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Janel Manns

Janel Manns (born 28 May 1966) is an Australian wheelchair singles.[1][4] She won the womens wheelchair
wheelchair tennis player. She has been selected to repre- doubles event with Argentine partner Andrea Medrano
sent Australia at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in tennis. in Santiago and Baranquilla.[1][4] Following these events,
she improved her world ranking to number thirty.[1][4]
By April 2011, she had been selected as a member of
Australias Shadow Paralympic Squad ahead of the 2012
1 Personal
Summer Paralympics.[4]
Manns was selected to represent Australia at the 2012
Summer Paralympics in womens singles and womens
doubles wheelchair tennis[3][5] at what will be her rst
Paralympics.[5][6] Her doubles partner will be Daniela
Di Toro.[3][5] Her rst match is scheduled to start on 1

Manns was born on 28 May 1966[1] and is from Port

Macquarie,[1][2] though she has lived in Sydney prior to
moving back home.[3] She is left handed.[1] Following
a bathroom accident at the age of thirty-two as a result
of not safely crossing a wet oor, she became an incomplete paraplegic.[1] She works for Port Macquarie TAFE
as a teacher, temporarily leaving her position in late June
2012 in order to prepare for the London Paralympics.[1][3]

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Manns is a wheelchair tennis player.[1][4] She started playing the sport in 2005,[1][3] and debuted with the national
team in 2006.[1] Prior to taking up tennis, she played
wheelchair basketball.[3] She switched sports because it
was easier to nd local competitors in Port Macquarie.[3]
She was invited to a Melbourne training camp after
head tennis coach Greg Crump her she was switching
sports.[3] Crump continues to coach her when she represents Australia.[5] In training, she has competed against
able bodied players from her local club.[3]

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Manns is a member of Kendall Tennis.[2][4][5] The club

attempted to assist in funding some of her travels but had
some diculty in nding potential sponsors.[4] Her regular coach from the club is John Manderson, who also
serves on the clubs committee.[2][3]

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Manns won a bronze medal at the 2006 FESPIC Games

in Kuala Lumpur, in her rst appearance as a member of
Australias national team.[1] She won three golds at the
2007 Arafura Games, in the mixed team, doubles and in
the singles events.[1] In 2010, she peaked in the rankings
at seventeenth in the world in the singles event.[4] Because
of nancial problems that prevented her from traveling,
she was unable to compete for a while and her ranking
fell to sixty-third in the world.[4] In 2011, she played in
several tournaments in South America, including competitions in Baranquilla, Santiago, Minas Gerias and Buneos
Aires.[4] In Minas Gerias and Buneos Aires, she made the
nals in the womens wheelchair singles.[4] In Baranquilla
and Santiago, she made the semi-nals in the womens


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