly, and a not-
for an insurance company for the last three workshops and writes for Church Publishing. She so-new-puppy, Rufus.
years—where the ethics degree actually comes also practices cello, tends her organic garden, James Clement van Pelt ’03 M.A.R.
in handy. cooks and is training for her second marathon. coordinates programming for the YDS Initiative
Ron LaRocque ’03 M.Div. has crisscrossed Mark Stephen Murray Scott ’03 in Religion, Science & Technology, co-founded
the country since graduating, serving congrega- M.A.R. teaches at Concordia University as the in 2004 by former professor Wes Avram, Dean
tions in the Chicago area and Portland, OR , assistant professor of Systematic Theology and Harold Attridge, and him. He also presents
as intentional interim pastor. After taking a Ethics. He and Esther celebrated their 10th Anni- papers at conferences on related topics. He is

s p e c t r u m 49
also senior technology advisor for Connecticut Are We Sinners Because We Sin?: Neuroscience, University. She currently lives in Nashville, TN ,
alumni news
school districts and lives with his lovely wife Nolition, and Implications of a Kenotic Theology of where she is working on her dissertation as part
Jane six blocks north of YDS . Contemplating Moral Cognition. He is currently the executive of her doctoral degree in religion, psychology
the future reminds him of the beatitude, “Blessed director of the Academy for Christian Thought and culture at Vanderbilt University. Liz works
are those...who know their need for God.” in New York City and welcomes visitors. as a pastoral counselor for Pastoral Counsel-
Jennifer DeBisschop Whipple ’03 ing Centers of Tennessee, a non-profit agency
M.Div. is the associate pastor at the Con- committed to providing clinical and educa-
gregational Church of Brookfield (UCC ) in tional services.
Brookfield, CT , where she devotes lots of time
to children, youth, and missions. When not at Class of 2005
work, Jennifer spends as much time as possible Secretary
with her husband Ryan and their one-year-old, Leslie Gesiene Woods ’05 M.A.R.
Brayden. Together they do a lot of walking, leslie.woods@aya.yale.edu
camping, playing games, and listening to good
music. They are in the process of buying their Judith Allison ’05 M.Div. is the associ-
first home in Naugatuck. ate rector at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church
in Poway, CA . She ministers to pastoral needs.
Noelle York-Simmons ’03 M.Div. is the
Hearing the presiding bishop at the Episcopal
associate rector at All Saints’ Episcopal Church
Simon Burce ‘04 M.A.R. with his daughter Julianna General Convention in July, and meeting a few
in Atlanta. She mostly handles adult Christian
dear ones, was precious. She misses you all.
formation and communications, but also any-
Tom Donlan ’04 M.A.R. is currently in Write: jallison@stbartschurch.org.
thing else thrown her way. This summer, she
and husband Kevin welcomed their daughter, France conducting research on Francois de Sales Matthew Benton ’05 M.A.R. and Laura
Linden Holly, into the world. She joins the and his Sisters of the Visitation. He is a Ph.D. Benton welcomed their first child, Lennox Pierce
chaos begun by her big brother Eli, 3. They all candidate in the division for late medieval and Benton, on May 6, 2009. Matt is a Ph.D. candi-
live together in a big old house appropriately reformation studies in the history department at date in philosophy at Rutgers University, and
located near the zoo. the University of Arizona. His dissertation will Laura, a licensed marriage and family therapist,
explore de Sales’ approach to piety within the works in private practice and as a pastoral thera-
context of the French Wars of Religion. Tom pist at Princeton Theological Seminary.
Class of 2004 reports that he really likes cornbread. Christopher Cocca ’05 M.Div. and
Justin List ’04 M.A.R. returned to Chi- his wife Amy Scarantino Cocca celebrated the
Elizabeth Zagatta ’04 M.Div.
cagoland in June 2009 after a year engaging in second birthday of their son, Vincent, in the fall
TB research in Uganda through a NIH global 2009. Chris began a master of fine arts program
Robert Britt-Mills ’04 M.A.R. is working health research training program. He currently in creative writing (fiction) at the New School.
full-time as research faculty at the Florida Center lives in Westchester, IL , and is finishing his Amy continues her vocation in the addiction
for Reading Research at Florida State University, final year of medical school at Loyola Univer- counseling and mental health fields.
while simultaneously writing his dissertation in sity Chicago—Stritch School of Medicine. He Christina Conroy ’05 S.T.M. is a third
American religious history on the historiography is currently applying for residency training in year Ph.D. student in theological studies at
of Protestants and war in America. In May, he internal medicine. Emory University. Her husband Greg and trusty
and his wife Jackie celebrated their 12th wedding After leaving the doctoral program in moral the- dog, Poe, journeyed down with her to Atlanta
anniversary. Their son, Zander, is 7. ology, Charles Skriner ’04 M.A.R. grad- from Canada. They have since acquired a rescue
Simon Burce ’04 M.A.R. graduated from uated in May 2008 with a masters in theology dog, Zadie, and a faster scooter on which they do
Boston College Law School in 2008, and prac- from the University of Notre Dame. He worked all their commuting.
tices law at Alston & Bird LLP in the area of real for an assistant editor at Ave Maria Press in Notre Jennifer Creswell ’05 M.Div. and Ian
estate finance and investment. He lives in New Dame, IN , for one year. In the fall of 2009 he Doescher ’05 M.Div. live in Portland, OR.
