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Rajiv Kapoor delivers growth to Hands On through

systematic sales and sales/marketing linkage

The Challenge able and we could build a picture

about that customer.
Hands On is a European
regional reseller of Good Tech- Metrics
nology, the standards-based
alternative to Blackberry for cor- Metrics were tracked on a
Contents porate customers. Rajiv Kapoor weekly basis and included calls
joined Hands On to help Hands made, customer meetings, and
The Challenge 1 On grow more rapidly through trials initiated.
the application of a systematic
Metrics 1 sales process and exploiting the Outbound calls

linkage between sales and mar- 2500

Segmentation by opportu- keting.

nity size 2
Outbound sales calls 1500

Marketing process 2 1000

Step one was to get familiar with 500

The next challenge 2 the business. Since there were 0

no inbound sales opportunities 1 3 5 7 9 11
13 15 17 19 21

Kapoor began with an outbound

call campaign. Several different
segments were identified (law Trials initiated

firms, multinationals, top com- 10

panies) initially because there


was no data on what segments 7

performed well. Kapoor person- 5

ally made over 1,000 calls to get 4


familiar with selling the service. 2


Changes made to sales

1 2 3 4 5 6

Kapoor was given a 35 page
presentation to e-mail to custom- Sales deconstruction
ers which no-one could possibly
survive. Kapoor created a new The sales process was divided
7 page overview presentation into discrete segments and the
with all the main benefits clearly time-intensive outbound call
identified, and a second short qualification step was delegated
presentation specifically for the to a pool of part-time students.
technical team. This increased sales output and
reduced the cost per sale.
Details of every call were logged
in the CRM so all information The result of the calls made was
about an account would be avail- a pipeline of qualified companies

ranked by size of opportunity. Potential customers call
us now
Segmentation by
opportunity size Mail pieces like this are now sent
out every few months. Now the
The level of sales effort was then right employees at potential cus-
determined by the companies tomers are constantly reminded
ranking on the pipeline. Top com- about the benefits of Good, and
panies received sales calls and they call us when they are ready
lower ranked companies only for a mobile messaging solution.
received direct marketing.
Marketing methodology
Marketing became a balance
Aside from sales, another result of between experimentation and con-
the calls was a growing list of qual- tinuing what worked. 6 different
ified companies. We now knew the mailing pieces were tested in Q4
situation at most of the companies 2006 to arrive at the successful
and we knew who at the company ipod trial incentive. The ideas for
would be involved in a mobile e- these different offers came from
mail decision. Kapoor began to the customer interactions where
test different direct mail pieces we were looking to see what could
aimed at generating inbound inter- help the potential customer move
est, leading to our first success, from one stage in the sales cycle
the ipod trial incentive. to the next.

Feeding market
information to Good
Try Good — Get 2 Free Apple iPods!
(1 new iPod shuffle for trying Good and a second when you order the service) These customer interactions
Dear Kovacs Istvan, also provided valuable informa-
Good Mobile Messaging is the standards-based alternative to Blackberry.
Good puts Outlook© or Lotus Notes© into the palm of your hand.
tion for product management. For
There are 10 good reasons why 12,000 companies use Good globally:
example, several of the customers
1. Good delivers full Exchange or Lotus Domino functionality to your Kapoor met with were purchas-
handheld device – Good Mobile Messaging 100% synchronizes
employees handheld devices to office applications including e-mail,
ing large quantities of the new
contacts, calendar, and tasks. 100% synchronization means sub-folders, Nokia E50 phone and wanted to
global address lookup, e-mail status, and sent e-mail – everything
synchronizes in real time. use Good on these phones. This
2. You choose the handheld devices – ����� ������� selected Good for a information was fed back to Good
global deployment of 20,000 employees because they wanted the
flexibility to select devices that best meet their needs including Palm and they launched E50 beta this
Treo, Windows Mobile, iPaq, and the new Nokia E Series. Your
company may already have devices that are compatible with Good. month, thus expanding our poten-
tial market significantly.

3. You choose your mobile carrier – With Good you can use any
GSM/GPRS mobile telecom service worldwide and you will always The next challenge
have access to Good since Good is service provider independent.
4. Your e-mails and other data are pushed to you over any available
network – Stay connected worldwide on any GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WiFi The next challenge will be to
network. No need to download or cradle synchronize as all data travels
securely Over-The-Air in real time.
expand the program to the next
5. Simple Zero Touch deployment – Unlike other mobile messaging
tier of companies in Hungary and
software, Good is securely deployed and upgraded entirely Over-The-
Air, so IT managers can remotely install and manage all mobile
to increase our regional footprint
applications, software upgrades, policies and settings – without having using a proven formula.
to touch the device.
6. Good meets US Government and global banking security standards
Good Mobile Messaging security includes end-to-end remote password