York City with his wife Cathleen and daughter, began law school at Georgetown University. Jennifer is the rector of St. Luke the Physician
Julianna. Sid Symington M.Div. ’04 M.Div. is Episcopal Church in Gresham, OR . Ian was
Since leaving YDS , Ron Choong ’04 happy to be serving as associate rector of St. ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA ) and
M.Div. went on to pursue a Ph.D. at Princeton Peter’s Episcopal church in Henrietta, NY . is pastor of Calvary Presbyterian Church. Ian is
Theological Seminary. Last May, he defended Elizabeth Zagatta ’04 M.Div. gradu- also working to finish his Ph.D. long-distance
his dissertation on neuroscience and theology, ated in May 2009 with her Master of Marriage from Union Theological Seminary. Their sons,
entitled Do We Sin Because We Are Sinners or and Family Therapy from Trevecca Nazarene Liam and Graham, are 6 and 4 years old.
Kristen Dunn ’05 M.Div. is ordained
in full connection in the United Methodist
Church, living in New Haven, CT , and working
S a v e the date for Convocation and as the shelter coordinator for a domestic vio-
R e uni ons Week 2010 , October 11–14 lence shelter.
Nathan Eddy ’05 M.Div. is serving as
The following classes will be celebrating reunions:
Free Church chaplain to the University of Man-
Cla s s of 1960 (5 0th) Classes of 1964, 1965 & 1966 chester in Manchester, UK . Wife Clare is serving
Cla s s of 1985 (25 th) Classes of 1979, 1980 & 1981 as Anglican chaplain. Daughter Elise was born
on May 29, 2009, and Mahalia is now 3. The
Classes of 1999, 2000 & 2001
family loves life in the UK and visits from Yale
If you are interested in helping to plan your reunion, please email Carmen Germino ’07 M.DIV. , friends, too.
Director of Alumni Relations, at divinity.alumni@yale.edu. Victoria Gardner ’05 M.A.R. has been
working hard, running and singing in the
opera company she founded in 2008, Hillhouse

50 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l
Opera Company, in New Haven. Anyone in serving as the Chaplain at Saint Mary’s School, Riverfront Family Church in downtown Hart-
the greater New Haven area is encouraged to an all-girls’ Episcopal high school in Raleigh, ford, CT . She writes that she started the new
come to HHOC ’s productions, which are free. NC , in September 2009. church “for people,
See www.hillhouseoperacompany.org for more Rebekah Davis ’06 M.Div. completed a like myself, seeking
information. chaplain residency this summer with Alegent a combination of
Molly Field James ’05 M.Div. serves Healthcare in Nebraska. Her work was with contemporary wor-
part-time as associate rector of St. John’s Epis- patients in cardiology, behavioral health, and ship and progressive
copal Church in Essex, CT . She lives in Haddam, end-of-life care. She ran for the US House of social policies.”
CT , with her husband Reade. Molly is pursu- Representatives in Nebraska’s third congressio- C a r l C r a nn e y
ing a Ph.D. in theology and ethics at Hartford nal district. Follow Rebekah’s campaign on her ’07 M.A.R. worked
Seminary and the University of Exeter (UK ). site, www.rebekahdavis.com. as an assistant editor
Last spring, she spent ten weeks in residence at Elizabeth Lerohl Hiller ’06 M.Div. at BYU Studies for a Carl Cranney ’07 M.A.R.
the University of Exeter. enjoys life in Chicago as pastor of Ashburn year before beginning
Lutheran Church and School, a multiracial his Ph.D. in systematic theology at the Catholic
and multicultural congregation on Chicago’s University of America in Washington, DC .
Southside. She is active in faith-based com- Tim Hiller ’07 M.A.R. and Elizabeth
munity organizing ventures and through com- Lerohl Hiller ’06 M.Div. live in Chicago.
mittee work is supporting campus ministries of Tim is continuing his doctoral studies in theol-
metropolitan Chicago. She enjoys kayaking and ogy at the University of Chicago.
exploring Cook County’s Forest Preserves with
Dottie Hutch ’07 M.Div. has been called to
her husband Tim Hiller ’07 M.A.R.
serve as part-time pastor of First Congregational
Elizabeth Marie Melchionna ’06 Church in East Millinocket, ME . She began her
M.Div. began in August 2009 to serve as associ- ministry on Ash Wednesday of 2009.
ate rector of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church and as
Alisha Lola Jones ’07 M.Div. is a doctoral
Episcopal campus chaplain at Davidson College.
Molly Field James ’05 M.Div. with her husband Reade
student in ethnomusicology at the University of
Both are in Davidson, NC .
Chicago. Recently she founded the InSight Ini-
Giles Scofield ’06 M.Div. continues to live tiative, Inc., which is a think-for-action tank that
Robert Leacock ’05 M.Div. is working in
in Canada, where he works as a clinical ethicist facilitates inter-cul-
Dallas at Saint Michael and All Angels Church.
for the Centre for Clinical Ethics, and teaches tural reconciliation
His wife Stefanie is doing cancer research at the
in the department of family and community through the review
University of Texas Southwestern. In October
medicine, in the faculty of medicine, at the Uni- of media and multi-
2008, they welcomed their first child, a son
versity of Toronto. This summer he returned to media production.
named Weston. One of Weston’s godfathers is
Denmark for a brief family visit, after which he
a YDS alum, Derek Nelson ’02 M.Div . Wendy Liddle ’07
attended and participated in an ethics conference
Tyler Mayfield ’05 M.A.R. received his M.Div. and Chase
in Tubingen, Germany.
Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible at Claremont Graduate Sk o r bu r g ’ 0 7
Jared R. Stahler ’06 M.Div. was a reli- M.A.R. were mar-
University in August 2009 with a dissertation
gion fellow at the Chautauqua Institution in ried in August 2008
on the book of Ezekiel. He is teaching as an
July 2009. He participated in the Institution’s in Seattle, WA .
adjunct this academic year at Claremont School
interfaith new clergy program with nine other
of Theology and the University of California, Linda Loyd ’07
recently ordained clergy from various faith tra-
Riverside. M.Div. and Gary
ditions. Jared continues to serve Saint Peter’s
Rita Powell ’05 M.Div. serves the Episco- Loyd ’07 M.Div.
Church in New York City. Kaji Spellman
pal Diocese of South Dakota as the youth and have become grand-
’06 M.Div. was recently called by Saint Peter’s Wendy Liddle ’07 M.Div. and Chase
young adult ministry coordinator. She is work- parents twice over Skorburg ’07 M.Div.
to serve on the same pastoral team.
ing with Native and non-native young people, since graduation.
Their son, Jesse, and his wife Kelly are now par-
exploring contemplative experience in ministry. Class of 2007
After a stint with the Taizé community in France, ents of Brody (born in 2007) and Brynn (born
Rita married Justin Beebe last year. in 2009).
Andrew Nurkin ’07 M.A.R.
In June, Jeff Wells ’05 M.Div. was ordained Andrew Nurkin ’07 M.Div. continues
an elder in the United Methodist Church. Since to coordinate civic engagement initiatives at
July of 2005, he has served as the pastor of Lynda Ivey Bigler ’07 M.Div. was Princeton University’s Pace Center. He is also
Community United Methodist Church in Mas- installed as pastor of the Congregational UCC pursuing an MFA in poetry at Vermont College
sapequa, NY . Je≠ serves as the chairperson of in Humboldt, IA , in May. of Fine Arts.
the NY Annual Conference Board of Church and The stole she wore during her In May 2009 R a c h e l
Society. Je≠ is also proud to be a YDS class agent installation was handmade by Pollak ’07 M.A.R. re-
for the class of 2005. congregation members, each ceived her MFA from the
square representing interests School of the Art Institute
and occupations of congrega-
Class of 2006 of Chicago. She lives in New
tion families. In addition to her York City and is the commu-
Secretary pastoral duties she sits on the nity coordinator for St. Lyd-
Elizabeth Marie Melchionna ’06 M.Div. boards of the UCC Disabilities ia’s, a Lower East Side “dinner
elizabeth.melchionna@gmail.com Ministries, Upper Des Moines church” founded by Emily
Ann Bonner-Stewart ’06 M.Div. and Opportunity, Inc., and the UCC Scott ’06 M.Div. (www.
her husband Je≠ welcomed a daughter, Claire, Governance Work Group. stlydias.org). She maintains
on March 19, 2009. As if having a baby wasn’t In January 2009, Nancy her art studio in Gowanus,
enough change for one year, Ann also began Butler ’07 M.Div. started Lynda Ivey Bigler ’07 M.Div. Brooklyn.

s p e c t r u m 51
Roger Huston ’08 M.A.R. moved back facilitating creative weekly worship services and
alumni news
to Iowa in June 2008 where he founded and advising and counseling students.
ministers at Testify Church of
Christ, the first gender-inclusive
Church of Christ in Iowa. He is
also finishing his second year in
the master of public administra-
tion degree program at Iowa State
University and hopes to graduate
in May. In the summer of 2009 he
had the opportunity to visit Israel,
Jordan, and Egypt.
Katherine Kelly ’08 M.A.R.
Elizabeth Abernathy Stone ’07 M.Div. with her hus- and her husband Daniel welcomed
band Cosby in Tanzania Bridget Rose on January 5, 2009.
Big brother Liam Thomas is 3. Kate
Elizabeth Abernathy Stone ’07 and Dan recently moved to South
Roger Huston ’08 M.A.R.
M.Div. and her husband Cosby have returned Bend, IN, where Dan has accepted a
from a year of service in Tanzania. They live in position as an associate professor of
Birmingham, AL , where Elizabeth continues law at Notre Dame Law School. Kate thoroughly Mike McGowan ’08 M.Div. is in the
to work with high-risk enjoys sharing the grace and knowl- second year of his Ph.D. in systematic theology
children and Cosby is edge acquired from YDS with the and philosophy of religion. In his spare time, he
finishing medical school. two children God has entrusted to is the teaching assistant for a “Systematic Theol-
Sameer Yadav ’07 her care. ogy for Ministry” class, and the research assistant
S.T.M. writes: “On Feb Willis J. McCaw ’08 M.Div. for the “Religion and the American Presidency”
21, 2009, Whitney and recently joined the sta≠ of Hospice project with Columbia University Press. He and
I were blessed with our Southeastern Connecticut in the his wife live in sunny, southern California, and
first child, Noah Sharad newly created position of spiritual are more than happy to host anyone who needs
Yadav. Whitney is con- coordinator. In December 2008, a place to crash.
tinuing to work at Duke’s Sameer Yadav ’07 S.T.M. with wife McCaw completed a chaplain resi-
Institute on Care at the Whitney and son, Noah dency at Hartford Hospital. He also Class of 2009
End of Life, and this fall I currently serves as chaplain of the Secretary
will be preparing for prelims for my third year in Gospel Church of Trinity College, designing and Kimberly Bauser ’08 M.Div.
the Th.D. program at Duke, focusing on Philo-
sophical Theology.”
Kim Bauser ’09 M.Div. is still awesome,
Class of 2008 perhaps even more so.
Secretary Jackie Hall ’09 M.Div. spent the summer
Elizabeth Wilkinson ’08 M.A.R. after graduation supply preaching every Sunday
Elizabeth.wilkinson@aya.yale.edu that she was home. She has also been standing in
Timothy Boerger ’08 M.Div. was as the acting youth minister at her church while
ordained as a pastor in the Lutheran church in interviewing for other jobs.
February at St. Paul Lutheran in San Antonio, Sylvia Mullins ’09 M.A.R. spent the past
TX . Carlos Boerger, Timothy’s father, has been year in Tübingen, Germany, studying through
the pastor of St. Paul Lutheran since 1975, and the Baden-Württemburg Exchange Program.
presided over his son’s ordination. She is starting a Ph.D. in late medieval/reforma-
Diana Carroll ’08 M.Div. and Sarah Lam- tion history at Georgetown University.
ming (fall 2005 Cambridge Exchange Student)
celebrated the blessing of their civil partnership
at Marquand Chapel in August. Diana and Sarah
are living in Philadelphia, where Diana serves as Diana Carroll ’08 M.Div and Sarah Lamming celebrat-
ing their civil partnership
assistant rector at The Church of the Holy Trin-
ity, Rittenhouse Square, and Sarah is completing
a CPE residency at the Hospital of the University
of Pennsylvania.
N a m e , Add r e s s , E - m a il Ch a n g e s
Mike Del Ponte ’08 M.A.R. is living in the
San Francisco Bay Area and leading Sparkseed, If you are a YDS alumnus or alumna, you can make changes to your contact information
a nonprofit organization he founded that invests in one of the following ways:
in college social entrepreneurs. Sparkseed pro-
vides mentoring, seed money, pro-bono consult- > E-mail us at divinity.alumni@yale.edu
ing, and web tools to ventures that address social > Visit Yale’s online Alumni Directory at www.alumniconnections.com/yale/
and environment issues. Outside of work Mike
continues to enjoy gardening, yoga, cooking > Write to us at: Alumni Relations, Yale Divinity School, 409 Prospect Street,
with friends, and traveling. New Haven, CT 06511

52 Y a l e D i v i n i t y S c h o o l